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A Review of the Appreciated - Fic Rec from The Foxhole Court

 I decided to start keeping track of the fics I read and enjoyed, along with some comments of my own. This is only my own personal opinion, but overall I do recommend all those fics. All of them will be Complete, unless I mention otherwise.

Here I start with The Foxhole Court ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

An AU where Death, aka Neil, is convinced to spend some time playing at being human. Working at the Laughing Fox coffee shop has him meeting ordinary people, as well as less ordinary people.

I really loved this fic so much. Neil failing at being human was hilarious, his friendship with Matt was precious, and the Coffee Thief Andrew was great! Easily one of my favorite. It’s apparently based on the Sandman by Neil Gaiman, but no knowledge of that story is required. I never read it and the fic made perfect sense to me. Not all of the characters are gods, magic or such, but imo they still all have Something Special about them.

Read it for: an endearing Neil trying to understand the appeal of human things such as drinking, eating, watching movies or shopping; an oblivious Neil; Andrew’s intense attraction to Death; express traveling to another country just to have dinner.

The pirate crew of The Fox find an unexpected treasure in the form of a captured merman named Neil. It might bring them more troubles than riches.

Set as my go-to feelgood read, I’ve read it multiple times and it never disappoints. The universe is rich and well detailed, especially under the sea. The parts in Neil’s pov are entertaining and transcribe the feeling of being from another species pretty well. A good point of this story is that there is absolutely no likeness to The Little Mermaid, which would have been ooc. Instead, it suits the rebel side of the characters.

Read it for: an etherealy beautiful mermaid, a bunch of kids adopt a pet but they have no idea how to care for it, Neil talking to whales and cleaning barnacles-ridden boats, an entertaining travel throuhg the seas.

The Urban Fantasy AU where Kevin is finally #1, they still fight Riko, Neil rents flat but doesn’t read the line where it specifies a Hellhound comes with it. The dog is Andrew.

Hard to define without spoiling the entire story, this is a fresh breath of air in the world of AU. An overall original setting that gives us fae and magic. I takes some time to really start, so the beginning might be confusing, but I strongly encourage giving it a try, if only for snarky Hellhound Andrew.

Read it for: a new approach of the Urban Fantasy theme, Kevin is still a Drama Queen, a reassuring lack of zoophilia, Neil cooking pasta.

“hi sorry I live below you and I hear your dog running around and barking all the time and– no no it’s fine I was just wondering if I could pet it?” Jeremy first falls in love with the dog, then with its owner.

An incredibly sweet reading. I don’t know what was cuter: the dog, or the men. Also features a cool appearance from Laila and Alvarez as Jeremy’s not quite helpful friends.

Read it for: a dog with a very cliché french name, drunk texting in broken french, unhelpful dating advice, Jean as a painter.

The recorded number of times someone hit on Neil Josten and got nowhere, and the one time Andrew didn’t even have to try. 

It’s a classic I guess, but it’s well written and hilarious. This oblivious Neil is delightfully funny.

Read it for: a Savage Moment, helpless fools attracted to each other, the team as witnesses.

Three days after he signs his death sentence to Palmetto State, five after Andrew Minyard sends him flying breathless to the ground, Neil’s gaze snaps to the locker room mirror and stares, frozen, at the word threat scrawled along his spinal cord in terrifying, heavy bold.

This is the AU where your soulmate’s opinion of you gets tatooed on your skin. Effective writting coupled with punch-like settings makes this a one of a kind read. So believable you almost forget it’s an AU.

Read it for: soulmates refusing to be soulmates, an very andrew-like andrew, Neil is one the run, the sweet feeling of andreil being soulmates.

Three takes on their daily lives: an evolution of Sleeping together, Fighting each other, and Protecting each other.

I had heartburn reading this, I find this series almost perfect. Some daily-life action in the future, but it’s never boring. It’s both intense and fluffy.

Read it for: sweet everyday things, but also intense in character interaction, boys figuring shit up together, a good Healing of the Soul.

Normally, Andrew is the one who has bad days. 

The one where Neil has a bad day, and they deal with it. A touching piece, that felt very in character. A believable interpretation of Neil’s feelings, while Andrew is There, ever present as his understanding and supporting self for him. Almost bittersweet but somehow by the end, all that was left was pure, positive feelings.

Read it for: a bag of neatly packed feels, a how-to manual on handling them, quiet time together.

In which the Foxes become parents too young, and Neil is truly just fine. Neil is somehow, suddenly, eight year old.

An interesting take on Neil’s childhood, with the added bonus of the foxes interacting with a child. I think this might be the most civil Aaron has ever been toward Neil in. Some are better at handling a child than others, and it’s surprising.

Read it for: a cute young Neil, an heartbreakingly scarred young Neil, unsurprising temper-tantrums, a lost Wymack, having your heart burned to ashes by how pure a child is.

Five things Neil was surprised to enjoy, and one thing he wasn’t surprised to discover he still didn’t.

Don’t let it fool you, there is only pure sweetness here. Several moments of Neil discovering the wonders of life, it’ll definitely leave you smiling.

Read it for: Neil eats a sweet (almost unbelievable), Nicky’s bad influence on Andrew’s boyfriend, catching up after a life on the run.

Upstairs (m)


Pairing: Hoseok x reader

Genre: smut, fluff (?), dancer!college!Hoseok

Word count: 5.7k (I love a good build up)

Warnings: contains sex, sexual/explicit language

Summary: You finally get the courage to yell at the noisy neighbor upstairs and begin to realize that maybe you should’ve gone up sooner.

a/n: pls be kind first smutty thing I’ve written in A WHILE, idk if it’s any good I’ve literally re-read it like 15 times before posting. Enjoy! Hopefully more of my writing is on the way!!!

