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Well, well, well….we have another Saturday of our weekly version of Red Carpet Snatch!! But wait, before we bask in the newfound happiness of the SM “It” couple, I do have a few red carpet etiquette questions before I look at Skippers newfound noteriety Shall we???

1- The Bafta’s. Now one could argue this was the debut date appearance of our “couple”, but I am baffled why there are still no red carpet pics of them anywhere. Anyone?? Oh that’s right, there are none. That “reveal” was more of a seat filler variety, and not really a date. My bad…I forgot about Sam’s face…..

2- New Years Eve. Well, I guess one could call the airport line an “industrial” red carpet of sorts. And, there were even FB paparazzi on hand to record the happy moment. And since the destination origins varied so greatly…Amsterdam, London, Zermat….oh wait, I forgot Sam wasn’t in London (forgive my slip up), I am still waiting of the vacay pics with such blissful moments.

3- Georgia, and the wedding among the peaches. I suppose the prom shot in front of the gazebo could qualify, but it was a little awkward. Guess the liquor had not started flowing enough to get cozy shots that alerted the world of the great new love born out of corporate travel!! But, I’ll bet the food was good! Probably plenty of shrimp on the buffet!

4- Hollywood. Land of dreams and schemes! Ahhh…the Piaget event. What lovely photos, and Sam has mastered that watch thing hasn’t he?!? Looks like a human arm chair…but that is not the point. Anyway, why no posing on the red carpet, and what a golden opportunity missed in front of the Kale backdrop?!? We would have come full circle from the grocery store to “Jungle Timex”! But, the pics we did see were at least professional images. If only Mr. Jackson looked a little happier with his stylings. I think he is used to dressing people with more “lengthy and pleasing ” proportions. And, not too sure he likes Kale. Plus, I found the whole affair rather icy…at least look happy, and Skipper did, so that is a plus!

So, to be fair for comparison purposes….

1-T2 premier. Another non-working event for Mr. Heughan. All I can say about that red carpet walk was thank goodness it was cold there. The couple on that one did everything but the nasty in front of the world to see. What were they thinking?? The ass-whistling (hell, I did it myself), the no room for Jesus poses, and that crotch hockey…OMG. There was enough heat to generate that entire premier, and even the reporters couldn’t write enough about it. Oh…and don’t forget jealous Sam….and of some random 16 year old to boot. But I don’t think we were supposed to see that…

So, I ask you….which of these is true? And, why is one of the folks involved in the new “it” couple of the century not sharing now that it is all in the SM world to see. Quite simple really. One is pimpimg…sorry, posing for money, and the other is posing for love. You pick the carpet….any carpet.

Shiptini’s on deck today. Now where can I find a good backdrop for some pics today? Ice sculptures anyone!! Love you shipstas!!😎😍

Ghost Stories Sentence Starters
  • "So I was nailing this midget when my mom walked in-"
  • "Not Grand Theft Auto! What would Hilary Clinton say?"
  • "I thought meth was only this bad in Oregon."
  • "You just KNOW she's covering her lust for me with cruelty and violence."
  • "It might be painful-like watching Two and a Half Men-but you'll get used to it after awhile."
  • "You smoked it all, didn't you?!"
  • "So, what do you wanna talk about? It's not that rash again, is it?"
  • "Please save me Lord, for I am your favorite among these heathens."
  • "Sure!...jackass."
  • "Now, open your books and turn your page to whatever."
  • "Verizon, like Jesus, never stops working for you!"
  • "Years ago, people went into that tunnel and never came out, kinda like your sister."
  • "You are shockingly hateful."
  • "What movie are we ripping off again?"
  • "Why are old people always watching the weather channel?"
  • "Thundercats, HO!"
  • "RUN! She's a ghost AND a bitch!"
  • "Aw, that's so sweet! In a Emily Rose, you-scare-the-hell-outta-me kinda way!"
  • "Time to go home, load up that bong and watch Pokemon!"
  • "Monsters only get evil people like Republicans, and we're not old enough to vote!"
  • "Principals always look like lesbians."
  • "Aren't any of you bastards gonna help me?!"
  • "What the fizzity uck was that?!"
  • "Butch it up and get the torches."
  • "Let's fizzity uckin' find out!"
  • "Hey, I know! Why don't we meet at the scary isolated payphone on the bad side of town?"
  • "You're an ass! Let us out, you ass!"
  • "Hello, I can read! Not well, but I can read."

Here’s a treat for everyone; the Christmas card Monpian gave me along with some lovely teas and a bottle of chocolate Bailey’s!

Had a fantastic weekend with @notllorstel, @monpian, @strampunch, and Lily! Could not have wished for a better Christmas weekend before my massive 8-day work string! Thanks so much for the good times and wonderful gifts, guys! 

Work calls here, but I’ve got two updates ready to go during the 8 day stint for Seems Very Interesting. Look forward to it!