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Can I request a Sora & Riku hug, please? Btw your art is really cute!!

Of course!! Does piggyback/koala hug count? :’D Poor Sora made himself sick loool

Aaa and thank you kind anon!! <333

Gonna Get Over You

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Requested: No

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Y/N has been always in love with Peter, but he is too blind to see it. A new guy enters to Midtown High, and maybe he is the key to finally get over Peter. But also, he may be the key to Peter realization of his feelings.

Warnings: No one…?

Word Count: 1770

A/N: Hello everybody again! His is my second imagine and I hope you enjoy it as well. Also two things: first of all, this was inspired by the song Gonna Get Over You by Sara Bareilles well, the majority of it 😂And second, I actually have the part two of this, and if you want, I can update it 💕
Thank you so much! Enjoy

Should be sayin’ that to you by now, shouldn
’t I?

You couldn’t help but feeling how your heart snapped a little as you noticed the way Peter watched Liz when she entered the classroom.

He was profoundly concentrated in her just as every god damn day, and you knew what was coming next, sitting in the cafeteria and listen to him and Ned talking about everything that goes on with her. And you couldn’t blame them. Liz was the dream girl of every guy in Midtown High: beautiful, popular, kind, intelligent, she had everything!

And all over the things, Peter was in love with her.

Not you.

And it’s not like you were less, after all you were kind of popular too, but sometimes you wished being a little more like her. But deep down you knew that you never will.

Not too long ago, a ray of hope arose in you when you noticed that Peter began to interest more in you, when you two began to go out more and when both could pass hours and hours in the telephone speaking of anything. But you came back to the reality in the moment in the that his routine of look to Liz returned as a phoenix of the ash.

And it got worse when he started that scholarship with Tony Stark and leaving you alone more time than usual.

I simmer, then I burn for someone
The wrong

You were looking to your notebook with all your hair over your face just to make sure nobody saw the sad expression you were carrying around when you felt a little tap on your shoulder.

“Yes?” You questioned turning towards the voice had sounded. You found yourself a very cute redhead guy looking at you with a smirk on his face.

“No, nothing I just wanted to say that it’s a pleasure to meet you, Y/N” you rolled your eyes looking away and ignoring the fact that he knew your name. To see how Liz and Peter flirted had you this way.

“Uh, someone is having bad day, isn’t it?” the redhead scoffed still having that cocky smile, making you more frustrated than you already were.

“Don’t you have anything else to do?” you asked at the same time you glared at him “Like, I dunno, attend the class instead of bothering someone who actually cares about the subject?”

You sounded upset, more than that, it seemed like you wanted to kill the poor guy. You regretted yourself instantly, it wasn’t his fault, and he didn’t deserve that you take away all your anger toward him.

“I’m sorry” you apologized “Lately, I’ve been so stressed” you lied, the boy seemed to understand, but even he was not sure if the word ‘stressed’ was the correct one. He was focused on your words, like he was trying to decipher the real reason of your attitude.

“Don’t worry, miss stressed” he said looking forward, more specifically, to a brown haired boy with a stupid t-shirt which had printed a silly joke about atoms, realizing what was making you feel that mad.

You looked at him and smiled in disbelief and amused, giving up about hiding the true.

Oh, how am I gonna get over you?

“Can I give you a little advice?” he asked, whispering in your ear making you strangely nervous “If your are not going to move now, you shoul-”

“Could you tell the class what is so important for not pay attention to the class, miss Y/L/N?” the teacher interrupted.

Everyone turned to you, as it usually happens when you get busted. Peter was looking at you confused. Particularly, you never got distracted of classes.

“Do you really wanna know?” the guy said mischievously, you instantly felt the heat on your cheeks “Because I will tell everything you if yo- ”

The teacher let out a sigh of frustration and made a gesture indicating him it was time to stop.

“Next time, you two will be… talking in principals’ office” he threatened.

Both of you nodded in fear. He turned around and continued with the class.

