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Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I am (still) updating the new fanarts on society6! Thanks for all the likes and reblogs! If you want to go and take a look at them I’ll put the links down below! Love you guys you are all amazing!

Isak cries: https://society6.com/product/another-universe421106_print#s6-6935750p4a1v45

Ulrikke: https://society6.com/product/ulrikke_iphone-case#9=430&52=377

Big eyes even: https://society6.com/product/cute-even_bag#26=196

402: https://society6.com/product/in-love421066_print#s6-6935658p4a1v45

sleepy Isak&Even: https://society6.com/product/sleepy-evak_print#s6-6935875p4a1v45

Love: https://society6.com/product/love422749_laptop-skin#2=51

Worried Isak: https://society6.com/product/isak422901_tapestry#55=412

Underwater: https://society6.com/product/it-all-began-with-a-kiss_print#s6-6942973p4a1v45

In another Universe: https://society6.com/product/in-another-universe424247_bag#26=196


This is from the blog post immediately after the end of year 2, and looking back on it, it gives us the entire plot of year 3???????

“How will they tell the boys?” Brunch at Jerry’s

“Will Jack keep this a secret from his NHL team?” He comes out to George and Marty, and presumably Tater.

“Who are the members of his NHL team?” Meet the Falconers update, anyone?

“How will Bitty deal with the pressure of dating an NHL player-or the sadness of sacfricing a relationship for Jack’s NHL career?” THIS IS LITERALLY THE ENTIRE PLOT OF FALL YEAR 3. I’M PRETTY SURE THIS IS DIALOGUE FROM BITTY’S VOICEMAIL.

“It’s Lardo’s last year as manager-how can anyone replace her?” FORD!!

“Are Ransom, Holster and Lardo going to get jobs?” also the plot of the Ford update????


But there are still some unanswered questions in this, like who’s going to be captain and when will Mama Bittle and Coach find out?


Wrapped Around; pt.4

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 9.7k words

Originally posted by jinsthighs

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Angst

A/N: ha ha ha. I’m so horrible at updating wtf but here ya go guys, part 4! sorry for the wait! (p.s: there was a part 3.5!)

Part 1 | Part 2Part 2.5 | Part 3Part 3.5


As your cousin speeds forward, closer to his house, you can’t help but laugh to yourself. You were mixed with equal parts of dread and excitement, longing to wind down the window to shout out their names but at the same time wanting to hide away, hoping that you wouldn’t run into them at all. What a turn of events. Looks like it was going to be a fairly interesting winter break after all.

Standing in the aisle of the supermarket, you glance at the list in your hand then back at the rows and rows of a variety of canned beans. Who knew there’d be this many type of beans? You casually strolled down the aisle, your eyes kept peeled for the one that said garbanzo beans, whatever that meant. 

A short bell rings signaling the arrival of new customers but you’re oblivious to the sound as you continue searching for the can of beans. You hear a loud smack accompanied by a short scream and you spin around, curious as to what the ruckus was about.

“What the hell, Jimin?! That hurt!”


You recognise that voice and you definitely recognise that name. Maybe your mind was playing tricks on you because what were the odds of meeting them in a supermarket of all places? Maybe that wasn’t Taehyung’s voice and perhaps there could be another Jimin in this town… Jimin is a common name after all, you reason. You exhale deeply, returning your attention to the cans in front of you, you finally find the can of garbanzo beans and put it into the basket that was dangling off your arm.

“Not so nice having a taste of your own medicine huh Tae?”


Maybe… Maybe there was another Tae in this town too?

Light laughter fills the air and you stiffen up because that distinct laugh definitely belongs to the Jimin that you knew.

Your mind is in a frenzy as you let the fact that you were mere metres away from them sink in. You turn on your heel abruptly, speed walking down the aisle away from the boys. 

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Home (Seungcheol)

24: “You okay? You seem little off today.”

42: “oh thank goodness…I didn’t think you’d still be here.”

You didn’t want to seem desperate, but maybe you were. You wanted to give him space, not seem so clingy, so maybe that’s why you have to do everything to restrain yourself every day from calling him. But maybe just once, you thought, just once you could be a tiny bit clingy.

You held the phone to your ear, heart racing, eyes moving all around the room. The ringing caused time to move slowly. Your knee bounced rapidly, fingers tapping your thigh. Just as you were about to give up all hope, there was a click.

A smile broke on your face, “Seungcheol!”

“The number you are trying to reach…..”


With a deflated heart, you pulled your knees to your chest. The darkness outside began to consume you, the loneliness slowly settling itself in.

