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Can you give tips on how to write Lance as a bilingual latinx character? I dont want to seem racist if i portray him in a certain way

Yeah for sure! I originally had this typed out but I backspaced accidentally and lost it and i wanted to Die. So here’s me trying to answer again! Lol

  • First things first, if you’re not latinx do not write about the latinx experience. I’m really not trying to be an asshole, but no matter the amount of research, you’re never going to accurately portray latinx culture if you’re not latinx. You can write latinx characters and insert things about their homes and family and some cultural aspects, but do not write about the latinx experience. 
    • Just as an example, I’m not disabled, so I’m not going to go around writing about the disabled persons experience, but I will include disabled characters in my work.
  • That being said, not all latinx culture is the same. Lance is Cuban, so don’t have him be using Mexican slang, last names, or traditions. Cuban people have their own cultura that’s unique to their own country, and if you wanna include little mentions of food or slang for example that’s unique to Cuba, do your research!
  • When writing bilingual characters, you should definitely have a Spanish speaker help you and do not use google translate. We can tell when you do because it just…. sounds weird. 
    • Most bilingual people don’t switch, some do, but if you’re not bilingual I would recommend steering clear of it because you’re not gonna get it down.
      • Here’s like an example of like a good language switch used by me constantly lol: Dónde estan mis… mis… cómo se dice… MY CAR KEYS! (I hate remembering accent marks I SUCK.)
    • Bilingual people are more likely to speak their language with those they’re comfortable with/people who know at least a little Spanish in return. Most bilingual people I know only speak Spanish when it’s needed (i.e. speaking to family members/friends/people who only speak Spanish) or otherwise speak English to non-Spanish speakers. Also some people (like myself) can understand Spanish but can’t speak it, and sometimes only respond in English. There’s a bit of variation with bilingualism. 
      • Also there’s a way that monolingual people write bilingual people and uh… It’s really bad. These are just some examples but legit that’s really cringey for us.
      • Having Lance speak in spanish to Keith because he knows he won’t understand whatever flirty/sexual thing he’s saying to him is REALLY fetishistic and overall such a shitty trope that this fandom loves to use. 
      • Also stop having Lance call Keith papí. It’s not a “sexy” thing for us. It’s literally what we call our dad, and we call our younger boys in our fam papíto (at least in Mexico, idk if they do that in Cuba tbh but the point still stands, you’re sexualizing an already sexualized language and it’s gross)
  • Also be on the lookout for racist tropes that are common when people write Lance in voltron fics. 
    • Look out for the Latin Lover Trope (and because I’m bi and latinx I just wanna say having Lance be as flirty and sexually aggressive and flirting with everything that moves in fics than he is than canon ,which all he does is try and talk himself up, wink, or do fingerguns, is such a mix between latinx fetishization and biphobia considering Lance is popularly hc’d as Bi). 
    • Also the Aggressive Latinx Trope. Making Lance a bully or physically attacking Keith and making Keith his victim is so fucked up, because the most they do is taunt and tease each other. They’re not beating each other up, and they’re not calling each other slurs or other shit. Keith participates in taunting and teasing too, so pinning it all on Lance and painting him as an asshole is just eye rolly at best and colorist at worst. 
    • Don’t kill Lance off/torture him for Keith to angst over. We’ve had enough fics like that to last a lifetime lol. I hope I don’t need to explain why this is so shitty and racist. 
  • I’d also like to suggest reading these, because they’re very informative imo and helps with the overall writing of any Latinx character: [ x, x, x, x ]

Anyway that’s just legit the major points in the fandom that I’ve noticed is often done with Lance and his character. Definitely check out other blogs like @paladinsofcolor and @writingwithcolor for more advice/tips on how to not just portray Latinxs with respect, but also the other characters of color as well, because Lance isn’t the only one who suffers the racist tropes/stereotypes within fics. But considering this is a Lance centric question, I’ll keep it solely focused on Lance. I’m just one voice, and probably didn’t mention some other important aspects while writing a latinx character. 

If any other latinxs want to add to this post with their own comments/ideas/opinions please do! 

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hi! i really liked your meta on the recent chapter and i wanted to know your opinion on why levi chose armin instead of erwin? im not trying to start drama but i just keep thinking about what flock said on chapter 90 and i dont know how i feel about it still. what are your thoughts on the subject??

Ahh. I understand, anon. I’ve given my thoughts on this before but, not since the original spoilers came out. After rereading the entire arc, I definitely have a few things to add. So, get comfy because this answer will be a really long one, and also best read on a computer because this will contain a lot of images.


This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is entirely canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me, tell me I’m wrong, or send me hate messages; do us both a favor and please just don’t even bother.

Let me start this out by saying that I’m positive a lot of people will not agree or even like my opinion on this but, I will be completely honest in my statements on the matter. 

Flocke’s little speech made a lot of sense to me. Especially when it comes to Erwin but, it also pissed me off for a couple of reasons, and no, not because of his tone. It’s because of his ignorance. However, I am fully aware that I, as a reader of the story, get a first hand view of everything that happens. Flocke is a new recruit who was, up until recently, completely unaware of a lot that has gone on with the Survey Corps. 

Regardless though, he still slightly pissed me off and you asked so therefor, I will answer lol. The first thing I want to touch on is how he complains about being a coward who didn’t understand the dangers of the role he was playing in the Wall Maria reclaiming mission because people weren’t honest with him. 


For seventy years it has been no secret that at least 60% of all Survey Corps soldiers die on missions. Erwin point blank stated this when the 104th took to their ranks during his little joining speech. The dangers of fighting titans wasn’t something anyone tried to hide or keep tucked away in the hopes that soldiers would ignorantly join their ranks, and I doubt VERY highly that the dangers of the BIGGEST MISSION THE SURVEY CORPS HAD EVER PLANNED TO ATTEMPT was some massive smoke screen.

This dude knew his chances of survival were slim, and he also knew that his chances of having to sacrifice his life was very, very high. Especially since he originally refused to join to SC in the first place! Truthfully, this part right here just read off as someone who joined their ranks in the hopes of gaining some glory to me, and that made me salty. 

I did agree highly with his last question though. They all have every right to know how much their sacrifice is worth. I had this feeling deep in my gut the first time I saw the female titan arc. No one knew the dangers they were actually being put in, save for the veteran soldiers in the legion. Granted, it’s entirely understandable as to why but, at the same time, hundreds were lost without knowing why. That was a sad, and unfair thought, and a move I didn’t entirely agree with. So, I can understand Flocke’s viewpoint here. However, as I stated above, IT WAS NO SECRET PEOPLE DIED ON MISSIONS. 

Which leads me to the second and final reason his speech pissed me off:

That statement right there made me want to strangle this dude because he just outright undermined Levi to a severe degree. Not just Levi but, his bond with Erwin as well. As if Erwin wasn’t important to Levi too. Like Levi didn’t threaten to break this mans legs to try and keep him alive. Plus, he undermined how hard it was for Levi to ultimately make the choice he made. He shat on all of that in one sentence, and to make it worse, he called the choice an irrational one when he point blank states just one panel above this that he doesn’t know Armin well at all. 


Ugh, anywayssssss, let me lower my salt intake here and get to the point. 

I understand why people would question Armin’s survival over Erwin’s. I get it. Erwin was The Fucking MAN™ . He got shit done. Changed things in the walls for the better. He was the man with a plan and someone who sacrificed everything he had to learn the truth of the world. This leads me to why I think Levi ended up ultimately choosing Armin. 

Let me start off with this panel here and then work my way up.

Some of Kenny’s parting words to Levi. These words played a massive factor in Levi’s final decision. 

Erwin’s main goal, his dream, was to learn the truth of the world. He wanted to know what was beyond the walls and where the titans came from, and he wanted to learn all of this for the sake of his father. His goal was a worthy one and I am sad that he did not get to see it through but, his dream would have ended in Shiganshina one way or another. Whether he died, or whether he saw the basement; that was as far as his dream reached as far as Levi was aware at the time. [

Then we have Armin. 

Armin’s dreams would start outside of the walls. They stretched far beyond one end goal and one thing to fight for, and his dreams were ones he wanted to share with close friends. Much like how Levi had a dream he wished to share with his close friends back in the day too. Armin wanted to see the world. To explore and learn everything their was to know about life and land outside of their walled prison. This was Armin’s reason for becoming a Scout. 

So here we have two different people with different goals. Both of which Levi cares about and doesn’t want to see die. Both could help humanity. Both were brilliant and extremely intelligent. So, why Armin and not the seasoned commander?

Levi’s last words to Erwin are for him to let that dream go and to trust him to carry it out instead. I’m sure that Erwin was full aware that Levi had every intention of saving him if it was at all possible but, even knowing the risk towards his own life; Erwin accepted Levi’s order’s full on and with a relieved smile. Thankful to not have to burden himself under the guilt of wanting to abandon his post as Commander simply to learn the truth. For no longer having the chance to consider betraying all of those that were lost for a selfish goal. 

In the end, Erwin was absolutely selfless. and rid of the desire plaguing his heart. He was at peace with the position he was in and chose to ride with his men into the fray. All because Levi took the burden of their lives onto his own shoulders - something he never does - and because he trusted Levi to succeed. 

So, after this is said and done, we are left with Levi having to make a choice and duking it out with Eren and Mikasa on a rooftop for who will get the serum. Levi seems entirely hell bent on saving Erwin but, I believe what shook his firm resolve was this moment right here:

Ironic that Flocke is so quick to shit talk Levi’s choice when his comment right here is most likely one of the reasons Levi ended up choosing Armin.

Levi’s expression says a million different things in this one panel. The idea of reviving Erwin as a titan, to still lead and sacrifice people for a goal that Levi isn’t even sure exists at all breaks his determination. As far as he could see, Erwin just wanted to learn the truth. What Erwin would do after that was a mystery, even to Erwin himself. So, would it have been fair, after choosing to take his burden from him, to bring him back into the hell they scrounged in? All so he could continue to live as a “demon” even after achieving what he set out to accomplish? 

Levi still seemed to think so to some degree. Though, his intensity on the subject wanes just a bit after Flocke’s comment here, and a lot more after what Eren had to say:

Eren speaks of the dreams Armin lives and fights for. The very same dreams Levi had overheard the young boy ranting and glowing about the night before. Armin had something left to fight for, Eren was sure of it. Levi was too because he saw it for himself. 

Would Erwin have something left to live and fight for once he cleared his goal? Once he saw what was inside that basement and finally learned the truth? 

Would he have something to be drunk on to keep him going?

Would he make Erwin remain a slave to his inner demons in the hopes that he could continue on torturing himself?

The answer was no. In the end, Levi chose to let Erwin have his peace. Just like Kenny chose to finally lay down his desires and trust them to Levi for the sake of peace with a smile, Erwin did exactly the same and thanked Levi for doing so. Instead of betraying that trust, and possibly breaking his friend in the process; Levi let the “Demon Commander” rest, and gave the boy with so many dreams left to live and fight for a chance at making his dreams a reality. Levi made his choice out of care, experience, and what knowledge he had. Just like he always does. At least that is my opinion on that matter. 

Thank you for the ask, anon. I hope this answer is satisfactory for you. I apologize for the length and the lack of a Read More but, for whatever reason, that feature isn’t working on my laptop right now TT_TT

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Can you do MC defending Jumin bc Zen's constant insults/complaining gets on her nerves? ee I'm not used to asking for stuff I hope you're not too busy and I'm not being rude

Author’s note: LOL I hope you guys are as amused with this as I am ;)


  • When Yoosung and Jaehee called dibs on riding with Seven, you KNEW getting stuck with Jumin and Zen was going to be a pain in the ass
  • Who’s brilliant idea was it to have a team building weekend anyways??
  • “Can someone pull up the directions? Seven’s driving too fast for me to keep up.”
  • Jumin sighed and began looking through the glove box of your car
  • “Where’s your map?”
  • “My what?”
  • Your map! You can’t expect-”
  • “Here,” Zen shoved his phone in Jumin’s face
  • The screen lit up as the monotone GPS voiced the directions
  • “Take exit 477 in 3 miles.”
  • “Wow…” Jumin marveled at the phone
  • Zen scoffed, “I can’t believe you asked MC for a map,” he looked over at you, “..Why are you dating this jerk again?”
  • You looked at him through the rear view mirror
  • “Watch it, pretty boy.”
  • He held up his hands in retreat and leaned back in his seat
  • “Take exit 477 in 2 miles.”
  • Jumin handed Zen back his phone without saying a word
  • “What, no thank you?”
  • “What have you done for me to be thankful for?”
  • Zen rolled his eyes, “Seriously?”
  • Jumin shrugged and turned back to the front
  • “It’s like I’m talking to a robot,” Zen mumbled under his breath
  • He really sucks at whispering…
  • “Lighten up, Zen! We’re supposed to be bonding, remember?”
  • “I thought that didn’t start until we reached,” he cleared his throat and raised his voice, “the cabin of wonder!!!” 
  • “Was that a Seven impersonation?”
  • “Of course! Genius Agent Seven Zero Seven is ALWAYS perfect! Never fails! Only VICTORIES!”
  • Tears welled up in your eyes as you tried to hold back laughter
  • “Take exit 477 in 1 mile.”
  • “That was so amazing, I’m actually crying,” you choked out between breaths
  • Jumin gave a tiny smile as he watched you and Zen, and decide he wanted in on the fun
  • “I hack computers for a living and suffer from crippling depression!”
  • The laughter stopped
  • You glanced over at your boyfriend
  • “Uh..G-Good job on the impression, honey… very… accurate!”
  • Zen kicked the back of Jumin’s chair and began howling with laughter
  • “That was THE WORST impression of ANYONE that I’ve EVER SEEN!!!”
  • Jumin’s smile faded, but Zen continued
  • “I mean, COME ON?? You have the humor of a rock!! No, wait… that’s insulting to rocks.”
  • “Shut up.”
  • “Really? It that all you got? Maybe you should just hire someone to make up comebacks for you.”
  • Within the next second, the two burst out in an argument, their loud voices filling up the car
  • “Take exit 477 now.”
  • “I can do my own dirty work, you WHITE-HAIRED FREAK!”
  • “WELL-”
  • Jumin was interrupted by the slamming of brakes
  • “M-MC?”
  • You had pulled over as SOON as you had taken the exit, and parked the car at what looked to be an abandoned gas station
  • “Are you two done?”
  • Zen gulped, “W-Well-”
  • “Yes, ma’am,” they said in unison
  • You sighed before looking back at Zen
  • “Listen, I know how much you love pushing his buttons, but Jumin is NOT a robot. He has feelings, okay?”
  • Zen nodded, too afraid of you to say anything else
  • “I don’t want you insulting him anymore,” you looked over at you smirking boyfriend, “or at least not while I’m around.”
  • Leaning over to the passenger side, you got closer to Jumin
  • “And YOU,” you sighed, “try not to make any more jokes unless Jaehee or I pre-approve them.”
  • The smirk dropped off his face
  • “…Fine.”
  • You smiled and put the car back into drive
  • “I still don’t understand how you could think that’s not a robot,” Zen gestured to Jumin
  • “Because,” you smirked, “no robot could be THAT good in bed.”
  • and that was the last thing Zen said for the entire trip
Seventeen having a curvy girlfriend // reaction

What would Seventeen think of their curvy girlfriend :0??

Requested by anon. I would’ve never thought of this, so thank you so much for sending this idea in! It turned out to be a super fun one to write. I hope you enjoy!!

Request reactions and scenarios on my page if you’d like :)


Would be totally in love with your shape omggg. You know Seungcheol’s part in Adore U when he makes a curvy body shape gesture with his hands (1:49 in the fixed camera dance practice video if you wanna check it out lol), well he would definitely be thinking of you whenever he performs that part of the song c; He’d also be begging for hugs all. the. time.

