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ok but jhope stans are the sweetest people i've ever met in the bts fandom! they are caring and lovely, get overly emotional when hoseok shows his forehead (i mean...who doesn't lmao) and they are generally very soft spoken and have no in between when it comes to hobi. it's either "i want to stargaze with hoseok and give him all the stars in the sky" or "i want hoseok to f*ck me so hard his hip thrusts send me all the way to the moon" (you're def 1 of them lila, lol, i love u and ur stories <3)

this is so nice ;___; ALSO ACCURATE!! (as far as the last part, I can’t lie lmao IM ALWAYS THINKIN ABOUT THOSE HIPS) & omg You’re so sweet bby, thank you! Love you! <33

Someday Your Child May Cry

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6. Thoughtless

He won’t put his arms around her, and she doesn’t understand why not.

He has turned to her in distress before, in hospitals and hotel rooms and hallways, in cars, in their apartments, and her arms have always been waiting to comfort him. She has held him after the death of his father; it makes sense to her that she should do the same after the death of his life’s work.

But now, he stands stiff and unmoving in the circle of her embrace. She leans her head against his bicep, and it’s like resting her cheek on a fence post, a door frame, a rigid and unyielding wall. There is no comfort to be had here.

As she turns her head into him, to rest her forehead against his, he steps back suddenly, and she stumbles forward. As she tries to regain her balance, her arm flails out, her hand grasping at the closest available object, which happens to be Mulder’s sleeve.

He jerks it out of her grasp. She just barely stops herself from falling.

She stands in the ruins of their office as he strides out of the door, past Skinner, whom he shoulders aside wordlessly. She calls after him, but he does not turn back.

He’s in shock, she tells herself. First the loss of Gibson and Agent Fowley being shot, then losing the X-Files for the second time, and now, losing his entire office. It’s too much to take in. It probably didn’t even register that I was standing here.

But it’s cold comfort, at best, and even in the heat leftover from the conflagration, she shivers.

She doesn’t hear from him for the next three days. She doesn’t call, not until the night before the embryo transfer, when she leaves a halting and hesitant message on his answering machine, reminding him about their ten o’clock appointment. She had told him, before everything with Gibson Praise and Diana Fowley, that he didn’t have to be there if he didn’t want to, that it was a quick and easy procedure, but he had insisted that he wanted to be there to drive her home- he had read, in his research, that she should take it easy for the rest of the day once the transfer has been completed- and she had been touched.

She waits for him to come and pick her up as long as she can, but he doesn’t show. There’s no answer at his home phone and his cell goes straight to voicemail. She gives up and drives to the clinic herself.

It’s not until she’s lying on the exam table on her back and Dr. Parenti is removing his latex gloves and tossing them in the biohazard bin that she accepts, finally, that Mulder isn’t coming.

Maybe they won’t need to have that conversation about his involvement at all. 

Maybe this is his answer.


When Mulder leaves Diana’s hospital room and turns his cell phone back on, there’s a missed call and a voicemail from Scully. He sighs heavily as he enters his code and puts the phone to his ear to listen.

He knows it’s thoughtless of him to have avoided her for so long, but he hasn’t been able to bring himself to face her since the loss of his office. He’s spent the last two days at the Gunmen’s, printing copies of whatever information he’s entrusted them with over the years, beginning the long process of re-compiling his work, his files. It’s true that he’ll have to store them in his apartment for the time being, but it’s better than admitting to a total defeat.

Diana had called him on his cell phone first thing this morning, telling him that she was out of the ICU and feeling up to receiving visitors, and he had headed straight from the Gunmen’s to the hospital, where he had been relieved beyond measure to hear that she’s been making an amazingly quick recovery from what had very nearly been a fatal wound.

Mulder’s phone informs him that he has one new message, and moments later, his ear is full of Scully’s voice, sounding worried… and sounding, really, as though she’s not sure she should even be calling him.

“Mulder, it’s me. I just wanted to let you know that I’m leaving my apartment for the clinic now, all right? If you’re still coming, you can just meet me there. I’m sure the receptionist will send you back if you’re running late.”


