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Please put your penis away

Request: Number 76 with Tom? If you’re comfortable with it?

76 please?

Summary: Your boyfriend Tom went out drinking with Harrison, and comes home plastered.

A/N: omg this is my first Tom Holland drabble…. cuz ya know they’ve all been Peter Parker.. WHICH IS FINE I LOVE WRITING.

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A knock echoed off the door of yours and Toms house. It was 2 in the morning and you’ve been waiting patiently for Thomas to arrive home safely from the pub. Since you weren’t a big fan of drinking you chose to stay home and let Tom and Harrison have a fun night out. 

  You set your book down on the coffee table in front of you and sped walked your way to the door. Upon opening it, you let out a breathy chuckle as your boyfriend stood before you with his arm propped up on the door frame putting his body weight against it. His eyes were squinted half shut, and a goofy grin played over his lips, “ ‘ello darlin’,” he greeted, his accent much thicker than usual. 

     You shook your head at him and moved out of the door way for him to enter. He stumbled in slowly but surely, “How was your night out?” you asked as he kicked his shoes off. “Oh it was great. BUT I think I did something I shouldn’t have,” he slurred,

“And what might that be?”

“I can’t say. I wont say.” he raised his voice a little, worry rushed over him and he wanted quickly to change the subject, “Did you eat all my croissants darlin’?” Tom asked as he wandered aimlessly around the main floor of your house.

Slight suspicion crept over you at what he admitted moments ago, “Tom, there was never any croissants here to begin with,”

He swung around swiftly to face you, nearly falling on his arse as he did so. He grabbed for the wall and his face dropped at what you had told him, “Whaaaat? I was really looking forward to some croissants,” he mumbled.

 You sighed and extended your arms out to him, “C’mon, lets go to bed babe,” you tell him. The wide grin he entered the house with returned to his features. He attempted to brush away the loose pieces of hair that fell over his eyes, but they only tumbled back down. He stumbled his way to your arms and held you close to his body, “I love it when you call me babe. Keep calling me that,” he beamed.

   The two of you took your time maneuvering up the stairs and to your shared bedroom. “So what did you do tonight Tom?” you asked trying to bring up what he had briefly mentioned earlier. “Drank, sang, danced, drank some more.” He droned on, “Is that all? You didn’t, do anything you shouldn’t have?” You interrogated,

He stopped and looked at you suspiciously, “I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to get me to admit that I told my best friend that I love him,” Tom accused in a slur. Immediately after speaking he threw his hands up to his mouth to cover it, his eyes widening to saucers, “Oh no,” you heard him mumble. 

Your eyebrows furrow at your boyfriends strange behavior, “What’s so bad about that Tom?” you ask moving closer to him, 


“Because what?”

“Because, I’m not supposed to love anyone else other than you. I-just- i love you,”

Your cheeks warmed up to a rose red color at his words. He has told you that before of course, but you could never get used to the zoo that tramples your stomach at those three words. “Do you love Harrison more than me?” you asked him teasingly, “Well no. Harry doesn’t let me make out with him like you do,” he said so innocently. 

You were practically bent over laughing at this comment, “Just get ready for bed, you dork.” you let out between laughs, turning around you walked over to your dresser and rummaged around for yours and Toms pajamas. The soft thuds of clothing articles hitting the floor sounded in the room. Turning back to face Tom, you found him standing completely naked in front of the bed, slightly swaying back and forth disoriented from the alcohol. “Tom, sweetie, please put your penis away,” you tried to say with a straight face, but you couldn’t help it and let slip a giggle. 

Confused, he looked down to see that he, in fact had no pants on, “Did you pull my trousers down?” he asked in his clear accent, “No,” you giggled in response, handing him a pair of grey sweatpants.

Once he was done climbing into his clothes, he looked at you and pouted, “What’s wrong Tommy?” you questioned him, “You never said I love you back,” he spoke quietly while looking down at his feet. You made your way over to him, planted a gentle kiss on his forehead, and whispered, only for him to hear, “I love you,”

His features lit up and he smiled a toothy smile, “Good,” he giggled. 

