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I love your Altean Lance and Blade of Marmora Keith! Babies new to working and being all nervous and cute! Do you have any headcannons for this AU?

first of all, (I’m not good at English but I really wanna share this with you guys!!! especially to my beloved followers.) Thank you anon! 

second, yeah… I wanna see Lance when he’s with someone superior than him(Like his instructor in s01e01) 

And my headcanons in this klance AU? well… I think Keith must be poppular in Altea and he might not remember that he’s helped Lance before (lol) Okay…. I must say… I love seeing Lance hurts(especially in emotionally way) 

…………and I love ‘love triangle!!!!’ I love to know who will Lance choose in the end and why.

rings of fire || stiles stilinski

word count: 4876

warnings: mentions of cheating, angst

request: hiiii i’m such a big fan you’re such an inspiration to me! could i get a request where the reader and stiles are married and have a son and stiles doesn’t really help her and is constantly helping the pack and at work and what not and shows her and her son no attention? the reader confronts him one night when he comes home late and finds out he was cheating, so she leaves and sleeps at lydia’s so then stiles goes and tries to win her and his son back? sorry i it’s complicating i love you so much

author’s note: happy easter (to those who celebrate)! i hope you guys all like this, thank you to @ninja-stiles for helping me with a couple things! 


coming soon

Being a parent wasn’t easy in any sense of the word.

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Dancing On My Own: Part 7

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1342

Summary: Bucky Barnes never imagined himself falling in love with anyone, especially his best friend’s girl. Of course his plans were shot to hell when Steve decided to surprise everyone and propose to you on your birthday. Had he missed his shot, or would he be willing to risk both of his closest friendships in hopes of winning your heart?

Author’s Notes: Thanks for being patient! I always love hearing from you guys <3. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged

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The last thought you had had before drifting to sleep had been about Steve – which followed you through your dreams. As his body moved near yours in the warm early morning sun you couldn’t help but wrap your arms around his neck and press your lips against his. Through the haze of your tiredness you had noticed that his lips felt softer as his stubble scratched against your face. It felt like he hadn’t shaved in a day or two which seemed odd. It wasn’t until you felt the coolness of metal against your cheek that you opened your eyes and pulled away in panic to find Bucky.

“I… god… I thought you were,” you mumbled frantically as you sat up.

“Steve,” Bucky finished the sentence for you. “I… I’m sorry,” he added miserably as he sat up beside you. You could feel a blush creep slowly up your neck as you looked at your best friend as he sat beside you. The sound of Steve’s name caused panic to bubble in your chest. How would you tell him about this? Would you? You weren’t completely convinced that you didn’t know it was Bucky. Regardless – it had happened, and there was no way to undo it. It was in that moment that you felt the uncomfortable sense of your life shifting. The sensation was jarring at first, but after the initial shock it felt as if something had snapped into place. You sat in silence unblinking as you stared at one another. You swallowed hard as you grasped your resolve before scooting closer to Bucky – until you were right in front of him. “Y/N, what are you…” he began to ask uncertainly.

“I just – I…” you whispered softly as you placed your hand gently on his face. Bucky’s eyes closed at the contact – at first with relief, but his features soon contorted to pain as his hand cupped yours and pulled it away. You opened your mouth to speak but a crack of lightening shot across the sky emitting a loud rumble of thunder – effectively cutting you off.

“We should go,” he whispered – not meeting your eyes – as he stood and pulled you up alongside him.

“Yeah… we should go…” you muttered as you slowly broke from your stupor before departing your peaceful dwelling. Something had certainly changed, but maybe it wasn’t for the better.

You walked through the field behind your house in silence. Before you could work up the courage to speak your mind the sky opened up and released a torrential rain. “Let’s wait it out in the barn!” You yelled over your shoulder as you ran through the walls of water.

You reached the barn completely drenched and out of breath. You were relieved to find shelter from the storm that seemed to be growing in intensity. “Buck?” You called as you turned to find Bucky running in behind you – hair soaking wet and his shirt plastered to his torso.

“I’m here. Are you okay?” he asked breathless as he peeled his shirt off and carefully placed it to dry. The action made you blush and look away.

“I.. um.. yeah I’m fine,” you muttered nervously as you desperately tried to wring your shirt dry.

“I can look away,” Bucky’s voice came from behind you – causing you to jump.

“What?” you asked startled as you turned to look at him.

“I can… I can look away so you can take you shirt off to dry,” he replied sheepishly.

“It’s fine Buck. It’s not like you haven’t seen me in a swim suit,” you answered with your best casual shrug. Of course – he also hadn’t kissed you until today either, but you decided to file that issue under things to think about later as you lifted your shirt over you head and tossed it next to his to dry. Bucky kept his eyes fixed anywhere, but you. “I think there’s a picnic blanket in one of the chests over there. I’m going to go check,” you explained as you tilted your head in the direction of the chest. As you turned your back to him you could feel his eyes bore into you. His look was the least of your worries as you rifled through the chest and procured the dusty picnic blanket. In fact, since the kiss – since that sudden shift – every bit of you longed for every bit of him. It was as if someone had pulled a veil from your eyes and suddenly you saw him for the first time. As you turned to walk back to him you nervously chewed your bottom lip. You weren’t reasoning with yourself anymore as you admired him. You were both here together – completely alone. Bucky had flown you halfway across the country and refused to leave you. He was here, and with that realization the words flew out of your mouth before you had time to bottle them up. “You kissed me back.”

Bucky’s eyebrows shot up as his face reddened. “I’m… I’m sorry, doll,” he managed to say as he nervously ran his hands through his hair.

“Why?” you asked as you sat down and wrapped yourself in the blanket – motioning for Bucky to sit beside you. Bucky obliged– careful to keep enough distance between you and him.

“Well to be fair… you kissed me first,” he chuckled nervously.

“Why did you think I was kissing you?”

“Why do you think I kissed you?” Bucky retorted. You could tell that he was going to try anything to continue dancing around the truth.

“That’s not fair – you can’t answer a question with another question,” you huffed as you crossed your arms under the blanket. You shivered suddenly. It was quite cool in the dark barn and the rain outside made it seem even cooler.

“Come here,” Bucky muttered as he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you close. His warmth immediately radiated around you eliciting a sigh from your lips. He chuckled softly as you rested your head on his shoulder. The feeling of his hand on your waist ignited the magnetic pull you had noticed in the tree house. Your breath caught in your throat as your heart threatened to burst from your chest. “Doll, what is it?” Bucky asked.