The vibration of your phone shook you. Your heart leaped but once again fell. It wasn’t a text or a call. No. It was a vlive. Ah, you thought, the boys were live. You clicked on the notification. You assumed you weren’t going to see Seungcheol, but what was the harm in watching his other members play around.

Your lips tugged upward, scanning the four boys. Chan, Soonyoung, Seokmin. The smile dropped. Seungcheol. You’re eyes fell, a defeated sigh leaving your lips. For 5 minutes you watched him smile, listened to his laugh, saddened at his voice.

Did he really ignore my call?

You watched as the live came to an end. One minute passed. Two. Then three. Four. Maybe I should try again.

Your finger hovered over the call button. Pressing it lightly, holding the phone to your ear. It rang once. Click.


“The number you are….”


Eyes threatening to water, you held yourself back. An idea popped in your head. You scrolled through your contacts, quickly clicking on the boy’s phone number.

He answered right away, “Y/N!!!!!” the boy screamed in excitement. A smile crawling onto your lips, a happy sigh being let out.


“Did you watch our live. I looked cool right.”

You giggled at the boy’s enthusiasm, “you were the coolest. Say, um. Is Seungcheol there?”

Chan hummed for a moment, “How come you didn’t just call hyung?”

“I..uh..” you thought for moment, “I didn’t want to wake him if he fell asleep quickly. I knew you’d still be up.”

Chan hummed once again in agreement, “yeah hold on a second. He’s right here.” you could hear Chan’s voice as it moved away from the phone, handing it over to Seungcheol.

“Hello?” His voice was low and tired.

You felt the calm rush over you, eyes beginning to water slowly. God you missed his voice. How long had it been you wondered 3 months since you last saw him?

“Hey.” your voice fell quiet, “You okay? You seem a little off today. I tried calling.”

Seungcheol let out a sigh, one that sounded more annoyed of you, “yeah. I’m just really tired right now. You know practice and promotions. Plus Jihoon is really hovering over my shoulder to get these lyrics done. And you know how it is.”

“Ah…” your voice slowly cracked. You coughed hoping he didn’t notice, “I just missed you that’s all. We hadn’t talked on the phone in a long time.”

The annoyed sigh was released once again, “You can’t keep doing this. Calling me just randomly. I’m really busy okay. I told you I’d call you when I have the time.”

A fire was lit inside of you, “so I’m just suppose to wait around next to my phone waiting for your call. What am I, someone you can just call up for fun.”

Seungcheol could feel the small glances he was receiving from the few member that had walked in the room, “We’ll talk about this when I get home.”

“Home?” You scoffed, “I’m surprised you remember this place over here was your home since you’ve been living at the dorms for the last 3 months.”

“Stop being such a drama queen!” Seungcheol raised his voice. The members stared for a moment but he disregarded them, “I’m the one paying for you to stay there! So stop whining just because I’m not there twenty four seven!”

His harsh words stunned you. Your mouth was left agape, your eyes gave away, letting the flood gates open. You hung up the phone, letting him have the last say as you broke completely in the middle of the living room.

Seungcheol tossed the phone onto the couch. Chan grabbed his cell phone and the others stared at him in concern. Silence plagued the room.

Chan stood uncomfortably, “You didn’t have to yell at her.”

Seungcheol looked at the boy, “what.”

“Y/N didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I didn’t yell at her okay. It was just a mini fight. It’ll blow over.”

“Chan’s right.” Jeonghan spoke up, “she’s your girlfriend. Of course she’s going to call you. She’s probably worried sick.”

Seungcheol squeezed his eyes shut, “This is between me and Y/N. Just butt out.”

Jeonghan stood from his seated spot, “Between you and Y/N? It doesn’t sound like that anymore. You basically told her the only reason she’s with you is because you pay for where she lives.”

Seungcheol opened his mouth to protest but Jeonghan intervened.

“She can’t call you but you can call her? Honestly she wouldn’t even be with you right now if it wasn’t for the rest of us updating her on her idiotic boyfriend.”

Updating? Seungcheol looked in confusion, “what are you talking about?”

“This is the first time she’s called you in 3 months because you’ve been so self absorbed in yourself.” Jeonghan pulled out his cell phone, scrolling to your name in his messages, “did you even notice that she hasn’t called you.” Jeonghan shoved the cell into Seungcheol’s hand.

Y/N: hey jeonghan. I watched you guys perform on tv. It was great. I know Cheol is busy so please take care of him for me.

Y/N: Please make sure Cheol is eating his meals, he looked a little skinny in the last performance. Don’t forget to eat yourself too!!

