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🍷you know the picture where mitch and harry are just chilling on the sofa with their gowns on?! i could just imagine them sitting there with a nice glass of wine, a romcom playing on the tv, so when the missus comes home she's just standing there hands on her hips because the evening was meant to be her and harry's pamper night but harry ditched her and asked mitch instead because she took so long to get home 🙈😂❤️ xx.

“You know, I didn’t expect your side piece to be here when I arrived home, Harry. At least have the decency to kick them out before I walk through the front door so I don’t catch you in the act,” she teases from the living room doorway, eyes diverting between the two heads of brown hair peeking from over the back of the sofa as she kicked off her shoes and let them fall, haphazardly, next to his boots. “Is that the good bottle of wine we kept in the cupboard?”

She steps into the room and it becomes clear that the both of them are clad in thick and fluffy and white dressing gowns, feet kicked up and resting as they nursed wine glasses in their hands. The screw-on lid sitting on the coffee table beside the green bottle holding the red substance that had stained their lips a darker shade of pink and turned their teeth a deep purple.

“What happened to our pamper night, mister?”

“Told me you were gon’a be late when you left this morning. Haven’t exactly had a proper pamper night. Can’t do tha’ without you because you know how to do it, just right. Just drank the wine from the cupboard and gossiped with Mitch about stuff. Watched a bit of a rom-com but, surprisingly, that got too boring,” Harry cranes his neck to look over his shoulder, sending his wife a smile as she stands there, arms bent with her hands propped on her hips as she looks before the scene in front of her, “feel free to grab a glass and join us, my darling. We could use a lady present.”

Mitch shakes his head and sets his empty wine glass down on the coffee table, upon the coaster already decorated with ring marks from previous glasses that had rested upon that same piece of patterned wood. Standing to his feet and slipping them back into the shoes he’d worn there. Shrugging off the white dressing gown and draping it over the arm of the sofa.

“Feel free to take my place here. I’ve got to get goin’ anyway. Sarah wanted me to take her out for dinner, so, I can’t get too mullered,” he smiles, leaning down to press a kiss to her cheek, “he’s been chattin’ my ear off so you’ll be doin’ me some good in getting me away. Not sure how long I can spend listening to his monotonous voice.”

“Hey,” Harry whines, a look of fake hurt written over his features as his lips still sport a smile, “v’only been tellin’ him about what we had planned before you told me you’d be late home. There was minimal chat since Mitch barely speaks.”

“And I’m pretty sure he was going to start a pedicure on me if you hadn’t have shown up when you did,” Mitch smirks as he flipped Harry the middle finger, squeezing her shoulder as he passed by, disappearing into the hallway and grabbing the jacket he’d hung up, upon his arrival earlier that afternoon, “let’s just say, there is no one in the world who would go near his feet during a pedicure. Except you, of course, babe. Because you married him and that means his feet come with him. Unfortunately.”

“Hey, mister, leave my husband’s abnormally gigantic feet alone or else you can’t come around and drink our wine anymore.” xx

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I’ve watched the carpool karaoke with harry a few minutes ago again, girl, all I can think about is James getting together with the missus to prank Harry so he hides her in the backseat and outta nowhere during the interview she jumps up like no big deal to give her opinion on the question and it just scared the crap outta Harry

“So, Harry,” James turns the radio off, “I hear you and the missus are doing well? How is she?”

“We’re great, yeah, yeah. She’s great, she’s finishing her midterms and then we’re spending some time together before I go off on tour and she heads back to school,” Harry smiled. 

He loved talking about Y/N, he was so proud of her. She was a college student and she was determined, she worked hard, and he admired her for it. 

“What is she studying again?” James asks. 

“Biology and pre-med, it’s actually her last year and then she’s on to medical school,” Harry brags. His girl was smart and he loved it, “I help her study so I like to think I could become a doctor as well.”

“Well if I ever have a heart attack I would not want you there,” James laughs, “where is she going for medical school?”


“No I’m not,” Y/N pops up from the back seat making Harry jump in his, his hand coming over his heart, “remember we discussed me going to Oxford, it’s closer to you and your family.”

“What-where did you-what?” Harry’s spitting out half sentences as James and Y/N laugh. 

“Surprise,” Y/N smiles, leaning over and pressing a kiss to Harry’s cheek, “thanks for the ride James, you can just pull over right here. I have to pick up my textbooks.”

James pulls over in front of a book store and Y/N jumps out, “bye boys, I’ll see you for dinner Harry,” she closes the door. 

Harry turns backs to James, “what just happened?” Harry asks. 

“Y/N asked for a ride and she got one, it’s a carpool after all,” James jokes. 


“my happiest memory is you… because it’s not just a memory, it’s the present”

//slams hands on desk// when I thought I was finally over this yoi hp au, my friend gave me ANOTHER prompt and it just flew from there;;;;

more hp au

Draco, at Platform 9 ¾: Ready for fifth year?

Scorpius: Yeah, I’m a little nervous about the O.W.L.S though…

Draco: Don’t be. Study hard and I’m sure your exams will be straight fire

Scorpius: what?

Draco: oh, did I mess that one up? I meant they’ll be lit

Scorpius: you did not just say that

Draco: Stop acting salty, Scorpius. You’ll be upset on the train.

Scorpius: oh my god

Draco: Speaking of which, say hi to the squad for me.

Scorpius: Dad

Scorpius: Dad stop

Draco:</b> Why? I’m just trying to be hip like my son

Scorpius: oh my god I don’t know you

Scorpius: this isn’t happening

Scorpius, to crowd: I don’t know him

Draco: that was savage

Scorpius: dad stop

Harry: i don’t get girls, they’re crazy. please give some advice before i go crazy

Sirius: have you tried kissing guys instead?

Harry: what?

Sirius: it worked for me

Harry: wait what

Sirius: I’m gay

Harry: what?

Sirius: totally gay. completely gay. just look at me and remus!

Harry: you and remus?

Sirius: for years.

Harry: so remus is gay?

Sirius: no, no, he likes women too. he’s bi. i’m gay

Harry: and you two are together. right?

Sirius: exactly


Sirius: but have you tried?


flicker sessions tour / harry styles live on tour

Dumbledore: You seem to be spending a great amount of time with that Slytherin student—Malfoy.. I was wondering if.. perhaps..

Harry: Malfoy? No, no, of course not.. We’re just friends.

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