“Are you fucking kidding me!” You yelled in exasperation. The floorboards above you creaked and thumped as your neighbor pounded on their floor.

 It was currently 11:30 and you were trying so hard to get your presentation done for tomorrow’s class. You grabbed the broomstick that was becoming less for sweeping and more for hitting on your ceiling in shallow attempts at getting the ruckus to quiet down.  

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All For The Game Fic Rec’s

This took me a lot longer than i thought it would because I had trouble choosing fics! If you have any fics you want rec’d shoot me an ask and i’ll include it in the next one!

Lessons in Cartography by crazy_like_a  

Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard | E | Words 121, 706 | Chapters 37/37

Nora mentioned in her extra content that Neil slowly maps out Andrew’s body and then this fic happened. Starts after The King’s Men.

eyes wide open by jaylocked

Jeremy Knox/Jean Moreau | T | Words 13, 496 | Chapters 2/2

Jean blinked. Blinked again. Was sure he didn’t recognize the man on his doorstep, with his bright eyes and enormous grin and wavy blonde hair. Waited for him to explain himself with a simple raised eyebrow.
“Hi!” the man finally chirped. The sound was happiness channeled into a single word, and Jean wasn’t sure how he didn’t hate him already.
(based on the prompt from tumblr: “hi sorry I live below you and I hear your dog running around and barking all the time and– no no it’s fine I was just wondering if I could pet it?” au)

don’t wanna give you all my demons by modernpatroclus

Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard | T | Words 1, 977 | Chapters 1/1

prompt: What if Neil pissed Andrew off/made him so upset one time that Andrew told Renee Neil was her responsibility now

“I do hate you,” Andrew insisted.
“Maybe you should let me go then.”

until I see the light by badacts

Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard | M | Words 5943 | Chapters 4/4

Bee uses the word relapse with him, explains that he’s veering off baseline like he can’t figure that out for himself. All Andrew cares about is that he hasn’t been looking for reasons to stay alive like this for so, so long.

Ultraviolence by lscar123

Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard | E | Words 76527 | Chapters 12/12

Neil Josten is of the most successful songwriters in the industry but years of blocking out his own personal pain and writing mind numbing radio hits have started to wear him down so he decides to take a break from it all and return to The Fox Hole, the bar he stumbled onto years ago and helped set up an open mic night at.
It’s there he meets Andrew Minyard, a bartender who makes an immediate impression on him. Something about Andrew tells him to run but it’s either his own stubbornness or his pension for self destruction that makes him stay.
Nothing in his life will ever be the same after the first night he spends back in the place he used to call home.

appendages by autisticandrewmiinyard (stubbornjerk)

Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard Aaron Minyard/Kevin Day | M | Words 37496 | Chapters 11/11

noun ap·pend·age \ə-ˈpen-dij\
1: an adjunct to something larger or more important : appurtenance
2: a usually projecting part of an animal or plant body that is typically smaller and of less functional importance than the main part to which it is attached; especially : a limb or analogous part (such as a seta)
3 [appendant]: a dependent or subordinate person
Nathaniel Wesninski grapples with his life as the heir to a criminal empire, as the vice captain to the Edgar Allan Ravens, and as the person he wants to be seen as.

Children? Nah. by IceBreeze

Alliosn Reynolds/Renee Walker | T | Words 1297 | Chapters 1/1

Five times Allison and Renee deal with the dreaded question.

but by the grace of god go we by Saul

Kevin Day/Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard | T | Words 7656 | Chapters 3/3

In which three emotionally stunted twenty-somethings figure out themselves, each other, and all that’s left behind.

An Abridged Family Medical Guide, 6th Edition by 30degreesandsnowing

Kevin Day/Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard | T | Words 13887 | Chapters 3/3

As soon as Kevin realized there was a stomach bug going around the locker room, he started force feeding Neil and Andrew vitamins. It worked out about as well as you could expect.

sherlock starters ( season one episode two.)

