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hello! i would like to share with you my favourite tv series with LGBT characters. ( my favourites bolded)

  • The fosters - a family drama about a biracial lesbian couple with biological fostered and adopted children whom one of them is gay.
  • Glee -  a school drama featuring a glee club.  featuring various lgbt characters. 
  • shadowhunters - a gay insecure boy falls in love with his best friend before meeting a freewheeling bisexual warlock.

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Singing Headcanons

• Hera has the best voice out of the crew, and Zeb, Sabine, and Ezra have been assured she sounds like an angel (from Kanan, of course). She doesn’t sing much, but sometimes when she’s concentrating she mutters a melody under her breath.
• Zeb doesn’t sing. His voice is terrible, and he really doesn’t enjoy it. When he lived on Lasat, he was surrounded by music - his parents, friends, assorted folks, all sung hymns and ditties - and he’s good at playing instruments, but when it comes to singing - Zeb doesn’t do it.
• Sabine has a surprisingly deep, calming voice; she finds it hard to hit high notes. She doesn’t sing in public, but sometimes if you walk past her room and listen closely, you can hear her humming as she sketches or paints.
• Kanan isn’t a very good singer - he’s pretty tone-deaf. However, sometimes when he’s meditating he hums unconsciously, very low and steady and continuous. Ezra always finds it easier to meditate when Kanan hums, as he finds it calming, but he’s never told him that.
• Everyone assumes Ezra can’t sing, but he’s almost as good as Hera. His parents used to sing together as they worked, and some of his fondest memories of them were them teaching him songs. His voice breaks when he screams, but when he sings it doesn’t, so he can hit a surprising amount of notes. He doesn’t sing often, as it’s a special thing he connects with his parents, but when he’s not thinking and absorbed in something he’ll mutter a tune.

Jack is bein’ so awesome this stream, making sure the names of fan artists or donators are read, looking into the camera and thanking people, encouraging his friends to do the same. <3 Reminding folks about not putting their backs to the camera, haha. He’s really a natural at the whole charity stream thing.

I dunno who Emma is but she’s really cool. :D I like her! 

Heh, I was wrong - It’s been about a half of a year :>

I think a cassian who was… taken care of… by Blackhoods… would freak out if he discovers his friend is one of the folks what brought him some memories and nightmares. Yet! - it’s Oliver! A cute creepster aurin, maybe the first ever living creature who wasn’t scared of cyborg. Maybe not freak out, but be very surprised. Or confused.

there are few minor moments which are related to JabbitRP channel…
but, the main focus is what friends are still friends :> *hugs* @htg17

P.s. I’ll leave it up to you if Oliver is standing on the boxes or a ladder, or it’s Kurrlo who’s standing on the knees =P


LECTURE 17: APOTHEOSIS: Early Bob Dylan in film footage of a televised performance of “Blowin’ in the Wind” from March 1963. Still heavily influenced by Oklahoma folk singer Woody Gurthrie at this point, young Dylan wrote a number of memorable folk songs that overshadowed anything that his predecessors had created. His elders, including Pete Seeger, had high hopes for Dylan. But Dylan was not one to remain caged by anybody or any cause. He burst out of his cocoon in 1965 a folk rock musician, backed by his friend, Blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield, and he cast aside the traditional folk scene to reach a level of greatness he could only achieve by breaking free of their influence.

OK, so here’s a full colour picture of NaJ!Splatter. I just thought I’d go over his personally and my headcannon role for him in NaJ.

So, classic Splatter is the child of Blueberry and Ink, but in this he’s Blueberry’s brother and is a very good student of Inks. He likes to hang out with Palette and PJ, but he doesn’t like Fresh all that much. He’s very creative and energetic, but is also a little shy. Hes a nerd, so he’s very unfit, and likes English and art, with a tad of robotics. His worst enemy is Error, but is forced it interact with him due to PJ and school. Error is oblivious. He struggles a little with math and will hunt you down and make sure you won’t be able to move for days, as he’s super protective of his friends and a little passive aggressive.

Aaaannnnndddd that’s all, folks!

Splatter: me
Ink: @comyet
Blueberry: ?
NaJ: @blogthegreatrouge

Loneliness and His Friends

Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Howard Stark

Every moment Howard spends with Steve is a little bittersweet.  Some more than others.

Howard let out a curse as his screwdriver once again slipped out of place and sliced across his finger. He brought the abused digit up to his mouth, glaring at the obstinately broken airplane, before sighing and picking up his floodlight and trudging back to camp.

Steve looked up from the fire when he approached, one hand ready on his gun, but he relaxed when Howard held up his hands.

“Didn’t mean to–”

He stopped when Steve held a finger to his lips and tilted his head; only then did Howard notice Peggy curled up against the captain’s side, fast asleep.  He paused, then tiptoed closer, holding his hands out to the fire before speaking again in hushed tones.

“You know, I’ve been around Peggy a lot over the last couple of years.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen her sleep.”

“She gets cold,” Steve replied, the shoulder not occupied by the brunette shrugging a little.

