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Hi. I am thirteen and I want to come out as trans. But, I have a feeling that I'm not trans. I like my body and I can't imagine it like a boy. But, in my head I forget that I'm female, I don't like my name (it doesn't feel exactly right), and when I look in the mirror it's like something is wrong. I can't point out the wrong thing, it just has a feeling of wrongness. Do you think I could be trans and i'm doubting myself? I don't want to come out, go on T, get surgery, and realize I'm not trans

Hey! I can’t tell you what your gender is but maybe exploring the nonbinary genders will help you. We have a definitions page and you may find one there that fits how you feel a little more! Even if you are trans you don’t have to start T or have any surgeries if you don’t want to. It’s your transition and you decide what you need to be comfortable, don’t let anyone force you into them! Maybe trying out a new name and different pronouns might help you and coming out to a few close friends will help you find what feels right and what doesn’t. You’ll be okay, sometimes it takes a while but you’ll find yourself! 


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Since Peter is going through puberty he voice will crack and break very often. Cue fight with some robbers and in the middle of quip he voice just BREAKS and the robbers side eye each other; "did you hear what I heard," and Peter just immediately tries to brush it off "oh dang allergies season," and it happens AGAIN-and now I want thousand of fics of Peter's age being revealed to the criminal underworld in embarrassing ways.

i can’t give you a thousand fics, but i can give you this one:


There was a nagging tug at the back of Peter’s mind that had nothing to do with his spider-sense and everything to do with the light coming from the windows of The Trustee’s National Bank. He knew the bank should be closed at this time of night; more than once he had rushed up to its doors after missing his train, hoping to cash his latest paycheck from the Bugle, only to see the “Closed” sign and a distinct lack of light.

But it was nearing midnight and the place was still lit up like a Christmas tree. Maybe someone was staying late. Maybe the bank was extending its hours. Maybe security had simply forgotten. There was a host of explanations that didn’t involve criminal shenanigans. But what harm could it do to check, right?

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Hi Taylor taylorswift !

My name is Jordyn. I am thirteen years old and I live in Canada. Starting at the age of two, I have aspired to be a singer/songwriter. I would sing songs from the Lizzie McGuire movie and stand in front of mirrors singing “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.” By Shania Twain. Starting at the age of six, I became a Swiftie.

Everyone knew I had music in my veins and upon request (from my grandparents) I started listening to your first album. My all time favourite was “Stay Beautiful”. It was my grandpa’s favourite too (He’s a hardcore Swiftie. You’re his girlfriend if you didn’t already know)! I sang everyday, all day. I tried to dance too but I was never really good at that so…

In 2011 my mom, auntie, and grandma got my cousin, Jenna, my sister, Amanda and I tickets to your Speak Now Tour that August. We went and by the time Mean was performed I was bawling my eyes out. In 2013 I went to the Red Tour with my family, including my grandparents who were so excited to see you! This year I will be going to your tour in early August and I’m so excited to bawl my eyes out yet another time and jam out to the masterpiece you call 1989.

I started performing in front of people at the age of 10 and continue to share my passion. I started writing when I was 11 and playing instruments at 9. Through all that time I looked only to one artist and that was you. I learned about you and your lyrics inside and out and plastered my walls in posters (there might as well just be Taylor Swift wallpaper in my room). My second dream is to be able to sing with you and show you my lyrics.

Through the battles of school, drama, and mind blocks from writing I have always looked up to you. Without your music and your sweet disposition in my life I would have never gotten to where I am now in my music career.

A couple of days ago I auditioned to sing at one of the world’s largest stampedes. I sang this medley of Teardrops On My Guitar and Alone by Heart and got in the top 6! There were around 50 people who auditioned and now I get to sing in front of thousands of people! It’s been my dream ever since I was a little girl and because of your guidance and support, through your words and strength, I get to live that dream. I thank you with all of my heart. I just wanted to show you this video as a reminder of how much you help others and how you inspire people each and everyday.

Love, Jordyn.