“I, uh… I hope you’re all right, Mulder. I’ll see you there, okay?”

Mulder looks at his watch. Their appointment was at ten, and it’s twenty past now. Is there any chance that Dr. Parenti could be running behind? His consult had started ten minutes late… the clinic isn’t that far from the hospital… he might be able to make it. He sprints to his car and tears off as fast as he dares.

At the clinic, he does the worst possible job of parking and vaults out of his car, running across the lot. Inside he skips the line for the elevator and barrels up the stairs, arriving in the clinic lobby gasping for breath.

“Dana Scully,” he pants at the receptionist. “Is she still here?”

“She just left, Sir,” the woman tells him. “Barely two minutes ago.” Mulder swears, and ignoring the scandalized look on the receptionist’s face, he turns and takes off down the stairs again. He rushes through the lobby, once he’s ascertained that she’s not there, and out into the parking lot… just in time to see her car pulling out of the lot.

Even from here, he can see the tears in her eyes. 

Hamilton Ship: Fluff Headcanons


• Alexander holding Laurens close while John is sleeping on Alex’s chest.

• Alexander kissing Laurens while carrying him bridal style.

• Laurens kissing Alexander’s neck.

• Alexander kissing every freckle on John’s face.

•Laurens would put a blanket on around Alexander whenever he has his late nights in his office.


• Every morning Hercules will wakes up Lafayette by kissing him on his forehead.

• Lafayette would sit on Hercules’s lap while watching tv.

• They would always go on top of the roof and watch the sunset together.

• Lafayette whispering sweet things into Hercules’s ear.


• Whenever Madison would get sick Thomas would always make soup and feed it to Madison in bed.

• Thomas would put his arm around James’s shoulder.

• Madison would sometimes sleep on Jefferson’s shoulder.

• Madison would make Mac & Cheese for Jefferson for a special dinner date.

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25. "I think you're my best friend." :)

“I think you’re my best friend.”

It’s not what he says that necessarily surprises Aaron, but Robert hasn’t spoken in an hour, he presumed he had fallen asleep long ago. It’s late, Aaron’s alarm clock glaring brightly out of the corner of his eye, “02:14am”, they should be asleep, but it’s warm. The air sticky and heated, leaving a sheen of sweat on their skin, nobody in the village has gotten used to the humid air that August brings.

Aaron rolls over onto his side, kicking the duvet further down the bed, and pushes his hair further up his forehead, grimaces at the slightly wet feeling on his neck as he shifts to face his husband. Robert’s barely dressed, a grey pair of Aaron’s boxers and nothing else, lying flat on his back, eyes glazing over as he stares at the ceiling. Theres droplets of sweat on his chest, his skin red and flushed as he huffs out a puff of air from his lips. There’s grey circles underneath his eyes, a ghastly contrast to his pale skin.

“What are you on about?”

“I think you’re my only friend. How sad is that? I’m thirty one years old, and my only friend is my husband.”

He’s got that ‘sorry for himself’ look on his face, one that makes Aaron want to chuckle, tell him to shut up, and roll back over to sleep. But theres a sincerity in his voice that makes Aaron pause, a vulnerability he rarely sees in Robert. The small wrinkle in-between his eyes, a frown on his face as he blinks slowly, and all Aaron want’s to do is pull him into his arms, squeeze him tight and pepper kisses on his forehead. He would, but it’s too hot, so he settles with resting a palm on Robert’s chest, rubbing his thumb in circular motions, hoping the contact will help to settle him.

“What makes you say that?” he tries his best to keep his voice light, doesn’t want to break them out of this spell that they’ve found themselves in, and god forbid if Liv was awoken at this time.

They’d had a good day, or so Aaron had thought. Leyla had cornered them in the pub, demanding that they take her up on her offer to help plan their second wedding. They’d have said no, but her grin was too inviting. That’s where they found themselves that day, looking through venues and flower arrangements; Robert almost called of the entire thing when Aaron said “theres no point in centre pieces, Robert.”

