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Hiii congrats on your 100!! Can I get a drabble with tom? (You don't have to put my name) my fav ice cream flavor is bananas and mint. I'm quite shy at first but Im so much fun when you get to know me,I love singing and dancing (I suck at both),I want to be a writer,I read a lot,I'm v short(5"4), I have short dark brown hair/eyes,im a virgo,I love travelling, and I'm quite humorous/sarcastic I think. can you you make the drabble about our wedding and use the song perfect by Ed Sheeran? Tysm!!

hi love!! i hope you enjoy this :) fun fact: this song makes me cry lmao

drabbles closing tomorrow

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robert „romance novel” sugden

So I’m wondering, has any of our fandom’s great gifset creators, done a “Rise and Fall of Oswald Cobblepot” by season yet? Or if anyone has chart making as a hobby, I think that would be an interesting one to see.

I was thinking earlier about how far Penguin has fallen but then I realized him being shot and tossed in the bay doesn’t actually seem like that bad in comparison to other “lows” he’s had.

Take S2. You think him holding his dear mother as she dies would be as low as he could get, but then he finds himself in Arkham with his brain being melted out of his ears. And then, he loses his newly found father! It’s like does this kid ever catch a break!? But in the end he’s the one saving the day as Butch blows Galavan to bits.

It just seems like the lower he falls, the higher he rises. I think that depending on how he gets himself out of this, if he has his wits about him, he can turn this around rather quickly. He’s bounced back from worse! And even higher than before. I think it’s one of the things we all love about him. His ability to get up no matter what knocks him down.

Ed hurt him. He let himself be vulnerable and he was earnest and it didn’t matter. He still lost this fight. He is undoubtedly down right now. But he won’t stay there. It’s only a matter of time before The Penguin rises once more.


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Edmund X Reader: Betrothed

Prompt/ask: Anonymous asked: Hey can you do an imagine where the reader and Peter or Edmund are dating, but due to royal duties, the king has to break their relationship up to go marry some other princess. And the reader is heartbroken but stays professional and diplomatic just to see him happy. Oh and I love your stories btw!

Word count: 851

Warnings: Very mild swearing

Setting: Golden Age

Hearing bad news is never easy. Hearing bad news from someone you love is much worse. 

You thought you’d be alright, thought that this wouldn’t have as much of an effect on you as it did. But when Edmund sat you down and explained what was to happen, you broke down. Not outwardly, of course, but nevertheless. 

It was in the days that followed that you truly began to think about what it all meant. What…being without Edmund meant. And, in turn, you became livid. His words still echoed in your mind, unable to escape.

“I still love you”

“I swear, it’s just for the sake of Narnia”

“Royal duties, Y/n ”

But none of these explanations filled the void left by what was to happen the following week. 

Edmund, the man whom you had been courting for no less than three years, was expected to marry a duchess in Terebinthia.

“You look stunning if it isn’t, uh…obvious.”

You looked up from the wine settling in your goblet to face the sculpted features of Edmund Pevensie. He was smiling, but the smile didn’t seem to match his eyes. 

An incoherent noise of acknowledgment escaped your lips as you fixed your eyes on the crimson liquid yet again.

 “Y/n-” He started, but you cut him off by harshly lifting the goblet to your pursed lips. The lively music in the hall was dying down, and a small wave of clapping could be heard from the center of the room. 

“Look, I know you’ve been trying to avoid me after-”

 “No.” You interrupted simply, lowering your wine and looking at him from across the able with a blank expression. Edmund sighed. 

It was true, you had been avoiding him, but, naturally, for good reason. This ball was in honor of his betrothal, after all. Were you expected to be jolly?

You glanced around the hall, seeing the cheerful smiles plastered across the faces of young maidens and the small chortles coming from Lords of Narnia chatting with the High King. The music had started up again.

You inhaled sharply, taking another sip of the aged Narnian wine. You and Edmund were the only two that had remained seated. 

“Uh, I really meant what I said, you know,” Edmund started again. 

You rolled your eyes discreetly, settling your cup on the linen tablecloth and leaning over it a little. “And what is that, exactly?”

 “You really do look lovely.” 

