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single dad , boxer!tom ♡ head canon

Summary: the biggest surprise of his life turned out to be the biggest miracle


WC: 2238

Warnings: Some language

Author’s Note: i went a bit over board, part 2, anyone? feedback is always welcome 

  • Amelia had taken over Tom’s world completely from the moment she landed on his doorstep at a young age of 2 with nothing but a note and a birth certificate
  • Tom was quite surprised to open his apartment door one morning on the way out to training only to find a small girl with wide eyes looking up at him
    • Oddly enough he was thrown off guard by the fact it felt like looking into a much smaller mirror
  • He wasn’t sure how long she had been there and tried to talk to her
  • She had looked down at her shoes, not engaging in much conversation with him
  • “Are you lost, darling?”
  • She’d shake her little head
  • “Mom said stay here”
  • And her small voice would squeak out a barely coherent sentence, making Tom squat down to her level
    • “Where’s your mum?”
    • “She left”
  • Poor Tom would have been so confused
  • He’d set down his gym bag and focus all of his attention on helping this “lost little girl”
  • Amelia wore a backpack on her frail shoulders, so Tom had thought maybe he could find some contact information in there
  • “Can I please see your backpack? It’s quite pretty!”
  • She’d perk up at his compliment and take it off of her shoulders, now excited to show him every feature of it
  • Tom couldn’t help but smile softly at the little girl who was rather excited to show off her backpack, as he found it quite adorable
  • He agreed to let her to unzip it, revealing a stash of clothing and a few papers tucked away
  • “May I see those papers, please?”
  • His voice would switch to a much gentler tone, hoping to coax her into allowing him to see if there was any useful information as to help her find her mum 
  • The soft brunette curls atop her head bounced slightly as she nodded, eager to share with Tom
  • He pulled the papers out and unfolded them, only to find a birth certificate accompanied by a multi-page letter
  • Curiosity coursed through him and he opted to read the birth certificate first
  • He smoothed out the paper as his eyes scanned the document
  • “So, your name is Amelia Grace Holl-”
  • His eyes would go tremendously wide
    • It would kind of click now after taking in her much similar appearance to him
  • She stared up at him with her eyes that now held a whole new meaning
  • He sat on the ground, Amelia copying his actions clumsily
  • She watched him intently as he reviewed the letter that was in his hands
  • He didn’t even remember her mother fully, a one night stand he was sure happened after a victory for a successful boxing match or something to that effect
  • He let out a heavy sigh, Amelia mimicking him
  • His heart warmed, for the first time in a very long time, as she giggled after copying him

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anonymous asked:

Is someone telling me that during the summer of mutual pining in the middle of the night a restless yuuri never went and sit behind viktor's door to hear his idol and new best friend sleep to hear him snoring ruffling the sheets sleep talking and thought completely fascinated Viktor Nikiforov really is behind this door??? Because he did

SORRY OMG I received this so long ago but I wanted to write a little something~

It’s a couple of weeks after Yuri travels back to Russia that Yuuri to realizes how much he stalls by Victor’s bedroom door. 

He has many reasons behind his hesitations - most of them related to wanting to ask Victor questions, or waiting for him to go somewhere. Though Yuuri can’t help but notice that lately he’s been standing by Victor’s doors for much more personal reasons.


The first time he noticed he was doing so was in the middle of a hot, stuffy night, right after he was coming back from the kitchen and heading to his bedroom. He padded down the corridor carefully, trying to make the least noise as possible to not wake anyone up. It was then that he heard, coming from Victor’s bedroom, a low, steady snoring sound. 

The Victor Nikiforov he knew from the magazines didn’t snore. The Victor Nikiforov from the magazines was perfect in every sense. This, however, wasn’t the Victor Nikiforov from the magazines. It was just… Victor.

That amazement that surrounded everything about Victor hadn’t faded away in any sense, but if anything Yuuri was learning more and more and growing even more intrigued by the childhood idol, the unreachable dream that was now living under the same roof as him. Things Yuuri had never exactly wondered about victor he’d gotten to learn in the first few days after he’d arrived in Hasetsu - watching him from so close, in movement, was like witnessing a famous painter working on a masterpiece. It was the way he held his phone and the way he folded his clothes; the way he crossed his legs to sit and the way tied the laces on his skates.

Yuuri had never wondered about how he slept and found himself incredibly curious about it now. He wanted to know how Victor slept, wanted to see the tangly mess of limbs and sheets and know if Victor’s hair got messy like his hair did. Victor Nikiforov was there and real and human.

He notices he’s been standing by Victor’s door, his hand flat on the door as if ready to push it and feels embarrassment wash over him. He then steps back and heads into his bedroom.

Eventually, Yuuri sates his curiosity. It’s when they have to cancel their afternoon training because of a thunderstorm that brews out of nowhere after they head back home for lunch, making it impossible to go anywhere with the torrential rain. Victor tells Yuuri he’s going to take a nap meanwhile, asking him to wake him up in case the storm ended in time for their evening training and goes to his bedroom with Makkachin on his heels. 

Knowing how summer storms in Hasetsu usually behaved, takes the chance to play some of his favorite video game while rain pours outside and minutes tick away as he entertains himself. 

Yuuri realizes he finds it a bit odd, not having Victor around for the afternoon. He only notices how much more Victor has grown to mean to him in moments like those.

Then storm calms a couple of hours later when it’s around snack time according to Hiroko, who urges Yuuri to “wake Vicchan up” to join them. Yuuri heads upstairs with a fond smile on his face and finds the door to Victor’s bedroom ajar, causing him to hesitate by the door and drink in the sight. 

It feels like he’s intruding. He knows that’s not the case - Victor had asked him to wake him up, which was a green flag for getting into his room, right? But then again… Yuuri always waited for Victor to invite him in, knocking on the door when he wanted something and respecting Victor’s privacy like Victor respected his.

(Yuuri briefly thinks about Victor’s first night, remembering how he’d invited Yuuri to sleep with him. Something stirs in his chest and Yuuri finds himself wishing Victor would do it again, and his whole face grows hot.)

Victor lies on his stomach, with Makkachin by his feet, sprawled on his bed with one leg bent and hugging the pillow under his head. He is fast asleep, his chest moving with the slow cadence of his breath, and there’s a crack in the window from where a cool wind comes in, making the room slightly chilly. Yuuri wants to come in, come closer, gaze at Victor for a minute and try to commit every single feature to his memory, but his feet seem glued to the floor. 

He knocks on the door lightly. 


There’s a low rumble of thunder rolling somewhere in the distance, and Makkachin raises his head to look at Yuuri bleary-eyed before yawning. 

Victor doesn’t react, except for a long sigh that has Yuuri holding his breath.

“Victor,” he calls again, slowly walking into his room to close the window and trying not to stare at him but god Yuuri is so curious he can’t resist it.

Victor looks so comfortable, so utterly relaxed in the most peaceful sleep, clutching at the pillow under his head as if he needed something - someone - to hold on to in order to sleep so snugly. His eyelashes flutter a bit, long and fair against his skin, and Yuuri wishes he could touch him - wonders how it would feel like to sleep next to Victor and wake up to see him first thing.

Yuuri wonders how it must feel like to sleep in his arms and clutches at his chest. 

He wants it.

“Victor,” he calls one more time, gently nudging his shoulder, and this time Victor stirs with a low grunt. 

Yuuri watches him wake up like he doesn’t want to miss a detail - how he gently squints, the deep breath he takes before blinking the world back in focus and looks at Yuuri, rolling on his side. And yes, Victor has his hair mussed where he was resting his head, some strands sticking up in a funny way as he turns to face Yuuri, and his cheek has light imprints from his pillow, and that is, somehow, the most adorable thing Yuuri has ever witnessed in his life. 

“Mm?” Victor questions, his heavy-lidded eyes looking at him almost like he knows what is going inside Yuuri’s head, vulnerability and curiousness in his light eyes.

“Ah… It’s, uh, tea time.”

He has no idea how he manages to word that with Victor’s sleepy, gentle eyes gazing at him as if wordlessly inviting Yuuri to lay down and rest with him.

“OK.” His voice is raspy, and Victor stretches on his bed for a moment. “Did you sleep?”

“No, I was… playing video games.”

Victor offers him a slow nod, stretching his arms behind his head but otherwise not making a move to leave his bed. 

“What a pity,” he says, covering his mouth with the back of his hand to yawn. “This weather is perfect for napping.”

Yuuri feels a smile spreading on his face, “Coaching life is not easy, huh?”

Victor chuckles, nudging Yuuri with his knee.

“No, it’s hard work,” he replies with a smirk. “You really must have a wonderful stamina if you don’t need to take a nap.”

