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Exhausted Jungkook

But imagine this.. Jungkook coming back exhausted from practice but you’re asleep so he is being very quiet so he won’t wake you up. He takes a shower and eats something before coming to lay down beside you. He still cannot control the urge to kiss you and make you his. He pulls you close to him and starts to slowly but carefully move his hips against your bottom. You whine into your half asleep state, asking him to let you sleep. Jungkook won’t stop, his hands now under your camisole to feel the smooth skin of your tummy and breasts. Being on your side lets you feel his growing erection, his face on the crook of your neck only to mark you as his with all the small bites he leaves. His laboured breath shows you how affected he is by everything he does but to make it worse, he starts whispering in an almost whiny voice that he needs to use your tight wet cunt and to cum inside you because otherwise he won’t be able to sleep. You can feel how wet you have become by his words and actions, so all you can do is say what he wants to hear all along.

“Fill me up baby.. I need to feel your hard cock inside me”


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Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Triggering material for anxiety and depression 

Request: @potterhead1265  : heyyyyyy can I get one where Tom helps the reader through an anxiety attack?? 

A/N: Tom IG fan account- Tiemeupspidey

-Please don’t read if you get triggered easily.

Short and sweet xx


[Reader’s POV]

“Hey love, I’ll be back later I have to do photo shoots today” Tom comes into the room sliding on a pair of pants. Hopping into them and pulling them up to his hips. Looking up at you, his curls moved back flopping a bit.

“That’s fine babe, I’ll probably take Tessa for a walk and draw a bit later till you come back” Leaning over you grab his wallet and hand it to him. He thanks you giving you a brief kiss before leaving the room. Of course, he overslept and set a timer for longer than he should of. Under his breath, he was muttering that he was going to be late. He reminded you of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. 

“Drive safely!” you call out hearing a ‘Will do!’ followed by the door downstairs slamming shut. The sheets scrunched as you moved on the bed. Repositioning yourself you lay back down on the bed. Sleep was beckoning you but you knew better and not sleep your day away. 

    Time seemed to fly by as you cleaned around the house. It felt good to get things off of you to do list. When everything was done that meant you had more time to spend with Tom when he gets home. Nikki dropped off Tessa while you were busy cleaning. When you busted out the vacuum the house filled with barking.

    Unlocking your phone you open up your music app. Shuffling your relaxing playlist you exit the app and head onto Instagram.  Swiping up on the screen you lower the brightness. Your eyes wincing at the light from the screen. Sitting up due to the pictures that started flooding your feed. Messages started piling in from your best friend. You had gotten off of Instagram for a week due to some of Tom’s fans. 

    Ever since you two had been together for over two years, it was half of his fans that despised you. Half of them liked you and supported the two of you. Yet the other half couldn’t stand you. They always tried spreading rumors to try and split the two of you up. One time it almost worked causing the two of you to end up in a horrible fight. Nikki had to smack some sense into Tom when he almost broke up with you.

      It was super stressful to try and stay positive when media was looking at everything you do. Scrolling through all the posts your eyes land on something that broke you inside. It was Tom holding hands with some other woman. Your fingers zoom the picture up as your eyes scan to see if any photoshop has been done. Normally you could tell the photoshop but you saw her reflection with hers and his in the window. Setting your phone aside you try and take a few deep breaths. She looked like a slime model making malicious thoughts swarm your mind.

     Opening your phone up you click on the messaging app. Scrolling down your messages you click on the thread you had started yesterday. The sounds of the keyboard filled the air. Once you finish the message you press the blue arrow sending it. Letting out a defeated sigh you get off the bed still holding your phone. Moments later it started to vibrate in your hand. Tom’s name flashed on the screen, you wanted to answer but pressed the power button.      

     Your head was swarmed with thoughts of how you wanted to yell at him. Anger was the main emotion that coursed through your veins. Setting your phone down on the counter, your thoughts stop when you see yourself.Of course, you wanted to yell at him but was the problem you? Eyes trailing over your body in the reflection.Raising Tom’s shirt you look at your body, the gaze felt as if it was burning the flesh. 