“I believe you said stunning earlier, but…no matter.” You said calmly, a small smirk forming on your lips as you leaned back again.

 Edmund raised an arched eyebrow. “You know, there’s no need to act this way towards me.” It was clear that he was beginning to get a bit irritated. 

“Oh, really?” You scoffed, “Actually, I think I have nearly every right to do so, Your Highness.” You put a sharp emphasis on ‘Your Highness’, looking rather pleased with yourself as the words left your lips.

“Don’t call me that.” 

“Why not, hm? I’m not a royal, Edmund. It isn’t as if I’m betrothed to a King.” 

You could feel the anger building up and rising in your throat as you shoved your chair back with a brisk motion and stood up. 

Edmund gave you a pleading look. “Y/n-”

“Please excuse me.” You growled under your breath, walking out of the great hall with your hands clutching the folds of your dress. 

You brushed off the concerned looks from passers by as you stepped out of the brass doors that contained the room, a single tear making its way down your cheek. 

You were shaking now. You knew all of this wasn’t Edmund’s fault, but the unsettling feeling in your chest wouldn’t vanish. You felt as if a piece of you had been torn away. 

With a muffled sob, you fell to the floor against a wide grandfather clock in the corridor, your gown spreading out under you. 

In the silence of the hallway, you heard a small cough coming from your left.

“I hope you realize trying to keep your distance from me in no way lessens my attraction for you.”

You looked up from the marble floor beneath you up to a pale-faced Edmund. “Oh?” You croaked out. 

“Oh, to hell with it all.” Edmund whispered ruggedly. He held out his hand for you to rise to his level, and you took it, though you knew not why. 

“Y/n, I’m not doing this. I don’t give a rat’s ass about a damn girl in-” 

You interrupted him with a small giggle. 

“What?” Edmund asked, rather annoyed.

“Rat’s ass?” You said quietly, meeting his eyes now.

“Y/n?” Edmund asked at a volume that matched your own, a gentle smile forming on his dry lips.


“I love you.”


“No,” Edmund said, louder now, “No ‘Ed’. I don’t care. I love you and-and I don’t care.”

 His face was now so close to your own that you could feel his warm breath against your lips. “I’m not leaving you. I won’t.” 

And, as Edmund’s lips brushed against your own, his words were confirmed.

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i have been stalking your blog for the past 20 minutes and i'm in love. is there any way you'd be able to draw nurseydex as girls??? i would sob tbh

idk?? I? love girls????????

(maybe they’re also mer! here, idk idk)

(prompts are good and friendly things!)

It’s weird. It’s just different. It’s not… men… it’s just him.” – Ianto Jones

Whereas Will Graham is very definitely heterosexual, but that does not necessarily prevent us from a homoerotic subtext.” – Bryan Fuller

One is queer. One is not. That’s life. It’s not queerbaiting.” – Cory Michael Smith

a lot of people are up in arms about what cory said. and i understand. people are completely entitled to be upset. however, ed being straight definitely doesn’t mean this ship has sunk, and that we were all lied to and strung along and baited. far from it.

two of the most popular gay live-action relationships on tumblr are (arguably) jack and ianto from torchwood, and hannibal and will from hannibal. however, ianto himself says that he’s not gay. he’s not attracted to men. he’s just attracted to jack harkness. and bryan fuller has said, in various interviews, that will graham is straight. and yet hannigram is still one of the most beautiful depictions of a homosexual relationship in television history.

ed being straight doesn’t end nygmobblepot. i mean, first of all, cory’s word is not gospel. yes, he has some creative control over his characterisation, but ultimately, the writers can flip ed’s sexuality any which way, if (and when) the story calls for it.

at the moment, ed’s claimed to only be in love with kristen and isabella, but that could all change. (especially given that ed’s love for kristen and isabella wasn’t genuine love at all, and he’s never sacrificed anything for either of them. more on that in my other meta here.)

secondly, ed might think he’s straight right now. but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s right. this is a guy who didn’t lose his virginity until his late 20′s, and presumably had few close connections to either men or women before adulthood. so (because heteronormativity is a bitch) ed probably just assumes he’s straight because the only “love” he’s ever experienced has been for kristen and isabella.