  • “ the more a tea-pot is used, the more beautiful it becomes.”
  • “ four hundred years old. they’re letting you use it to make yourself a brew.”
  • “ some things aren’t supposed to sit behind a glass. they’re made to be touched.”
  • “ sometimes you have to look hard at something to see it’s value.”
  • “ i don’t suppose, um… i mean… i don’t suppose that you… you want to have a drink?”
  • “ you wouldn’t like me all that much.”
  • “ can i maybe decide that for myself?”
  • “ i can’t. i’m sorry. please stop asking.”
  • “ could you maybe keep your voice down?”
  • “ yes, all right! i’ve got it!”
  • “ you took your time.”
  • “ yeah, i didn’t get the shopping.”
  • “ what? why not?”
  • “ because i had a row in a shop with a chip and pin machine.”
  • “ you… you had a row with a machine?”
  • “ sort of. it sat there and i shouted abuse.”
  • “ have you got cash?”
  • “ you could always go yourself, you know? you’ve been sitting there all morning, you haven’t even moved since i left.”
  • “ not interested.”
  • “ i sent them a message.”
  • “ don’t worry about me, i can manage.”
  • “ is that my computer?”
  • “ what, and you couldn’t be bothered to get up?”
  • “ it’s password protected.”
  • “ took me less than a minute to guess yours. not exactly fort knox.”
  • “ you need to get a job.”
  • “ listen, um… if you’d be able to lend me some… are you listening?”
  • “ hiya buddy. how long has it been, __ years since i last clapped eyes on you?”
  • “ you need anything? coffee? water?”
  • “ right… you’re doing that thing.”
  • “ it’s not a trick.”
  • “ how could you tell? you’re gonna tell me there’s a stain on my tie from some special kind of ketchup you can only buy in manhattan. or it was the mud on my shoes.”
  • “ now, i’m glad you could make it over without a break-in.”
  • “ someone broke in late last night.”
  • “ well, that’s where this gets really interesting.”
  • “ find it, and we’ll pay you. five figures.”
  • “ i don’t need an incentive.”
  • “ you said that just to irritate him/her.”
  • “ so you think we should sniff around here for a bit longer?”
  • “ got all i need to know already, thanks.”
  • “ they’ll lead us to the person who sent it?”
  • “ so what do we do now? sit here and wait for him/her to come back?”
  • “ nobody ever does that.”
  • “ hi, um… i live in the flat just below you. i don’t think we’ve met.”
  • “ no, well i just moved in.”
  • “ actually, i… just locked my keys in my flat.”
  • “ yeah, and can i use your balcony?”
  • “ you okay?”
  • “ yeah, any time you feel like letting me in.”
  • “ thanks, i’ll take your word for it.”
  • “ problem?”
  • “ i’m not desperate to root around some bloke’s dirty underwear.”
  • “ oh, good, you follow.”
  • “ yeah, i know who you are. and i’d prefer it if you didn’t tamper with ___”
  • “ yes, it does seem the only explanation of all the facts.”
  • “ wrong, it’s one possible explanation of some other facts.”
  • “ you’ve got a solution that you like, but you’re choosing to ignore anything that you see that doesn’t comply with it.”
  • “ amazing you didn’t notice, all you had to do is look around this flat.”
  • “ good, you’re finally asking the right questions.”
  • “ he’s left trying to sort of cut his hair with a fork, which of course could never be done.”
  • “ it was a threat, that’s what the graffiti meant.”
  • “ i don’t think this can wait. sorry.”
  • “ lost five million a single morning, made it all back a week later.”
  • “ i hired you to do a job. don’t get sidetracked.”
  • “ you’re a bit overqualified.”
  • “ i said could you pass me a pen? about an hour ago.”
  • “ didn’t notice i’ve gone out, then.”
  • “ this ___ might move a bit quicker if you were to take my words as gospel.”
  • “ you are not serious… like spider-man?”
  • “ why did they die?”
  • “ where are we headed?”
  • “ i need to ask some advice.”
  • “ what? sorry?”
  • “ you heard me perfectly, i’m not saying it again.”
  • “ i’ve got two minutes before a community support officer comes around that corner.”
  • “ can we do this while i’m working?”
  • “ what about the symbols, do you recognize them?”
  • “ not sure it’s a proper language.”
  • “ what, this is what you’ve got to go on?”
  • “ are you going to help me or not?”
  • “ no. no, wait, wait - it was not me who painted that, i was just holding this for…”
  • “ bit of an enthusiast, are we?”
  • “ you’ve been a while.”
  • “ yeah, well, you know how it is. custody sergeants don’t really like to be hurried, do they? just formalities. fingerprints. charge sheets, and i’ve got to be in magistrate’s court on tuesday.”
  • “ me, in court, on tuesday! they’re giving me an ASBO!.”
  • “ can you print me out a copy?”
  • “ what about the day s/he died, can you tell me where s/he was?”
  • “ your friend… he’s an arrogant sod.”
  • “ whatever you say, I’m behind you one hundred percent.”
  • “ how can you tell?”
  • “ you want a lucky cat?”
  • “ but why did they die? i mean, it doesn’t make any sense.”
  • “ remind me, when was the last time that it rained?”
  • “ do you leave your windows open when you go on holiday.”
  • “ do you think maybe you could let me in this time?”
  • “ can you not keep doing this, please?”
  • “ somebody’s been in here before me!”
  • “ what are you saying?”
  • “ i’m wasting my breath.”
  • “ any time you want to include me.”
  • [mockingly] “ no, i’m ___ and i always work alone because no-one else can compete with my MASSIVE INTELLECT!”
  • “ the, uh, milk’s gone off and the washing’s starting to smell. somebody left here in a hurry three days ago.”
  • “ you’ve gone all croaky. are you getting a cold?”
  • “ found something you’ll like.”
  • “ tuesday morning, all you’ve gotta do is turn up and say the bag was yours..”
  • “ forget about your court date.”
  • “ if you want to hide a tree, then a forest is the best place to do it, wouldn’t you say? people would just walk straight past, not knowing, unable to decipher the message..”
  • “ if we’re going to decipher this code, we’re gonna need to look for more evidence.”
  • “ answer your phone! i’ve been calling you! i’ve found it..”
  • “ i don’t understand. it-it was here … ten minutes ago. i saw it..”
  • “ somebody doesn’t want me to see it.”
  • “ hey, ___, what are you doing?”
  • “ shh, ___, concentrate. i need you to concentrate. close your eyes.”
  • “ no, what? why? why? what are you doing?!”
  • “ i need you to maximize your visual memory. try to picture what you saw. can you picture it?”
  • “ how much can you remember?”
  • “ well, don’t worry!”
  • “ because the average human memory on visual matters is only 62% accurate.”
  • “ yeah, well, don’t worry, i remember all of it.”
  • “ yeah, or at least i WOULD if i could get to my pockets! i took a photograph…”
  • “ god, i need to sleep.”
  • “ fancy a biscuit with that?”
  • “ centuries old. don’t wanna break that.”
  • “ you’ve been clever to avoid him/her so far.”
  • “ who is s/he? have you met him/her before?”
  • “ careful! some of those skulls are over two hundred thousand years old, have a bit of respect!”
  • “ how many murders is it gonna take before you start believing that this maniac’s out there?”
  • “ what are you thinking? pork or the pasta?”
  • “ oh, it’s you!”
  • “ i’d stick with the pasta. don’t wanna be doing roast pork. not if you’re slicing up cadavers.”
  • “ don’t eat while i’m working. digesting slows me down.”
  • “ you’ve… changed your hair.”
  • “ no, it’s good. it, um, suits you better this way.”
  • “ do you mind if we have a look at them?”
  • “ what do you want?”
  • “ we’re still no closer to finding them.”
  • “ wrong. we’ve got almost all we need to know.”
  • “ are we collecting for charity?”
  • “ anything else i can do? to assist you, i mean.”
  • “ some silence right now would be marvelous.”
  • “ i’m sorry to keep you waiting.”
  • “ this is taking ages.”
  • “ what’s the point of making an appointment if they can’t even stick to it?”
  • “ um. what’s going on?”
  • “ i’m sorry, that’s not very professional.”
  • “ so, um. what were you doing to keep you up so late?”
  • “ i need to get some air. we’re going out tonight.”
  • “ actually, i’ve, er, got a date. it’s where two people who like each other go out and have fun.”
  • “ that’s what i was suggesting.”
  • “ oh, dull. boring. predictable. why don’t you try this?”
  • “ thanks, but i don’t come to you for dating advice.”
  • “ it’s years since anyone took me to the circus.”
  • “ a friend recommended it to me.”
  • “ you couldn’t let me have just one night off?”
  • “ come on, ___, behave!”
  • “ i need your help.”
  • “ i do have a couple of other things in mind this evening!”
  • “ you are kidding.”
  • “ what’s so important?”
  • “ you said circus. this is not a circus. look at the size of this crowd. this is… art.”
  • “ did you see that?”
  • “ come on! let’s go!”
  • “ you don’t know?”
  • “ i’ve done everything you asked. ___, s/he seems to think your advice is worth something.”
  • “ please tell me i’ll have something to show for it. other than a massive bill for overtime.”
  • “ well, i think perhaps i should leave you to it.”
  • “ no, no, you don’t have to go. you can stay.”
  • “ yes, it would be better to study if you left now.”
  • “ is it just me or is anyone else starving?”
  • “ so this is what you do. you ___  for a living.”
  • “ what are these squiggles?”
  • “ oh, right! yeah, well, of course i should’ve known that!”
  • “ i’ve done punch and a bowel of nibbles.”
  • “ ___, you’re a saint!”
  • “ oh, we must’ve been staring right at it!”
  • “ um, shall we get a takeaway?”
  • “ do you have it?”
  • “ forgive me if i do not take your word for it.”
  • “ yes, that’s not actually mine. s/he lent that to me.”
  • “ i realize what this looks like, but i’m not him/her.”
  • “ what? did i really say that?”
  • “ i s’ppose there’s no use in me trying to persuade you i was doing an impression.”
  • “ if i wanted to kill you, i would’ve done it by now.”
  • “ i don’t know what you’re talking about.”
  • “ please. please, listen to me.”
  • “ i’m not… i’m not ___. you have to believe me.”
  • “ i haven’t found whatever it is you’re looking for.”
  • “ i don’t believe you.”
  • “ you should, you know.”
  • “ how would you describe me, ___? resourceful? dynamic? enigmatic?”
  • “ that’s a semi-automatic. if you fire it, the bullet will travel at over a thousand meters per second.”
  • “ if you miss, the bullet will ricochet. could hit anyone. might even bounce off the tunnel and hit you.”
  • “ it’s all right. you’re gonna be all right. it’s over, now. it’s over.”
  • “ i go where you point me.”
  • “ hang on; a hairpin worth nine million pounds?”
  • “ i will not reveal your identity.”