“Why did you kiss me back, Bucky?” you asked – making sure to keep your voice measured. Bucky tensed beside you – it was evident that he had no intention of talking about it. “I need to know. I need to hear you say it,” you whispered softly as you turned to look at him knowing that his answer could change everything.

Bucky wanted to tell you. He wanted to take you in his arms and kiss you. He wanted to never let you go. This was the moment he had been waiting for for years, but nothing felt right. “I…” he muttered uncomfortably under his breath. He felt gripped by panic. The words fell from his lips before he could stop himself. “It was just a mistake doll. It’s… it’s been a long time since anyone has kissed me like that, and I guess I just got caught up in the moment,” he answered matter-of-factly.

“Oh,” you muttered as you diverted your eyes to the ground. Bucky watched as disappointment played across your face. He wanted to tell you the truth of course, but he couldn’t. Not now – maybe not ever. He had thought that he had made up his mind – that he would steal you away from Steve, and he thought he had reconciled his conscious, but he hadn’t. You were too good – too beautifully broken for a man like him. He would ruin you, and he knew it. You deserved a man like Steve. “It’s stopped,” your voice snapped Bucky out of his self reflection as you stood and pulled your wet shirt back on.

“So it has,” he answered miserably as he watched you leave. “I did it because I love you,” he whispered sadly to himself as he hung his head in his hands.

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This guy right here, has not only made an impact on millions of lovelies, but made an impact on my life in the best ways possible. He’s inspired me to want to express myself more, to not be afraid of being who I am, and just having fun in life taking chances. Dan means more to me than any person in this world, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me to heal from my sad and dark days. I’ll continue to love him always, and his modivation and kind heart will always shine bright like fireflies 💚

I Thought I Lost You

Cassian Andor x Reader

Request 1: Hi! I have a Cassian Andor request. Could you write an imagine where Cassian and the reader are out on a mission together, but they get separated, and when Cassian finds the reader, she’s badly hurt? Then Cassian helps her and just angst and fluff and yeah.

Request 2: Cassian and Reader, where they reunite after being apart for a while?

Warnings: Angst, mentions of torture, death, blood

A/N: Thank you for the requests!! I will try to get at least one up every week. Love you guys!

I do not own anything!!!

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Is That One Yours?

Prompt: Thanks to his larger than life personality, Anthony had no problems with getting along with your large Filipino family.

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x reader

Words: 970

Translations of key words/phrases in Tagalog:

Salamat po - Thank you (formal)

Magandang gabi po - Good evening (formal)

Tito - Uncle

Tita - Aunt

Gago - Crazy

A/N: Day 4 of the hamwriter’s marathon. So far, this is the hardest to write! The prompt was to “Celebrate your culture and where you are!” Well, since I am Filipino and live in the states, I decided to write about it (lmao wow, that was beautifully written, wasn’t it?) Thanks to @nesthemonster, who helped me with the idea (love you)! Anywho, hopefully you guys get a glimpse to what I have to endure being in a large Filipino family. I fucking love it. But at the same time, hate it.

Salamat po.”

“Magandang gabi po.”

You hide your grin behind your hand, watching as Anthony paced back and forth in your hotel room, reading the notecards in his hands.

“Your pronunciation isn’t too bad,” you say.

He looks up, beaming. “This is going to be so easy, Y/N. Your family is going to love me.”

You walk up to him and adjust his bowtie, a pretty plum color that matched your dress. Today was your Tito and Tita’s wedding anniversary and you decided to finally introduce your long-time boyfriend to the rest of your family. Family was a very loose term, considering that for Filipino people, any friend of the family was considered a part of it. While you may have thirty “Titas” attending tonight, in actuality, you only had five that were related by blood. But that didn’t stop any of them from prying into your personal life and giving you advice that you didn’t want or need.

“Ant,” you croon, wrapping your arms around his neck lovingly, “my parents already love you and that’s all that matters.”

He smiles, his arms coming down to the middle of your back to embrace you, and gives you a quick kiss. “I know, but I want to make sure everyone likes me. I want to impress them.”

“Yes, because that’s very hard to do,” you say, giggling.

“You know all about that, don’t you?” He smirks.

You flush and pry yourself away from your arms. “Alright, let’s go, gago.”

“Is that one yours?”

You groan when you see Anthony with the Titas, mimicking the simple footwork of a line dance. Your Mother, knowing that he loved dancing and being in the center of attention, dragged him over to learn line dancing, an art that your clumsy and uncoordinated self had never learned to do. He was a natural (of course he was), and his hair, which was down during the reception, was now pulled into a bun as he partied on the dance floor.

He starts to add his own touch to the dance moves, causing the Titas around him to laugh and cheer him on. To your mortification, when he began to dab, the older women began to copy him too.

“Unfortunately,” you grunt, sipping your glass of wine.

You weren’t kidding when you said that Anthony didn’t need to try hard for your family to like him. After the nosy stares and the constant introductions of Anthony to your family members (and the awkward moment where one of your male cousins tried to hit on him), the minute they saw his plate stacked high with Filipino food, he was welcomed with open arms.

You mentally giggle, remembering how the hushed whispers in Tagalog of how the “American” boy would react to the catered Filipino food were silenced when he took a heaping scoop of each dish. A Tito from the table clapped his back and proceeded to tell him what each dish contained and then shared anecdotes of his life in the Philippines. Your Father, who was seated at the table with your Mother, gave Anthony a beer in hopes of helping him stay awake through it all - Tito Boy was notorious for his long, drawn out stories.

You lost track of how long you were watching him dance, but when he stood beside one of the uncles to sing karaoke, you lose it. You leave your table and head to the front of the room, phone in hand. You record him butchering the Tagalog song and set a reminder to post it on social media later tonight. His fans would go nuts. After the song ended, he completely took over, singing and dancing to his groupies (the Titas he danced with) and encouraging other people to join him on the stage.

You shake your head, but couldn’t help but smile at the fool that you were dating. Your heart felt full, knowing that your family accepted and loved him.

Hours later, Anthony plops down to the empty seat beside you, wiping away the sweat on his forehead.

“Yo, your family knows sure how to party, Y/N.” he laughs.

You push his hands away and use a napkin to pat the sweat from his skin. “You had way too much fun tonight, Ant.”

He shakes Tito Boy’s hand and then kisses his wife on the cheek as they bid you two farewell. “Of course, it was a party! What was I going to do, sit around and watch people? Like you?” he teases.

“Remind me why I’m dating you again?” you pout, crossing your arms across your chest.