With the face still red, you smiled to the redhead in appreciation, he did the same just adding a small wink.

And on the other corner of the room, Peter was watching you two, still confused and frowning.

Who the hell is him and what’s he doing with Y/N? he thought. He shook his head quickly, getting rid of the ideas that were beginning to come to his mind.

The bell rang indicating that the class had ended and that you should continue with the day’s schedule.

Peter looked at you one last time, and he ran out of the classroom straight to Ned.

“Maybe” it’s a vicious little word that can slay me

After some classes, and after the boy introduced himself as Jessie Abbernathy, you were finally able to eat something.

You spotted Peter and Ned between the tables and you got to them a little suffocated after going through so many people.

“Hey” you waved at the guys, making them glance at you by the time they come up to you.

You three sit at your daily table, and the talk started as everyday.

And I’m not the girl that I intend to be
I dare you, darling, just you wait an
d see

Your eyes were focused on Peter, you were drinking in his words. Of course you did care about the things he said but, you couldn’t stop watching him the way his smile tilted a little sideways when he was excited, his cute and adorable laugh, that little frown he does when he is so concentrated and the pure and kind soul he had.

You knew you should stop watching him before the situation gets obvious, fortunately Jessie was entering to the cafeteria.

“Carrots!” you shouted getting his attention, he put that smirk again and started walking towards you. A small smile formed on your face not knowing why.

“Well hello miss stressed, I knew you weren’t going to survive the hole day without this guy” he pointed himself. You rolled your eyes playfully.

You introduced Jessie to your two best friends. The boys did an akward handshake both looking confused at the redhead, and some suspicious glances from Peter.

All of you were eating lunch, and the attempts of Jessie of catching the grapes in his mouth were just hilarious, causing you to release a laugh many times.

You didn’t know, but Peter was seeing every single movement of Jessie. And couldn’t help but roll his eyes every time the redhead said or did something that made you laugh.

'Which man is called Jessie nowdays? Pathetic!’ 'How did they became so close in just a couple of hours?’ 'He is so annoying’. 'Wait, is Y/N red?’ were a some of the many thoughts Peter was having in that instant.

“So, do you already have an answer?” the newbie asked. Peter gave a confused look to you.

You removed nervously on your seat.

“An answer?” Ned questioned.

“I-It’s nothing” you mumbled looking down.

“Well, I wouldn’t see a date as 'nothing’” Jessie said.

You felt the heat again, but now your heart beat a bit quicker.

Peter opened his eyes like he had never heard the word date before as he started choking because of the sip of water he drank.

Ned and you turned worried to the science boy.

“A date?” he asked “casually”, trying to ignore that weird feeling he began to feel in the stomach.

“Yeah, but I don’t know…” you doubted. You tried to say something else, but the nerves were bigger.

So Jessie started talking for you.

“The thing is, I really think Y/N needs a break. She says she is tired” he began “So, what better than a date to relax a little, right?”

Peter stammered. Did he really wanted his best friend to go out with that guy?

“S-Sure!” Peter said making you to look at him surprised “H-He is r-right, y-you should do it”

“Really? Don’t you care if we study later? ” you questioned, hoping him to take action, hoping he show that he actually cares.

“Of c-course not” he responded crossing his arms.

What was happening to Peter?
He didn’t wanted to say that words. On the contrary, he wanted you to get away from the redhead and now he made you understand the opposite.
Was it so difficult to say “no, I don’t want you to date him. Can we watch a movie on Friday?”

Peter wanted to clear up his mind, but at the same time he wanted to stay sticked at your side and never leave, just to make sure Jessie knew you were his best friend, and that he couldn’t change that from one hour to other.

And as it happens when he panics, he ran out.

You assumed that was the signal, the same that would indicate you it was time to let go all these feelings.

So you accepted Jessie’s purpose.