Perhaps it’s the way Victor says it so casually, stretched on his bed and gazing at Yuuri with half-lidded eyes that makes his mind quickly pick on some hidden meaning behind Victor’s words, one he’s not entirely sure if he means it. Whatever it is, Yuuri’s cheeks are burning, but he doesn’t let that pass so easily.

“I didn’t want to be drowsy in case the rain stopped and we had to get back to the rink,” he pokes at Victor’s side, making him flinch and laugh. “Besides, my coach asked me to wake him up.”

There’s a glint in Victor’s eyes that Yuuri only sees when he’s surprised - often when Yuuri lands a jump perfectly, or when he manages to channel his eros on the ice. Victor smiles, wetting his lips as he thinks of an answer. 

“Poor student,“ he replies in a playful condescending tone. "Next time maybe you should join him for a nap instead.”

He feels his face get warm all the way up to his ears, and as Victor bites his lower lip thinking he’s got the final word in their little game, Yuuri smirks back and says: 

“Perhaps I will.”

A Doctor’s Log (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Summary: Being a collection of impressions, observations, and ruminations, by one Dr. Lexi T’Perro, staff physician on the Tempest. 

Notes: Spoilers abound, but specifically for Liam’s armor request and part of Jaal’s loyalty mission (through the end of “Flesh and Blood”). Pre-romance (incipient Sis!Ryder/Jaal).

This is loose, this is messy, and hopefully, this is funny. There may be more to come, but we shall see! <3

Read on: Ao3


Entry One:

Our young Pathfinder certainly has a talent for finding — well, talent, in the most unusual places. From what I understand, she found our resident krogan on Eos, slaughtering the local wildlife. I believe he’s wearing the bones of his kills.

And yet, he’s charming, but anyone’s standards. A little gruff, but that’s to be expected. He and Vetra seem to be getting along famously, if what I overhear from the crew’s quarters is any indication.

Cora is still dealing with residual frustration and resentment over the Pathfinder’s role passing from Alec to his daughter, but she is a consummate professional, and after an initial tense conversation with Ryder, has allowed herself to process and grieve in private. I’ve made a note to check in with her — something Cora will be astute enough to recognize — but I foresee no future issues in that quarter.

Sometimes it’s best simply to let time and distance do all the healing work. Harry, if you ever read this, know that I can hear you smirking.

Entry Seven:

Liam continues to impress me — his good humor and willingness to reach out to everyone has defused more than a few potential arguments. I’m rather amazed at how he dismantled what could have been a rather explosive argument over the last of the Fishdog Food Shack nuggets (I shudder to think what was in them, to have lasted so long in suspension!). His loyalty is unquestioned. He’d be an asset on any team, but I’m glad he’s with us.

Ryder stayed in her quarters for an extra forty-three minutes this morning. SAM assures me she was simply working out, but I’ve made a note to watch her stress levels a little more carefully. Excess exercise may be just one symptom of a larger problem.

I do hope they’re able to wake up her brother, soon. Her role is a lonely one.

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idk if you've covered this in the Voltron/PJO au but, if Keith is ace (which I'm betting he is) how did the gods react to it? I mean, the gods are kinda known for their sexual exploits so would any of them have a problem with an ace demigod? Hades probably wouldn't care since he loves his little bat, but what about Zeus, the king of sexual exploits?

Yeah, I kinda implied Keith is also ace in the PJO au. :D

[Voltron PJO AU] Zeus was watching Shiro and Keith from Mount Olympus. They were in Zeus Cabin… just talking while lying on the bed. He found it a bit odd because something should’ve happened by now and yet, his son wasn’t doing anything nor was he even trying to make a move. 

The two boys were just laughing while comparing hand sizes. They seemed content just whispering and joking. However, Zeus was not. His son and the son of Hades had been dating for almost a year now and yet nothing was happening—at all. 


One night, Shiro was heading to bed, tired from training all the new demigods at the arena when suddenly his Dad materialized when he turned around.

“Oh my gods,” Shiro exclaimed, placing a hand on his chest. “Dad! Stop doing that! I don’t plan on dying from heart attack.”

Zeus just ignored him, walking closer to him. “What’s your deal, son?”

“What do you mean?” Shiro asked, clearly having no idea what the “deal” was.

“Why are you not sleeping with Hades’ son?” 

Gods. His Dad was just so blunt. Really had no tact.

He wasn’t going to give in. “We do take naps together, I’ll have you know. And Keith tends to sneak in at night so we can sleep beside each other.”

Zeus waved his hand dismissively at him. “I know of that. But that’s not what I’m asking. Why are you not having sex with him? You like each other, we all know that. You’ve been together for so long. There has to be some urge in there somewhere.”

Shiro flushed. Gods. Just—wow. He turned back to his bed and prepared his blanket. “It’s just not like that with us, Dad,” he said quietly.

“Why not?” Zeus didn’t really sound angry, he sounded confused.

“Keith is ace,” Shiro smiled fondly while thinking about his boyfriend. “The whole sex thing isn’t his thing and I respect that.”

“You’re ignoring your own desires for this boy who doesn’t even have the desire for it? That’s absurd, son. It’s not like you could get him pregnant. So there’s no risk,” Zeus scoffed. “Everyone likes s—”

“But not Keith.” Shiro cut him off. Feeling a bit scared that he might’ve angered the god of the gods. But he was still his father. “I’m sorry,” he quickly added. “It’s just… I know you like that and well, most people do… but there are some people out there who don’t need it, desire it or seek for it.”

“Does Hades know of this?” Zeus eyed him.

“Yeah,” Shiro answered. “He was the first one who knew about it.”

“And he’s fine with it?” Zeus raised an eyebrow.

“Lord Hades loves Keith more than anything and you know that, Dad. He was very supportive of him and I hope you’ll be supportive of my relationship with someone who’s ace, too.” Shiro looked up to his Dad, hopeful.

Zeus sighed. “A demigod who isn’t into…” he paused and sighed again. “You really sure with this? You’re really willing to give it all up for him?”

A dorky grin slowly made its way on his face. “Yeah. He’s wonderful. There’s honestly so much more to him than what’s in his pants.” He chuckled softly.

Zeus just looked at him in amusement while rubbing a hand on his forehead, already giving up on the topic. “Very well. If that’s what you like.”

Shiro nodded. Suddenly, the door of his cabin opened and there stood Keith in his pyjamas ready to sleep. Keith’s eyes widened when he saw Zeus and Shiro. “Uh, I’ll come back later.”

He was about to close the door when Zeus smiled at him. “It’s alright, boy. I was just about to leave. You go get your rest now.”

Keith smiled back.

CUTE omfg I love it when yall ask about new groups to check out!!! I’ll try to make this as good as the SHINee post so you could be interested in checking out EXO as well bb, but I’m not gonna mention the ex members bc they’re not a part of the group anymore so we should respect that (but let me know if you wanna learn more about them separately) 🌹~~

Meet: EXO aka weird aliens w/ cool super powers who turned into wolves and high school boys ??

•  originally a 12 member group who debuted under SM ENT. in 2012, with their (strange?) hella woke song, Mama 

• they had 2 subunits: EXO-K (performed songs in Korean, with Suho as their leader, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai, and Sehun) and EXO-M (performed songs in Mandarin, with 4 Chinese members- Kris as their leader, Luhan, Lay, Tao, and 2 Korean members- Xiumin & Chen)

•  apparently SM has been planning their debut and MV concepts for like a decade, so no….you’re probably not crazy when you’re coming up with new theories bc everything is there for a reason 

•  each member has a special power when they came down to earth, and I’ll list them for each of exo individually 

Originally posted by iyeolie

Meet: Xiumin aka mochi aka baozi

•  super power: frost 
•  the oldest, but no one blames you if you thought he was the maknae tbh he looks so innocent (he’s not tho trust me)
•  used to be VERY quiet during rookie years, one time he even said his new years resolution is to talk more often bc he was so small and quiet and kinda just observed everything
•  he’s still kinda quiet but when he’s on stage,,,,,,,,pls watch their artificial love performance and you’ll know what I’m talking about rip
•  is very close with Chen (jongdae) and one time they even went on a honeymoon trip
•  Minseok is currently studying for his PhD and tbh if that’s not motivational enough then idk what is

Originally posted by yixingsosweet

Meet: Suho aka our rich guardian and protector

•  super power: water
•  the leader, the most handsome and beautiful soul you’ll ever see
•  you’ve probably heard this joke even if you’re not an Exo-L, but his nickname is Junmoney bc apparently he spoils his kids with whatever they want (like he just hands them the company’s black card wtf)
•  is HELLA smart but that’s to be expected since his dad is a university professor
•  super sassy and has the cutest humor, and those spoiled brats aka Sehun need to appreciate it tbh 
•  tbh I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t truly mean it, but he really is one of the most mature and strong leaders I’ve ever seen…esp after what they’ve all been through brb gotta cry 