“Aww, don’t be like that, baby,” he coos, reaching over to pull you onto his lap, “you know I’m teasing.”

You continue to frown, pretending to be annoyed. When he brushes his fingers along your sides, tickling you, you crack, laughing and wiggling to get away from his exploring fingers.

When you finally catch your breath, you sigh and look down at Anthony, your chest tightening when you see the adoring look on his face.  “Love you,” you mumble, leaning down to press a soft kiss on his lips.

“Love you too, baby,” he whispers, arms tightening around your waist.

“Everyone loved you tonight,” you say after more of the family members approached you to say goodbye, smiling when they were shocked and impressed with Anthony’s “Magandang gabi po.”

“Good. Hopefully, they’ll all be there for our wedding anniversary party too.”

You pause, heart skipping a beat, and give him a long look. “How can we do that when we’re not married?”

“Not married yet,” he corrects, his hazel eyes twinkling in mischief.

You pepper quick kisses on his freckles. “You sound so sure of yourself, Anthony.”

“You said it yourself – I’m a pretty likable guy – I think I’ll find a way to convince you to marry me.”

You laugh and give him another sweet kiss, giggling when you feel him smile against your lips.

You didn’t need convincing – your heart was already his.

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Hi guys, I absolutely adore your blog. It's so wonderfully set out and easy to use and so so so helpful. Thank you for making my reading experience so much easier. ❤❤❤ I was just wondering if you perhaps had anything in the way of Siren!Stiles or Siren!Anyone really. :) Thanks again, love you guys!!!

These all ended up being Siren!Stiles - Anastasia

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Never Changing, Only Swaying by the_writer

(1/1 I 1,467 I Teen I No Pairing)

Stiles never did mind singing at the top of his lungs while he was home alone.

many beacons in the sea by orphan_account

(1/1 I 1,479 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles has known all his life that he’s not like other kids. He’s special.

“It’s alright, love,” his mom says, leaning over him at night when he can’t sleep because his legs hurt so bad. “Just let it hurt.”

She kisses his forehead. He dreams of the sea. They go to the beach that weekend.


Stiles is a siren. He’s an anomaly, until he isn’t.

Siren Song by iCheat

(1/1 I 1,928 I Not Rated I Steter)

“Hale was a well-known name, on land. Their wolves preferred the stability of land but Peter, as easily bored as he was had taken to moving between ships. It was poetic, in a way, he lived with the sea, who also answered the pull of the moon.”

“Stiles was happy enough with his life. He got to explore to his heart’s content, drown a few sailors every now and then, and sing however he wanted.”

Peter gets caught in the song of a siren and soon finds himself in a bit of trouble. Stiles doesn’t know what to do with the weird land-creature he pulled into the ocean, but he had always been a curious siren.

The Ocean has its Silent Caves by Elivira

(1/1 I 1,930 I General I No Pairing)

Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and all he wants to do is swim. To let the shift take him, scales on his arms and legs, feathers in his hair, webbing between his fingers, and to just let go. To feel the water surround and just sing, safely in the depths.

(In which Stiles’ mother was a siren and Stiles has always taken after her more than he has his father.)

Venom and Honey by TheMadKatter13

(1/1 I 4,687 I Teen I Sterek)

Living alone in the wilderness apparently doesn’t prevent Derek from having visitors.

Downpour by cirquedusoleil

(4/? I 4,171 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Turns out, the Upper World was not all it’d cracked up to be.

Same Notes, Different Tune by misfitwolves

(1/1 I 4,838 I Teen I Stydia I Siren!Lydia)

When Peter forces Lydia to drink a strange concoction she changes from a banshee to a siren, with some dire consequences.

What The Water Gave Me by SonofCalypso

(1/1 I 8,037 I Explicit I Sterek I MCD, Rape)

Stiles thought he would miss his father most. He felt guilty that he would never see him again and that the man would spend the rest of his life waiting for Stiles to come home. More tragic than that, however, would be the moment when his father DID accept that his son was gone and stiles knew it would kill him.
His mother’s death had left his father with only Stiles and they had grown into a tight bond through their mourning, but he knew that with him gone, his father would not be able to live once he accepted the truth. Stiles was never coming home. Perhaps he could wait for him, beside his mother, and greet him in the afterlife and explain to him that he was sorry for making him worry. Sorry for leaving him behind. Sorry that beacon hills had not been enough for him and sorry that he had allowed a handsome devil to lead him astray.

All My Stumbling Phrases by Chaerring

(7/? I 10,410 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Stiles has to babble and expound every thought in his head, forcing them out into the world no matter how he would prefer to keep them to himself. If he keeps quiet, holds his tongue too long, a song wells up in his chest like a swelling wave, a tsunami of sound and it bursts from his lips just as damaging as if it had been a wall of water.

How Soon is Now by Citrus_Twist

(4/? I 13,886 I Teen I Sterek)

The alpha pack has finally been defeated, but some wounds take time to heal. And Stiles trying to avoid the supernatural only leads to having the biggest bad moving into his house. It’s bad enough that he’s got to deal with a sourwolf but what’s with all the bathroom harassment?

Harry accepting his acting award

HARRY : Thank you , I want to say thank you for my loving family for supporting . The Boys, Louis , Liam Niall thank you for not only being my band mates but, my brothers . I want to thank my managers who helped me and the fans I love you guys. I want to tell you a story… I use to work in a bakery *music starts to play* excuse me I’m not finished


Here’s another part in “Our Girl”

Read “Movie Night”
Read Between The Sheets

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam (polyamorous)
Words:  1410

Warning: injury

A/N: This is an open series. You can request things for it at any time. It’ll probably be open for a while, so request away!
A/N: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know. :)

You were sitting on Dean’s lap before the three of you headed out for the hunt, “You be careful,” Dean said against your hair.

           You nodded, “I will.”

           “I’m serious, Y/N,” he said, “You have to be careful out there.”

           “Dean, you tell me the same thing every time we go on a hunt. I know what I’m doing. I’m a good hunter.”

           “I know you are,” he sighed, “But I’m just … always worried.”

           “I know,” you nodded, kissing him, “I know.”

           Sam walked out of the bathroom and smiled at you, “You guys ready to get out of here?” he asked.

           You nodded, holding out your hand to him to help you off of Dean’s lap, “I’m ready. You ready, Worry Wart?” you teased Dean.

           Sam helped you stand, pulling you into his arms, “I worry about you too,” he said, “So, it’s not just Dean.”