Originally posted by southboyclub


Whenever he gets bored, this boy would just take you by the waist and pull you in for a comfy hug. He’d just love your curves and would take every opportunity to hold you. And every once in awhile he’d rest his chin on your shoulder and whisper in your ear that you’re beautiful beautiful beAUTIFUL <33

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GIVE ME A MOMENT, I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT WHENEVER I SEE THIS GIF. Okay so Josh would most definitely be one to compliment you on your curves every now and then when you guys are alone. He would also D I E every time he sees you wearing clothes that show off your body shape (the gif is an accurate representation of what he’d be like in his head jsdalfjdhaflj).

Originally posted by reiji--san


When Jun sees you wearing outfits to show off dem curves, he’d always take a quick glance down before looking up to your face bC HE’D JUST FIND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU SO FREAKING ATTRACTIVE. He’s probably thinking of how lucky he is every time he looks at you ;u; He’d also enjoy pulling you in for random hugs.

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Boi this human hamtaro would be gassing you up over your beauty everyday. He’ll always be throwing compliments every time you walk into the room like, “someone’s looking hella good today ;)” But that’s when you guys are alone. When other people are around and you walk in, he’d just be blushing to himself and thinking, “she’s just so… beautiful.”

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It doesn’t matter if you’re alone with him or if you guys are around other people; Wonwoo would always flash the cutest smile after looking at you from head to toe. Inside his head, he’d be asking himself, “damn, how did I get myself the most beautiful girl in the universe?”

Originally posted by soonrongs


Whenever Jihoon sees you, he’d give you a really long stare but wouldn’t smile or anything. DON’T TAKE THAT AS A BAD THING THOUGH. In fact, he’s actually melting at the sight of you, but internally. He wants to keep his cool because he doesn’t want the others to tease him for being soft whenever you’re around (because they won’t live that down for the rest of his life lmao). He’d definitely tell you how much he loves your shape with a hug when you guys are alone.

Originally posted by kristian-do


Seokmin would make eyeing you up and down super obvious, especially when you guys are alone. Oftentimes, he’d be one to hold you by your waist when you’re walking together. Back hugs are also a must!!! You’d have to ask him why he’s hugging you so much, and he’d just reply, “I don’t know… you’re just so… pretty. And you’re mine, so…”

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When he’s hanging out with the other members and you walk in, he’d just smile and watch you walk into the room. “Mingyu, wtf you gotta greet your girlfriend. What’s wrong with you??” the members would say, having noticed him staring. “I will, I will,” he’d reply. He’s just enjoying watching you in all your beauty. He’ll proudly bring you in for a hug in front of everyone afterwards because he’s just sweet like that.

Originally posted by mountean


This boy would have huuuuge heart eyes every time he sees you. He would’ve never imagined having a such a pretty girl to call his own, and would take opportunities alone with you to hold you close and tell you just how beautiful you are to him. Also an avid lover of back hugs, just like Seokmin :)

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Dude this guy is so soft, he’d probably want to cry every time you guys see each other. But seriously, he’d just love EVERYTHING about you, and your outer beauty would just make him melt all the time. He wouldn’t even have to see you to cry. He could just be thinking about you and a he’d have the brightest smile. Probably one of the proudest boyfriends tbh…

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With the members around, he’d give you a simple smile when you walk in. But when you guys are meeting up alone, you can expect Hansol to casually bite his lip behind your back. But you’d catch him doing so once in while, so you’d laugh at him like, “hey, whatchu biting your lip for?” “Oh nothing, I’m just… admiring you. That’s all.”

Originally posted by sneezes


Would be super shy to let you know that he loves your curves, so he’d probably just smile very widely when he sees you. Later on in the relationship, he’ll start initiating more skin ship, and while doing so, he’d also mention how beautiful you are, inside and out.

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I’m very sure that Seventeen would love any and every body shape, but they’d love your heart over everything else <3

Pinky Promise: a Josh Dun fanfic

Y/N: Okay this might not be factually accurate but again, it’s called (fan)fiction for a reason. But I did have a little fun with the formatting and structure of this one so I hope you like it!!! super fluffy stuff!

emute28 said:
Could you do Josh x reader when they were friends when they were little kids and Josh had crush on reader.Josh star touring and some how forgot about reader and they met like after 10 years?:) By the way you are amazing writer :)

*gender neutral, warning: fluff overload lol jk


“Three, two, one. Ready or not, here I come!” Josh’s voice echoed throughout the house. You giggled, trying to stifle your laughter as you crouched down even lower into the laundry basket, the weight of a sweatshirt draped over your head drooping ever so slightly as to block your vision. It was uncomfortable, but by far, probably one of the best hiding places you’ve picked. Spending time with Josh was one of your favorite past times. Every single day after kindergarten, you’d ride home with Josh and his mom and spend time with him coloring with crayons, eating milk and cookies, or in this case, challenging each other at a game of hide and seek. It wasn’t long before he was shouting your name desperately, sure he had lost you for good. “Y/n! I give up! Please come back!”

“Fine!” your small voice shouted out. You poked your head out of the laundry basket just in time to see him race into the room, panting for breath, desperate expression fading away and replaced by a hopeful one.

“Thank goodness!” he sighed, running over to you and picking you up out of the laundry basket, giggling. “I thought I lost you for good, y/n.”

“Nah,” you shook your head with a smile. “I’m just really good at hiding.”

“Don’t be too good,” he pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’d be really lonely without you.”

“I won’t leave you,” you rolled your eyes, picking the sweatshirt up off of your head and tossing it back into the laundry basket. “We’re best friends forever, remember?”

“Pinky promise?” he raised his eyebrows, reaching out his hand and sticking out his pinky.

“Pinky promise,” you grinned, linking his with yours and giving it a good shake. Your kindergarten teacher had taught your class a couple days ago that pinky promises were the most powerful promises there were. Ever since, you and Josh had sealed every deal with a pinky promise. It was like your own little personal handshake.


Everyone was supposed to stay in their seats. Your teacher had specifically told you that you’re not allowed to leave your table. You were all instructed to cut out hearts from the red, pink, and white construction paper, pick up a chocolate and tuck it in between the paper, and write who it was for and who it was from in pretty perfect cursive on the front with a silver marker. So you were probably on your fifth valentine when your best friend Josh came walking over to your table, sitting down beside you with a pink valentine in his lap. “Josh,” you hissed, staring at him. “What are you doing? You’re going to get in trouble! Go back to your seat!”

“I have to give you something,” he mumbled, fidgeting with the piece of paper between his fingers. His brown eyes started up into yours and you forgot about the possibility of getting in trouble for a split second. You looked down at the valentine in his hands and then flickered your eyes back up to his, letting out a soft laugh.

“We’re not allowed to hand them out until tomorrow,” you reminded. “Remember? When Valentine’s Day actually is?”

“I know, I know,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair and looking around nervously. “I just um, it couldn’t wait.”

“Really?” you looked at him, confused.

“I kind of wanted to tell you a while ago,” he shrugged. “I thought maybe right now would be a good time.”

“Okay,” you decided, watching as he handed you the pink heart and you unfolded it carefully. There, written in his usual all capital letters rather than the loopy fancy cursive, was his words. (Dear y/n, I really like you. I was hoping maybe you liked me too? It’s okay if we stay friends though. I just thought you should know. Xoxo, Josh.) Noticing he had picked out your favorite chocolate from the selection and tucked three pieces in between the pink paper, you smiled before looking up at him again, noticing how scared he was. He was fiddling his thumbs, biting his lower lip, eyes darting around the room anxiously.

“So, um, uh…” he stuttered out, not even able to string together a sentence of words.

“Hey,” you put a hand on his shoulder. “I like you too.”

“Really?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” you nodded. “You’re my best friend forever. Remember?”

“Oh,” his face fell. Why did he look so sad? He was your favorite friend. You had just told him this, too. “Yeah. We are.”

“What? Do you think I’m lying?” you tilted your head to the side, frowning. “I really do like you.”

“Pinky promise?” he whispered, eyes still full of uncertainty.

“Pinky promise,” you reassured, hooking his pinky with yours.

“Thank you,” he laughed.

“No problem,” you grinned, leaning over and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek, which surprised him completely. “Now get back to your seat before you get in trouble, silly.”

“Yeah,” he blushed, trying to hide a smile before rushing over back to his seat. Little did you know, it was Josh’s best day of his life yet.


As soon as the poster for the middle school Winter Wonderland dance was put up, your heart fluttered in your chest. Who the heck was going to take you? You barely even had any friends at your new middle school, and sure, you talked to your best friend Josh still, but mainly because he was just in your neighborhood. You had sort of forgotten about each other ever since middle school started, and grew distant, especially since you went to different schools. So a day before the school dance, absolutely desperate for a date, you nervously walked over to his house, poster clutched in hand. Right as soon as you were about to knock on the door, to your surprise, the door swung open and you backed away, startled. “Oh,” Josh’s eyes went wide, realizing you were right there. The two of you burst into giggles, then he opened the door even wider, his eyes darting to the paper held in your hand as your eyes realized he was holding a paper in his. “Uh, I was just about to head over to your house actually.”

“That’s funny,” you gave a small laugh. “Looks like I beat you to it.”

“Yeah,” he nodded slowly. He looked nervous, the same unsure eyes, lower lip bite, fiddling thumbs, anxious expression on his face. You had known Josh for years, and by now, knew very well he had horrible anxiety. You put a hand on his shoulder, something you’d learned that sort of helped him breathe a little better.

“What’s up?” you asked.

“Uh, you can um, come inside,” he decided, ushering you in and letting you sit on the couch. When you got there, he sat next to you, taking a deep breath before unfolding the piece of paper in his hand and showing you. “So there’s this dance tomorrow and I know I’m sort of asking last minute, but everyone in the grade is going and I don’t really have a date and uh, I was wondering if you wanted to come with me maybe?”

“That’s what I was going to ask,” you chuckled, showing him your poster. “Looks like both of our dances are on the same day.”

“Well uh, maybe we don’t have to go to a dance at all,” he shrugged. “Maybe we can just get some milk and Oreos, come to my house, watch a movie?”

“That sounds a lot better than a school dance,” you admitted. “I don’t really care for social situations. Or dancing. Or people.”

“Me either,” he agreed.

“It’s a plan,” you grinned.

“Pinky promise?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Huh?” you wondered. “Oh gosh, I almost forgot about that.”

“How could you forget?” he chuckled.

“I don’t know,” you mumbled. “It’s been a while since we’ve hung out I guess.”

“Yeah,” he frowned. “So let’s make up for lost time tomorrow night then?”

“Definitely,” you smiled, hooking your pinky with his. “Pinky promise.”


Research papers, finals week, the end of the semester, standardized testing, all of it was getting to you. It was four in the morning and you had gone three days now without sleep, your bloodshot eyes staring at a computer screen for who knows how many hours now, the seventh empty cup of coffee sitting beside you, an empty bottle of caffeine pills rolling off the bed, and you just about to lose your mind. If this is how high school was, you couldn’t imagine college. So you brushed off the mess of papers and pencils from off your lap and walked outside, deciding to clear your head on a long walk. You started down your sidewalk, when all of a sudden, you felt something hit you in the back of your head. You did a double take, looking behind you, but finding nothing. Hell, as sleep deprived as you were, you wouldn’t be surprised if you were hallucinating or making things up. You began to walk down the sidewalk again when you felt something hit your back, and you looked behind you to hear a voice whisper your name from… above? Yeah, you must definitely be going insane. But you heard it again. “Y/n! Up here!” You turned around and looked up, blinking twice when you saw Josh outside of his open window, waving at you. “Don’t make me have to throw another eraser at you.”

“Is that what those were?” you scowled, looking at the ground and realizing that indeed, that’s what had caught your attention.

“Come here,” he beckoned. “I’m dying of boredom and I haven’t seen you since sixth grade.”

“Fine,” you complied with a smile.

“I’ll open up the back door,” he decided. You walked over to the backyard of his house and watched as he was waiting at the door, opening it up and ushering you inside, letting you up in his bedroom. When he finally closed the door and you sat beside him on his bed.

“Woah,” you laughed, looking at him.

“What?” he raised an eyebrow.

“You got gages,” you smiled. “And a nose ring.”

“Oh,” he chuckled. “Yeah. Pretty sick, huh?”

“I think it’s cool,” you nodded. “It’s been a while. What are you up to?”

“Studying,” he groaned, showing you the plethora of textbooks and notebooks that scattered his floor. “Judging by the dark rings around your eyes I’m guessing you’ve been doing the same?”

“Yeah,” you sighed. “Geez, I haven’t talked to you in forever.”

“I know,” he frowned. “I miss you. A lot.”

“Me too,” you agreed. “Hell, before we know it, we’ll both be in college.”

“That’s a scary thought,” his eyes grew wide. “It feels like just yesterday we were playing hide and seek in kindergarten.”

“I remember those days,” you chuckled. There were a couple seconds of silence before you decided to speak up again. “Hey, are we still going to be best friends after high school? I mean, we don’t talk anymore, and I know we’ve kind of grew distant but-”

“Y/n,” Josh laughed. “Are you crazy? Come on, we’re best friends forever. Remember?”

“Oh yeah,” you rolled your eyes. “Want to pinky promise?”

“Sure,” he giggled, hooking his pinky with yours and giving it a shake before meeting his gaze with yours. “But uh, I think maybe we’re getting a little old for pinky promises.”

“What do you mean?” you wondered, confused.

“I think we should come up with a different way of sealing promises,” he shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe, uh, a little of this?”

“A little of wha- oh woah!” you began to ask when he leaned in to kiss you. His lips pressed against yours and when he pulled away, you were both bright red, wide eyes, staring at each other. “Woah.”

“I really like you,” he whispered.

“Me too,” you gave a nervous smile. “But uh, I think I need to um, get back to studying. I have a research paper due tomorrow and some tests and I just…”

“It’s okay,” he nodded, turning sort of shy, not sure how to react. “Um, good luck.”

“Yeah,” you took a deep breath. “You too.”

Leaving the room, and then the house, walking down the sidewalk, you weren’t sure how to feel. Maybe you overreacted, maybe you should go back and apologize, maybe you should’ve at least kissed him back. It wasn’t like you didn’t like it, fuck, you loved it. You wanted more, but you couldn’t. Josh was your best friend forever, your pinky promise, your childhood crush. It would never escalate to anything more than that, right? You shook those thoughts out of your head, thinking maybe he just wasn’t thinking right, maybe this was just another crazy hallucination, maybe this was just even a dream, or just the sleep deprivation getting to you. Either way, you decided to go home, give up on homework, take a nap, and let all that happened fade away. That was the last time you talked to Josh since graduating college.


Not to over exaggerate or anything, but your job actually sucked. After working your ass off in high school, getting a handful of years at college, and earning a degree, you were still stuck in your hometown working at a cheap coffee place making just a little more than minimum wage. You wished you could find a better job, or at least move out, but that costed who knows how much money, and you were still in student debt. It was a slow day, and you grew tired of staring at the empty atmosphere of the hotel, so you decided to get out from behind the counter and take a seat. You snatched a newspaper off the rack, made yourself a cup of coffee, and then sat down, flinging open the newspaper and starting to read. It was just the usual stories. Someone attempted to rob a nearby bank, a local bakery was closing down, there was a house fire a couple miles away, nothing much. You flipped the page, not really sure what to expect, but what you found absolutely blew you away. There he was, on a picture probably bigger than your thumb, memorable shining smile and those adorable squinty eyes, in your town newspaper. You read the headline: “Twenty One Pilots #1 on Top Charts.” Your eyes widened, staring more closely at the newspaper and doing a double take. Sure he looked different, but it was still him.