Originally posted by asstheticsuho

Meet: Lay aka healing unicorn

•  super power: healing
•  the last Chinese member left and he’s the king of China bc he’s huge there wow husband goals
•  Yixing had a reputation for being the quiet and dazed member bc he always looked high lmao but that’s just his adorable face
•  he likes butts, he touches and spreads the other members’ booties often “but doesn’t everyone else do that ????”
•  is a great composer and has been involved in writing and composing some of exo’s songs alongside chanyeol, also including his own solo albums
•  met and interacted with Luhan a couple months ago at an award ceremony in China and they broke the Internet 

Originally posted by squynhty

Meet: Baekhyun aka bacon aka Exo-L’s dad

•  super power: light
•  no u nasties, it’s not like that lmao he literally thinks of us as his kids and he’s the best at fan service
•  when he smiles his mouth really does look like a rectangle……..like he’s literally a (chatter)box
•  heechul from super junior adores him and they’re besties, even had SM stream them playing video games and had them perform a duet
•  he’s the mood maker in the group and is always happy and screaming and farting, but everyone has their bad days so he’s super thoughtful to always keep a smile on his face and we love him for that
•  had more of a rough time than anyone else in the group a couple years ago after some members left and nasty rumours about him spread, but he’s not letting any fakes ruin his mood and he’s always gonna be on top binch 

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Meet: Chen aka screaming dinosaur

•  super power: lightening
•  currently in a subunit with Xiumin and Baekhyun, EXO-CBX, aka chenbaekxi (honestly idk how he’s younger than them) and is also studying for his PhD with minseok
•  has the cutest smile ever and he looks like a cat when his lips curl up at the sides
•  his high notes are seriously no joke, and alongside baek and kyungsoo, he’s the loudest main vocal
•  yes he’s constantly screeching but yes he just wants some love and attention and he’s literally like a cat (he’s probably famous for his AHHHH WAAEEHHHH and no one can imitate him like junmyeon can agsbdjfjjkk)
•  honestly visuals are always knocking us dead bc how can someone actually look good in anything………from curly af hair, slicked back hair and glasses, honey blond hair…..I can go on and on 

Originally posted by daenso

Meet: Chanyeol aka chogiwa king

•  super power: fire
•  he’s probably sick of it now or doesn’t even understand, but he’s a meme king who saved the planet with his chogiwa (pls let’s not ever let this meme go)
•  can play like every instrument that exists, esp the guitar and drums, and his singing voice is so raspy and pleasant despite him being the main rapper
•  tbh yeah his face doesn’t match his voice at all…..he looks like a tall elf who’s on the verge of mental breakdown, while his voice sounds like a fuccboi who just got out of county prison for stealing deodorant
•  he’s besties with Sehun and they go on vacations together all the time (in SM language this means every 2 yrs :)))
•  the tallest and most hazardous out of all the members and I bet he’s the type to give bear hugs hmmmm

Originally posted by dirtynaughtyexo

Meet: D.O aka satansoo

•  super power: earth
•  he’s known to be the devil child who abliterates anyone that pisses him off, but tbh he’s a quiet sweetheart when you get to know him aw
•  his acting makes me emo and tbh never in my life have I cheered on for a psycho murderous killer wow
•  he looks like a penguin when he stands next to the other members lmao he’s the smallest yet looks the manliest out of all of them
•  he is SO humble and never has any sort of attitude or arrogance, and he’d rather go to art museums than walk around the city of New York and eat cheap pizza and swallow giant pills
•  one time he dressed up to be one of the Beatles alongside Lay and chen and chanyeol and tbfh we were all cured when we heard him singing in English 

Originally posted by itsokay-itslove

Meet: Kai aka dancing king

•  super power: teleportation
•  Lee Taemin’s bestie, and not to be dramatique but they’re 2 of the most talented and passionate dancers in the world
•  SM boutta catch these hands if they ever overwork him again and don’t give him enough time to rest, the amount of times that he’s almost fainted on stage and missed promotions is not okay
•  he’s kinda blunt and tells it how it is, but he’s an angel and only has the best intentions
•  giggles a lot and no one really knows why and they don’t get his weird humor, but hey all we care about is that he’s smiling and happy and thinking about his puppies
•  used to tie sandbags around his waist when training, and I believe he still has pain from this and it makes me wanna bawl 

Originally posted by katherine8595

Meet: Sehun aka everyone’s favorite bratty maknae

•  super power: wind
•  he’s so quiet and observant when they’re all together, but the second he opens his mouth, shots are fired and someone needs to call 911
•  we sit and thank the Lord daily that Sehun might actually have lines in this comeback “shawty imma party til the sundown” “never don’t mind about a thing” “E-X-O” jfc enough
•  some Exo-L in the United kingdom actually bought a spot of land and named it after Sehun so he literally is a lord……..lord Oh Sehun…..  ……….. 
•  has known junmyeon the longest and he really is like a younger brother/ kid to him
•  not to be dramatique pt2 but he’s such a hardworking dancer and performer and one time he cried during a radio interview when talking about how much he loves and prays for his hyungs

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tbh I was one of those ignorant people who tried to avoid them bc of all the disgusting and false rumours years ago, but I’m so glad I looked past all that and immersed myself into the Fandom again ~~ please show them some love 💖💖

With a Cold

Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Altaïr is an ass when sick. Altaïr won’t listen to you and won’t stop working on his journals even though he can’t even stand up right — often doodling and writing over a wooden support tucked in the bed. He’s a difficult patient, always refusing to take his medicine and saying that he’s not sick. His stuffy nose makes him talk funny, and keeps running, which is the most annoying bit of the cold for him. Altaïr tends to brat about anything, he complains about not tasting anything — usually he says that it’s bad, even though he can’t taste it —, when you won’t let him take a walk out of the bedroom or to the library. He tends to get really moody about the weather, often complaining that it’s too cold and 5 minutes later shoving the blanket and stating that it’s “too damn hot”. Due to his busy schedule, Altaïr doesn’t sleep much, so you have to persuade him to take naps — which involves him clinging onto you while you play with his hair and telling him what you did during the day. He’s not really paying full attention, as he only hums and grunts in response until your voice puts him to sleep.

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Hi! I'm in love with your fics. If you ever want to fill a prompt, here's one for you: Varlen getting seriously injured while Dorian is out adventuring with the inquisitor, and only finding out after he gets back to Skyhold. It's not life threatening, and it's probably not as bad as it looks, but Dorian is incredibly worried either way.

Probably not quite what you were looking for, but have a little hurt!Varlen and worried!Dorian <3 (Approx 1200 words, most under the cut. Riven Lavellan belongs to @chaitea09)

“Welcome back to Skyhold, Inquisitor.”

“Herald! Welcome back!

The chorus from the guards atop the gate left a faint smile on Dorian’s face as he glanced across at Riven, who sat with back straight, head held high. Quite the picture, he thought, nodding to himself. A fine leader in a time rather lacking fine leaders.

As if sensing his gaze, Riven glanced across, blue eyes narrowing slightly in curiosity. “Is something wrong, Dorian?”

Dorian chuckled, a playful smile spreading across his face as they crossed the bridge and entered Skyhold. “Why, not at all. You cut quite the figure these days, Riven. Inquisitor. It is a rather humbling experience. I am not sure how I feel about it.”

He winked, and her expression softened until she let out a soft laugh of her own. “Yes, well… you and I both, it seems. Humbling is a fitting word for it.”

They dismounted and stable hands hurried to lead their mounts to the stables to be cared for. However, after taking only a few steps, another figure hurried up. One of the scouts, Dorian noted with a touch of disdain. The man always seemed vacant. Glassy-eyed. He couldn’t begin to imagine what he might want.

“Ah, Inquisitor? The advisors request your presence in the War Room.”

Dorian noticed the slight slumping of Riven’s shoulders and he extended a sympathetic hand, giving her arm a light squeeze. “No rest for the wicked, yes?”

“It seems not.” Nodding her farewell, Riven turned on her heel and headed for the stairs. It had been a trying journey for them all. Dorian would just be grateful to find his quarters, draw a hot bath, and perhaps share it with…

“… Uh, Ser Pavus?”

“Oh, what is it now?” Dorian hadn’t truly meant to snap, but he was exhausted and conversation with that moist towel of a man was not high on his list of priorities. “Go on, spit it out then. I have sand in places sand has no business being.”

The scout flushed, clearly flustered before the curt mage. “I-I-I, ah, it’s just, I was asked by the Inquisitor’s brother to give you a message.”