           “And I worry about both of you, so there’s double the worry in me,” you countered, “So, there’s that.”

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What do you think an anniversary with Shawn would be like while you guys are dating like maybe a 1year anniversary?

I think that Shawn would be a morning person, right? Going to the gym first thing and you’d be more of a night person. So on this day, Shawn would skip the gym and actually sleep long, so you didn’t have to get up early. And you’d actually get up early and make breakfast for the two of you to have in bed. You be all cuddled up, eating pancakes and fruit. Shawn would be holding a strawberry in his mouth and you’d take a bite of it while kissing him at the same time. He’d stroke your hair and plant tender kisses on your nose tip while holding you in his arms. “Do you even realize how much I adore waking up to your pretty face every morning?” he’d ask you, before kissing you. 

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William Nylander - 3 Minutes

Anon: hey! Can u do a Willy nylander imagine where he breaks his ankle at a game? And Mitch and Auston help him get home and then when he gets there his girlfriend is super worried and he’s in a lot of pain, So she takes care of him. Hella fluffy and cute? thanks

A/N: Willy is my fav leafs player and I also wrote this sitting in my bathroom dyeing my hair so you guys better love it alright I’m committed to Willy

Warning/s: Willy being hurt

Features: Auston and Mitch a little 

Word count: 1,164

Song: Medicine - The 1975

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

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Home Again

Liam Dunbar X Reader Sam Winchester!Brother X Reader Dean Winchester!Brother X Reader

Word Count: 853

Requested: Anon

Request: Could you do an imagine where you catch your boyfriend Liam(Dunbar) cheating on you and then u come home crying to your brother Sam and Dean and they comfort you

Originally posted by darklingerson

You hadn’t expected to walk in on Hayden kissing Liam but that was what you saw and he was no pulling away, you backed out of the room unnoticed and hurried down the stairs. You picked up your phone and called Stiles. “Can you pick me up at my house in an hour?” You asked.

“Yeah what’s wrong?” he asked.
“I’ll tell you when you get there okay?” You asked as you started walking to your place.
“Is it bad?” he asked.
“You could say that.” You nodded to yourself “I’ll talk to you later.” You hung up the phone and hurried home. You walked up to your room and started packing all of your clothes, Stiles rushed in half way through seeing your tear stained face and half packed bags.
“(Y/N) what happened?” Stiles asked.
“L-Liam kissed Hayden.” You managed to force out the words were like venom but once you got them out you seemed to be able to calm down a little bit.
“I’m gonna kill him!” Stiles threatened the baseball bat that he’d walked in with now raised to rest on his shoulder.
“Stiles can you please just help me pack and I’ll give you gas money but I need you to drive me somewhere.” You pleaded and Stiles nodded.
“I need to call Scott, he’ll probably want to come with,” Stiles said.
“Yeah, that’s fine.” You mumbled digging through your draws to look for the number that you brothers had given you. You called it “Hello?” Dean’s voice asked.
“Dean it’s (Y/N).” You said you voice shaking.
“What’s wrong you want me to come get you?” Dean asked.
“No I’m coming down to you, it’ nothing life threatening I just don’t want to be in Beacon Hills anymore.” You said. “You guys are still at the bunker right?”
“Yeah, you sure you don’t want me to come down?” he asked.
“Yeah, I’ve got a ride.” You let a small smile cross your face as you saw Stiles making exaggerated hand movement while on the phone to Scott.

You were packed and ready to go by the time that Scott was at your place, he hugged you before he even said anything before help Stiles put your stuff in the back of the Jeep and then you all climbed in. “So where are we going?” Scott asked.
“Um, Lebanon Kansas.” You answered.
“Well, I had better call my mum then,” Scott said. Scott called his mum who also decided that she wanted to kill Liam but said that it was fine for Scott to make sure that you got to your brother’s safely.
“Okay, so we’re going to forget about what’s happened because this is going to be a long damn trip.” You said leaning forward and looking at both boys. You pulled out your phone and started playing All Time Low which you knew Stiles loved because of the posters in his bedroom.

It took a day to drive there but you finally got there, Stiles helped you get your stuff inside, Sam and Dean were out and Scott couldn’t actually get into the bunker on the account of him being a werewolf. “Thanks, guys.” You smiled.
“No problem, make sure that you call,” Stiles said pointing at you.
“I will I promise.” You smiled hugging him.
“I’m sorry,”Scott said as you hugged him.
“It’s not your fault.” You whispered before waving them off. A few hours later Sam and Dean walked through the door and you had your feet up on the table as you ate from a Ben & Jerry container.
“So it was a bad break up?” Sam asked making you jump, you looked over at him and nodded.
“Well then we’re gonna need some more ice cream and some pie, Sammy.” Dean looked over at Sam who rolled his eyes and grabbed the car keys.
“Why is Sam always going to the shop for you?” You asked as he sat next to you taking the container.
“Because I don’t want to go,” Dean answered mouth full of ice cream. “I was right by the way.”
“What?” You asked.
“You came back.” he smiled.
“You guys always know how to make me feel better.” You said. “Where is Cas?” You asked.
“I don’t know…” Dean frowned.
“And Crowley?” You asked.
“You planning to dam the werewolf to hell?” he asked.
“What no!” You answered quickly.
“So you were dating a werewolf… Was it that Alpha?”
“What no! Scott and Stiles drove me down here…” You answered.
“It was the Beta.” Dean nodded as you snatched the ice cream back. Dean walked over the radio and turned it on smiling when he found the right station and pulled you up so you both started dancing and making fun out of each other. Sam walked in a little afterwards and picked up flinging you over his shoulder before carrying you into the living room where you watched really bad movies, halfway through Cas walked in and you all launched into the explanation of why you call did this when you had a bad break up.

Requests and general question!

Don’t Care About the Presents (M)

Originally posted by holy-yoongi

Summary: It’s that time of year again, and for your friend group’s annual secret Santa this time, Namjoon has you. Which means that this year, his gift has to be perfect. However, sometimes it’s not the material gifts that are the best ones.

Member: Namjoon

Word Count: 6.2k+

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Warning: Smut, Painfully cheesy fluff to the point that characters call themselves out on it

A/N: Part of the Christmas collab with @cremesuga, @jungkxook, @haniwritesbtsstuff, @jiminniemouse, @inktae, and @jungblue! I also have an unhealthy obsession with those damn Ryan pajamas help me. Also I hope no one’s lactose intolerant because this is filled with cheeseeeee.

