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its au time you sons of hecks

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Favorite Mon-El Funny Moment:

Okay. There are so many gloriously funny Mon-El moments in Season 2 of Supergirl that it took me half of forever to make a decision, but I’m going to go with Double Date: Creepy Journalism Edition as my final answer, because Mon-El is just so doggone ridiculous in it and I love it.

While he’s reliably goofy and entertaining in every single episode, his seven +/- minutes of screen time in 2x18 stick out to me in bold-faced type when I think back on the season.  I loved “Ace Reporter,” and the whole restaurant sequence is one of the biggest reasons why.

First off, Mon-El is the yin to Kara’s yang. He may not be an experienced hero, but he’s calm and clearheaded during scenarios that freak her out/get her dander up, and this is one of those times. She’s so focused on learning the answers, finding the truth, protecting Lena from a suspected killer, that she doesn’t even notice how her “I have passion, Winn! A lot of it” brand of intensity is making the situation really awkward. 

Like…r e a l l y awkward.

Mon-El does, because he’s a very sociable guy. He’s now been on Earth long enough to start picking up on certain cues, and he knows even before they take off for the restaurant that there’s something not quite polite about the way Kara wants to crash Lena’s date with Jack—she insists it’s what journalists do, he expresses his doubts but accompanies her anyway, and once they arrive, he watches Lena and Jack and sees not only how very unwanted he and Kara are at this particular moment, but how Kara is bound and determined to interrogate Jack. So he sits back and nods and smiles, and dies slowly on the inside like you do when you know you’re third-wheeling and so do the first and second wheels, but everyone’s too polite to do anything other than hint at it.

Until it becomes too much, and he realizes that someone has to do something. So, in typical Mon-El fashion, he doesn’t spend a lot of time forming a plan. He just acts. Who cares if Lena, Jack, and the entire restaurant think he’s odd, and maybe a little creepy? Kara’s suspicious of Jack, she wants to investigate, and to investigate, they’ll need a way in, right? He has an idea on how to get them that way in.

Mannection, anyone?

Personally, I love his method. It’s a classic honeypot/femme fatale maneuver—really, Mae West of “Come up and see me sometime” fame would approve—and it works because he’s so committed to it that it throws Jack for a loop. You can actually see Jack thinking, “Okay, what the <insert four-letter word of your choice here> is going on?” and “Dude, isn’t your girlfriend sitting right over there?” 

It’s the kind of scenario I adore, because not only does everyone have an absolutely hilarious reaction to Mon’s little charm show (I LOVE watching everyone in the background of this scene), but the humor works as a wink-and-nod inversion of gender roles in cheesy detective flicks: you’ve got the business-minded investigator and the along-for-the-ride assistant who’s always prepared to use flirting as a distraction technique, but in this case, the investigator is female and the assistant is male. 

That’s icing on the cake, though. 

The beauty of this scene is that on a basic level, it’s just plain funny. It works, because no one outside of Mon-El has any idea what’s happening. Not Kara, not Jack, not Lena, not us. At its core, comedy is about entertainment. The goal is to make people laugh, or at least cheer them up, and and that’s achieved through a disappointment or upending of expectations. But that’s if you want to get all fancy about it. Bottom line: 

I love this scene because it cracks me up. Mon-El cracks me up. The whole thing is ludicrously awkward, and I love it. Chris Wood does well in dramatic scenes, but in my opinion, comedy is where he really shines. His timing is great, his facial expressions are hilarious, and he can make something as simple as a movement funny. 

Like during this scene, which produced my favorite Supergirl gif ever (yes, I rank this gif above all the kiss gifs, and I’m not even a little embarrassed about that):

Frankly, if I could get some more undercover Mike Matthews moments like this in Season 3, I would be a very happy camper.

(Neither gif I used is mine. I found them in the black hole that is a random google search, so thanks to whoever created them.)

I Wasn’t Lying

Word Count: 1786

    A/N: This was another requested fic, so I hope you enjoy! Its kinda angsty, lol I’m trying to write more angst because everything I write is FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF! There’s nothing wrong with that though, I mean everyone needs to swoon and feel butterflies in their stomachs at least once in their day so whatever. Also i cant fucking wait for episode 12, send help! Much love!