Dorian stared at the scout. The scout stared back with those vacant, watery eyes. After a few seconds, Dorian rolled his. “Oh please. Pray tell.”

“He’s in the infirmary.”

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I'm so sorry I don't know how to start prompts but like Oikawa isn't playing volleyball anymore for whatever reason and his eating habits aren't great so the pounds start piling on and he has a weigh in at the doctors and he gets scolded and becomes real insecure, so Iwa-chan comes to the rescue with sweets.

*I’m not thrilled with this, but I’ve been staring at it too long so I’m just posting it. Big reminder that healthcare professionals aren’t always correct. My grandmother was told by a doctor she was obese for being ten pounds over her BMI. She told the guy to eat a dick because he couldn’t tell her what the extra weight was effecting because her physical came back nearly perfect. My grandmother is savage and could still kick my ass so it’s pretty safe to say she’s in good health despite her “obesity”.* 

The biggest problem with eating away your troubles is that it tends to result in more unsettling issues later on.

Or it might just be Oikawa being unsettled by the fact the doctor he’d just visited had implied he was becoming obese.

It’s not the usual physician he sees—she was a lot more soft spoken than that guy had been—and he can still hear the echoes of disappointment in that man’s words, even after confirming that everything else during his physical had been top-notch.

Because Oikawa Tooru was considered healthy but getting fat, two things that weren’t supposed to coincide apparently.

And that fact alone makes him queasy the entire train ride home, even more so when he passes his favorite little bakery shop and has to turn down the sweet shop owner’s offer to come in and try a batch of a new recipe she’d just created. He fakes being late and telling her he’ll come down another day, but even then he’s not sure if that’s a promise he can keep.

The former setter tugs down shirt restlessly, that uneasy feeling not going away even after he enters his and his boyfriend’s shared apartment. He makes a b-line for the bathroom, even though he knows he really shouldn’t, hiking up his shirt when he gets fully in the mirror.

Oikawa has no reason to be looking at himself; he knows what’s already waiting for him to see. But he still can’t help cupping his soft belly, feeling the very noticeable squeeze he can give to it, and watching it jiggle as he lets it fall back down. He makes a noise and pulls his shirt down hard, making a swift turn out of the small bathroom with the decision that he probably shouldn’t be looking or else he’s going to throw himself into another mood.

His immediate direction is towards the kitchen before he can even think about it, simply out of habit of what he always did when he was feeling down: going into the cabinet, grabing something—usually milkbread—to snack on, and making himself feel a little better with his favorite sugary treat because nobody, except maybe grouchy Iwa-chan, could not smile while eating milkbread.

When he actually gets the little packet in hand though is when he remembers the doctor’s lecture from before and it has him gazing down at the little bread with dismay. Oikawa sets it back in the cabinet and forces himself to go and sit on the couch, least he stuff his face while remaining in the kitchen. He props his bum knee up as he sits, mostly as a preventive than from it actually hurting.

Just when he’s considering rolling over to nap just so he can skip lunch without having a rumbly tummy, his boyfriend of course has to walk in with probably the best smelling takeout they’ve had in ages.

Iwaizumi catches sight of him on the couch and gives him a soft smile, toeing off his shoes and heading over to drop the bag with food on the table which has Tooru’s mouth watering instantly.

He doesn’t reach out for it likes he wants to, just looks up at his boyfriend with confused—hopefully not betrayed—looking eyes. Hajime just gives him an easy smile and tells him softly, “I didn’t know if it would be a good knee or bad knee reports, so I figured I’d come prepared with your favorite.”

Oikawa makes a noise. Damn. Hajime was way too thoughtful.

It makes him looks at the meal even more now, especially knowing it was a good-willed gift from his boyfriend, making it that much more difficult to refuse and say he’s not hungry. His hesitance must not be obvious to Hajime as he easily sets the container of food in Tooru’s hands, passing him a pair of throwaway chop sticks, and sitting down at the table to eagerly eat his own dish.

The food under his nose smells divine and he can’t help put pop back the tabs and look over it with hungry eyes.

The minute he grips onto a bundle of noodles, that overly professional voice of the doctor he minds him, “…you could become obese.”

He drops the bite he was going to take and stares at it miserably.

“Everything okay, babe?” Hajime’s looking at him while still managing to push his own thing of noodles into his mouth.

Oikawa makes a soft noise and shrugs. “I guess I’m just not that hungry…”

“Did you eat already?”

He freezes immediately, knowing Hajime would be able to tell through a fib. “Um, no…but my stomach’s feeling a little uneasy.”

And where was the lie?

There’s a moment of silence between them and Tooru’s almost sure he’s gotten away with it, which is why he startles when Hajime sets down his chopstick with a ‘tick’, setting his to-go box down next to it.

“Somethings wrong.” He declares after a belated moment and he turns to give Tooru and inquisitive stare.

He’s giving Tooru the ball here, giving him the chance to decided where to aim it before he goes after it. That’s always what his boyfriend does, gives him the court, lets him have the first move.

Hajime’s giving him the chance to say it before he goes for the slow, patient process of trying to open him up and the score is like three hundred plus vs zero, all in Hajime’s favor…

So the former setter gives, because Hajime is going to fish it out of him anyways, and finally divulges to him using soft words  of what the doctor’s prognosis had been.

What he’s not expecting is how visibly pissed his boyfriend gets over.  

“That motherfucker—” Hajime hisses out with a bite, fist slamming on the table with a loud bang, “I should go give that dickbag a piece of my mind…!”

Those sharp eyes flicker to his and Hajime’s standing before he can even prepare himself, making a small noise when the shorter man dragged him up, making him stand so Hajime could cup his face and drag his head down so their eyes could meet.

“Don’t you dare start listening to a word of what that man told you. Not. A. Word. He said that you were healthy and that’s the only thing to care about, his opinions about your shape have no relevance. He’s probably a person who thinks you have to have the waist the size of a twig to be beautiful.”

Tooru makes a noise and opens his mouth to respond, but Hajime doesn’t seem to be done just yet, “What was it you said you weighed now? Eighty-two kilograms right? That’s ten kilograms, Tooru. In one year. That’s not much okay, I don’t think my health book even considers that overweight technically. But who gives a shit if it does Tooru! You’re healthy and that’s what matters!”

He pushes their foreheads together and wraps his arms around the taller man’s waist, resting his hands just at the small of his back. “Doctor’s aren’t always right, babe. They have warped visions of beauty just like all of us do. Your primary doctor hasn’t said a word about your weight, so don’t let some new asshole try to tell you his opinion just because he has a degree. Hell, you don’t even have to see that guy again, wasn’t he just a fill-in for your other doctor while she was away?”

Tooru murmurs out a soft, “yes” and Hajime moves his hands to his hips, pulling his head back and looking at Tooru firmly. “No more of this, okay? Especially if you’re trying to skip meals. If you want to lose weight that’s fine, I’d be happy to help, but we’re not going to do it by starving you. You aren’t going to torture yourself with hunger. I get that you’re feeling a little self-conscious right now and I want to help with that. If you want to start diet plan, I’ll even make you up one tomorrow. You can decide what you want to do, but for now just come sit down and eat your favorite noodles with me. Let’s celebrate that you are in great health and that your knee is getting better again.”

Oikawa lets himself be put on the couch again, Hajime eagerly joining him after fetching his own carton of noodles and chopsticks, scooting close to him so that their thighs touched and Tooru could lean into him.

“…thank you Hajime.” Comes the soft response after several moments of quiet slurping and Hajime isn’t dumb enough to think it’s the food his boyfriend is thanking him for.

“I love you, Tooru.” He tells him firmly, smiling at Tooru’s retuning ‘I love you too.’

“We’ll go to Kita-san’s bakery after this, she told me to bring you after you got done with your ‘important business’.” Tooru nudges him for his teasing and Hajime laughs, smiling even more when his boyfriend simply makes a happy sound at the prospect of getting sweets.  

anonymous asked:

I love your writing! Would you consider doing no. 15? I'm in an ldr right now and could really use something comforting

15) things you said with too many miles between us

Yuuri didn’t know when Hasetsu became their home. When the little noodle shop by the rink became their favorite place to eat lunch. When the usually too small beds the inn offered were suddenly too big for one man. Hasetsu was always his home…but now it was missing something. Something stuck in Russia god knows how far away setting up their future apartment, and preparing for his return stint in skating. 

A low ringing broke his thoughts and with a few clicks he saw Victor, smiling as usual, filling his screen. There was a new heaviness in the way he carried himself, and there was the noticeable hiss of pain when he shifted. “Yakov putting you through it already?” 