“It’s true. Who am i supposed to take on my stag do? My closest friend in this village is Nicola, and that’s saying something, considering she hates me most of the time.” He’s looking at Aaron now, neck pulled tight as he pushes his head further into the cushion.

“I’ll have my stag with Vic and Diane, how cool is that? Dinner at the B&B with the only remaining family I have, whilst my husband is getting pissed in town, not pathetic at all is it?.”

It takes all of Aaron’s dwindling energy not to roll his eyes at his husband’s theatrics, the reason for Robert’s sour mood piecing together in his head. They’d met Adam in the pub earlier, the pair of them immediately beginning to make plan’s for Aaron’s stag, as Robert sat on the sidelines, laughing as Adam uttered the words “foam party”, a pale look appearing on Aaron’s face.

Aaron decides to risk it, fuck the heat, and shuffles closer to Robert. Hand reaching up to Robert’s neck, grasping tight as he kisses Robert gently.

“Maybe if you hadn’t have slept with nearly everyone in the village, more people would want to be friends with you.” They’re not kissing, Aaron keeping his lips close to Robert’s, breath warm on his skin.

“Aaron.” His voice is whiny as he tries to kiss Aaron again, lifting his head off the pillow and arms slowly reaching around Aaron’s waist, slotting into place.

“Stop feeling so sorry for yourself. You can come on my stag, it’s not like it’s our first wedding. We can get pissed together.”

“Because that’s not pathetic is it? Tagging along on your husband’s bachelor party?”

“There’s a lot of pathetic things about you Rob. Now shut up, and let your best friend kiss you.”

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Could I get a Hanzo fic where he falls for one of the servant girls at the Shimada castle but because his father doesn't approve or think she's worthy of the heir of the Shimada clan they have to sneak around in the middle of the night to spend time with each other.

You looked around the hallway before paddling forward, easing yourself through the sliding door. Hanzo appeared next to you and you held back the urge to jump, the two of you quietly closing it. As soon as he appeared his hand rested on the small of your back.

You leant into his embrace, Hanzo’s lip resting against your forehead. His body was so tense, hearing to see if anyone was coming near and your heart ached, knowing that there were other girls he wouldn’t have to hide with. 

His hand slipped into yours, both calloused for different reasons, and your head rested on his chest. You shook away those thoughts of insecurity, he choose you and he loved you.

The two of you just enjoyed each others presence for the amount of time that you had, knowing you’d have to hide it in a few more hours.

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Can you write a scenario of Tamaki's gf giving him cuddles to cheer him up?

amajiki tamaki

He would sigh, his forehead pressed against the wall. His hands shook as he thought about the impending test he had to do. He mumbled to himself all the reasons why he was going fail and how he was going to fail everything. He stiffened up at the feeling of two hands resting on his back. 

“Come here Tamaki,” She mumbles, gently rubbing her hands into his back. He shook his head, nudging his head further into the wall. He sighed when he felt her pull him away from the wall, lying him back into the bed with her. He laid stiffly, staring up at the ceiling as he felt her begin to wrap her arms around his torso. “Take a few deep breaths.” She whispered, staring at the side of his face. 

“O-okay.” He began taking slow deep breaths, slowly feeling his mind begin to unclutter and he noticed more. He noticed how her hands felt on his chest. He noticed how her hair always smelt like vanilla and he noticed how his heart swelled with love from each breath he took in. He turned his head slowly and he saw how she was staring up at his with hooded eyes, a soft love-filled smile on her lips. He smiled softly down at her before looking back up at the ceiling.

© made with Canva and Pixabay’s images. Song ref: Last Young Renegade by All Time Low (I am obsessed I know).

Imagine Steve and Bucky going on dates together in the 21st Century because they can do that now. 

Bucky buying Steve flowers. 

Bucky taking him out to dinner. 

Pulling out his chair. 

Opening the door for him. 

Holding his hand in public. 

Kissing his forehead when he gets up to ask for a particular song to be played. 