Namjoon is glad that there are websites that do secret Santa drawings for you now, because if he had drawn your name while in the same room with you, there’d be no hiding how he felt about this current situation. Which was a complete mess. Hands shaking, heart racing, red in the face kind of mess.

However, now he has to deal with his roommate judging him as he flails in front of his computer screen, which now displays you name. And Min Yoongi knows how to judge.

“Calm down. You look like one of those things they put outside car dealerships.” Yoongi flicks the back of Namjoon’s head as he passes behind him, on his way to flop down on the couch.

“You don’t understand, man.” Namjoon lets out a groan before burying his face in his hands. “Like, I know I can’t tell you because it’s supposed to be secret Santa—"

“You got Y/N, I knew it the second I heard you squealing from my room.” Yoongi’s tone is flat, almost bored, as he picks up the remote and starts flipping through the channels.

“Squealing, what? I wasn’t squealing.” Namjoon’s arms cross over his chest as he lets out a huff of air.

“I mean, that was the highest I’ve ever heard your voice go.” Yoongi sighs as he shuts the TV off, unable to find anything to watch. “So, when’s the wedding? I know a ring is probably outside of the price range for a typical secret Santa but…”

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Newt Scamander lockscreens/wallpaper ! (+quotes)

hey guys! I made some Newt Scamander lockscreens/wallpapers and I hope you like it, I can’t help being in love with his character <3 (and sorry for the quality I’m still learning how to use Photoshop :x)

oh and please like or reblog if you save it, thank you! 

Good Guy

Here’s a little cute drabble for everyone’s favorite tree bros! (Title is kind of based off of this song but the fic doesn’t really go with it I just love the song)

Hope y’all enjoy!!

“Am I a good person?” The question came out of nowhere, startling Evan. He looked over at Connor, who was staring down at his hands. Evan untangled his legs and turned his body so he could look at the taller boy.

“Babe?” The nickname was posed as a question- Evan was confused. “Connor, what are you talking about?”

“I mean, there has to be some good in me? I used to be a horrible person to Zoe, to a lot to my parents… I haven’t changed much since then, I just kind of… Stopped being mean?” Connor refused to look anywhere else but his hands, so Evan moved so he could place one of his hands in the palms of his boyfriend. “I mean-” Connor continued, but his fingers curled around Evan’s lightly. “I don’t really believe in a heaven or hell, I guess I believe in an afterlife, but I don’t want to go to a bad place. When I die, I don’t want to go some place where I can’t spend the rest of eternity-” Connor’s voice dropped in volume. “-Without you.”

Evan smiled.

“Cute.” Evan said. He started to move again, pushing Connor’s shoulders back, and moved so he could straddle Connor, and they could be chest to chest.

“I mean, I still am not that nice. I don’t volunteer to the homeless. .I helped you out with your homework a few days ago, but I don’t think that helping you with some algebra is going to redeem me.” Connor chuckled, finally meeting Evan’s eyes as Evan placed his arms on Connor’s shoulders.

“Wanna hear my whole thought process on this?” Evan asked. He leaned in, lightly brushing his lips against Connor’s. Connor pressed forward, trying to further the kiss but Evan leaned back. A soft whine came from the back of Connor’s throat, making Evan chuckle. “Connor, I love you. I love you to the moon and back, and way further than that. Space stuff, etcetera etcetera.”

Connor smiled and started placing little delicate kisses along Evan’s jaw.

“I don’t know what makes a good person. You are a good person to me, because I know you, I know your soul inside and out. But other people don’t know you this way. Some people may think you are a bad person because you are dating me-” Connor growled, nipping Evan’s jaw lightly instead of kissing him like Evan expected. Evan laughed lightly, but continued. “Either because I am Evan Hansen,” Connor poked Evan in the side in a teasingly warning way, but Evan shook his head, “Or because I am a guy. But you, Connor Murphy, you are a good guy, and I know that. And for me, that is enough. I don’t know if you want more people to know, but if you do, then I can help you. But I believe that you are a good guy.”

Connor let out a little sigh and leaned closer to Evan. They kissed tenderly, and Connor kept his eyes closed.

“Thank you,” He mumbled. Evan didn’t respond, instead opting for bringing Connor closer to him and running his fingers through Connor’s hair. “I love you,” Connor said just before their lips connected again.

“You are a good person to me Connor. I fell in love with a good person, and you haven’t stopped being a good person.”

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 44

Without much fuss or any other questions, Jared did end up following me as I tugged his arm. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t ask me later when we were alone though. I could see the wheels in his head turning. Curiosity would get the best of him at some point and hopefully when it does, he goes to Shannon with his questions and not me.

Jared’s arm rested across my shoulders throughout the drive to the venue. He was quiet but so was I. It’s not like this was the time or place to really talk anyway. Resting my hand on his thigh, I leaned into him trying to get as close as possible. Feeling his nose against my temple, I smiled.

“Ready for tonight?” I asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Pulling up to the gates of the venue, people were already pressed against the temporary barriers. We were still hours away from the start of the concert but fans were literally everywhere.

“We got time. Let’s hit the barriers.” Jared said.

As it stood, we were only about an hour away from the Meet and Greet. After that, it was pictures and the Q & A session then they’d need to warm up for the show. The only time to really relax would be the next sixty minutes.

Shannon reluctantly nodded, he knew it wasn’t worth arguing with Jared. I think as much as Shannon loves to play and loves his fans, he needs way more down time than Jared. Not everyone can be go, go, go, all the time like him and I don’t think he really sees that.

On the flip side, Tomo seemed to be down for anything, he’s so go with the flow.

“Robert will take you in and help you find my dressing room. Try to relax a little bit, okay? I won’t be long.” Jared said as the van came to a stop.

“Of course. I’ll see you in a little while.” I said, blowing him a tiny kiss. “Don’t worry.”

“I always worry.” He responded with a wink.

The windows on the van weren’t tinted and I didn’t want to take a chance at anyone seeing what I was doing. If someone, God forbid, caught me kissing him and got a picture of it, all hell would break loose. I haven’t been around very long but I’ve already gotten a taste of how crazy some can be.

With a little smile, Jared followed Tomo and Shannon out, “See you soon.”

Grabbing his bag and mine, I gave it a minute then stepped out. Emma followed behind them to the barrier as Robert met me at the door, having already been at the venue with the rest of the crew.

“Here, let me help.” He said, taking Jared’s bag from my hand.

“Thank you! I swear he’s got rocks in there, it’s so heavy!” I laughed.