“How’d you know?” The smile turned guilty as he held up his wrist. There was a purple bruise on it peeking from under a sterile wrap. “I wanted to show everyone that I could do a quad flip cold turkey still.” 


“I can…just not twice in a row. Yakov gave me hell for it, and then to make it worse, Yurio decided to give me an earful too. Nothing beats being yelled at by someone over ten years younger than you. Give one kid a gold and he thinks he’s God’s gift to skating.”

“You’re one to talk Mr. Living Legend. Did you take something for it?” Victor used his uninjured hand to wave off Yuuri’s concerns. 

“Done and done. How are you though? I watched the video Minako sent. Your training under her is really showing…even if you popped that last quad.” 

Yuuri stuck his tongue out before cuddling his pillow closer. “Practice has been weird lately-” Without you. “-for obvious reasons. I feel good though. Like the fires back. I have to place to face off against you of course.” 

“Of course. I can’t wait to lose to you…but don’t think I won’t give you a fight for that gold.”

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Vanilla Cream

Street racers!AU

warnings: strong language, Justin’s younger than the main character (for the noonas. Just a year or two), standalone (not related to the Wanna One’s stories), just a break for now, fluffy, don’t expect it to be the best (I’m so sorry) to the anon who requested for one it feels so rushed. 

Running–you kept rushing towards the vehicle your best friend was occupying; however, someone held you back which prevented you from moving towards the burning automobile. You shouted at the top your lungs while struggling out of the person’s grasp when the car blew up. You cried, “No, stop fucking holding me!”

Two months passed after the burial, you attended classes regularly again. A boy glanced your way for a second before turning back to his phone when you looked up. You shifted around your seat, leaning your head against the window of the train. Soon, you drifted into a light nap after you saw the automatic switch of the streetlights. The same boy observed your sleeping demeanor from where he stood; taking in your features and the uniform you were wearing.

You awoke to the sound coming from the train, the announcer said, “Prince Will Station.”

Swinging your bag over your shoulder, you pulled yourself of the seat before heading towards the doors. The male stood beside you as he waited for the doors to open. Once they did, the both of you simultaneously left the vehicle. However, you didn’t notice his presence behind you.

You strolled down the sidewalk, quietly taking in the scenery before you. You passed by a few blocks before you reached Oregan Street, thus you ended up in front of your porch. You let out a breath when you stopped in front of the apartment complex. After you got in the studio, you set your bag inside the living room before heading towards the kitchen to heat the leftovers.

Once you took out the food, you pulled the note from the refrigerator door and read it softly, “I’ll be back around two in the morning. Feed the pets for me.”

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A lazy sunday (Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader)

I’m new to this thing and I wanted to deliver a small Fanfiction, which I hope you enjoy. English is not my first language, so please bear with me. But if you see any mistakes that are unnessecary, please let me know. I want to improve.

I also used the code to submit your own name and I really hope this is working.

Title: A lazy Sunday
Characters: Reader, Jacob Frye, Evie Frye, Female Rook
Relationships: Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader
Warnings: None
Words: 814

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[Destiny] When Someone Dies Abroad

It’s Cayde – of course it’s Cayde – who leans in without knocking or granting the barest courtesy of a Ghost-to-Ghost murmur of warning. Just sticks his head through the door with fingers still clenched around the handle and cuts his voice through their conversation like an arc-lit knife.

“Andal,” he says, “you are gonna want to see this.”

At Andal’s side, the young Hunter who’s been cut off mid-sentence mouths a halting two syllables more before he lays an apologetic hand against her elbow and steps away. He doesn’t like how this will look, has always taken pride in playing favourites only as a man and never as a Vanguard, but it is because of the man’s friendships that he knows Cayde’s words may say want but the epileptic strobing at his throat is saying need and now and that is not something to be lightly disregarded.

Out in the plaza, a crowd is gathering while making an attempt to look as though they are anything but, which amounts to a scattering of strategically placed Guardians and enough tension in the air to carry the electric shiver of a storm. Andal knows, immediately, that there has been a loss. Gulls flocking at a single point over the ocean speaks to blood in the water, a cloud of crows turning circles in the sky say someone is dying below, and this uncertain, angry swirl of Guardians paints its sad story in the same symbols.

There is no body splayed across the floor, however, just a figure standing in the shadows of a balcony. Back very nearly to the wall, the corridor to the northern end of the Tower on one side and the open sky past the railing on the other. He can pick the signs on a single look: A coiled, balanced stance. Small turns of the head to check blind spots. Ghost out of sight, carried close. A Hunter’s training and all the unease of the hunted.

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Imagine the Hamato Clan (April, Karai and Casey included of course ;)) all take a vacation to the farmhouse for the summer, and the Mutanimals tag along. Michelangelo is of course ecstatic to have his best gator buddy to hang out with again, to show him around the farm grounds and feed the chickens XD

Then one late afternoon, two weeks into the vacation, the others decide to go swimming in the large lake nearby, but Leatherhead politely declines and stays behind. Not wanting to leave his best friend alone, Mikey decides to stay with him. Together, they lay down under the shade of a grand tree nearby the house, with Leatherhead’s gigantic body curled around the small turtle like a protective mother cat.

Mikey asks why Leatherhead didn’t want to go out with the others, and the gator replies by saying he’s just a little more tired than usual. Mikey understands, of course; thanks to the time differential, Leatherhead is much older and slower (though he’s still as strong as ever and hits like a runaway subway train XD). So Mikey snuggles against his friend and declares to stay with him until he wakes up from his nap, whereafter they could talk some more or play games or something. Smiling, Leatherhead drowsily agrees.

Just as they’re dozing off, Mikey whispers “I love you, big green buddy.” Closing his eyes, Leatherhead whispers back “I love you too, my friend.”

It’s two hours later, as the sun starts to set behind the trees, that Mikey finally wakes up from his nap with a bright smile on his face. He turns to wake up Leatherhead, who still had a peaceful smile on his face, gently shaking him. But he receives no reply.

Confused, Mikey shakes him again, harder this time, but to no avail. Getting scared, Mikey shakes him even harder, calling out to him, telling him to stop messing around.

It’s not long before he realizes that the old alligator had died in his sleep.

Can’t Go Back (Part 3)

Word Count: 2,284


Warnings: Uhhh if you find any let me know :)

Request: Can you write a one shot where Dean and the reader have hooked up numerous times in the past. Then Dean tries to meet up with the reader and she keeps blowing him off and finally he finds her only to find she has a growing baby bump?

A/N: Well it looks like instead of Sam it’s gonna be part 3 cause I got some inspiration for it and just couldn’t stop writing.I’m completely overjoyed that you guys wanted a part 3….so here it goes! Don’t get too mad at me ;)

Part 1

Part 2

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anonymous asked:

Fluff Headcanons Request! RFA, Saeran and POSSIBLY Vanderwood first kiss with MC? I don't know if that's been done already lol…Thank you for being so awesome!

I’m always a slut for first kisses honestly?? It’s a trope that will forever be in my gay lil heart. 

~Admin MP


  • He’s so nervous poor baby!!
  • He’s never dated anyone before so he has no idea what to do
  • Does he tilt his head? Does he not?
  • What if MC pushes him away??
  • …Do you use tongue on the first kiss?
  • His face is getting progressively more and more red and he keeps getting lost in his thoughts so MC just grabs his face by the cheeks
  • “are you okay, Yoosung??”
  • They are worried about him
  • He looks pale, green, and red all the same time and it’s not flattering
  • MC catches him off guard so he just blurts
  • “Can I kiss you??”
  • His eyes are big and innocent and MC feels their heart stop in their chest because fuck this boy is cute
  • Face flaming, MC nods and leans in to kiss him
  • They’re both going super slow and nervous and are giggling because they’re just so shy
  • It’s a simple press of lips together, barely even touching
  • But they both feel it throughout their entire bodies
  • They pull away and just grin at each other then start laughing
  • (They kiss a lot more after that)


  • MC and Seven were playing video games
  • It was a dumb Naruto Clash of Ninja game 
  • MC was Sakura and Seven was Gaara (”He looks like me, MC, I HAVE TO” “You also both don’t sleep and probably smell musty”)
  • After a match that spanned three rounds, MC finally beat Seven
  • They leaped up and began cheering, pelvic thrusting and dancing in a circle
  • It had been a lazy ass day and MC’s hair was everywhere, their face was greasy, and shirt was covered in crumbs
  • But they were laughing and smiling and were so bright and happy that they were the most beautiful person Seven had ever seen 
  • Without even thinking, he stood up, grabbed their wrist, and pulled them towards him
  • The kiss was clumsy and their teeth banged at first, but the both of them instantly melted into it, hands gripping onto each other for dear life
  • It got heated, quick, and ended up with the both of them on the couch, pulling away to look at each other, foreheads touching
  • “Gaara and Sakura is a crackship,” panted MC, and Seven was actually in love.
  • They spent the rest of the day watching anime and kissing on the couch.