Bucky then holding out his hand and asking Steve to dance. 

Bucky taking Steve out to all the art galleries he wants to go to just because they can now. 

Going to the theatre. 

Going to watch films. 

Going to play whatever spot they couldn’t before because of Steve’s health. 

Doing the serious stuff too. 

Going to visit people in need. Spending time with vets. 

Doing charity work. 

Speaking out at political meetings/discussions/interviews etc.

Doing the cutesy couple stuff. 

Bucky buying Steve clothes. 

Bucky cooking Steve dinner because he likes providing for Steve. 

Feeding Steve. 

Staying up all night talking. 

Falling asleep wrapped around each other. 

When one can’t sleep, the other stays up with them. 

Bucky buying a place for Steve with an attic that has a lovely view and space for all his art work. 

Bucky buying Steve all those expensive art sets he wanted way back when even though Steve still says they’re too expensive (they are but Bucky doesn’t care). 

Steve trying to make breakfast in bed but manages to somehow burn the toast. 

Steve wearing Bucky’s clothes. 

Steve buying Bucky a new motorbike.

Steve teaching Bucky all about the future and watching sci-fi films together. 

Bucky teaching Steve how to swim, even though Steve had been afraid of water but if Bucky’s there, he’s okay. 

Steve and Bucky going clothes shopping (who get distracted in the lingerie section for a while but shhhhh).

Steve getting a puppy. 

Bucky getting a cat. 

The puppy and cat are best friends. 

Steve buying all the sci-fi films Bucky wants. 

Staying up to geek out about Harry Potter. 

Steve’s art room is right above Bucky’s personal library of books. And they use code to talk to each other through the walls, like the dorks they are. 

Just imagine them doing normal couple things and being happy. Nice, isn’t it?

I Want To Paint Your Lips - Fourteen

“They’re alive.” Ohm raised his head. He had barely heard anything of what had happened the day before, but the gunshots and the shouting seemed to echo throughout the whole building. He knew enough.

He wasn’t fazed, if not a bit hopeful that the two had made it away from the compound in two pieces. Ohm wasn’t one to get attached to anyone, he’d stopped doing that years ago, but he still appreciated the two and their occasional company. It would be a shame for them to end in tragedy.            

He felt two lips against his forehead and swayed forward in an attempt to follow their absence. “Why do you sound concerned then?” he asked, taking a drink when a straw prodded his lips. He allowed himself to blindly be fed breakfast and listened to Bryce’s breathing.

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What about sex in a from across the dining table situation. BUT! SHE DID CALL BACK TO SAY SHES SORRY TOO. In fact, she shows up at his hotel and finds him drunk in the middle of the day and crying. When he sobers up he's livid and he lets her have it. Which leads to her breaking down sobbing. And they both apologize and she quietly asks him to make love to her. And his eyes go wide because he can't believe he's got another shot with her.

And he has to make sure, that he doesn’t fuck this up. He can’t. He’s finally there with you, his forehead rested against yours, your bodies molded together.

Harry’s fingers tuck away a strand of hair behind your ear, and trail over the path of love bites down your jawline. He looks so mesmerized by the way your skin feels under his fingertips, lips slightly fallen down, eyes half-shut.

“Hey.” You say, a warming smile on your face, and he looks into your eyes, his own lighting up straight away.

“I was jus’.. jus’, yeh know-” he replies with a stutter, but you cut him off.

“Shh. Just kiss me already, love.”

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hey, i'm so so sorry to hear about your dog. thinking of you and your family with a full heart ༼つ✿ᵕ༚ᵕ༽つ♡

thanks bro! to give u an idea of what a Good Boy Oliver was, one time he had to go to the Emergency Vet over Christmas cause he managed to get salmon poisoning, and before the actual diagnosis the emergency vet wrote on his chart “Oliver is a very sweet dog”. Another time he cut himself on a horseshoes stake and put his forehead against the vet tech’s chest and allowed them to sew him up without flinching. When we were in the same household, I would say, “Oliver, do you want to go to work?” and he would run out to the car and wait for me. I miss him terribly. 

