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Sara’s a formidable woman and I feel protective of her. I don’t think most people are good enough for her, and so our challenge was to come up [with] who would Sara Lance’s ideal mate be, ‘cause that’s a tall order. It takes a person of substance to stand up to the White Canary.
—  Phil Klemmer on Sara’s love interest in season 3 

@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP

Lily saved Harry by sacrificing herself. 

Narcissa saved Harry by lying to Voldemort. 

But Molly? 

Molly saved Harry by loving him. She saved him for love.

And this is as important as literally saving his life. She saved his soul. She gave him a home. Not just a house, a place, but a home

A family


“I know what you are.”

“What?” Shiro asks, like he’s halfway off a cliff, full up with tilting. Waiting for the fall.

“Someone whole,” Keith tells him, hands spreading out on Shiro’s arms, his chest. “Someone good.”

– Long way forward by @queerly-it-is

EDIT (Jan. 2017): So when I drew this, I wasn’t aware of any hard proof that Lance/Keith/Hunk were under 18… but now that some more info suggesting as much has come out, I’ve chosen to stop shipping this pairing (that said, I DO NOT condone harassment/shaming of shei*h shippers). I’m only leaving it up because the drawing is in circulation already anyway. I’ve explained myself so please don’t send me any harassment over it.

yeah okay but picture this: James Potter being Korean


Sirius Black hearing that Voldemort had attacked Godric’s Hollow a mere week after James and Lily had gone into hiding.

Sirius Black roaring in on his motorbike to see James and Lily’s DEAD BODIES and the house destroyed to rubble.

Sirius Black, white and shaking, begging Hagrid, “Give Harry to me, Hagrid, I’m his Godfather, I’ll look after him!” and being refused.

Sirius Black, being one of the only people that knew Peter Pettigrew was the secret keeper and feeling sick at the thought that it was he himself that convinced James to pick Peter.

Sirius Black, vowing to find Peter to make him pay for the death of two of his best friends, only to be framed for the murder of 13 people.

Innocent Sirius Black, sitting in Azkaban for 12 years, becoming known throughout the wizarding world for being the bad person he had worked his whole life to prove he wasn’t.

722. Harry and Ginny only named their children after loved ones who passed away. When they had Lily Luna, they adopted a feminine form of Moony, Remus’ Marauder nickname, for her middle name.

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