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The One That Got Away

based on the song by Katy Perry

“Why are you dragging me to a bar, Natasha? I told you that I didn’t feel like going out.” Bucky asked his bossy red-haired friend.

Nat just rolled her eyes before she answered him, “Because, I got tired of seeing you all holed up in your apartment for the millionth Saturday in a row.”

Bucky knew that he couldn’t fight her on this. Natasha was his closet friend and once she told someone to do something, they usually did it out of fear. He wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was scared of her a little.

Okay, more like a lot.

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YOOOO!! hi everyone

It’s my first time doing a follow forever so please bear with me lol. Anyways, HELLO FRIENDS! This blog is fairly new compared to the OG VIXX blogs out here but I just want to THANK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for following and supporting this blog❤️️❤️️. This blog has changed so much since its conception™ (aha my first PUN) and I want to thank you all for staying With Me™. 

I made this blog as a joke but the more I watched VIXX, the more I fell in love with these 6 amazing dorks. I tried to learn how to make gifs (and I’m still learning) as a way to capture their artistry (wow such big words, AC) and to show that VIXX really does put 110% in whatever they do. I know I’ve been slacking with my usual “funny” content (sorry) but I’ll try my best to make up for it.

A group is nothing without its fans, and VIXX has some of the best fans I have ever met. These people run some of the best blogs filled with amazing art, quality memes™, and blessed gifs™. I hope its okay if I tagged you guys and once again, Thank you for being born™!!

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Happy request,

I have to request in 2 asks lol Happy imagine where your a bigger girl not so confident but you had been seeing happy in secret chibs is the only one  who knows you arent sure he wants people to know chibs encourages you to surprise him at the club, you show up surprise him he plays it off like your just a friend blows you off. Chibs lectures him and he begs your forgiveness you end up together


I was looking at my reflection on the mirror, Happy was taking a shower on the room next to me. I touched with the tips of my fingers my tummy and my thighs, paying attention to every detail, every insecurity. I felt disgust turning my stomach but I could see the love marks Happy left through my skin starting to turn purple and I asked myself why, why would he chose me not once or twice but several nights a week for how long? Six months. Things were taking a serious turn in my heart, it was not a last night stand since about two months ago when he started staying the night, then taking a shower in the morning and now even a cup of coffee while both of us talked about our days, our favorite movies and expectations.

I heard the water close and I ran to get a shirt to cover my body with, when the door was opening I was already sliding on some sweats, god forbid he seeing my legs in the light of the day, he came out only wearing a towel covering his lower region and I blushed a little at the view.

“Mornin’” he said in a hushed voice and I looked at him with a smile “Sleep well?”

“Yeah, Hap” I said before getting up, I opened one of the drawers and took a clean shirt for him. He raised his eyebrows at me “You let me borrow your shirts sometimes, I wash them and keep them in the drawer” I said and he smiled at me before embracing me for a short second “I’ll make some coffee, alright?”

I met Happy through Chibs, we became good friends a while ago one time when my old car broke down and from that moment we became pretty close, he was my confident and helped me work on my self-esteem and self-worth even when times were looking blue more than anything, he took me to one of the club’s parties one night and that was the moment all began. Sitting on a sofa next to two crow eaters sat the man I would fell in love with no more than three months later, he had that bad to the bone aura that attracted me since the minute we looked at each other in the eye. Chibs introduced me to Happy on the couch that night and Jax and Tig who were standing next to the bar, immediately the dark haired one started flirting and making me laugh the whole night but it only developed into a silly friendship unlike the look in Happy’s face through the whole time. Not even a week later I was in bed next to Happy.

“Hey Lass” said the Scottish man on the other line of the phone “Happy invited you to the party tonight?” he said and I just sighed

“He didn’t. This whole thing is a secret.” I said on the phone, 10 minutes ago Happy had left in his roaring motorcycle he parked on the back of my place “I don’t know if I can keep playing this game anymore”

“Lass…you should come”

“Why? He’s definitely embarrassed of the fatass he’s fucking with. If I was like one of the CaraCara girls I might would be able to come” I said while tears ran down my cheeks

“Lass, don’t think that way” he said sighing “You’re fucking beautiful, girl and you should never forget that. Go put on some nice clothes and come tonight, 7:30 make sure he knows what he’s missing out”

I put on my best jeans, a nice shirt and a leather jacket on top. My high heels clicked against the pavement in from of the TM, the music roaring in my ears, the smell of alcohol heavy in the air and lots lots of people and motorcycles. I approached the entrance unsure if it was a good decision but before I could leave back to my car, Filip was dragging me inside, putting a drink on my hand and putting his hand around my waist. I saw Happy seating on the same couch I met him the first time, Bobby next to him while some crow eater danced on the latest lap. Happy had a blonde chick hanging around him but he flipped her off at least two times since the first time I saw him, Chibs dragged me there Bobby putting a hand up as a hello and Happy immediately meeting my gaze.

“Look, who’s here brother” said Chibs pushing me forward, the blonde chick looking at me up and down but Happy didn’t say a thing. I just stood there quietly looking at Chibs and he put his arm around my shoulders while we drank, a few Nomads approached us no long after.

“Hey, I’m Marcus” said one and I introduced myself “So YN what brings you here?” he said and Chibs nudged Happy.

“A friend of the club” said the Tacoma Killer looking at Marcus making the last one nod. I felt my heart breaking at that moment but I just looked down putting the sour beer against my lips, I waited a considerable time before heading outside without it seeming obvious.

I heard someone come outside no long after “Chibs, I’m not in the mood” I said

“I’m not Chibs” Marcus was standing there next to me, he motioned us to sit on one of the picnic tables and I followed him.

Happy POV

“Man that was a total asshole move” said Chibs in a whisper next to me, I looked at him with a serious look and he just called me out to move. When we got outside there she was talking to Marcus, the beautiful smile in her face for him. “You’re missing out in someone so beautiful and kind brother” said Chibs but I couldn’t take my eyes of the sight in front of me, she looking at him, paying complete attention to what he said. “You’re gonna lose her” he said and in that moment something clicked on me with a few long steps I was next to them, Marcus looked up to me expecting a reason for my outburst, she had a clueless look in her face.