You both climbed into bed, and settled in with Toms arm draped over your waist. Silence erupted in the room, and just as you were about to let sleep carry you away, the body laying behind you shot up and bolted into the bathroom running into the wall along the way. Tom spilled the contents of his stomach hopefully in the toilet. This was going to be a long night.

Imagine Castiel dressing up as your favorite Chief Medical Officer

Star Trek fun, I’m not one bit sorry. 

Dean version 

Just going to tag a few people who I know appreciate both of these handsome devils: @bkwrm523 @girl-next-door-writes @feelmyroarrrr 

You grab a beer and the package salad Sam had left you in the fridge. Shuffling towards your bedroom, the boys had left on a case that you opted out of. You were hoping to get some much needed alone time with your boyfriend, Castiel.

Pushing open the door to your bedroom, you nearly drop the beer in your hand. Castiel was standing there with his back to you, his usual get up replaced with a dark blue long sleeved shirt and black pants tucked into black boots.

He turns to you, his hands behind his back with a satisfied smirk on his face. Your eyes widen at the silver Starfleet insignia on the shirt. Cas walks toward you, his hands still behind his back as he steps in front of you.

“Hello, darlin’.”  

His voice comes out in a deep southern drawl that has you wet in an instant.

“What are you doing?” you practically whimper under his gaze.

“I understand you have a thing, as Dean put it, for Leonard McCoy. Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise,” Castiel brought his hand to your waist pulling you against him.

With the salad and beer still in your hands, he takes them from you walking away to put them on the desk. You quickly shut the door behind you and when you turn Cas is right in front of you holding up a replica tricorder to your body.

“I detect a high level of arousal, Commander Y/N,” the angel’s voice tries to sound serious, but there is a hint of playfulness in his tone.

“Well Doctor, do you think you can do something about that?”

Castiel’s eyes narrow, he hands over the tricorder and pulls you to the bed. He pushes you down gently onto the bed, smirking as his body lingers over yours. Cas thrusts his hips into you, causing you to moan out in pleasure. Your reaction causes him to chuckle, raising his eyebrow as he starts to unbuckle his belt.

“Sweetheart, you’re in good hands.” 

“Bitty, look at this photo.“ 

"Mhmm, nice." 

"No Bitty, it’s more than nice. It’s indecent. How dare he look this good." 


"No, you don’t get it Bits. How do I wake up to that everyday? Every. Day. I want to kiss his stupid face. How???" 

"You could just kiss his face’." 



"Bitty. Bits, my bro- you’re a genius." 

"Go get ‘em, tiger!” 😉

(In which Holster is pining away for our boy Ransom and confides in Bitty)


McCree x GN!Reader
443 words
Fluff - Mentions of a cigar, romance

“Hey, lovely,” he says, leaning against your desk. He’s smiling as big as his cigar allows, and his hat is tilted back slightly, allowing for you to see his face.

“McCree,” you say, politely, before turning back to your work. Apparently, no one knew how to do paperwork except for yourself. It was annoying to say the least.

“I have a favor to ask-” He starts, but you interrupt him with a cutting glare.

Your mouth is in a thin line, your tone telling him to back off, “I swear to god, McCree, if you ask me to file your most recent field report I will crack your skull.”

He laughs, his whole body shaking as his hand comes to cover his stomach, “Goodness, darlin’, I know how to file a report. I was wonderin’ if you wanted dinner?”

You smile, “Sure, I get off at five. Who else is coming?”

“Just the two of us, darlin’. Like a date, ya’ know?”

Your whole body stop. Your fingers stop typing in Mercy’s report from two days ago, and you can feel his eyes on you.

“McCree - I mean, Jesse - I mean, why?” You ask. You didn’t understand - did he think you were someone else? The other secretary that was there when you weren’t?

