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Do you happen to know why when ever Harley teased May and Drew about their relationship it's always May sputtering about and denying it while Drew just stares blankly at Harley?(Sorry if this is a stupid question with a obvious answer)

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-c- May before and after Harley showed up in Hi Ho Silver Wind.)

2) He’s not really ashamed of his ambiguously romantic relationship with May. This requires some shipping goggles, but really, Drew has basically never disputed the fact that May might be special to him. The third rose he tosses her in Come What May, he doesn’t agree to her playful accusation that it’s for her Beautifly and shrugs it off; and the fourth he presents to her face at the Grand Festival. This is pretty atypical behavior for a boy of his age, but Drew has never fit one single archetype. (Too good-hearted to be a true rival as seen when he helps fight Team Rocket, too snarky to be full support, not fashionable/flamboyant enough to fit the gay stereotype) The only people who seem able to tease him about it are May herself and Roselia (implied) in Spontaneous Combusken.

anyway this probably isn’t really helpful but im half-delirious with fever and sinus migraine so here have this, i used to be Cool in this fandom ten years ago i SWEAR

I’m also gonna invite @pkmncoordinators to weigh in - and hell, why not @itstimetodrew as a Drew enthusiast. ANYWAY. HAVE DAY.