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Classic Rock Fandom Problem #1359:

1. They’re all old

2. Some have sons but who wants the knockoff when the originals still alive.

3. Some are dead in this case we’ll prob settle for the knockoff or go for another band member who happens to conveniently be alive

4. They sin. We sin. Shit happens.

5. They can die any minute now and when we find out we’ll feel lifeless for a year or two…or forever who knows

6. We need help

7. Asap

  • Jyugo: Ok my dad is on the phone, I need you guys to-
  • Uno: Oh, oh, yes! Oh yeah! Right there! Yes! YES!!!
  • Honey: Come back to bed pretty boy~
  • Rock: What the fuck Jyugo put some pants on!
  • Nico: Maybe I should cook some meth.
  • Jyugo:
  • Jyugo: Why
  • Dad: i bought an obsidian knife its cool its black
  • Me, only hearing "black knife": wait... is it maybe obsidian or tourmaline??
  • Dad: how could u possibly know what obsidian or tourmaline is
  • Me, holding 11 new crystals in my hands, one of which is tourmaline and another that is obsidian: i collect semi precious gemstones and other rocks haven't you noticed

Rock Lee/Might Gai Workout | Naruto Tough Like The Toonz: EP 18

Today’s Tough like the Toonz we Train like Konoha’s Green and Blue Beast’s Epic training.  Also thank you @train-go for giving me the push to do this :)

Rock Lee and Might Gai The Hardest working Goofball Badass Shinobi of Naruto. 

This workout is gonna make you stronger than you’ve ever been but do you think you can handle it. Be sure to like and share with your friends it really helps the video a lot.
Do this workout 4 DAYS a week. For exercises marked Failure do a MINIMUM of 50 reps, it doesnt matter how long it takes just get fifty to the best of your ability this workout maybe longer or shorter depending on your fitness level and also be sure to improve and beat your records everytime you do it. BE Stronger than yesterday!! 


i finally found him a name!!! this is rocket hes my eeveelution sona… pls draw him im begging omg


There’s only a handful of occasions where Dan gets all gussied up in an actual grown-up man suit, and one such occasion is a wedding!  

As it happens, this was Dan, three years ago at Suzy and Arin’s wedding, all dolled up and looking like a handsome handsome!

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“You gave me hope….and set me free” -Neji Hyuga

Who else misses Neji?? :(  

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20 Mins on the East Coast to Spare (Had to work D:).

Happy Valentines Day from the Natural Selection Crew. They love you and can’t wait to meet you all!