60 thoughts I had during the Pretty Little Liars series finale

7 long years. 10,457 plot holes. 1 season finale.

Here we go. For the final time, my thoughts while watching Pretty Little Liars.

  1. Why is Lucas tap dancing (well, may I add)? Why is Jenna dressed as a Russian monkey and riding a horse? Why is this show so ludicrous?
  2. OH FFS IT’S ANOTHER DREAM SEQUENCE - they’ve definitely used the shit out of this plot tool
  3. *Boooo* Ezra isn’t on the sex offenders register yet
  4. I LOVE THAT THEY REFERENCED ARIA’S UGLY CRY! *10 points to Gryffindor*
  5. Ali and Emily are a Bargain Basement Bette and Tina
  6. PAM
  8. MELISSA and… Twincer?
  9. Unfortunately Toby hasn’t died during the time jump - still has ‘wet drip’ tattooed on his forehead
  11. Why is the school’s English Literature class studying Ezra’s book, as if it’s some historical work of art?! Are we to believe that he’s Rosewood’s answer to William Shakespeare now? Ezra Shakesgerald
  12. “I can smell a BITCH a mile away” YASSSS, Jenna
  13. JENNA A LIFE SKILLS TEACHER?! What is she teaching? How to terrorise somebody while pretending to be blind?
  14. Mona is too good for Rosewood, the Liars, and life </3
  15. “I’m more excited for the Honeymoon so I can continue being a pervert”
  17. Emily and Ali attempting flirtation in a last-ditch attempt to make Emison believable. Cringe
  18. After this finale, at least I’ll never have to endure an Ezria sex scene ever again
  19. “I can’t marry Ezra” NO SHIT, ARIA!
  20. Hahaha that was a mask?! Marlene, you’ve outdone yourself.
  21. Was the person playing with the horse also Mona in a mask? (PLOT HOLE)
  22. What if it’s somebody in a mask wearing a mask. Who’s behind the Mona mask?
  24. Twincer calling Mary ‘mom’ confirms that she is not Spencer
  25. “Mona feels bad about running me over and trying to push me off the bell tower”
  27. Mini Mya has NOTHING on Mya
  28. Drunk Veronica is my spirit animal
  29. Emison is so unbelievable but ALI WAS GOING TO PROPOSE! 20-year-old me is DYING inside with happiness
  30. Can we have an Emison / L Word crossover please?
  31. “How much damage can she do in one night” Was that a challenge?! Mona: *hold my shit*
  32. Seductive Spencer is really Twincer. Toby sure got over his dead wife quickly
  33. Fucking Hell, Mona. That was quite a right hook
  35. Wait, so is this Twincer pretending to be Spencer now? Or is this Spencer who was Twincer all along pretending to be the real Spencer?
  36. I’m confused
  40. “I’d rememba if we met lav” - CLASSIC!
  41. Spencer was never a hussy! It was hussy Twincer!
  42. Twincer is an actual psychopath - “Please shoot me”
  43. “Shoot me, now” “OK” - As you do
  44. Wait, so Wren is dead and Twincer is wearing him around her neck?
  45. “Hashtag Aria’s wedding dress…” IS FUCKING HIDEOUS!
  46. Wren da baby daddyyyyy
  47. Alex Drake = A.D.
  49. How was Wren with Twincer all of this time if he was supposed to be with Melissa? Or was that a lie?
  50. I hope Twincer kills Ezra
  51. Getting into bed with Aria and Hanna… because THAT’S not creepy
  52. You’re telling me a horse can tell the difference between Twincer and Spencer but four grown adults can’t?
  53. So, all of this was over Toby?! TOBY? The last 7 years of my life… all because of a teenage crush?!
  54. But how did Twincer make this apparent high-tech board game?
  55. Wait, who is the real Spencer?
  56. MARLENE HAS A CAMEO. Only Marlene, only Pretty Little Liars
  57. MONA HAS FOUND HAPPINESS! My life is complete
  58. Mona is still insane but I will always love her
  60. I hate this show
you remember the first taste of him from a clumsy, unsure kiss. how it deepened quickly, and how it had felt to have his fingers thread through your hair. christ, it was like sin. it was all you wanted to taste for the next week–hell, the next year, maybe, if you could.

