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Credence Barebone / Cuddles & comfort:

  • Because Credence had been abused, it will be a dodgy subject to him just because (in my honest opinion), being betrayed by Graves was a pushing point. You’d have to give him time in order for it to be okay for him again, but once he begins to feel your touch, he’s drunk off it.
  • He loves to have your hands roam around to his back side and have your fingers massage at the base of his spine. It’s a coping skill that comforts him when he feels overly stimulated with stress.
  • Credence likes to have his hair messed with, it makes his eyes roll back.
  • He absolutely adores being the little spoon, curling into protection (usually into your neck or stomach). He has his arms snaked around your waist and his lips perked against your collarbone.
  • He’s ticklish.
  • Good lord, is he ticklish. His ribs, part of his thighs, and under his chin is where he loses it (have you ever heard Credence snort? well you will for sure if you try that).
  • Since his obscurus is very cautious when it’s out in its own form, comforting it and himself has to take a series of persuasion and lulling.
  • Singing softly, reassuring him that it is just you and no one else, saying good things about him or bringing up positive memories - mostly works.

sam-winchester-admiration-league  asked:

Please don't post your Destiel stuff in irrelevant tags like Sam, Mary, Crowley, Jared, Jensen, Mark, Crowley, Buffy, Avengers, Mother Nature, Harry Potter, Chris Potts, etc etc etc. Destiel shippers already are getting tons of hate from so many fandoms because of tag abuse. My poor friends who like Jensen/Dean haven't been to his tags in years because of the "destiel infections" (their words). So please, stop the hate towards Destiel shippers by stop abusing the tag system. Thank you.

Okay I will remember that and stop. Thank you for saying it😊

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I love love love your blog!! Do you have any fic recs? Maybe some protective Bucky? Or some h/c:)

I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying my posts, anon!! Oh man, do I have some fic recs though… I have so many! I assume you’re asking about winteriron since you mention Bucky and that’s what I mostly post about these days. I’ve read so many winteriron writings…

I’ll limit these to protective Bucky and hurt/comfort like you suggested, because otherwise this fic rec list would go on forever!

Winterion Fic Recs—

under the read more:

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I would like to thank Disney Japan for acknowledging Tadashi Hamada's existence as a Big Hero 6 character

It almost makes up for the fact that Disney US conveniently forgot about him.


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i imagine dex not exactly having an abusive dad. its more like his dad makes destructive comments about dex. a lot. sometimes its about politics or other people, but most times its @him. after games its things like "yall did great out there, seems like ure not dragging them down so much anymore, huh son?" and most days it feels like his dad is attacking him not so subtly. ok sorry anways actual prompt: dex trying not to let his dads words hurt him and nursey reassuring him of his self worth.

Okay, I didn’t really go into what his dad said very much.  It’s mostly Nursey comforting Dex.  Hope that’s okay!!

Thanks for the prompt! xxxx


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I was curious about how you felt about Tony and Clint's relationship and Tony and Wanda's relationship in CACW. I actually saw some people say that Tony was abusive towards Wanda in CACW. It was regarding him trying to get her to stay at the Avengers Facility and then blaming him for her being on the Raft and being restrained and having her powers inhibited.

Oh boy. Okay. Short answer is no, absolutely not. Spoilers under the cut. 

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A lady just yelled at me in the hotel Fedex because she thought I worked there and was incensed that a hotel would charge actual money for copies. “I have never in my life seen a hotel charge money to make just a few copies.”

a) I don’t fucking work here as evidenced by my distinct lack of a fucking uniform or name tag and you should probably at least courteously ask if someone is being paid not-enough money to take your verbal abuse before you unleash it.

b) Have you never been to ANY hotel in the capitalist system because literally all of them charge money for goods and services it’s how things fucking work especially at FED FUCKING EX.

c) Unless you’re talking to an old white executive dude wearing his Decisionmaking Suit there is literally no need to be a dick to anyone ever about product pricing especially the people that have to put up with your sorry ass because they have ZERO CONTROL over this decision that has rendered your life sooooooooo difficult.

d) It took every ounce of self control in my body not to call you out for being a Cuntwrap Supreme and if I’d had a few more hours of sleep and didn’t feel so DEFEATED by the HOPELESSNESS of MAN’S SISYPHEAN STRUGGLE TO EVOLVE I would have done so.