But this time not for you but just for me

You left out a sigh and tried to focus on the main idea, you really needed to forget Peter, and you knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

So you looked the good side of the situation, you’ve had a super cute guy next to you and what’s more you were going to have a date with him. 

I tell myself to let the story end, oh

You were ready, Jessie arrived early and you two started going all around NYC.

My heart will rest in someone else’s hand

In a certain way, Jessie made you feel what you thought you never feel with someone else.

But a part inside you couldn’t stop dreaming about having this thing with someone else.

You couldn’t deny Jessie was a total gentleman, on the first twenty minutes he made you felt like a true princess.

Say it’s comin’ soon,
Someday withou
t you

In the beginning of the night you convinced yourself Jessie was just a friend, now you weren’t so sure about that affirmation.

But the appearances they deceive.

Oh, how am I gonna get over you?

Although this you’ll never know what was that spider boy thinking while he was swinging among the buildings.

Perhaps he was just giving a round for check the neighbourhood. Or perhaps he was staring at the girl that he was intended to be with, dining with other guy.

I’ll be alright, just not tonight.

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👀 ((guess who)) v doing weird 'commoner stuff' he's never done before like idk going on one of those big inflatable obstacle courses they have up in fields that sounds fun and cute no risk of injury on inflatable stuff nothing but fun here! Hi btw

Haha hello! I wonder who this could be..hmmm. Hope you enjoy!!
-No Otome characters were harmed in the making of this headcanon

• so it was MC’s birthday today
• everyone set up a party for MC, in which she requested a bouncy castle, and a two-sided inflatable obstacle course
• Jumin was glad to pay for everything of course, but V actually paid for it all instead!!
• everyone was pairing up and racing on the obstacle course to see which team finished the fastest
• so far the team in the lead was Seven and Yoosung
• V was just watching on the sidelines with Jumin, chuckling as everyone ran through and came out with their hair all a mess
• then suddenly they both felt someone pushing them over to the obstacle course
• MC was trying to convince them both to do one round together, seeming as how everyone else was in a pair and neither of them ran it yet
• Jumin was really reluctant but V managed to convince him
Jumin have some fun for once!!
• V let Jumin get a head start but soon V was already ahead of him because Jumin kept slipping and found it hard to squeeze between the pillars
• V kept chuckling as he watched his best friend struggle to get through
• next they crawled through a small tunnel
• ..but they both got stuck
• V couldn’t hold back his laughter when he looked over and saw Jumin kicking his feet to try to get free
• eventually they both got out and came up to the climbing part
• V got up pretty easily but Jumin kept slipping and sliding back down
• V sat up at the top to wait for Jumin and chuckled as he heard him groan every time he slipped back down
• eventually Jumin got up to the top
• they went down the slide together and Jumin ended up sliding down on his stomach
• when they both finished, V looked over to Jumin and saw his hair looked like a big fuzzy afro
• at this point V was doubled over in laughter, tears in his eyes from laughing so hard
• you bet they did it again! and V took a picture of Jumin
• they both ended up being competitive about it
• probably kicked Yoosung and Seven out of the bouncy castle so they could be in it next

Weight of Living, Pt. I

Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 700

Warnings: ANGST!!

Anon asked “Can you write a Sebastian x reader imagine where the reader goes to surprise Seb in Atlanta for filming and she waits in his trailer and he walks into his trailer and is kissing his costar or something like that??? I don’t condone cheating and I think anybody who does it is so low but I’ve been having that in my head all day and I love your writing.”

A/N: Part 2 of So Far. I have to say, even I cried in this part and I never actually cried when I was writing. Sorry guys! Let me know if you want to be tagged. There are 2 parts left.

Tagging: @cathvenger @themistsofmyavalon @mizzzpink @theassetseyeliner @yesixoxo @hollycornish

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For the minifics: UF bros meet their SO's family for the first time



“Saaanss please? It’s just for a few hours,” you tug on his arm, attempting to pull him off the couch, but the lazy bag of bones does not budge. 