The Events That Have Taken Place

Hi, my name is Kiarra. I am thirteen years old and I was targeted in the Supernatural Fandom Anon Hate. I was called many names including Skank, Slut, Whore, Bitch, Ass hat, Cunt, and other extremely horrifying names. I am still shaken up, still pretty suicidal, still want to bleed and inhale pills that will make me sleep forever. And that might happen after I type this out. But what I want to say has to be said. These people don’t deserve to make us feel down. Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time a man was walking. He had just got new shoes, his old ones where worn, torn and had holes in them. So he had just bought new ones and wanted to walk with them. So he walked down the street, the place with the nice old ladies, the dogs that great you. He walked so far, that he didn’t even realize he entered the bad part of the town. The place where people spat on you and the houses where run down. He stopped, too scared to move. When he did decide to keep walking, his shoe, was stuck to the ground with multiple pieces of gum. The man sat on the bench and began to weep. As he wept, people started to come to him and tell him all sorts of compliments!
“We love you!”
“Stay strong!”
“It’ll get better!”
But the man continued to weep, looking past all of the comments and focusing on the gum on his new shoes. That is, until a woman pushed her way through the crowd with a scraper. She sat down next to him and in one swipe, took off all the gum. The man stopped crying, wiped his tears away and smiled at the woman. Taking her hand, he walked her to the good side of town and bought her some lunch, happy as can be.
The end.

Now I’m going to explain the story, and how it’s related to this.
In the story, it explains how the man had just bought a new pair of shoes. Let’s call the new shoes “Self-Love.” Or “Confidence”- SLC. It also explains how the man used to have worn down, torn shoes with holes in them, meaning he used to hate himself. Used to have no confidence or self-love. Now, it explains that he was walking through the good part of town, the town of smiles and goodness. But then he ends up in the bad part of town, where their is no SLC and frowns. He feels fear, when he is surrounded by bad people. The bad people see the fear and leak holes into his “Self Love” and “Confidence” which leaves the gum. The gum is the negative comments that the bad people speak. The man feels so much negativity that he begins to cry. The cries where heard by the good people and they come to help. They say all they can, trying to make him feel better about the gum on the bottom of his new shoes. But he doesn’t listen. Because all though the kind words where heart warming, it didn’t solve the problem. Until the woman with the scraper came along. Didn’t say anything, just solved the problem. She solves the problem, no questions asked. And I really want to be that woman.
There are many people trying to fix the problem the Anon caused and I thank you everyone for you heart-warming words, but that doesn’t always fix the problem, but it can help. And I’m here to help.
Below is all my information for getting ahold of me. If you wanna be here for me during my suicidal time or you need someone to be there, it’s there. I’m here.

Kik- ariasprings
Snapchat- ariabright
Instagram- Personal: thyqueenofhorror Spn: ashesofkindredspirits

Number: 2509814515

Hold in there, that woman will come along soon.

The Date Night

“This is all James’ fault.” Alex shoved a beer to Bret while sending a sneer towards James’ general direction.

“Yeah, I have to agree man, this is your fault.” Bret popped open the beer bottle and hauling himself upright on the deck swing James built himself, over-looking the giant pool in his back yard. 

“How is this my fault? I was planning a night out for me and my wife and you boys just had to suggest this!” He grumbled as he loaded the charcoal in his brand spanking new grill. 

“Exactly. Do I look like the type to say, hey Yassi, so do you want to go with me to James and Naddie’s new place, you know like a couple? That woman has my balls in a jar somewhere and it’s all your fault why she has them in the first place.” Bret rubbed the box in his pocket unconsciously. The thing had been burning a hole in his back pocket for ages he felt as if he was one with it. Major Gollum syndrome. 

“They probably have a room, all to themselves… some shelf where the three of them placed our balls in.” Alex sighs, but he checks the counter he installed in his phone. 5 months, thirteen days, seven hours, and 20 minutes to go.

“And knowing James’ wife it’s alphabetized. Alex’s balls. Bret’s balls. James’ balls. Somewhere in that McMansion you built” Bret gestured to the large house, sprawling over the vast land that they bought… away from the city and the noise.

“Will the two of you stop talking about balls and help me get this thing on fire so I can cook my steaks and then never let you back into my house?”

“This is your fault man, you got us pussy whipped.”

Alex shoved James away from his state of the art, every single Australian man with a midlife crisis, backyard grill/stove set and fiddled with the knobs himself.

“Nadine will kill me if that sucker melts.”

