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Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol

A classic scene from a classic ytp…

But seriously please check out this guys channel he needs more attention.

Coming back into the house was never on Ryan’s plans. Once he left, he thought that this was it for him, he didn’t want to come back, but things changed. He didn’t have a choice when he left, but he chose to come back and he was ready to deal with everything he’d have to deal being in there again. The excitment was obvious in his face, but he was trying to keep it cool. He was happy to be back and looking forward to seeing everyone. With his bags in hand, he walked inside the big doors in silence, not wanting to make a fuss out of it just yet. It was pretty quiet anyways.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm glad you guys are back! You're my favorite reaction blog <3 Can I please get a gif reaction of them reacting to seeing their girlfriend crying over another KPOP band? Thanks~!

It’s good to be back anon! ^_^ Thank you~ Thanks for the request!! Enjoy!


Jin: **doesn’t mind** You shouldn’t be crying, you’re too pretty to cry~

Suga: **mocks you once you finish**

J-Hope: **you two cry together** They’re so good!!

Rap Monster: **stares at your shaking form** Why…. are you crying?

Jimin: **confused to why you’re looking at another group, rather than why you’re crying**

V: **acts cute** Jagiya! You’re only supposed to cry over me…

Jungkook: Wait… Why are you crying over another group?! *confused*


Hope you liked it~ <3

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