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What was your first kiss with Kyle like? c:

My first kiss with the Jew was absolutely perfect, my dude. Let me set the scene:

We were about fourteen, in that awkward stage. But I wasn’t because I was super cool for my age and really fucking mature and shit, you know. Anyway, we were chilling and being the cutest gays in all of the world, since Tweek and Craig are hella boring and are not nearly as goals as we are. So, we were just chilling in my backyard since I caught him stealing my shit, because Kyle needs my things in order to survive~ I then made him laugh since I am a guy, and he just looked great. I knew in that moment that he was who I wanted to be with and I cupped his cheek, making him look up into my eyes. I then smirked as he blushed and then gently kissed him. Kyle praised me for how much of a good kisser I am and all was well.


He was shaking the entire time, bumped noses with me, got his braces caught on my bottom lip, and cried.


An untitled Javid thing made by the one and only

Prompt: 30. “Can I sit here? The other tables are full.”

Pairing: Javid

T/W: none I think

I am a lovely Newsies obsessed child and I love Javid and Dutchie so I present u with a Javid fic bc I’m bored:))


  Davey Jacobs was new, this made his time rough. He knew Sarah was doing well, and he wouldn’t see Les because he was over at the elementary school, but Davey had an idea he was doing well. Both his siblings were more social than him and weren’t fearful they said anything wrong as soon as they said it. Lunch was just one cake walk. All of the tables were full except one, which so happened to have one seat opened. Davey took a deep inhale, his hands getting slightly shaky.

  “Can I sit here? The other tables are full,” Davey said, pointing to the seat beside a boy with blonde hair. The boy looked up and studied Davey, Davey’s breath quickened. The boy nodded. Davey let a breath out. He really didn’t want to eat alone. The therapist said she wanted him to talk to more people anyways. Davey messed with his food with his fork.

  “You gonna eat?” The boy beside him asked. Davey shrugged still pushing his food around.

“You should, I’m Jack,” Jack introduced, sticking his hand out. Davey gently took it.

“Davey,” Davey said quietly. Jack nodded and continued eating.

(This is all I’ve got so far and I’m writing it on Wattpad (my Wattpad followers deserve to know I’m alive I’m never on there anymore))



Hi guys. This is the first (and probably the last) time, when I decided to write something. I wasn’t able to fall asleep last night, and I couldn’t stop thinking about Bucky. So I decided to write this little thing. I’m sorry, if this is horrible. Also English isn’t my 1st language, so I’m sure that I made a lot of grammar mistakes.

Warnings: Language, smut, metal arm kink (because I am kinky little shit)

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Suho Oppa’s V App

I had tests coming up so I couldn’t watch Suho Oppa’s broadcast earlier, but.. now that I did. I have mixed emotions about it…

I was laughing my gut out when he did the “dudumchit dance” and when he showed his funny images…

But apart from it… I felt he was going through low self esteem.

I tried looking at everything in a funny way but seeing oppa speak of things such as “How he was fake”,“how a bubble bursts”, etc. made my heart break.

He kept saying “How he was boring” and “how he was a lie”.

Although Oppa was trying hard to be funny and interesting but he over worked himself.  It was easy to notice how he felt down, specially when he initially went through comments! (I am referring to the time he first scrolled through the comments manually) I am pretty sure those must have been some comments not full of affection. His expression changed immediately for a slight moment because he must have been both taken aback and sad.

I believe when he was questioned about his room and he said “ah I feel like crying~” he was rather referring to the comments because this happened directly after him going through the comments.

Also when he called the members, he felt so disappointed when Kyungsoo-Oppa didn’t pick up and same for the other members who didn’t pick up his phone. 

I am really grateful to Chen, Sehun and Chanyeol. Also the other EXO-Ls who left him some really happy messages such as the one who wrote “I laughed so heard that I almost spilled my coffee” and questioned him about why was he so handsome. Mostly I am thankful to Sehun for addressing the issue of some harsh comments, I wish he replied to them, but I understand that in his position he shouldn’t do so…

I seriously don’t know what people have against Suho Oppa to make him sad to this point?

He is a perfectly fine! Why do people have to be like this to him?! It’s not Fair!

He deserves as much love as the other members! (I don’t have anything other members, I like them all but a few members hold a special place in my heart and Suho Oppa has the highest i.e he is my favorite in EXO)

PLEASE STOP BEING HARSH TO SUHO ! please make him feel loved like other members.He is NOT useless. He is NOT ugly! STOP BASHING HIM!

Suho Oppa Fighting!