“See, see that is the point. We’re barbecuing, on a Friday night, on James’ backyard deck he built himself with his wife because of sappy reasons. We used to paint the town red, and now you’re worried that this sucker might melt and that your wife will make you sleep with Clarky Junior in the dog house. Bret’s got a ring with a rock the size of Jupiter burning a hole in his pocket since Christmas and I am getting married in 5 months, thirteen days, seven hours, 14 minutes and give or take 35 seconds. What happened to us? This is your fault James.”

James grinned at Alex, who finally had the grill flame on and was now moving away so James can grill his lamb.

“How is it my fault? Who proposed to Chie when he was so darned wasted from my bachelor party claiming that you were jealous?”

Bret guffawed and handed Alex his beer back and Alex sneered at him.

“Man, Chie made you crawl for that one.” Bret shook his head, remembering the begging and the pleading and the countless humiliations he saw Alex go through so Chie will forgive him.

Alex turned to glare at Bret once more and pointed at his pocket before wiggling his eyebrows.

“And who made Nadine bring Yassi to his party in a total I am so desperate to love you move? Who has a ring burning in his pocket as we speak?”

“Wait wait don’t turn this on me… it was Jaye who began this madness.”

Both of them turned to glare at James once more who merely shook his head.

James adjusted his kiss the cook apron and grinned at his two friends.

“Who said you had to settle down when I did?”

“You ass, you made it seem like it was the happiest thing in the world.”

“Alex man… that’s…”

“It’s true. I’ll tell you the story…”

“Alex… you told us the story every time we meet.”

Alex sent Bret a glare once more and continued on with the sentence. “I’ll tell you the story of how James pushed me to admit my feelings to Chie.”

It was a rainy day in Japan, and it was a rare hang out for just Alex and James just the two of them.

“We’re going to have so much fun man, all these babes, and you and I looking as exotic as their to die for uni… yo, James. What the hell are you frowning at over there.”

James looked up distractedly from his phone, his face obscured by the large black hat he nicked from Nadine.

“I can’t get a good connection in this rain, and I can’t show Naddie I’m eating sushi… finally! Hey Naddie! Guess where I am guess?”

Alex was basically forgotten when James got in touch with Nadine and with a shake of his head, he took a photo of his friend, so happily engrossed in his conversation that he forgot about all else.

“That was the first time I’ve seen you smile like that. Like you won the lottery and then later that night, I asked you… why were you so eager to talk to her, you told me-”

“She’s the one person I want to share everything with. Even things as mundane as what I had for dinner.”


Alex grinned at James who also had a soft look in his eyes, thinking back to the days when he and his wife used to hide their feelings.

“You made me realize for the first time in my life that I also had someone like that. Someone I wanted to share all with, and I was taking her for granted. You showed me, Jaye, you showed me just how good it can be. So you crazy assed  asshole, this entire thing is your fault. You turned me into this sappy bastard. And I guess… fuck man, I’ve never been happier.”

James grinned at his friend and slung an arm around him while he flipped his lamb on the grill and added the sausages.

“Welcome to the light my friend, now if only Bret would get the balls to propose…”

“How can I you idiot! How can I propose to Yassi when she helped you plan the most outstanding proposal of the century? How can I top that?”

“Yass… you sure I shouldn’t wear something more formal?”

Yassi shook her head and smoothed down James shirt, the plaid hoodie over it and his signature pants.

“She fell in love with you like this, you told her you loved her like this, you have always been yourself through all the big moments Jaye. I think this is the one moment you want to be yourself.”

They were back in Antonio’s. The place where they celebrated their first month together as a couple. And now… two years later he was back. This time with a ring in his pocket, and it was burning a hole through his pants.

His family was here and so was hers… she would love it if family was here to witness this. Everyone was holding on to a butterfly, to be released when she walks in the door, and he had candles everywhere.

“Bret, you watch Jaye, make sure he doesn’t puke, I’ll check where Naddie is.”

Bret sat down next to James and patted him on the shoulder. 

“You okay man? Having second thoughts.”

“No it’s just….”


“What if she says no? Bret. I’m throwing myself off this hill if she says no.”

Bret chuckled at the pale white expression on James’ face as he fiddled with the blue ring box with the tell tale logo stamped on it.

