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since y’all wanna argue abt the whole houses for the losers thing. HERE’S WHAT THEY ACTUALLY ARE WITH FACTS THANKS!

richie: homeboy is a ravenclaw. richie is smart as hell, and a lot of people forget that. this boy is creative and outgoing, a little off in his own way. he’s clever as fuck and he’s so witty just like ravenclaws are so uh next

eddie: slytherin!!! my boy is a chaotic, cunning and ambitious kid. he’s also very resourceful and is pretty damn brave when it comes to people he cares about (unlike gryffindors who are brave for everyone)

bev: mcfucking gryffindor. bev is the hella protective mom friend who cares about her kids boys. she’s strong and brave and overcomes everything she is faced with 

bill: gryffindor. bill is brave and caring and obviously has great leadership potential. he was the first one to stand up against pennywise and he was willing to sacrifice himself for everyone else

stan: ravenclaw! he’s your stereotypical witty ass smart as hell ravenclaw. he’s very accepting of his dumb friends and is interested in birds which is like an unusual lil thing he loves learning abt just bc which is a big thing for ravenclaws

mike: my sweet angel baby is hufflepuff. he’s loyal but not as brave as bill and bev. he loves his friends and is willing to do anything for him. he’s incredibly hardworking and has a large heart

ben: benjamin is also a hufflepuff. he’s dedicated to his pals, and is willing to do anything for them. ben is also pretty hard working and has tons and tons of patience for his friends dumb choices

that “smug and proud on his brother’s behalf” look on loki’s face in ragnarok really made me want the same in reverse… thor smug and proud that loki doesn’t freaking betray them all to thanos and instead he’s been working with thor in secret, while literally everyone and their mom was like “omg of course he’s betraying you again wisen up!!”

just give me my power couple. 

Short and Determined

AN: I wrote this to make myself feel better, and I hope this makes someone else laugh. Sorry if it’s bad. Thanks to @tinysidestrashcaptain again for putting up with all of my crap.

Summary: Roman, for some reason, is shorter than all of the other sides. This is a fact that Virgil loves to use against him. This chronicals one day of their shenanigans. (Sorry I’m bad at summaries)

Warnings: some swearing, slight violence


Roman didn’t know why he was the only side that was shorter than Thomas, but it got really annoying sometimes. Right now was a prime example of said times.

His loving boyfriend, Virgil, was holding the remote over his head, knowing that Roman couldn’t reach it, even if he jumped. Eventually, Roman became tired of looking like a fool (jumping up and down is NOT princely), and poked Virgil in the stomach. Due to Virgil’s ticklish nature, he immediately folded over just enough for Roman to jump and grab the remote, then take off running. He ran into the kitchen and stuck the remote in a random drawer, then hid behind Patton, who was looking at him with very confused expression.

Roman sucked in a huge breath and said, “Virgil took the remote, so I tickled him a little, and after I got the remote, I ran and hid it and now you’re going to protect me, because right now you’re probably his favorite, so he won’t be mad if you tell him not to be.”

“Oooooh, ok kiddo! Nice job doing that all in one breath, but you know he hates being tickled, so why risk the wrath of my shadowling?”

“Hewasholdingittoohighformetoreachit.” Roman mumbled. Patton grinned and asked, “What was that, Ro?” “I said I COULDN’T REACH IT.”

As Patton started laughing, Virgil walked into the kitchen. His eyes widened and he said, “THERE YOU ARE!”, before going to chase Roman.

Patton’s face took on a concerned tone as he told his kiddos not to run in the kitchen, when Virgil suddenly slipped and grabbed Roman to keep from falling. This, of course, failed miserably, as both of them crashed to the ground.

There was a moment of silence before everyone started laughing, and Patton helped them both up, saying, “Well kiddos, this is why we listen to Dad, right?”

Roman and Virgil shared an exasperated look and replied, “Yes Dad, you’re always right, Dad.”

Logan yelled, “FALSEHOOD” in the background, which induced a second giggle fit from the remaining three sides.