   Your eyes watched as the blood trickled quickly out of your wrists. The razor slips past your fingers clattering onto the floor. Leaning against the wall the coolness feels good against your skin. The cuts in your wrists were shallower than they’ve ever been before. Dark thoughts swirled around in your head thinking of all the people that hated you and Tom together. Closing your eyes you slowly slide down the wall.

   Walking over to the glass doors you open them turning on the water. The temperature slowly increases in the shower filling the bathroom with steam. Stripping off your clothes you get into the stream of hot water. Minutes felt like hours going torturously slow. The hot temperature burned your skin that sure was turning red slightly.

“Darling I’m home early! We need to tal-”

“What was that sound?”

“T-Tom?” your voice comes out slurred , the sound of it stinging your ears. Looking down your vision tunnels in and out as red falls in front of your eyes. The door busts open to revel a panicked faced Tom.

[Tom’s POV]

   I got a call from Harrison over what was sent to my girl. It was a shot from the movie I’ve been working on in the countryside of Scottland. We went into town to get food and Kiera grabbed my hand. Of course a photo got out and now this could really fuck up our relationship. Plus my mum would kill me if I ruined this beautiful relationship I have…

I could feel the hit on my head coming..

   Running up the driveway I click the lock button on my car keys. The feeling of my heart rate rising stirred my emotions slowly. More and more my mind swirled at the possibilities of what could happen. Calling out to the house when I walk in I hear nothing. Tessa comes from the living room couch with a happy bark. A loud bang comes from upstairs making Tessa looks towards the stairs, followed by a small whine.

“What was that sound?!” I yell still recieving no answer. Taking off toward the stairs I make my way up to the bedroom. The sound of running water fills the air making me look over. Our bathroom door was open with steam flowing out into the room. 

[Reader’s POV]

“Oh God baby why’d you do this again?” Tom lifts your body out of the shower. Your skin is then covered by a towel. Another wraps around your wrists, the cotton pressed tightly againsty your skin. Blood was dripping from your head, probably from the fall.

“I don’t make you happy” you whimper out as he holds onto you. Leaning you against the wall he opens the cabinet bringing out a box of medical supplies. 

“You’re my everything angel, what you saw wasn’t real.. you’re my girl and the only one I care about..” his words toned out as you felt your heartbeat getting faster. 

Pausing before you spoke “You could leave me for anyone..” the thought of him leaving you sent your heart into a frenzy. A frenzy of panic and distress. 

“Look at me angel, look at me”

    Tears clouded your vision as you looked up. Blinking them away your vision becomes clearer. He was looking down, gaze focused on the bandage being wrapped around the wounds. Once finished he places his hand on your cheek. The warmth soothing and extremely comforting. 

“I’m never leaving you baby, ever” his voice serious as he looked down at you. His curls were disheveled from him probably running his fingers through it constantly. 

    Tom pulls you into his arms and starts to sing Ed Sheeran to you. It’s his way of calming you down. Which was singing your favorite songs to you. Of course, they were Ed Sheeran because who doesn’t. When you were all calmed down he picked you up taking you to the bedroom. He gave you his shirt to wear since you were naked from the shower.     

“you promise you won’t leave?” You ask resting your cheek against his chest. His fingers run up and down your back slowly.

A kiss was placed to your forehead before he said “with my entire soul baby, I will never leave you because I’m the one who keeps you ” 

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-Sorry this wasn’t my best one

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Create~ 😉

45. Having sex with the intent to conceive.

I’m sorry if this is kinda lame. I’m writing these on my phone so a certain nosy parker (my boyfriend) doesn’t see me working on clown porn. Love you bby 😘

“We don’t even know if it’s going to work,” she said to him, hand resting
on his cheek. He bared his teeth at her playfully and bent down, nipping at
her neck.

“We won’t know unless we try,” he was quick to answer, and she could
already feel the bulge in his costume jabbing into her waist. A sting of
arousal shot up her spine and she rutted her hips into his, listening as a
deep rumble came from deep within his chest.

He was all hands, tearing at her clothes as he pressed her into the
mattress. She could hear him panting, drool pouring from his lip in his
excitement to try and breed with her. It was something they had talked
about numerous times, but never actually put any effort into making it
happen. Now, with his long rest only a couple months away, he was itching
to plant within her something she could remember him by.

