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Elvis Duran said that he heard Harry's single and it will be played on radio on April 7th. So should we believe it or not? Cause I don't want to get my hopes up but fucksjaiizia

I have no idea. That’s two weeks from today, so I guess we’ll see what happens between now and then. 

sirius black stands alone in front of the mirror of erised

he sees the same thing that harry does, but with more people. a younger, dorky-looking peter standing off to the side, remus smiling with his arm around harry’s shoulder, james and lily on either side of their child with their arms around each other, regulus in the background alive and happy

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Princess shirt with prison tattoos=most accurate description of Harry Styles I've ever read.

… I mean look at this baby-pink polka dot wearing, 

Mermaid titty tat having, 

Creme slik puffed sleeved tartlet. 

This bright floral button up royal with the rebel swallow bird cleavage. 

This “isn’t it fabulous you can see my laurel tats pointing directly to my d**k through my lace shirt that costs more than my tiara” princess of strumpets. 

A sheer floral shirt of majesty the princess only wore once much to the despair of her subjects. 

And the “I gotta cover up the mermaid tatas but let the vag breathe for live television in my crushed velvet dream of a princess shirt.”

Impossible Harry Tag

This has been exhausting… I have no strength left. Here’s the Harry tag.

This has got to be the hardest thing I’ve done and me and my babble-y self probably made it even longer than needed. So if you want to know, or if you’re harry styles (cause I wrote something for you at the end), go ahead and click keep reading

I was tagged by : @cuddlemusclestyles@muggleharry@hestylesno@wdmsusie@revolutionaryharry@cheshirepuddin@legend-waitforit-harry​ thank you for putting me through the hardest test ever.

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Snape with a few hairdos, the manbun, the bowl cut, all the classics. 

“Y/N, they’re not going t’ hold onto our lunch reservations forever…” Harry let out a breath as he checked the time on his watch - You two had about twenty minutes to get to the restaurant before they gave your seats up to other customers. 

“Gimme a minute!” You replied, seeing the image of Harry rolling his eyes as he waited for you downstairs. You couldn’t help that you were taking a little longer than usual! After all, this was the first time in weeks that Harry actually had time to go out for lunch, and you wanted to make sure you looked as nice as possible. Now, you were fully aware that Harry wouldn’t mind at all if you stepped out of the house wearing a potato sack - He liked you in just about anything, but you were doing this more so for yourself rather than your boyfriend. Everywhere Harry went, paps followed, so if this was going to be your first appearance with Harry in a while, you were going to make sure you looked your best. 

“Y/N, love, we might as well stay home if yo-” 

“Hold on, I’m here.” You scoffed playfully, padding down the stairs while checking to make sure everything was in your purse. “Alright, let’s go stuff our faces!” There was a moment of silence before Harry spoke up. 

“What is this? What is this??” You raised your brows in confusion, turning around to look over your shoulder before facing Harry once again. 

“What is what?” 

“Your outfit!” Harry gestured to your clothes, making you look down to inspect your outfit. A pair of scuffed-up boots, skinny jeans, and one of Harry’s tops. Harry was used to seeing you wear one of his old band tees, but never one of these fancier, silky ones. The one you were wearing was the black button up with Styles embroidered on the chest pocket. “I’m wearing the blue version of tha’ shirt!” 

“It’s not my fault you have a million copies of the same shirt!” You frowned, unbuttoning one of your buttons. Although, you had to admit - The two of you were certainly matching this afternoon. “Besides, you weren’t complaining about me wearing your shirt after you fucked the living lights outta-” 

“Alright, alright!” Harry cut you off, his cheeks glowing slightly as he let out a small laugh. “I’m jus’ upset cos you look far better in my clothes, and they’re custom made for me!” 


