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the guy you want to bring home to mom. all the kids at your family reunion love him (also the adults… the elderly…dogs… cats… birds… he a fucking disney princess okay). smiles even when he’s pissed. can dance. it would be annoying if he wasn’t so nice about your own terrible dance moves. it’s rumored that his dimples alone have brought people to their knees. everyone’s hockey boyfriend. 


Something called “love”


The two most often questions you got asked:

1. “Are you two dating?”


2. “Why are you two not dating?”

It was annoying and made you feel uncomfortable; a choking sensation that made it hard to reply to the disturbing comment.

You would always reply, “We’re just really close because our parents know each other really well.”

And if Lance was with you, if there were any hard feelings, he did a splendid job at hiding them. His face lit up with that sly grin and his dimples showed up on his freckled, tan face.

“Yeah,” he would add, “We’re good friends. Except for that one time where you accidentally took my -”

“You little shit!” you screamed as you began to chase him around the large campus, embarrassed that he almost let out a fucking three year secret.

“Y/N, over here!” Your best friend, Sierra, yelled as she waved her hands in the air, signaling you to come over. Laughing at how stupid she looked, you sat down and opened your binder, out of breath.

“I’ve got ten fucking minutes before the late bell. I’m a hero.” you panted in amazement.

“Hey all star, no cursing when thou art around me.” She wiggled her eyebrows in your face, making you laugh again. 

Sierra Goulding was pretty. Her dyed-platinum hair pixie cut complimented her fashion sense. Sierra used to have long, black locks of silky hair, but with an abusive father and almost no money at the time, she couldn’t afford to manage all of it and decided to “slice off the burden”, the way she phrased it. She never wore makeup unless for special occasions, drank coffee all the time, and loved shopping. Although she looked like someone hard to approach, Sierra was a sarcastic and dramatic yet kind and loyal girl who had stuck with you through thick and thin. All throughout elementary school - like Lance, but more relate-able (?) - and still talked to you all the time.

You tried to focus on your binder and absently flipped through the pages.

“So,” Sierra said, “Who’re you thinking about this time?”

You turned beet red, slamming the binder quickly. “Shut up! I don’t do that! Plus you know I hate boys!”

“Huh? What is this?” Sierra’s eyes widened as she smirked. “What about Lance? Isn’t he your boyfriend?”

“Why do you keep talking about him? We’re just friends, stupid.”

To your relief, the bell rang as Sierra began to open her mouth.

Everyone had been able to feebly rush toward their seats, and class began.

You weren’t going to lie, but having chemistry as your first period was not a refreshing start to the day.

“For this lab, today I am going to assign you your partners.” The teacher’s monotone voice rang through the room as everyone stifled groans. 

“Sierra: group one. Y/N: group two.” He continued to list numbers as the students slowly formed groups.

You were beginning to feel anxious; it didn’t look like you would be working with profitable partners. 

“McClain: group two.”

You didn’t realize when Lance was walking toward you, cracking his knuckles expertly as he cast a smug look at you. Shit was going to happen and it was not good.

“Aww, that’s cute!” one of the boys from your group cooed. “Y/N’s boyfriend was picked to work with her. Just make out already, guys.” They erupted into loud, snorting laughter as your face turned hot, your eyes blazing with rage. 

“Hey - Shut it, Noah. We all know you’re just that one dickhead who picks on girls to get that attention, so sit your ass down.” 

Lance’s voice turned steely like it could cut through metal, the playfulness gone. His eyes glared at Noah, who hiccuped in surprise, then didn’t say anything else. You felt better after that, and flashed a grateful look at him. 

The rest of chemistry went on as normal; occasional retorts from you aimed at Lance and the rest of the boys to go the fuck to work, Sierra catching your eyes and mouthing you got this, the usual.

Finally, the bell rang loud and clear, and you sprinted out the door in an instant.

“Y/N~! Wait!” Sierra huffed as she waddled out the door clumsily, barely clutching her books. Her personality showed through her clothes, her shoes, everything; over the knee socks, leather combat boots, black leggings, a graphic t-shirt and a denim jacket. You loved her style, it was just so Sierra

“What’s your next class?” She asked. 

“History.” You groaned. Especially with Lance, it was a real pain in the ass. He was a call out type of guy, yet he was the first one to always finish tests. 

That, in summary, was every class you had with him. It stretched out all the way until the final bell rang. And then you were done. 

“Sierra.” you said. You both loved walking home from school; it was a habit that couldn’t be ridden of, and your houses were pretty close anyways. 

“What is it, my love?” She batted her long eyelashes at you, sticking her tongue out. You laughed, then stopped. 

“Are you going to prom with anyone?” you asked quietly. Sierra didn’t reply. Maybe she was surprised. Maybe she was thinking. You were unsure, until she answered,


You stopped walking midway. “What?!” 

She looked away. “Someone asked me. Oh, he isn’t just a someone. It’s him.”

Gasping, you replied, “Really? You mean that Keit-”

“Y/N!” Sierra screamed, slapping her hand to your mouth. Was she blushing?

Keith Kogane had been under the surprised eyes of Sierra for a while. She eyed him a lot in the few classes she shared with him, freaking out when he turned her direction.

“Love at first sight,” she whispered to you when she first saw him.

You rolled your eyes. “Love at first sight my ass. Everyone knows love is a piece of shit who loves to mess up that small noggin you got.” You knocked roughly on her head, causing her to squeal. 

“Love is real,” she said dreamily, ignoring your harsh statement.

 This was in your freshmen year, where she saw him when his volleyball team had been practicing at the gym. She had been in that confused and nervous phase for about a month before she got any hold of his social media, which really shook her. Then it lead to a party, which lead to them actually talking, exchanging numbers, and the rest was history in your book. It annoyed you a lot, but Sierra was your friend. You rooted for her silently, and supported her in all sorts of different ways. 

“That’s great.” you said, trying to be enthusiastic. “When did he ask? Was it over text or at school? What did he say?” Bombarding her with questions so you could think this over again. 

Sierra blushed. You’d never seen her turn so red. She stuttered at first, then began to confidently rattle down the whole story, her tongue moving so quickly you shut the noise out. 

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N. Bye!” and with that farewell, Sierra turned right and skipped joyfully onto her own street where she lived. You waved, then continued walking.

“Tchh,” you clucked your tongue in frustration. You hadn’t even finished your sentence!

The thing was, you’d asked her about prom so they could go together. Prom was one of the iconic events of the year that were hosted at

They would be the most epic power friend couple who went - stunning dresses and dazzling smiles that lit up the whole room, making every other group stare at them in shock. 

I wanted to be Sierra’s wing woman, you thought gloomily. Now who am I going to prom with? Myself?

A thought popped into your head. Lance? 

You began to blush deeply. There is no way I would go out with that dickhead, you thought as you unlocked the door to your house and stepped in, the day closing to an end.

I, for one, think it’s hilarious that Reigen, a relatively normal guy who breaks some minor laws every day, has a friend group that consists of 3 psychic middle schoolers, an occasionally evil spirit, and an awkward but nice guy he met who worked for an evil cult trying to take over the world. Said guy attacked them with an umbrella. Reigen just rolls with all of this and is somehow in charge most of the time bc hes usually the most mature one in the room. He will protect all of them (except dimple when he’s being a jerk) even if most of his attacks consist of “distract the enemy with fake powers, then run away, throw salt in their eyes, or punch them in the face” his most effective attack strategy apparently is to yell at the bad guys until they feel so bad about themselves that they give up. How has his life become like this. His mom wants him to get a real job.

What a happy kiddo!!!!!

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How can he be so adorable just by chewing?