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Okay but the AU where Harry gets a snake instead?

Imagine if the snake curls up next to him in the cupboard and comforts a crying Harry by hissing, “I remember my old owner. He was just like you. Small and scared. His parents would yell at him too.”

“They’re not my parents,” Harry explains. “My parents d-died.”

The snake stares at him for a while before saying, “I see.”

They’re on the Hogwarts Express and the snake angrily hisses at Malfoy.

“My owner knew his father,” he hisses to Harry. “He was vile and cruel. He made my owner do terrible things.”

The snake drops a few other glimpses of backstory as the years pass. He’s the one who tells Harry that his father used to be a Quidditch player.

“My owner always told people that your father wasn’t that great; he’d then talk to me in the middle of the night, when nobody else could hear, whispering all of the plays that your father did and how great they were. I never cared much for it; snakes have no use for broomsticks and flying. It was nice to see how happy he was.”

“He liked Quidditch then? Your owner?”

“Oh, yes. I remember one time he took a Bludger to the stomach. He ended up going to the hospital wing. His brother broke into his dorm to get me. He knew that I would make him feel better.”

“S-sorry. Did you say he took a Bludger to the stomach?”

In the second year, he tells Harry that his owner was a descendant of Slytherin and that he was still extremely brave and extremely kind.

During Potions Class one day, everyone talks about how Harry is the Heir of Slytherin. Malfoy sneers that he even has a pet snake. Snape freezes before turning away. He knew another boy with a pet snake.

In The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry nervously asks the snake, “How well did you know Sirius Black?”

“Well,” the snake replies.

He doesn’t say anything else on the matter.

Harry brings the snake along to Lupin’s office one day (the cat makes him nervous). Lupin nearly faints upon seeing him and when Harry assures him that he’s not dangerous, Lupin quickly says, “N-no, I know. It’s just…it’s funny…he looks so much like…well…he can’t be, now, can he? …Can he?”

At the end of Goblet of Fire, Harry tells the snake that Voldemort is returned, causing his whole slithering body to shudder. 

“Then it didn’t matter,” he hisses. “His sacrifice didn’t matter in the end.”

“Who, Cedric?” Harry says miserably. “His sacrifice mattered.”

“No,” says the snake. “I didn’t mean him.”

Harry is confused but doesn’t press it.

Besides, he was used to being confused.

Like when he entered the narrow corridor of 12 Grimmauld Place and the snake excitedly hissed that he was home. Or when Sirius saw the snake and immediately teared up. Or when Kreacher saw him and burst into tears.

Harry didn’t understand but that was okay. He still loved the snake profusely, despite the confusion that surrounded him.

And perhaps it would have given a trembling eighteen-year-old some comfort to know that when he left his snake at the pet shop in Diagon Alley, pulling him from the locket that hung on his neck, he was going to end up in good hands.

Indeed, I think it would have given him a tremendous amount of comfort.

And of course, since this is an AU, I’d like to imagine that the snake would have survived the flight to the Burrow in the seventh book.

But even if he hadn’t, he would have had another loving owner waiting for him.

He would have been okay.

Scorpius on Slytherin

Albus’s voice broke through the sounds of his family dinner, utensil hitting china and soft noises of contentment.

“Y'know, I never understood why Slytherins are considered… evil.”

Harry gave his son a hard stare while Ginny continued to politely cut her food. Ron gaped mid chew, lowering his fork. Hermione took a gulp of butterbeer.

“I do.”

Everyone turned their heads to look at Scorpius. He swallowed loudly, uncomfortable with being the center of attention.

“I mean,” he continued “ every house has a trait they value most of all, right? For Gryffindor it’s bravery,” he gesticulated to Harry and the gang. “Hufflepuff values loyalty. Ravenclaw values intelligence, and for Slytherin… power is what we value most of all.”

By now, everyone was listening to Scorpius. He took a deep, slightly shaky breath before going on.

“And isn’t that what all the evil people are obsessed with? Like, what did voldemort say again… there’s no such thing as good and evil. There is only power, and those too weak to seek it. Self-righteous git.”

Harry nodded solemnly while Ron snorted. Scorpius smirked at him before continuing.