“Jaye. Her entire family is here, all of our friends are here, your family is here. She’s been dropping hints all year, and you never even noticed. I think you finally had the thought to propose because all those passive hints took root in your easy to manipulate brain. She’s saying yes, trust me.”

James gulped but before he can answer, Yassi appeared at the door.

“She’s coming! Everyone get ready!”

James shuddered and with his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, he shakingly made his way to the back of the room, clutching the microphone in his hands.

Mimi gave him a small thumbs up and he grinned, hoping his smile did not look like a grimace.

But then she walked in the room, just in her pants and a button down, and her hair in a bun, and Bret watched as James focused on her and lit up.

As if all the fears, all the evils, all the… crap of the world would not matter because she was finally here.

And turning over to glance at Yassi who was watching her best friend tear up as James sang her the song he wrote for her… Forever, he realized that this moment, this one moment where you have everyone you love in one room support you, is the best thing in the world. Next to making the person you love know just how much you love her.

When Nadine said yes and clutched James, and they both swayed to music only they can hear he glanced at Yassi and saw her tearfully clap and cheer for them.

That was when he knew… this, happily ever after, this was the life he wanted for himself.

“You wrote her a song, you got all her family there, and you even had a sappy speech. And you had a ring that was just her taste. Jaye, you got her a blue diamond. Most guys would just go oh there that’s big and shiny, but you thought about what she would like, what would be her style, you did not buy the biggest rock money could buy. You bought her something with love, do you know because of your little stunt, it took me 3 months to choose a ring?”

Alex guffawed and shook his head. “I was there man. Every single jeweller you harassed.  Even Tita Dinz threw us out of her store in exasperation.”

“The thing is Jaye, you were first. You… loved first. You showed us… how good it can be. And… you saved us. We were all in that spiral, wasting our lives, having random hook ups and fun but… you showed us there was more to life. You fucker you started this pussy whipped club.”

“Hey stop calling my husband the f-bomb and if you haven’t noticed we’re trying to be cuss friendly here because James the Second can hear now.”

James’ face immediately lit up and he quickly gave the tongs to Alex and rushed over to his wife… his very heavily pregnant wife and lifted her off her feet and into his arms.

“How are you my love?” He asked and kissed her forehead. She laughed and laid her head on his shoulder.

“My back hurts, I pee every thirty seconds, and your son thinks my spleen is a soccer ball. And also, I feel fat and ugly.”

James mock frowned as he walked with Nadine to the deck swing and plopped her beside Bret. Bret grinned at her and wrapped an arm around her and she laid her head on his shoulder.

“Ugly? No way! You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Bret tell her.”

Bret grinned and patted Nadine’s shoulder. “I’d love to man, but Yassi is the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Nadine gave a tinkling laugh as James made his kilig noises and she raised her arms to her husband and he immediately sat beside her and gathered her close.

“Naddie kahit buntis ka, ang bilis mo gumalaw, pero pag buhatan na ang bilis mo din tumakas.”

Chie blew out tendrils of her hair away from her face as she hefted the coolers into the deck.

Alex immediately went to her, lifting her up and pressing a kiss to her cheek.

“There’s my Chie. I missed you never have girl’s night again.”

Chie slapped his shoulder and ordered him to get the coolers, but Alex merely slipped her down his torso and smiled at her. “5 months, thirteen days, 12 hours, 5 minutes and give or take 22 seconds.”

Chie grinned and wrapped her arms around him. “Almost there hon.”

“Hoy hoy, ang landi, nasusunog ang pagkain!”

Yassi grinned at her friends all cuddled up and turned down the heat on the grill. James made his way to it, Nadine wrapped around him and he grinned at Yassi, kissing her cheek and pointing towards Bret.

“He missed you. Also we blame you for starting girl’s night and stealing our girls. And my son. I hear my son kicked today and I was not the first one to feel it.”

Yassi rolled her eyes and pointed at Nadine’s stomach. 

“Ang laki niyang anak mo ha, six months pa lang parang nine months na. Sure ka ba hindi twins yan.”

James’ eyes widened as Nadine laughed and hugged him closer.

Yassi stared at them incredulously and smiled so wide it felt as if her cheeks would burst.

“SERYOSO? WOOHOO congrats you guys! Kaya ba may dinner tayo?”

Nadine nodded and cupped her stomach.