Y/N: i haven’t called Cheol in a long time. I hope he’s not too worried. I know how absorbed he gets into his work sometime so please make sure he stays healthy.

Y/N: Cheol hasn’t come home in a while. I hope he’s resting at the dorms. Please make sure he’s taking breaks, don’t let him over work himself so much. Take care of yourself too!!

Y/N: 3 months pass by slowly when I can’t see you guys. Don’t overwork yourselves. Also, can you make sure Cheol is alright. I haven’t seen him in a while, I hope he’s okay.

Seungcheol stares at the screen. 3 months. Did he really forget about you for 3 months. And here you were, every day, making sure the others were taking care of him. All because you knew he always put work first. Jeonghan’s phone vibrated in his hand.

Y/N: you probably won’t hear from me for a while. Please take extra care of Seungcheol for me in my place.

Seungcheol gripped the phone tightly. Idiot. He hated himself. He loathed himself. He wanted to punch himself so much at the moment. How could you still possibly care for him after he had spoke so harshly to you. His heart began to race.

you probably won’t hear from me for a while

What did that mean? Were you going to end it with him? Were you leaving? Seungcheol stood up hastily, shoving the phone back to Jeonghan as everyone watched him curiously.

“Where are you going?”

Seungcheol slipped his jacket on, struggling with his shoes, “I’ll be back later.” He flew out the door.

By now your tears had ceased. You hadn’t known if it was because you were numb or if you had literally cried all your tears out. Your body weak and tired, you dragged yourself to the kitchen, opening the fridge and pulling a water bottle out to hydrate yourself. Your shoulders felt heavy as you moved slowly, closing the fridge door, you heard the slam of something louder.

Seungcheol stood before you. He was still panting, out of breath because he decided it would be faster to climb four flights of stairs to the apartment. He noticed your state, hair a mess, eyes and nose red, your limbs looking smaller than he remembered. But most importantly, he saw you standing in his home.

He ran towards you. Entering the home with his shoes still on, his arms engulfed you. Seungcheol buried his face in the crook of your neck, taking in the scent he was deprived of for 3 months, “oh thank goodness…I didn’t think you’d still be here.” his voice hitched, “I thought I lost you. I thought I’d come home and everything about you would be gone. I’m so stupid. I’m so utterly stupid.”

You felt the wet tears of his drip onto your neck. The water bottle rolled off your fingers as you brought your arms to wrap around his shoulders. You took the softness of his touch in, your sadness, your anger, the loneliness, all of it slipped away, “Welcome home.”

Cowardice - FishKing - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Link/Prince Sidon, Link/Sidon, sidlink, Pre-Relationship
Characters: Prince Sidon, Link
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, hahaha you though this’d be all sunshine and joy?, nah fam, that aint how this guy rolls, also spoilers, let Link rest 2k17, that boy needs it
Series: Part 3 of Seabreeze

Link fled a battle to save his own skin. Guilt ate him up inside, so he found himself in a place he had come to associate with safety. Even within the walls of Zora’s Domian though, Link knows he is nothing but a coward.

Sidon disagrees.

**Contains spoilers for the Gerudo Divine Beast


Pairing: Ethan X Reader

Request: live stream lullaby was soo cute 💙💙 can i request a ethan x reader where ethan and the reader are doing a livestream together and all of the fans keep shipping them? thanks :))

Warnings: fluffy

A/N: Thank you guys so much for reading these!! It warms my cold dead heart jk but seriously, THANK YOU!!

You snapped another picture of Ethan and posted it to his story. He eyed you suspiciously and you giggle, hiding the screen from him.

“What’s are you doing?” he teases.

“I’m updating the people!” you laughed.

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updates ~

hi guys! just had three quick things to say!

1. I just started a happy tag! This is full of anything that makes me smile – videos, cute art, funny jokes, etc. So if you’re ever feeling down you can check that out and maybe it’ll help in some way!! ^.^ There’s not too much in there yet, but I’ll be adding to it over time!

2. I also added a writing updates tab to the bottom left corner of my blog, just ‘cause. If you wanted to check that out and tell me if it looks ok on your browser/screen resolution that’d be cool!

3. The IINYH update will be delayed to tomorrow night, sorry for the long wait!!! I was going to write it last night but got sidetracked and I don’t want to rush it! It may or may not be a long one though in order to compensate ;)

Merry Go Round // Min Yoongi

Stay tune for the update! :)

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Word count: 1146


PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

“What the fuck was that?” You hissed. You inspecting his figure properly. Oh, he is one of those weirdos on the lift. He is the one that looked uninterested.