“Something you need brother?” said Marcus but I couldn’t keep my eyes off YN

“Your hands off my old lady” I said and Marcus looked at me with wide eyes before stepping up and leaving us alone.

“I’m not your old lady” she said with a cold tone and I felt a lump inside my throat. “You are embarrassed of me, how can I be your old lady?”

“No baby, I’m….I’m an idiot baby girl” I said trying to approach her but she took her hand away from me.

“I’m going home, Happy” she said, No No No I couldn’t loser her not this way, never.

“I love you” I said and I saw her breath heavily “I love you so much, I was scared. I didn’t want this club, the shit surrounding it to destroy what we have” I said taking her hand in between mine and kissing it softly “I adore you, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I want to make sure you never forget that” I said before putting her even closer to me and kissing her softly “I love you, I love you. I’m sorry I ever made you feel like you were not enough, YN. You are even more than what a man like me deserves, love.” I said

“I love you too Happy” she said hugging me, I felt her tears wetting my shirt but I just held her closer to me.  

“Will you be my old lady?” I said and she nodded slowly

“No more hiding?” she said and I kissed her deeply

“No more hiding”

This request touched my heart because I’m a heavier girl myself and I have dealt with self-esteem problems since I was a little girl, I hope someday someone loves me for who I am and I know all of you beauties are going to find someone who loves you and adores every single inch of yourselves, never take any less from anyone because you deserve only the best.

Norman Reedus Imagine

<><><><>Past <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

I walked onto the set for Boondock Saints, fidgeting since this was my first time being on a makeup team for a movie. Norman came up to me and hugged me, i smiled and hugged him back.

“You made it!” He said with a smile.

I nodded and looked at the rest of the crew, nobody looked friendly. I known Norman since we were in diapers. We have been best friends since we were in elementary school, he was my only friend but i didn’t want him to think i was that lonely.  I sighed and looked down nervous thinking i was going to fail.

“Hey why do you look so nervous?” Norman asked interlocking our arms and walking me to the makeup department.

“Cause you know this is my first real set.” i mumbled moving the hair out of my face seeing i already had a person waiting in my chair. It was a man Norman shook his hand, and then motioned to me.

“Hey i’m Sean.” He said holding his hand out, i immediately took it,

“(y/n)…” I mumbled he chuckled same with Norma, who i glared at.  I started working on Sean even though he hardly needed any makeup, the Director came over and looked at him ,

“Can you maybe add some more here?” He asked, but i knew it was more of a command.

“Yes sir, would you like anything else fixed?” I asked politely, he shook his head no.  I started adding more counselor where he asked , Sean kept staring at me through the mirror.

“You are the makeup artist to not talk my ear off, do you know that?”  I turned and looked at the mirror ,  i dusted off my black shirt which was now covered in powder,

“Yes,  I get told that a lot, I only talk when spoken to Mr. Sean.” He smiled at me, he was charming in appearance.

“How do you know Norman?” He questioned and looked at the mirror.

“We have been friends since we were little.”  I mumble starting to clean my brushes since i was done with his makeup.  He nodded and watched me for some time before saying our goodbyes and leaving my chair. Norman sat down and smacked his hand on my ass cheek. I yelped and turned around thinking it was Sean. Noticing it was Norman I dropped my raised hand and glared at him.

“So how is it?” He asked starting to laugh.

“Fine Norman, go on set they need you.”

 I say and start to shoo him. He took off his shades and put them on top of my head.

“Keep these safe (y/n).” He said with a smirk before running off into the set.

<><><><><>Present <><><><><><><><><><>

I walked onto The Walking Dead set with a sigh. I raised my sunglasses off the bridge of my nose and onto my forehead. I chuckled remembering the first time I was on a set. I looked around and saw the makeup department and I started walking to it but I got stopped by the director.

“Hello (y/n) have you set up in your trailer yet?”

I raised my eyebrows at the mention of a trailer,
“Uh, no sir.”

“It is right over there, you can drop your stuff in there and then come to your chair.”

I nodded and walked to my supposed trailer, opening it was completely empty. I looked around for a few moments then walked out. I went to my chair where this woman sat, there was a wig in front of her. Her skin was a beautiful African American shade, she was gorgeous.

“Hello I am Danai, I need help with..” She motions toward the wig. I nodded quickly picking it up gently, like a newborn baby.

“I’m (y/n) by the way.” You mumble before slipping it on and beginning to attach it. She stared at me through the mirror with a grin. Throughout the years of college and my life I have gained more tattoos and began piercing my ears. My back was covered in black and white tattoos, my artwork.

“How long have you been a makeup artist?” She asked looking to my eyes.

“Well ever since my mama taught me how to put on blush.” I say with a chuckle.

She laughed at my response and shook her head. “Your funny, and I love how you put it on.” She said touching her hair. I smiled and picked up my makeup brush, she leaned back in her seat.

“Thank you, that was my first time putting a wig on to be honest.” I say truthfully.

Danai raised her eyebrows but tried not to move her face. I started applying eyeliner and little lipstick. It took me only a few minutes and then she was done. She smiled and thanked me going to wardrobe. I sat in my chair and awaited for my next person to work on. I started looking at my phone before I felt someone watching me.

“(Y/n)?” I heard a familiar voice. I looked up in the mirror to see Norman staring at me wide eyed. I froze in fear… I haven’t seen Norman since the last time I was at a set. My mouth went dry, and my tongue felt like sandpaper.

I turned in my chair and stared at a older Norman,

“Hi Norman.” I whispered even though I was far away enough that he couldn’t hear me. I stood as he walked towards me,

“I’m your next canvas..” He said softly.

<><><><> Past <><><><><>

I started walking towards my convertible when I heard my name being yelled,

“(Y/n)!” Sean yelled approaching me. I waved.

“Hey Sean, is something wrong?” I asked him.

“No I was just wondering if you would maybe like going on a double date with me and Norman?” He said softly and leaning on the hood of my red convertible. I smile and nodded,

“Good pick you up at 7? And hey remember some dancing shoes.” He winked and walked back to the set. I smiled then got in my car I sighed and drove to my small apartment.

When I walked through the door of my apartment, I looked at my mirror as i took off my Vans , “Shit I still have his glasses.” I sighed and put them on the counter.