  • Jaehee is trying out different combinations of coffee for the new coffee shop, trying to figure out what tastes good and what to put on the menu
  • Thankfully, it’s 6 am so she’s not consuming copious amounts of caffeine late at night
  • She’s so determined, murmuring to herself and scribbling down notes, staring at the milk like it can reveal life’s secrets to her
  • Also, she’s still in her pajamas so it’s super cute, and her hair is all mussed up
  • (It took Jaehee to bob length hair to realize she was in love with MC)
  • MC leaned against the doorway of the kitchen, watching Jaehee with a fond smile
  • The passion Jaehee exhibited was like nothing she had ever shown in her previous job
  • It just made MC so happy to see her finally pleased with the work she was doing and it made their heart so warm
  • “MC! Come here and taste this!” Jaehee said this after taking a huge gulp of the said drink.
  • MC, feeling mischievous and giddy, came over, foregoing the drink for Jaehee’s lips instead.
  • After pulling away, Jaehee blinked several times as MC pretended to think about the flavor
  • “Yeah, it’s nice. I like it.”


  • Super romantic setting, okay??
  • Like. The two of them are up on the roof looking at the stars
  • They have beer because beer and the stars 
  • And they’re sort of just…talking
  • Getting to know each other
  • Their hands are intertwined in between them (Zen keeps glancing at them shyly with a small grin)
  • When MC suddenly asks Zen if he’s ever been kissed before.
  • A small pout comes onto his face
  • “Of course I’ve been kissed before!” 
  • MC just giggles at how Offended he is
  • “Okay! I believe you.”
  • They sit there for a few seconds in silence but Zen cannot keep quiet.
  • “What about you?”
  • “What about me?”
  • “Have you ever been kissed before?”
  • “Oh, yeah. They weren’t great, though…”
  • Zen just grabs MC’s chin and turns their face towards him.
  • “How were they bad?” His eyes are glued to MC’s lips.
  • “Just…sloppy…and, uh…” MC cannot think or speak while Zen is looking at their mouth like that.
  • “…bad,” they finish lamely.
  • “…Can I show you a good kiss?”
  • Swallowing nervously, MC nods
  • (He gets too excited and smashes their noses together. MC laughs for five minutes.)


  • Tbh, the only reason he hadn’t kissed MC yet was because they were both super busy
  • The morning they had their first kiss was the first one they’d been able to see each other for more than five minutes ever since they started dating
  • MC was sleepily scooping out some cat food into a dish for Elizabeth 3rd
  • They set it on the floor and crouched there, petting her with a fuzzy smile
  • Jumin came into the kitchen and just stopped at the adorable sight before him
  • The two most important things in his life right there
  • And it was obvious that MC loved Elizabeth almost as much as he did (it was impossible to love her the same amount)
  • “Oh, good morning, Jumin–” MC had been standing up to greet him, but Jumin had taken three large strides across the kitchen to cradle their face in his hands
  • “Good morning,” he said, then leaned down to kiss MC, thoroughly showing them how much he loved them
  • to be honest, MC was expecting things to go further
  • But after a long, passionate kiss, Jumin pressed another soft, loving kiss to MC’s lips and turned to start making coffee, absentmindedly leaving one of his hands resting on MC’s cheek, rubbing the soft skin with his thumb


  • It would be so cute!!
  • The two of them would be taking a nap together
  • It’s what Saeran likes to do if he feels too overwhelmed by the outside world
  • They cuddle together and talk about random shit and look at the clouds through Saeran’s skylight
  • “That cloud looks like a kangaroo.”
  • “Are you blind? That’s obviously a velociraptor.” 
  • Just the fact that Saeran can fall asleep around MC makes them feel super special 
  • Because around others, he’s very tense and does not relax
  • It means that he trusts them!!
  • So when he wakes up, just sort of looking at them, still half-asleep, they’re full of affection and love
  • He also looks so tired and sleepy, like a little puppy
  • (It always takes him a few minutes to wake up)
  • When he scoots closer to MC, burying his face in their chest they almost die cause it’s so cute
  • But then he scoots away a little bit and looks up
  • Their faces are very very close
  • Saeran whispers, “Can I try something…?”
  • MC just nods, because if they speak, they might brush lips
  • They didn’t need to worry about that though. Because Saeran inches forward and their lips barely touch, the lightest of pressure
  • “This feels weird,” Saeran says, their lips touching with each word
  • “It tickles,” whispers MC back.
  • After that, he pulls away, a little embarrassed.
  • But it’s progress and MC’s heart feels like it’s going to burst


  • Vanderwood just kept…hanging around
  • “Don’t you have a real job?” MC asked Vanderwood, who scowled
  • “Yeah, I do. I don’t have to tell you anything though.”
  • What a pouty butthole, thought MC.
  • Maybe a kiss would cheer them up.
  • Getting up from the kitchen table, MC approached Vanderwood where they were making a sandwich (out of MC’s fancy French bread–rude, they didn’t even ask.)
  • “Why are you so grumpy?” MC asked, pouting a little.
  • “Uh, maybe because I’m on the run from an agency who wants me dead and for the last ten years I’ve worked as a secret agent?”
  • “Oh, boohoo,” grumbled MC, starting to make a sandwich. “Want me to kiss it better?”
  • “Oh, please do,” said Vanderwood sarcastically, finishing their sandwich.
  • Struck by an idea, MC bit their lip on a smile and quickly darted forward, pressing a kiss to the corner of Vanderwood’s mouth and sprinting away
  • “W-What the–what was that–HEY, BRING BACK MY SANDWICH!!”
  • The only thing left of MC in the room was the sound of their retreating laughter.

anonymous asked:

Hunk and Coran discussing their food cultures. How it reminds them of home.

(i am so sorry, you deserve better than this, but i got completely stuck when i got sick and i didn’t want to keep leaving you with nothing? i will extend it when i feel better.)

Hunk frowned at the jars in his hands, then at the boxes of supplies they’d brought aboard. “Hey, Coran?”

The older man didn’t look up from where he was sorting several pouches into slots in a drawer. “Hm?”

“I’ve been kinda wandering since our stop on Thalani… You know a lot about this stuff and what they all do… How come you never use any of it?”

Coran straightened and opened the next box in one motion, but Hunk still caught it: a slight catch, a small clenching in his hands. “You seem to do just fine working intuitively,” Coran replied, voice even despite the slip. 

Maybe a little too even? And had that been a dodge? He was pretty sure that was a dodge.

Hunk put the jars in their places on the shelf, then dug back into the box he’d been emptying, curiosity bickering with caution. “Well… okay, I guess, but… Don’t you get tired of just putting the same thing in the replicators all the time when you’ve got all this here?”

At a sharp crunch, he started in alarm and looked over to find that Coran had put down a bottle so hard it had cracked, and though he couldn’t see the Altean’s face, every line in the redhead’s body was tense. “C- Coran?” he asked nervously.

“My apologies if my recipe memory’s rusty for anything other than emergency rations,” Coran replied, voice oddly brittle. Not… angry, but-

Unfortunately, his brain skipped a track slightly. “Wait, you’ve been feeding us emergency rations?” he asked, before it actually caught up to where it was supposed to be and he realized the full weight of just what that meant. “All this time… those were…” 

Coran turned away from the supplies they were unpacking, and was out the door before Hunk could catch him.

He felt like an ass. And he was really wishing he’d studied the layout of the ship beyond the areas he’d been working with Pidge in. Coran, he’d just learned, was surprisingly fast when he wanted to be, and now he had no idea where to find the guy.

Luckily, there was someone who always seemed to. 

“-and I have really screwed up, and I gotta fix it,” he finished explaining to Shiro in the training round.

“Geez,” Shiro muttered rubbing the back of his neck. “I can think of one place he’d probably go to cool off, but I’m not sure he’d want me taking you down there.”

“Please? I swear I won’t tell anyone if it’s some kind of secret, but I gotta talk to him.”

“…Alright.” Shiro crouched and put away the spear he’d been practicing with, then whistled. Thatchia, who’d been napping on the railing, hopped down with a chirp and shuffled over to be picked up. “Follow us.”

Stiles’ eyes soak up Derek’s supine form, the epitome of ultimate peace etched upon his face. He drops heavily to his knees, reaching out a shaky hand, hesitant to touch, until he gathers the strength to gently stroke back Derek’s hair before moving his nimble fingers down to smooth over each eyebrow.

“C’mon Derek, please.” Stiles’ pleading whispers fall on deaf ears.