“Twenty One Pilots, consisting of band members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, a musical duo from Columbus, Ohio place number one on the Billboard Top Charts this week,” you read aloud. “Their hit single Stressed Out has soared to the top of the charts and instantly become a worldwide favorite. With their eerie melody, unique lyrics, and strange vibe, the duo’s new album Blurryface has also skyrocketed up the charts, giving them a newfound recognition and reputation within the music industry. With Joseph’s profound delivery of lyrics and Dun’s steady beat on the drums, combined, they create an absolutely irresistible record that will be sure to get you singing along.”

“What are you mumbling about?” one of your coworkers snapped. “You look like you just found the cure for cancer or something.”

“No, no,” you laughed. “Uh, one of my childhood friends, he’s in this band.”

“Twenty One Pilots?” they raised an eyebrow. “I’m surprised you’re just now hearing about this. They’ve been playing nonstop on the radio for the past couple weeks.”

“I don’t listen to the radio,” you narrowed your eyes.

“They’re on tour right now,” they explained. “If I’m right, they’re coming here in about a week I think. They’re sold out.”

“Shit,” you frowned. “I was hoping to talk to him.”

“Well if you’re friends like you say, just hit him up,” they shrugged. “I’m sure he’d be able to get you in. Which one is he? Tyler or Josh?”

“Josh,” you explained. “We went to elementary school together.”

“Wow, must’ve been a real long time then,” they raised their eyebrows.

“Not really,” you shrugged. “We still talked in high school a little bit.”

“Ah, I see,” they nodded their head slowly. “Well I wish you luck and all, but there’s some stuff that’s got to be done around here. No time for coffee breaks just yet. Just because we don’t have customers doesn’t mean we don’t have cleaning to do.”

“Right,” you sighed. “Just give me a minute, I want to finish this article. Cool?”

“Sure thing,” they decided.

The next couple days, your mind was spinning. You had looked up all you could about this band. In fact, you couldn’t even believe it was real. Although you had sort of forgotten about Josh in college, you hadn’t forgotten about your entire childhood with him. You remembered all the hide and seek games during kindergarten, the constant flirting in grade school, skipping out on the dance and cuddling with a movie in middle school, and even your awkward kiss in high school. You quickly learned about how famous they had become, listened to some of the music, which was actually extremely amazing, and watched a couple interviews. Some things about him had changed. He wasn’t as nervous as he used to be, he had dyed his hair different colors, he had lost the nose ring, and he was definitely more confident and looked happier. But some things about him never changed, such as his sunshine smile, the way his eyes crinkled up when he got happy, his little laugh, the way he stared into space when he was trying to think, the lower lip biting, the small things that made you fall in love with him. Hell, he hadn’t even told you he loved you, and you hadn’t done the same. He probably actually hated you, especially after everything that happened, how you ran away after he kissed you, how you ignored him after all those years, how it was like you just flushed every single pinky promise down the drain.

So you told yourself to forget about him. Even when you heard one of the songs play in the coffee shop, even when his face showed up on the front page of the newspaper, even when you saw a customer come in wearing one of his band’s t-shirts, you told yourself to forget. You forced yourself too. Your insecurities and doubt ate you up, convincing you that he didn’t want to talk to you, that he probably forgot about you a long time ago, how those stupid pinky promises were just figments of your imagination. You prepared yourself for the worst. You thought he’d never talk to you again. You thought he’d forgotten about you. You thought he was officially out of your life. And when you expected it the least, that’s when everything got flipped upside down.


As soon as he walked into the coffee shop, you wanted to disappear. Shrink, hide, just plain teleport out of there, anything to keep him from seeing you. It had been so long, and it had ended on such an awkward note, you felt like it would just be extremely strange to talk to him again. Much less, he was famous now. Hell, he probably met so many other people and went so many different places he wouldn’t even remember you. Wasn’t he dating Debby Ryan anyways? Oh right, you weren’t supposed to know that, you just happened to accidentally discover that when you were high key stalking him online. Ugh, sometimes you hated yourself. You were almost about to make a bee line to the drive thru line when your coworker pushed you towards the cash register. “This one’s yours,” they hinted.

“Fine,” you glared at them, turning around and not ready for when you came face to face with him, the only thing separating you being the counter. You swallowed nervously, looking around before meeting his eyes with yours. Ha, and he was supposed to be the one with anxiety. “Welcome to the café. What would you like to order?”

His colorful dyed hair, those dark cocoa brown eyes, the way he wore a backwards snapback, the X-Files tank top, his gages, even the way his lips tugged up at the side and he tilted his head, it made your stomach fill with butterflies. You couldn’t lie, you missed him. He had changed, but he was still Josh. “You don’t remember me?” he frowned, eyes as if they were trying to search for something in yours. “Come on, y/n.”

“It’s been a while,” you sighed.

“It always is,” he rolled his eyes. “These days, anyways.”

“Look at you,” you pointed out. “You’re basically a celebrity now.”

“Me?” he laughed. “Nah, I’m just another dude from Ohio.”

“Sure,” you gave a small smile. “So what would you like to order?”

“I’ll take a black coffee,” he shrugged. “Something simple, you know?”

“Yeah,” you nodded.

“But more importantly,” he cleared his throat. “I was wondering if maybe I could have dinner with you.”

“With me?” you raised an eyebrow. “Hell, why would you ever want that?”

“Y/n,” he narrowed his eyes. “I’d love that. It’s been so long.”

“Yeah, but I mean, I don’t know. You could literally have dinner with anyone in the entire world you wanted. You’re famous now,” you explained. “Why me?”

“You make it seem like I’m not even human anymore,” he rolled his eyes. “Come on. I’d love to catch up. Isn’t that our thing now? Not talk to each other for a million years and then all of a sudden pick up where we left off?”

“Pick up where we left off?” you repeated. “I believe that was a kiss.”

“Yeah,” he smirked. “It was.”

“You really want to pick up there?” you laughed.

“I wouldn’t mind,” he winked. “No, but really y/n. We should talk.”

“I missed you,” you admitted.

“I always miss you,” he told you. “You’re my best friend forever, remember?”

“How could I forget?” you chuckled. “But hey, how’d Tyler feel about that? It looks like he’s been your replacement best friend lately.”

“You were there before Tyler,” he whispered playfully. “And he’s my best friend. You’re my forever. Don’t forget that.” You both shared a moment of laughter for a second.

“So later, um, is that a dinner or…” your voice trailed off.

“Date?” he finished.

“I’m good either way,” you shrugged. “It’s been a while since I’ve been on a date though.”

“We never really dated before, have we?” he wondered.

“No,” you shook your head. “We haven’t actually.”

“I think we should give it a shot,” he grinned. “You?”

“I’m up for that,” you agreed. “Later this afternoon work for you?”

“That’s perfect,” he replied. “I’ll see you then.”

“Pinky promise?” you asked, smile curling up on your lips as you reached out your pinky to meet his.

“Pinky promise,” he burst out laughing. “Always and forever.”


When you woke up, there were warm arms wrapped around you. The ghost of his lips pressed against your neck, the whisper of his words lingering in your mind, his dark eyes envisioned in your mind as you close yours. You fluttered opened your eyelids and yawned, turning around to face him. He smiled and you frowned. “You’ve been up this entire time?” you scowled.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “You’re cute when you snore.”

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes. “Don’t you have a show tonight?”

“Tonight,” he reminded. “I still have the entire morning to spend with you.”

“Won’t Tyler be wondering where you disappeared to?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Nah, he doesn’t need to know,” he reassured. “It’s just you and me right now, y/n.”

“Thank you,” you whispered. “For last night.”

“Anytime,” he smiled. “You know I’m always up for a tub of ice cream, a Disney movie, and a deep conversation.”

“Don’t forget cuddling,” you reminded.

“I never forget cuddling,” he sighed. “Who do you think I am?”

“Hey Josh?” you barely whispered. “Can I tell you something crazy?”

“Well knowing that you’re a crazy person, I assume everything you say is crazy,” he teased.

“Hey!” you giggled, playfully shoving him away. He captured you in his arms, pulling you closer towards him and pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.

“Yes, you can tell me anything,” he reassured.

You took a deep breath, closed your eyes, and then opened them, looking into his. There was something you read online once, something about how people’s eyes never change since the day they were born. That’s why babies’ eyes look so big, because their size doesn’t increase or decrease. The eyeball is the only organism that doesn’t grow from birth. It was something peculiar to think about, especially at then at all times and places, but you couldn’t help it. His eyes were something you had fallen in love with the first time you met them. You saw how big and full of concern they grew when he was worried, how they darted around the room when he was nervous, how they grew soft when he was sleepy, how dark and intense they could become when he was concentrated. But most importantly, you loved the way they became all squinty when he smiled. It meant he was happy, and more than anything, you wanted him to be happy. “I know this is long overdue,” you began. “But um…”

“Yeah?” he wondered, looking at you, the anticipation hanging thick in the air.

“I love you,” you told him. “I always have, Josh.”

“Really?” he asked. There was a pause. “Even when you ran away that night? The first time I kissed you? In high school?”

“Even then,” you nodded. “I guess, I don’t know. I was nervous and scared and didn’t know what to do. I was stupid.”

“Like I was in third grade,” he laughed.

“What?” you inquired.

“When I gave you that Valentine card and told you I liked you,” he recalled. “I was so terrified.”

“I remember that,” you chuckled.

“Hey y/n,” Josh cupped your cheek with his hand, gaze caught in yours. “I love you, too. Always have, always will.”

“Pinky promise?” you smirked.

“Pinky promise,” he grinned, both of you linking your pinkies together and giving it a good shake. He wrapped his arms around you and gave you a tight hug. “Listen, it doesn’t matter where I am, what I’m doing, or how much time has passed. You’ll always be my best friend forever, kiddo. And I’ll always love you.”

“I missed you so much,” you sighed, closing your eyes tight and getting lost in the embrace. “I promise I won’t run away this time.  Think I’m here to stay.”

“Yeah?” he wondered.

“Definitely,” you answered. “I don’t think I would last another million years without talking.”

“Me either,” he admitted. “I think I’m going to keep you for good this time.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” you smiled, pulling him in for a kiss. When you pulled away, he let out a small laugh. “What’s that for?”

“I’m just surprised, that’s all,” he shrugged. “You’ve never really been one for a kiss on the lips.”

“Well you said it yourself, remember?” you smiled. “We outgrew pinky promises in high school.”

“We’ll never outgrow pinky promises,” he laughed his eyes. “You know that as well as I do.”

“I guess so,” you joked.

“So um, you said something crazy. My turn?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Sure,” you decided.

“Would it be okay if, I don’t know, we were more than best friends?” he wondered. “Forever?”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying, Joshua Dun?” you asked.

“It sounds absolutely insane, but we’ve known each other for a little while now, and I know this is only our first actual date, but I want to live my entire life with you, y/n,” he whispered. His voice grew even softer. “I think I want to marry you.”

“Only if you seal it with an official pinky promise,” you decided with a grin.

“Then I pinky promise,” he reassured. “I promise to love you forever and always.”

“Then how could I ever say no?” you smiled.

Doctors | Part Eight

“Listen, Luke. I’m gonna tell you the whole story.. But it’s a long one.”

a/n: i’m calling hotch ‘hotch’ bc i feel weird saying aaron, no one calls him that lol. also haley is Alive and Well cuz i fucking love her! and no foyet = no haley death right? (-: also the ages aren’t totally accurate as far as the kids go but i’m hoping y’all don’t mind that. i didn’t proofread this but u all know by now that i don’t do that anyway, & please excuse any inaccuracy as i’m trying my best. gif credit: @toyboxboy​

warnings: talk of losing a s/o, HCM.

character list. | tag list. | doctors masterlist.

“Because the last boyfriend I had, died.”

After you had confessed to Luke why you couldn’t get involved romantically with someone, a nurse had come in and soon after that, you were being taken to surgery.

The procedure went smoothly and after a few days in the hospital you were discharged. During those few days you didn’t see anyone except for Alex, Emily, or Luke, but Luke didn’t bring up your disclosure of information for fear that you’d be mad at him for even asking you why you couldn’t have a boyfriend in the first place. You had no clue that any of it had been said or done, you couldn’t remember Spencer kissing your forehead or Luke getting you ice chips or how you admitted to Spencer that you didn’t know your neighbor’s name. None of it. 

You were currently at your house, the weather was nice so you were sitting on the front porch with a book in hand when you saw a familiar truck pull into your driveway. You watched as Luke got out and approached you, long legs taking him to sit in the seat beside you– similarly to how he had in the hospital.

“No work today?” you asked, marking the page of your book and setting it aside. Luke shook his head no, “Nope. I’m off today,” he took a deep breath before continuing, “Y/n, I have to ask you something. Well, tell you something. And if you don’t wanna talk about it that’s fine, but you brought it up before your surgery when you were kinda loopy on morphine and I wanted to let you know that I know..” he trailed off and looked at his hands, fumbling them together as though he were playing with an imaginary object.

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Lack of Affection - Calum Hood

Hi guys, I’m back from a little vacation now I can finally write again. Sorry to those who had requested and I’m only starting to write them now. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

Also, I’ve never been to Italy so I don’t know if what I mention is accurate or actually exists lol. 

SUMMARY: You’re not into showing a lot of affection in public and you don’t know that it bothers Calum, until you accidentally curve him one day and he talks to you about it. 

Out of all your years of being alive, you’ve only really been in two real relationships. The rest were just “things” with guys that you thought was going good but they stopped hitting you up weeks later or two months the most. Those types of relationships that weren’t really relationships and you never called the other your boyfriend and they never called you their girlfriend. That type of thing.

So when you met Calum you thought it was just going to be one of those. You felt bad for your first impression of him by assuming that he was just going to have a fling with you and drop you when he got bored, knowing that he probably knew more girls more interesting and pretty than you, seeing that he is in a band and he is fairly well known. Until he surprised you one day by telling you how much he really likes you and that going on tour won’t change a thing.

And he was right. After he told you that, he left for tour a week later. Connections weren’t lost, communication wasn’t hard, and you both put in 50/50 of effort. And that’s how you guys managed to last a successful 6 months of a relationship. Sure it may not seem that long but when you’re in a relationship with someone who travels a lot and wakes up in a different city everyday, away from each other, it feels like forever.

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anonymous asked:

How would Suga, Oikawa, Bokuto, and Kuroo react to an S/O who uses morbid/self-depricating humour? But like its just their sense of humour? Like they don't actually want to die or think they're that bad at everything, it's just what they joke about? (i.e. "at least if I die I don't have to do exams lol" "lol cause we all know I'm an incapable mess haha" y'know that sorta stuff)

Okay, so I decided not to put in anymore examples of these kinds of jokes other than the ones that you’ve provided, Anon, I only focused on the boy’s reaction to them. Mainly because I know how this kind of joking can get out of hand really fast and the last thing I want is for people to think that these types of comments should always be taken as jokes - they shouldn’t, get to know the person that is saying them.

I hope that makes sense? I primarily don’t want anyone to think that I take comments like these lightly - I don’t and my anxiety won’t let me when I hear others use words like this, but I do find myself saying similar things, especially when it comes to my schoolwork or my workplace in general.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, Anon.