His fingers went straight to her sex, two gliding in to test the waters.
Her back arched and she whined at his touch, his fingers the next best
thing to be in her pussy besides his cock or tongue.

“Mm, Penny’s gonna breed his little human,” he mumbled to himself, removing
his fingers and hurriedly flipping her over. His hands gripped her hips and
he pulled her to him, pulling his cock out to line up at her entrance. She
sighed, lust-filled eyes sneaking a glance behind her to watch him stroke
his cock while he studied her ass in the air. His human side, or was close
to human as he could possibly be, was fading away in favor of the
animalistic one. Without saying another word, he slammed into her and she
screamed at the burning sensation of her walls stretching. His nails shot
out and dug into her flesh, pinning her in place.

“Ah, Penny, s-shit,” she cried, tensing at the pain but relaxing as he
began thrusting in and out, “Oh yeah, right there.”

He growled at her, left eye drifting away while she mewled at the wet sound
of their skin slapping against itself. Her head fell down, pushing her ass
out further and reaching a hand between her legs to stroke the tiny bundle
of nerves hidden between her folds. His breathing was erratic and his
grunts sounded inhuman; each stroke went deeper than the last until he hit
her cervix and she thought she’d black out.

“Penny, take it easy,” she said through clenched teeth, but there was no communicating with him now. He was too far gone.

“Pennywise’ll fill you up, yes he will,” he chattered away, his pace quickening as he got close to his own end in record time. She continued rubbing her clit, letting herself get lost in the moment. He snarled, falling over to lean on her back, clawed hands tearing through her blankets as he planted them on either side of her shoulders.

“I-I’m…” her words got caught in her throat as she began to peak. Pennywise sniffed at her neck, sensing how close she was, and bit down on her shoulder. The contrast of pain from his teeth and pleasure from his tongue sucking the wound sent her spiraling out of control; she laced her fingers over his, eyes tightly shut as she rode out her orgasm.

Pennywise’s drool turned from a clear, sticky fluid to thick rivulets resembling foam. His eye wasn’t just drifting anymore, both were rolling to the back of his head. Liquid heat filled her up, his body twitching as he emptied himself.

“Take it, take it little one,” he ordered, voice deeper than she’d ever heard. Instead of pulling out, he paused for a minute and caught his breath before resuming his merciless pace.

She lost track of how many times she came, and definitely couldn’t remember how many times he had. He took her for hours, until every muscle in her body ached and her belly was bloated ever so slightly from the sheer volume of what he forced into her womb. She rested her head on her pillow, examining the damage to her sheets, courtesy of the clown hell-bent on breeding her. He was curled up at her side, lovingly stroking her stomach and purring so loudly that his entire body vibrated.

“When will we know?” she asked, absentmindedly stroking his head.

“I already know. It’s there, I can sense its deadlight,” he answered between purrs. Her eyes widened, shocked that he was just now mentioning it to her. She looked down at her stomach, and sure enough, a barely-there pulse could be seen. Her mind went in a million different directions, but none of them were important now. She snuggled closer to her mate and sighed, letting herself drift off to sleep.

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Ok but what about the missus like flaming H because of his first suit? She’s like “you look cute or whatever but you also look like you’re going to a brunch meeting”

“So what d’you think?” Harry swings his arms out before him in a grand sweep, the sheer material of the mint button-up tightening across his chest, his butterfly tattoo just barely visible through the faintly shimmering fabric.

“I dunno,” you say slowly in a thoughtful tone, pursing your lips unsurely as your arms fold across your chest. “Give me a twirl, yeah?”

Harry sets his large hands on his hips, rings clinking lightly against one another as his fingers perch on his subtle love handles, his eyes narrowing in faux annoyance as he gifts you a playful scowl. “You are aware that I’m a performer for the show and not one of the models, right?”

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Puppy (Derek Hale x Reader)

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My first Derek fic? It’s kinda short but whatever

You tacked Derek to the ground as he rounded the corner, pinning him with your hands and knees. Sliding your palms under his shirt, you purred as he focused those sharp eyes on you. You buried your face into his neck and sighed, breathing in his scent. “Please.”

His voice held warning as he spoke. “(Y/N), we already talked about this. I have to go help Scott.”

You ground your hips against his. “So? You could help me instead. Fuck Scott. Tell him you have an emergency.”