“hnnngh just go without me,” Red groans.

“You promised me you’d come!” you exclaim in frustration then release his arm.

Red rolls his eyes then rubs his temples, a small migraine setting in. He recalled that stupid promise he made a few days ago, purely out of a drunk bet. He bet you that you couldn’t finish an entire can of whipped cream in one go just like he can with his mustard. But you easily proved him wrong by stuffing the entire can into you mouth and finished it off faster than he can ever do with his mustard bottle. 

“ugh, this is why i don’t make promises,” the skeleton sighs, “but cmon, look at me. is this even a good idea? i’m not exactly boyfriend material yunno,” 

“Don’t be stupid, Sans,” you roll your eyes and cross your arms, “I don’t give two shits about what my family thinks of you but, my family is a big part of who I am and I just want to include you in my life.” 

Red’s eyes go dark for a minute, a bright red blush creeping up his cheeks which he tries to hide by pulling his hood over his head and turning away from you. He fiddles with his fingers, unsure what to say next until he stands up and wraps his big arms around you. 

“Sans? What are you doing?” you ask, surprised by this sudden change. 

“can’t leave yer family waiting right?” and with a snap of his fingers and a red flash, he teleports the both you in front of your parents’ house. 

Red lets you go and you slowly make your way to the door, your finger hovering over the doorbell. Your hesitation puts him on edge. Did you just change your mind at the last minute? Did you really mean what you said about including him in your life? Did you just realize that he’s not good enough for you to introduce him your family? Why aren’t you pressing the doorbell?

But you grab his hand and give him a smile that washed away all that anxiety, a smile full of love and grace, telling him that you’re not going anywhere. Then, you rang the doorbell. 


“OKAY HOW ABOUT THIS ONE?!” Fell saunters out of the closet for the seventh time wearing what looks like to be the exact same suit as the last six, a sharp grey suit with a blue tie. 

“It looks great, Paps,” you say tiredly, just wanting to go to your parents’ house already and get some food. 

“THAT’S WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT THE LAST ONE!” the tall skeleton huffs in annoyance. 

“Well, they all look the same! Just pick one already!” you exclaim. 


“At this rate, we’re going to be late!” 

“NYAH HAH HAH, THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE PAPYRUS IS NEVER LATE!” Fell returns to the dressing room and proceeds to have  terrible rom com montage of him wearing the same suit over and over. 

Finally, the gods have released you from this endless loop and Fell walks out of the closet wearing a simple swanky black suit and red tie. A part of you is righteously angry at him for not picking that one sooner, but another part is melting from the sheer beauty of the skeleton before you, making your knees tremble. You’ve always been a sucker for well dressed skeletons.

“That. That one. I want you to wear that one,” you say, completely awe struck by how he looks.


You just give him your best puppy dog eyes, but the tall skeleton does not falter. 


“Finally,” you mumble, “Let’s get going,” 


I hoped you enjoyed this and sorry for taking so long! I had to tweak this a little bit since I didn’t want to get into S/O’s family since I want every reader to be able to relate or identify as S/O. I hope you like it! 

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Could you write scenario where Katsuki and his girlfriend who is villain, they get caught going on a date by one of his teachers. ~Admin Spark (I hope you enjoy the journey 😘)

Hello admin spark!! I hope you enjoy this ;;

On days like these, you wished you hadn’t been forced to follow in your father’s footsteps and become a villain. It wasn’t like you wanted to be one, in fact you wanted to be a pro hero for as long as you remember, but your father said otherwise and well… here you are, causing evil and hating every moment of it.

One thing you didn’t hate, though, was spending time with your boyfriend. He was a hero in training, and you felt like the cliche of ‘two lovers separated by’ blaugh blaugh blaugh. It didn’t feel like you were separated, and he made you feel like a normal teenager. He would take you on dates and would make you laugh; it was the real teenage experience you never thought you would have. Bakugou Katsuki made you feel like you weren’t a villain hiding from the law, and you loved that about him.