He laughs again, a smile still on his face, “Lovely, I’ve been flirtin’ with you for months now, ya’ just never gave me the time of day.”

You want to punch yourself, because all the signs were there - the smiles, the touches, the cute nickname, the gifts. He had once gotten you a necklace you had remarked upon once when the two of you were window shopping.

“I - you never said anything,” You respond, still not understanding the situation.

“‘Cause I was sure ya’ didn’t like me back.”

You scoffed, “Uh, wrong.”

His smile gets larger, almost breaking his face it was so wide. “What does that mean?” He teases.

You backtrack, “No! I mean - not no! Like, yes, but also, are you sure you like me? I think Olivia - you know the other secretary - should be here in another hour or so if you thought she was here. I bet you thought I was her. It’s okay, I can just ignore everything, and you can ignore everything! And, I never said I’m kind of in love with you, and this never happened!” Your smile is forced.

“I know it’s you, Michaela. I like you.”

You smile, “Oh. Good.”

“And from what I could tell from your ramblin’-”

You interrupt with, “I did not ramble!”

“-you like me just as much.”

Your can feel your face heat up, “Shut up, cowboy.”

He smiles, “So, how ‘bout that dinner, lovely?”

Better Chance

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Prompt: Yay another fab writer for me to follow!! Please tag me in everything! Oh and how about Bones x reader, secret relationship and him blurting it out in front of everyone as Jim and scotty are constantly flirting with her? - @feelmyroarrrr

Pairing: Bones x reader


Words: 1345

A/N: This was way too fun to write! 

“Leonard…” You groan as his alarm goes off far earlier than necessary. Reaching behind you, you swat at him until he reaches over and shuts it off.

“Mornin’ darlin’.” His voice is rough with sleep and it sends a pleasant shiver down your spine. He presses a kiss to the back of your neck and sits up, causing you to whine at the sudden loss of heat.

“Five more minutes…” You mumble, burrowing further into the blankets. He sighs and lets out a slight laugh, used to your antics at this point.

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The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains ***SMUT***and strong language. Readers discretion is advised.

A/N - This is set during series 3 where Finn is at an age of consent.

Reader X Finn Shelby

Finn sat quietly in Tommy’s living room with the fireplace crackling beside him and a smoking cigarette between his fingers, with his other hand he preceded to push back his hair as he contemplated the unexpected blow that Tommy dealt him only an hour previously. His thoughts however soon drifted to you, his longtime friend and new girlfriend. You had known one another since you were both in nappies but it wasn’t until the last few months your feelings for one another changed to that of romantic attraction. So far you both agreed to keep the relationship a secret in order to stop the rest of the Shelby boys from meddling until you were both ready but this however proved to be a disadvantage.

“Hey Finn, there you are, I’ve been looking all over for you.” You said as you walked up behind him planting a light kiss on his cheek.

“Hey darlin’, come and sit next to me.” He greeted you in an unusually somber fashion.

“What’s up? You’ve got a face on you like a wet weekend.” You questioned whilst rubbing his leg affectionately.

“Tommy’s got plans to marry me off to one of the gypsy girls in return of them helping us out with a big job.” He replied as he got up and walked to the window staring out into the pitch black night.

“What? You’ve got to be joking, no way, he can’t do that.” Your voice cracked as you tried to get your head around it.

“Tommy does what Tommy wants.” Finn said as he turned around to see your tears beginning to fall down your face.

Walking over, he kneels down in front of you taking your hands in his. “Don’t worry (Y/N) I’m right here I’m not going anywhere, I’m going to sort this, I’m going to tell him all about us and get him to change his mind. What ever happens I’m not marrying that girl, if there’s anyone that I’m going to marry it’s you.”