“Sorry” He speaks in Korean. Oh, man. Come on!

“No, I don’t get it. Explain it, right now.” You replied in English. The guy rolled his eyes.

“Oh, please. I know you understand Korean very well. I’m not gonna explain it if you still keeping that attitude of yours” he said. Your eyes widen. Just what is wrong with him?

“Okay, okay. Go on, tell me. This better be worth it” you finally speak Korean. He takes off his mask.

Oh. My. God. He is Min Yoongi. BTS member. You speechless. So you were get laughed by BTS members in the lift?! And you are in the same hotel with them?!

“You know who I am, right?” You nod your head. “My fans discovered me and the boys when we just step out of the van. We walk separately right now. And when I walk, I saw you and… yeah. Sorry.” He explained. You didn’t say anything.

“Go on, don’t worry about me here and just do your thing” he said. You scoff. How the hell should you just ignore him? What else can you do in a small room with other people beside not ignoring each other?

Oh, there is.

You turn your head to see the tall buildings with dims of lights. You take out your phone and start to take pictures of the view. The Ferris wheel is on middle-up right now. You squealed and giggling by yourself because of the view. Everything looks so small from up here. Yoongi chuckled when he saw you. You turn your head to him and pout.

“First time in a Ferris wheel, eh?” he asked. You shake your head

“I just love Ferris wheel very much” he nods his head when he heard your answer. And for the last 5 minutes until the Ferris wheel reaches the ground, you spent it with him talking about your runaway story.

“Wow, no wonder your dad sounded like that” He said as both of you get out of the small room.

“But I’m 23 already! Why can’t I go wherever I want?” You pouted.

“Of course you can, but the way you do it, it’s totally wrong” he wears his mask again “And are you gonna keep that silly mask on your head?”

You just realized that mask’s existence again and put it on your mouth. “What for?” he asked

“Well, I just like it” you said

“’I just love it’, ‘I just like it’. Wow, you really are something” he chuckled. You smiled.

Hyung! There you are!” six other boys came.

“Oh, Lift Noona!” The light brown haired guy greets me cheerfully. He opens his mask quickly. Oh, Taehyung. Figured.

“How did both of you ended together?” The purple hair, Namjoon asked.

“We just happened to meet and she asked me to ride Ferris wheel together” Yoongi answered. Your eyes widen.

“YAH, You’re the one that barged in!” Yoongi chuckled and ruffles your hair. The other six boys are grinning to each other.

“What?” Yoongi asked them.

“So, nothing happened, eh hyung?” the 2 other boys with brown hair, Jungkook and Jimin smirking.

“Yah, It’s not what you guys are thinking!” Yoongi raised his hand playfully to hit them.

“Eh? We did not think of anything, though” Jungkook laughed. You rolled your eyes. “Boys” you mumbled under your breath.

“Anyway, Lift girl, would you mind joining us for late dinner?” Jin asked me.

“The name is Jung Jiyoung” you said. “Well, I’ll take your invitation as apologize for laughing at me in the lift earlier. Let’s go!”


“Well that was delicious!” Jimin pats his stomach. Everyone else agreed.

“So, Noona, you were saying that you are currently running away from home?” You nod your head to Jimin.

“Why?” He asked. You chuckled

“Nothing really. I-“

“She just feels like it” Yoongi cut your words. You turn your head to Yoongi that is walking in your right side. You give him a thumb up and he grins.

“Eh? Isn’t that weird?” Jungkook asked

“Well, do we really have to have a reason for everything, though?” You asked back.

“Wow. Deep” Namjoon commented. You chuckled.

“So, any plans for tomorrow?” Yoongi asked “Don’t you dare to say ‘just feel like going anywhere’” he added. You laughed.

“Nah, I actually gonna go to Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art tomorrow. I was supposed to go there today but I fell asleep after a cup of coffee” you explained

“Eh? Isn’t that weird too?” Jungkook asked, Again.

“You didn’t know the real me yet” You smiled at him.

Hyung! Can we go with her tomorrow? Can we? Can we?” Taehyung asked Jin. Jin checked their schedule on his phone, and shakes his head

“Sorry, we got to talk to PD-nim about the fanmeeting tomorrow” Their faces darken. You chuckled

“That’s okay. I will be here for…. Em, not really sure actually. But I already booked my hotel room for a week” Their faces brighten up. They are very easy to read, reminds you of your younger brother. You chuckled.