ed’s heterosexuality doesn’t mean that ed and oswald won’t still have a complex, interesting, relationship. there is no denying that ed cares deeply for oswald, and that oswald had a huge hand in making ed into the man he is today. there are some deep, complicated emotions between these two. it’s not as simple as “ed loves oswald, and then they become boyfriends.” it’s a lot more complicated than that.

ed’s feelings might be similar to ianto’s. he sees himself as straight. and, for the most part, he is straight. he’s usually attracted to women. but oswald is the exception. because oswald is right – no one knows ed the way that oswald does. no one has loved ed as selflessly, and deeply, as oswald now loves him. ed labels himself as heterosexual, because, perhaps, he mostly is. and yet he’s still in love with oswald.

will never outright said that he was in love with hannibal. they openly said that hannibal was in love with will, and will was super queer coded, but will’s feelings were never explicitly stated. he said some pretentious poetic things that implied that he loved hannibal (“i told him to leave because i wanted him to run… and because i wanted to run away with him.” “you and i have begun to blur.” “we’re conjoined. i’m curious whether either of us can survive separation.”)

but he never actually said the words “i am in love with hannibal lecter.” he didn’t have to. it was clear, by the end of the season, that will felt something for hannibal. whether it was infatuation or obsession or love, it was definitely something. just as ed doesn’t have to explicitly state that he is in love with oswald, it’s still clear, from his expressions and his reactions to oswald, that he feels something for him.

ed spends most of 3.14 looking conflicted and confused (see: his angry reaction when oswald says “i did because i love you. you should know that.” and his expression when oswald asks if he passed the test, and his expression while oswald is telling him that they need each other, and his expression after oswald falls into the water.)

the final straw of ed’s grand plan™ depended on the fact that oswald couldn’t change. but now ed’s been proven wrong. do yourself a favour, and re-read this beautiful bit of dialogue:

oswald: “the fact that i love you proves that i can change. just give me a chance.”

ed: “you know as well as i that a man facing death will say anything to save his skin. and you won’t change… because you can’t.”

that’s ed saying that he’s not giving oswald a chance because he believes that oswald is incapable of changing. not because he doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. but because he thinks that oswald is capable of love. ed is basically saying “i’m not giving us a chance because you are incapable of love.”

(though, that’s probably a subconscious thing on ed’s part. he was just completely closed to the idea of having a relationship with oswald because, in his mind, it could never happen. he just didn’t consider the possibility, so it’s not even a conscious thing.)

so, now that he knows oswald is capable of change, his feelings towards entering a relationship with oswald might change. because his view of oswald as a person have changed. he thought that oswald was a heartless, loveless, person. turns out, he’s wrong. and ed hates being wrong. so that’s gonna prey on his mind.

of course, ed later says “i don’t love you”, but i think that’s just a case of ed being in super deep Denial, because he’s conflicted about his very complex feelings for oswald. ed can say he doesn’t love oswald all he wants, but there’s no denying that the two of them have a very deep, twisted, relationship.

nygmobblepot isn’t over, y’all. it’s just getting started.

looking at edward nygma during that final scene in 3x14: how it affected him, and how it might in the future.

so I had a lot of feelings while making this gifset and this gifset, and ya’ll might know that I love to take any opportunity to talk about my son edward nygma (and nygmobblepot) so here we go. 

all gifs in this post are from the gifsets I linked above just fyi

starting off with this gif:

maybe I’m just seeing things, but it seems, if you look at ed’s throat and mouth, like he gulps when oswald says that, which just shows that what oswald said affected him in some way, possibly in a way that he never expected. 

if you want to get a little cynical ed’s reaction could just be because at this point he’s still not sure if oswald really does need him, because he’s not sure if oswald is still the selfish person he always believed oswald to be.

either way ed is clearly conflicted and is (not for the first time in the episode) having a visible reaction that displays that. 

then there’s this gif:

sounds very much like that love riddle ed spouted back in 3x04, no? “I can’t be bought, but I can be stolen with one glance. I’m worthless to one, but priceless to two. Love.” not the same, but I would argue a similar concept. and either way, we have ed’s reaction to oswald saying this:

first he has to readjust his grip on the gun, and then he says “you killed isabella” while refusing to look at oswald. in fact he adjusts his grip, pauses for a moment, then looks down as he speaks.