I began the process of getting ready. I showered and put on some lipstick. I almost forgot my eyeliner, which i thank god i didn’t.  I winged the eyeliner and slapped on some mascara.

“Time for the hard part … hair.” i said taking out my wet hair, I decided to let it air dry with some gel in it.  Walking to my room i decided on a plain black tea and black leggings. I wasn’t a colorful person, at all. Looking at myself in the mirror i sighed taking off the shirt and throwing on my favorite Pink Floyd tank top, which also showed off my belly button tattoo.  I decided to show off my tattoos tonight, Norman hasn’t seen them yet. Thinking of Norman i sighed and tried not to cry.

I heard the doorbell ring, I took a deep breath opening the door. Sean stood there with Norman right behind him.

“Wow.” The both muttered, I just giggled,

“Let me get my heels.” I saw opening the door wider, allowing them access in. I walked into my bedroom leaving them at the door, who seemed in awh by my home. When I came out of my room in my vans , heels seemed too formal, the looked at me with a smile.

“Liz is meeting us at the club.” Norman said rubbing his jaw looking at me. I nodded as Sean kissed my hand and then interlocking our fingers. I smiled at him and walked with him to the bikes. Sean handed me a helmet but I shook my head no. He got on then me, I looked back at Norman, who was staring at me.

I chuckled as he drove.

Getting to the club I laughed since I never have been to one. Sean made sure to keep his arm around me, or hold my hand. We walked to a small table with a beautiful woman sitting with her legs crossed.

“(Y/n) this is Liz.” Norman said, I shook her hand and said hi.

Sean sat next to me and ordered a couple drinks. I started sipping my beer as we all socialized.

Hearing one of my favorite songs on I jump in excitement. “I love this song!” I whimper and look at Sean with puppy dog eyes.

“Let’s go dance then.” Norman said taking Liz to the floor, Sean practically dragged me there. Norman and Liz looked good dancing together, me and Sean…. No.

Sean was very forceful towards my hips, swaying them back and forth and practically making me rub my rear on his pelvis. At one point I yelled I had to go to the bathroom, just to get away from him. I started walking but a hand grabbed mine, it was Norman.

“Come on.” He said twirling me into him.

 I smiled and started dancing with him. He was so gentle yet he kept the lead. Our dance could be described as a tango with a modern flare. One point I was rubbing my back on his chest and holding his face to look at me. Even being Norman best friend, he was surprisingly hot, and attractive through our dance. I couldn’t stop smiling, and honestly neither could he. I giggled and stared at him as our dance ended, then noticed everyone was watching us at the middle of the dancefloor. I cleared my throat and stood up straighter, and i moved my hair behind my ear. 

The crowd applauded almost to the point of a standing ovation, but we denied and walked back to our table. I was bright red and still looking down at my shoes when we sat back down/ Sean now reeked of alcohol, as well as Liz, they laughed at everything they looked at.

“So (y/n) how do you like paint on people?” Liz asked. Since this was her first time speaking to me since she met me i decided to be clever,

“Its just like that actually, I am a artist, and the face is my canvas.” i said with a chuckle. Norman stared at me with a smile. Liz and Sean laughed at me but I knew I sounded intelligent to the sober.

House of the Rising Sun. Part II

I reached out to touch his back piece tattoo, moving my fingers through the lines and living for the moments of calmness next to him. I feel him start stirring but I don’t remove my fingers until he turns around making me drop my hand.

“Morning baby” he whispered and I approached him giving him a small peck “Slept good?”

“I always sleep good next to you” I said and he smiled “Do you really have to go?” I said touching his face with the tips of my fingers.

“Yeah, baby. The Irish won’t speak to anyone else but me”

“But why out of Charming?” I whined a bit and he just laughed. Holding me closer to him and putting his head against my neck.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ll make my way back to you sooner than you expect” not long after that he got up to get ready while I made some coffee and breakfast for both of us, we sat in silence just stealing glances and smiling at random points like teenagers.

I was playing around with my rings while watching a movie when I heard the familiar sound of motorcycles getting closer, I immediately jumped off the couch when I heard them pull over and ran to open the door. There he stood, a black eye and a few cuts but healthy overall smiling at me with that wicked little smile that only he had, I waved at Chibs and Tig that were waiting outside and Jax looked at me.

“I’ll talk to them for a second, darling” he said and I nodded stepping back. For some reason he asked them to come all the way over here and I just couldn’t interfere. And I wish I had. I wish I had known about the retaliation, I wish I had known I had to be careful and maybe I wouldn’t be in this situation right now.

All my right side hurt, I could feel the bruises forming all over my body but I couldn’t open my eyes completely, too swollen from the hits and the tears that have been running down my face for how long? Two days, three? And Jackson was still nowhere to be seen. I had lost hope completely, my body too tired to keep fighting and I just didn’t care anymore. I should have thought about it before. After Wendy, after Tara I should have seen destruction comes with the package. I heard rustling outside of the room and then screaming, shots were not missing and I heard the door opening, they were either going to kill me right this moment or it was Jackson. The person I love the most but also the person I want to see last.

“Hey, Lass.” Said a voice next to me, Chibs hovering over me trying to check if I was still conscious “Stay with me, lass. Your old man is coming in a minute” he said but I couldn’t last the minute.

I open myself and was hit with white light everywhere, the strong smell of alcohol and medicine made me realize I had made it to a hospital. I slowly open my eyes to find Juice seating on a chair at the other side of the room, I tried to speak but my throat was too sore so I just tried to wave at him. He was concentrated on his phone but probably sensed the movement because he looked up after a couple tries.

“Holy shit, YN” he said coming closer to me “I’m glad you are awake. Do you need anything?” he said and I pointed at my throat. “Can’t talk, huh. I’ll bring you some water and I’ll call Jax”

Two weeks I was at the hospital waiting for Jackson to come and see me and he never made an appearance, I asked around to the prospects taking care of me but all of them said he was “sorry” his favorite phrase “I’m sorry” “I’m sorry”. The day I got home I expected to see him there, maybe the hospitals reminded him of Tara, maybe he was afraid of hurting me furthermore, something he was actually doing with his absence.

