hi i'm back... kinda


do you know that (7/8) : jungkook edition

A classic scene from a classic ytp…

But seriously please check out this guys channel he needs more attention.
but consider this...


unlike the other versions of Sith!Quinn, he’s still the same ol’ force-blind imperial here.

this is for a fic idea i have… which will be explained in the tags since i clearly won’t be writing it anytime soon…… xU


anonymous asked:

Hi My daddy also has a limit on scratching/biting and other things like that. The issue is however, while I'm not leaving massive nail marks down his back, sometimes I will accidentally leave crescent moon nail marks on the top of his back kinda near his shoulder blades. I'm not doing on purpose it just happens and he gets really angry at me and starts yelling. What do I do? And what's ur reaction if a little did this to you for comparison? Xx


maybe instead of getting upset he should take control of the situation and bind your hands. duhh.

I understand the heat of the moment… but I am also incredibly self aware during those times and in complete control of every element. So something like this would be very difficult for me to allow to occur. 

One time while making out with a little, she bit down on my tongue and almost lost her trachea because I immediately grabbed it and sent her to her knees. 

Finally sleeping almost regularly again. Just wish it wasn’t alone. I miss his comforting embrace so much, you guys.


happy early birthday for my dearest friend jamey ^q^ i know i will be pretty busy on your birthday so i made you an early gift. hope i drew your son right;; i should play more of this game too