Finn leans in to kiss you before trailing down your neck making you groan as he kisses your sweet spot on your collarbone. “Your mine (Y/N).” He whispers up into your ear as his hand wanders down to the bottom of your skirt pushing it up and slipping his hand into your panties. Your groans become rapid as he rubs your clit in soft circles. With your free hands you begin unbuckling his belt before flipping him onto the sofa and climbing on top of him where you free his hardening manhood which stood to attention making you giggle. Finn lined himself up with your entrance before guiding you onto him. He threw his head back and grunted in ecstasy as you began riding him, picking up pace as you gained rhythm. “Fuck (Y/N) you feel so goddamn good.” He moaned. Just before you could respond the door opened and Tommy walked in.

“What the fuck is going on in my fuckin’ living room.” Tommy shouted.

“Oh shit.” You and Finn said in unison as you both looked over to see Tommy standing there with a mixture of shock and anger on his face.

“Finn get your cock out of (Y/N), I wanna word with you outside now!”

When Jim gets fucked by Bones, he likes it hard and rough and fast, on his knees, with bones spanking him occasionally and holding him by his hair, whispering in his ear darlin’, you’re taking it so well.

When Jim gets fucked by Spock he likes to be on his back, folded on himself with his legs on spock’s shoulders, spock whispering to him in vulcan, his breath hot on jim’s face, melding with him. He cries.

Valentines Day Fic (Sombra/McCree)

“We really gotta stop meetin’ like this.”

Sombra smiled to herself upon hearing the cowboys voice behind her. She didn’t turn away from her drink at the bar when she replied, “Sabes, I don’t know if I’m worried I found someone that can sneak up on me, or if I’m just impressed.”

McCree took the seat beside her, lopsided smirk on his face. “Darlin’ given that we’re on opposite sides I’d be more worried.”

“Nah. You won’t shoot at me.”  She turned to him, leaning her chin on her hand. “I mean, probably not.”

“And why’s that?” He asked, flagging down the bartender and pointing to Sombra’s drink.

“Because I think you quite like me, Vaquero.” She chuckled. “Also if you reach for your Peacemaker I’ll just, y’know, take control of your arm.”

McCree chuckled in response as the bartender set down his drink in front of him. He lifted it toward her in a toast. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

She raised her glass, clinking it softly against his. “Was that today?”

“Ya mean you’re not here to drown your sorrows for spendin’ it alone?” He smiled teasingly before drinking from his glass.

“Well, I don’t appear to be spending it alone at the moment.” Sombra smirked.

McCree shrugged, not meeting her gaze but smirking down at his drink instead. “And neither am I, it would seem.”

She hummed softly in response, watching him. “What brings you to California.”

He frowned and gave her a pointed look. Overwatch business. He didn’t have to elaborate. He couldn’t, in the same way that she could not. “Ya know I can’t answer that. I take it it’s probably the same reason you’re here.”

She gave him a teasing smirk and shrugged. “Gee, maybe.”

McCree sighed. “Right. No work talk.”

“No work talk.” She agreed. From their first accidental meeting and odd formation of friendship it had been an unspoken rule. Sombra sighed, giving him a smile. “Let me buy you your second drink, Vaquero.”

“Won’t say no to that, thank ya darlin’.” He tipped his hat at her, causing her to smile.  

Sombra laughed softly before ordering them another round. “So. Christmas in Dorado. New Years, still Dorado, but a different bar on the other side of of town yet we manage to bump into each other.  Valentine’s in San Diego. Do we want to plan for St. Patrick’s or…?”

“I’d say leave it to chance…” McCree reached out for his drink. “But then, there’s still a chance I won’t see ya.”

Sombra’s brows raised in surprise. “So you do wanna run into me,” she smirked, “what happened to ‘we gotta stop meetin’ like this’?” She mimicked his voice.

“”S what I’m sayin’.” McCree shrugged, taking a swig. “Might as well plan it.”

Sombra nodded a little, taking a sip from her own glass.”Well then, where for St. Patricks?”

McCree shrugged. “‘M not sure where I’ll be next month.”

“I’ll contact you a week before then.”  She smiled.

“How?” He raised a brow. “I haven’t given ya- oh.”