“He’ll be home soon, lass” said Chibs while he helped me feel comfortable in my bed “He was fixing everything up with the people that did this to you, he’ll be back” and I tried to understand because I loved him, because I understood the demons going inside his head but I also needed him to understand that I was hurting too.

“I need him here, Chibs” I said with pleading eyes “Please tell my man I need him here” I said and he just nodded before kissing my head softly.

“Will do lass” two days after that Jax came home, life drained out of him.

“Hello, darling” he said from the door and I smiled at him, inmediatly wanting to put him close to me “Don’t get up baby, I’ll get there” he said before taking off his shoes and jumping next to me. So close but so far away, my man came back to me but he was not the same person I fell in love with, he had distanced himself from me even when my bruises healed and my migraines where gone, even when not only weeks but months passed he spent less and less time next to me. It changed us, it made me stronger, made me more independent and careful but it destroyed my old man.

“I’m sorry” I said one of the few nights he actually spent home “I’m so sorry baby” I said looking at him and I saw in his eyes that he knew what was about to happen and I saw the tears but I still saw calmness, this was for the best at the end of the day. The horrible things I lived for that short period of time where too much, he couldn’t bury another woman, he couldn’t lose another person. He was in for being alone for the rest of his life.

Hello, I’m currently working on three requests I have for Happy and Jax but I wanted to finish my first imagine first. I hope you like it.

Make sure to read Part One before you read this one!

Your POV

“Ladies and gentlemen this is your pilot speaking. We have safely landed in Los Angeles, California. Thank you for choosing California Airlines and I hope you enjoy your stay.”

After the lady and her son got up from the seats next to me, I stood up and stretched for a few seconds. My legs ached from the long flight, but I was finally here. I pulled out my small suitcase and backpack before texting Kian that I had landed while heading out of the plain. Eager to finally,meet my boyfriend in person for the first time.

Kian and I met a year ago today on Omegle. And we kept in touch ever since, a few months later he asked me to be his girlfriend, and we’ve been happy ever since. A few weeks ago I got a knock on my door and a friendly mailman handed me some roses and a plane ticket to LA. Kian and I will finally see each other in real life.

As I stepped out of the plane I started to get nervous. What if he didn’t like the way I looked in person? What if I make a fool of myself? What do I do when I see him? Do I hug him or shake his hand? I know I can’t wait to see him. Can’t wait to kiss him and touch him, and tell him I love him, I’ve wanted to tell him for so long but I wanted it to be special.

I walked into the area where we get our luggage, this is where he said he’d be waiting. My eyes scanned the area twice, no Kian. What if he decided he didn’t want to meet me and just didn’t show up?  I nervously checked my phone for a text from him, nothing. Getting scared, I looked around again. My eyes scanned past the door to the men’s room just as a familiar figure walked out. My heart froze, he was wearing that striped sailor shirt along with black jeans and the sailor hat covered his chocolate brown hair. He looks so much better in person, and he looked really good on a camera too…

He lifted his eyes from fixing his pants and they met mine. My heart felt as if it dropped into my toes, and the world around me froze. His lips spread into a shy smile.

Suddenly my feet seemed to think for themselves, I abandoned by carry on bag and I was running. He seemed to be running too. As the distance between us grew smaller my smile grew bigger.

Kians hands reached mine and my whole body lit on fire, he immediately pulled me into a hug I happily accepted. He smelled like the sun and bubble gum. I buried my head in his chest and he buried his in my neck. For what seemed like forever we just held each other like that. I Still couldn’t believe he’s actually right here.

I felt him pull away a bit, I looked up at him, he’s a lot taller than I expected. My head just reached a bit below his shoulder. I had to look up to meet his eyes. “Hi y/n,” he spoke with the voice I had heard hundreds of times over the year, yet it seemed deeper right now.

“Hello Kian,” I smiled goofily.

Then he kissed me. Just like that. His lips met mine and everything around us disappeared. My arms moved from His torso to wrap around his neck and his moved to pull me closer. His kiss was like nothing else, his lips were a little chapped from the heat, but they felt nice against my moisturized lips. He moved in sync with me, as if we’ve been doing this for years.

I was the first to pull back, even though I dreaded it, I needed to breath. I haven’t been breathing properly since I saw him.

Smiling, I said, “this is really nice. This is perfect.”

We were still wrapped in each others embrace. Kian let out an excited scream and lifted me up in a hug. He spun around a few times before stopping. My legs were still in the air. He kissed my nose and mumbled, “I love you.”

A gasp escaped my mouth. I was going to say it. I was always worried it would freak him out but knowing that he feels the same way makes me love him even more.

“Good,” I smiled, “because I love you.”

Kian pecked my lips before setting me on the floor. He took my hand in his and we walked to get the bag I had abandoned. “I got it,” he smiled. Dragging the bag behind us. “So how was your flight?”

“Honestly?” I laughed, “nerve wreaking! I spent the whole flight worrying about what in decided to wear and if my hair is flat because I took a little nap for thirty minutes. I wanted to look good…” My cheeks heated once I realized how I must sound.

My boyfriend kissed my head as we walked to the place where we retrieve my luggage. I was staying with him at his and friends  house for the summer, and he said we’d travel a lot. So I have a few bags. “You look beautiful,” he replied. “I remember when you texted me a picture of this dress and I told you you had to buy it. It looks good on you.”

The dress was a bright pink with sequence around the torso. It was simple but it hugged my curves nicely and looked cute with my hair down. “Thank you,” I smiled. “And you!” I snatched his hat and put it on, “you remember when I told you I liked this hat? Even though its not yours.”

He laughed, “jc said I can wear it for this special occasion.”

“I can’t wait to meet your friends,” I smiled remembering how they’d always walk into his room when we were skyping and say hi.

“They can’t wait to meet you,” he replied. “And that’ll happen soon, let’s just focus on getting your bags right now?”

We spent a while gathering my four bags. “There’s one missing,” I groaned.

“Are you sure you don’t see it?” He asked.

I searched for the baby blue suitcase, and saw nothing. “Nope,” I sighed.

He shrugged, “then let’s go speak to someo-.”

“Kian there it is!” I pointed at the conveyor belt that’s two away from the one we are at. “What’s it doing there that’s the wrong flight..”

