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Dave n jade hanging out?

  • ??????: You knoψ, Xefros, she's been lying to you this entire time.
  • Xefros: w-what?
  • Xefros: ah geez who are you!?
  • ??????: That doesn't really matter, does it?
  • ??????: ψhat matters is that Joey's friendship ψith you is an utter sham.
  • ??????: Just a truly atrocious misunderstanding on your part, but I'm sure ψe can fix that right now...
  • Xefros: what the heck do ya mean sham?
  • Xefros: you better tell me who you are, right now!!!
  • Xefros: and uh
  • Xefros: where your voice is coming from!!!
  • ??????: She's never had a friend, you knoψ.
  • ??????: ψhen she saψ you, lying there in the rubble, she saψ an opportunity to make someone indebted to her.
  • ??????: Someone that ψould alψays do anything for their "friend" because she took them on as a charity case.
  • ??????: That's all you are to her - a charity case.
  • Xefros: uh, what is a charity case Xactly???
  • Xefros: i dont understand a thing youre saying and i dont think youre telling the truth.
  • ??????: Ugh.
  • ??????: Stupid god damn lousy lowbloods with their undeveloped little brains.
  • ??????: Fuck it, I'm ending the episode here, be sure to like, comment and subscribe.

Companion piece to this! This time it’s the beta kids :’D Like Jake, I think Jade would be the one to be able to pick all her friends up with ease! (This was also me putting down similarities and contrasts I’ve already spotted between the Alpha and Beta children~)

For the anon who asked for Jake’s stand. Would probably call it Emerald Terror if we’re using Homestuck songs, Northern Downpour or Brighter Than Gold if not. Maybe it would do something to do with his hope powers? Like a mini hopesplosion or summoning angels or something.

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29 for those oc prompts?

29. Draw your OC meeting their first/old design



enzo’s very first incarnation had him literally explode the head of his host when he possessed them in order to replace it with a cartoony smiley face on a blob. in an amazing and rare show of actually becoming less extra with time, this was dialed back to just completely biologically rewriting the host’s brain