“Okay, chop chop! Let’s go in the van! I’m sleepy!” Yoongi cut our convo and opened the van’s door “Wanna come?” he asked

“Nah, I’m fine. I still want to wander around a bit” They waved at you with bright smiles as the van getting away in the dark night. You turned around and take out your phone.

“Hello? Seung Mi-ah?”

Oh Jiyoung-ah! Why did you call me now? Did you just realize that the trip is not fun without me?” She chuckled. You smile

“Nah, actually I want to tell you that my trip was pretty awesome this far. Too bad” You heard her scoffs.

Well, thanks for the information, though” She said sarcastically. “Have you call your parents?

“Nope. Dad called me this afternoon and he was screaming, literally, on the phone. I was in the lift that time. Everyone else could hear it clearly” She laughed.

Ha, you dead meat. I’m sorry, my mom just called me and asking me to buy her groceries. Tell me the rest next time” You replied with a quick ‘yes’ and the convo ended.

“Now, where should I go?” You mumbling by yourself

“Wanna go walking around the river side?” You turn your head. Yoongi!

“Oh? I thought you said that you’re sleepy?” Yoongi did a little run to catch up to you.

“How could I sleep while you walk around this late alone?” He hands you a cup of americano. You smiled


“How could I know?” he cut you. Again.

“Well, I just feel like buying you coffee” he said. Then you both laughed.

What a nice night, isn’ it? #

YOI AU Part 2

Find part 1 here!  Find part 3 here!

Thank you to @maroalpaca for working with me on this fanfic! I am so lucky to be working with her!

Hope you guys enjoy part two! It is a little bit longer but it will take me forever to write long updates.

     Yuri’s eyes blazed with the moonlight. They looked more red then brown in that moment. In a cloud of smoke Yuri landed beside Viktor. He walked around the foreign man and eyed him, when he reached the front he stopped and folded his arms. “So, how are you going to tame me? I see you have a dragon ring.” Yuri and Viktor had locked eyes, each seeming to study the other’s soul.

“I don’t need it. Besides, it isn’t mine. I have my own ways to train you. I don’t think you have heard of my work. I have never once used one of these rings. It is cheating, you never gain a dragon’s trust with it. Now, how am I supposed to earn your trust?” The dragon tamer leaned against the wall. He was challenging the dragon shapeshifter. Testing boundaries to find out what direction to take things.

“For a start, you could let me destroy that ring. You wouldn’t want to be caught cheating, now would you?” Yuri smirked and held out his palm.

“I like your style dragon.” He placed the ring in Yuri’s hand and watched as he melted it down to a puddle of metal. “Now step two of many to come. I am staying here now. Why should I stay in a hotel when I can just stay here and earn your trust?”

Yuri’s heart skipped a beat. Viktor is brave. No one has dared to ever get this close. “Humans are peculiar. They don’t like to be alone, yet they think I should be secluded to myself. You must understand the pain. Everyone looks up to you yet they won’t get near you. I am curious about you. Now let’s go.”

Viktor looked on in disbelief. The dragon was commanding him. He reluctantly followed Yuri into the castle.

In the palace of the Japanese emperor the two were being watched closely. “That is a direct betrayal of your orders your highness! He melted the dragon ring that you gave him to control Yuri!” Phichit Chulanont the Emperor’s faithful dog yelped out. He was shocked by what he watched on crystal mirror.

“Easy now Phichit. He has an extra ring. He probably did that to earn the monster’s trust. We will wait to see what he does next.” Emperor Celestino’s voice was calm but it had a faint ring of anger to it. He narrowed his eyes at the mirror. What was Mr. Nikiforov planning?

“I have never allowed someone inside here. So, consider yourself lucky. You just might end up on my bone pile by morning.” Yuri laid upside down on the rafters of the room. He let his arms and legs swing slowly off the sides. Viktor laid on a bamboo mat in the corner. He twirled a dagger between his fingers and watched Yuri.

Viktor scoffs. “Yeah okay. You aren’t that scary.” He rolled his eyes and put his dagger down. “Have you ever left this castle?” Viktor looked up at Yuri who had suddenly froze. “No… I haven’t. Emperor Celestino has me locked in here. I can’t fly higher than the palace’s highest tower and I can’t go beyond the wall.” Yuri looked down, figuratively and literally.

Viktor nodded. “We are going into the city tomorrow. But you must trust me, listen to me even. Are you willing to do that?” Viktor treaded lightly, but he still wanted his words to push Yuri. “How am I supposed to get out of here? How will the people react to me?” Viktor could feel the anxiety start to radiate through the room. It was like a dark cloud looming over them.