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  “You’re killing me with the suspense, just tell me, who do you like?” Veronica begged, and Betty giggled, sitting more comfortably on the bed. Y/N grabbed Bettys leg and shook it slightly, as to silently beg Betty to just spill the beans already.

    “You guys are so impatient.” She teased, and the two girls rolled their eyes, laughing slightly.

    “Well we want to know! My bad.” Y/N joked, and Betty finally gave in.

    “Okay, okay! I’ll tell you two.” She said, and the girls bounced with joy and anticipation. “You know how I still have feelings for Archie, I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them, unfortunately.” She started, and the two girls nodded. “But I also have new feelings for Jughead.” She said smiling. Veronica and Betty squealed, Veronica grabbing her hands, but Y/N just sat there awkwardly. She had been dating Jughead for about six months now, but nobody in the group knew. They decided it would be best to keep it a secret from them for awhile, they weren’t on a need to know basis and they would just freak out over the whole thing. For the longest time, the whole group knew that the two were practically smitten for each other, and they all shipped them hardcore, so finally, one night Jughead got tired of hiding his feelings. One night almost 6 months ago, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Kevin had left Pops after relentlessly asking if the two were together, Jughead grabbed Y/N by the face and kissed her. Thus, their relationship blossomed, and it had been the best 6 months of her life.

    “Y/N!” Betty called, and Y/N snapped out of her trance.

    “Sorry, what?” she shook her head slightly and looked over to the two girls.

    “Are you okay?” Veronica asked. “You look upset.” Y/N gave the best fake laugh she could and smiled big.

   "I’m good.“ She said, and the two girls nodded.

    "Anyways, you know how Jughead and I have been spending a lot of time together? I guess that’s when I started having feelings for him. I first noticed I felt differently about him when we were working together on the Blue and Golds Newspaper. I was having a hard time writing an article on the newest developments on the Jason Blossom case and he saw I was struggling, so he came and sat by me, reading what I wrote. He was sitting so close guys, so close! He took the laptop from me for a second and he edited my article a bit, and when he pushed it back to me our hands brushed. I looked up at him and smiled and he smiled back, and just looking in his eyes and seeing his beautiful smile-ugh! I practically melted, and I felt the butterflies in my stomach.” Betty gushed, earning more squeals from Veronica.

    “That’s so cute!” Veronica exclaimed, and Y/N continued to just sit. “Do you guys do cute things at all?”

    “Last week, we were both stuffed in that stupid office for what felt like forever, so he closed my laptop and shoved it in my bag. He took me to Pops and bought me a milkshake, and we just talked for what felt like hours until he realized he had to leave. He had to help a friend with a project or something.” Y/Ns eyes widened, realizing Betty was talking about her.

    Last week she needed his help with an English project, and he had promised to lend a hand. She waited two hours at her house for him, calling and texting but she didn’t get an answer. When he finally showed up, he said he had lost track of time at Pops with a friend but it was too late, she had already finished it. Jealousy bubbled up in her stomach, but she did her best to push it down.

    “Oh my god, you guys went out on a date?” Veronica asked, excitedly and Betty shook her head.

    “No, I don’t think it was a date, unfortunately. You have to be an official ‘thing’ for it to be a date, but it was so nice.” She swooned, and Y/N couldn’t help as she let out a huff. Betty turned to her and looked at her confused. “Are you okay Y/N?” she asked, and Y/N looked down at the sheets, playing with them in her hands. She didn’t know how to handle this situation, she didn’t want to come across as jealous although she had a valid reason to be, because that would make Betty upset. But she also didn’t want to out her and Jugheads relationship, it had been nice not having anyone know except for the two of them. Their own private, secret thing.

    “I’m fine.” Y/N mumbled, and Veronicas eyes widened.

    “Oh my god, this isn’t making you upset because you also like Jughead, is it?” she asked, and Y/N tensed. Bettys face fell at the realization, she had totally forgotten how smitten Y/N was for the boy.

    “I’m so sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean to brag.” Betty said quickly, and Y/N scoffed to herself, but it didn’t go unnoticed by the two other girls in the room. They gave each other a confused look.

    “I’m not jealous, Betty.” Y/N said as kindly as she could, and Betty shook her head.

    “Well then, do I have your blessing to go for it?” she asked, and Y/Ns eyes widened and she stood from the bed.