P.s. Please remember to always let me know if I have done anything to offend anyone. It’s the last thing I want to do and am always willing to change it. As someone who is striving to write for my career, I take these things that you guys send me and try to challenge myself to shove my mind into that characters thought process, even in touchy situations. There are certain topics that I am not ready to breach yet - which is why you’ve seen me deny some requests - but I know that there may be a day in my career when I might have to. Until then, I’ll do my best to represent everything as accurately as my knowledge will allow. So, really, never feel bad to let me know when things did not add up well. It just means that I need more time to research as a writer and that I am not prepared to tackle a certain/controversial topic. Sorry, I’m always worried about things I post.

Sugawara Koushi

  • Legit, I feel like he kinda has this sort of humor as well. Like, he makes these kind of comments to Daichi and Asahi all the time (Asahi usually freaks out) and so when they start using them as well, he completely understands. He’d just nod his head and play up the talk with them.
    • But I feel like this is also something he had to check on when he discovered that it was their main source of jokes. Occasionally, he got it, then when it just kept coming, he felt the need to pull them aside and ask them seriously. He just wants to make sure. He loves them and doesn’t seriously want anything bad happening to them.
    • I’m sure he stills checks in every now and then - even with being reassured all the time. It’s just one of those things that’s always edging at the back of his mind and he needs to be told that they love themselves.

Oikawa Tooru

  • Would have idea how to respond the first time one of those lines comes out of their mouth. They’re probably sitting there having a good time and then next thing you know his face completely crumbles and he stares at them with those large brown doe eyes. But he wouldn’t know what to say cause they said it so nonchalantly and yet it’s not something you just say nonchalantly??
  • He’d totally let it go the first time and when it popped up the next time, he’d just give them this look and get all serious. He’d need them to tell him that they didn’t feel that way about themselves and that they believed themselves to be a wonderful person!
    • I feel like Oikawa’s dealt with self-hate before, so this is something he takes very seriously when he hears it from them. He might even have a really hard time with their humor for quite a while even with the constant reassurances that it’s not what they really believe about themselves.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • His instant response would be to start listing everything about them that was beautiful and magnificent. It doesn’t matter that they’re joking, they mean everything to him and he won’t sit back and let them talk bad about themselves in any way, shape, or form.
    • Seriously, I think the first time they say something like that he’d be so close to tears, he wouldn’t know what to do. Those are the last kind of words that he wants coming from them because they are so beautiful. Precious boy might end up weeping with relief when they tell him they don’t really mean it.
  • It would be a constant thing of reassurance every time they make a joke like that. He’d turn to them with panic in his eyes every time and they’d have to quickly reply with ‘joking’ lest they want him to start getting all emotional over all the reasons he loved them again.

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • He’d laugh the first time a joke like that came from their lips, just like, yup I’ve felt that way before kind of reaction. But when it happened again he might even call them out right there about easing up on the self-abuse. He’d definitely watch them carefully from there, seeing how they hold themselves and comparing their words with their actions.
    • He’ll notice the way that they don’t really line up? Like, they hold themselves too confidently to really feel the way their speaking, kinda thing? But he’d of course question them just to be certain.
  • The joking would continue and he’d always keep an eye on them and when they’re having a bad day, he won’t let them even say things like that. There’s no reason to be saying those thing - even as joke - when their already feeling bad. He loves them and cares very deeply about their mental health and will be there to protect them even when they don’t think they need it.
[TRANS] 170528 Lee Youjin V Live Broadcast (PD101S2)

Lee Youjin, one of the eliminated trainees from Produce 101, held a live broadcast on Namoo Actors V App channel last night! He answered fan questions and talked about his time in Produce 101 so here are some highlights about what he said about the other trainees.

Fan Questions:

  • The trainees he was closest to were his roommates at the start of the program! He roomed with Yoon Jisung, Kim Sihyun, Lee Hoorim, Kim Hyunwoo from YG K+. He couldn’t give Jisung a call bc he was probably busy (the only one left on the show).
  • He talked about how he was the leader twice during (for Be Mine team 2 and Rhythm Ta). He thought being leader would be easy bc he only needed to guide and lead the other members but it was a lot more difficult than he thought.
  • For Be Mine, he couldn’t really help the other members with learning the dance so he felt sorry towards them. Maybe if he had chosen an easier song they wouldn’t have had such a hard time. “Truthfully i couldn’t be of any help to the others, but through our struggles we got closer and did well.“
  • He really likes Park Jaebum’s (Jay Park) style so that’s the reason why he chose some of the concepts that he did on PD101! He wanted to be sexy like him (t/n: I think he’s talking about his performance evaluation)
  • The staff played Pick Me in the background but since he was caught off guard, he was able to dance only part of it. He said the trainees practiced it so much he could do the dance in his sleep.
  • He promised to try and call Taewoo later! He’s in a group chat with Taewoo and Taemin so they talk a lot. They’re really fun and interesting.
  • A fan commented “add me to the chat too~” so he said “send us your ID (t/n: kakaotalk ID)” lol
  • A fan asked “Who is the most handsome in PD101″ and he said “Everyone is handsome!”
  • He showed off the headphones he got for completing the first stage of maboy.

Youjin’s Pick Corner! 

  • The staff set up a bracket board to see who Youjin’s pick was among his fellow contestants on PD101. When he saw the board he said, “Wow, this is like picking for the World Cup.”
  • First Round:
    • Lee Woojin vs. Kim Yongguk vs. Jung Sewoon (he said Woojin is cute but Sewoon really helped him with the hardships of being a leader. Even though they weren’t close, they talked and texted so he was really touched. That’s why he picked Sewoon)
    • Lee Insoo vs. Hong Eunki vs. Kang Daniel (he chose Daniel bc he was the leader for 열어줘 and taught them a lot. Youjin said everyone in the group was already good so he had to match them well)
    • Kim Donghyun vs. Im Youngmin vs. Joo Jinwoo (he depended on Youngmin a lot during Be Mine and is very thankful towards him)
    • Kang Dongho vs. Takada Kenta vs. Kim Taewoo (he picked Taewoo bc he’s funny, sings well, and is bright. He got really close to him during the show)
    • Lee Kiwon vs. Yoon Heeseok vs. Kim Seonglee (he picked Seonglee and said he had enough skills to compete in any program. During practice he would lift the mood and make the trainees happy but it wasn’t broadcasted)
    • Lee Gwanghyun vs. Park Sungwoo (he picked Sungwoo and pet the sticker with his face on it lolol. Although Sungwoo endured a lot, he was always by Youjin’s side. They were together for Be Mine and also for 열어줘 before being eliminated. Even though Youjin was having a hard time too, he felt sorry for not being able to help him)
  • Second Round:
    • Jung Sewoon vs. Kang Daniel
    • Im Youngmin vs. Kim Taewoo (he chose Taewoo bc they both fell down the ranks together(?) lol)
    • Kim Seonglee vs. Park Sungwoo (he chose Sungwoo bc he went through a lot of hardships)
  • Third Round:
    • Kang Daniel vs. Kim Taewoo
    • Park Sungwoo (automatic win)
  • FInal Round:
    • Kim Taewoo vs. Park Sungwoo (when he chose Taewoo, he put his sticker on the #1 spot and pat it several times; “It’s a pity that it’s not broadcasted but he’s really funny. We practiced a lot together.”)
  • Note: I’ll be subbing this segment and posting it on YouTube soon! I’ll link it here when it’s done and uploaded.

Update: here is the subbed segment!

More unrelated PD101 things are under the cut!
Translation by @softsnuper (may not be 100% accurate)

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A/N: This is for @draconismalfoi , the person who shares the same birthday with me. Happy birthday again by the way! I also hope you had a nice day with lots of presents and love. ( It’s me phonni, btw) And I also hope that your birthday isn’t over yet! Mine will be in several minutes lol 

Summary: It’s your birthday and George has picked a nice present for you. But even though it was already really great; Fred manages to top it even more.

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 1232

Warnings: none! It’s fluff

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jujubanana  asked:

What are ur arguments against the *usuk is incest* question? I need to win from my sister, but I can't think of something to prove that it's not incest


here come the can-o-worms, //clears throat:

  • they are fictional characters of personified countries
  • besides the fact that they are fictional; they are personified countries
  • that means they have their own set of rules when it comes to “human” things, which include:
  • no one is related. they choose how they are “related” to one another.
  • example 1: russia and his sisters are very close, but belarus (in the old times) has tried to marry him and stuff. i don’t see anyone pointing fingers at that.
  • example 2: even though it is depicted multiple times that america and canada are seen as “twins” or at least “brothers”, they have also said multiple times (especially in the recent comics) that they “aren’t technically related” but “if they were..” and etc.
  • example 3: france (and many other countries) has claimed he’s “everyone’s big brother”. no one is pointing out that and saying he’s basically in every incestous ship, because we know he’s saying so metaphorically. and they know that countries cant actually be related by blood.
  • i could go on, but i’ll move on for now
  • going back to the “related by blood” thing, let’s think about how countries are born, shall we?
  • how are they born?
  • a lot of micronations (in this case, sealand specifically) just pop up and become a personification of a country. even though sealand is seen to be england’s “child” or w/e, doesn’t that seem a little off? how is england able to produce a “child” by himself??? mitosis?????
  • literally the thing everyone freakin’ looks over is that COUNTRIES POP UP FROM NOWHERE. in this case; america and canada. canada takes on characteristics from france and some other countries because of historical events. from that, we know that multiple countries can contribute to how the personification would look like.
  • in canada’s situation, he has multiple “parents”, and is now technically england’s “child” now. let’s take a moment for that to sink in.
  • i know this is such a meme, but literally england found america in the middle of the freakin’ grass and said “imma be your older brother now lol”. HOW DOES THAT SOLIDIFY ANYTHING besides saying “imma raise you like an older brother”
  • yes, a lot of relationships in this universe are “family” related, but that’s probably because it’s referring how historically they interacted. it’s the “human" version of how they are related.
  • NO ONE TALKS ABOUT HOW COUNTRIES AGE. literally america caught up with everyone else in 0.3 seconds. even though he’s treated and seen as a “kid” by all the old nations, i feel like that’s just because he’s a new country compared to them. (also wtf even is their “canon age”, aren’t they all 20 or some shit– that’s weird even in itself)
  • it looks like the ageing cap is around 20-30, so that’s why they all look around the same age. (besides all the micronations, because ofc they are smaller nations. so they are physically smaller, which makes sense. but even some micronations are older than some “fully grown” nations, so wtf??)
  • if that’s the case, then WHY are people insisting that “this country is a big brother to this country” if they are now/can be all the same “age”
  •  i will say this again for the people in the back: COUNTRIES AGE DIFFERENTLY THAN HUMANS.
  • because, y’know… they aren’t human.
  • “but england is like family to america, so that’s weird ;((” i hear you cry. then target out Spamano, NorIce, ChinaxJapan, ItalyxRomano (lol i dunno what those ship names are), Franada, AmeCan, etc. why just target out USUK? is it because it’s the biggest ship in the fandom???
  • also, if USUK is the biggest ship in the fandom, and everyone who ships it see’s it as “not incest”, then maybe OPEN UP YOUR EYES a little bit???????
  • if you have a whole headcanon chart of who you think “is technically related to who”, then your chart is possibly aaaaall covered up with pen. practically dripping in ink, because “technically” everyone is related according to your logic. if you are going the historically accurate route with that, your ships are probably “technically related”.
  • unless someone creates a human AU where they decide who’s blood related to whoever, then yes, in their AU, incest can potentially happen if the creator decides to go down that route.
  • if you think that england’s bond between america is “too family oriented” to you, then you do you. you don’t have to ship them romantically.
  • but don’t you DARE attack others for seeing that relationship as otherwise.
  • don’t you DARE force other people to take on what you believe in.
  • don’t you DARE isolate an entire sub-fandom because of your headcanons
  • don’t you DARE call out USUK shippers, when you are shipping Franada.
  • don’t you DARE tell others what they can or cannot ship. especially in a fictional series that has no canon family relationships.

**all that being said, i DON’T WANT this to be an argument. please do NOT reblog or reply to this is saying you disagree, make your own dang post about it. please do NOT send me any asks or submissions telling me your negative opinion on the matter. i’m not turning a blind-eye towards other’s opinions, i just don’t want to feel bad about my OTP after 6 years of taking that shit. chances are i know what you are going to say to me. so please spare this oldie who just wants two fictional blonde guys to hold hands and stuff**

thank you for those who are open minded, and please pray for those usuk shippers who frequently get attacked with the age-old argument that “usuk is incest”.

Old News, New Beginning

Dean x Reader 

Request By @pandazombie69 : “Can i get a deadn x reader where dean and the reader are best friends who flirt and stuff but neither have confessed anything. They hang out allot and tell things to each other and share with each other wherw they wont anyone else. Then one night it just explodes. All their feelings come out and stuff. Can be angst to lemon please (not full on smut).”

Warnings: A smidge of language, a slight mention of anxiety if you squint hard. (Like literally it just says the word, do details.) Let me know if something should be added. 

This is unedited, apologies for any mistakes, or anything that’s kinda funky lol 

A/N: What a whirlwind the last 2 weeks have been. My summer has quickly come to close, and I have gone back to work. If you don’t know, I work in special ed at an elementary school, so my hands are pretty full on weekdays. After we get through the first couple weeks of school, I will have more time to write. I apologize for the wait time for these requests, and I thank you for your patience. 

I added a To Do List to my description! Now you can access what posts or fics I am currently working on anytime! 

Masterlist           To Do List

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objectivelywitchy  asked:

Hello! If you don't mind, could you make one with the RFA (+ saeran if its not too much work!) Reacting to MC practicing witchcraft? If its not too much.. Good work!

Hi! Thank you for the request ☺️

Before I start this request, I want to say that I don’t know much about witchcraft, so even though I did some research, I’m super sorry if anything is inaccurate in this request! Side note: My sister dated a guy who came from a family of witches - so I did include a few details about it here.

I hope you enjoy this request! 🌟


·         When you tell him that you practise witchcraft, he’s super curious. He thought witches wore pointy hats and rode broomsticks… But you dress like any other person? And you don’t even brew potions in a huge cauldron? It’ll take some explaining that those are just stereotypes, but when he learns about the type of witchcraft you practise, he’s super supportive!

·         Tbh he probably did ask you if Hogwarts was real, but he wasn’t teasing – he was just curious!

·         His family are conservative, so he hasn’t actually told them yet, but he really wants to tell them! Of course, he only would when you’re ready.

·         He’s super excited because you’re like the mages he’s seen on LOLOL, and in fact, he asks you how accurate the witchcraft in LOLOL is. It’s all new to him, so he keeps forgetting there are different kinds of witchcraft… Lol.

·         He really wants to learn witchcraft (part of it is getting back at Seven for all the times he’s pranked him), but he doesn’t have much time to learn because he’s always at uni…. Yet he did join a witchcraft society just for you! Nevertheless, he’s extremely fascinated by it and enjoys watching you practise.

·         He’d love to perform spells with you, but he’s terrible with pronouncing some of the words, so you won’t let him. Wouldn’t want to create something chaotic, would you?

·         He’s super defensive of you. Unfortunately, people on his campus sometimes call you mean names but he’s always ready to fight for you, even though he knows you could probably curse them if you wanted to.

·         Honestly, he’s probably kind of terrified that you’ll turn him into a frog or put a curse on him, but you have to reassure him that you’d never do that – although you sometimes joke about turning him into a puppy

·         You made him a good luck charm and he loves it so freaking much – he uses it as a key chain and tries so hard to keep it in pristine condition so as to not ~spill any of the luck~

·         Little does he know that that charm also helps with concentration and success… He often finds he’s able to focus in his classes and that he actually performs quite well. He’s pretty sure you have something to do with it, but you won’t tell him.

·         Likewise, whenever he has an important exam coming up, you cast victory spells for him and they work every single time. He’s never been so happy and excited in his entire life.