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your pierced!harry art got me going on and on about this headcanon i saw and it was as if you captured it perfectly, i'm a huge fan on the idea that harry is a tattoo artist and also does/has a lot of piercings.. and in comes draco malfoy wanting a tattoo that covers his dark mark, but then later on coming back for more and more until he has a beautiful sleeve of stick and poke tattoos done by his crush aka harry

I can not believe how long it took me to answer this one omg I’m sorry ;;

absolutely can see this happening

Draco finally giving up his attempts to remove the mark and deciding rather to have it covered up - so in he struts to the tattoo parlour he’d been eyeing for some time and definitely not bc of the hot guy whom he occasionally sees having a coffee/smoking in front of the shop when Draco takes the more scenic route to his work

turns out the guy is in fact Potter of all people and before Draco can implode/disapparate/have a mental and physical meltdown, of course Potter sees him bc that’s just his luck. On the other hand, Potter seems just as appalled/amused to see Draco judging by the whole spectrum of colours that briefly passes his face (and also makes him look like a fucked up chameleon, Draco nearly feels sorry for him)

only this Potter must have been lifting his motorbike at least, has jewellery in places where Draco thinks they must be in way of all comfortable life and also to his utter disbelief has a haircut

upon Draco’s inquiry Potter scrunches up his face in a way that means bad news, clearly Draco’s share of luck in life had been spent before he was 10 years old 

apparently black magic markings can’t be tattooed over as they will bleed through any coverup, also will look blast-ended skrewt level of hideous, to quote Potter

Draco must have briefly shown An Emotion because Potter immediately (and to Draco’s horror almost sympathetically) suggests he could still tattoo around it and make something new out of it

Draco debates if his pride should be injured that Potter pretends he wants to help him, but ultimately concludes that he’s out of fucks to give and just wants the mark gone or changed yolo

He shows up for the first session and it’s not even awkward, Draco is ticklish and snappy when Potter deliberately presses the needle a bit harder into his skin. Draco has to keep his mark contained with a stasis charm as well so its magic won’t interfere with the other tattoo’s as Potter inks his arm

they are both tired after, but the tattoo’s starting to look pretty and Draco has to admit he’s looking forward to the next sitting for more than tattooing reasons

after the third session Draco notices Harry is freestyling around the originally agreed upon design, but it still looks great so he doesn’t say a thing

after the fifth session it’s starting to look like Harry’s going for a whole sleeve, so Draco asks him out for a Quidditch match. the tattoo is beautiful, but Draco’d prefer to keep it on his forearm only, thank you very much

Draco would however enjoy having more of the designs in different parts of his skin so he comes back. he absolutely doesn’t imagine the slightly louder exhale of  breath held back when he takes off his shirt

three more tattoos and a few coffees/quidditch matches later Draco concludes Harry’s tongue piercing is in fact a thing to delight in.

NYC Sunrise

Harry’s eyes opened, to a small ray of light coming through his window. He looked around his spacious NYC home. It was simple, but beautiful, just as he liked it. For the most part the decor was gray or white, a pop of color thrown in some places to make it feel more homey. Harry slowly sat up in the bed, looking out his window to see a beautiful NYC sunrise. He looked to his side feeling a slight movement, it was you. Memories from the night before flooded his mind.

“Harry!” You moan, tugging on his hair as he thrusts into you. He smiled, liking the way his name sounded when you said it. He couldn’t help but moan either, because you felt so bloody good. The thrusts were slow but deep. You could feel every inch of him and he could feel every inch of you. This was your first time together, and it was absolutely magical.

A smile graced over Harry’s beautiful pink lips, as he remembers every event from last night. Every moan, every word, every single pleasurable feeling that had ran through his body. He looked over to you again, the covers had fallen from your chest, your upper half was exposed. But that’s not what he was looking at, I mean yes your body was beautiful, but your face. He couldn’t help but admire you, seeing your eyebrows scrunch up as you slept. Your lips fall into a slight pout and your eyes flutter lightly. He notices your problem area is creating in your words “more mountains” he chuckles at the thought, knowing once you look in the mirror you’d be frustrated about it. You still were absolutely beautiful to him, imperfections and all. Harry started running his hand up and down your arm, almost as if he was tickling you. You shift again do your legs are bent, and another memory from last night invades his mind.