But Kian didn’t hear the second part. He took off running to catch the bag before it goes in again. “Sorry!” He yelled at a man he bumped into. “Oooa sorry!” He said to a lady who’s purse he knocked down. “Hey move I need to get that bag!” He shoved through passengers as he chased after my bag.

A bunch if yells and ten angry mothers later, Kian walked back to me with a proud smile and my bag. “Tadaa!” He did jazz hands.

“You’re crazy,” I laughed. We loaded the bags onto a cart and together we pushed it out of the airport. I was hut by a wave of heat. “Ooh!” I fanned myself, “it’s hot!”

“Not used to that are you?” He laughed, “its Ok it gets better.”

“Y/n!” A familiar voice yelled. I looked to see Ricky leaning on a car, “welcome yo LA!” He sang.

“Hi Ricky!” I hugged him, “its so nice to see you!”

“You too!” He said, “Kian is really happy you’re here. He planned this whole evening its awesome.”

“Thanks Ricky but I hadn’t told her yet!” Kian said in that funny voice he does.

“Tell me what?”

“If you aren’t tired we can go out to dinner and then maybe walk on the beach?”

“Yes!” I jumped, “right now?” Kian nodded. “Okay! Let me just go freshen up in the bathroom?”

He nodded and gave me a hug. “I love you,” he smiled.

I kissed him, “and I you Mr. Lawley. I love you.”

As requested, I’m releasing Part One of A Bargain of Lovers, my @mores2sl fic. Part Two can be found here

Post-WW2!AU - When Katniss gets let go from her job at the factory, the last person she wants to take anything from offers her a way out.

“I’m offering you the money with no obligations or owed debts,“ he sighs, “but if you’re so stubborn that you won’t let me help you, give me the one thing I want above all else…marry me.”

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I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, holiday, & a very happy New Year!
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Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: So when I get time I write for CB and so far I’m on chapter nineteen and let me tell you, you guys are not prepared for what I have saved up. Also, I’m pretty sure this story will surpass 30 chapters and have a second book bc thats how far out I have it planned! Anyways, thanks for liking the story and reading! Enjoy!

Warning: Ben’s a fuckin perv

Word Count: 4.6+

“I’ll be quick.” You nodded as Ben had pulled up to your driveway, getting out of the car and heading over to the front door. Rushing inside and up the stairs, Ben only followed you, you not realizing until Jupiter had ran right past you the second you had entered your room. “Jupiter?” Turning around, you saw Ben standing there as Jupiter rubbed up against him.

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Jax Teller Imagine.

House of the Rising Sun. Part I

There’s a thing about loving an outlaw, you are always charged with emotions. There’s no breaks, no peace, no calm. It’s all destruction, heartbreak, pieces scattered everywhere, pain and tears but there’s also love, protection, trust, companionship. It’s a big big family that comes with a price.

At first managing your work and private life with a relationship with the club’s VP wasn’t a problem, at the end of the day you only saw each other a couple times a week and barely anyone knew about what was going on, but retaliations, drug and guns traffic even fucking crow eaters happened and I was officially in for the long run.

“Sorry, baby” was my old man’s favorite phrase, I’m not going to lie it accompanied with blue deep eyes did wonder in a woman’s heart. He had me hooked like a drug addict, I couldn’t let him go even when days passed without seeing him, even when he came home all I saw was a troubled man with guilt in his eyes and blood in his hands. I loved him, hell I still do but I can’t forget what happened.

“Mornin’ sleeping beauty” said Jax, his beard tickling my neck. I looked at him while the sun hit his beautiful features, his blue eyes shining only got me, purplish tones covering his cheek from last night’s fight yet he was still the most beautiful man in the world. “The club needs me today, babe. I’ll be home as soon as I’m done.”  I just growled against his soft touch and kissed him. “I love you”

“Love you too” I said while holding him a little longer. No longer after that he left me underneath the covers of a bed who would only get colder after that moment.

A lot of business if not all of them in Charming don’t like Harley’s with outlaws coming every day to their front door, they scared the clients or gave a bad reputation according to every boss you had in the last 2 years I’ve been with Jackson, yet a small business gave me the chance to work for them from the commodity of my own home. A lot of writing, documents and even appointments had to be done today yet I got a call from the office to get there as soon as possible. I didn’t hesitate for a minute to get there fast enough, what I wasn’t expecting was to find an empty office and my boss with a gun against his head. He had long tears running from his cheeks while he asked for forgiveness and an opportunity to live.

“Hello, darling. We haven’t met yet but I’m sure you know who I am” A tall man with a swastika in his arm looked at me deadly in the eye. “I’m sure you know how this is going and I kindly ask you to come here before I blow both your brains out”

Welcome to my blog, this is my first imagine here and I really hope you like it. Please feel free to request anything and respectful feedback it’s always well received! -C

Y/N = your name
Y/F/N/I= Your First Name Initial

Stuart’s POV

I walked into school with Stiles at my side, he’s slightly shorter than me and I’d never let him forget it so just before I disappeared to my locker, I patted his head,

“See ya, midge”
“Piss off, Stew” he grumbled and walked over to Scott’s locker.

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The Love App

Dean downloads an app to find hot women around the states, but he didn’t think he’d find you.

  • Dean Winchester x Reader
  • 742 Words
  • Warnings: I don’t think so

Dean watched his phone, his heart beating as if he ran a marathon, his eyes locked on the photo of you—the girl he couldn’t get off his mind since that night you messaged him. He hadn’t been used to the app yet, unsure of why you were messaging him when he had nothing but a picture of him on the front end of his Impala.

When he finally figured out how to click on your profile, he was hooked. That picture of you in your crop top and short shorts, showing off how long your legs looked and your beautiful smile he couldn’t get enough of. He started asking for pictures, not even dirty, inappropriate pictures, though he loved when you occasionally sent one of you in your underwear, but simple, down-to-earth photos. You with no makeup were his favorite. He grinned every time you sent him a new one, even taking time out of his day to send you a message back, telling you how gorgeous he thought you were.

Chats with you went on for ages. Dean felt like he could tell you anything, except what he did for a living. Luckily, you two avoided asking that question, mostly sticking to anything else but that part of your lives, and he was grateful you didn’t push the question on him like some of the other women on the app, though by this point, he stopped searching. You had his complete attention.

How’s my darling boy tonight?