sure, the looking away as he says it could be down to the fact that he’s still clearly broken up over losing isabella, but earlier in the episode we have the scene where oswald is willing to give up his life to protect ed from barbara, tabitha and butch. that’s something ed didn’t expect, when oswald says (while laughing), “does that mean I passed? ed?” to which ed responds with “I don’t know what it means.”

so of course that’s going to play on his mind. before that point (in the gif above) ed’s main motivation and reasoning for being able to go through with the idea of killing oswald, is the fact that oswald killed isabella and also that oswald could never change.

this is ed’s face after oswald tells him he can’t do it (kill oswald):

now oswald has proven he’s capable of change, so ed doesn’t have that reasoning anymore. of course he wants revenge for isabella, what made that easier with butch and tabitha was that he doesn’t like butch, and I’d like to point out that he never intended to kill tabitha. don’t get me wrong, what he did to her was still horrible but he was absolutely willing to kill butch because he thought butch had wronged him, whereas tabitha has never wronged him, they barely know each other. (yes, she wronged oswald, but ed still wouldn’t have killed her for that, because that would take away oswald’s right).

but of course with oswald it’s different. they’re best friends, they’re supposed to care about each other. ed still has motivation: the fact that oswald killed isabella, but he clearly needed more than that. the fact that he believed oswald was seflish and could never really love another person completely destroyed oswald’s excuse/reasoning of “I did it for love” but then oswald proves that he really does love ed, that’s real. and although that’s still not a good enough excuse to kill isabella, ed can no longer rely on the fact that it’s just some throwaway excuse that oswald is using to try and get out of the situation.

I personally would say that ed adjusts his grip on the gun after oswald says “you can’t have one without the other” because it’s just another reminder that his reasoning, his justification for killing oswald has just slipped away. we also see it in these gifs:

in both ed readjusts his grip (in the first one it’s after oswald says “ed, I love you. I know you believe that now), in both (especially the second one) he looks away, and he clenches his jaw in the first one.

really ed didn’t have to kill oswald for killing isabella, and to actually take that final step he needed to justify it (to himself), because oswald is absolutely right. they’re both better together, (well they were before all the drama went down anyway and even then they were fine for a bit, but ed was clueless about what oswald had done). ed knows they’re better together. sure they’ve both grown separately, and no doubt will do in future episodes, but they’ve made a lot of progress because of each other.

also this is going to be the first time since arkham that ed has been on his own. he had oswald, and then arguably he had barbara, tabitha, and butch. and even if he works with those 3 again it won’t be the same, and we don’t know how all of this, and what’s to come, is going to impact ed so really he’s going to be, or at least feel, very much alone.

anyway, moving swiftly on, we have these gifs:

which show something I’ve always said about ed, he does believe in justice, just perhaps not in the conventional way. back right after he killed kristen (during 2x07) a part of him at least considered handing himself in, hallucination/dark ed says “you probably have half a mind to turn yourself in. luckily, I have the other half.” and with jim it’s a fact that ed’s paranoia was the only reason jim (and the gcpd) found out he killed kristen, and I agree it was that, but also that that small part of ed that wanted to hand himself in was still in there somewhere.

flash forward to more current events he punishes butch for killing isabella, now yes this is most likely for pretty selfish reasons, to make ed feel better, but to ed he’s doing it to seek justice for isabella. you could perhaps even use the example of setting butch up for working with the red hood gang. yes it benefited ed anyway because it meant butch was out of the picture, but it was also justice for oswald, someone ed cares about.