The two of you were in town, you obviously weren’t in your villain costume so you being recognized was slim to none. His hand was gripping yours tightly, either because he was nervous about someone recognizing you or he just didn’t know how to hold hands properly. A content sigh left your lips as you both strolled to an ice cream stand. The ash haired boy ordered for you, he knew your order like the back of his hand.

As you both ate your frozen dairy, you felt a sickening shiver run through your body. Your eyes glanced in every possible direction they could without making it noticeable. Somebody was watching.

“Katsuki, I think we should go back to your house,” you cautioned, throwing your half eaten ice cream in the trash.

“Why the hell would we do that? You were the one who fucking wanted ice cream.” he grumbled, finishing his cone.

“I know, I know, but I just think it would be nice to go back to your house and watch a movie or something.” you said with fake enthusiasm, already grabbing his hand and leading him away from the scene.

“What’s gotten into you, Y/n?” he asked harshly, swiping his hand away from your grasp.

“Nothing!” you assured. “I would much rather be at your house, you know? Just you, me, possibly your mom, and movies!”


Little did you know, Aizawa had seen the exchange and knew exactly who you were. He sighed as you and Bakugou left the populated area– if he was going to date a villain such as yourself, he should at least be cautious about it. Turning his head, Shouta continued his shopping as if he saw nothing. The kid would learn himself, he didn’t need some adult nagging him about it.

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Hello^_^, some kakashi boyfriend headcannons *_*

Hi! Hope you enjoy it.

*kakashi as a boyfriend*

-the start of the relationship will be a mess. let’s take a closer look at kakashi. Lost so many important people to him, so busy being a anbu+ninja, he didn’t have time (more like he didn’t allow himself) to get close to someone. He was secretly a loner as he grew up, ptsd and nightmares about his lost comrades. And then he meets you, someone that he ends up loving and wanting to protect so the start of a relationship with him will be a “one step forward two step backwards” sort of thing because he fears that he will lose you.

- and because of this he will need someone with a lot of patience and kindness, the man is rebuilding himself with your support.

- only because he’s a mess that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s feeling, when he started crushing on you and he noticed these feelings get stronger, his head kinda went “ what the fuck?? Bro?? You feeling this?? I don’t even know what to do with this???”.

- PDA is not really his cup of tea, he just doesn’t want his students or gai to make silly comments about you two, the most he will do if he sees you in public is a hand kiss or a head pat

-lots of home dates, he feels more comfortable in his home with you so that he can let his guard(and mask) down, but he also loves bringing you along to hang out with his friends and just watch you talk.

- you + kissing his scar = blushing kakashi

- he needs someone that won’t pry into his life, don’t expect him to spill every single detail about his life and the horrible things that happened to him, giving him a loving push would just cause him to hide himself more. The man has to many painful memories and breaking out his shell when you want him to is not something that he likes (also don’t grab the mask??in public??he’s hiding his face for a reason??)

-he’s not one to start cuddles(that doesn’t mean that he will reject them) but he loves the quiet moments with his s/o where they can just be sitting next to each other (or she can be doing stuff around the house) while he’s reading his book, and the comfortable silence does all the talking.

-kakashi doesn’t sleep for very long so he will just have moments in the middle of the night where he just watches you sleep, and if you stay up late at night with him, their is something about the moon and those hours in the night that he will drop a random story about his past and he will open up to you about anything. But he would prefer if you didn’t pity him and that you would just listen as you rested in his arms.

- he may not hang out with you 24/7 (you may wake up and he’s not even home) but he’s like a fly that you think you killed and then they pop up 10 minutes later like “yo”, so expect him to be popping out of nowhere when you least expect it.(how he knows where you are at the moment will always remain a mystery)also leaving out of nowhere, you can be mid conversation with him and you turn around for a sec and then turn back and hes gone??just poof??