“It’s James the second and James the third. Lord help me, 3 boys. How will I survive!”

Yassi whooped and hollered at their other friends who immediately joined in the fray.

“They’re so happy. It looks good on them.”

James and Nadine were just on their pool, splashing each other here and there as James talked to the twins in Nadine’s stomach. Every once in a while one of the babies will kick at him and he’d grin, rubbing her stomach and even leaning down to rest his cheek against them.

Alex turned to the kitchen and grinned as Chie and Yassi prepared a monster sundae for them all to celebrate Baby Reid number 2 who was incubating with Baby Reid number 1 all along.

“We’re happy too, it’s thanks to them. Who knew right… three bad boys, three game changers.”

“I think… nah it’s too sappy.”


“I think we’re all going here you know. Eventually, but… James just pushed us to the right direction.”

Nadine let out a loud laugh as both babies seemingly kicked because of their dad’s face and James’ utter euphoria was just there on his face.

Alex and Bret grinned at them.

Maybe they were all meant to be exactly here.

Ashton Hunger Games



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He was your best friend. You two grew up together, but then he was called up in the reaping, your heart ached at the thought of losing your best friend. You cried and hugged him in the justice hall as he told you to take care of Harry and Lauren. He moved the hair from your face and kissed your fore head, staring into your eyes one last time before you were pulled away.

He looked amazing in his interveiw, a brown suit making his eyes pop. He sat down across from Caeser, trying to look brave.
“So Ashton, as handsome as you are, you probably have girls throwing themselves at you, do you not?” He asked him, making Ashton laugh lightly.
“Maybe, but there’s only one girl I care about.” He informed Caeser.
“Whats her name?” He asked. Ashton let out a nervous laugh.
“She’s watching, I can’t say.” He said with a laugh. It had to be Lindsay Adams, a girl in your year. She was gorgeous and constantly flirt with Ashton.

He was phenomenal in the arena, you were always watching and cheering for Ash. It was near the end of the games where things started to get strange, more peace keepers came, more whippings happened over little things. You watched Ashton sit by a boy from eleven, his ally, the boy was younger than him, he had to be fourteen at the most.
“Tell me about your girl at home.” The boy from eleven said, they were eating berries and a cooked turkey Ash killed.
“She’s my best friend. I’ve loved her since we were seven.” Ashton said. Your breath caught in your throat.
“Is she pretty?” The boy asked.
“She’s absolutely gorgeous.” He answered.
“Whats her name?”
“Y/n, she probably heard me but oh well, I won’t be here for much longer.” With that you ran out of your small cabin, running down the streets, trying to catch your breath, you couldn’t breath. Your brain felt like it was stuffed with cotton balls with a cold throb. What did he mean? You were confused and angry he wasn’t here to explain. You felt arms grab you, you whipped around and tried to sink your fists into them, to have them grab your hands, sinking a needle into your neck, making you fall unconscious.

The room was white and hurt your eyes, you felt restrained on your ankles and wrists.
“Where am I?” You screamed, the room was still empty. “Why am I here? Where’s Ashton?” You screamed, your heart was racing so much it hurt. “Please! Somebody! Help!” You screeched.
“Ashton never said you were a screamer.” A tall burly man with dark skin and a deep voice said with a smirk. He was flanked by an short, older, pudgy man with wrinkles scratched into his pale skin.
“Where am I?” You asked quietly.
“District thirteen. We ambushed the arena and Ash told us to grab you.” The old man said.
“Where is he?” You squeaked.
“Hospital wing, he’s injured.” The tall dark skinned man said.
“Can I please see him?” You asked. The tall man undid the restraints.
“He will explain everything to you, come with me.” You did what you were told, making your way through the metallic walls and floors, making it to Ash’s room. You wasted no time, running to him and taking him in your arms. He pulled you into the small hospital bed with him, sitting up. You sat with your knees on each side of his thighs. His facial hair had grown out, the stubble tickled your finger tips as they grazed his jaw line.
“Y/n” He whispered through dry, cracked lips.
“Ashton. I thought I’d never see you again. I love you, oh I love you.” You told him, breathlessly. He smiled and kissed your soft lips.
“I love you. So much.” He whispered.
“Whats going on?” You asked.
“We’re in a rebellion, sweetie.”