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24 Days of Christmas: Ignoring Christmas *Bruce Banner x Reader*

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Day Seventeen

Summary: You’ve got a long journey home on the subway, only it doesn’t seem too long cause of one of the other passengers. 

Decided this is after events of AOU, Bruce to me is travelling not staying in one spot. He sees you on a train.

Day Sixteen

You sighed gently as you sat down, ready for the brutal journey of the Brighton to Edinburgh Waverley, six torturous hours being stuck on a train. You had packed a suitcase for the holiday vacation, plus a small carry-on that had essentials for the journey. Luckily, the carriages weren’t packed and finding a seat with a table was easy enough.

You sat down opposite another gentleman, he had headphones on covering his ears and the music wasn’t so loud but enough to be heard slightly, a book in front of him but closed. You pulled your own book out and placed it delicately on the table in front of you, also pulling out our iPod with the headphones. Stealing another glance at the guy looking out the window you went back to placing your earbuds in and getting lost in the world of Stephen King.

An hour into the journey and you were already bored, you should have gotten a plane or something faster than this, it was horrible. Sitting down getting a numb bum, plus the scenery wasn’t pleasant and wouldn’t be till you got closer to Scotland. You shut your book, resting your chin on your hand as you stared out of the window, praying for some miracle that you’d be there already.

You looked at the guy sat across from you, his hair was messy but tamed in an odd fashion, he had scruff covering the bottom half of his face. Glasses were sticking out of his jacket pocket; he was tapping his fingers on the book in front of him as he listened to some song you couldn’t quite place. He had deep brown eyes that briefly connected with yours, you smiled timidly for being caught staring before looking back out the window.  

“Did you want me to turn my music down?” His voice was soft and you almost didn’t hear him, you glanced over as he pulled his headphones off one of his ears, you shake your head.

“Sorry, no. I was just bored and listening to what I could hear, sorry again.” You assure and he heads once, only instead of putting his headphones back on, he takes them off and places them into the bag that’s sat on the chair beside him. You wonder if you disturbed him before he pulls his glasses out and places them on his face. “Where ya heading?”

He looked up at you for a few minutes, you honestly weren’t ever one to make conversation with strangers but you were bored and he seemed nice, plus it was a conversation and if you didn’t talk you were gonna combust.

“Scotland, believe it or not,” you chuckled and nodded. “Decided to look around Edinburgh, rich history and fascinating people, I like to travel around holiday time too; you?”

You thought for a few seconds, “kind of the same, I’m only in England for work and I got some vacation time and decided instead of spending the holidays alone in my apartment, I’d spend that time up in Scotland.”

“Not going back home to see family?”

You shake your head, “I’m kind of cancelling Christmas this year, trying something new, called ‘Ignoring Christmas’ I don’t think it will catch on.” He laughed at that.

He nodded, after that, it was just you both talking about anything and everything, about the book you are currently reading and the one in front of him that was actually borrowed from a good friend of his. It’s like you both couldn’t shut up, not that it was a bad thing but it was strange and not like you. Normally you’d shy away from a conversation with strangers unless for work, friends or the occasional time you’d go out.

When you arrived at Edinburgh Waverley it was the evening. You grabbed your bag and suitcase, getting off the train onto the station’s platform; it was slightly chilly but not too bad. You expected it to be colder due to everyone you know saying how cold Scotland is, yet it was a perfectly chill evening, perfect weather for a stroll around later.  

You turned back to see the guy, you had yet to get a name, get off after you. A small travel bag slung over his shoulder and book in his other hand, he looked up at you with a small smile. You didn’t know if it was okay for you to ask for his name or even ask to see him while you were both in Scotland, neither with people, it seemed appropriate to ask for the company; especially since you got along so well.

“Well, thank you for talking to me through that entire journey, sorry if I disturbed you.” You tell him walking out of the station, he chuckled.

He didn’t seem annoyed, “It was actually nice. Journeys can be so boring, it was great to talk to someone and have a laugh instead of sat in silence.” You nodded in agreement, “I didn’t get your name!?”

“Y/N, it’s been a pleasure…” You trail off with an eyebrow quirk and a smile.

He seemed a little hesitant for some reason. “Bruce, it’s been nice, Y/N. Have a good time ignoring Christmas.”

You laughed at the fact he remembered that, you sighed and watched him walk in the opposite direction before beginning your journey to the rented studio apartment you decided to cash out on for your stay here.