I’d say the first gif above is that moment where ed realises that it doesn’t matter if oswald’s changed, he’s still the reason isabella is dead and he needs to be punished, she deserves justice, but that doesn’t make it any easier. 

and I’ll get onto the second gif in just a second, I promise, because it adds to another point.

anyway from this point to the end of the scene/episode ed is more determined that oswald needs to die (or has regained any determination he lost), however, as this gifset shows there are various times in which, although ed has that determination back, he’s still incredibly conflicted, maybe more so.

going back to the second gif above like I said I would, we can see that ed not only went after oswald as justice for isabella, but for himself too. you can clearly see that he genuinely thinks killing oswald will make him feel better. everything else I’ve talked about shows that that’s clearly not the case. on some level ed was aware that killing oswald was not going to change anything or make him feel better at all, hence the times where he looks unsure or stunned, or when he looks away, or when he readjusts his gun, or clenches his jaw, any of the times in the two gifsets (and at other points earlier in the episode).

so when he pulls the trigger, during the bit where he gently grabs oswald’s shirt and pushes him in, ed seems kind of emotionless. he most likely feels some kind of relief at having finally got his revenge and pulling the trigger, but that’s only momentarily, because as oswald sinks into the water he looks like this:

ed is not okay with what he’s done. I really think that him throwing himself into the riddler stuff in episode 15 is going to be partly down to him wanting to distract himself from what he’s done and/or to possibly try and justify what he’s done (to himself). of course I expect the riddler stuff to be about him finally going over the edge in every capacity, but I feel like how he feels about this final act of episode 14 will contribute to that in a really big way.

I could never believe that these facial expressions and actions (and whatever else) are mistakes, cory is too good of an actor for that, I don’t doubt that every single bit of body language was deliberate.

every thing about ed in this scene, no, this entire episode, is so much more complicated and detailed than it first appears. I see a lot of ed hate around, and this post isn’t about whether those people are right or not (I personally don’t hate him), it’s more about the fact that in this episode it’s more complicated. there’s more than just what we see on the surface, and this episode, this final scene, is going to affect ed for a long time to come in some way, shape, or form.

and I think it’s also a clear example of how complex his character is too.

It’s you, why’s it always you and never me?
I’ve never dared to let my feelings free
Why’s it always you and never me?
I’ve never cared too much about honesty

I wanted to draw Gin kissing Takasugi’s left eye.


Gotham 007 Riddlergordon AU: Jim Gordon as ‘James Bond’ and Edward Nygma as ‘Q’

concept from @alius-alia

“Didn’t I tell you to bring the weapon back in one piece?” Ed asks sternly, standing up to greet Jim at the door. Jim allows him to take his suit jacket as he walks slowly into the room.

Ed watches Jim’s slumped shoulders pass him, and after he hangs up the suit on the coat rack, he moves swiftly over to him, turning him around.

Jim’s expression remains distant, but he closes his eyes at the touch of Ed’s hands against his cheek.

“Didn’t I tell you to bring yourself back in one piece?” Ed asks, gentler this time as he traces a fresh cut on his partner’s jaw. Jim winces. 

“When do I ever listen to what you say?” Jim asks, moving his hands to Ed’s sides, and rubbing his thumbs in gentle circles around his sharp hipbones. 

“You don’t,” Ed grumbled, in affection. 

Jim leans against his slim frame, and buries his face into the soft crook of Ed’s neck. He presses his body closer by pressing his firm hands against his back. Ed sighs and returns the hug.

“I love you too,” Ed kisses his shoulder.

Riddled With Love

Ed falls in love with Harvey’s daughter and he gives him a hard time


A/n–Again, sorry this took so long

Warning-  None that I can think of…

Rating– Just a fic

Title–Riddled With Love


“What has 13 hearts, but no other organs?”

“Damnit Ed, with the riddles.”

“A deck of cards.”

The first interaction with the adorably awkward Ed Nygma had been just as you imagined. Your father, Harvey Bullock, had been complaining about Mr. Nygma for years now. You had seen him around, but never really made contact with him. Harvey liked to keep you separate from his work. But today was an exception. You were now studying to become a forensic scientist. You would be shadowing Ed at the GCPD. This should be interesting.

“Hello Ms. Bullock. You are pretty- I - Uh - I mean you are very - um- very pretty.” Ed said the first day of the job.


“Yes Detective?”

“Stop flirting with my daughter.”

You blushed and clutched a case file to your chest.

“Thank you Mr. Nygma. That is very kind of you to say.”

You hurried away as Ed stayed back with your dad.