Dean grinned at the sight of your chat bubble moving, feeling even better the moment he read your text. My darling you had called him, making him feel like a million dollars.

Missing my girl. How’s my sweetheart?

I’ll be fine once I get my feet off the ground. Haven’t heard from you today—is everything alright?

He could’ve lied, he could have told you everything was just fine and that he hadn’t nearly lost Sam to a Wendigo, that the sheriff hadn’t shot his arm, grazing some skin off, that he wasn’t laid up at some motel room, miles away from you. But Dean didn’t like lying to you.

It’s been a bad day. Brother went to the hospital after an attack and now I’m lying here, alone.

Can I help?

Not unless you’re about to tell me you’re right outside my door.

Well… No. Maybe I can help another way.

Dean was expecting another picture of that smiling face. He waited on it, the anticipation causing him to itch all over and his stomach to tighten. It could be a naughty photo. He thought about it, what you might send, like a pose he hasn’t seen before. The last one he got was pretty damn sexy, but that was weeks ago. He hardly asked for them, wanting to respect you.

When the picture didn’t come and your bubble popped up again, Dean tilted his head to the right, wanting to know what was going on. You never made him wait this long, never.

A phone number appeared. Dean’s heart started racing against his chest. He noticed the smiley face you added to the end, letting him know you were serious, it was okay to call you. He’d never heard your voice before, only imagined it in his dreams.

Wasting no time, he clicked on your number and it started calling you, ringing and ringing. Now you were messing with him, tugging at his heart. It was a game to you and all too real for him. You couldn’t know how much you meant to him.

“Hello, my darling boy.”

His eyes grew wide at first, listening to the angelic voice on the other end of the phone. He dropped his gaze and his eyebrows were raised, trying to say something back. It was like his voice was caught in his throat, he couldn’t speak, couldn’t make a sound. Hearing you, your real self, it threw him off.

“Dean?” You asked, sounding a little worried. Dean let his eyes droop closed when you mentioned his name. It was blissful. Better than he ever thought. Then you giggled, and his head started to swirl.

“Hearing your voice just made everything better.” He admitted.

There it was, that giggle. “You’re going to make me blush!”

Dean smiled. A real, genuine smile that he hasn’t put on his face in years. How could a girl from the tiny computer in his hand be so perfect?

Suicide Squad’s cast ♦ Jared Leto Imagine

Requested by Nikola
Words: 1,548
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language

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“I’m Your Alpha Now.”

||Theo Raeken imagine||

A/N: hello everyone, bree here! hope you enjoy the first part of this imagine, should I continue this?????

WARNINGS: None. :)

His voice is like a beautiful melody, matched with an award winning smile, and framed by a beautiful canvas. His bright blue irises held such darkness behind them.
And where his heart should be, lives void.
Its hard to see past the surface, when its visually so perfect. But our eyes disguise dirt on purpose.
“We can readily describe our current state. I know my answers to so many questions, as do you. What was your father like? Do you believe in God? Who’s your best friend? What do you want? Your answers are your current topography, seemingly permanent, but deceptively so. Because under that face of early response, there is another You. And this wordless Being moves just as the instant moves; it presses upward without explanation, fluid and wordless, until the resisting consciousness has no choice but to give way.” He says, Her large doe eyes stalked his every move, her small frame overshadowed by his. Shaky breathe escaped her mouth. Her heart is beating so fast it feels as if it’s about to burst through the cage of ribs it was trapped in. He senses her nervousness, causing him to feel he has the upper hand or… Power, if you will.

“I don’t understand.” She mumbles, barely audible.

“there’s something different about you, and you know it.” He hisses. “You don’t know how to control it though, it’s scares you.” She evades his eyes, searching her surroundings. It had been years since she’d seen the woods or even outside for that matter. Perhaps it was her imagination, but everything seemed so overwhelming beautiful.
The woodland seemed quiet, peaceful. The boy paused his pacing, now that even the sound of his footfalls was silent, all that could be heard was the susurration of the leaves in the gusty crisp California wind. Looking up, she was transfixed by the myriad of fluttering leaves that danced in the high boughs, making a living roof above them. but the longer she stared the more the leaves looked like eyes peering back down at her and the boughs seemed to draw closer, blocking the sunlight as if they were forming a cage around her, and suddenly she feels trapped. His eyes trailed up to were she was looking but looks back down at her, she fiddles with her fingers in a nervous manner. Her eyes meet his, and he can’t help but admire how beautifully lost she looks, as if an angel that landed in hell. “I can help you.” He told her, “Y/N, you could be so powerful,” he adds, “I mean, think about it. You are a banshee. You have a very rare gift that’s just going to waste, you could be saving people.”

“Why do you want to help me so bad?” She asked.

“I want you to be apart of my pack. I have a pack of people like you… They’re all supernatural. But-”

“-You don’t have a banshee.” She finishes.

“Precisely.” He confirms, “Y/N I need your help… And you need mine.” He coaxed.
she hesitated, before nodding slowly… Agreeing. He smirks, commemorating his victory.
“As long as you know that I am the alpha and you do as I say, we should be fine…” He turns, motioning her to follow which she obeys, stepping further and further into her inevitable fate.

Wolf Eyes

Norman Reedus Fanfiction Series 


Strobe lights and smoke filled the air above me. It’s strange you know, how I found it breathtaking… I guess that’s what social things do me, make me breathless. I looked at all the people I didn’t know, with no judgement, just muse. Makeup has been my passion since I was small, as in when my mother first swung at me, and I didn’t want to get in trouble at school.

It has been along time since I thought of that day, and how I rue it. My mother was a beautiful woman, on the outside. On the inside she was bipolar, and ultimately abusive. She was in drug dealing throughout my years of living with her, and my dad. My father was a whole new story, he was my best friend when Norman wasn’t around. My father’s name was was Bruce and he sadly had PTSD from his time serving in Afghanistan. My father taught me how to draw, cook and his favorite … Pick fruit. It’s strange now that I think about it, but I loved every second, and every pluck of those blueberry bushes in my backyard.  He would always tell me war stories and why he loves picking fruit.

“If Earth takes the time to feed you, you can’t leave the dinner table without a clean plate.”