He pressed a searing hot kiss to your lips but even that was over too quickly. While you were distracted he maneuvered himself off the floor and dropped you onto one of the sofas in the living room. “I’ll be fast. Be a good puppy and wait.”

You watched him go with a frown on your face, but as soon as the sound of his steps faded off into the distance you dashed out of the loft and traced his scent to the McCall house, making sure to keep a safe distance between the two of you.You climbed through Scott’s window to find a nervous Stiles seated on the foot of the bed, computer on his lap.

You came up behind him quietly, taking the opportunity to surprise him by pressing the length of yourself against his back, hands sliding up his chest. He jumped at the sudden contact and nearly threw the laptop across the room. You giggled as he turned to face you with an utterly shocked expression. “(Y/N)? What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” You traced your fingernails over his back lightly and he shivered.

“Derek will be pissed if—“

You leaned in closer to his neck, voice dropping to a murderous tone. “If what, Stiles? Don’t mention that sourwolf right now.”

He stiffened. “(Y/N)—”

At that moment the door to Scott’s bedroom slammed open, Derek standing in the doorway. You shot him a look over Stiles’s shoulder and he released a growl so tiny only you could hear it. A smirk played across your lips.

“Stiles, get out.” The gravity in his voice made you shiver, but you held your ground.

You wrapped an arm around the front of Stiles’s chest as the teen jumped to stand. “We’re having fun, Derek. Stop being such a buzz kill.” The man sent a dark, warning look in Stiles’s direction and he slipped out of your grasp, darting towards the door. “Sorry (Y/N), I just… Bye!”

Derek’s gaze seems to bore holes through your torso but you ignored its instead choosing to flop back onto Scott’s bed and sigh. “Too bad. He was cute all flustered like that.”

You ignored Derek’s gaze as he slowly walked over to the bed, a petulant pout placed dramatically across your lips. His hand slid up your leg as he continued his advance. “You’re so damn stubborn. If you keep acting like this you’re going to make me angry.”

You made an indignant sound and rolled over. “Maybe you should get angry. You’re always being such a good guy and helping Scott now, I’m bored.”

The barest hint of a smile was creeping up over Derek’s lips. “You’re such a jealous little puppy. I guess I’ll have to deal with you before you cause too much trouble.” you felt the bed dip as he settled his arm over you, looking more animalistic than normal.

You draped your arms over his neck and pulled him closer, surrounding yourself with his scent. “I’m tired of being patient.” You could practically feel him grin.

“You’re never patient.”

The door to Scott’s bedroom flew open. And lo and behold, the True Alpha himself stood in the doorway, glaring at you. “Really guys? In my bed?.”

Kingdom Come (A RapMon One Shot)

I love Namjoon, did you know that?  

Genre: Smutsmutsmutsmutsmutsmut 

Rating: 18+ please and thank you 

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The first sensation that I was aware of was the cool air running softly over my bare back.  The second was the brush of plush lips on my lower back, moving slowly and gently up my spine.  I shifted in the soft light, eyes half open and still foggy with sleep, and moaned lightly at the warmth that blossomed at each touch.  Heat ran from my fingertips to my limbs and through my body to gather at my core in a soft burn.  I felt Namjoon smile at the shift of my hips, and his long fingers ran across the bare skin of my thighs, lifting gently and rolling me onto my side.  I looked at him kneeling at my side, undressed and glowing in the light slipping in through the open curtains.  His silvery hair was a mess, sticking up at various angles and i was sorely tempted to run my fingers roughly through it.  He smirked at me, a lopsided thing, and laid beside me.  I shuddered at the sensation of his warmth against the length of my body, of the feeling of his hand on my hip, his thumb running gently circles along the crease between my crotch and my thigh.  

“Mm, what time is it?” I sighed, as he dipped his head into the curve of my breast.  

“I don’t really know, nor care, at the moment,” he murmured against my skin.  His tongue brushed gently along my collarbone, and I sighed again, bending my body in a gentle curve to provide him better access.  “What do you want, baby?”  He asked, a smirk lacing his voice, as my fingers twisted in his hair.  His left hand pressed against the round of my breast, holding it in his palm as his thumb brushed against the quickly hardening peak of my nipple.  His other hand dropped from the curve of my hip, and one finger was tracing along the line of my tightly clenched together thighs.  His fingers could set me on fire, and he knew it, even half asleep.  