“That’s for me to worry about. The people won’t know who you are if you wear this cloak. We will sneak out the back into the alley and then slip into the crowd. Besides I can break the spell that is holding you in here.”

Yuri let out a raspy chuckle. “So, like a knight in shining armor?”

“A what?”

“A knight in shining armor. I read a book that had something called a knight in shining armor that rescued the princess from her tower.” Yuri had gone back to hanging upside down.

“Never heard of a knight, the only books I have ever read are about dragons seeing they were the only ones acceptable to my father.” Viktor put his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling. “But if you want to call me your knight when we bust you out tomorrow then okay. I’ll be your knight in shining armor.”

Last update this weekend!

It looks like an old family photo….

I feel like it’s unfair if only Frisk and Flowey get to see it, so…. here you go, guys c:

First page
/ Page 102 / Page 103 / Page 104

For Your Convenience (Part 3)

Story Summary: To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU)

Word Count: 697

Part One - Part Two 

A/N: Hope you guys like the update :)

Originally posted by teamamericass

“I can’t believe you accepted his offer! You don’t even know him!” Natasha exclaimed while you shushed her. The associates around the area gave the two of you questioning looks as your friend tried to calm down. “He’s a complete stranger,” she hissed under her breath. “I can’t believe you.”

You and Natasha were in the break room taking your lunch when you told her about Bucky and his offer to help you make a move on Steve. You and Bucky didn’t get the chance to strategize how to approach the situation since he was whisked away to the registers while you were buried in orders. So, other than officially accepting his offer, there was no further detail about the proposal. Of course, Natasha had grievances about your decision.

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Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

Originally posted by giribyo

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

You huffed walking up the trail, regretting your decision to pack so many clothes and toiletries for an overnight camping trip. “Oppa are we almost there yet?” you panted looking over to Swings.

“Five more kilometers before the camp ground”

“Yah Five!?” you slumped.

Daewoong dropped to the ground face first. “Hyung…go on without me…I’m done for…”

“I fucking quit” Siyoung tossed his bag on the ground and took a seat.

You’d admit you were the first one that was excited to hear that Swings wanted to bring everyone on a retreat. You’d only been a member of Just Music for a year, it was rare that you all got to spend time like this outside of the studio or a restaurant. You couldn’t even remember the last time you actually left the city for anything. Although you imagined something a little more glamorous, you were still looking forward to going camping.

However this little hike before the camp grounds was not something you signed up for.

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sideshows - Chapter 3 - Maggiemaye - Scorpion (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“She gave him a sinking feeling sometimes, as if there was someone looking over his shoulder to see all the cards he held.”


Chapter 3 - AO3, FFN

Summary:  When Midoriya Izuku unexpectedly meets a kindred spirit in the form of Sawada Tsunayoshi at the Yuuei entrance exam, he’s beyond excited. But his tentative friendship is crushed before it can even truly begin when All Might warns Izuku to stay away from the boy with the too sweet smile and the too big eyes and the face that looks like it couldn’t hurt a fly. Tsuna is supposedly Izuku’s greatest enemy - the final boss he needs to defeat so everyone can have their happily ever after. But the more Izuku learns about his new classmate, the more he begins to suspect that someone, somewhere, must have made a horrible mistake.

10 Opening Lines

I wasn’t necessarily tagged but @seenashwrite said anyone who saw it and was a writer who hadn’t done it should (and I really hella wanted to so)

Rules: list the first lines of your last 10 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag some of your favorite authors.

For simplicity’s sake I did my last 10 one-shots so I skipped all imagines, drabbles, and series updates.

#1) “ You trace the rim of your wine glass with your finger, watching the sunlight drift lazily outside, coating everything in a sepia tone.”

From Life

#2) “ There’s a weird phenomena that happens at the right mix of night and alcohol and sorrow.”

From Sorrow

#3) “ You loved her red hair.” 

(Woooow terrible opening line right here dear god, sorry guys) From Charlie

#4) “ He looked so gorgeous standing there, with light fluffy flakes littered in his chestnut hair that Bucky had to stop for a moment, his skates shink-ing on the ice as he slowed. “

From Warmth

#5) “ You felt your bed dimple as Dean sat down beside you, he didn’t say a word as he took in your vacant gaze.”

From Comfort

#6) “ It’s cold, so cold Buck can’t feel his fingers anymore. His teeth are chattering, his hair hanging limply around his face, catching against his half-frozen lashes and whipping his burning cheeks.”

From Break-in

#7) “ Tony’s head was fuzzy as he came to, his body shivering cold and his arms trapped in the gauntlets.”