how it was sweet, like the reddened curve of his lips, and sharp, like the devil that came out in his bony fists. never, even through seventy years of hell, could you forget wide baby blues, how dirty blond hair flopped, mussed, over his forehead. the way that the grin he gave was bright enough to light half of Brooklyn alone, could make even the darkest alleys seem inviting. maybe you fell in love with him then: though you think it was probably sometime before. maybe before you even knew that love was more than ma’s kisses on your cheeks and letting your sisters have the first helpings when food was low.

no one had ever prepared you for the way it felt, how your body was a wood shanty and he was a hurricane, mighty winds blowing to make you tremble to your knees. you’d never been gladder to be at someone’s mercy than you were at his. and were you ever at his mercy: he could crook his little finger and you would follow, drawn on an invisible leash, a red string tied to both your pinkies.

the way it felt when he pillowed his head on your chest at night, broad hand with its beautiful fingers right beside his nose, like home, like that spot on your chest was made just for him, his golden blond hair yours to run your fingers through. shoulder bony under your palm until you picked that hand up, you always did, to play with those slim fingers until his breathing evened out as much as it could with its asthmatic wheeze and you were left, in the pale darkness, to marvel at this person. how he was yours and you were his.

—  adjustments to civilian life: snapshots of bucky barnes

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Alex sat nervously on the side of the large silky sheets of his lover's bed. He could feel the tension rising in the air, it had been months since he'd last seen his one true love and he was hungry for more. He leaned against one of the four large banisters supporting such an extravagant bed. His thoughts run amok; "what if he doesn't love me anymore?" "What if he's moved on?" Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. Then, suddenly a short green figure walked in. "Hi-ho, care for a fucking?"


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“I’m not good enough for you.” Scenarios for Todoroki and Midoriya not feeling they worth fro everything that their s/o has been through, because of them,


You had a hard time opening your eyes. The bright lights of the street hurt and you took a while to completely get over it. Your whole body felt sore while you tried to turn your head to the sides.

“Wh-” Your voice faltered when your eyes fell on Todoroki.

He lied stiff on the ground next to you, blood dripping from his arms and forehead. Then you remembered everything.

You had been assigned to catch this villain with Todoroki but they were stronger than anything you had encountered before. You had felt so scared while Todoroki protected you from whatever attacks the villain threw at you.

Before running to Todoroki, you made sure to look around to see if they weren’t near to stop you. But you saw them chained to a lamp post, unconscious. All Might stood next to him.

“We need to get him to the hospital!” You yelled at your former teacher, pointing at Todoroki. “PLEASE!”

You had been admitted into a room once you got to the hospital took. You had a deep cut on your back but that was the most damage you took. Todoroki was way worse.

“Just… tell me he’s going to be alright.” You asked the nurse, voice breaking. “Please.”

“We…” The nurse pitied you enough to make it harder for her to speak. “We have to see his progress. But you can visit him if you’d like.”

“Yes, please.” You nodded as she walked you to Todoroki’s room.

He had bandages wrapped around his head and biceps. One of his eyes was swollen and purple bruises were all over his legs.

You felt your heart breaking at the sight of it.

“Y/N…” Todokori took notice of you standing by the door.

“Shoutou-kun…” You walked to him and took his hand in yours.

He didn’t let you hold on to it for too long.

“I’m… I’m not good enough for you.” He suddenly said, catching you off guard.

“What…” You were genuinely confused. “What are you talking about?”

“You don’t deserve to have to live like this.” He answered, avoiding your steady deep gaze. “You should do something else. Be an artist, an accountant, a teacher… whatever you want to be, as long as it doesn’t involve me being around you.”

“Shoutou, you’re not…” You refused to believe he was actually trying to break up with you over that. “Scratch that. I am not going to leave you.”