“If you even think about asking my daughter Ed… “Bullock left the threat empty. Ed nodded in understanding. But Ms. Bullock was very pretty. And also very nice. Nothing like her father. That was a pleasant surprise.

A few weeks later, Ed couldn’t help himself any longer. He had fallen for you. Completely. He was going to ask you out. But first he needed permission. From Harvey Bullock himself.


“What is it Ed?”

“I can be roasted but I’m not a turkey. I can be ground but I’m not pepper.I can be pressed but I’m not a button. I can be brewed but I’m not beer . I’m a bean but I’m not magic.”

“Ed. I just got a new interrogation device.” He held up a bat. “Do not test me.”

“Well, um coffee.”

“Coffee? Ed what the hell are you talking about?”

“I would like…to ask… Ms. Bullock- your daughter- Yn- out to coffee. On a date.”

Harvey looked at Ed with a blank expression. Then he barked out a laugh.”

“Alright Ed. If you think she will say yes, go for it.” Harvey turned around in his chair, still laughing.

Ed scurried off to find you, asking you the same riddle.

“Coffee.” You said with a shy smile.

“Would you like to get some with me? After work?” Ed asked nervously, smoothing down his tie.

“I would love to Ed.” You smiled sweetly at him.

Harvey watched the two of you from across the bullpen. Maybe he gave Ed too much off a hard time. Oh, but it was so much fun.

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“Ed…” You looked up at him, analysing him and his more than confident appearance. 

“[Y/N].” Edward greeted you. “It’s nice to see you again. It has been such a long time since we had a decent chat.”

You took a deep breath, calming yourself down. “What three words are said too much, yet not enough?”

“I love you.” He answered, a huge smile gracing his lips.

Kiss Me (Acoustic)
Ed Sheeran
Kiss Me (Acoustic)
the best version of Kiss Me ever recorded I'm actually crying 
so hard tbh.
Fierce In My Dreams (Oswald Cobblepot/Edward Nygma, NC-17)

Inspired by Ed hallucinating a singing Oswald in Episode 3x15. Only this time Ed doesn’t tell him to stop. | Read on AO3

oneshot: 1172 words | warnings: mature content, rated NC-17

Thank you Kris and Jen or beta reading!

Ed crushes the pill between his teeth, lids fluttering shut before he opens his eyes to the lights flickering, before red warm light floods the room.

Seated in one of the antique and highly comfortable armchairs in the living room of the Van Dahl mansion, Ed draws in a deep breath. He is calm, he is prepared.

He’s fierce in my dreams, seizing my guts

He floods me with dread

Soaked in soul

Yet his pulse quickens when the familiar tune, along with the low and sultry tone of Oswald’s voice, reaches his ears.

He swims in my eyes by the bed

Pour myself over him

And there he is, green eyes bright and veiled by long delicate lashes, lips looking soft and pink - the sight enough to tug at something deep inside of Ed.

Donning the same suit, along with the top hat, Oswald performs his song, eyes hooded and glazed with a hunger resembling the one flaring up inside Ed.

Moon spilling in

And I wake up alone

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Meant To Be

Taking place immediately following the reunion scene in 3x18…

Oswald and Ed are forced to work out through their emotions when the Court of Owls throws them in neighboring cages. 

The bars of his cage were cold beneath slender fingers. Oswald gripped the iron tighter, his knuckles aching. All the different ways he had imagined meeting Edward Nygma face to face one last time…he never could have predicted this. Oswald blinked, finally, lips beginning to quiver as words reached them at last.

“You killed me…” he said. It came out not as rage but as a whimper. Ed was still gaping at him like he’d seen a ghost, backed a safe distance away from the bars of his neighboring cage. At this break of the silence he swallowed, licked his lips nervously.

“But Oswald,” he whispered, and Oswald closed his eyes at the sound of his name leaving Ed’s lips, “You’re alive.”

“Yes, you’ve already mentioned that,” Oswald clenched his teeth, but the anger wasn’t really there.

“How?” Ed growled, desperately needing a logical explanation. He shook his head, realizing there was something else he needed even more desperately. Even locked up by the Court of Owls somehow his former best friend ended up by his side. It seemed there really was no Edward Nygma without the Penguin. No, not without the Penguin. Without Oswald.