The crowd erupted as I turned around. I was just in time to see as all three were practically swallowed up by fans. It seemed they were all happily surprised the guys were walking over to them. Small gifts were being passed and within only a few minutes, Emma’s arms were practically full.

“Wow..” I muttered to myself.

“It’s pretty crazy, right?”

“It really is…”

Robert and I made our way through the hustle and bustle to find Sheep, their tour manager. We could have probably searched around and found Jared’s room but this way was much easier.

Heading to the stage, we found him working with the venue staff, with seemingly quite a bit of frustration as he tried to have set-up the way Jared wanted it. I remember back in Chicago, Jared had requested the same thing, absolutely no seating or tables, and staff at that venue fought his request too. In the end, he won out of course. The same would most likely happen here too. No is not a word he accepts very easily.

As we waited in the wings for him to finish his tense conversation, Evan, Shannon’s drum tech came up to us.

“Hey, you got a minute?” He asked Robert who then looked to me.

I didn’t want to be a burden, I mean, I am an adult who has managed to travel around the world on my own. I was quite confident I could manage to wait for Sheep on my own.

“I’m good! I’m going to wait for Sheep then head to Jared’s room. Don’t worry about me.”

Robert looked a bit unsure. I’m sure Jared gave him strict instructions to stay with me but I knew I’d be fine. Even Robert probably thought Jared’s request was a bit over the top.

“Really…” I said, reaching for Jared’s bag that he was still holding.

Robert nodded after a moment of thought then handed me the bag. As he stepped away, Sheep walked up and I almost laughed at Robert’s relieved expression.

“What can I do for you, Vivie?” Sheep asked.

“Can you point me to Jared’s dressing room? He’s with Emma and the guys doing an impromptu meet and greet outside.”

“Absolutely, love. Let me help you.” He said, taking both my bag as well as Jared’s, “Right this way.”

I just loved his very British manner not to mention his accent. Being stopped at least five times as we walked told me that he had much better and far more important things he needed to be doing. It was sweet of him to be so gracious.

Walking in Jared’s dressing room, Sheep put our bags on the table.

“Anything else I can do, love?”

“No, I’m fine…thank you.”

After Sheep left and I was alone, I finally felt like I could relax.

The air conditioning in the room was set low so I was freezing. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to grab a sweater but then remembered Jared had a sweatshirt in his bag. Pulling the hoodie out, I slipped it over my head.

There wasn’t much for me to do as I looked around the room but to wait. A small yawn creeped up and knowing tonight would be a long, late one, I decided to lay down. Walking to the couch I sat down and although it was comfortable, I know what tends to happen on these couches so before I laid my head on the pillow, I pulled the hood over my head.

It felt like my eyes were only closed for only minutes before I felt Jared’s hand caressing my cheek.

“Can I lay down with you, baby girl?”

Lifting my head with a smile, “Of course…” I said moving farther against the back of the couch.

Jared laid down facing me. Slipping one arm under my head, the other was at my waist. I couldn’t help tucking my head under his chin as I snuggled my body against his.

“Looks like you slept a little..”

I nodded as I cuddled into him.

“You cold?”

“Not now.” I laughed, “I’m glad I remembered you had this in your bag. It’s warm, fuzzy and smells like you. I love it.”

With his arms tightening around me I tilted my chin up so that we were eye to eye. Being this close to him, all I wanted was to feel him. To really feel okay again.

Lifting my lips to his, I cupped his cheek. My fingers caressed his soft beard as I pulled his lips to my parted ones. Our eyes closed as we kissed, taking in each other’s breath.

Jared hand slipped under my sweatshirt to gently trace his fingertips up my tummy then under my bra. Deepening our kiss as he took my breast in his hand, massaging it just the way he knew I liked. I softly moaned into his mouth as my mind and body fell in sync with his.

“You feel so good, baby.”

I could feel the stiffness of his cock against my hip with each time he thruster against me. Pulling my leg from between his we instinctively moved so that he was now on top of me between my spread legs. Once settled, Jared thrusted his hips hard, his cock rolling right across my clit in such a way that I nearly came apart right there.

“Oh my God..” I quietly moaned in his ear.

“Mmmm, baby.”

This was pure, old school making out and it felt so incredible.

Our hands were fisted in each other’s clothes, wanting so badly to rip them off but also not wanting to stop making out to do that either. Heavy pants were echoing around the room, we couldn’t get enough of each other.

“Fuck, I want you.” Jared whispered, thrusting his solid cock against my core one more time before pulling his hips back allowing room between us.

Reaching down, I felt his fingers pull the button of my jeans open then the zipper down. Quickly yanking them open, he harshly pushed his fingers between my legs, moving the crotch of my panties out of his way in what felt like one solid motion.

Covering my open mouth with his, knowing I wouldn’t be able to control myself, he pushed two fingers into my dripping hole. The palm of his hand cupping me, I couldn’t help my body’s reaction. Pressing my hips into his hand, I used my hand to try to pull my pants lower.

Damn these jeans were tight!!

Unfortunately, between the sweat and heat of doing all this fully clothed, they didn’t go far. Instead of getting frustrated though, I turned my attention to him.

“Fuck these jeans.” He growled, frustrated he didn’t have more room.

As he continued to pump his long fingers into my pussy, I pulled his shirt up then slipped my hand down into his joggers. On instinct, as soon as he felt my hand wrapping around his length, he thrusted into it.

In a matter of seconds, we were pumping in tune with each other. Both climbing higher and faster than either of us expected. Adding a third finger and using his palm to rub my clit, my body reacted so strongly I couldn’t even voice a single word.

Gripping his cock tighter, I continued to pump him in my hand as I felt the first deep pulsing of my orgasm hit me. I was simply too wrapped up in the moment to control myself at all.

I wasn’t alone though. Being so consumed, Jared’s moan barely registered. It wasn’t until a few moments later that I felt his cock twitching in my hands and realized he was riding out his own orgasm.

“Holy fuck, baby…” he said as I felt his body relax against mine, “I think we both needed that.”

hanbin as a bad boy

anon: “Hi! I saw your ‘yoongi as bad boy’ post and I love it! Can I request the same thing but for Hanbin from ikon? Thanks a lot!”

    • a/n: thank you very much, love!! and of course, also today is june’s birthday!! happy birthday to my cutie <33 i hope you like it, anonie and gif doesn’t belong to me, credits to the owner.