You were moaning and whimpering, feeling his tongue on you, his fingers in you. The pleasure was overwhelming, he made you feel absolutely incredible. He loved the way you tasted, couldn’t get enough. Your hips started bucking up into his face, he knew you were close. So he licked harder, moved his fingers harder, he held your thighs, almost as a notion that you could let go. And you did, it was the most powerful, pleasurable orgasm you had ever felt. You moaned his name over and over again.

Harry was pulled out of his thoughts to the sound of you groaning about how bright the light was.
“Good mornin’ gorgeous!” you burry your face into the pillow and mumble
“I’m tired” he laughs lightly at your muffled, groggy voice. He runs his finger down your spine making you shiver and goosebumps arise on your skin.
“ ‘mon love, I’ll make yah breakfast.” Your head almost immediately pops up
“Really?” You say excitement lacing your voice. He chuckles at your reaction.
“Yes really!” You whine a little before asking
“Do I have to put clothes on?” He laughs again, he knew you didn’t like wearing clothes, just as he did.
“No, yah don’t pet.” Harry moved his legs to the side of the bed, getting up and walking to your side. He reaches his hand out for you.
“Let’s go darling!” You take his hand, and use his body to get yourself out of the bed. He never let’s go of your hand as you both make your way downstairs to the kitchen. Harry starts getting all the ingredients out, but you couldn’t help but stare at him. You were greedy when it came to him, your eyes were always hungry to look at him, your ears always ready to listen to his voice. He never turned around, just kept preparing breakfast. “Just gonna keep starin’ pet?” He said turning around so he was facing you. You felt quite cheeky this morning.
“I think we should have a reenactment from last night, right here on the counter.” He smirked at you, he was now standing right in front of you.
“I think that can be arranged.”

Thanks so much for reading!! All the love to you. xx
P.s there will be a very smutty part two! ;)

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But can you imagine Harry holding his future son's/daughter's hand for the first time? His giant hands holding such tiny ones. Like maybe right after the birth where you're holding your baby for the first time, and then Harry reaches out to hold his baby's hand. He can't help but tear up, because that's his baby and it's all so real. The little hand he is holding is going to call him daddy. He is a daddy now. The skin to skin contact just makes everything so real. *sighs*

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Drarry steamy make out session after an argument (for the drunk promos please???)

Potter was kissing him.

And something was ringing in his ears, a high-pitched sound drowning out all else around him, his focus only on Harry’s hands in his hair, Harry’s hips grinding against him, Harry’s breath mingling with his.

He had never kissed someone before, but he was pretty sure no one else could kiss like this.

Like they needed it to survive,

needed it to keep going,

needed to kiss and kiss again and again and again because the second they’d let go, the other would disappear forever.

The kiss was hot and feverish, Harry biting in Draco’s lips like he couldn’t quite control himself, his lips hot and pliant and wet against his.

This, Draco thought, hands holding Harry closer and closer and closer, was something he could do forever.

So he kissed him.

And he kissed him.

Again and again and again -

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When harry dropped the another man cover, Niall dropped the this town single. Now Liam will drop his magazine cover. Will Harry drop his single? Patterns everywhere

That would be funny if they did that again. Would also be curious coordination considering they’re with different labels/managers/etc. We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks….

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Any new veela fics? Thx boo

These stories have all been posted/updated in the last month or so:

Have you read Predestined by @diemdoll? The author posted it last fall on AO3 but then took it down and is reworking parts of it. It’s really good.

Predestined by diemdoll - M -  “I would say congratulations are in order, but you won’t be making it down the aisle.” Madam Monroe told Hermione as her fingers continued to trace the contours of her hand. “You were predestined for another.”

There’s also Changing Scenery, which has Draco as a veela with Hermione AND Harry as his mates:

Changing Scenery by aethling - M - Seven years have passed since the war ended. Hermione has everything she’s always wanted, but she still isn’t satisfied. When she mentions she’s bored to Harry, she didn’t think that her boredom would be alleviated quite this way. And she definitely didn’t expect to see Draco Malfoy again after all these years, and not like that. Well, she certainly wasn’t bored anymore.