He closes his eyes, inching forward to lay a kiss upon Derek’s lips which feel so warm yet, so welcoming. He pulls back after what feels like an eternity lived inside of a minute.

Derek’s eyes slowly begin to flutter open, pupils constricting as they adjust to the harsh lights after being ensconced in darkness for what only feels like an hour.

“Oh thank god! True love’s kiss does work!” Stiles breathlessly proclaims, grin tentatively engulfing his face.

Derek groans lightly, “What the hell are you talking about, Stiles? I was just taking a damn nap.” Derek manages to roll on his side, knocking his book off the couch and onto the floor in the process. 

“Yeah well, it still holds true: I kissed you and now you’re awake. Come on, Sleeping Grumpy, I brought us some dinner before I have to go back to the station and relieve Parrish of his shift.” 

Stiles attempts to yank his Derek off the couch, but is instead pulled down and met with a proper kiss, effectively short-circuiting his brain and sending pulses of electric shocks through each and every nerve, eliciting an involuntary shiver. Derek pulls away with a satisfied smirk, arranges Stiles’ limbs over his own, securely wraps his arms around his waist, and brushes his stubbled check against Stiles’ own.

He boops Stiles’ nose. “Five more minutes.”

“Did you just ‘snooze button’ me?!” Stiles protests as he half-heartedly attempts to extricate himself from Derek’s notorious snuggle grip.

“Mmhmm.” Derek responds, stroking a hand up and down his back feeling Stiles’ muscles slowly loosen and succumb to the soothing motions, breath evening out into a lazy sinuous rhythm as they both drift off.

An hour later, Parrish glares at the name displayed on his phone, “Stiles, where the hell are you? You better have a life or death reason for why you’re over a half hour late!”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry, Jordan. Technically yes, it was. You’ve never experienced Derek’s grip - ” 

“Oh my god, Stiles, I don’t want to know about your sexcapades!” Parrish cuts him off, mortified.

“His cuddle grip! I’m sorry, I dozed off. I’m on my way now.” Stiles scrambles to say.

“Yeah, sure.” Parrish ends the call, pressing the heels of his palms to his eyes and sighs, “Newlyweds.”

halcyon [ modern!AU ] | miyoshi


Sometimes he lets you sleep in. Sometimes he kisses your head before he gets out of bed.

Sometimes, Miyoshi is a fucking jerk in the morning.

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I'm Not Supposed to Feel Like This (You x Luhan x Chanyeol)

Anonymous asked: hi~ i love everything you have written senpaii♥♥ could i request an angsty one with a luhan, chanyeol, and you love triangle? chanyeol is been your best friend and luhan is your ideal?? with a surprise ending?? ty so much~~


[10:49 PM]

[Yah! Park Chanyeol! Where the hell are you?! Who said you could be late for practice?]

You roll your eyes and toss your phone to the foot of the couch, poking your cat,Pebble,with the edge of your foot. He gives you a sideways look and an annoyed meow before shifting away to nap. Of all days to be late, Park Chanyeol had to tonight to take his sweet time!

Ding dong.

You jump up to grab the door, expecting Chanyeol, but it’s…Luhan. “Hey.” You wave, unlocking the door and letting him in. “At least you’re here on time.”

“Isn’t Chanyeol here yet?” Luhan drags in the pieces of a drum kit from off your porch, and you hold the screen door open for him. “No.” You huff. “I don’t know why he’s always late. He knows today is important.”

While Luhan sets up his drums, you tiptoe to the kitchen, disguising the excuse of grabbing snacks as a way to calm yourself. You had had the biggest crush on Luhan since you met him, way before he joined the band. He had been Chanyeol’s desk mate in high school, a transfer student from China with incredible soccer skills and a knack for the drums.

You wouldn’t dare tell Chanyeol that, even if he was your best friend. Chanyeol had a pet peeve for dating within the band, especially since the first band he was in broke up because of relationships gone bad. The two of you had grown up together, and he hated to hear about who you liked. You already knew he would be a huge baby and not talk to you for weeks, so you just kept it to yourself. Besides, Luhan had a girlfriend from high school–another transfer student from New Zealand named Lucia.

In three weeks, you had an audition for one of the biggest talent competitions in the whole country. You were bringing your band, composed of your best friend Chanyeol (the giant who held the guitar), and a new edition, Luhan, who sang alongside you. The three of you had gotten some promising reviews at a few local competitions and a few first-places to show for it, so you were going to try and take yourself to the big time.

A knock on your door interrupts your frantic train of thought. “I’ll get it!” Luhan calls. “I bet it’s Chanyeol!” Luhan opens the door and bursts out laughing, and you peek your head out the door curiously. “Chanyeol!” You gasp. “What did you do?!” You don’t even recognize him. Your usually toothy-grinned, auburn-haired best friend had dyed his hair a deep red, his curly locks now a brilliant copper.

“Do you like it?” He grins proudly. “If we’re going to be rock stars, we have to look the part, don’t we?”

Luhan snorts. “Does your mom know about this?” He blanches. “Shut up. I haven’t told her yet.” You roll your eyes, hauling him into the living room and tapping his guitar case. “Well, if we’re going to be rock stars, we have to sound like them.” You smack him on the arm. “Get here on time!”


But of course, Park Chanyeol just doesn’t get the message.

For the next two weeks, Chanyeol is consecutively late, showing up hours after practice is suppose to start. He had a variety of excuses: I was busy! My mom needed my help! I was trying to advertise for the band! You don’t accept any of them, but it only results in you and Luhan spending more and more time alone together, talking and getting meals together in Chanyeol’s absence. When you schedule a late-afternoon practice and Luhan shows up right on time, it practically feels like routine.

“Hey there.” Luhan invites himself into your room. “What’s up?”

“Nothing.” You say, rolling your eyes. “Just thinking of people who could replace our guitar player.”

Luhan laughs. “My friend Yixing plays pretty well, if you’re serious about that.” You shake your head. “It would take a miracle to get Chanyeol to give up on this band.” You laugh. “He loves it way too much.” You watch Luhan as he flops on your bed, sucking in a breath as he balances his phone on his chest.

The boy that you had liked for forever was laying on your bed, his hair ruffled in just the right way, his shirt riding up to expose a little strip of pale skin. You’d imagined this moment a couple times, and the actual sight of it had your heart beating triple-time. “Is something wrong?” Luhan looks over at you with curious eyes. You shake your head. “Oh, um, no…uh…”

“Oh, sorry.” He instantly jumps up. “I hate it when people sit on my bed! I should have asked first!” You can lay in my bed any time you want. “No, it’s fine!” You get up quickly. “I don’t mind! Really, I-” Your foot tangles in the chair, and you let out a squeak of terror as slam into Luhan, knocking you both back against the wall, hard. Luhan slides to the floor with a grunt, and you steady yourself, coming face to face with him. Um, whoa.

“Are….you okay?” He asks, looking at you. You nod, biting your lip. I should probably get up now. You think sourly. He’s going to think I am so weird. You gasp a little as someone touches your cheek, and Luhan stares at you, not moving at all. His hand traces light circles over your neck, his thumb gingerly brushing your collarbone.

“Luhan.” You whimper, grabbing a handful of his shirt. He moans a bit, letting his head tip back against the wall. “I’m not supposed to feel like this.” He mutters. You tilt your face up to look at him. “Like what?”

“I’m not supposed to like you.” He sighs. “You’re my best friend…and I have a girlfriend. We can’t be doing this…I can’t be doing this…” You bite your lip. “Is that how you really feel about me, Luhan?” You says softly, pressing a hand against his chest. “Your heart is pounding…are you sure?” He lets out a low chuckle, grabbing your cheek in his hand. “No.” His lips smash against yours, and you runs a hand through his hair, soaking him in. How long had you waited for this?

“What the hell are you two doing?”

You flinch as the door swings wide open and Chanyeol steps in, a betrayed look on his face. He drinks in the compromising position, and you carefully detangle yourself from Luhan, putting some distance between the two of you.

“Where you two just…making out?” He gapes accusingly.

“Chanyeol, I can explain-”

He storms right past you, yanking Luhan to his feet. You scream as he hits him squarely in the jaw, letting him fall to his knees. “Have you lost your mind?” You yank at Chanyeol as he goes after Luhan again, who’s already back on his feet. “Stop! You’re hurting him!”

“Did he force himself on you?” Chanyeol demands, a look of fury in his eye. “Just tell me and I swear I’ll-” You stand up, looking at your best friend square in the face. “No, he didn’t.” You seethe. “I like him, Chanyeol.” He looks at you in shock. “You what?”

