hi i remembered how to make gifs lol

I really liked this linando/herlito scene (well, tbh I like all their scenes 😁) because, Lito makes and brings breakfast to his bae. I love how excited he is about HERNANDO going all ‘bodyguard’ and badass at the restaurant with those reporters. I giggled with the exchange that went on: ‘good morning, my bodyguard. I feel so Whitney right now’ and Hernando’s ‘hi whitney’ lol (I don’t remember word by word but, this was the general idea). And the sweet gesture from Lito, putting hernando’s glasses on 🙈 and the tender/passionate kiss 🔫 these two understand and love each other, flaws and all. It is a beautiful thing. They glow when they are together. The smiles, the looks and the playfulness between them is precious 🙊

(Gift not mine, just borrowing it, thanks!)