Another Foxhole Court Fic Rec!
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV
This is a sequel fic rec to this, so the fics on the other list will not be on this list.
a ★ indicates the fics that I would sell my soul for.

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Hello Detective (Chapter 10)

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15   Part 16   Part 17   Part 18   Part 19   Part 20   Part 21   Part 22   Part 23   Part 24   Part 25   Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34   Part 35   Part 36   Part 37   Part 38  Part 39   Part 40     Part 41   Part 42   Part 43   Part 44   Part 45   Part 46   Part 47   Part 48   Part 49   Part 50 Part 51  Part 52  Part 53 Part 54  Part 55   Part 56  Part 57 Part 58 Part 59 Part 60 Part 61

The cab ride was fairly silent. You stared out the window, admiring the London view which you weren’t quite familiar with yet. You arrived at the address that Sherlock gave the cabbie.

Sherlock rang the apartment bell for Van Coon and received no answer. He stared at it for a moment before pressing the button again.

“Just moved in, floor above it, new label.” You told Sherlock, as he pressed the button.

“Hello?” a woman’s voice replied.

“Hi, um, I live in the flat just below you. I don’t think we’ve met.” Sherlock lied, using a voice that was more friendly and higher than his usual husky one.

“No. Well, er, I’ve just moved in.” she replied again.

“Actually, I’ve just locked my keys in my flat.” Sherlock acted.

“Do you want me to buzz you in?” She asked.

“Yeah. And can we use your balcony?” Sherlock added, but the woman had already buzzed us in. You knew exactly what Sherlock was planning, and you didn’t like it one bit. Heights were not your thing.

The two of you got to the woman’s balcony and you made the mistake of looking down. You gulped nervously and your grip on the railing tightened. Sherlock looked at you and squinted.