Here are some others:

A Hard Fought Victory by anonymous - T -  The rivalry between Gryffindor Army and Slytherin Army was almost as big as the rivalry between 7th years Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. With the clock ticking down in the race for the Hogwarts Cup, an interesting…complication…will affect the outcome of them both.

The Reluctant Veela  by SapphirePhoenix - E -  Draco Malfoy has come into his father’s Veela legacy, and is fighting it at every turn. The Fates aren’t giving him an inch though, and neither is Hermione Granger, his destined mate!

Hermione’s Gift…and Surprise! by Keira1331 -  M -  At the beginning of sixth year at Hogwarts, Draco finds out that Hermione Granger is his veela mate. He had become a Deatheater to protect his mother, but would he live past age seventeen? Hermione has been living with a secret her entire life. But, now the gift has been giving her mixed signals as unwanted bond begins to form in Hermione for Draco. She tries to stay away from him, but with all the same classes and most of the same patrols, that seems very difficult. What happens when Hermione has to flee with Harry and Ron? What happens when they are at the Manor? Or during the Battle of Hogwarts?

You can also always look through our Veela tag: 

Draco-veela: http://dramioneasks.tumblr.com/tagged/draco%3A-veela

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Hi! #12 with Drarry for the sentence prompt please?? :)

It was the year after the war and Hogwarts was rebuild in its beauty. So a lot of students came back to graduate. The 8 years got along very well after the war against Voldemort. It was like they learned that the houses were good institutions for being better at grades or Quidditch but that every person could be good and bad. On a rainy day in March, Draco sat as one of the last students at the Slytherin table for dinner. His friends went to play some games in the common room but he was a little longer in the libriary so he came late to dinner. There was a crease before him and he looked up from his plate. 

Oh no… 

Harry sat down opposite him on the bench.

“Potter, what do you want?”, grumbled Draco. He just wanted to finish dinner.

“Hey Malfoy. Nice to see you.”

“Yeah of course” Nooope, he wasn’t sarcastic at all. “Again, Potter. What. Do. You. Want.” Draco sighed annoyed, hoping that Potter would just disappear but of course .. he didn’t. 

“Just wanted to talk while eating dinner?“ Harry looked at the blond head with an amiable look that only drew Draco’s eyebrows up. At this sight Harry’s lips twitched into a grin.

Draco glanced at the table before Harry and drew his forehead in folds.“Potter, you don’t even have a plate.”

Harry shrugged. “I don’t need to. You have one.”

Draco started to thrill on his plate, which was now much more empty, than a few minutes ago.

“You did NOT…" Draco stopped, shocked, in mid-sentence.

When Harry wanted to steal another piece of fruit from Draco’s plate, Draco hit the other one’s hand.

“Don’t touch my food”, growled Draco.

“Are you saying that to me while we have our date in Hogsmeade?”

“Yeah of course … wait what … which date?“ Draco stared wide-eyed at Harry.

“We go to Hogsmeade for dinner and butterbear on Saturday. I’ll meet you at 3 o'clock - p.m. of course - at the entrance. Be on time.” Harry winked at Draco, while he gets up from the bench. With a smitk, he leaves a speechless Slytherin behind at the great hall.

And Draco? Draco’s bewildered gaze slowly turned into a satisfied smile.

Send me a prompt with a number and a HP pairing and I’ll try to write you a drabble. Maybe not just Drarry :p

We know why Harry had the most violent reaction to the dementor’s was because he’d experienced terrible things, even if he didn’t truly remember them, but can you remember who had the second worse reaction? Ginny. Harry had fainted, but Hermione, Ron and Neville were okay once the dementor left, Ginny, however wasn’t. But what could be so bad for a 12 year old girl who grew up in a loving home? A girl who the year before had been possessed, and used, and had been the reason for several near deaths, including her own. What could be so bad for a girl who lived in the shadows of being the youngest, to then live in the shadow of Tom Riddle as he destroyed her? Harry heard his mum scream with the dementor’s. Ginny just saw a book. A black book, with no words, but the power to destroy a life.