  • probably the one bad boy
  • that is so famous for being rude & handsome at school but
  • when he’s home he’s super sweet / nice towards his family 
  • “hanbyul, look i bought you a new plushie. i hope you like it.”
  • “mom, should i help you with doing the dishes?”
  • bUT 
  • he’s a whole other person when at school
  • i can see him being the guy that messes with everyone at school
  • and you know does bad things like dancing to lotto by exo in the middle of class
  • or he sometimes tells someone to give him food since he doesn’t have food with him
  • “hey june, mind to give me a piece of your food? i mean it looks delicious”
  • “nah”
  • i can see hanbin getting mad but still taking a bit of june’s food
  • he’s also super chatty in class (or just someone who talks a lot)
  • like expect him to talk to everyone that is sitting next to him
  • it doesn’t matter who it is
  • when the teacher tells him to be quiet 
  • he’d be like
  • “and yeah, yesterday, y/n told me that s/he liked me, i said yeah, i like you too, now we’re dating and i’m happy.”
  • “hanbin, mr. trashed told you to be quiet”
  • “oh, wow. cool and we even kissed yesterday, can you believe that??”
  • “yeah man! i was with you two!” 
  • “omg, really?”
  • in the end he’d be kicked out of class for talking too much
  • expect him to walk over to where you have class
  • he’d storm in and sit next to you
  • “kim hanbin, what are you doing here?”
  • “oh sorry, sir. i just wanted to see my girl/boyfriend.”
  • “you can do that when it’s break.”
  • “no, i wanna be with her/him 24/7″
  • seunghoon (winner yall) would be in the back of the class with his fanboard
  • bobby would join him and make a song about you and hanbin
  • making hanbin so flustered that he’d leave the classroom
  • but before he left, he gave you a quick kiss
  • even though he’s rude at school and everything
  • he doesn’t let anything come in the way of your relationship
  • “i love you y/n!!”
you’re now rockin with the champion

Read on AO3 here || Part 1 of 4 || Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary: It’s just a job. It’s just sex.

So why is Oikawa feeling more than he has in years for Iwaizumi, a MMA fighter who only cares about the ring?

Oikawa sighs, dropping his head down against his arms.

It’s been another long day.

He can only sit in the same desk, spend eight hours working on the same, boring work for so long before he wants to bash his head against the wall.  

Today is unfortunately one of those days.

He’s sitting at his desk, shoes already kicked off in front of him. He’s loosened his tie, and is breaking the rules by having a coffee cup on his desk, but he really couldn’t care less. He didn’t even take the time to style his hair properly today. He’s a hot mess, and no amount of cat videos, swiping snacks from the staff room or trading jokes via e-mail with his only colleague that he actually likes seem to be able to save him from today.

He’s very busy contemplating life as it is and what poor choices he must have made in the past when he finally gets some reprieve - his phone rings. Not his office phone, the old, ridiculous black corded phone that the office has saddled him with, no, but his personal cell phone. The one he’s shoved in a bright orange case because it makes him smile that his boss glares at it during every meeting. He picks up the phone after letting it ring a few times, to maybe annoy someone in the office with his obnoxious ring tone, seeing that it’s from his college buddy, Kuroo. He doesn’t hesitate to pick up the phone at lightning speed, grateful for a distraction, pressing it to his ear and sighing out a greeting. “Tetsu! Hey!”

“Tooru,” It’s loud, and Oikawa wonders if Kuroo’s at work. “Hey, I have a job for you. Are you interested in getting out of town for a couple of days?”

A job? Oikawa has one, and Kuroo knows that - but he can’t help but be intrigued.

“Out of town?” Oikawa sits up a little straighter. That’s caught his attention. He’s dying for something, anything to change. “I’m listening.”

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A/N: Oh boy, I am so sorry for the waaait. I’m literally dying from homework and school shit! My teachers thought it would be fun to give me all the work of the semester for my spring break (which it’s just one week), and i’m having a mental break down

But whatever! This is some OtaYuri just in time to celebrate the NEW CLIP BECAUSE IT’S GOLD HELP. (It’s not related to the clip, tho. Sorry!)

I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you for being patient ♥ I love you all!

Words: 2,052 (fufu under the cut u,u)

Summary: Jealousy leads to something else. Otabek wasn’t expecting anything like this.

Yuri still felt his cheeks burning up, even if he was already halfway towards his home from practice. He growled and tried to hide his face with his scarf.

Victor and Yuuri had been all lovely dovey again during practice. Kissing and hugging and nuzzling and messing around. Sharing soft whispers and cute words and loving glances that made Yuri almost want to throw up. Almost.

He was angry because they messed up a lot of times and kept distracting him from his rutine, but… he also kept feeling this strange tug at the pit of his stomach. It was a pretty weird sensation and quite uncomfortable that made his insides twist this way and that, making feel nauseous.

He knew the name of this sensation, but he also was reluctant to admit it out loud, because he wasn’t. He wasn’t at all.

Yuri Plisetsky was absolutely not jealous.

Why would he? He doesn’t specially enjoy public demonstrations of affection. He rather have all of those moments back in the comfort of his house, but, yet again, he doesn’t get that kind of affection at home, either.

“I’m not jealous”, Yuri repeated to himself, his feet stomping into the slight wet pavement with his combat boots. He dipped his ice cube hands into his pockets and scrunched up his shoulders to nuzzle dipper into his scarf.

Maybe he was a little jealous. Maybe he was a little jealous because, different from Yuuri or Victor, Otabek and him barely seemed like a couple. They do hold hands out while walking together, of course… well, once in a while. And they also kiss out in public… mostly when there’s nobody around to see. And they hug, too… for like three seconds before Yuri pulls apart with a blush on his face.

Yuri whined. This whole jealously situation was stupid, but, regardless, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Was it his fault? Was it Otabek’s fault? Was it their fault?

Maybe they weren’t comfortable enough around each other, just yet. Even though they’ve been dating for almost five months now. Maybe Otabek was too shy. Maybe Yuri was too shy. Maybe they both are too shy. Maybe…

“Ah, Yura!”, Yuri flinched and turned his head to see Otabek climbing up the stairs towards him and suddenly, he found himself standing in front of the apartment. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice he was back. 

“You came back earlier than I thought”, Otabek said running to Yuri’s side with a paper bag close to his chest. “I went to buy some things for dinner”.

“Oh, I see”, was Yuri’s answer and he looked up at Otabek straight in the eye, waiting.

He waited and waited and waited and waited…

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Tea time

Jefferson x reader

Request: Could you try and write an imagine with him and the reader is friends with Emma and she runs into Jefferson on the rare day he’s out and he’s attracted to her and invites her to tea and she learns his backstory and she promises to help him in anyway he can?