Later that day, Virgil had stolen Roman’s sash after his tiny boyfriend had attempted to strangle Logan with it during one of their more intense arguments about what was best for Thomas. He was currently wearing it as a headband of sorts, which could be easily removed to keep it out of Roman’s grip. Roman had been trying to tackle him to “win back his property” all day, and Virgil couldn’t help but laugh every time Roman jumped on him and tried to grab the sash out of his hand.

For the fourth time that day, Roman came charging at him yelling, “GIMMEGIMMEGIMME”, and Virgil just laughed and stepped to the side, catching the back of Roman’s shirt to make sure he didn’t run into anything. After he was sure Roman wasn’t going to hurt himself, he kept walking down the hall, chuckling occasionally.

Roman rushed back past him, and Virgil stopped for a moment, confused as to why Roman hadn’t tried to tackle him from behind. He cautiously crept up to the end of the hall, and looked to see where Roman was. Not seeing him, he slowly walked forward into the living room. Suddenly a screech of, “VICTORYYYYY” erupted from behind the couch, and Virgil had just enough time to fling the sash away from himself and catch Roman, who had jumped off the couch in an attempt to reach him. After they had both tumbled to the floor (for the second time that day), Virgil glared at Roman and said, “What if you had gotten hurt? What if that had been Patton or Logan?”

Roman sheepishly smiled at him and said, “Well, I know that Logan and Patton are both in the kitchen, so there was no chance it’d be either of them. And I knew you’d catch me my love, I just hoped I’d be able to get my sash as you did so.”

Virgil grinned at Roman and kissed him on the cheek before rolling them over and grabbing the sash from the short distance away it had fallen, immediately standing up and sprinting away while Roman yelled profanities behind him.


An hour later, Roman had his sash back after promising both Virgil and Patton not to attempt “persuasive reasoning” on Logan anymore. He had put on some fuzzy red socks to increase the speed at which he could go down the hall, and he started sliding just in time for Virgil to open the door to his room, right in his path. Roman started screaming for his boyfriend to do something, and Virgil closed the door, rushing out to grab Roman before he could fall.

He barely caught the flailing Roman by his arms, and as he was about to tell off his boyfriend for doing something so dangerous, Roman jumped up and wrapped his legs around Virgil’s waist, kissing him repeatedly and thanking him for being “Such a hero, I COULD HAVE DIED BABE”.

Virgil smiled and decided that maybe Roman didn’t need that talking to.


It was later that night, and Roman had conjured the PERFECT thing for his plot against Virgil to be successful. His boyfriend was laying on his bed, seemingly deep in thought. Roman army crawled across the floor of Virgil’s room, and slowly climbed the ladder he had hidden behind the other’s bed, and waited. Only seconds later, Virgil sensed someone watching him and looked up at Roman, his eyes automatically widening in fear as he said, “Ro, don’t you da-”

“WHO’S THE TALL ONE NOW YOU FUCKER?!” Roman yelled as he jumped off of the ladder and into the bed beside Virgil.

They stared at each other for a moment before bursting into hysterical laughter. Virgil finally calmed down enough to say, “Holy shit, Ro! You scared the heebie jeebies out of me!”

Roman pecked his boyfriend on the cheek and said, “Well that’s what you get for being taller than me, My Chemically Imbalanced Romance.”

They giggled a little more, and fell asleep cuddled together, only to be awakened later by Patton screaming that the toaster was on fire. Laughing a little, they quickly fell back asleep, dreaming of their future together.


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Don’t leave me Carl (Carl grimes)

Word count:811

I’m sorry for this..I know his death hit us hard and it shouldn’t of happened and honestly, I don’t know if I’m going to continue watching the show after this But I will still write imagines don’t worry. I just have one more thing to say…Fuck scout gimple.

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👏i👏love👏the👏cast👏of👏Falsettos (2016)™️👏so👏much👏

Everyone, thank you for the outpouring of support. Today I’ve learned that my good friend Paul will open his doors to me, and I will not be facing homelessness! It’s fantastic and wonderful and exciting all at the same time. I see this as a new beginning, where I can focus on getting proper mental health care, taking care of my body, and getting financially stable.