“I’ll bet,” Howard snorted. “I’ve helped out my share of the ladies with the cold.”

“Stark,” Steve said in a warning tone as Howard winked.  “How’s our ride looking?”

“Ugly,” Howard said, shaking his head.  “But better than I thought, with all the smoke.  Can’t get anymore done tonight though, not if I want any fingers left in the morning.  Light of day, I might be able to patch her up enough to make it to the nearest base at least.”

“Not a Hydra one.”

“Preferably not.  Hey, did Dugan leave his flask out here?” Steve glanced around, then picked up the flask and tossed it underhanded to Howard.  “Bless that drunk son of a bitch.”

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Vacations - Back Soon

Hi folks!

I just want to inform you all, friends and followers, that in the next two weeks (starting from tomorrow) I will not be very active on Tumblr because I’ll be out on vacations. I will return in the beginning of September. 

I will answer to the messages when I come back from vacations and I left some material queued during my time out. ^^

Thank you very much for the understanding! I wish you the best!



Why I'm honored to be ID'ed as a YouTuber by my friends:
  • Facebook friend posts: The President should fire whoever came up with the bright idea of interviews by "YouTube Stars."
  • Facebook friend comments on his post: If you were going to invite folks from YouTube, invite Peter Musser-he is trying to pull potential from YouTube instead of offering makeup tips or eating cereal from a bathtub!
  • Me: Actually I'm very much pleased with the YouTube Interviews.
  • 1) If you listen to all of the questions that the folks asked, they were all both solid and topical.
  • 2) The first person who sat down with him -- Hank Green -- is, hands down, one of the smartest people alive currently. In the span of three DAYS(!), he and his brother John Green got the YouTube community to raise $1.2 MILLION to donate to charities. He runs an online education *empire* whose guiding principle is, "let's make free, high-quality content for everyone ever, and if people see value in it, they'll pay us" -- and THEY DID. Let that sink in for a second. And the questions Hank asked didn't really pull any punches, as one could see by how the president visibly squirmed during a couple of them. He asked about the ethics of drones (without being on the attack about it), how there are even sanctions left to place on North Korea, and how the country's justice system is pretty dang broken when it came to incarceration, and how the federal government is going to react to the legalization at the state level of marijuana.
  • 3) GloZell Green, the second person to interview him, asked about race relations in the US since they relate to her husband and her family (which is made up of police officers and military members) . She also asked about the recent thawing of relations between the US and Cuba; that is, if the Castros are such dicks and so many people have been fleeing Cuba over the past 40 years, why are we thawing relations now? Is this not an important question to ask for people who literally haven't been alive long enough to know a world of any other kind?
  • 4) Bethany Mota, the last person he talked to, asked about how to rebuild confidence in the government when young people look at a government that is largely run by old white rich people people, and (I think it was her) also asked something along the lines of, "isn't there a HUGE conflict of interest in having people who come from huge companies and have pretty big conflicts of interest, turn around and 'retire' into really cushy government positions, or vice versa? Isn't that a conflict of interest?" Which is a really damned good question -- especially since she's ... wait for it... 19.
  • And also, between the three of them, they have right around 15 million subscribers just on their main channels. Every single one of them successfully runs what we might as well consider their own business. They each come from wildly different backgrounds. I can't think of three people I'd rather have representing me and my ilk.
  • However, I'm equal parts disappointed and unsurprised at how the traditional media outlets covered it. Here's a thing: Folks under the age of 30 have a very strong distaste for a) current news outlets and b) politics. Mainly because both are shitty. Mainly for the reason that (I'm willing to bet a dollar) current news outlets didn't tell you the majority of all that stuff I just wrote. They are afraid -- as afraid as emotionless corporations can be, anyhow -- at how quickly and with how much drive YouTube is pulling viewers away from them. So, they'll sell the idea that YouTube and online video isn't something to be taken seriously. They're wrong, of course -- hence online video being a multibillion dollar industry with multiple conventions around the world that draw tens of thousands of people.
  • Anything ANYONE can do to get that particular demographic more engaged should be welcomed, hands-down.
  • FB Friend: Hahaha-no. Good points all-but what the media DID take away were the silly items (green lipstick). My beef is that outside of Hank Green, I think that there were better suited prospects (like you!). I am reminded of authors doing vanity interviews of authors during the 80s and 90s.
  • Me: But... YouTube isn't made up of just Hank Greens and Peter Mussers. It's made up of Hanks, Peters, GloZells, Bethanys, Dres, Lindseys, Heathers, etc... And that's the WHOLE point.
  • We are solidly *not* journalists. We are people. And being able to tap into the doubts and feelz of an amazing diversity of 15 million of us by just talking to three is something that is, by any measure, an amazing thing.
  • FB Friend: My YouTube channel would be more inane than GloZell's, and less useful than Mota's...I'm just cranky about this as I am sure that besides Green, there were better candidates out there. The questions came off as ghost-written. Not sure what was intended here, but it came off as pandering. Just my opinion is all, Peter. I think that there is untapped potential in YouTube et al.
  • Me: I know, and I'm not faulting you for it. And FYI, they WERE ghost-written, in a way. Each person put it out to their fans to solicit feedback a week ago. That's the beauty of it -- it's basically a representative democracy where the elected officials actually reach out to their constituents for input and then do something with it. I would've done the same thing (although I only have 1k subscribers between both of my channels).
  • FB Friend: Ah-that makes sense.
  • ---
  • I feel so incredibly privileged (and delighted) that 1) people see "YouTuber" as solidly part of my identity that they bring me up in conversations when talking about it, and 2) that I was able to have this dialogue at all. What a gift we have been given, to help be ambassadors for this new medium. AH WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE
No More Worries for Me or You