“Y/N… you can’t go through all of this for me, every time.” He argued.

“First of all, it’s not because of you, mr. Inflated Ego.” You protested. “I have wanted to be a hero since understood what they did, that was way before I even met you. And second of all, I love you. Okay? I. Love. You. I’m not going to let you push me aside because you feel guilty. I put myself into these situations, not you. So you have to put up with me, for a long time.”

Todoroki finally met you in the eyes, reaching for you hand which was still resting on his bed. “How on Earth did I get so lucky?”


Midoriya had been acting strange around you for a couple of days now. He was jumpy whenever you appeared without notice and he avoided being alone with you, every chance he got.

“Uraraka-san.” You called his friend at lunch. “Can I-”

“You’re going to ask about Deku.” Uraraka affirmed.

“Yes.” You looked at her, defeated. “What’s going on with him? He won’t tell me anything anymore, and I’m worried. Did I do something wrong? Why is he avoiding me like his life depended on it?”

Uraraka shot you a look that made you think she only had half answers.

“He… has mumbled a thing or two when he thought I wasn’t noticing. I don’t think it’s anything you did, but something he felt he did. I don’t know what, all I know is that Deku… sometimes he thinks too logically. Way too much brain and not enough heart.” She said, making you get another hundred questions.

“I…” You sighed, not wanting to bother her anymore. “Thanks.”

You couldn’t do nothing. Especially if what Uraraka said was true and Deku felt like he did something wrong. He didn’t. He never does!

You decided to swing by his house after school. His mom opened the door for you and hugged you close. You had a good relationship with her.

“Is Midoriya home yet?” You asked, stepping inside as Inko closed the door behind you.

“Yes dear.” She replied. “He’s in his room.”

“Can I-” Inko cut you midsentence.

“Of course!” She said. “Go, go.”

You smiled at her kindly and went to knock at your boyfriend’s door.

“Mom, i’m studying.” He said loud enough for it to reach anyone behind the wooden door.

“Not your mom, Deku.” You said back.

Silence filled the hair, making you be acutely aware of your own breathing and the muscles of your face moving to make a frown of impatience. An entire minute seemed to go by before Midoriya decided to open the door.

You stared at him, hoping he’d speak first. Instead, he simply stepped aside to let you into his room.

Closing the door behind him, he never met your eyes. He sat down on his bed and silence reigned agin.

“Speak!” You pleaded after a while. “Say something, tell me what’s wrong!”

“Y/N… I can’t…” He struggled. “I’m not good enough for you.”

You wanted to laugh at the absurdity of the statement. Midoriya? Not good enough for you? He was the best there even was. For you, anyway. You couldn’t believe the words he said.

“What’s this all of a sudden?” You questioned. “Deku, why are you saying this?”

“It’s just the truth. You had to go through so much for me and I don’t think… I don’t think it’s worth it. Not if you’re life’s on the line.” He looked up at you, still not really seeing you eye to eye.

“Oh of course”. You nodded sarcastically. “Cause you never go through nothing for me? You’re guy who got in the way massive blast directed at me, Deku! You’re the guy who’s saving my life at all changes he gets. You are the guy who beats the crap outta anyone who lays a finger on me and then get’s beaten the crap outta of in return. How’s that fair huh?”

“I didn’t…” His words faded in thin air. “Y/N it still…”

“You’re gonna have to deal with this.” You interrupted him. “If I can handle seeing you in the hospital every week, you can handle me occasionally getting hurt to avoid you dying. I’m staying. And I hope you’re too.”

You noticed all the fight in Midoriya’s eyes being eased away by your words. You sighed in relief.

“I am.” He said, hugging you close. “I’ll never think about this, ever again.”

You grabbed on of his arms, squeezing. “Thank you.”

~Admin Laura

I used to have such strict criteria/standard for men and suddenly bangtan came into the picture and it’s just stuff like “oh he’s wearing a hat/SnapBack” “oh his forehead his showing” “oh he’s wearing a white shirt” that makes me weak in the knees rip