“I never pegged you as someone to be afraid of heights.” Sherlock commented.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” You retorted.

“I doubt that.” Sherlock said as he jumped down from the woman’s balcony to the Van Coons. Sherlock waved you down, instructing you to do the same.

“Christ, the things I do for you.” You muttered as you climbed over the railing. You jumped and before you hit the floor you felt two large hands engulf your waist, easing your fall.

“See that wasn’t so bad.” Sherlock teased.

“Shut up.” You said, breaking free of his grip. He smirked as you tried the door, discovering that it was left unlocked. You entered the flat with Sherlock by your side. He immediately began scanning the place, you did the same.

The flat was modern and sleek. Everything was white, black, or grey. There wasn’t much clutter except for a few books on the coffee table.

You both made your way around the flat, it looked pretty normal. Except for the fact that the refrigerator was only full of champagne. You both stood in front of the double doors leading to the bedroom. They seemed to be locked from the inside. Sherlock bust through the door with his shoulder, catching you off guard.

“Jesus.” You muttered a your eyes scanned the room. It looked like the rest of the flat, except for one small detail. The dead body lying across the bed with a bullet in his head. The gun laid carelessly across the bed.

You immediately called the police. A team was there within minutes. To yours and Sherlock’s dissatisfaction Lestrade appeared to be on vacation as well. You both put on gloves and began combing the flat. Even though the crime scene looked cut and dry, you were both sure it wasn’t a suicide.

“Been away three days judging by the laundry. Look at the case, there was something tightly packed inside it.” Sherlock said.

“Thanks I’ll take your word for it.” You retorted.

“Problem?” Sherlock asked, slightly surprised at your response.

“Yeah, I’m not desperate to root around some guy’s dirty underwear.” You answered.

“Those symbols at the bank, the graffiti, why were they put there?” Sherlock said to himself.

“Well, it’s some sort of code.” You added.

“Obviously,” Sherlock retorted as he examined the body, “Why were they painted? Want to communicate, why not use e-mail?”

“Because it wasn’t just a friendly message. It was some kind of warning.” You offered.

“Yes, he was being threatened.” Sherlock said as he pulled something out of Edward Van Coon’s throat. Just as he was bagging the object a fellow detective walked into the bedroom.

“Ah, Sergeant we haven’t met.” Sherlock said, offering up his hand for a shake.

“Yeah, I know who you are and I would prefer it if you didn’t tamper with any of the evidence.” the detective said rudely. Sherlock put his hand down and handed him the bag of what was found shoved down the man’s throat.

“I phoned Lestrade. Is he on his way?” Sherlock asked, not a fan of this detective.

“He’s on vacation. I’m in charge. Not all of us get a week paid vacation even though we’ve been working here for years.” He said rudely, obviously about you.

“Yeah, well not all of you do your job as well as I do.” You retorted casually, making sure that Dimmock knew his comment didn’t affect you in any way.

“And it’s not Sergeant, it’s Detective Inspector Dimmock.” He said to Sherlock. Sherlock’s eyes widened slightly as he turned to you when Dimmock left the room. His eyes were saying ‘how can this idiot be a DI and you’re not”.

“Don’t worry. I plan on taking his job within the next six months.” You winked. Sherlock smirked, proud you could read him that well.

“That a’ girl.” He held his smirk.

some aus
  • I’m a flight attendant and you’re accidentally hitting the call button every 5 minutes so you’re lucky you’re so cute au
  • You’re nonbinary and I didn’t know what that meant until you explained it and now I think I’m nonbinary??? au
  • You’re the one person who can do my elaborate stage makeup so every night you spend half an hour in close proximity to my face and I am Distressed au
  • I look a lot like someone in one of your classes and every other day you come up to me and start talking to me like I’m them au
  • you’re sitting in the booth I always sit in but you refuse to leave and I refuse to let you have it so we end up sharing a booth au
  • we’re both high school teachers and my students ship us but I won’t let them tell you au
  • hi sorry I live below you and I hear your dog running around and barking all the time and– no no it’s fine I was just hoping maybe I could pet it? au
  • we’re parent chaperones on the class field trip to a huge museum and somehow we got separated from the group??? au
  • I keep walking in on you making out with my roommate and I’m uncomfortably into both of you au
  • I put salt in your coffee when you were in the bathroom and you drank it all and that was hardcore want to go out sometime au
  • sorry but this is the silent floor of the library and if you don’t shut up so I can study I will yell at you and get us both kicked out au
  • I need a child’s birthday present? It’s my cousin’s child, I have no idea what they like but I think maybe it’s a girl can you help au
  • you’re the only person on my floor who has a vacuum and I spill things a Lot sorry can I borrow it again au
  • I thought those cookies were for the whole dorm but you needed them for class so now I’m baking a new batch with you au
  • you’re the only other one who voted for my favorite movie on movie night so do you just want to watch it in my room au
the people we find in the pages we fold

This is an author!reader and wonwoo scenario because one fine morning, I woke up extremely soft to Wonwoo’s charm and love for books that I just had to.