From Knots

#8) “ A beer, the TV humming in the background, incessant mumbling of dialogue Dean didn’t care to hear, he was relaxing in a recliner, his eyes shut and his chest heaving.”

From I Told You To Be Fine

#9) “ The edges of the picture were worn, torn and folded, puckering with use.”

From Untitled (sorry it was a request)

#10) “ 2 seconds.”

(Wow, such talent, such description (I hate my life))

From 2 Seconds (can you hear my sigh???)

My patterns: That I need to write better idk???

In all honesty though this was really fun so any writers out there that might want to do this consider yourself tagged by me. 

{ I’m so excited for her to be in Avengers Academy, finally, look at my Allmom being badass with a sword while riding a sea monster! <3

Anyways, hi guys, I know I’ve not been too active on this blog for a while and I decided how to fix this and get my muse back by archiving and starting with a fresh blog.  I’ve had this one for 3+ years and frankly my organization is shit.  Plus, this will give me an opportunity to recraft my dash into a more motivating / cleaner environment.  I’ll be dropping pretty much all my current threads and making the next blog even more myth focused (still keeping some verses for Marvel).

I’m not sure when the blog move will take place, but it will be a slow process making the new one while I’m still focusing on school.  I will link here and properly archive once it’s finished and hope to see you lovelies there and get back into the swing of writing with you! 

In the mean time, you all can still find me being trash over here. }

Disastrous Date

Originally posted by wow-pandastic-baby

Disastrous Date

You twirled around in front of the mirror, a little more excited then you wanted to admit for this date. Dean was a regular at your coffee shop. He’d always go there to write and over the last few weeks you two had gotten pretty close. He’d asked you out before but you had this policy against dating customers; Though he made it very clear he wasn’t just some customer.

It was hard not to be charmed by him.

Dean picked you up around noon and you two enjoyed a casual lunch down by the Han river. He planned out everything for this date. It took him weeks to finally get it, and he wasn’t too ashamed to admit that he’d been dreaming about it for a while. If everything went well then that’d insure a second date.

You’d offhandedly mentioned this restaurant a while ago, and it was hell getting reservations but he managed. Afterwards he planned a nice long walk along the river, and finishing it off with a boat ride. He grinned hearing you sigh happily as you ate your lunch. “Good?”

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Happiness in You | Oh Sehun

Genre – Fluff, Slight Angst

Word Count – 1.3k

Summary – In which Sehun is determined to see you happy again because you’ve now become the centre of his universe, but you’re having a bit of a hard time accepting his feelings for you

Sequel to – Stone Cold


Originally posted by osehu

“Hmm I don’t know Y/N… You really think I’m going to believe you’re okay even though you’ve reassured me about a hundred times?” Sehun’s persistent voice spoke through the speaker as you continued to work on your assignment, with your phone tucked between your shoulder and ear.

“Sehun ah… You know I’m alright. Now you need to stop calling me and get back to practice, your comeback is way too close for you to get distracted this much” You scolded and instantly heard his little whine through the phone at the thought of going back. You did feel really bad for Sehun calling every few hours just to check up on you even though his workload was at its peak right now, but he refused to stop calling or texting unless he was completely sure you were alright. How could you not be? Especially when you had such an awesome friend by your side that helped you through something that no longer existed. Your feelings for Jongin were long gone after that night, but you refused to accept anything which linked to love afterwards. It’s not he made you lose faith in love, but you felt that moving wasn’t something that could be done this fast so you wanted to take rational steps.

“Y/N you’re not a distraction, I call you because I need to know whether you’re alright so I can go on with my day. I know we can’t put a label on what we are right now, but I still care for you as much as I always have; girlfriend or not…” He ranted, causing you to stop typing and sigh into the phone. There was no denying that both of you had feelings for each other, but you didn’t want to move on too fast and Sehun didn’t want to feel like he was taking advantage of his friendship. Both of you were completely oblivious of one another’s feelings, but that never stopped you from maybe testing the waters sometimes.

“Which movie are you quoting right now Mr. Oh Sehun?” You joked closing your laptop and getting up to get dressed because you had a little surprise in mind.

“Y/N ah you’re so mean to me! Here I am spilling my heart out to you and you’re just there making fun of me, god knows why I love you” He blurted and your heart instantly stopped at his words. You two had always shown gestures, but never had you verbally told each other until now. Deciding to brush off his words for now, you bid him a quick good bye before cutting the call off to get ready.

