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I just thought I might drop a copy of this gif over in the Holmescest tag.

I mean Mycroft says he’s not angry with Sherlock - despite that tight grip on his umbrella and pointedly avoiding eye contact and the whole barely suppressed rage. So I’m sure he’s not really thinking that Sherlock needs to be punished or anything…

And it would be remiss of me not to highlight that Sherlock was apparently in solitary confinement for a week before this point, where it would be only natural that Mycroft arranged to visit him. For a brotherly discussion. Or something.

Sooo @bleeehhh456 tagged me in an ask meme by @raddical so here is a separate post to keep it a bit organised !! and also if u want i wanna see u do it too !!

 What is your favorite color to work with?

When painting traditionally probably purple or pink, and i dont have a preference when doing anything else cause i have no knowledge of how to colour

Who is your favorite character to draw?

currently Katsuki Yuuri ! (if u thought i was gonna say viktor u were wrong his hair is my worst enemy)

What song(s) do you listen to when you do art?

literally anything tbh

How often do you draw?

HA what is consistency??? sometimes everyday sometimes once a month like???

Digital or traditional?

both but i probably prefer traditional???

Tag your favorite artists/inspirations!

tbh @pityhare  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also everyone i follow on insta ( @cyarindraws @wendystephensart @/dutch_drawings_ @indigonite @qinni @/yunacunn and probably some more)

Do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring?

s k e t c h i n g

Show us at least 2-3 drawings from 1-2 years ago.


(i would add digital stuff but my old computer crashed and i lost all stuff from a little over a year ago and before)

What drawing program do you use? (if the artist does digital art)

sai !

Are you right or left handed?


Warm or cool colors?

warm? but like i said i have no knowledge of colouring 

Draw one of your favorite characters in 15 seconds.

rip yuuri katsuki 

(bonus: a yuuri i actually took time with)

What was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

okay so when i was younger i was obsessed with topmodel stuff so i loved drawing ‘fashion’ but now i stay away from bodies and clothes as much as possible lmao

When was the last time you did art?

this afternoon!


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so… i made out with a hot dog… it was one time


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