·         Wants you to cast those victory spells for LOLOL but why bother? You know he’s very skilled and doesn’t need your spells to succeed.

·         He’s actually terrified of touching your things in case he messes something important up, so he’ll never clean up your herbs or crystals… He just cleans around them.

·         One time when he was interning at the animal hospital, one of the patients was on the verge of dying and he was heartbroken about having to put it to sleep, but after you visited it made a miraculous recovery… He was stunned. You really were something special…

·         Rika may have been a magician… But you can perform actual magick. And he loves that about you.


·         Honestly

·         He might be involved in witchcraft as well. His crazy healing abilities and prophetic dreams? That isn’t normal.

·         Even so, he was kind of freaked out at first when you told him you practised witchcraft. Nevertheless, when he realised you wouldn’t hurt him and you weren’t like stereotypical witches, he relaxes a lot and even admires you for it.

·         Likewise, he won’t judge you for it. You support his passion and stayed by his side so it would be pretty dickish to tell you to stop.

·         “You put a spell on me, babe!” Honestly so unoriginal but when Zen says it, it’s special 😉

·         During the time when he was accused of sexually assaulting Echo Girl, you desperately wanted to collect storm water to curse her. However… There were no storms or even rain during that whole time.

·         Sometimes you joke about needing the hair of an albino… A lot of hair… And he’s secretly terrified you’re going to cut off his rat tail in his sleep lol.

·         Even if you’re eager for him to meet your family… He’s slightly nervous about meeting them. They’re witches too, and he might be in deep trouble if they don’t like him… It’ll take a ton of reassurance to convince him to meet them.

·         On another note, he thinks your collection of crystals is so pretty! Almost as beautiful as him…

·         Even if he doesn’t 100% believe in it, he likes having palm readings. He loves seeing you so concentrated and when you stick the tip of your tongue out in concentration… He has to repress The Beast. Tbh, you probably love reading his palms because they’re so pretty; the lines are so defined…

·         He’s grateful that you cast protection spells on him whenever he has to do intense rehearsals or meet fans so he doesn’t get hurt. He loves that you look out for him in your own way.

·         He hasn’t had to do a play about magick or witchcraft yet, but if he ever does he’ll count on you to help him get into character!

·         Secretly wants you to put a curse on Jumin, that jerk


·         You’re initially apprehensive about telling Jaehee since she’s a devout Catholic and you aren’t sure of how she views witches. However, in the past, she has said she’ll support you no matter what, so you do end up telling her.

·         Even if she’s religious and doesn’t believe in witchcraft, she’s going to put that aside for the sake of your relationship. She knows you can have a strong and stable relationship besides your differences and that it’s possible to overcome boundaries. And even if she doesn’t believe in it, she supports you doing it!

·         Even if she’s stopped working for Jumin, she still gets easily stressed. So, whenever she’s super stressed, you spread salt everywhere to drive away negative influences. She appreciates the gesture, knowing that you mean well.

·         You’d really like to sell potions at the café, but Jaehee wants to wait until you guys are well-known and successful, in case the customers are against witchcraft.

·         Likewise, if anyone is rude to you about it, she’ll talk to them calmly and point out how incorrect their preconceptions are.

·         Jaehee likes to watch you practise because she finds it really interesting, and will totally respect your privacy if you need to be alone.  She wants the best for you.

·         She also finds it cute when you give her a bag of herbs for luck and success or cast a protection spell for her whenever you aren’t around because it’s your way of looking out for her.

·         Even if she doesn’t believe in witchcraft, she gets more involved than she thinks she does and you find it sweet – she finds your tarot cards so interesting and actually wants a reading, she gets excited about symbolism and tries to help you out, and she can spend hours just looking at your healing crystals and runes.

·         You made a trinket for her on her birthday and it’s now her most prized possession. Yes, even more than her rare Zen DVDs. In that moment, you realised how much she loved you and supported your activity.


·         At first, you’re concerned about telling Jumin or having him find out because he’s so serious. Won’t he think this is just another weird commoner’s activity?

·         However, when you see this…

·         You decide to tell him. You can only hope he’ll accept you!

·         And he does. Even if he’s religious, he doesn’t mind. After all, it’s your hobby – he won’t stop you.

·         However, he is a little apprehensive about telling his father that you practise witchcraft since he’s conservative. Even though he would stay with you if his father didn’t approve, he feels like he’s got to tell him at the right time. However, that isn’t to say he doesn’t support you or wants you to keep it hidden!

·         Tbh, you probably have access to all the ingredients you need for potions and so forth, but if you ever struggle to find something, he’s happy to help you out. He’s very good at getting you things you need, even if it’s something like the blood of a virgin.

·         But Jumin… That’s not what the blood of a virgin means…

·         You like to read his black magic books for fun and make annotations of how accurate they are. You also decide to invest in books about the type of witchcraft you study so he can learn about it.

·         He appreciates the fact that you cast good luck spells whenever he has important business deals to make. He tells you the reason he’s so successful is because of you.

·         If you ever make him an elixir or potion, he’ll mix it into his wine. It supposedly tastes even better that way and ~enhances~ the flavour.

·         When you made him a prosperity and success charm, he vowed to always wear it. And he’s kept his word – even when it doesn’t match his suit or tie.

·         He makes sure that you have a room dedicated to your witchcraft and ensures none of your items are damaged. Often, he buys you things that you can use when practising, and sometimes they’re extremely rare and expensive items… To him, it’s just him helping you out, but you’re amazed. You didn’t think he would support you this much.

·         He sometimes muses over the fact that Elizabeth would make a great Other…  But if you already have one, he’ll simply treat it no differently from Elizabeth, no matter what kind of animal it is.


·         He probably found your Tumblr blog dedicated to witchcraft when he did the background check and thought “nice”.

·         He jokes about submerging you in water to see you’ll float and will say stupid things like: “Wanna taste my magic potion?”. But he’ll stop if you threaten to turn him into a frog and eat his legs~

·         Nonetheless, he’s eager to be your guinea pig for any potions you brew or any spells you cast, even if it’s risky. He loves watching you work your magick…

·         Tbh, he’s probably drunk potions you’ve left lying around because he’s the kind of guy who’ll eat and drink anything in sight for “quality control” – he’s lucky they weren’t anything that could have major effects on him…

·         He did try to cast a spell once after flicking through your spell books, but it backfired… Now he’s banned from touching them. And he isn’t allowed in your room dedicated to witchcraft without supervision.

·         He probably owns a witch outfit that he had to use as a hacker and would be happy to wear it if you wanted, no matter how stupid it looked. He probably has a cheap green wig to go with it.

·         If you’ve made an elixir for him, he won’t drink it on its own. He’ll mix it in with his Dr Pepper or even dunk his HBC in the mixture. And then he wonders why he can focus like crazy and not feel tired.

·         He really wants to get a black cat for the ~aesthetic~ - if he didn’t want one before, he definitely wants his own kitty now. “It could be besties with Elly!”

·         You’ve made quite a few charms for him, and even if he cherishes each of them, he wants to have a matching one with Saeran. However, Saeran most likely wouldn’t want one, so, for now, his dream remains a dream.

·         Often, when he goes into periods of depression because of the past, you recite some spells so he doesn’t feel so terrible and he can move on. It’s hard to stay positive when this ray of sunshine is still hurting on the inside.

·         You two go together pretty well. He loves space and looking at the stars, and you sometimes use astrology as part of your witchcraft. Also, the fact that a witch and a hacker are together… The power you two have is freakishly powerful.

·         He might be religious, but it won’t change his feelings for you – he won’t stop loving you because you practise witchcraft. Besides, you don’t even practise for malicious purposes, so he’s pretty chill with it. Just… Don’t hurt Saeran with your magic, because he would find it hard to forgive you otherwise.

·         Otherwise, he thinks you’re truly incredible.


·         At first, when he got to know you, he didn’t believe in witchcraft. He thought it was fake, even if you tried to prove it to him otherwise. However, after seeing you successfully make charms and potions, he’s amazed. He sort of believes in it, but he won’t tell you that he does… Not for a while, anyway.

·         He’s also freaked out by the fact that you’re able to sense if something is wrong with him – for example, if he has a PTSD attack when you aren’t around. He’s suspicious of it at first, but when he realises you just want to help him, he relaxes and begins to trust you.

·         Even if he lets you practise it whenever he’s around, he’s not a fan of some of the herbs you use. He despises some of their smells, so whenever you use them he’ll either stay far away from you or use his sweater to cover his nose.

·         You’ve made him a charm that helps with mindfulness and even if he never has it on him, especially when you’re around… He actually cherishes it. He’ll most likely keep it in his pocket or somewhere close to him.

·         Likewise, you decided to teach him how to make his own charms and he’s surprisingly good at it! On your birthday, he surprised you with one he made himself and it was the sweetest thing ever.

·         Whenever he has a night terror, you always recite a spell so he’ll calm down. It works most of the time, but if the night terror is really bad, it doesn’t always work…

·         He lowkey wants you to turn Seven into a cockroach lol

·         He sometimes likes to study your runes, but tbh he’s a bit nervous about using them. Really, he’s wary of getting involved with witchcraft in case he fucks up and does something bad. He’ll only do it if you give him lots of guidance and reassurance.

·         Even if you want to teach him about tarots, he’s super apprehensive to get a reading. He still thinks his life isn’t great and having a tarot reading confirm that… He wouldn’t react very well to it. Even so, he likes looking through them because of how beautiful and intricate they are.

·         When he’s more comfortable around you, you attempt to heal him. You know he won’t ever fully recover from the trauma he’s been through, but you can try. However, he finds things like spiritual healing and meditation frustrating, so you don’t push it. You’ll take baby steps with this man.

·         Even if he doesn’t show it, deep down he does support you. He’ll get angry at people who insult you and call you horrible names because those assholes don’t really know who you are!


For Rebelcaptain week, Day 3

read it on ao3

So this basically came about because of this picture, which makes me think dirty thoughts every time I see it. Some dom!Jyn, but don’t worry Cassian is into it. Please avoid if it’s not your thing.

Words: 1431

Rated: Explicit

Cassian was on his knees, hands behind his head, troopers pointing their blasters on either side of him. There was no way he was getting out of this one. He only hoped Jyn had gotten away.

“What is going on here?”


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Masquerade II: Welcome to Burlesque & Balls. PART 4. [BTS x Reader fic]

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

**DISCLAIMER: Since this is the second saga of MASQUERADE, there will be SPOILERS! So if you haven’t already, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read Masquerade first before this for context and for better understanding, plus you won’t spoil the ending of that story for yourself. ;) **

Link to previous story here: MASQUERADE

Summary: Being the receptionist of Club Masquerade and working as a barista wasn’t quite enough to make your ends meet comfortably, so when a new place opens up nearby that’s looking for attractive females to perform in a neo-Burlesque club, you jumped at the chance for a new job and a chance to do something more than sitting behind a desk or counter. But just like your financial status, your love life wasn’t all too great either. When it seemed like all hope was lost, fate had other plans for you. Unexpected suitors waltzed into your life in various ways, and unbeknownst to each of them, you play the field, hoping to overcome your fears and finally find Mr. Right among them…

        But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets.    

Link to Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Club Au, Masquerade Ball Au, Burlesque Au

Taehyung x Reader x Jimin

Fluff & Smut

A/N: Bless your souls. Please stay hydrated lol 

Originally posted by kths

Originally posted by missbaptan

           As planned, you were back at the Masquerade Ball. You had thrown on a royal purple dress with a plunging neck line and a flowing floor-length skirt. You adjusted your Gold mask nervously, knowing that you were going to meet V for the first time today. It felt like you knew him already, but seeing each other in person was nerve-wrecking.

           What if you didn’t find each other physically attractive? What would you do then? What would he do? Would you be his type?

           You exhaled as you carded through the fluffy ball gowns on the dance floor and made your way to the bar, the meeting place you and V had decided on. However, your heart flipped over when you found a familiar stranger leaning against the bar seductively. Confidently, you marched over and sat two stools over from where he was.

           Maroon Mask.

           "Coming back for round 2?“ he smirked.

           And you looked over playfully. "I’m sorry. Have we met?”

           He clutched his chest as he slid closer. “Ouch. I guess I really wasn’t memorable enough.”

           You chuckled. “Remind me again where you’re from?”

           Maroon mask licked his lips and leaned over, grazing your shoulder with his finger. “How about I remind your body about that night right now?”

           You shivered in anticipation as you locked eyes with him seductively. “I need a man who can please me from the get go.”

           "Well then,“ Maroon mask smirked. "since you can’t remember who I am, let’s say this is our first meeting and I’ll show you what I can do from the get go.”

           You glanced him up and down. He was well built and through the dim lighting, he was quite attractive. On any other day, you would have given him a try again, but not today.

           "I’m sorry. I’m here to meet someone else.“

           "How unfortunate.” he whispered and pressed a kiss onto the sensitive part of your neck, having you gasp immediately. “Well, if you’re looking for a quick, good time with no strings attached. I’ll be around all night.”

           You got chills down your spine as he traced your thighs. It would be a lie if you said that you hadn’t thought of this masked man every so often. He was a mystery you wanted to unravel, and the very thought of what else he could offer you had you keeling over with excitement in the lonely hours of the night.

           But you shook your head and waltzed to the other side of the bar, aware Maroon was still eye-ing you from afar. You couldn’t help but feel empowered to have had such an effect on him.

           "Coffeegirl?“ A deep voice called out and your breath stopped for a bit.

           Biting your lip nervously, you turned around and couldn’t help the large grin that splayed on your face. As he had stated in your chat, V was wearing a white mask with a black button up and slacks. Very simple, but it highlighted his height and emphasized his attractive physical features instead– like his handsome side profile for one. His shirt was unbuttoned a bit so you could see his collarbones peeking from underneath the fabric. It had you swallowing down your dirty thoughts.


           He grinned widely. “I found you!”

           You laughed as he outstretched his arms and you simply fell into his embrace. It was like you were reuniting with a long lost friend, which was pretty accurate because he knew you on a level most people didn’t.

           "Oh here.“ He pulled out a small rose from inside his jacket and bowed. "For you.”

           "Why thank you kind sir.“ You curtsied playfully and accepted it.

           "Let me.” he chuckled. “I put a clip on it so you didn’t have to hold it the whole night.”

           He reached for your hair and hesitated, “May I?”

           You blushed and nodded. He gently clipped the flower onto the side of your hair, near your ear.

           "Beautiful.“ he exhaled.

           You chuckled. He glanced at you endearingly.

           "Do you wanna dance?” he questioned.

           You nodded, grinning. “I’d love to.”

           He flipped over his hand and you grabbed it tightly as he pulled you towards the sea of closely-knit bodies. You turned around briefly to spare a glance at Maroon mask, who was still leaning at the bar with a confident smirk. His legs were crossed and his arms outstretched tauntingly, like he knew you would come over eventually. Catching your gaze, he stuck his tongue out and licked his lips languidly as he stared back at you with lidded eyes.

           You gulped and spun your head away from the sensual scene.

           V found a decent enough space where the music was blasting and pulled you to him, so you weren’t touching anyone else. He chuckled and started dancing to the beat, shaking his hips playfully as you laughed and smacked his chest.

           "We gotta loosen up first.“ he shimmied onto you, continuing your parade of laughter.

           After a few minutes of timid dancing in front of each other, catching each other’s eyes and averting them as butterflies raged in your stomach, V took initiative and placed his hands on your hips, turning you around gently. Your lips curled up as your heart flipped over. His hands weren’t needy or rough, but careful and protective. Even the way he grinded into you felt like he just wanted to enjoy having you close to him. It was refreshing, but it wasn’t the time and place for such gentle actions.