Oswald did not answer him, closed his mouth and said nothing more. He stared at Ed for a long time, those wet, calculating eyes unblinking. He was just so…tired.

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Nygmobblepot (drunk fluff part two! with smut!)

A/N: I’m so happy you guys liked the first part so here’s part two! Sorry it took so long ugh but yay here we are!


Oswald didn’t know how many minutes had passed but Ed wasn’t snoring so that meant he was still awake. The dim lights around them made the smaller man feel rather tired himself. He slowly dozed off. It was around two minutes later that his eyes fluttered open again. Ed’s face was now fully pressed into Oswald’s arm and he seemed to be sleeping. A redness crept into the Penguin’s cheeks. In fact, his skin was glowing with warmth. Oswald smiled weakly and moved his arm, gently, carefully draping it around Edward’s shoulders with a tenderness that he would have scoffed at.

“I’m awake.”

Oswald had been about to call his name but that shook him.

Not asleep, then.

The smaller man cleared his throat, the blush not quite disappearing from his usually pale face. Ed leaned into his side, his forehead now fully pressed against Oswald’s neck. He could feel his friend’s warm breath on his skin.

“Do you feel better?”

Oswald’s question hung in the air for quite a moment before Ed finally let out something between a groan of agony and a yawn. He didn’t seem to sober up quickly. Oswald thought about bringing him some water but Ed suddenly nudged his shoulder with his forehead, letting out a muffled sigh.

The noise was soft and it sounded as if it came from a place of frustration.

“Are you okay, Ed?”

His assistant looked up at Oswald with tired eyes and a thin lipped smile. A breath escaped through his nose. “Yes. Sorry, yes. I assure you, I am… completely fine. It’s just…” He sat up a little and shook his head. Oswald frowned, his brows trembling questioningly. It’s just what?


Ed rubbed his forehead with his wrist for a long, tense moment of silenece but then…

“I long for physical affection, Oswald.”

Oswald’s brows shot up, his mouth agape and he turned his head. Shock was written all over his blushing face.

“E- Excuse me?” the smaller man stuttered, trying to close his gaping mouth in his confusion. Physical affection? What was he talking about? Every inch of Oswald’s skin was tingling and suddenly desire tugged at his crotch—in a way that made him feel slightly ashamed, as well as really warm.

Ed took a trembling breath, his brows shaking with visible nervousity.


“No!” Oswald sat upright, his eyes wide with a spark that was new to himself. “I mean…” The mayor blushed, blinking as he let his glare drop to his lap. “Wh- What do you… I’d like to know what you…” He finally looked up at his friend again, a confused smile breaking over his lips. “Please enlighten me, Ed.”

Ed bit his lip and looked down at his hands. Oswald followed every motion in his face, every change in his expression.

“Would you mind kissing me, Oswald?”

The sound of his name, the question and the sudden heat that rushed through Oswald was something he wasn’t all that used to. He was familiar with this intense… Well, LOVE he had for his best friend but this… This, right here. This was different.

And it had to mean something.


“Ed, you’ve had quite a bit of wine and while I am more than willing to… To kiss you…”

Ed’s eyes widened visibly.

“…I’d much rather wait until you’ve sobered up and—"

“But you’re okay with it?” Ed asked, his voice close to monotone, his stare glued to Oswald. “With me kissing you?”

Oswald blinked.

What. A. Question.

“Yes.” he said, his voice breathy and nearly turning into an urgent whisper at the end. Warmth made its way through Oswald’s body. “In fact, there is nothing else I’d rather do right n—”

But he could barely finish his sentence because Ed cut him off by pressing his lips against his own. His stomach began to flutter uncontrollably and soon he nearly felt light headed. He could feel Ed’s fingers at the side of his neck, gently holding him and Oswald was soon driven by impulses. He shakily cupped Ed’s face and pulled him closer, their mouths carefully seeming to melt with each other.

Oh, kissing Edward Nygma felt even better than he’d ever imagined.

The taller man’s lips were now firmly massaging Oswald’s. The fluttering in his stomach soon became much more heated, even to the point where it was nearly uncomfortable but Oswald didn’t mind. Not one bit. He was completely and pleasantly lost in the sensation of kissing Ed.

