hi i'm 5 years old

I’m not sure if anyone noticed this, but during now 3 when rapmon and suga were talking about their concept, Jungkook being the 5 years old he is, decided suddenly to play on the stair.

yup, he hang himself like a blanket like that

it was totally dangerous but i don’t think any of the staff warned him or anything and he kept talking to his other 5 year old friend Taehyung who also didn’t tell him it was dangerous.

And then Jimin being the protective boyfriend he is said “Jungkook-ah, you’re going to hurt yourself.” I could hear it clearly because Jimin was standing right beside the cameraman that was filming rapmon and suga. even from afar Jimin only has eyes for Jungkook. (This part didn’t get translated in the video bcs it focused on rapmon and suga’s conversation about their concept).

and Jungkook immediately stopped, because, dude, his mission to get Jimin’s attention accomplished lol


i really can’t with this dorky bingu. he’s so silly and adorable, so precious ♡