    “I-I don’t know Betty.” she stuttered, internally kicking herself for being too chicken to come right out and say no.

    “Oh come on Y/N, just because you don’t have much of a chance with him doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for Betty.” Veronica said somewhat bitterly, and Y/Ns eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

    “Veronica!” Betty exclaimed, looking over to the raven-haired girl and hitting her lightly on the arm.

    “What? She’s being jealous over the fact that Jughead likes you and not her, and she’s being difficult and not giving you her blessing. She should be happy for you, and grateful that you even asked for it at all.” Veronica stated bluntly, and Betty hung her head low.

    “It would have been nice for you to be happy for me.” Betty said quietly, and Y/N finally unfroze.

    “I can’t be happy for someone who is trying to go after my boyfriend.” Y/N scoffed, earning looks of disbelief from the two girls.

    “You’re dating Jughead?” Veronica asked, and Y/N nodded her head proudly, smiling to herself. “uh huh, sure. And why didn’t we know this before?”

    “We wanted to keep it a secret.” Y/N said, and the two girls slowly nodded their heads.

    “How do I know you aren’t just saying that so I’ll back off?” Betty asked unsurely. “I mean, we’re your best friends, you would have told us. And you two don’t ever act like a couple.”

    “Two awkward crush-smitten people who are too scared to tell each other maybe, but not like an actual couple.” Veronica added. Y/N stood from the bed and stared at the two girls in shock.

    “Are you calling me a liar?” she shot, and the two girls sunk low on the bed, looking at each other and then back at Y/N. Neither of them answered, and she rolled her eyes and pulled out her phone, ringing for Jughead and putting it on speaker.

    “Hey princess, how are you?” Jugheads voice called from the other side of the phone, and Y/N smiled at his voice.

    “Hey Jug, I’m fine. How are you?” she asked.

    “I’m okay. Why fine though, you never say fine unless your pissed off, and I know I haven’t done anything… have I?” he asked, earning a giggle from Y/N.

    “Like I said, its all fine. Anyways, our 6 month anniversary is coming up and I wanted to know what movie you wanted to go see, I’m buying the tickets.” She said, smiling over to the girls and winking.

    “Our 6 month anniversary is coming up, isn’t it? Hmm, I’ll let you decide, but I’m taking you to Pops after, I’ve got a surprise.” Y/N smiled even bigger and smugly at the two girls, but it faded as she saw Bettys face fall. She immediately felt like the biggest bitch to ever live, and that was saying something because Cheryl Blossom existed, granted that Cheryl has excuses to be a bitch but whatever.

    “Uh, um yeah. I’ll get those and I’ll call you back, okay?” she stuttered.

    “Okay. Y/N are you sure you’re okay? You don’t sound like it.” He asked again.

    “Yeah, I’ll talk to you later Juggie.”

    “Alright.” He said, but anyone could tell he was skeptical. “I’ll talk to you later princess.”

    “Bye babe.” She said, ending the call. A tear rolled down Bettys face and Y/N quickly made her way over to the blonde, pulling her into a hug.

    “I’m sorry for doubting you.” Betty said, and Y/N shook her head.

    “Don’t be, I’m sorry for not telling you earlier. I was a bitch about the whole thing too, I guess I could have handled it better.” Y/N admitted, and Betty chuckled slightly in Y/Ns arms.

    “I agree.” She giggled, and Y/N and Veronica laughed.

    “You were a major bitch.” Veronica said, making the three of them laugh even harder.

    “Just doing what I do best.” Y/N said, flipping her hair in a very dramatic way, and rolling her eyes. The two others nodded their heads, their giggling residing.

    “Betty, you will find someone soon who isn’t taken, or Riverdales very own Troy Bolton, and when that time comes, I bet you’ll be so happy. I have no doubt in my mind that whoever takes you to be their girlfriend will be the luckiest boy-or girl to ever walk on this earth.” Y/N said, and Betty smiled.

    “Got anyone in mind?” she asked playfully, and Y/N smirked.

    “Yeah, Veronica.” Y/N said, and Veronica and Betty tensed up. “You two gave me shit about the flirting I do with Jughead, but you should see you two, its nauseating.” Y/N teased. Betty and Veronica looked at each other and laughed nervously, and Y/N caught on.