“But you see, he twisted the meaning of power. And it’s honestly easy to do. With bravery, for example, you can’t really… mess that up. It’s doing what seems right, even when it feels wrong. It’s holding your ground even when every muscle in your body is screaming at you to run. It’s simple as that. But power… power is versatile. We all demonstrate out power in a different way. It’s what I love about being a Slytherin, but it’s also our downfall.”

Harry was looking at him as though he’d never seen him before. Ron had stopped eating, which was saying something. Albus was giving him a warm smile that reached his eyes.

“Power can be anything you want it to be!” Scorpius found his nerves melting. “Power is kindness. It’s friendship. Power is mercy. It’s… love. There’s no house I’d rather be in.”

He took a sip of butterbeer to signal that he was finished.

“I think I like this kid” Ron whispered into Harry’s ear. Scorpius pretended he didn’t hear, but couldn’t supress a small smile.

“Well said, Scorpius.” Hermione conceded. Scorpius beamed at her, warmed by her praise.

He looked around, and everyone was looking at him with newfound respect, all accept Lily, who was looking like she might’ve liked to argue.

Albus leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.
“I wish you’d given that speech before I put the sorting hat on.” He said softly.

Scorpius blushed as he caught Harry’s eye. He gave Scorpius a tiny nod, and for the first time in a long time, Scorpius felt that he belonged.

Touch football

This is what happened when I imagined grabbing a certain bottom in a touch football game. 

As always big thanks and much love to my beta and friend Alex @niallandharrymakemestrong who is all encouragement and kind words and thank you to all my lovely friends - Lucy, Hedy, Shelby, Char, Kelly (don’t read it Kelly!) and Haley - it’s my pleasure and honor to know you all! 

Hope you enjoy it. 


She knew who he was of course. He was the hot rock star who would alternate between loud and obnoxious and quiet and introspective.  They ran in the same circles, her and Harry Styles, but had never spent any time just in each other’s company.  

He knew who she was too. She was the school friend of his mate. They never spoke to each other but sometimes he would watch her when she spoke to their friend, the way her eyes would light up when she laughed, and how when she wasn’t speaking she watched the speaker intently, listening and assessing everything they said.

Some days he would almost work up the courage to speak to her but then something would stop him, he couldn’t put his finger on the reason, but something always stopped him.

Until the day of their friend’s birthday.

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It's weekend! And I'm feeling really great today!So there is not one word, there are (oh, can you here the drum roll?).....Three words for day three!

And here they are: beautiful,wonderful,magical 💞

okay here it is. 

Harry snuck into the auditorium after the lights have already gone down, letting out a long sigh of relief when he realized the concert hadn’t quite started yet, even though the children were already lined up on the risers on stage.  He slotted himself in with the other latecomers standing along the back wall, unwinding his scarf from around his neck and letting his i’m-gonna-be-so-fucking-late adrenaline drain out of his body.

“Don’t worry,” the man to his left whispered, his eyes crinkling up at the corners when Harry turned his head, “you’re basically right on time.” The man nodded toward the choir director up on stage. “Mr. Janis always likes to give a very thorough introduction to the year’s music.”

Harry huffed out a soft laugh, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his overcoat and trying not to sneak another sideways glance.  The man next to him was attractive – very attractive – his flawless cheekbones thrown into sharp relief by the light leaking in from the hall.    

He’s probably a parent.  A very married parent.  Harry chastised himself, balling up his fists inside his pockets and making sure to pick out his niece, Evelyn, from amongst the sea of faces before the singing began.  

“Our journey this year has been…” Mr. Janis paused, placing a hand over his heart as though overcome by some serious emotion, “beautiful… magical… wonderful…”

Harry smiled at the ground when he heard the man next to him snort and then whisper the next few words along with the choir director, mimicking the sweeping arm motion that accompanied them. “And we’re so glad to get you share it with all of you…”

Cheekbones kept Harry entertained for most the concert, making very quiet, but snarky asides about Mr. Janis and his entirely too predictable program choices – “he alllllways does carol of the bells” –  and biased solo distribution system – “oh wow, another one of the good-looking teens, who could have predicted!”.  What got Harry the most, though, were the sheepish half-smiles they shared when they made eye contact during the gorgeous, multi-layered arrangement of Silent Night and realized they were both teared up.  

Harry’s heart flipped over in his chest when the lights came on after the final bows, and it turn out Mr. Attractive was even more attractive than he’d even realized, his bright blue eyes smiling up at Harry as people filed out of the auditorium around them.

