hi fi crap


My Marantz 2230 has been rejuvenated.  All of the circuit boards were cleaned, solder joints were fixed, lights were replaced, and knobs and switches were cleaned out.  It looks great again and more importantly, sounds awesome.    However, since I got the bigger brother last week, I think it’ll still have to live up in my hobby room because the 2275 is the de-luxe edition.  Don’t hesitate to get these off of Craigslist.  They sound great and to me, they sound better than anything you can buy new at a box store today.  In 1971 this Marantz cost $400.00.  Adjusted for inflation, that is $2250.00 today.   The 2275 pictured in the back retailed at $650.00 in 1974 which is $3000.00 adjusted for inflation today.    Good stuff!