“I like him.” You repeat. He just stares. One minute he’s looking at you in shock, and the next his hands are on your face, kissing you. You shove him away, blinking. “I don’t understand-”

“I like you.” Chanyeol says, his voice wavering. “But that doesn’t matter now, does it? You’ve already ruined everything.”


You don’t have time to ask him anything else before he storms out.


“Are you kidding me?”

You fiddle nervously with your paper number, your palm sweating beneath the grip of your phone. Chanyeol and Luhan were supposed to be here hours ago, but neither one had shown up yet. It was unlike Luhan to be late, but truthfully, you hadn’t talked to either of them since last week’s incident. Finally, a harried Chanyeol shows up, not looking particularly enthused to be here. "Where have you been?“ You practically scream. "Where’s Luhan?”

“He’s not coming. I kicked him out.”

“You did what, Park Chanyeol?”

“I kicked him out of the band.”

You feel like punching a wall. What gave him the right to do something like that? “How could you?” You scream, drawing the attention of the other contestants. He looks at you in surprise. “I thought we agreed no dating in the band.” You turn away from him in disgust. “Well, that means one of us has got to go. Luhan should stay.”

“Then I’ll go. Have a good life, ______-ah.” You gape at him in surprise.

“I’ll go on by myself, then!”

This was ridiculous! Why was Chanyeol so upset that you liked someone? How could he kick Luhan out of the band?! You watch as he yanks his guitar up by the neck, storming past a few surprised staff and out the exit door. Panic sets in. For the past three months, you had practiced the same song. What were you going to do with just a few minutes and nothing you had practiced?

You remember a song that you and Luhan had sang a while ago, messing around with a piano on a late afternoon. It was by a group called EXO, and the song was probably your favorite. it would have to be that one. Your number is called, and you close your eyes, swallowing hard. “Luhan, where are you?” You whisper. “I could use an angel right now.”


When you leave the audition room, you feel deflated and exhausted, your nerves draining out at once. Even though you had tried not to, you had cried silently all the way through your performance. The judges should have eliminated you, but instead, they loved it. They put you through to the next round. But how could you consider it success when your two favorite people weren’t here to enjoy it with you?

“Did you cry?”

You gasp as a low voice comes from a shrouded figure backstage, and you back away a little. “Your eyes are puffy.” It’s…Luhan. “You cried, didn’t you?” He reaches out to hug you, but you shove him away. “Don’t come near me! How could you…I’ve been all by myself! You don’t even deserve to-”

“I’m sorry.”

His two words break you down, and you collapse in his arms, letting the rest of the tears come. “Luhan, I-” He shakes his head. “I’m sorry.” He says, squeezing you. You look up at him. “W-W-What?”

“I can’t…I can’t do this.” His voice shakes. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. But Lucia…”

Just hearing her name is enough. You walk past him and straight out the door, refusing to look back.


Back at your apartment, you sink into the couch, shoving your feet under a blanket in the cool darkness. Suddenly sharp claws and a hiss come from under the covers. “Ouch! Yah!” Pebble slinks off before he can caught, and your eyes water as you cover the scratch marks. “You can’t be mad at me, too.” You whisper. “Then I’ll have no one left.”


“Babe! Are you coming or not?”

“I just have to get my guitar! Hold on!”

You tap your foot patiently at the front door, waiting for your boyfriend to grab all of his things before you headed out. Even though this whole relationship thing was new to you,  you were loving every minute of it. Sure, it was hard sometimes. But it changed you for the better. You were definitely more patient, especially with such a forgetful boyfriend.

“I got it!”

Yixing triumphantly holds up his guitar pick, kissing you on the cheek. “I left it in the microwave.” He blinks. “I wonder how I did that…thanks for waiting for me, though.” You smile, grabbing him by the hand. “Are you ready to go?” He nods. “After you.”

It had been months since you’d seen Chanyeol. After he stormed out at the competition, you’d talked to him a few times, but nothing had ever come of it. His feelings for you were too complicated, and you weren’t willing to sort them out. You had your own mess with Luhan, which you had attempted to resolve over coffee one rainy Saturday a couple months ago. He was still dating Lucia, and you occasionally talked with him when you ran into each other.

You hadn’t won the competition…but Luhan’s friend Yixing had. You’d had no idea he was even a contestant, but you met him standing beside him on stage on the first episode. The feelings weren’t instantly, but he liked you immediately. Yixing was calm, sweet, and a little forgetful, but he was the perfect balance. No more rock-star types for you.


Scenario end! *BOOP* Suuuuurprise ending~ Haha did I do okay? I was like eottteoke…what iz surprise @.@ I hope it was surprising enough OTL But now I seriously need to go to bed coz I have class tomorrow and I’ve stayed up WAAAAAY too late to finish this kekeke! The struggle to get up tomorrow is about to be real. ~Jjangpanda


  • ewoks are fucking amazing i will fucking fight all of you
  • C-3PO fully embraces his status as the android embodiment of the U.N. in this one: hesitant, ineffectual, with occasional delusions of grandeur and a pre-occupation with stating his credentials before being useful
  • chewie must be so fucking tired of the old use-the-wookie-as-a-prisoner trick
  • han and chewie’s hug. omg do i cry.
  • r2-d2. that is all.
  • leia strangling jaba is such a MOMENT
  • also the entire slave costume thing made me angry for the dieting process she was forced into repeating 35 years later
  • ok but being digested for 1000 years sounds bad until you realize you’ll only feel the first 4 days tops. 
  • luke returning  to yoda and finding out that he’s now apparently almost ready. he just needs to face darth vader. let’s recap what has happened so far during luke’s training:
  • obi-wan gave him a toy, obi-wan died, yoda fed him icky soup and tried to steal his far more edible rations, he carried yoda around, he couldn’t lift his car out of the swamp, he got his ass kicked/arm lasered off by vader, he saved his friends the only thing he managed to do successfully was also something he was expressly told NOT. TO. DO. and then he flew back. 
  • yoda’s reaction: jedi training complete now go face off against the most powerful sith evah i’m going to take the longest nap also you snogged your sister
  • no wonder the jedi order is like a sith recruitment agency
  • they were probably counting on luke failing so they could focus on their original plan A: the woman who flew through trees at incredible speed and only collapsed into pleasant concussion dreams once she was sure her target was down (editor’s note: pretty sure concussion dreams aren’t a thing and if they were they wouldn’t be pleasant)
  • all jokes aside luke handled things extremely well. i am very proud of him
  • leia befriending a hostile ewok in 0.2 seconds flat vs. her lesser half picking an argument with a tin can he’s been told has received deity status and almost getting himself and his friends roasted alive. god bless.
  • yeah there are too many han solo master planner except not moments but unless my eyes deceived me nothing beats the underrated brilliance of THROWING THE EXPLOSIVE DEVICE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO PLANT AGAINST ONE OF THE MANY GUARDS WHO’VE COME TO ARREST YOU WHAT THE FUCK SOLO
  • lando sure did trust his buddy. shooting at him blind? just fire a little higher. shields not down? it’ll only be a minute.
  • some might consider the log traps set by the ewoks a plot hole. they’re not taking into consideration the fact that the ewoks are awesome and probably had their own defense/rebellion/retaliation all planned out (or are super fast at chopping wood)
  • my dad spent the entire time they were on endor muttering “how was this successful” in utter disbelief
  • the “it’s a trap” line is far less dramatic than anyone remembers
  • all the emperor’s lines can be read as some 50sog garbage
  • “in time you will call me master” “you want this, don’t you? the hate is swelling in you now. take your jedi weapon. use it. i am unarmed. strike me down with it. give in to your anger. with each passing moment you make yourself more my servant” 
  • great now i have to kinkshame the emperor
  • i love that the emperor’s like “oh a lightsaber how quaint” *shoots lighting out his fingertips*
  • luke and anakin playing a game of father/son hide and seek and it’s super intense
  • luke turning the whole “no attachments” bullshit on its head and actually trusting in his friends, and using vader’s attachment to him for good
  • finally the stormtrooper helmets get to be useful as a hardcore murder trophy/drum set 
  • anakin’s “redmption” arc is even worse than snape’s: *aligns himself with space!putin*/*betrays/kills/strangles everyone who has ever trusted him or cared for him*->*commits multiple acts of genocide that include blowing up a damn planet*->*cuts off his son’s hand as proof he is cooler*->*watches same son be tortured for refusing to make the same mistakes that he made*/ *continues watching son being tortured for refusing to make the same mistakes that he made*/*is told son is going to die*/*pushes space!putin of the space!balcony*/there was good in me after all/*dies and becomes a saintly ghost* WHAT ABOUT THE YOUNGLINGS ANAKIN. WHAT. ABOUT. THE. YOUNGLINGS.

also it’s christmas so like merry christmas and stuff