I bit my lip, and Namjoon sat up to look at my face.  I rolled on to my back, and the comforter that had been covering at least half of my body fell away.  His hand was still working at my legs, but his eyes were dragging across my naked skin.  I finally opened my legs to his long fingers, pressing my face into the pillow beside me as they dipped along my folds.  

“Fuck, my love,” he hissed through his teeth.  “You look so weak at my touch, do you want me that badly?”  He slid one finger inside, while his thumb gently pressed into my clit.  My back arched at the tingle that shot up my spine, my toes curling and a groan escaping from my clenched jaw.  “God, you’re so ready, so wet.”  He pressed the flat of his hand against me, his middle finger slipping out from inside to slide up and down my folds.  The heel of his palm pressed against the hood over my clit, providing stimulation but also an intense pressure that had my stomach clenching and my fingers grasping the sheets.

“Harder,” I cooed, one hand now above my head gripping the wrought iron of the bed frame.  Namjoon bent over me, his hand pressing harder against my flesh, his fingers dipping in and out of me, his lips latching onto my nipple.  “Oh my fucking God,” I moaned as his teeth and tongue tugged at the stiff peak.  

“Say my name,” he breathed against my flushed skin, and my hips bucked up into his hand searching for more satisfaction.  

“More, Namjoon,” I hissed, the heat racing along my limbs, resting in my stomach.  

“More what baby?  Tell me what you want.”  He pulled away, my body going cold as his skin left mine.  My eyes snapped open, and I sat up to stare at him.  He was sitting back on his heels, pumping his shaft shallowly.  He bit his lips as my eyes flicked from his length and back again.  I shook my head, unable to speak at the sight of Namjoon touching himself til the head of his cock was seeping precum.  

I sat up on my knees, hovering just above Namjoon, forcing him to look up at me through his lashes.  I took his face in my hands and kissed him roughly, my tongue quickly claiming dominance over his own.  He moaned into my mouth, grasping my wrists and lifting himself to me.  I could feel his length pressed hard against my thigh, and I felt lightheaded at the feeling.  He bit my bottom lip, pulling it between his teeth, quickly claiming dominance once again.  My hands slipped between us and I clutched at him, spreading his precum all along his length, pumping up and down along the shaft slowly.  Namjoon pressed his lips to my shoulder, his arms snaking around my waist pulling me closer to him as he left bites along the curve of my neck.  

“Tell me,” he said, peppering my body with little purple and red crescents.  “What do you want, Y/N?”  One of his hands had slid between us, cupping me again as I stopped working at his cock.  

“Just fuck me, Namjoon,” I sighed, pulling him backwards, until I was lying down again, and he was pressed on top of me.  

“Fuck me what?” He asked sweetly, his fingers entering me again and curling.  

I groaned his name again.  “Namjoon, please.  Fuck me please.”

“Anything for my girl,” He smiled and kissed me harshly, pressing my thighs apart.  He ran the head of his cock against me, spreading me along his length, before pressing into me hard.  He pulled back to watch me gasp and press my eyes shut, waiting for me to adjust to him.  When I opened my eyes was was watching me softly, one arm supporting him above my head, the other running down my curves to lift my leg over his hip so he could press deeper.  “Goddamn, you’re beautiful like this.”  He said, pressing his lips to my temple, to the bridge of my nose, my eyelids, and finally my lips.  “Not that you’re not beautiful all the time, babe, just particularly right now,”  He was beginning to ramble, and so I arched my hips up into him, and he stuttered to a stop with a groan.  “Right, right, I’ll shut up.”  

“Thank God.”  I clutched at his lower back, pulling him in closer as I pressed against him, and his thrusts quickly became faster and more powerful.  He grabbed my wrists when my hand began to slip between us to press against my clit.  

“Ah-ah, you come when I say you come,” He growled, pinning my wrists together and above me with his one large hand.  He rolled his hips painfully slowly, and my eyes rolled back when he sucked the skin at my neck.  He thrust suddenly into me several more times, knocking the air from my body each time with a loud grunt.  I could feel the spring in my body begin to coil harder and knew it would spring soon.  So soon, but I also knew I couldn’t do it on my own.  