           You pressed your back against his chest and slowly circled your hips into his. You felt a groan reverberate in his chest up to his throat and you smirked, repeating the movement.

           He whispered into your ear, "I’m glad we finally got to meet.”

           You smiled and turned around, cupping his face, feeling how soft his skin was against your hand. He closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, as if it had been the missing piece in his life. Your heart welled up.

           "Kiss me.“ You whispered.

           "Gladly.” he leaned down and softly pressed his lips onto yours.

           You threw your hands around his neck to pull him closer to you. You couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. It felt like laying on a meadow with a light breeze and the sun shining, without a care in the world. You both broke the kiss and smiled at each other, ecstatic and grateful that things have so far been absolutely magical.

           "Want a drink?“ Tae whispered and you nodded, telling him what you wanted.

           He kissed your cheek before pushing through the crowd to grab your drink. You continued to dance as you had been. Everybody was so packed together that it was hard to distinguish who came together and who were just strangers pressed up against each other from lack of space. Suddenly, someone slid in front of you, pulling you flush against him by tugging at your waist. Your breath hitched as you came face to face with none other than Maroon mask.

           "I have some time before your lover boy comes back.” he growled.

           You smirked. “You must really like me if you keep coming back.”

           He grabbed your hand and placed in on his chest, smirking at you playfully. “We both know you’ve been thinking about me just as much as I have been about you.”

           You raised an eyebrow curiously then inhaled sharply. He rolled his body sensually as he guided your hand down his torso onto his evident bulge. Without hesitation, he pulled your arm over his shoulder so you were chest to chest, and he grinding himself into you. His arm around your waist pressed your hips forward to increase the contact. The thin fabric of your dress didn’t do much to help you from getting turned on at the feeling of his hard cock teasing your lower region.

           "You can’t tell me you don’t want this.“ he nipped at your ear. "Not after you’ve seen my dick. Don’t you wanna know how it feels…”

           Your knees almost buckled when he slowly body rolled into you.

           "…inside you…“

           You nudged him away carefully, trying to get a hold of yourself. Feigning nonchalance, you chuckled.

           "I’m not sure how many other females that has worked on, but please, try it on someone else.”

           He smirked and crashed his lips onto yours without warning. As much as your head scolded you, your body melted into the kiss. It felt like sitting too close to a fireworks display. It was hot, yet spectacular. His tongue traced your lips and he soon disappeared, leaving you breathless and stunned.

           What the fuck was that?

           "Your drink, milady.“ V returned and you tried hard not to look as dazed as you felt.

           "Thanks.” You squeaked out and chugged your drink as he stared at you in amusement.

           You continued dancing excitedly. It was fun with V. He and you yelled lyrics to each other playfully and screamed along with whatever the DJ was saying. Other times, it became intimate. He caressed your waist and stomach lovingly as you both matched the rhythm of your bodies. You leaned back into his chest, taking in his touches.

           A couple of drinks in, you both were making out on the dance floor like you had been missing each other’s presence for years. He spun you around, holding you close, and began kissing your neck. Your body relaxed and you pressed further into him.

           But suddenly, your eyes locked with Maroon mask from across the room. He was dancing with another girl, but his eyes were on you hungrily. The corner of his lips turned up as he realized he had gotten your attention. He licked his lips again and his hands began roaming the body of the girl in front of him, all while keeping your gaze. He grinded into the girl aggressively and she bent forward needily until she was on the floor. The girl turned around on the ground and you gasped– partially because V had found your sensitive spot and partially because Maroon mask had done a handstand over the girl and languidly rolled his body over hers, in full control. That was incredibly hot.

           The girl was essentially humping him on the floor, but he was still staring over at you. You moaned with pleasure as V continued to lick and kiss that spot on your neck.

           You were extremely turned on.

           Maroon stood up and walked towards the bathrooms knowingly, leaving his partner and everyone that was around them hot and bothered.

           That was all for you.

           "I’ll be right back.“ You whispered, giving V a quick kiss, and he nodded.

           You hurried to the bathroom area, stealing someone’s shot on the way, where you knew Maroon mask was waiting. He was leaning against one of the doors in the secluded bathroom hallway. He smirked as you two spotted each other. Not sparing a moment, you crashed your lips into his.

           "You are driving me crazy.” you hissed.

           "Likewise.“ he smirked.

           You shoved him into an empty stall and jumped on him eagerly. He grinded into you as he lifted your weight up as you wrapped both your legs and your arms in him.

           "Let me ride your thigh.” You demanded.

           "Needy aren’t we?“

           "Shut up.” You hissed as he sat on the covered toilet while you straddled his muscularly bulging thighs. You groaned as you began rocking your hips on his firm muscles. He hurriedly attacked your neck, adding to your pleasure.

           "Don’t make a mark.“ You firmly stated.

           He hummed into your skin as he tensed and pushed his thigh up into you so that there was negative space between your core and his leg. You moaned, but he swallowed your sounds immediately, not that anyone in the bathroom would care, much less hear you with the blaring music. Your hand pressed onto his clothed bulge as you palmed him at the same pace you were rocking, mimicking how it would be if he was inside you. He panted as he kissed you, his hands roaming your body freely.

           Then his fingers made their way to your clit and began rubbing. You began to rock on his thigh faster, feeling your high coming with the added stimulation. When his tongue met your neck once more, you immediately came undone, and you were riding out your orgasm on his thigh unapologetically. You exhaled, not minding that your panties were now extremely soaked, and a spot on his pants was similarly.

           "Well thanks for that.” You breathed as you let your dress flow out again.

           "What about me?“ he breathed needily and you smiled.

           "Maybe if we ever meet again for round 3.” You winked triumphantly. “But I got what I came for.”

           "Where are you going?“ he questioned.

           You simply smirked and disappeared, leaving him in awe, mixed with distraught at the painful need inside him. You scurried back to V, who was dancing with another girl in your absence. Eagerly, you pulled him away and dragged his face down into yours for a passionate kiss. The alcohol and the present need in your lower region for another release was buzzing through your system, and you wanted him. You wanted to see if everything was truly better with an emotional connection.

           V broke the kiss, catching his breath, and staring at you in surprise. You smiled and turned around, backing up into him intently, taking note that he was growing harder with each rub of your ass onto him. He leaned forward so that your back was on his chest and began aggressively grinding into you.

           Soon enough, he began to leave marks of desire on your neck, which had you sighing with pleasure. It had to be a sin to contort your face with raw pleasure publicly, but you prayed your mask covered enough so it didn’t look rated.

           You closed your eyes and took in the bass of the music thumping on your skin and the sensation of V’s mouth on your neck, the feeling of his dick in your ass. All actions screaming that he wanted you.

           Suddenly, you felt a new pair of hands on your waist and your eyes flew open to find Maroon mask dancing in front. You spun around so that you were facing V, in panic.

           "Do you know him?” he asked worriedly.

           "No.“ You shook your head.

           "Do you want me to tell him to stop?” he tilted his head sweetly.

           You pushed your hips forward to grind into V and shook your head. “I don’t mind as long as you’re in front of me.”

           He smiled as he captured your lips. Meanwhile, your hips continued pushing with wanton desire against each other. You were a bit distracted and thrilled by Maroon mask moving closer to you from behind, but you also felt enlightened and high from V’s skillful tongue inside your mouth.

           While you and V were making out, Maroon was leaving kisses on your neck sneakily. You moaned into the kiss, which had V pull you closer to him to deepen it. This was all sorts of wrong, but it was so enthralling.

           Two guys, vying for your attention. Both men needing you.

           Now, you saw the appeal that had drawn even the kind-hearted Silver to the masks. So you milked the moment, your one hand clutched onto V’s shirt while the other pulled at Maroon’s waist so that they were sandwiching you tightly. You started getting dizzy, feeling the alcohol taking its toll on your body. And like all smart drunk people, you decided that getting ANOTHER drink would help.

           "I’m going to grab a drink.“ You slurred to V and shoved Maroon mask away to make room for you to walk.

           You stumbled to the bar, but before you could open your mouth to order, you felt yourself falling backwards. You felt strong arms wrap around you, steadying you, and you smiled, relieved to find a familiar mask in front of you. The last thing you needed was another stranger hitting on you when you were this badly intoxicated.

           "Let’s get you home.” He suggested and you nodded, clutching onto him for stability.

           Holding you close, he hailed a cab and you slowly, yet audibly, recited your address. After that, you laid your head onto his shoulder and the world turned dark.

           Silver squealed excitedly as she was sprawled on Hoseok’s couch, typing up his and Jimin’s schedule for the week. “I hope Y/N is having a good time tonight.”

           "What’s happening with her?“ Hoseok looked up from his phone.

           "Well tonight was when she was going to meet V for real, but the other guy that she had accidentally slept with last time is also there. She doesn’t know what to do because she’s attracted to both. And it reminds me of the good old days when I was with you and Red Mask.”

           Hoseok scowled at the mention of the past.

           "How does she ‘accidentally’ sleep with a guy?“

           "Oh, well cause she thought this Maroon masked guy was V last week at the ball, but then V texted that he had an emergency and didn’t get to show up.” Silver squealed excitedly. “How crazy is that?”

           Hoseok froze. “Wait what. Say that again.”

           "Ummm she slept with a guy she thought was V at the ball last week?“

           "As in a Masquerade Ball?”

           "Yes? Why?“

           "And this guy was wearing a MAROON mask?”


           Hoseok stared at the air, horrified. "Oh. My. God.”

           "What?“ Silver urged. "You’re scaring me.”

           "Is she with this Maroon mask now?!“ he yelled urgently.

           "I don’t know! She hasn’t messaged me. What’s wrong, Hoseok?”

           "Oh no no no. No no.“ Hoseok muttered as he paced, finally putting the pieces together.

           You were shaken awake and you glanced up to see your house outside of the window. You giggled goofily.

           "Oh hey! I flew home!”

           "Get on my back. Come on.“ he urged and you wrapped your arms around his neck, holding onto him like a koala. He piggybacked you and bent over once he got to your door.

           "Plug in your passcode since I don’t have arms.”

           Sleepily, you did so and immediately, you were hit with the familiar fragrance of your abode. You hummed happily.

           "Alright. Just lay down on the couch and I’ll get things to sober you up a bit.“ he gently laid you down and you heard his frantic footsteps running around your house.

           You shut your eyes, still a bit dizzy.

           "The lights are too bright.” You groaned.

           They were immediately dimmed at your requested.

           After a few minutes, you felt something cool and refreshing on your neck. You opened your eyes and finally, your vision adjusted itself. Your lips curled up to find a White mask hovering over you worriedly. You breathed in relief.

           You had gone home with V after all. It hadn’t been a dream.

           You let him wipe you down with a cold towel, welcoming the cool sensation on your hot skin. He guided you to sit up and had you chug a large glass of water and eat a piece of bread.

           "Better?“ he looked at you intently and you nodded.

           He urged you to lie back down and you obeyed with a big sigh. Your head was getting clearer; the alcohol being drained out of your system as you stared at the ceiling.

           "Um…” he started. “Do you mind if I take off your mask?”

           Your eyes glanced over at him.

           "You’d probably feel better if your face was cooled down too?“ he added. "But I don’t want to be creepy or make you uncomfy…”

           You laughed. “You can take my mask off, if you take yours off.”

           He grinned and for some odd reason, it seemed like it was a familiar smile.

           But it might just be the alcohol messing with your mind.

           Gently, he lifted up your mask and when he saw your full face, he blinked.


           You froze as you stared at this man.

           "How do you know my name?”

           He pulled his mask off.

           "Cause it’s me– Tae!“

           You gasped and sat up hurriedly, but regretted your decision as you immediately got dizzy. He urged you back down into the pillow, laughing.

           "Oh my goodness. I can’t believe this!”

           Your head was reeling, and not just because of the alcohol anymore.

           "I’m not dreaming right?“ You blurted out.

           He chuckled and placed his cold hands on your face. "Does it feel like you’re dreaming?”

           You squealed, “Noooo! Tae! It’s freezing!”

           "But you need to wakey, wakey!“

           He cooed as his hands traveled down your neck and you thrashed about playfully. He giggled and hopped on top of you, continuing his teasing until you both realized the position you were in.

           "Oh sorry.” he blushed and was about to get off you when you grabbed his wrist.

           You propped yourself up and gazed at him seriously.

           "I don’t mind.“

           Here he was in front of you. The handsome bartender you were physically attracted to and V, the masked icon that was simply a culmination of print that tugged at your heartstrings until today. He was one and the same. You were delighted, but you needed to know he was real.

           As if reading your mind, he slid his hands onto your face as you shivered.

           "Sorry my hands are cold.” he whispered as he leaned down.

           "I don’t care.“ You answered as you pressed forward, closing the distance between your lips hungrily.

           He pushed you down gently so that his body lay on top of yours. Your lips danced on each other’s, slowly taking in the events of the past few weeks that had led you both to this moment. Your first fateful meeting, your smooth transition into friendship, the meaningful glances, the flirtatious banter, both of your piqued interest in getting to know each other. Now it seemed that you both had surpassed that first step. You knew a lot about each other already from chatting online, and you felt comfortable expressing your feelings openly through physical contact. Both of you had wanted this since you met.

           Your hands flew up to his shirt and began unbuttoning them as you continued your passionate kissing. Immediately, you propped yourself up and pushed him down so he was sitting on the couch. You threw his shirt to the side and was pleased to find that he wore nothing underneath it. Smirking, your hands splayed on his bare chest as you straddled him. He steadied you by your waist and soon, his hands found your dress zipper.

           You smiled into the kiss, finding it amusing that he was always the one zipping you into your costumes and now he was unzipping you out of your dress. He grinned as if understanding your amusement. You stepped back and let your dress slip off of you as he bit his lip, taking you all in. You threw off the rose by your ear and tousled your hair as he deeply grunted at how seductive you were being. You kneeled down and unbuckled his belt, quickly pulling his boxers and pants off. You licked your lips as his length sprung up excitedly. Your hands hooked at your panties and pulled them off hurriedly. You had been soaking wet since the ball, and you were anxious to be satisfied. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you back onto his lap, kissing you sweetly. You lined yourself up over his dick, staring at him, to see if he would stop you.

           "Protection.” he whispered.

           "I’ve got you.“ you breathed onto his lips as you pushed his bare cock inside you.

           He groaned with pleasure as he felt you tighten around him.

           "Y/N.” he breathed and you smiled.

           He captured your lips, pressing his tongue into your mouth hungrily, and you began bouncing on him; your juices making a lewd sound whenever you did so. He unhooked your bra and cupped your breasts with his large hands, massaging them expertly.

           "Tae.“ You exhaled as you rocked into him.

           "Hm.” he hummed as he began sucking into your neck.

           You placed a hand on his chest and you locked gazes as you started riding him more intensely. He bucked into you as heat was traveling down to his lower half as well. You groaned; it was a bit painful because you rushed straight into having him inside you. Although you were wet, you weren’t completely stretched.

           "You okay?“ he caressed your face worriedly, though his face immediately contorted when you pulled out and hurriedly sat into his dick. You both inhaled sharply at the pang of pain and pleasure.

           "Fuck.” you hissed. “It feels so good, Tae.”

           He kissed you needily as he thumbed your nipples and rocked his hips up to meet yours. You winced and groaned as he began filling you up more.

           "Y/N. I’m close.“ he whispered.

           You got on your knees, hurriedly, and dipped your head down his full length. He cried out and arched his back.

           "Fuck.” he breathed as your tongue swirled around his dick.