    “Oh my god, are you two actually crushing on each other, because I was just joking!” Y/N exclaimed, and the two girls shrugged it off.

    “Anyways ladies, what are we going to do now? Movies or manis?” Veronica asked, and Y/N rolled her eyes at her friend trying to change the subject.

    “Manis.” Betty said, and Y/N nodded her head.

    “Manis I guess.” She said, and the three of them picked out colours, starting to paint their nails, and they enjoyed the rest of their night.

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Y’know.. one of these days I’m gonna make a comic and it’s gonna have full color, full backgrounds, it’s gonna be polished and no part of it will be sketchy…but that day is not today. 

I saw this post and I just couldn’t resist illustrating it (with added bonus uwu). I had been wanting to draw older (early 20′s?) Adrinette forEVER so, I took this chance and ran. Marinette might get over-excited for stuff, but Adrien is the true drama queen. And no.. I didn’t forget the stripes on his shirt…it’s just a different shirt xD [EDIT: added a pun to the shirt uwu also…added some other stuff] And the green thing is a towel on his shoulders (until he shrugs it off) to catch some of the hair, in case it’s not clear. 

It’s a miracle! I actually typed the dialog for once.. instead of forcing people’s eyes to comprehend my handwriting.

((ALSO If you wish to dub, please contact me first.))

Theory Timeeeee (Long, but worth reading!)

Okay so if you haven’t noticed already, Jack - Anti, most likely - has changed his twitter bio to “imposter” and his location to “home”.. So my little Antiseptic enthusiasts, here’s my theory. An imposter is someone who uses another person’s identity for their own personal gain. So my original theory was correct when I said that Anti has been here all along, posing as Jack to gain attention in order to become stronger!! Remember Halloween last year? Jack’s pumpkin carving video? When Anti took over, he said things including “I am here now” and “Now he’s gone forever”. We haven’t heard much from A since then, mostly just fans talking about him and creating edits and artworks of him. Thus creating the attention (strength) he needed to come back, better and stronger than ever! Then the hints about his comeback brought the community to the brink of insanity, creating the last little bit of attention he needed to take over forever.
The next part explains how I came to that conclusion:
By hanging his location from “The City Of England” to “home” might be indicating that A is strong enough now, because of all the attention from his fans, to actually BECOME Jack. And you know what probably helped? The video Markiplier/Darkiplier posted yesterday. I’ve seen people raving on and on about it, including myself. So by enormous amounts of fans talking about it, Anti has finished building up his strength to take over Jack, and the entire community. So when he says “home”, he means that he’s where he’s been trying to get to all along, the place he has wanted to be. Like guys, we’re always going out and doing things and then wishing we could come home, where we belong. Where we feel our best. So Anti’s home, is where he is his best. On the channel, gaining attention. That’s his home.


Recent Sonic merch that I probably should have posted about. There’s honestly a lot more than this, but I’ve just decided to post about these because each one is pretty special and cool to me. 

I’ve managed to get my hands on the Sonic Generations press kit and I’m pretty glad I did! It’s really cool to have with the different goodies it comes with. The whole 3D Viewer is easily the best merch that comes with it, and argubably one of my favorite pieces of Sonic merch I have in my collection. I’ve always enjoyed using the little 3D Viewers in school back then, and now that I own my very own (Which is Sonic themed), I feel so special. 

My friend managed to go to E3 and grab me the Sonic Mania poster and I finally framed it! I’m a bit sad that is pretty wrinkled up, but then again, I’m incredibly grateful he went out of his way to get this for me!

And finally, the Sonic 25th art book has finally arrived! This took forever to get here, but was definitely worth the wait. All that juicy concept art made me feel like I was in heaven! <3

Now I wait for Sonic Mania to release and my Sonic Mania limited edition Vinyl to ship. (Along with other Sonic merch to arrive, goodness this franchise just kills my wallet!)

Make a sim with an exaggerated feature that has their natural hair color and unique teeth. I wanted to challenge myself, so I added some extra options (use a skin and eye color that I have never used before).

Awhile ago @sebastianvictorian posted this cool tag challenge, Diverse Sim Tag, and it was such a neat idea, I just had to do it! Once again, it took me forever to do this, but better late than never. 