• so you’re a writer!!! cute glasses and all!!!
• and you recently published a novel that you’re super excited about
• you hype it up so much and make everyone read it
• also you’re lowkey your biggest fan shhhh
• anyway, since you’re extra, during your free time, you loiter around nearby bookstores
• the staff totally know you and just make fun of you when you’re there
• you usually stand next to where your book was displayed
• sometimes you pick it up and TALK OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD ABOUT HOW GOOD IT IS
• it worked sometimes lol
• but today, when you entered the store and you had this whole dramatic plan in your head to reel more people to buy your book,
• you see one tall guy reading the synopsis of YOUR book
• you were thrilled to say the least
• bc!!! somebody’s holding your book without you forcing them to!!!!
• and that someone is really good looking with a dorky haircut and harry potter glasses!!!
• anyway, like the respectable author you are, you hide in the bookshelf across him and watch
• he frowns a lil bit at it
• you are Alarmed
• he was about to put it back when you casually slid in
• by casually i mean you almost fell over running
• and the guy was like “woah there”
• and he arches his eyebrow amusingly
• and your heart skips a beat lmao
• he smiles, “you think so?”
• you’re still sorta distracted by his nice face, so you don’t look at him much but you nod. “i know so.”
• the guy suppresses a grin before he goes, “i did want to get it but, i don’t know. did you like the plot when you read it?”
• and you nod like you know what you’re doing. “it’s like super good and im not just saying this because–”
• you stop yourself from assassinating your dignity
• “because what?”
• “uh, nothing. it’s a good book though.”
• “hmm okay i’ll buy it” and he winks
• hE wiNkS!!!!!!1!1!
• then he swerves past you towards the counter and you’re like
• that was nice????
• you smile to yourself a bit before hunting–i mean, finding more potential buyers
• but like wow what a guy you hope you see him again
• after a long day of harrassment–i mean, advertisment of your book
• and you convinced about four people yay!!!!!
• you went back to your apartment
• and you find WHAT IS THIS the cute boy from the bookstore???
• he’s sitting at the lobby stairs
• reading YOUR book
• and his glasses perched at the tip of his nose (how hot)
• you were surprised for a second
• and looked like an idiot gaping at him
• finally he looks up
• but you’re chill abt it (you think)
• and he says, “hi, i’m wonwoo. i live a floor below you.”
• and you’re like ???? uhhhh
• he chuckles and says, “i don’t think you know me bc you’re new and all to the building but i saw you carrying your books when they got published and i’m a fan to be honest.”
• and you’re still trying to form words in your mouth
• “this is my third copy, i think. i like books and my neighbor made one. i couldn’t let that pass.”
• you blink at him. he stands in front of you.
• also bc he totally knows your secret now and you think he’s judging you
• he thinks it’s cute but you don’t know that awwww
• you finally spit out your name
• and he nods in understanding
• and your still like not breathing bc what do next???
• and wonwoo and his SWEATER PAWS gives you your book and you stare at it
• and wonwoo is waiting for you
• and you stare at him
• he’s like “can you sign this for me?”
• YOU GRIN LIKE A KID (which makes wonwoo’s heart flutter bc honestly he thought he creeped you out by waiting in the lobby like a weirdo haha dork)
• you take out your sparkly sharpie pen and sign the book and wonwoo’s hand is brushing yours (HFJMAHSAMSMAGSJAJ)
• after you finish, you muster up the courage to ask if he liked it so far.
• “hmmm, it’s a great book and im not just saying this bc i want to take the author out for coffee.”
• and you’re just like
• woah there boi
• you almost slipped at how smooth that line was
• you laugh and ask him to go to this coffee shop with you down the road where you wrote lots of parts of the book
• and wonwoo was ACTUALLY excited pls hold me
• on the way there, he asked genuine questions which made you feel like soaring bc wow!!! somebody liked your thoughts this much!!!!
• and wonwoo was enjoying how you light up whenever he talks about your book and honestly after weeks of trying to catch your attention in book stores and lobbies AND EVERYWHERE, he was so happy to finally talk to you
• wonwoo lied. he actually had six copies of your book.
• just because he waited in book stores a lot so he can talk to you
• how extra
• but anyway, he was forced to buy the books sometimes bc he stood there for so long and you were always book store hopping
• finally though
• he knew your little sales tactics !!!
• and he tells you this in the coffee shop amidst blushing and steaming coffee
• you melt into a pudding
• you and wonwoo talked for a long time and woops time has slipped and your chairs actually kept getting closer woops
• at the end of the night, you walk back home together, still talking about books pls control yourselves nerds
•and he takes you to your apartment
• you both say good night
• and also a see you tomorrow AJU NICE
• and you were really into his vibe and also this cute boy has had a crush on you for a while!!! what an honor im crying
• and after you entered, you guys totally do that thing where you lean back on the door and you bite your lip and sigh dreamily
• yes in filipino we call that kilig now you know
• and wonwoo takes your book out of his coat pocket and kisses it as he walks away bc THANK BOOKS AMIRITE LADIES
• wow im so giddy now God Bless
• i hope you guys date so the nerds will be together i hope so
• what a happy ending i can die in peace wow

The Signs as Sherlock
  • aries: Don't make people into heroes, John. Heroes don't exist, and if they did, I wouldn't be one of them.
  • taurus: Yes, but I'm not my brother, remember? I am you. Prepared to do anything. Prepared to burn. Prepared to do what ordinary people won't do. You want me to shake hands with you in hell? I shall not disappoint you.
  • gemini: Hi! Um, I live in the flat just below you. Yeah, I don't think we've met!
  • cancer: John? John! You are amazing, you are fantastic!
  • leo: ‎Please don't feel obliged to tell me that was remarkable or amazing, John's expressed that in every possible variant available to the English language.
  • virgo: It means whenever the police are out of their depth—which is always—they consult me.
  • libra: and... Special day. Very special day. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Bit of a theme, you get the general gist of it. People are basically *fond*.
  • scorpio: Sex doesn't alarm me.
  • sagittarius: Well then the rules are wrong!
  • capricorn: Your mind; it's so placid, straight-forward, barely used. Mine's like an engine, racing out of control; a rocket tearing itself to pieces, trapped on the launchpad... I need a case!
  • aquarius: I play the violin when I'm thinking and sometime I don't talk for days on end. Would that bother you? Potential flatmates should know the worst about each other.
  • pisces: Well, I'M NOT NOW!!!