           Then you bobbed your head quickly, licking the head of his cock, alternatively. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily. You continued your rhythm, tightening your throat and mouth as much as you could to give him the sensation he needed, flicking your tongue under and down the sides of his length. His hips began gyrating into your mouth as he panted, and you followed his hurried rhythm until he had cum inside your throat.

           You swallowed and gave him flirtatious smile as he caught his breath.

           "Come here.“ he growled as he scooped you up from the ground.

           You squealed as he barged into your bedroom and threw you down on the bed. He lined his face in front of your throbbing core. His breath hitting you down there was enough to send you into whiles of pleasure. Your hands curled into your sheets as his long tongue licked your strip. You moaned as your hips bucked up. You were super sensitive from all the events of the night, so you felt already so close to your orgasm. He glanced up and as soon as he saw that you were already a needy mess, he pushed his face into you and began eating you out hungrily.

           "Oh my god.”

           You cried as he sucked at your clit and then pushed his tongue as deep as he could inside of you. His hands caressed your thighs gently and you easily rocked into his face in no time. He licked you through your orgasm. He pulled his face away as you heaved, lying on your bed limply.

           He grinned and stood up happily.

           You noticed that he was hard again and your body quivered giddily.

           "Open that drawer.“ You pointed.

           He wiped his mouth and obeyed.

           "Glow in the dark?” he grinned as he found the condom package.

           "Yea…it was a gag gift from a friend.“ You explained, mentally cursing Jimin that his gift would be actually coming in handy.

           Tae laughed. "I guess we’ll have to try it next time.”

           Your heart flipped over. “Next time?”

           He stared at you and smiled, stating firmly. “Yes. Next time.”

           He hovered over you and caressed your face lovingly. “Only if you want a next time of course.”

           You lay your hand on top of his and pressed your face into it.

           "I’d like that.“

           He beamed, fixing up your messy hair. You probably looked incredibly wrecked and unattractive, but his longing gaze was making you believe otherwise.

           "Are you comfortable? Are you sure you want this?”

           You nodded. Gone was all the alcohol in both your systems. Gone was the lust that you had enflamed in each other from your scandalous dancing. Now, the air was different. It seemed to mean more. Now, there were real feelings involved.

           "I’m sure. Tae, I need you inside me.“

           He hummed and positioned himself in front of your core.

           His eyes stayed locked on yours as he slowly dipped inside you. You gasped with pleasure as he stretched you out. His breathing also got heavier with the feeling of being inside you once again. He leaned down and kissed you sweetly, as he gradually made his way deeper into you. You felt intoxicated with everything that he was giving you. His gentle touches, the endearing way he looked at you, and the feeling of his gifted tongue smoothing against yours. You moaned as he filled you up, and you passionately made out with him inside you.

           But you needed more.

           "Tae, you can move.” You said breathlessly.

           He nodded, “Tell me if it hurts.”

           "I’ll be fine.“

           He began gently rocking his hips back and forth, and you writhed under him with pleasure. But what started off as languid, soon picked up the pace. He was pushing into you faster and faster as you kept moaning loudly.

           "Tae. Up and right more.” You instructed and he dug into you.


           He had gone too deep and you wanted to melt immediately, but you wanted him to hit your g-spot. You needed him to.

           "Pull back a bit and try again.” You breathed.

           He did so and you screamed, your toes curling, your body electrified.

           "Oh my god. Yes. Right there. Don’t stop.“ You groaned as he bucked into you.

           "You’re okay?”

           "Yes, holy shit. I’m more than okay. Tae. Don’t fucking stop.“ Your hands roamed his body as he rocked his hips, pleasure after pleasure hitting you like waves with each push forward.

           "Tae, I need you to play with my nipples and my clit. I need you.”

           You moaned loudly as he rammed into you hard, his hips sputtering as he too was getting overwhelming close to his high.

           Obediently, he latched his mouth on your breast and his hand shot down to rub circles into your clit, not stopping his rhythm. You began panting louder, your body riding up to meet his. The symphony of your skins colliding added to your heat. He growled as he felt that he was getting close. So not wanting to finish before you again, he pulled out.

           Before you could hiss at the loss, his tongue and fingers replaced where his dick used to be. He flattened his tongue to lick you clean then tickled your clit with the tip of it aggressively. You squirmed, feeling unbelievably close to your orgasm, but not wanting the pleasure to stop. Then you made the mistake of looking down and the way he was looking at you, full of genuine desire and awe, waiting for your approval, as his tongue played inside you, had your head spinning.

           "Tae.“ you croaked. "I want you to finish inside me.”

           He hummed and immediately pushed his hard cock back into you. He thumbed your nipples and you tried not to shut your eyes to revel in your high, because you were mesmerized by his gaze. He was taking in all of your expressions, like he didn’t want to miss a second of what you were doing, and how he was making you feel.

           "Tae…“ you breathed, feeling your release. "I’m going to cum.”

           He kissed your forehead sweetly. “Cum for me, baby. I got you.”

           You groaned. He rammed into your g-spot continuously as he flicked and smoothed over your sensitive buds. With all of the stimulation, you came undone under him. Pleasure electrified your body. You clenched around him and soon, you were both riding out your orgasms together.             

           After you both finished your release, he pressed his forehead onto yours as you both panted heavily. Sweetly, he planted a chaste kiss on your lips, which sent butterflies straight to your stomach.

           "I’ll take care of you.“ he whispered as he pulled out and threw out the condom.

           He waltzed to your bathroom and came back with a warm towel. You watched him lovingly as he wiped your body down with a small smile on his face. 

           "You’re staying over right?” You asked. Your voice came out smaller than you had expected it to be. Deep down, you were afraid he would leave just like the others.

           He glanced at you surprised. “Do you want me to?”

           You nodded and a grin formed on his face.

           "Then of course!“

           He chucked the towel into your laundry basket and warmly enveloped you in his arms. He threw the blanket over your bare bodies and almost immediately, you fell into a deep, comforting sleep.

           The sound of your phone blaring stirred you awake. Your eyes squinted and you found that Tae was still holding you tightly in his arms, sound asleep. You smiled as you reached up and caressed his face. What were the odds of V being him in the end? You were giddy with the thought that this was all blessed fate.

           Gently, you turned around to reach for your obnoxious phone and Tae instinctively clung onto your back, wanting to remain in the warmth of your closely wound bodies still. You giggled at his adorable action and unlocked your phone. Your eyes widened to find an obnoxious amount of calls from Jimin. You raised your eyebrows and then rolled your eyes as you read his messages acting like a frantic parent, wondering where you were and who you were with.

           You quickly replied for him to calm down, asking what was wrong with him. What had gotten into him lately?  

           Then you gasped slightly as you finally looked at the time. It was almost noon already! Your body had never let you sleep in this much before. Tae stirred behind you, kissing your shoulder.

           "Good morning.” His voice sounded rough and hoarse, and it immediately turned you on. Fuck, this guy was unfair.

           "More like good afternoon.“ you giggled as you turned to face him, his arms never unwrapping from your body. His eyes turned into happy crescents as he finally saw your face. Your heart welled up at his gaze. "Hungry?”

           "Mhm.“ He nodded cutely.

           "I have some gourmet cereal.” You grinned and he chuckled.

           "Sounds perfect.“

           "Let me get dressed first.” You picked up the first thing you could find, which was his black button shirt up. Wasn’t this in the living room? You then vaguely remembered Tae kicking it in front of him as he carried you into the room, since it was in his way.

           Smiling happily, you threw it on as he watched you.

           "How do I look?“ You twirled in his large shirt, knowing that your height differences made it seem like a dress on you.

           "Beautiful.” his eyes twinkled as he took the sight of you in.

           You climbed on the bed to press a kiss on his lips. “Come to the kitchen when you’re ready.”

           "Hm.“ he hummed as he stretched, trying to fully wake himself up.

           You chuckled as you waltzed to your kitchen lightheartedly. But he soon followed as you gathered the bowls, spoons, milk, and different brands of cereal you owned.

           "Do you add the milk first or cereal first?” you grinned.

           "Cereal first.“ he answered.

           "I do milk first.” You batted your eyes. “Is that a deal breaker?”

           He laughed. “No, it means there’s equality. There’s no hierarchy between us when it comes to milk and cereal.”

           You giggled as you poured your milk into your bowl and he, his choice of cereal.

           "Plus we won’t have to fight over it.“ he added.

           You smiled as you exchanged items.

           "I like seeing the cereal rise up. That’s why I put the milk last.” he explained.

           "I just like having more milk.“ You commented.  

           "What’re your plans for the rest of the day?” he questioned.

           You shook your head. “Other than Burlesque, none. Club Masquerade has a holiday weekend.”

           "Great.“ he grinned. "Then can I take you out for dinner?”

           You blushed. “I’d like that.”

           He reached for your hand and smiled, “Then we can head to work together ~”

           Brunch was filled with light hearted conversations and a lot of laughter, so much so that it didn’t seem like it had been the first night you had spent together. You could feel yourself glowing as you watched Tae talk or make jokes, and he looked at you with such fondness that your heart couldn’t stop doing somersaults.        

           After you both finished up your cereal, he grabbed the dishes and kissed your forehead. “I’ll wash these. You go shower.”

           You glanced up at him. “Are you sure? You’re the guest…”

           He nodded firmly. “Go shower first and take your time to relax.”

           "Thanks Tae.“


           He walked to the sink.

           You gently wrapped your arms around his back. “You know…”


           "I’m glad it was you.” you confessed.

           Tae grinned and turned around, sliding his hands onto your face. He leaned down and you both kissed deeply.

           "Me too.“

           You felt your heart soaring as you looked into his eyes. Everything seemed to have happened so fast, but it felt so natural, so easy.

           "I’ll be back.”

           Tae nodded as you floated to the shower giddily.

           Now that you were alone, you had time to recollect all of the events that had occurred last night. You smiled to yourself happily, remembering the sweet, careful sex that you and Tae had had on your bed. The way his arms felt around you as you slept, fully naked and vulnerable, but he had been there when you woke up.

           Then the image of Maroon mask seductively dancing and how you had gotten off just simply by riding his muscularly scrumptious thigh flitted across your mind. You felt heat pool down to your lower abdomen and you shook your head. That man was so alluring and magnetizing, it had to be a sin.

           You hummed. You wondered what Maroon looked like underneath the mask. He certainly had a silver tongue and skillful hands. Who was underneath, and what other skills did he have? You shivered despite warm water enveloping your body.

           But you pushed those thoughts and desires aside. Now that you had Tae, there was no reason to return to the Masquerade Ball anyway. Maroon mask would no longer be part of your life. And it’s not like you knew where and when you would be able to meet him anyway.

           Tae sang a song happily as he dried your dishes and put them away. Suddenly, there was loud, obnoxious knocking on your front door and frantic ringing of your doorbell. He flinched and floated away from the kitchen.  

           "Hm?“ Tae tilted his head as he went to answer the urgent sounds.

           Jimin was breathing heavily as he pounded his fist against your door, praying that you were inside and alright. He had been drinking pretty much until dawn, waiting for your message or call on how the night went, if you had gotten home okay, or if you needed him to come save you. But there was nothing until he was already stumbling to your house.

           You had sent him a cryptic and snippy message, which wasn’t enough to satisfy his worries. He had to see you.

           But when your front door swung open, he felt the wind get knocked out of him as he found a shirtless Kim Taehyung in front of him.

           His jaw dropped.

           "Chim Chims!” he greeted brightly. “Good mornoon!”

           Jimin blinked, wondering if he had knocked on the wrong house.

           "…Tae…“ he tried to greet somewhat enthusiastically, but it came out skeptic and overall confused.  "I came to check on Y/N…she said she was going to meet V last night…but why’re you here?”

           Tae giggled as he flung his arms up ecstatically, “Surprise!”

           Jimin raised an eyebrow, puzzled.

           Tae beamed so brightly that Jimin felt the need to shove his sunglasses over his eyes. But he felt his body freeze and his mouth slacken at Taehyung’s next statement:

           "It turns out we’re each other’s perfect match! I’M V! Isn’t it great, Chims?“

           All of his built-up anxieties and a shit ton of alcohol shot up through his stomach at that exact moment, and Jimin bent over and hurled right onto your doorstep.


Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 6, which is just on 7x23

Occasionally I run into a piece of media that I decide is part of my personal stash of gifts from the universe, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 7, Episode 23, ‘Extreme Measures: Part 7’ is one of those.

So as you can imagine I had a lot of REACTIONS, enough to merit just posting these notes up on their own, ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’-style. ENJOY. I sure as heck did.

7x23 ‘Extreme Measures: Part 7’
- if this is remotely like what I expect it’s going to be I already know this one is gonna kiiilll meee
- I can’t wait
- oh bless, it starts with Julian recording his Chief Medical Officer log. wait have we ever gotten any insights into Julian’s personal log? THAT MUST BE A TREASURE TROVE OF HILARITY. someday he’ll probably give it to Ezri to listen to the way he gave Jadzia his old Academy journals, and she’s gonna be like, oh criminy
- Kira’s still wearing the Starfleet uniform Garak made for her, which means my heart still patters happily whenever I see her. well, more than usual I mean.
- Odo calls him Doctor in person but Julian when he’s talking to Nerys, oh Odo
- [breathes out] the way this show deals with pain and dying and loss is always so heartfelt, I’m just!

I don’t think I should have started watching this episode already one drink deep because every beat feels like I’m being hit with a new water balloon of feelings

- Sisko: “is there any other resource I can offer you?”
  Julian: “no I’m good, I’ve got Miles”
  Miles: “…and I’ve got something I think we should tell you”
  Julian: “MILES WHY”

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Hyoyeon @ KBS SuJu Shindong’s Podcast

translated by  @ch0sshi

- They talked about how snsd used to have a fixed concept for each member, instead of being more fluid with roles in the group. hyoyeon said that was better off during their rookie days bc it was easier to memorize things. but as time goes on, that becomes so solidified that it doesn’t seem that great. like, all trainees learn to sing/dance/act. but when she’s constantly set as the dancer of the group, it kind of made her think like, ‘I can only dance. I must be bad at singing.’ She said it has its pros and cons.

-  I guess they were told hyoyeon’s specialties are dance and speaking Chinese.. hyo: these talents are kind of old. lol

-  Shindong said when they were trainees, hyoyeon and choi siwon went to china to study abroad.  Lee sooman always said that china would be like an important place for advancements(?) early on, so he made everyone study chinese.  They’d even have Chinese song singing contests, and if you won, youd get to go and study in China for 2~3 weeks.

-They mentioned how hyo’s blood type is AB. She said people usually think she’s either type O or B, and they get surprised when she says she’s AB.

-  Hyo kinda likes childish jokes, & she said fans call her kim choding, kim yeolsal/10-years-old. other nicknames like [snsd’s] dancing queen.  One nickname that is a bit more familiar is kim choding. She said kim yeolsal makes it seem like she’s really ten, lol.

-  Shindong asked what hyo’s nickname was as a kid, she said she was really well-behaved. she said kids used to call her 'trainee’.  Asked hyoyeon how kids at school reacted since, time-wise, she debuted while she would’ve been in school. but she didn’t really get to  experience that bc she went to study abroad when she was in middle school. so she came back to korea and took a qualification exam.

-  Hyoyeon said she’s kinda homely..she’s really neat, well-organized, and tidies up well.   Shindong: what about cooking? Hyo: I’m..gonna do that slowly. I’m gonna start with getting organized.  Said she’s also good at taking care of others.