Author’s note: Ayee, it’s another request from @weirdnewbie, thank you for being so supportive! Gosh, I have almost forgot how much I love Jefferson. Requests are open guys, send me whatever you want!

Originally posted by imaginesandmissevendaysblog

‘‘YOU are telling ME I need a man? You, the ‘don’t flirt with me, don’t look at me, I don’t need you‘ queen? Holy mother of God,Emma are you okay? Was that cocoa poisioned?‘‘ Y/N asked Emma with huge smirk on her face.

‘‘I hate you.‘‘ Emma answered with mout full of food.

‘‘You love me. Get up your ass princess, we can’t stay at Granny’s all day..And Emma, just to you know it, I’m maybe from Enchanted forrest, but my life wasn’t fairytale, I can handle it on my own. Now come.“

Emma gave her meal a last sad look and quicky walked outside.


‘‘No, Emma, don’t worry about it. I don’t wanna screw my mood. Can I go with you? Henry promised me I can borrow some his comics.‘‘

‘‘Nah girl, you need a guy SO much‘‘ said Emma with laughter.

‘‘Black widow disagrees.‘‘


‘‘Shut up, Swan!‘‘

‘‘Thanks Henry! May the Force be with you both! Bye!‘‘ Y/N called as she leaved. She saw Emma’s eye roll in other dimension and Henry’s grinn.

It wasn’t so late yet, so she decided to walk a little. Storybrook at night was one of her favorite things ever. She just walk past the library, when someone bumped into her.

‘‘Shit‘‘ she whispered since she noticed some comics laying on the ground.

‘‘I am really sorry! ‚‘‘the stranger said.

Y/N looked at him ‚‘well, shit again‘ she thought.

‘‘I’m sorry too. Did I hurt you? She said with worried face.‘‘

‘‘No, I am fine. The name is Jefferson by the way. And yours?‘‘ he doffed his hat.

She blushed a little on this gesture. ‚‘‘I am Y/N, friend of Emma Swan actually. She has told me few things about you..‘‘

‘‘So not my lucky day, huh? I must tell her to not say a thing about me around people I find atractive. It ruins all my chances.‘‘

Y/N’s cheeks were now red as a ketchup.

‘‘She wasn’t so evil, but the truth is I expected someone more insane..and less ..nevermind‘‘ she chuckled.

Jefferson smirked.

Y/N finally grabbed the comics from the ground. She made a confused face.

‘‘Are you alright?‘‘

‘‘Oh yeah, I’m okay, but Iron man has ruptured leg, which is kinda problem ‚‘cause I don’t know how long I can hide myself from boy that borrowed them to me.‘‘

‘‘Maybe you can hide yourself in my house for a while. What do you think about a nice cup of tea?‘‘

‘‘Well, this is the first time the handsome stranger I just met invites me to a nice cup of tea. But since you are now in the good guys squad and I obviously don‘t have self-preservation instinct, why not?‘‘ she giggled.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­‘‘Wow. That’s what I call a house. It’s way to big for only one person, don’t you feel lonely here sometimes?‘‘

‘‘To be honest, I do..‘‘ Jefferson mumbled quietly.

‘‘I am sorry, I didn’t mean to-‘‘

‘‘Nah, forgot about it. Sit here for the moment, okay? I will make the tea.’’

Y/N sat in one of seats. She really like this house, it was kind of mysterious, but when Jefferson wasn’t coming back, she began to be bored. She moved herself into weird but comfortable position and grabbed a pen and piece of paper from her backpack. She started to doodle some stuff that went through her head.

“White rabbit, seriously?” asked Jefferson.

“Jesus Christ! Don’t scare me like that!” Y/N almost fell on the floor.

“Sorry. Here is your tea, ma'am.”

“What’s wrong with white rabbit anyway?”

“It reminds me of my daughter.”

“You have a daughter? Where is she?”

“I really want to know that too..”

“Oh. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to..”

“No, it’s okay. I need to let it out, you know? And you are the first person who actually listens to me.”

“Well, I kinda know how you feel. I didn’t see my  brother since we are in Storybrook. He is my only family. My mum.. she wasn’t really ‘husband and kids’ type and my dead became a drunk asshole when she left, so I was working all day long just to feed them. And now my little brother is gone too.

“My daughter’s name is Grace, she is such a sweetheart. You know, I wasn’t a good man a long time ago. I was working for everyone who paid me,but I stoped it, because of her. We had good life, but then Regina came for me. Thanks to her I ended stuck in fuckin’ Wonderland. I thought it will get better here, but it seems like Grace doesen’t remember me. Just awesome”

“Whoa, our lives sucks.” Y/N smirked.

“Wanna something stronger than tea?”

“Hell yeah.”

Jefferson was a good companion. Sun was rising when they finally decided to get some sleep. When she woke up on his sofa it was almost midday.

‘‘Oh God, I need to go’‘ she said to herself. She stand up quicky and went to find Jefferson. She found him fast, way to fast.. she was suddently poured with his tea.

‘‘Sleeping Beauty is in hurry, huh? I will give you something dry to change, okay?’‘

‘‘Thank you! You know I must move my ass before Emma starts statewide seeking. Oh, one more thing.’‘ Y/N quicky wrote her phone number on his hand.

‘‘In case you still find me attractive’‘ She said with playful smile.

Y/N grabbed her backpack, change her shirt and said goodbye to Jefferson. As she ran through the street she checked her phone. Four missing calls from Emma. ‘‘Well, I am fucked up.’‘

When she finally arrived to Emma she could barely catch her breath. Henry opened the door.

‘‘Can I come in?’‘

‘‘You sure about that? She is furious.’‘ Henry whispered.

‘‘You know I have to. Make me nice funeral please.’‘

She came in.

‘‘Y/N where the hell have you been?! I have called you!’‘

‘‘Well, my phone probably just turned off. You know, I was really tired, I fell asleep and didn’t put it on charger..’‘

‘‘We were worried about you!’‘

‘‘I am not five, mom’‘ Y/N smirked.

‘‘Don’t take that tone with me, young lady.’‘ Emma laughed.

‘‘Just don’t do that again, alright Y/N? C’mon, have some cocoa with us.’‘

Y/N thanked God it worked. She put off her jacket and sat happily across from Emma.

‘‘Hey Y/N, isn’t it a MEN shirt?’‘

‘’Oh fuck.’‘