“Touch me, Namjoon, please touch me.  I need it.”  I arched against him and he laughed gently in my ear.  

“Whatever you say, Love,” he moaned into my ear, finally releasing my hands to slip his own between us.  He pushed himself upwards a little more, watching himself slide in and out of me with the vulgar sounds of sex.  He bit his bottom lip as he hitched both of my legs higher on his hips, hitting deeper inside of me.  Pressing two fingers to my clit, he circled it once, twice, and then a third time.  Each movement had me pressing closer to the edge and the world began to sparkle and flicker at the edges.  The blood was rushing in my ears, but I could still hear Namjoon breathlessly urging me on towards my end.  Suddenly I clenched around him with a swear, and the world exploded around me.  Namjoon continued slamming into me, building my high up again and again every time it seemed to slow.  Soon, he too was shuddering to a stop, and I could feel him fill me.  He collapsed with a groan, his cock twitching as he slowly rode out his high inside of me.  

I laughed lightly as he continued to lay on top and inside of me.  “‘Joon,”  I said, breathless.  “You’ve gotta get up so I can clean up and I really need to pee.”  He mumbled something and slid off of me.  

After I had come back from the bathroom and cleaning up, I climbed back into bed beside him.  He had fallen asleep again, facing away from me.  I kissed the base of his neck, and curled against him, knowing he loved being little spoon.  He reached back and patted my thigh gently, “Good game, baby, good game,” He sighed.  

I smiled into his smooth skin, shaking my head slightly.   “We done good,”  I giggled, and he huffed out a laugh.  “I love you,” he sighed, and then we drifted back to sleep.  

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I dreamed last night about Yuuri and Victor "doing things"in the air, while Yuuri was flying and Victor had his legs around his lovebird's hips... well, you understood what I meant. Then I woke up and couldn't forget about it. Sorry, but I needed to tell someone! XD

Ohhhh, well, that would be very exciting indeed. Victor better hang on tight XD

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What about some Hanzo and Jesse with a thicker s/o?

This is the sweatshirt, courtesy of @winchester-sonsandcastiel

“You cannot be serious,” Hanzo sighs from the living room and you peek around the corner to see what’s got him so done so early. “You cannot go out in that.”

“I don’t see nothin’ wrong with it, it’s true.” Jesse grins, his back facing you with his hands on his hips, proudly displaying his chest.

“We are going to Thanksgiving dinner with our colleagues, this is informal and dismissive of traditions.” Hanzo pinches the bridge of his nose, just under his piercing.

“They know it’s true, ‘cept those who’ve never had the honor.” When Hanzo says nothing he turns around, starting to shout your name before realizing you’re right behind him. “What do you think of my shirt?”

‘CHUBBY GIRLS CUDDLE BETTER’ Stares at you in bold lettering from your boyfriend’s chest and you can’t help but laugh. “You aren’t serious.”

“Thank you!” Hanzo throws his hands up.

“It’s a subjective statement and I’m not sure a lot of other people share it.”

“Now wait just a minute, darlin’.” Jesse steps closer to you, wrapping your arms around his neck before pressing you against his chest. “It’s a fact, ain’t no one in this world who can change it.”

“Okay,” you smile to humor him as you try to step away but he holds you tighter.

“If it wasn’t true then why are ya so soft?” His flesh hand strokes your cheek gently as he continues, “why is it so satisfying ta grab ya tight?” Proving his point he slides his hands down your sides and digs his fingers gently into the squishy skin there, “Why’re ya so warm?” His metal hand slides under your shirt and you shiver, “Why are there so many places to lay my head or place my hands if it’s not true? Why do ya feel so right if it ain’t true?”

“J-Jesse,” your voice is hushed as he rests his forehead against yours.

“I’m never as comfortable as when I’m wrapped in bed with you and Grumpy over there, so yeah it’s true.”

“You can wear the damn shirt, let’s just go.” Hanzo groans as he wraps his arm around your waist from behind and tries to tug you away from the cowboy.

“Give us a kiss and we’ll leave.” The archer groans but presses his lips to Jesse’s quickly, scowling as the smug son of a bitch releases you and walks towards the front door.