That’s how he described life, as in it was all a big family dinner. All your emotions and beliefs, anything that made you , you is sitting at this table, you must choose … 1.) who to speak to 2.) who to shun 3.) who you’re going to hold hands with while you pray

I loved that, he gave everything a choice.

My mother sold heroin throughout her life with me still in it. Random men would show up at her door, and in her bedroom, and be making us breakfast in the morning. God she was a slut… I hated how my dad never left her.

“I promised her I won’t leave.” He always said when I asked him why. It only made me sigh and go to my room to get my lighter. That’s how my high came, I smoked cannabis, and I changed my religion.

My mother despised me, every single tick about me made her go rampant. I always tried to rebel against her, to protect my father. When I told my parents I converted to Buddhism, my father applauded, even though he was a hard Christian, my mother swung her belt out in one tug.

I still have the scars on my back and my stomach, she even burned me with her cigarette when I came into her room without knocking. Such a life to live, I thank myself for leaving and fighting for my dream.

Norman knew nothing, I just perfected being a liar, and my makeup skills. One day he almost caught my moms cigarette scars… And well mine. I started self harming young, I had to cope when I didn’t have any leaves around. Norman never knew, and he still doesn’t. It’s okay, I don’t want him to know.

My father and Norman actually really got along. My dad always said we would end up together, and he prayed every night for it, trust me I heard him. Norman always loved him, his stories and how strong he was.

I didn’t notice I was reminiscing in the utter distance of Norman when Danai came up and hit my arm,

“You can’t stop staring at him can you?” She asked with a giggle. “Damnit!” Is all I could think looking away. I turned toward the bar and swallowed the hard liquor.

“No, I was just thinking.” I mumble putting my glass back on the bar. She just stared at me, I felt judged.

“Danai, I truthfully don’t know anyone here, except you and Norman of course.” I say with a shrug. I felt insecure, in this deep red dress , I felt like a beacon. Danai patted my shoulder then waved someone over.

“Why hello there.” I heard Jon say. Then with a hand on my lower back I was brought into a tight embrace. I forced a smile smelling liquor mixed with cologne. I almost gagged as his scent filled my nostrils. I hoped his harsh aroma wouldn’t linger on me.

“Hey Jon.” I mumbled. He just smiled and swayed me back and forth.

“We ould go dncing!” He exclaimed holding his arms up.

“Uh, sure.” I said out of pity. I had no want for Jon but he was the first person to talk to me beside Danai, and nobody was talking to him either.

Jon pulled me into the next room with force, making me practically drag my heels. The room was already pounding hard music, everything from dubstep to original pop. I could barely make out the words from how loud the volcanic symphony rung in my ears. Jon’s hand took my hips and forced them to move to the beat of the music. It was forceful, but yet passionate… at least that what it looked like to others. Seeing the look in his eyes reminded me of a male lion that was going to attack a gazelle, territorial even. The eyes of a wolf, and the force of a lion he was. It intimidated me yet aroused me, I hated that. Jon was the last person I wanted to be with, or sleep with out of pity. Something drawed my eyes to catch Norman’s… looking at me with the same Wolf eyes. Damn, his eyes stared at Jon like I was his and only his.

Norman’s POV

“You can’t stare at her forever Norman.” Andrew said walking over to me. I rolled my eyes.

“Come on man, I ain’t staring at that mush.” I said trying to hide my lie. I was staring at her, and only her. I could barely focus on the reporters, or even my own friends. She was the light and me, the moth. I hated her for making me feel this. She left me, why do I still crave her? She made me and Liz break up, yet I am thankful she made it happen.

“You’re doing it again.” Andrew said elbowing me in the side. I sighed and scoffed off. “Screw this.” I muttered walking to get another drink. I never had feeling like this, this utter want for her attention twenty four seven, before.  It was annoying but yet, I found bliss.

Walking back into the dancing part of the club, I remembered the first time me and (Y/n) had … passionate feelings toward each other. First time she got me high.


“Just try it!” She said in our tree house. We always hid there after school, we hated high school, even if it was our last year. I never was one for drugs, just cigarettes and booze. I would always take (y/n) to bars and get her shitfaced, then we would camp out so we wouldn’t be in trouble. We were troublemakers, peas in a cynical pod.

“Naw.” I answered her leaning against the wood.

“I tried a discussing cigarette for you Mark.” She said using my middle name, she knew it always ticked me off. I sighed and took the fresh made blunt.

The feeling of being high, is indescribable. We shared that blunt one day, and then before I fell asleep, we laid down in that tree house.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked throwing the blunt out the window. I smirked and told the truth,

“Why we never hooked up.” I chuckled, and so did she. I had no clue if she could process words.

“Well because you are my best friend, Norman Mark Reedus.” She said laying ontop of me. Then she got real close and whispered, “I think about it lot.”  She bite her lip and laid her head down. She thought of us hooking up? A lot? Is all I could ask myself. Before I could even ask for reasons or anything, she was sound asleep.

I sighed and looked down at her, feeling her soft hair. The rays of sunset danced on her soft (y/s/t) skin. She was gorgeous, I don’t know how such a divine creature could walk the Earth, and not be discovered.


“Norman?” Andrew asked.

“Yea.” I said with a jump.

He motioned me to look at (y/n), which I did. Jon made sure to keep touching her, everywhere. She didn’t look like she wanted it this physical want. My teeth clamped down on my inner cheek.

“What are you going to do about it?” Andrew asked raising his eyebrow at me.

What I wanted was to punch him in the face for not being a complete gentlemen. I rolled my eyes and swallowed my hard liquor.

Readers POV

“I’m going to use the restroom.” I try to say but Jon shushes me, shoving himself onto me.

“No baby, stay here.” He groaned then I felt Jon’s hand go up to my dress zipper and tug. I yelped and pulled myself away and started walking toward the bathroom. Then a hand held mine, I pulled but it was held on tight.

“Chill.” Norman said slowly twirling me into a behind embrace. His hands wrapped around my crossed ones and swayed back and forth.

“I knew the bathroom trick, I guessed it was my cue.” He whispered in my ear twirling me to face him. I smiled at him and nodded.

“Thank you.” I mouthed finding his pace. After a few moments working our perfect tango.

“I see someone has been practicing.” He said continuing to dance.