-  Hyoyeon said she started properly dancing after joining sm and learning. the first time she saw herself dancing was in sm’s I AM movie.  She said whe watched thinking, 'so thats how I danced for my audition’. She hadn’t learned to dance at the time of that audition.  When she was in like elementary school, she just enjoyed copying dances. She only officially started learning to dance after joining sm.  So that dance team hyoyeon was in and when she danced with min, it was all after she had joined sm.  She wasn’t that into dancing, but an instructor saw her popping, and told her to learn it properly. so she just went there for like 2 years.  Even shindong said he assumed she was at that dance team first and then got cast in sm.

-  Something else surprising she said is that her dad wanted her to be in this line of work, so he sent a photo he took of hyoyeon around roses in a park to sm. said she was too timid atm to do something like that herself

-  All those dance competitions that hyoyeon got recognized participating in when she was younger..she went without telling sm.  Shindong said those things used to release on vhs bc the internet wasn’t that huge..but later, those clips started getting shared online.  The other dj dude said he watched her dancing online.. Hyoyeon: I watched them online too

-  They named her schools and gave exactly how long she trained at sm.. Hyo: you guys are really detailed here. lol

- Hyoyeon said she really likes ddeokbokki, could eat it for all three meals of her day. and while she’s promoting all the staff will probably have to eat nothing but ddeokbokki bc of her lol

-  Hyoyeon said she likes spicy foods. she said she only eats one brand of ddeokbokki, sinjeon. shindong said laboum is their cf model.  Hyo: they have a cf model?; Shindong: laboum is doing it.; Hyo: oh, congratulations.. lmao

- Hyoyeon said it’s been a while since she weighed herself. she said she uses her jeans as a way of being conscious of her weight.  She said she even washes her jeans all at the same time since they can stretch/shrink.

- Hyoyeon wrote her height really accurately: 160.45 cm xD

- Hyoyeon’s alcohol tolerance: it’s gradually increasing.

-  Shindong said once Hyoyeon was walking up the street like, in the middle of the night..he said she must have been really drunk bc she didn’t even recognize him. Said she was walking alone, Hyo said she’s usually not alone…so she must have really been drunk.  He even called out to her, but she just kept walking past him lol. said she doesn’t really like the taste of alcohol.  Shindong said that one time was the first and last time he saw her drunk. 

- Hyoyeon said when she drinks champagne, she loses her voice.

- A 'body secret’ she has is her stomach fat..said there’s a connection, since she’s been drinking a little more.

-   Hyo’s favorite song when she goes to karaoke: Jessica h.o’s 인생은 즐거워/life is good

-  Hyo’s hobby: playstation. she likes playing rayman. didn’t really like gaming, usually only played things like tetris or mahjong, lol  She said she got into super mario, and then got introduced to to the playstation and said rayman was similar.  Said she could lose sleep to play it, and she always has to get the gold medal.

-  She said she recently went to a pc bang, and had fun. Overwatch gave her motion sickness. she said she’s going to put that sticker  behind her ear to help with that next time she goes lol. she said she just played the game adults like….go-stop. lmao

-  Hyoyeon said she relieves stress by having a drink with (non-celeb) friends..she said she never had any interest in like meeting  friends/having a drink early on bc they were so busy anyway..but now it becomes like a time of healing.

- Hyo’s role model: Rihanna. 

- Hyo’s goal/dream: perfection, like, self-contentment

-  Asked what her goal for this promotion is. said there’s a picture she has drawn out, so she hopes that transfers onto the stage.

-  Hyo’s ideal type: Yoo Ah-In. for his looks/style, and like his voice.

-  Hyo’s motto: no matter what you do, become an honest person who does your best. she said this is something her dad made  her and her little brother memorize since they were little.

-  She said she got in a lot of trouble by her dad when she dyed her hair and got her ears pierced…yet he got her into sm, lol

-  Words that supported hyo: think positive things.

-  'if i got 24 hours to myself without a manager’- i think she wrote it happens often, lol.

-  She said compared to the number of members, the amount of managers they have isn’t that large. hyo said she’s a bit impatient and doesn’t really like waiting around once things end. she said it’s not good to do, but sometimes she’ll just leave first after they get done with things. she said it could be a good thing for managers, having one less person to take care of.

-  If hyoyeon got 100,000 won out of nowhere, she’d go and eat yukhoe/beef tartare with friends. said she really likes it.

-  If she didn’t become a celebrity, hyo said either dancing in the US/japan, or study and become a fashion designer.

-  Said she used to have an interest in fashion design. but now, she said the more you think about it, the more you realize how difficult it is. She said there are those times where you think your style is the best and you know everything, but you really don’t, lol.

-  After doing shows regarding fashion, she said she realized 'there’s a reason why there are specialists [in these fields]’

-  Shindong asked if dance is naturally acquired..she said the groove/soul you have with dance is something you’re kind of born with.  But she said it’s something you can overcome with effort/hard work.

-  Hyo said Shindong to her is just an oppa she’s known for a long time. shindong said that is true, bc they don’t share any memorable moments.  Hyoyeon said there are some oppas that she’s awkward with, even if she’s known them for a while. but that’s not the case with shindong. 

-  Asking her what like a special skill she has [like something to show on a variety show] hyoyeon’s response: sorry. lol  If she goes on variety shows, bc there were so many members, there’d be fixed questions for each of them..and she usually just danced lol  Hyoyeon: whether it rained or snowed, i just danced. lmao

-  They played just the first 10s of 'wannabe’, so it was just the instrumental/her voice didn’t even come on.  hyoyeon: is this bc of copyrights or are you just teasing me? lol. they said it’s to give people just a taste/they’re going to play more

-  Asked when the album comes out for their anniversary..she said since it’s their 10th anniversary, there should be a meaningful present..?  The other dj said he recently interviewed yoona, and she said an album comes out this year. hyo: did she say it? oh, she said it. lmao  the dj dude went on saying yoona said they’ll be releasing something in the summer, hyoyeon seeming unaware that she said these things.. Shindong said she can just continue to act like she doesn’t know anything..hyo: are they releasing something without me? xD  dudes: you’re not really unaware are you? hyo: i’ve been getting my news through articles. lmao

-  Hyoyeon said seohyun has become a bit more chill and whatnot than before..got influenced by her unnies lol

-  Hyoyeon said she used to do track in school. she was good at long-distance running and even went out as her school representative  for schools in incheon. she was so unaware of things like having the proper shoes for running. so she took her lightest pair: ballet shoes.  In the qualifying round, she got 4th place. but at the finals, she was so nervous that she got an upset stomach and didn’t do as great.

-  Said how she wants to get married early and have about 5 kids. said she really likes kids. in the past, she always said  her dream was to become a good wife, without really knowing wtf that was. lol  now, she said she just wants to keep working hard while she can lmao.

-  Asked if she still wants to have a lot of kids, and she said she thinks it would be good to have more. other dj: you should rethink that..xD  hyoyeon: i think i’m saying this bc i haven’t had any kids yet dj: yeah, i’m currently doing that [has a kid]..

-  hyoyeon said now that the podcast is coming to an end, she’s getting kind of scared bc it feels like she talked without much filter lol

-  shindong’s scenario: you get an offer to become a cf model for yupki ddeokbokki..you can eat other brands, but just have to film their cf.  asked if she would do it. hyo: of course. other dj: what if you can only eat yupki ddeokbokki? hyo: then i’d order it [secretly]… xD

-  They asked hyo which sinjeon ddeokbokki location she usually orders from, and she said she pretty much knows where they all are  bc she’ll order it when she’s in like a broadcast station’s waiting room and stuff. she’ll order through apps, or go there herself.

anonymous asked:

hey i hope you don't mind me asking this, but i was wondering if you could share what you mean about adam trying to date gansey by proxy through blue early in trc? bc i don't think i've ever thought about it that way before but you have me curious now lol

i don’t mind at all lol, though some of this is def personal interpretation/my imagination running away with me. also this got long fyi, because i’m me, sorry

(also you should know that i really hate adam/blue a ship lmao sorry. i love them both a lot but the whole thing that went down with adam not accepting blue’s not wanting to kiss him at first and punching the wall and so on is a personal berserk button for me so i rly dont have positive feelings abt this ship on its own, though i am sympathetic to how it had to do with adam’s abuse etc and certainly don’t want to paint him to be bad and evil. he’s a teen boy who has been abused and adam/blue is altogether a very teenaged and human dynamic.)

maybe it’d be more accurate to say that by dating blue adam is trying to be gansey by proxy: worthy, desirable, (heterosexual*), successful, everything he associates with gansey. but i also think he’s attracted to gansey, in the bi way, but that’s it’s difficult for him to separate the two, so i think we can connect those two concepts.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Hope you don't mind me asking but what exactly is what makes you think Isayama and his editors may be implying Eruri? :) I don't mind if you give me a long answer (I you'd like, of course)...

No problemo!

It all started a few years ago for me. I began noticing all this odd, unrelated, separate information in interviews etc and eventually realized that Isayama is actually kind of an eruri fangirl. I’ll take you through my realization journey throughout the years (lol)

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Episodes 3-6 Goblin Review: I can’t help but stare at your Smile

This is an analysis and review of mainly episodes 3-6 of Grim Reaper and Sunny’s relationship thus far. Why eps 3-6 combined? Because I wanted to wait until there was enough material to discuss their relationship. 

Originally posted by bogummies

The bridge has become an iconic spot for the second lead couple: the place where they first met, the place where they’re waiting for each other, the place where they set up their first “date,” and the place of their first supernatural incident (well except for when he told Deok-hwa and Sunny’s friend to leave lol). Why is this significant? Bridges have symbolically represented two things in literature and mythology: 1) the transition between life and death and 2) overcoming a challenge/obstacle. I think the bridge represents Sunny and GR’s relationship because he’s immortal (technically dead) and she’s human (alive); this may also explain why Samshin grandma is always at the bridge because bridges are associated with life and she’s the goddess of life/birth/children/mothers. 

It all began with the jade ringGR is subconsciously attracted to this ring for no apparent reason and he even cried (without realizing) when Sunny took the ring (I’m gonna comment that this drama has beautiful crying scenes T.T). Firstly, why would GR cry over a ring? I personally think he might be the reincarnation of the young Queen of Goryeo (aka. Shin’s sister?). Why? It makes sense that the person who wears the ring would be more sentimentally attached compared to the person who gave the ring. Also, the iconic scene of the young Queen’s tears (especially moving backwards) correlates to GR’s tears falling down (moving forwards) without reason. 

Sunny is immediately attracted to GR and vice versa… they definitely have this undeniable chemistry, but at the same time they’re completely opposites of each other. Sunny is a headstrong and confident woman; GR is cautious and adorably naive (I think he’s even more naive than Eun-tak lmao). It’s obvious to see that Sunny takes the lead and initiative in their relationship, while GR’s position as the messenger of death holds him back from taking action (I am fucking loving this drama where all the women take the initiative in the relationships.. YES!). 

So why would Samshin grandma say they will pay a huge price? I believe this is connected to their past lives and more will be revealed as the series progresses. She probably will play a huge role in their relationship… or she may also play as the “observer” of their relationship. But she seems to have a clue of who they may have been in their past lives. 

Interaction between these two in episode 3 is very limited besides Sunny and GR always thinking of each other - it got to the point where GR saw Sunny’s face in every woman he walked by. GR feels complicated and confused as to why he’s so smitten by Sunny. In the meantime, Sunny waits for GR to call her. She begins to question whether if there’s something wrong with her looks or if she had scared him away

Episode 4, 5, & 6 delves deeper into the progression of their relationship with them meeting again for the second & third time at the bridge and we get some hints as to what may be their past lives. One of the two most significant hints was 1) when Sunny said she prefers a “king on a white steed.” But also, right before this line… she said “she always seems to be waiting for people.” I find this particularly interesting because, in episode 1, the young king waits for Shin to return for him to receive his punishment instead of already killing off Shin’s family for supposed treason. In those days, the subjects should never make the King wait. On the other hand, there’s also a saying that goes, “A King waits for his Queen.” After learning Sunny’s tastes, personality, and the way she talks… I personally think she’s the reincarnation of the young King of Goryeo because 1) she has high and qualitative tastes in her men, 2) she acts and demands like a king (she drinks and eats healthily to keep her skin beautiful like royalty), and 3) she has the reigns in their relationship (kind of like a King reigns over his people).  

There’s a lot of cute scenes of these two that provide comedic relief and romance that we may not entirely get from our main couple: drinking coffee together, Grim Reaper’s formal way of talking vs Sunny’s flirt talking, GR mispronouncing “Sunny,” Sunny’s sarcasm (gosh I just love her “to death” lol… get it? okay I’ll shut up haha), GR adding Sunny’s phone number, GR tuning his voice for the phone call, GR and Sunny’s group date, and their supernatural encounter at the bridge. These two don’t fail to make us laugh and cheer them on. Throughout all of these interactions between these two, if you haven’t noticed, GR is very polite, always bows, and always says “thank you” instead of “sorry.” I think this is very notable and isn’t only for comedic factor - I find it very similar to how a queen would act as opposed to Sunny who is very straight-forward, direct, and demanding like a king. It’s also very charming and refreshing of GR who gets easily jealous (abuses his powers lmao) and is totally enamoured by Sunny that he leaves her speechless with his adorable honesty. 

As for the other important hint - I’m sure we’re all equally confused as to why there was that “awkward” cut-in scene of Sunny and GR when Shin was talking about his past. It obviously wasn’t accidentally edited there, but most likely to foreshadow the correlation between GR and Sunny to the King and Queen of Goryeo (particularly how Sunny’s intense stare was sequenced so accurately with the King’s intense stare lol). Also, it’s important to note how significant the issue of GR’s name is to the plot. I believe that GR’s issue being nameless is very important for 1) his character and 2) maybe how the queen was branded as a traitor thus also being forgotten like Kim Shin. Therefore, being nameless, he has no authority and confidence to call Sunny, while I interpret Sunny’s name to literally represent the Sun which back then Kings were symbolized by the Sun and the Queens by the Moon. Then again, the theory that Kim Sun (Sunny’s name) is similar to Kim Shin (which would point towards Sunny being the reincarnate of the queen) is very plausible as well. Lastly, I’d like to point out when Sunny personally said she would “kill him” it was kinda déjà vu that it immediately reminded me of the king… on the other hand, I may be overthinking this lmao. xD

One last point that I want to mention, GR’s quote, “I can’t help but stare at your smile,” sums up their relationship thus far and it may hint towards how they are the reincarnations of the King and Queen. Why? GR has only been watching Sunny from afar, but hasn’t really taken action to advance their relationship for numerous reasons - something similar I would associate with a queen who can only watch and guide her king from a distance and hope for his happiness (that’s why GR gave Sunny the ring because he wants her to be happy). I’m not sure if the King and Queen were in love; however, I do think the Queen must have at least genuinely cared for the King to sacrifice herself and to confidently tell Shin to keep walking towards him (she may have known that the King was badly influenced). The only way I can see how the queen, the role of becoming a grim reaper, and the ring being in the hands of Samshin grandma are correlated is that the queen may have been pregnant at the time of her death. Therefore, she knowingly, willingly, and essentially “killed” her child - an innocent life. So overall, I love the progression of GR and Sunny’s relationship and how it contrasts to our main couple. I can’t wait to see how their relationship will move forward, what the grandma meant by “high price” that they must pay, and how GR will fulfill the missing things that he needs (Bruh, I personally am lacking a lot of things too… so I feel this on a spiritual level… >.<).

^Well, I finally finished writing this and it’s a lot longer than I expected lol… Please feel free to discuss with me. I’d love to hear your theories/thoughts. 

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Episode 11 Review: So you did come and go for a moment in my life

Episode 12 Review: An absolute fate that is beyond human beings’ eternities

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Deok Hwa and Grandpa Theory Review: From this moment on, this child will serve you, your Lordship

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