You’re Hot Then You’re Cold

Request: So i found this AU where the temperature is hot when the soulmate is near, and it’s cold when they’re far. Can you make one with barry allen where he doesn’t have an idea about how soulmate works and there was a time when the room suddenly felt really hot, he ask cisco and caitlin about it and they were like, no barry… it’s not. And then they realize the reader was in the room, you can write however you want it though hihi ☺️☺️💖

A/N: Hi hello! This one is shorter than usual but I hope you still enjoy :) It was a cute idea!

Originally posted by flashallens

“Y/N, you should go home, you’ve been here since early this morning.” Caitlin put a hand on your shoulder as you continued to look at the screen in front of you.

          You shook your head, determined to figure out how the newest meta-human was hitting Barry, even with his speed. He couldn’t even see how they were hurting him, he could only feel it. You had to find this solution as soon as possible, before Barry went out to fight them again.

          “You won’t be able to work well tomorrow if you stay up all night,” Caitlin sighed.

          “I’ll be fine,” you grumbled, running your hand through your hair in frustration.

          Caitlin just nodded and left, giving Barry a look that told him to go talk to you. Barry went into your design office and pulled up a chair next to you, putting his feet on the desk. “Take a break, Y/N, seriously. You look super tired.”

          You looked at him and sighed, rubbing your temples. “I just want to figure this out for you, you know. I don’t want to see you get hurt again.”

          Barry nodded and began to yawn, causing you to yawn as well. He laughed at your actions, giving you a “told you so” look. You rolled your eyes, “you know it’s only because I saw you yawn.”

          Your forehead started to sweat, making you realize how hot it had gotten in the room. You began to fan yourself with a stack of papers laying on your desk. “It’s really hot in here. Did Cisco turn up the heat on the way out?”

          Barry shrugged, “probably. I’m going to head out, I’ll turn it down for you. Don’t stay too late, okay?”

          You saw a smile in Barry’s eyes and nodded, hoping to take his suggestion. But you weren’t leaving until you made progress. “Bye, Bar.”

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genre: angst, romance, marriage, divorce
characters: reader and namjoon, bts
word count: 1777


You want the divorce. Your marriage is not the same. You don’t think he loves you anymore. This is the right thing to do…right?

Part 1//

Part 2  Different

The days following Y/N’s departure from their shared life were much more painful than she could’ve imagine it would be. At first, she tried treating the situation as normal, ‘cause to her, Namjoon had abandoned her long ago before her request for the actual separation.

But everything was different.

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So this is the super belated ereri secret santa gift for one of my fave blogs aetheride!

Hi, hello, I hope you enjoy it! I really liked the idea of an elven Prince Eren and his beloved knight Levi, so I decided to go with that prompt instead

Sorry about the bg, those usually aren’t my forte, but this was actually really fun from beginning to end and I hope it’s what you want <3

Again, super sorry for how late this is

In Another Life (5/7)

Chapter 5

| O N E | T W O | T H R E E | F O U R |

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You wished for a new life, you wanted one, you got it.

Word Count: 583

Tags:@kyara2015 , @brookemaloley , @imaginesofdreams , @kairos34 , @maddiepalos , @lucifersnudes , @bit-of-a-timelord , @nebulaeofpie , @shamvictoria11 , @swtltlmrvlgrl , @relatedkpop , @ncoleys , @rachael-othman , @ncoleys , @jaqui-has-a-conspiracy-theory , @winchesterswantmypie , @obsessedwithatwell , @ignorantart123 , @meatballevan , @koehlerhwu , @xxsenpaizoellaxx

Warning: None

A/N: Here is chapter 5!! I hope you enjoy ♥

“Hello?” His voice snapped you back into reality.

“Sorry, it’s just.. Is it really you? Steve Rogers?” You ask, smiling a little bit.

“Yeah, my name is Steve Rogers, but who are you?” He asks, lifting an eyebrow.