She’d pulled up a screen in front of them with the files she did have on him.

He cleared his throat. “Right. ‘Course.” He finished his drink.

She shut the screen, chuckling, before catching up to him with her own glass. “So. Do you want to get out of here?” She smirked over at him, leaning her elbows on the bar.

He seemed to choke on air for a moment. “Uh, pardon?”

“Aw, come on, Vaquero, I thought that was the clear direction we were headed here.” She leaned back on the bar stool.

“Well…” McCree cleared his throat. “Didn’t expect it two drinks in.” He chuckled softly.

“I have been here for two hours and it is Valentine’s day.” She sighed, fingers against the glass.

“So you were drownin’ your sorrows.” He smirked at her.

She shrugged. “That and maybe looking for someone to spend the night with. But like I said earlier, I seem to no longer be alone.”

He stared at her for a few moments. “‘M stayin’ with friends. So-”

“Hotel’s three blocks away.” She winked, pulling up a screen and a keyboard. She typed away for a few moments. “Oh look, I happen to have a room…”

McCree smiled at her. “Ya really are very resourceful…”

“Vaquero…” She stood, setting money down on the bar. “You haven’t seen the half of it.”

He nodded, “I look forward to it then.” He stood, rolling his shoulders. “Shall we?”

“Mhmm.” Sombra nudged him forward.

They were out on the street before she spoke again. “Can I make one tiny request, Vaquero?”

“Depends…” He gave her a wary look.

“Keep the hat on.” Sombra winked, walking ahead of him towards the hotel, hearing his chuckling behind her.

on ao3

Imagine crawling into Benny’s bed when you’re drunk, complaining about the cold.

Originally posted by girly-fanatic

“Uh, (Y/N)?” You hear Benny’s voice meet your ears, the sound soothing the subtle throbbing behind your eyes. You let out a dopey smile and prop yourself up on the cool cotton sheets.

“Heyy, Benny Baby.” You greet. He leans his arm against the door frame of his room, pushing his tongue against his lip in thought.

“Darlin’, what are you doin’ in my bed?” He asks, a light chuckle coming from his lips. You let your arms go slack and you land on your back onto the pillows.

“Well, whil-while you buys were gone, I decided to have a bit to drrrrink. And I got cold, so I came here to wait for you. Now, get your clothes off mister, I’m still cold as, as Antalaska.” You say, rolling onto your stomach.

“Alright,alright I’m comin’.” He steps into the room and shucks off his clothes quickly,leaving himself in just his boxers. He shimmy’s under the blankets and you nuzzle closer to him, humming happily. “What I’d like ta know is, why did ya come all the way to my room, on the other side of the bunker. I also know for a fact y’all got a space heater in your room.” 

“Hmm, well.” You slowly hook your leg over his body and straddle his thighs, lowering yourself to lay down on his broad chest, your head tucked into the crook of his shoulder. You nuzzle his neck and kiss it tenderly. “You’re big, strong, and a batter, a better, space heater than I’ll ever have.” Benny smiles as he feels your body relax, no doubt whatever you had drank taking effect on your muscles. He tucks your hands under your body, your soft palms pressing against his bare chest. His fingers start tracing patterns on your back, under the over sized shirt you had worn,the sounds of your quiet breaths, lulling him to sleep.

Jesse McCree knew he wasn’t the smartest man in the world, but he didn’t have to be to know something was wrong with you. He would see those moments before you ran off on your own, returning only when your eyes were dry and your heart no longer beat like a storm in your chest.

He wasn’t a genius, but he knew you were lying to him.

You stood with your fingers curled around the porcelain sink, your breaths leaving you quickly. You weren’t sure what caused it, but you knew you couldn’t let McCree see a second of it.

“Darlin’?” His sweet voice called through the door, and your breath hitched. You coughed, choking on the spit that filled your throat. “Ya alright?”

No. I’m not.