This is truly a relief and an honor, and I can’t wait to see where the next chapter of my life takes me. Merry Christmas and may you feel as blessed as I do today. I knew that rainbow was a good omen 🌈

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2 & jimon please

back from college EARLY for the holidays what up everyone hope i still know how to write after getting the soul sucked out of my body for the past quarter.

 jimon + 2. early morning kiss

Simon wakes up with a start at nearly seven in the morning, and then bolts upright, wondering why he’s awake in the first place. He looks around his room. Something’s not right - 

“Back to bed.” Jace mutters, coming out of the bathroom and yawning as he throws himself back onto his spot, face-down, slinging an arm around Simon’s waist. “ ‘S too early, Si, lay down.”

“Something woke me up.” Simon says defensively, looking around the room once more before he gives up and flops back down. Jace hums and shifts, squirming forward until he can bury his cold nose into the junction where Simon’s neck and shoulder meet. “I feel like I’m missing something.” 

“Yeah.” Jace’s lips move against Simon’s skin. “Sleep.” 

Simon sighs and turns on his side, nudging Jace until Jace gets the hint and opens his eyes, blinking drowsily at Simon. His hair’s a fluffy mess, ruffled at odd angles, and his stubble is passing the “mysteriously rugged” level and veering right into “lazy delinquent”. 

Simon.” Jace whines, and Simon shrugs, unrepentant. 

“Can’t sleep.” He says, even though he can feel the edge of a drowsy slumber creeping up on him again. To be honest, he just likes Jace like this; tired and pliant around the edges, his eyes fond even as he groans. 

“You’re impossible.” Jace says, and then he dips down and presses a clumsy kiss to the corner of Simon’s mouth, just pressing their lips together, too lazy to move even a little. Simon huffs out a laugh against Jace’s lips and pulls back, pressing fluttering kisses across his face until he reaches Jace’s eyes. 

“Fine.” Simon says magnanimously. “I’ll let you sleep.” 

Thank you.” Jace says, patting Simon’s cheek before he face-plants into his pillow and shuts his eyes again. Simon shifts, tucking an arm under his head and letting his mind drift, about to fall back asleep - 

He bolts upright. He knows what he forgot. “Izzy and Clary are getting married today and we’re supposed to be at their place in ten minutes!” He shouts, alarmed. 

Jace yells, and promptly falls off the bed. So much for a quiet morning, Simon thinks as he hurriedly rescues his boyfriend.

Sincerely, Chanukah - neglectedrainbow - Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

The Hansen house is thick with the smell of frying potatoes, onions, and carrots. The scent of rich oil filters through the air. Evan stands over the hot stovetop, delicately flipping the latkes with a wooden spoon, feeling the heat radiate upwards across his face. Jared hovers beside him, mashing cooked apples with a fork, melding them into a thick sauce.

OR: Everyone from Dear Evan Hansen comes together to celebrate Chanukah.

look i hate endeavor but a part of me really wants him to get a reception arc. 

i mean, the idea of him repenting… and shouto potentially letting go of his grudges that have been burdening him for so long and finally somehow getting the father figure he lacked as a child… man… i need me that good and pure family reconciliation 

endeavor is an asshole. we all know that. and the fact that he’s a piece of shit makes everyone wish for his death. 

but he’s a hero– the number two hero (all might is still #1 in my heart) to be exact. there’s GOTTA be some ounce of good inside of him? he just needs someone to fucking slap him in the face and tell him that he’s just. wrong. that he’s a ruthless pathetic fuck. then he can start repenting.

the point here is endeavor needs to pull his head and multiple sticks out of his ass and patch things up with his son and “wife” or else they’ll both either be stuck with hating him forever or he’ll die without giving shouto the closure he needs

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anyone who doesnt think that the twins are the cutest twins to ever walk this earth? what? hOW???? have you SEEN them like harry with his cute smirk and monkey ears and sam with his fluffy ass hair and both of them with their voices they are so cute i want to kiss every inch of both their faces like i love them theyre so cute and i am so in love it hurts i want to play connect the dots with sams freckles and i want to learn photography from harry and model with him so bad? where do i sign up????

and like everyone hyped up sam (which i totally support because he deserves it), but a lot of people forget about harry. that breaks my heart, he’s so so cute and funny :’(
but the twins deserve everything…. i love them.