Once you got there you sat on the sofa with a deep sigh, pulling the book you had been reading only to find it wasn’t yours, it was Bruce’s book. You both must have picked up the wrong books as you were leaving; you opened the cover hoping to find some way to give it back.

“To girl Ignoring Christmas,
I hear St Andrews Square Gardens Ice Rink is
a good place to ignore Christmas.

(It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote Bruce, well, hope this pleases some Bruce lovers. It’s nice writing other characters, I neglect these guys a lot. Feel bad, but you all do request Steve and Bucky the most, so I blame you. - Rosalee)

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Hey! I was wondering if you could do #266 with Jamilton?💖

here you go <3

Word Count: 500

Warnings: swearing, allusions to sex

Alexander entered the Faculty of Music building early Saturday morning. He knew that the place was always a ghost town before 10 am, so it was the perfect place to study. So it was to his immense surprise that, as he climbed the stairs to get to his favourite study spot, he heard the sound of a violin.

The music was absolutely beautiful. The piece was perfectly composed and whoever was playing made no faults. Interest piqued, Alexander decided to follow the source of the noise, rather than study. He followed his ears to the music room on the third floor, and he leaned through the doorframe, looking into the room.

The man had his back to the door, but Alexander would recognize the musician anywhere. His heart stopped.

It was his enemy. Thomas fucking Jefferson.

Alexander was disgusted at himself for thinking the music was good. But… it was. He couldn’t deny it. Jefferson played with finesse and grace, his fingers moving nimbly, and his bow striking each string perfectly.

Alex all of a sudden found himself mesmerised by his hated rival. This was not good.

All too soon, the music stopped and Jefferson turned around, jumping at the sight of Alexander watching him from the doorway.

Sorry, I thought I was alone,” Jefferson said, shooting a smug smile toward Alex and putting down his violin. When Hamilton remained silent, the smugness only grew. “Speechless? That’s new. Well, I guess my music tends to do that.”

“I’ve heard better,” Alexander shrugged, trying to act nonchalant, but silently reeling at the fact that Jefferson was talented enough to write and perform that stunning piece of music. Thomas’ grin widened, knowing full well what Alex was really thinking.

“You know,” Thomas said, taking a step toward Alex, whose heart began to pound. “Most people find me irresistible when I play music.”

Thomas took a step closer to Alexander, teasing him with closeness, his voice a low growl. Fuck. Alex was getting turned on.

“Well, I’m not most people,” Alex countered, trying to act cool.

Thomas bit his lip, driving Alex crazy. Why did his enemy have to be so damn hot?

“So… this doesn’t feel good?” Thomas asked, pulling Alexander into his toned body. Stay strong, Alex, he tried to tell himself, but it was too late.

“N-not at all,” Alex muttered extremely unconvincingly, colour rising in his cheeks. Thomas ducked his head, holding his lips an inch away from Alex’s. Alexander silently begged him to close the distance.

“Too bad,” Thomas said, suddenly releasing his hold on Alex’s waist and leaving the music room. Alexander’s mouth popped open. What a tease!

He ran out of the music room and caught up to Jefferson, spinning the taller man around and pulling him down roughly to give him an aggressive kiss.

“Didn’t mind my music so much?” Thomas laughed against the smaller man’s lips.

“Shut the fuck up, Jefferson. I only have a few minutes.”

That was all the instruction Thomas needed.


Neymar vs Mazzafera - Moda vs Futebol | #HotelMazzafera

[Turn CC on for English subtitles: video starts at 0:40 [and with the subs]

You and I Were Meant to Get Love Right
Seblaintine’s 2017, day 1: clichéfest

fandom: Glee
characters: Sebastian/Blaine
word count: 5000
rating: pg13
warnings: angst

author’s notes: written for @seblaineaffairs’ Valentine’s Challenge, day 1, using the quote ‘Love conquers all.’ title taken from Built to Last by Mêlée.


He struggles wrangling his keys from his jacket, but as his eyes fall to the hallway floor, he notices a light coming from under the door. Had he left it on?
Then, his ears catch onto the music playing inside the loft.

And he frowns. Why would Sebastian be home?

It’s seven on a Tuesday, and even if Sebastian hadn’t mentioned he’d be late this morning he still wouldn’t have expected him home for at least another two hours. His routine had become predictable that way.

ao3 I ff.net

Oreos (Grif x Red!Reader) [Requested]

This one goes for Autumn Byington, I really hope you like it.


You looked in every corner of the kitchen. Your Oreos weren’t on sight. 