“Maybe I just have a good partner.” I said cleverly, rolling my hips and using my hair. His smile just got bigger and bigger as we danced.

When the music stopped I looked around to see everyone staring at us. We where is the center of the floor and its spotlight attraction. My cheeks flushed red and I looked at my feet. Norman chuckled and wrapped his arm around my shoulder bringing me out of the crowd.

“Thanks again.” I chuckled as we were in the other room. He just nodded and took his arm off of me.

Then just like how he surprisingly came, he surprisingly left.

Imagine: Both Bucky and Steve liking you and fighting for your attention (Part One)

You had started working around the SSR with Peggy. She was wonderful to hang out with and you usually found yourself getting swept into small adventures with her whenever she would drag around for her errands. One day you had been running for coffee and when you returned, two men were speaking with Peggy, both giving her longing looks.

You handed Peggy her coffee and stood beside her, much like an assistant or a lackey but you didn’t really mind because it kept you busy. Smiling at them politely you arched an eyebrow at Peggy, asking for an explanation as to why Captain Ameirca was standing in front of you.

“Oh, yes. Captain Rogers, Sergeant Barnes, this is Y/n. They’ve been working with me for a while now and it completely slipped my mind to introduce you,” Peggy said in her soft voice, tilting her head up and smiling at you. That was her way of encouraging you to speak so you did.

“Hello…I would introduce myself but Peggy covered that portion of my introduction so I think its safe to not repeat her.” You sipped on your coffee and gave them another smile. It was unnerving how they kept looking at each other and then at you, like they were talking about you through brainwaves.

The dark haired one offered his hand first, smiling charmingly. “James Buchanan Barnes. People who like me tend to call me Bucky.”

The blond one shot a look at Bucky and then offered you his hand. “Steve Rogers, ma’am.”

“Don’t call me ma’am, it makes me feel old,” you replied with a slight grin, finishing off your coffee with a final head tilt. You threw the cup out and picked up the folders you were supposed to be organizing. “So am I working alone or…?”

Peggy nudged Steve and Bucky forward. “Accompany her today, alright? She needs the socialization.”

You glared at Peggy. “They didn’t need to know that.”

“Yes but you did.” She winked and turned, leaving the room to go handle her own business.

You sighed and gave the boys a smile, handing both of them a pile of papers. “We’re going to the park because that where I like to think and work, is that alright with you two military boys?”

They nodded in unison and stayed quiet as you lead them outside. You managed to squeeze into a car and make it to the park where you settled on a patch of grass. The wind was barely there so you didn’t have to worry about papers blowing away as you took the paper from the guys and went to work.

They managed a whole five minutes without interrupting you, Bucky jumping in and asking, “So where are you from?”

You closed your eyes and reminded yourself that it was just for the day and you could catch up on it when you got home that evening. “It’s just records for the war. People we’ve lost, information we’ve received and have proven,” you explained in a soft voice. You were a patient person but not when it came to work.

He nodded, genuinely interested. “Whoa, so you know all the secrets?”

“Most of them, yes. Peggy knows all the secrets and she refuses to spill the beans so I’ve learnt not to ask. But if either of you could learn something cool from her and tell me I would be eternally grateful.”

Imagine: helping harry and Electro with getting revenge on spiderman and helping to get the spider venom for harry.

Warning: spoilers from the amazing spiderman 2

(y/m/p): your mutant power (example:speed/healing)

(y/v/n) your villain name


“you don’t have to do this (y/n),something could happen and you could get hurt and I can’t live with myself if anything happened to you” Harry cupped your cheek and kissed you. You smiled and went to change into your suit. You see you were the infamous (y/v/n) well you were but when you found out that harry was back you gave up your life of crime so that harry wouldn’t hate you. When you returned back to the room you see that electro was ready and you smirked and put on your mask “lets get us a spider” you smirked.

harry smirked “ the infamous (y/v/n) who would’ve taught that someone so beautiful hid behind that mask. You smiled and looked to electro “you sure you can manage to take down the alarms and cameras.” You asked electro “it won’t be that hard with all the power I have” “good let’s go”

-at oscorp-

security saw the three of you and ran towards you ready to attack “I assume you got this” harry gestured to you. Smirking you used your powers to take them down then you got into a fighting stance to take down the rest of the security. You flipped over one and kicked his back causing him to fall then you flipped another guard over and shoved the last guard into the first security guard who attempt to get up knocking both. You turned to the two men who stared at you in awe. “What never seen a girl fight before” you chuckled and continued your way to Harry’s office the two following cautiously behind you.

“ you know babe you are one sexy villain” harry whispers to you making you blush at his comment. You hit his chest lightly “ harry Osborn you can flirt later when the jobs done”

chuckling he walks into his office electro and you just behind him. "Harry what are you doing here” the man said shocked to see his former boss back “I want in to special projects” the man walks back slightly as electro and yo step forward ready to strike “so fairy god mother here’s my-” he was interrupted with a no and immeadiatly electro electrocuted him knocking him unconscious “oh sorry not the answer we were looking for” “babe your turn” you smile and skip over to the unconscious old man and kneel smirking. Harry smirks at my eagerness “clear” the man is brough back to consciousness and you wink at the confused scared man before pulling him up and kicking him towards harry. “The grid is all yours,(y/v/n) wait in the lobby for me” you nod and run down to the lobby -

at ravencroft-

you walked into Harry’s cell with Mr fears behind you.“well look who’s here” harry grins and stands to face you “hello babe” “hello harry forgive me for retreating and not coming back for you.” You bow your head your voice full of regret for leaving behind “don’t worry about it have you gotten a he recruits” you nod and fears tells him about the first recruit aka the rino “good leave so I can talk to my girl.

when he’s out of sight harry pins you to the wall kissing you instantly "god I’ve missed this” you say in between kisses “so have I babe” he continues to kiss you until you both need air. You smile at Harry and peck his lips one last time before leaving “don’t worry I’ll break you out soon” you say to him and evil glint in your eyes. He smirks “ I’m counting on it ” and you leave with Fears ready to take on spiderman

__________________________________________ Request are open. I hope you enjoyed this imagine


He didn’t hesitate as he stepped in for the swing.
Even I understand what he’s thinking..
He doesn’t think I’ll pitch inside.

We have to pitch inside here.