You hadn’t seen the boys in a good few weeks so you planned on going over to the studio, wanting to surprise Sehun in the process as well. As you entered the building, you were greeted by the smiling receptionist who informed you that the boys were currently at dance practice in room 132. You made your way up to the elevator and got off on the floor to find some of the guys slowly coming out of the room, obviously dripping in sweat after a predicted few hours of intense practice. Smiling at all of them you teased them saying you wouldn’t dare hug anyone until they got showers.

“Hmm… Make sure you don’t hug your little Sehunnie he’s probably sweatier than we are. Oh no he’ll probably be an acceptation because you know…” Jongin teased making you snatch his water bottle from him and pour the remaining water onto his head. The boys broke out into fits of laughter as Jongin began to chase you around the corridor, finally losing his breath after ten minutes of running. You and Jongin were still on good terms and were still as close as you always were. You’d actually begun to hang out with his girlfriend and the two of you got along very well. You bid each of the boys before slowly making your way to the door of the dance studio Sehun was in.

Quietly pushing the door open, a small smile spread across your face as you watched his body move to the beat in awe. He was truly talented, but sometimes he forgot that so you took it upon yourself to remind him from time to time. Slowly walking into the room, you leant against the mirror at the back waiting for him to notice you, but you had no faith in his focus breaking anytime soon; especially because he’d chosen to stay back and go through the routine without any interruptions. Throughout the whole course of the song, Sehun’s focus did not falter once, even though he’d caught your eye in the mirror once or twice so he knew you were there. It wasn’t till the end when he hit pause and instantly ran towards you with his body dripping with sweat. Your initial reaction was to dodge the incoming hug and dash to the other side of the dance studio, but all he did was flash you a little pout before he began to run behind you again. His breathing began to sound a little heavy so you decided to be a little considerate of his constant practice and slowed down for him. But boy you should've  known that this was one of his tactics to get to you as he instantly caught up and gripped you by your waist to pull your back against his chest. The two of you continued to laugh for a good few minutes before silence slowly took over, making the atmosphere a little more awkward than comfortable. He slowly put you down and you naturally turned around in his arms before he hesitantly placed them on your hips. 

“You’re not talking to me” You quietly stated, moving a small piece of hair back into place as he shook his head lightly. He let out a little chuckle as your focus suddenly went onto fixing his hair, and tightened his arms a bit more so you’d pay attention to him again. 

“Yah! Was my hair the one who told you it loves you?” He whined, making you instantly stop your actions and look up into his eyes. Your efforts to avoid the situation weren’t really successful as he brought up the subject again. “You want to talk about it?” He asked, playing with the end of your hoodie.

“Hmm… I guess we should” You sighed bringing your hands up to his hair to run your fingers through his locks. 

“I really don’t want to force you into doing something you’re not sure of. I really do like you, but you don’t have to tell me how you feel yet. I just really wanted you to know” He finished, looking down and anticipating your reply. Your feelings for Sehun were more than clear, but you were still a bit unsure on whether it was the right time to accept them. You looked up into his hopeful eyes and your mind had been made up in an instant, there was no point beating around the bush when you’re sure of the fact that you wanted to act on your feelings

“Sehun I like you a lot and… If like want to be a thing… I wouldn’t mind…” Your voice went gradually quieter near the end of your sentence as you slowly realised that you were confessing to him. You could almost feel his smile beaming when you didn’t dare look back up at him, but his fingers lifted your chin up just so he could see the tint on your cheeks. 

“So, are we a couple now?” He whispered, now feeling the flustered state you felt. 

“I think so…” You shook your head to try and get rid of the heat on your cheeks. Your feelings were finally accepted, and you never thought that your friendship would one day come to this 

A/N: Finally an Update, I’m surprised you guys haven’t given up on my sluggish ass yet lol Jk. Love you all <3  I will now be hopefully updating weekly (Every Sunday) so I fall into a routine. I hope you guys enjoyed this sequel, please let me know what you thought :) I’ll see you guys later!

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Ok so normally I DON’T like sharing my action figures pictures on tumblr (only on twitter/instagram) but I thought these were funny/cute. Recently I got three chichi figures but two of them are extra small :’D Especially teen chichi. Btw I got her today and I lost her. :( I’m so disappointed in myself. Last thing I remember was that I was making the bed and POOF she’s gone. I already tried looking but can’t find her. Anyway Goku is happy cause he has a smol wife x’s 3 and gohan is happy to have his momma~

but seriously guys chichi’s body is SO small next to goku I’m like how does he not crush her?? but then I think well he must be extra careful. My bro sucks cause he said “well seriously she should have died during sex with his strength” and I’m like “yaaahh……………..kinda have a point there”