Act 1 Summary Post ⭐️

Hi guys! I made this post for people who want to catch up with the story, but don’t want to go through the whole of Act 1 and endure the poor editing and writing which I started off with. Act 1 is still there if this isn’t for you, but I figured it may be helpful!

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Ninjago Aesthetic: Cole Brookstone

“I opened my eyes, feeling his warmth in my arms, listening to the sound of his breath against my ear. I stood up slightly and looked at him. Fuck, I had missed him so much. I had convinced myself that I didn’t need him, that Mickey was just something of my past, something damaged and painful like a wound that is healing. I tried not to think about him. I took refuge in the arms of others, looking for a cold breath in this hot storm, but none was ever like him. I brought my head to his back and inspired his scent. Finally I feel like home.“

- Ian Gallagher

I’ve heard rumors of an ancient mystery at the Beach City Mini-Golf and Shrimp Buffet.  Legend is the giant plastic dinosaur at the 6th hole IS AN ACTUAL DINOSAUR.  Supposedly the original owner secretly kept it as a pet, and after it died, he preserved it underneath fiberglass and shellac!

I went to check it out with a golf bag full of putters and a prograde carbon-tipped hacksaw!  After a frustrating couple of holes at the windmill and that IMPOSSIBLE clown head, I finally made it to the dinosaur.  But just as I started sawing through the brontosaurus’s leg, I got spotted by a mini-caddy.  He started running at me and yelling for his manager.  I tried to stop him by tipping over a bucket of golfballs (a trick that always works in the movies to delightfully comedic results), but he just kicked them aside, and somehow one of them rolled into the clown head!  COME ON!

Anyway, he took my hacksaw and banned me from mini-golf for life.  Whatever, at least they didn’t ban me from the shrimp buffet!

EDIT: Turns out they banned me from the shrimp buffet too.

Double whatever, you can’t hide the truth forever!

Behind The Screen (Chanbaek)

Plot: Park Chanyeol is a famous youtube blogger that has a lot of fans. And he loves to talk to his fans. One day he get’s a dm on twitter from someone who claims they are a secret admirer of his. That secret admirer is Byun Baekhyun, Chanyeol’s best friend, who is too shy to admit his feelings for Park. 

(A/N: This one is a long one lol)

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ya lit meme - 8/8 ships  
wolflet the lunar chronicles

“Wolf, are you asking me to be … your alpha female?“
He hesitated.
Scarlet couldn’t help it - she burst into laughter. “Oh - I’m sorry. That was mean. I know I shouldn’t tease you about this.”
Still grinning, she made to retract her hand, but he was suddenly gripping it, refusing to relinquish the touch. “You just look so scared, like I’m going to disappear any minute. We’re stuck on a spaceship, Wolf. I’m not going anywhere.”
His lips twitched, his nervousness beginning to ease away, though his hand stayed tense over hers.
“Alpha female,” he murmured. “I sort of like that.”
Beaming, Scarlet gave a mild shrug. “It could grow on me.” 


Make me Choose Meme

Asked by shiroyoh - Luffy or Ace
Asked by indyctator - Luffy being an idiot or Luffy being hella serious and kicking butts
A pissed off Luffy (*‿*✿)

Yatty’s a scary war god, you haven’t already forgotten I told you that have you?

Buy - Noragami: Stray God 16

Tell Me How You Feel

AN: So you remember back when I was taking requests? Yeah, probably not, but that’s okay because I do! And one of them was this one from @talesoftwofairies

Anyways, took forever, because I hated that arc, and it’s not so much an apology, since that’s been done many a time. But I finally came up with something and decided to explore it. (Sorry I promise I will work on IKYSS just needed a little change of pace)

Not edited, but enjoy.

Rating: K

She’d almost had him convinced.

Against his better judgement, and despite several hints and warnings from the others, Gray had believed her when she’d said things were fine.

Because it was Juvia, and she’d never lie to him. Because how could that soft smile be faked? Because her relief upon seeing him was palpable, and because it felt so right to have her hug him, hold him, and smile at him again after six months.

For six long months everything had been wrong and seeing her again righted everything, and he just couldn’t fathom her feeling any differently.

Or maybe he was just selfish, she made it too easy, and thus he ignored his instinct that told him she should be furious, and he should feel guilty.




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