Bellarke drabble based off of this Tumblr prompt: “Hi sorry I live below you and I hear your dog running around an barking all the time and - no no it’s fine I was just hoping maybe I could pet it?” AU

It was 10:00pm. Clarke was sitting at her desk, mulling over her anatomy and biology textbooks trying to get some of her homework done for her class tomorrow morning, when she heard it again. The pitter-patter of paws across a hard wood floor, a dog barking at what sounded like its toy being thrown around the apartment.

Hearing the dog upstairs made Clarke think about home, and how she missed her own dog Lucky back at her mother’s place. Lucky was her Bernese Mountain Dog that she had to leave behind when she began college. She didn’t want to take him with her seeing as how the dog was so used to living at her mom’s place and didn’t think he’d fare well in an apartment. Clarke missed her dog like crazy though. Lucky was family to her and she missed him everyday. She glanced at the photo of her and Lucky in her mom’s backyard that was on her desk and smiled.

Clarke heard the dog bark again as a thunk sounded on the floor above her head. She smiled up at the ceiling and suddenly an idea struck her. Without really thinking it through, Clarke jumped out of her seat, ran out of her apartment and dashed up the flight of stairs to her upstairs neighbor’s door. As she knocked on the door, she realized what she was doing and suddenly Clarke got nervous. She was knocking on the door of a complete stranger for heaven’s sake, all out of homesickness brought on by a dog. Just as she was about to turn around and head back down the stairs, the apartment door opened and she turned and glanced at the dog she’d been hearing - a cute Golden Retriever. It started barking and wagging its tail at her.      

“Can I help you?” the dog’s owner inquired.

Looking up - way up - at the owner, Clarke became even more flustered. She did not expect that the dog’s owner would be an extremely tall, freckle-faced, dark haired, bare-chested, well-built, scorching hot man: who was wearing nothing but flannel pajama bottoms and a small smirk. Talk about drool-worthy, Clarke thought.

Composing herself, she replied, “Hi! Sorry, I live below you and I hear your dog running around an barking all the time and -”

“Oh shit, I’m sorry is he annoying? I’ll keep him quieter. ” the owner interrupted, looking apologetic.

“NO! No it’s fine, I was just hoping, maybe I could pet it?” Clarke requested, “I mean, I know this sounds dumb, but I kept hearing your dog running around and barking and I just got homesick because I had to leave my dog with my mom, and I just really miss Lucky and yeah, I’m sorry for bothering you.” Clarke ranted.  

The owner smiled, a real genuine smile, “It’s completely fine. Come in. This is Eros.” he noted, gesturing to the golden now sitting happily at his feet.

Clarke leaned down, “Hey Eros, oh aren’t you a cutie!” she exclaimed. The dog lept up, licking right up her cheek and all but knocking her right over. She sat cross legged on the floor, while the dog did all he could to jump in her lap.

“How’d you come up with the name Eros?” Clarke asked.

“I really like history and Greek mythology especially, it’s what I’m doing for my Masters. Eros was a young god & the son of Aphrodite. Eros also meant love. ” he replied.

“Oh that’s actually very cool!” Clarke enthused, smiling up at the handsome stranger. They sat on the floor of his apartment, enthralled in small talk about their majors, their families, and of course their pets. Clarke told him about how she was in pre-med, lived with her mother and how Lucky was more like her family than her pet. He talked about his masters in history and his sister and how he found Eros.  

“He really likes you.” The owner noted, smiling.

“I feel the same way about him,” Clarke replied, getting up an patting the dog on its head. “Well, thank you for that, seriously. It was a much needed study break.”  

“Well feel free to come by whenever you need a study break, um-” he said, searching for her name, realizing in all the talk they’d never exchanged names. 

“It’s Clarke. Clarke Griffin” She smiled and held out her hand.

“Bellamy Blake, nice to meet you Clarke.” Bellamy replied, shaking her hand. “Seriously, anytime you get homesick, come on up and visit me and Eros, okay?”

“I will!” Clarke grinned, looking down at the dog still sitting near her.

Just as she was about to turn around to head back to her apartment, Bellamy spoke up again, “Hey, so do you think you’ll need a study break say, this Saturday at 8:00pm? Maybe to go grab a drink at the Ark Station bar down the road?” he asked.

Clarke smiled, blushed a little and nodded, “I think that sounds like the right time for my next break. I’ll be there.”

Knock on my door

Modern Muggle AU Jily: In which Lily Evans is woken up by a drunk stranger at her door, also known as James Potter. [ffnet]

Lily has always been a heavy sleeper, but the fact is that the whacking sounds coming from the front door are loud enough to permeate even her sleep shielded ears. She wakes with a start, eyes flicking open suddenly as she hears the banging noises.

Gradually, she sits up in bed, groaning. The clock next to her reads three fifty two and she lets out a bleary stream of expletives, stumbling to her feet and searching blindly for her slippers. The floor is absolutely freezing – it’s mid-November and her flat has next to no insulation – so it is with relief that she hurriedly puts her fluffiest pair of socks on instead.

Lily pads through the corridor slowly, thinking her situation over. A burglar would never make so much noise, so there probably isn’t much danger in telling the person at the door to piss off. Nevertheless, she grabs her longest umbrella and heaviest History textbook on her way to the door, just in case.