And how couldn’t he be?

The kiss quickly became more passionate and the taste of alcohol was mingling between them. Ed’s tongue asked Oswald for entrance and that literally took his breath away, making him gasp as he opened his mouth, shocked but willing. Then there was nothing but this unbelievable heat everywhere.

Oswald wanted Ed.


“Wait,” he gasped, his voice hoarse with lust that had been hidden and tugged away so many times.

“I… Ed, I really want to do this…” His voice shook. “I crave for your touch. I crave for everything you want to give me.” His face was burning. Ed stared at Oswald with hungry, fierce eyes and dilated pupils. “Then what is the problem?” he asked swiftly, trying to sound composed.

“I just really don’t… I really don’t want you to regret… I mean…” Oswald’s eyes flickered to the bottle on the table, his expression worried but still flushed.


His name sounded so different on Ed’s tongue. So warm. So good. He wanted to listen to that voice forever.

“This is not the first time I’m realizing that this is exactly what I want.”

Shiver upon shiver ran over Oswald’s skin. The words sounded so out of this world.

“You mean everything to me.” Ed’s voice was low and he was slowly moving closer. “I want to protect you.” He mumbled and kissed Oswald’s cheek. “I want to follow you.” Another soft kiss was delicately and soundly placed on his neck. “I want you, Oswald. Whether you believe it or not.”

That was all the new mayor of Gotham needed to hear. It was all his mind needed to register. His body seemed to be moving on its own as he crashed their lips back together and kissed Ed with a passion that was new to him.

Oswald was still tipsy himself and now he felt even more drunk than before. They were kissing, desperately touching and pulling each other closer, hands exploring and breaths hitched. He clawed at Ed, making small, muffled noises that gave away his pleasure. Ed’s fingers slowly began to wander down Oswald’s chest, pushing him against the cushions before leaning over him.

Oswald looked up at him with fluttering eyes and a heart that could barely slow down its pace. He pulled him down, their lips meeting anew. Suddenly their crotches met, both clothed and… hard. They pulled back to breathe, the eager movements of their bodies creating a pleasing friction. Oswald was biting his lip, trying to hold back noises he never thought he could possibly make.

“You’re blushing, Mr. Penguin.” Ed was grinning down at him as he spoke, very much looking out of breath himself.

A smirk tugged at Oswald’s lips. His voice was quiet but filled with utter affection and teasing.

“You’re hard, Mr. Nygma.”

That made Ed’s grin break out into an even fuller one and he leaned down for another kiss as he jerked his hips. Oswald moaned and this time it nearly sounded a little high-piched. They continued this rythm, Ed softly biting and sucking at the curve of Oswald’s neck who could still barely believe what was happening when his taller friend suddenly fell sideways and straight from the couch with a heavy thud, seemingly having lost his ballance.


Oswald sat up, immediately feeling dizzy, his head still spinning from the incredible warmth of Ed’s body that was now abruptly gone.

“I’m sorry, Oswald.” Ed mumbled and slowly sat up on the carpet, rubbing his lower back.

Oswald crouched down beside him, ignoring the pain in his leg. “Would you rather… Would you rather like to do…“ He swallowed. ”/this/ tomorrow? I’m just really worried because… You look so tired.” He stumbled over his own words. “But you must believe me, I… I absolutely… That felt really good. To me. I would like to continue soon. If that’s still what you want tomorrow.” Ed stared up at Oswald, looking a little surprised about how worried his boss was about him.

He smiled and stood up, Oswald immediately rushing to his side and supporting his weight.

Ed yawned mutely before turning to look at him with sleepy eyes.

“I’ll always want you.”


That made Oswald’s brows tremble and soon enough his eyes began to feel wet. This was everything he wanted. All he’d hoped for and more.

“I love you, Ed.”

Ed slowly opened his mouth in shock—surprise and delight crossing his expression.

He leaned down, his long fingers tenderly gripping the raven black hair at the back of Oswald’s head before he kissed him deeply, quietly mumbling against his lips.

“I love you too, Oswald.”