#4: Don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal. - BIG CASS

Thanks to the anon who sent this one in. Hope you enjoy! xx

None of my tags are wanting to work so no tags on this one. But hopefully everyone who wants to see this, sees it.


“God, I’m such an idiot.” You said as you sat in your bedroom with Cass watching your match back from earlier tonight.

You were in your hometown and you had just won your first Women’s Championship. Everyone backstage said it was one of the best women’s matches they’d ever seen, so of course, you wanted to go back and watch it so you could see what everyone backstage had seen.

“You looked great,” Cass said as he pulled you closer into his side and smiled at you as he watched the ref hand you the title on the screen.

“Look at my face!” You said as you pointed to the screen. “I look like an idiot!”

“You do not.” He said.

“I was bawling like a baby. It’s so embarrassing.” You said.

Don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal to cry when you win a title. Especially when it’s your first. People cry all the time.” He said.

“But look at me. I’m standing there crying and my face looks awful. Ugh.” You said as you hid your face in his shirt.

“Baby, relax. You’re overreacting. It’s nothing. If anything it just shows the emotions you were feeling. Crowds eat that kind of stuff up.” He said as he rubbed your arm gently. “And if anyone has anything else to say about it, they gotta go through me.”

“Thanks, babe.” You said as you wrapped your arms around him and turned your head to lean in on his chest.

“You’re welcome. I’ve always got your back.” He said.


Q: What do you think was going through Flint’s mind when Madi & Silver reunited in 4x3? Your face expresses so much. 

Toby Stephens: A bittersweet happiness for Silver, mixed [with] a sense of his own isolation.

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol

my first time playing Eberron: we need to gather an army.

other players: -muttering-

me (warforged swashbuckler): -to DM- how much would it take to send a bunch of flyers to all the major cities?

DM: a few hundred gold. ya’ll have more than enough.

me: I want the flyers to say: to all warforged- feeling despondent? restless? want to see new lands? miss a proper battle? come to *port city*. you want a war? we’ll give you one.

DM: -stares at me- -sets down his vape- -covers his face and starts laughing-

other players: -gone quiet-

DM: I’ve been running this campaign for years. seen people pull every trick in the book. this is the first time ANYONE has thought to do that at my table.

me: ….am I the only one that reads the racial histories?

everyone else: yes.

Let the DM finish his descriptions

So we’re playing 13th age, my character is a Sorcerer sex worker who sold his soul to the devil to resurrect a girl he loved (results in him having an imp as a familliar). My group consists off a paladin, rogue, bard and a ranger. We’re in the abyss to try to close a breach between our dimension and an infernal one.

DM: you enter this new room, flames are circling you all in. A demonic voice greet you. “I was waiting for you, adventurers.” His red eyes are looking at you all….

Me: I roll for seduction to seduce the demon !

Everyone else in my party: *face palms*

DM: fine as long as you role play it 

Me: *rolls a good succes* “so dear Demon you must feel lonely here…”

DM (as demon): "yeah I do, you’re proposing something ?“

Me: "well I can ease up your loneliness if you want me to, I would even do it for free.”

DM: “I’ll show you the love of a demon then.” So this 3 meter demon picks you up….

Me (OOC): WHAT ?

DM: and licks you all over your body you get 19 acidic damage. You’re unconcious.

Me (OOC): holy shit I would have never done this I knew it was 3 meter demon.

DM: Let me finish my descriptions next time.

And thus I learned to shut up when the DM speaks.