Armed and ready for battle, Lily tries to peer through the crack between the door and carpet, and frowns when she cannot see anything but black blurs. Another thump on the door makes her jump violently, and she clambers to her feet once again, bracing herself.

In one clumsy motion, Lily opens the door.

Her first thought about the man that stands before her is his hair. It stands like it is its own being, wild as a jungle, a black mass of silky strands that fly this way and that. One of his hands rests in it, and the other is raised as if he was about to smack the door again.

Seething, Lily raises a carefully arched eyebrow and tries not to lose her temper. “And how may I help you?” She says icily. The man before her blinks.

“You aren’t Padfoot,” he says, words slurring slightly and she immediately comes to realise that this man is in the strange, surreal phase in between extremely smashed and painfully hungover.

“Whatever that is, no, I’m not.” Lily replies. She tries very hard not to feel bad for him, but the guy in front of her has a distinct deer-in-the-headlights sort of expression that makes her want to hug him.

Slowly, his hands come to hang uselessly at his sides and he frowns at her, blinking. “Sorry,” he chews on his lower lip, “I think I’m lost.”

Lily sighs heavily. She really, really wants to be back in bed. She has a test on the Tudors first thing tomorrow morning that she has not studied for at all and a job interview the same afternoon. The last thing she wants to do is be up at almost four in the morning, dealing with a drunk and lost – albeit rather attractive – man at her door.

“Who are you looking for, exactly?” She asks testily.

Two lines appear in the gap between his eyebrows, just above the place where his glasses rest. “Padfoot. Sirius Black. D’you know him?”

Her face wrinkles in thought. “No,” she says, “Sorry. What does he look like?”

“Um.” The man brightens slightly, as if glad that he remembers what his accomplice looks like. “Longish black hair, dark eyes, leather jacket, sort of handsome –“

At this, Lily raises her eyebrows. Has this man lost his boyfriend?

“—laughs like a dog, red motorbike…”

“Did you say motorbike?” Lily interrupts, expression clearing.

The man nods, and she smiles slightly for the first time since he arrived at her door. There is only one man that she knows of in these flats that fits the description. “Don’t worry, he lives one floor up.”

He beams at her, and Lily can’t help thinking that for a drunk stranger, he is adorable. “Ah, thank you so much,” he grins, “Sorry for waking you.”

“It’s fine,” says Lily, and she grabs her key from the nearby side table and drops her umbrella and book before turning back to him. “Come on, let’s get you upstairs.”

It takes the man a few seconds to comprehend what Lily’s just said, and he opens his mouth to protest, “You don’t have to come with me! I’ve already been enough of a hassle.”

Lily waves a hand airily as she shuts the door, leading the way to the staircase. “It’s fine,” she repeats, “Better make sure we’re thinking of the same person, anyway.”

“Thanks,” he says, giving her a sheepish smile, “I’m James Potter, by the way.”

“Lily,” she replies, and they pause on the stairs for an awkward and fumbling handshake before James starts up the steps again.

Soon enough, they have reached the next floor up, and it is with something akin to disappointment that Lily knocks loudly on the door of flat number twelve. It would have been nice, she admits to herself, to talk to James more. He does seem like a pretty decent guy, in spite of the fact that it’s the crack of dawn and her eyes hurt and he is sloshed.

It takes a minute or two for heavy footsteps to sound in the flat, and before Sirius arrives at the door, both James and Lily wonder if they are at the wrong place.

The door swings open and a man similar in height and stature to James is revealed, all muscle and long limbs and no shirt. He looks slowly from Lily to James and back again. It seems apparent that James is not in any state to explain himself, and Lily opens her mouth to do so.

“Hi,” she says, “I’m Lily Evans, I live just below you. James here said he was looking for you?”

The man before them rolls his eyes, “Sirius Black. I was wondering where you were, mate, weren’t you going to come back at one?”

“The party was long,” James says simply, “And I was knocking on Lily’s door for half an hour.”

Sirius raises an unimpressed eyebrow. “You idiot. Sorry about him,” he says to Lily, and he pulls James into the flat by his collar. “He doesn’t normally come back from parties at four in the morning.”

“It’s been an eventful start to the day, at least,” Lily says, smiling a little at James. A slight blush rises in his cheeks.

“Sorry,” he blurts out again, and Lily just shakes her head with a little smirk.

The three of them stand there in silence for a moment: Sirius stifling a laugh, James with burning embarrassment and a blooming headache, and Lily in a state of exhaustion and bemusement.

Sirius yawns. “I don’t know about you two, but I’m going back to bed. See you,” he says with a nod to Lily, and with that, he turns on his heel. Just before he disappears into his room, he looks back.

“If you two are going to shag, can you do it on the carpet instead of the sofa? Thanks.” He winks at James and Lily, who flush spectacular shades of red simultaneously.

Lily assumes, a second later, that this means that James isn’t dating Sirius, and a sense of relief and contentment flourishes in her chest at this thought.

“I’ll – err, see you around?” James says with a questioning tone.

Her lips quirk upwards into a sleepy smile. He might have been a pain to deal with at first, but there’s no denying it now: James Potter is the cutest drunk she’s ever seen.

“Yeah,” she says, with a slightly teasing tone, “Maybe when you aren’t hammered.”

He chuckles, throwing her a little smirk. “It’s a date.”

And as the door shuts in her face and she turns to go back downstairs, Lily wonders how on earth she has agreed to go out with a random person who nearly broke down her door.

She supposes, as she falls back into bed with a bright smile on her face, that it’s all part of the charm.