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Boy: Luke Hemmings
Request: Yaaaas
Warning: smut; language

“Don’t touch me.” I growled, shrugging his hand off of my shoulder.

His blue eyes gleamed with tears.

“Please, baby I didn’t mean it.” He begged, moving towards me again.

I stepped back. “If you didn’t mean it, then you wouldn’t have said it, Luke!” I raised my voice.

A noticeable wince flashed across his face. He didn’t like yelling, let alone when it was from me.

“Y/n, ple-”


He looked dumbfounded, eyebrows knitted together tightly.


I sighed. He was making it harder than it had to be.

Big, bright blue innocent eyes stared at me, warm tears falling freely.

“You don’t mean that…” He whispered, the small apartment falling silent.

“I don’t say things I don’t mean.” I sneered, turning on my heel.

My feet moved over the carpet, the softness causing tears to brim behind my eyes.

Luke’s hand caught my wrist, spinning me to face him.

“Don’t make me go, please.” He mumbled, looking towards the floor. The silver of his lip ring moved against the skin of his lip as he tugged at it.

My heart ached at the sight of him so torn. But then again, he shouldn’t have opened his mouth.

“You’re on the couch then. Goodnight, Lucas.” I told him, ripping my hand from his fingers, leaving him standing alone in the middle of our living room, jaw slack.


Standing in the bedroom, it felt a little bit empty without Luke’s tall frame with me.

The air in the room was quiet, all except for my breathing and the sounds of the city outside my window.

Turning my head, I stared at the clock.

3:41 am.

Fucking hell, I wasn’t getting any sleep tonight.

A sigh released itself from my lips as I slipped off Luke’s t-shirt, the soft confines of the fabric now gone. The cold air of the bedroom nipped at my bare skin, making me shiver.

I admired myself in the full length mirror that sat in the corner of the room, my waist curving inward. Now, I wasn’t unhappy with myself, but I wasn’t the happiest with myself. But then again, who was?

Loud engines and horn honks resonated up the walls of the alley and into the space of the small room, irritating me.

I usually slept better with Luke beside me, but he pissed me off so I was going to have to deal with it.

Lying back onto the soft mattress, I made an effort to get comfortable, relishing in the warmth of the duvet.

Until the door creaked open and shimmering blue eyes peeked through the door.

“What d’you want, Luke?” I huffed monotonously.

He sniffled. “I-I’m really sorry… I promise I did not mean a single w-word I said earlier.”

“C’mere,” i stood from the bed once again. “Come show me how sorry you are.”

He looked confused now.


“Make love to me, Lucas.”

My heart raced and a dull throb erupted from between my legs as he ripped his Green Day shirt from his body, muscles flexing as he stalked towards me.

Luke’s hands gripped my ribs, pulling me as close to him as possible.

A look of pure lust and adoration etched itself onto Luke’s face, his pupils dilating vastly.

Qucikly, soft, pink lips were pushed against mine as hands wrapped around my waist. The rough callouses on Luke’s hands stroked the bare skin my hips as I was laid down onto the soft mattress. 

It took me by surprise. 

Usually whenever Luke and I fucked, it was rough, heated and quick. 

But tonight, Luke and I weren’t just fucking. We were making love.

“Tonight’s about you.” He whispered, hooking his fingers into the waistband of my panties, looking to me for permission. 

With a quick nod of my head, he slowly pulled them down, tossing them to the side. “Fuck.” He groaned, the wetness between my thighs growing as he kissed the inside of my thigh.

I arched my back, unclipping my bra quickly as his tongue traced a line down my stomach, below my navel.

“I’m gonna make you feel so good.” He mumbled, right above where I needed him.

I groaned when he stopped, staring at me intently. “Fucking do something, Luke.”

A chuckle tumbled from his chest as his tongue quickly delved between my folds, a sigh and a sharp gasp releasing from my lips. The coolness from his lip piercing took me by surprise.

