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Pairing: BamBam x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff

Summary: Your boyfriend gets jealous at the sudden closeness to one of his friends.

Author’s Note: Hello everyone! I haven’t written in a while so i’m a little rusty, but enjoy regardless!

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N)!” Jackson yelled loudly as he flung the door to the dorm open, revealing you on the other side. He quickly tugged you into his arms, patting your head gently as you reached around him to pat his back, “You’re here!”

“I’ve come here everyday this week, Jackson,” you giggled into his chest, pulling away from him as he released you, “How are you still so excited to see me?”

“Because you’re so fun to be around~” he hummed, turning around and flinging his arm over your shoulder as both of you entered the dorm room. The other five were sit perched on the couch—minus Youngjae of course, since he had moved out. You smiled at each one of them as your boyfriend stood up, making his way toward you.

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I just thought I might drop a copy of this gif over in the Holmescest tag.

I mean Mycroft says he’s not angry with Sherlock - despite that tight grip on his umbrella and pointedly avoiding eye contact and the whole barely suppressed rage. So I’m sure he’s not really thinking that Sherlock needs to be punished or anything…

And it would be remiss of me not to highlight that Sherlock was apparently in solitary confinement for a week before this point, where it would be only natural that Mycroft arranged to visit him. For a brotherly discussion. Or something.


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