“He’s correct, you know,” Hanzo whispers in your ear.

“About the cuddles?”

“Yes, we are most comfortable when we’re with you, don’t forget that Koibito.” The man leans down to kiss you, hands cupping your cheeks gently before leading you out of the door.

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The blueish greenish suit Harry wore for the VSFS looks like the perfect suit for a beach wedding and imagine taking it off on the honeymoon

OhhhhhhhhhHHhHHHHHhHhHhHh my GOD you’re so right holy shit

Imagine the wedding night, you’re in your little beach bungalow and you’re still a little tipsy on the rum and coke from the wedding and you’re giggling and undressing each other and kissing and stumbling around. But! After you remove his suit jacket, you fold it and set it on the chair. Same with his pants. And he’s giggling. “Baby what are you doing? We can take care of all that later.”

You’re focusing on unbuttoning his shirt, but you speak matter of factly. “It’s a nice suit Harry. I want to keep it nice.”

And he’s so endeared and overwhelmed that he can’t stop himself from grabbing you and scooping you up. You squeal but you wrap your legs around his hips as he smothers your face and ears and neck with kisses. “You’re so bloody cute, Mrs. Styles.”

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threesome with near and matt while mello watches

25/10 watch Mello straining against the bonds in frustration trying to grind his hips down on a n y t h I n g for some relief even though there’s nothing to grind on. Matt and Near smirking to each other and giving a running commentary of how good everything feels, how warm and hot and wet and isn’t it just so so sad that Mello can’t feel it too?


Sorry it took me a little longer to post this than the rest, I travelled home this weekend so was preoccupied with spending some time with my family. I was also lacking a lot of creativity for this but I think all in all, this chapter is major fluff! 

Masterlist - Plot: Tom takes Zendaya on an unconventional first date. 

Confessions (Chapter Four)

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coming (reeeeal) soon, the final disconnected chapter…

“Charlie?“ It rang a few times before he actually picked up. The way his mouth lazily worked its way around the two syllables of my name told me I’d just woken him up.

Shit. I’d barely even considered the potential time difference.

“Hi.” The not very inspired greeting barely dislodged itself from the back of my throat. My chest alone felt like it had heavy black rain clouds bearing down on it.

“Charlie.” He was beginning to sound more awake, alert with concern. “Is everything okay?”

I imagined him sitting up in bed in some hollow hotel room where I was not, the sheets gathering at his soft hips as he abruptly pushed his body up.

“Had a bad day, is all,” I said against the bunched up cuff of one of his jumpers, the one he insisted he didn’t need to pack, that I could have if ever I needed it.

Today I needed it.

“Just wanted to hear your voice.” I found myself having to squeeze my eyes tightly shut to stop more tears falling, to stop my voice cracking as it dawned on me that this fraction of Harry I was getting wasn’t enough. Hearing him, crackled and fuzzy from the stretched connection, wasn’t enough.

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A scenario where Reborn s/o sings "Hit me with your best shot" by Pat Benatar to him

The second he heard the music start his eyes were rolling.  You were not the first person to play this song for him, Colonnello being the main culprit.  “Can I help you?” he asked as you climbed into his lap, forcing him to set his drink down.

You’re a real tough cookie
With a long history
Of breaking little hearts like the one in me

“Who said I break hearts?” he asked with a grin as his hands fond your hips.  “Are you afraid I’m going to break yours?”

You grinned at him but kept on singing.

That’s okay, lets see how you do it
Put up your dukes, let’s get down to it

Hit me with your best shot

Why don’t you hit me with your best shot
Hit me with your best shot
Fire away

“Are you asking me to shot you?” Reborn asked, continuing to ask questions as you sang, trying to get you to break.  “I’ll have you know, I have very good aim,” he said with a wink as he groped at your ass a little.

You tried to continue singing, but it was clear it wasn’t bothering him in the slightest so you gave up with a huff in his direction.   He didn’t give you the reaction you wanted but you were going to get one out of him anyway.  

Leaning in close, you nipped at his ear before whispering Hit me with your best shot. You felt the shiver go down his spine as his grip tightening on your hips, grinding you against him. 


consider, if you will: platonic rest-of-our-very-long-life partners magnus and lucretia


Remember when V belly danced?