“I’m Louis,” he said, extending a hand.  

Harry swallowed and took it, hoping his palm wasn’t too sweaty.  “Harry.”

“You got a kid up there?” Louis asked.  

“Yeah – sort of.  I mean, well, no – yes,“ Harry blushed, watching Louis’s eyes crinkle up again, amusement clear on his beautiful face. “A niece,” he coughed into hand, “my niece.”

Louis smiled.  “What a good uncle.”

Harry shrugged, rolling his eyes at himself. “Barely made it on time. “

“But you made it…” Louis pointed out, still smiling.

They stood together in silence for a few beats, and Harry’s heartbeat accelerated every time Louis shifted his weight.  

He’s gonna leave.  You are too awkward.  He’s gonna leave!  Harry’s mind was going a mile a minute, but he couldn’t seem to find a single thing to say.  Questions.  Questions.  Ask him questions.   

“Why are you here?” he demanded, his eyes going wide with horror as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

Louis just burst out laughing, putting a comforting hand on Harry’s forearm in response.  “I work here,” he said, his smile turning into a grin, “and I went here.  And my siblings go here.” He rolled his eyes, shaking his head.  “I practically live here.  That’s why I’m here.”

“Oh,” Harry said, “Okay.”

“Yeah,” Louis said, laughing, his body was curved toward Harry’s in open flirtation.  “You wanna get some punch before the kids come out and drink it all?”

Harry nodded, flushing like he’d just been asked on a date.  It really felt like he’d been asked on a date.  

“Great,” Louis beamed, like Harry had just agreed to one.  

They kept sneaking glances at each other as they wended their way through the crowd, and Harry only came back down to Earth when they got to the refreshments table and he remembered why his sister hadn’t already accosted him.  She was serving punch.     

“Well, well, well,” Gemma said, her eyes sparkling and flicking back and forth between Harry and Louis.  “I see you met Mr. Tomlinson.”

“Yep,” Louis said, proudly, “Yes, he did!”

harry potter books rated by cedric diggory
  • philosopher's stone: no mention 0/10
  • chamber of secrets: no mention 0/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: wanted a rematch. first to congratulate harry on his new firebolt. shown to be an absolute angel 15/10
  • goblet of fire (up to "kill the spare' ): smiles a lot. generous. kind. happy. handsome. friendly. alive. wishes harry luck before tasks and congratulates him after too. "not a bad place for a bath". argued with harry for 41 lines about how harry should take the cup. ∞/10
  • goblet of fire (after "kill the spare" ): died??????? -29302/10
  • order of the phoenix: dies again in harry's dreams. constant reminders that he's dead.literally can't find a single instance where he is mentioned that doesn't include something about him being dead -200320/10
  • half-blood prince: mentioned once in the same context as lily james and sirius, used as motivational man pain for harry's thirst to kill voldy. still dead -348/10
  • deathly hallows: harry finds a support cedric diggory badge. we are remindered of what an precious bean he was. it's pain. oh and surprise he's still dead. -150/10

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that Jensen Ackles has two healthy kids, but “Zeppelin Ackles” is going to figure in psychology books for years to come as the most glaring example of character bleed in the history of modern TV.

Harry sucked his bottom lip in between his teeth as he sunk lower into the couch, keeping his eyes locked on the screen of his phone. His heart raced in his chest as he watched the speech bubble appear, indicating that you were texting back. He wasn’t particularly sure how it started, but you and him were in the middle of a very hot and heavy conversation. (Let’s just say there were some cheeky pictures involved.) 

Fuck me.” Harry muttered to himself as a picture of you popped up, dressed in a cute little lingerie set just for him. Complete with a little bow and garters.. He’d chop off an arm for the opportunity to be alone with you even for a minute. It’d be another week or so before he saw you again, what with his busy schedule and all that.. But he missed you terribly, and even more now. 

“Need t’ borrow yer phone, ‘ve got a strange mark on my chest and I’m pretty sure I’m dying.” Before he knew it, Niall had snatched Harry’s phone right out of his hands, Harry’s eyes widening before he finally reacted. 

“No, give it back! Use your own phone!” Harry snapped, paranoid that Niall would see something that definitely wasn’t meant for his eyes. “Or your laptop! Or use my laptop!” 

