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Can I request a Sora & Riku hug, please? Btw your art is really cute!!

Of course!! Does piggyback/koala hug count? :’D Poor Sora made himself sick loool

Aaa and thank you kind anon!! <333

fic rec of the week:

💟 manhattan from the sky (by sincewewereeighteen) - chaptered, 47k+

Harry’s been raised to know that successful men do not fall in love. Louis believes that love is all you need to be successful in life. They meet. 

💟 it’s not a secret that i’m into you (by larryink) - oneshot, 6k+

Louis is halfway out the door, already trying to figure out the closest way to the office, when he hears the puppy boy say to flour boy “Harry! I’ve got you a sandwich,” and he almost drops everything he’s holding because Harry. Could it be…?

Louis finds Harry’s diary and falls in love with him through the words.

You’re Hot Then You’re Cold

Request: So i found this AU where the temperature is hot when the soulmate is near, and it’s cold when they’re far. Can you make one with barry allen where he doesn’t have an idea about how soulmate works and there was a time when the room suddenly felt really hot, he ask cisco and caitlin about it and they were like, no barry… it’s not. And then they realize the reader was in the room, you can write however you want it though hihi ☺️☺️💖

A/N: Hi hello! This one is shorter than usual but I hope you still enjoy :) It was a cute idea!

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“Y/N, you should go home, you’ve been here since early this morning.” Caitlin put a hand on your shoulder as you continued to look at the screen in front of you.

          You shook your head, determined to figure out how the newest meta-human was hitting Barry, even with his speed. He couldn’t even see how they were hurting him, he could only feel it. You had to find this solution as soon as possible, before Barry went out to fight them again.

          “You won’t be able to work well tomorrow if you stay up all night,” Caitlin sighed.

          “I’ll be fine,” you grumbled, running your hand through your hair in frustration.

          Caitlin just nodded and left, giving Barry a look that told him to go talk to you. Barry went into your design office and pulled up a chair next to you, putting his feet on the desk. “Take a break, Y/N, seriously. You look super tired.”

          You looked at him and sighed, rubbing your temples. “I just want to figure this out for you, you know. I don’t want to see you get hurt again.”

          Barry nodded and began to yawn, causing you to yawn as well. He laughed at your actions, giving you a “told you so” look. You rolled your eyes, “you know it’s only because I saw you yawn.”

          Your forehead started to sweat, making you realize how hot it had gotten in the room. You began to fan yourself with a stack of papers laying on your desk. “It’s really hot in here. Did Cisco turn up the heat on the way out?”

          Barry shrugged, “probably. I’m going to head out, I’ll turn it down for you. Don’t stay too late, okay?”

          You saw a smile in Barry’s eyes and nodded, hoping to take his suggestion. But you weren’t leaving until you made progress. “Bye, Bar.”

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#2- You tell him you're pregnant (4/4)

“Hello xx could you possibly do a visual preference of 4/4 when you tell them you’re pregnant? Thank you so much!”

This was a lot of fun to do and it gave me intense feels. Enjoy. x


*laughs* “This is so amazing, (Y/N). We’re going to be parents.”


*gasps* “Oh my god….” *smiles*


“Guys… she pregnant!” *cheers and laughter*


*on Keek* “Hi guys… I’m gonna be a dad!”

Hello lovelies! I hope you enjoy this c: It bothers me a lot that Ash’s isn’t black and white but oh well. Send me your requests! x