“Well, excuse me if I don’t wanna get mugged by monkeys, like we did in that Wildlife Park,” Jude snapped, exasperated. “Paige was traumatised.”

“But Daddy, I thought the monkeys were cute,” Paige interjected. “I don’t mind giving them my pancakes, if they’re hungry.”

“Fine, I was traumatised,” Jude admitted. “They stole all my cheese-sticks! I love cheese-sticks. Should they even be eating cheese?”

Connor sighed and crossed The Zoo off of their list of possible tourist destinations. He didn’t even know why he’d tried to put it on there, to be honest. Sitting through Jude’s rants about his hatred of monkeys, should have made him know better. He then went back to consulting their route on Google maps.

The city-bus they’d been waiting for arrived in all of it’s yellow and blue glory after a few minutes. As Jude paid for their tickets, Connor grabbed his daughters’ hands and made his way up to the back of the bus, spotting two empty seats across from each other that they could sit on. He stood next to them and grabbed the hand rail above him, before surveying the rest of the bus for any place Jude and Benny could sit. There was one space on the outside, a seat down from the girls.

When Jude had finished with the tickets, Connor gestured for him to come over and take a seat. Jude did, and then pulled Benny onto his lap, smiling up at his husband from above the dark curls on his sons’ head.

“Daaad, the dentist,” Isla drawled, tapping Connor’s arm, trying to draw his attention back to her fabulous story-telling skills. Jude had taken her to get a check-up on her teeth last week, and he had already told Connor all about it, but she still yearned to fill people in on every aspect of her teenage existence.

Connor had almost forgotten that she had been telling him a story at all. It would’ve been blissful ignorance.

“The dentist told me to stop him if it was too much, and my phone started playing a Justin Bieber song and I wasn’t sure if that was too much. I thought I deleted that song. Was that too much? Should I have asked to stop because of Justin Bieber?” she wondered aloud, almost as if she was talking to herself at this point. “I mean his music is like, really old and stuff, y'know?”

“It’s not really that much older than your dads,” Connor pointed out mildly.

“Yeah, but you guys are pretty old too,” Isla retorted, waving her hand dismissively.

Connor stared at her, and raised his (slightly offended) eyebrows.

She ignored him.

Damn, they’d raised their kids right. Honesty came before all else – even before their parents’ dignity. If they even had any left at this point.

Connor was going to go ahead and assume that Isla didn’t actually want him to answer her queries, since she appeared pretty satisfied just to have told her little tale.

“Why do lots of people have dirt on their faces?” Benny asked quietly, gazing up at Jude with his big, earth-brown eyes.

Jude looked around at the buses other occupants, noticing a very… pinkly dressed older woman, a man in a Hollister shirt and dreadlocks, and a girl over in the corner who appeared to have dropped pretty much everything she owned on the floor, where people were scrambling to help her pick things up. He also noticed the oddly misshapen smudges of black on most of their foreheads.

“I think it’s part of a religious Easter thing, Ben,” he replied, not really feeling the need to go into anymore detail, unless his son asked him to.

“Oh, Easter is religious? I thought it was for candy. Like Christmas.” Benny’s eyes widened from “curious” to “surprised”, but there wasn’t much of a difference. Their little boy was so quiet and still and sweet. With a sweet-tooth to match his sugary disposition.

Jude smiled and pulled his son closer to his chest, rubbing his chin against Benny’s hair and squeezing his arms around him a little tighter.

Connor and the girls looked up at the windows of the bus as they heard a thwack-thwack-crack-crack echoing against them. The hailstones that were beginning to splatter against the window sounded like pebbles hitting the glass. It almost sounded like the panes were splintering.

“How big do hailstones have to be before they become hailrocks?” Paige inquired, kicking her legs back and forth beneath her seat.

The list of things hilarious things their children say seems never-ending, but most of the time they’re either too tired to laugh, or they don’t want to make their kids feel like they’re not being taken seriously (although, how seriously you can take a five year old, they’re not sure).

This time, however, Jude just can’t help himself.

Like every other time Jude is overtaken by mirth, his eyes crinkle so much you can barely see them anymore, and his shoulders shake with laughter, and all Connor wants to do is lean in to swallow his husband’s laugh with his lips. To tug it down into his own abdomen and keep it there, warm and bright, lighting him up from the inside.

Connor’s never been very good at resisting the urge to kiss the man he loves.

Jude ignores what are probably the horrified expressions on their children’s faces, and kisses back.