“Phone’s too far away, my laptop’s dead, and Liam’s using your laptop.” Niall hummed, typing something into Safari before he began humming to himself. “No need t’ be so jumpy, it’s not like yer hidin’ anyt’ing.” 

“Fine.. Jus’.. Please, hurry up.” Harry muttered, glancing over at the screen to see Niall typing away at an achingly slow pace. 

“Whoops, typo.” Niall murmured, deleting his entire sentence before starting over. Harry, at this point, was praying to all of the gods above, and also praying that you wouldn’t send anything in this very moment. “A’right, I’m done. Turns out I’m not going t’ die.” Niall laughed, handing Harry’s phone back and jolting slightly when Harry grabbed it back almost immediately. He raised an eyebrow as Harry began typing something with a tiny smirk on his face before he decided to speak up. “Oh, by t’e way!” 


“Ya might wanna take care of yer situation down t’ere.” 


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So I got a question. How many times a day do you imagine Harry saying our name?

Oh my goodness! Do not even get me started on this!!! You know that video when he says, “Hi Courtney! I’m Harry.”? Well, I’ve watched that video so many times, it’s not even funny. LOL

Let’s watch it again, shall we?


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alright i'm the anon that was salty about peter being portrayed as skinny in aesthetics and guess what. i'm salty again. i really don't see many people that ship drarry and also say harry is bisexual. i might just not be seeing people that think that but i mostly see people that think he's gay. he's had a major crush on cho in the past and canonically he's married to ginny. why do people just overlook that so that he can be gay? BI HARRY BI HARRY BI HARRY

Hi! This is a big discussion and before i get in to it i’d like to say that i’m bisexual myself, so there’s no confusion of talking over anyone.
Personally, i think we can examine why Harry’s predominantly written as gay in two parts.

1) Harry, especially prior to his relationship with Ginny, can be read as gay. Some people read his description of the kiss and lack of feelings for Cho after having his’ returned as a sign that Harry isn’t really attracted to girls. Now, i’m not saying this is not a valid interpretation. There are many gay and lesbian people who’ve had straight partners before/while questioning their sexuality. Some people explain Harry’s relationship with Cho and Ginny with compulsory heterosexuality, and say that he only liked the ‘idea’ of them/relationships he had with them. I’m not saying that people need canon ‘proof’ to HC a person as gay, i’m just saying this is how some people explain their thought process when doing so. I’m more than okay with this interpretation and i find it a strong tool for other gay people who’ve had similar experiences to examine and process these feelings/memories.

2) A considerable amount of the reason why too many people prefer to HC Harry as either gay or straight comes from biphobia and bi erasure.
I’ve seen many people saying sometimes they HCed Harry as gay and sometimes straight. The problem here is that, it erases the possibility of him being bisexual. You don’t really need to label him as being attracted to a single gender, especially if you think that he could be attracted to more than one.
This might be coming from, directly or indirectly, the belief that bisexuals are half gay half straight. People think that if a person is in a relationship with someone of the same gender, they are now gay. Vice verca for getting mislabeled as straight. Some people have unfortunately internalized this misconception, so they think Harry has to be gay for him to be in a relationship with a guy. They don’t even consider the possibility of him being bisexual or pansexual, our identities are erased to the point where people genuinely don’t even think about it. This is hurtful, because i didn’t spend years dissecting my attraction for multiple genders to have my sexuality discarded and invalidated.
I saw someone here saying Scorpius couldn’t be bisexual because it would undermine his feelings for Albus, for example. Which is just? No. That is not how it works. A bisexual Harry’s feelings for Draco would be just as genuine and passionate as a gay Harry’s would be.
Personally, i think Harry and Cho were up to interpretation, but Harry and Ginny were more solid. We don’t need to disregard or undermine Harry’s feelings/attraction for Ginny to focus on his possible new attraction to men. While i’m at it, HCing Harry as bisexual doesn’t mean you ship Harry/Ginny, it’s just a way you interpret his character. I can already hear some people saying 'but what if Harry goes back to Ginny!’ => Biphobia 101: Bisexual people aren’t cheaters because of their sexuality, and why we shouldn’t encourage negative myths and stereotypes.

Wrapping up, there are more than one reason why people seem to HC Harry as being attracted to a single gender. It’s not a problem to HC him as such, but your thought process in doing so might be problematic. The best people can do is introspect their thought process, identify whether or not those are influenced by what i explained in the second part and work to unlearn those biases.