You had two theories: 

1.- Grif had them. 


2.- Grif had them.

You walked towards the rooms and you opened the door to Grif’s cavern. He was in the bed, headphones in his ears with the music out loud and a men’s magazine in his hands. 

“Grif!” You called, crossing your arms with fake anger. He took off his headphones and stared at you on the corner of his eyes. 

“Huh?” He asked innocently. 

“Where are my Oreos?” You pouted. 

Grif growled as he looked under his bed. “I can’t belive that everything that I buy and place it on the kitchen ends up in your room!” 

He pulled out the box with your name on it. You took it. “Thank you.” You said codly. 

“Donut was cleaning the kitchen, he said he would throw away all junk food in our base. You’re welcome.” He shrugged.

“Wait. What? You mean…You didn’t want my Oreos…and…you kept them for me?” You froze, staring at him, with a twinge of guilt on the chest. 

He nodded, without importance. 

“Thank you…” You said truly thankful. “No problem.”

You opened the box and gave it to him. “50/50.” You smiled as you sat on his bed. 

He opened his arms for you, so you could cuddle with him, and when you were with him, lying on his bed, he envolved his arms around you.

“Ladies, front and center on the double!” You both heard Sarge from the outside. 



Jae had left the college late, but he didn’t care—he simply walked down the streets with his palms buried in his hoodie pockets along with his headphones neatly placed on his head, covering his ears for warmth and music running through his head. The young male just looked ahead as he was walking back to his apartment, though he felt a little strange—as if someone was following him and he was never wrong, he knew the feeling of being followed and following another, stalking should be the right word and this is what was happening. Jae was being stalked this very second, but why? He wasn’t sure about it but he had to play it cool…The young male’s nails grew in his pocket but he let out a soft hum as if he couldn’t tell or know what was going on. Jae stopped at the crossing lights and soon crossed when the lights turned red and allowed him to cross, he seemed so casual about it, and well he was an assassin who knew how to stalk his prey since he was a young child knew the meaning of it and how it felt. Jae let out a soft sigh as he paused his steps to then turn around, jabbing his palm with the sharp nails towards this person—keeping them under their neck. “Listen here…I don’t know who you are but…get the fuck away from me or else.”

It is my personal headcanon that Sonic is insanely ticklish, so I like to imagine Saitama chasing him around the tiny, cramped apartment laughing evilly while Sonic screams in terror. Saitama (aka “the Tickle Monster”) could very easily catch Sonic at any time he wanted, of course, but it’s more fun to chase him around and taunt him.

It’s also very good agility training for Sonic, because he is very desperate to not be tickled, and is therefore doing everything he can to avoid being caught.

Meanwhile, Genos is in the kitchen cooking with his ears turned off and music playing in his head because Sonic’s screeching gets very loud and high-pitched, especially once he’s caught. The kitchen, of course, is strictly off-limits during play time, because of that one time when Sonic attempted to use Genos as a shield and ended up accidentally knocking their dinner onto the floor.

Afterwards, Sonic spends part of dinner collapsed in a heap because he’s so exhausted and out of breath. Eventually, he climbs into Genos’s lap for protection, but Genos is a terrible shield. Sure, they finish dinner peacefully enough, but once dishes are taken care of, he will happily grab Sonic and hold him in place for Saitama for as long as possible. Sonic always screams about the betrayal, but honestly, Genos doesn’t know why he expects anything different.


hl fic rec: escapade (read here on ao3)

“You sounded so beautiful, love,” Harry whispered in his ear, the music still pounding and family members all reaching out to talk to Louis. “I-I can’t believe you did that. I love you. You’re…” He rubbed between Louis’ delicate shoulder blades. “You’re shaking.”

“I was nervous,” Louis said in a small voice, pressing his face to Harry’s neck. “I hate karaoke.”

“Then why did you do it?”

“Because I love you.” Louis cradled the back of Harry’s head, stroking over his hair. “And sometimes the scary stuff turns out to be best.”

“Like naked cliff jumping?”

“Like falling in love.”

In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

Okay so maybe I'm a little jealous. (Closed Sugatsuki rp with a-collection-of-muses)

Tsukishima slammed the door behind him, letting out a huff as he collapsed on the couch. He ran a hand through his hair before moving his headphones onto his ears and starting his music. He hated to admit it but he was really jealous right now. It’s one thing for someone to flirt with Suga but when Suga flirts back? That pisses him off. Was he not good enough for the other? Was that it? He sighed and cranked his music louder.