Luke’s hands trailed up my legs, hooking over my hip bones to hold me down as they began writhing upwards. “Patience,” he murmured, licking a stripe downward. “Is key, my love.”

I whimpered when his lips attached themselves to my clit, a finger pushing into me slowly yet harshly.

“Fuck, Luke.” I moaned, fingers tangling and twisting through his blonde locks as he continued flicking his tongue over me.

I knew he liked where he had me; shaking and whimpering as he pushed me to the edge. I was at his mercy.

My body felt empty as he pulled back from my clit, the slight stubble on his chin shining from the moonlight seeping into our little apartment bedroom.

Any trace of anger I had felt towards him earlier had seemingly vanished.

“What the hell, Luke!” I growled, the loss of his fingers taking a toll as I was so close to coming. A smirk took on his heavenly sculpted face.

“Not yet.” He whispered, standing back from the bed. His hands pushed his flannel pajama pants from his pale legs, only a pair of thin AE boxer-briefs separating the two of us.

“Luke, please.” I whimpered, the bulge in his underwear making me even more impatient.

A smirk formed on his pink lips as his tongue shot out, wetting them slightly.

His teeth sunk into his bottom lip, eliciting a small moan to slip from my own lips. “I’m not even touching you, y/n.” He teased.

“Please, Luke. I need you.” I whimpered, tears brimming with how much I needed him.

Luke lowered himself to above my ear, biting at the lobe. “What? What do you need, y/n? What do you want me to do?”

All sense self-control was now gone out the window. “You! I need you, Luke! Touch me, fuck me, eat me, I don’t care.” I screamed, irritated with him.

Thankfully, that was all he needed.

With one last reassuring kiss, he pushed into me slowly, I low groan falling from his lips. The sound of Luke moaning was the sexiest thing I could imagine.

“You’re so tight.” He panted, hooking my legs around his waist, hitting deeper as he thrusters harder.

I moaned when he slammed into me, seeming to looking for something. His hips rammed into mine roughly, pivoting ever so often.

“Fuck!” I cried, a high pitched gasp squeezing itself from my legs. My fingernails dug into his shoulder blades, leaving small crescent moons in his skin.

“There it is.” He sighed, his forehead pressing to mine, forearms laying by either side of my head. He had me trapped but I don’t think I’ve ever felt safer.

“Shit!” I moaned as Luke continue to either graze or slam into that same spit over and over again, the familiar burning and tightening starting up in the pit of my stomach.

Luke wasn’t the first person I’d ever been with sexually, but he was the first person I’d been this intimate with.

It wasn’t about fucking, or giving pleasure to one another through sexual advances with him. It was about the small things; my favorite coffee in the morning, the smell of a failed attempt at making breakfast, or the times when he tells me I’m beautiful and brushes a hair behind my hair.

Luke was the first person who got under my skin to figure me out; to figure out what made me tick and shake and scream

“I-I’m almost-” He started, a groan and a slew of curses stringing into one incoherent sentence.

I nodded, my own orgasm building to new heights.

“Fuck, Luke!” I cried, my back arching into his chest as I hit my high with a force, milking out his own orgasm.

A loud groan filled the air as his face scrunched up and his bottom lip was pulled between his teeth. My hazy eyes focused on the vein popping out from his neck as his head tilted upwards.

Riding out our highs, I pulled his face to mine, kissing him passionately, slipping my tongue into his mouth.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled, pulling out to lay next to me.

The city below our shitty apartment fell quiet as if it knew about Luke and I’s love-making.

“I know,” I breathed, cuddling into his side. His pale skin was coated in a thin layer of sweat, making him more attractive than usual. “You proved that.”

He giggled his manliest giggle, kissing my nose before mumbling a quiet ‘I love you’ and closing his eyes.

I followed his lead, whispered an 'I love you, too’ as the room fell silent.

I didn’t know much, but what I did know was that I couldn’t wait for to hear his morning voice.

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#2- You tell him you're pregnant (4/4)

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