“Yeah! I’m fine! Just a little…ill.” You hoped that was enough to please him, but you never heard his footsteps move away from the door.

“Y'know, I’m here for ya. I’ll always be here for ya.” He was leaning against the door, his voice muffled but warm.

You lowered your head and closed your eyes, trying to steady your breathing. Your heart nearly stopped when the door swung open, and McCree sauntered in.

“I know how to pick a lock, sugar. Now, are ya gonna tell me why ya have been hidin’ from me?” He asked, refusing to move away from your only exit.

You hugged yourself, refusing to meet his eyes. His fingers slipped beneath your chin, and he lifted your head, staring down at you.

“I…I don’t think I’m ready to. It’s too much for me to unload on you all at once, and I don’t want you to be pushed away,” you said in a quiet voice.

“I won’t do that, darlin’. However, I know it’s a lot for ya. Just know I’m here for ya,” McCree said, slowly taking you into his arms, “I’m here when ya need someone to talk to.”

You nodded against his chest, breathing in the strong scent that seemed to stick with him. You could feel your heart slowing down, your breathing going steady.

“I got ya, sugar.”

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I might not cook or get dolled up for ya but when your ol’ mans at work slavin away you can bet your sweet ass I’m still his darlin’. @blau_me 💋


WWE Imagine

Requested- Dean Ambrose gets his hands on you after you’ve been teasing him all day!
Word Count: 1291
Warnings: Smut, Language.
Author’s Notes: LOVE, this request I hope you enjoy Anonn!

  You smile when you spot Dean walking through the hallway, he was walking towards you, his head down, headphones in. You smiled a little wider, his shaggy hair bounced with every step.

  “Hey watch it!-” You said, with fake irritation  as you purposely stepped in front of him, making him run into you.

  “I’m sorry Darlin’!” His wide eyes were filled with sincere worry as his hands grasped you tightly around the waste, pulling you towards him to balance you.

 “Well, normally I would be upset, but since the result was me being pressed against you like this I don’t really mind” You giggle, reluctantly stepping back, your teeth catching your bottom lip suggestively.

 “Oh, I- uh-” He shakes his head, his face reddening a little as his casts his gaze down at the floor.

  “Come on Ambrose, don’t be shy” You purr as you walk by him, skimming your hand across his thigh lightly. “See you tonight” you murmur softly, “In the ring of course.” You smile as a shiver runs though him.

 “Yeah, see you to-tonight!” He stutters, shoving his hands into his pockets, and walking down the hall again, glancing back at you a couple times. You and Dean had a tag-team match tonight against Seth and Sasha, and you intended to drive him crazy the whole time.

Through out the match you  bounced up and down and bent over the ropes, making sure he got a eye full whenever you could. When you were tagged in you made sure you whimpered loud enough for him to hear, and when you were hit, you made sure it sound much more suggestive than it was.

 When you get backstage you deliberately try to walk away from him, smiling as he catches you quickly, his huge hand curling around your smaller wrist, engulfing it, and tightening, stopping you and swinging you around to face him, his eyes were burning.

 “What was that all about Y/N?” His voice was low and husky as he racked his free hand through his disheveled hair. His grip never left your wrist. You looked over him once, taking in his appearance. His black wife beater was soaked with sweat from the match, his arms glistened with sweat as well, and his face was only a couple inches from yours, his breath fanned over your face.

 “I don’t know what you’re talking about Dean I was jus-”  “Don’t play stupid Y/N” Dean interrupted you, not falling for your innocent gaze, and fluttering eyelashes.

 “You’ve been teasing me all damn day, and you know it” His voice was low, and sent shivers down your spine.

 “What are you going to do about it Mr. Ambrose?” You purr, steeping closer to him, your faces only a couple inches apart.

 He let out a low growl, his eyes closing as he raked his hair back again, when he opened his eyes again, they were filled with need, and hunger. “Well, I think I am going to take you back to my locker room and make you beg for me to fuck you senseless since you want to be a little tease Y/N” His tone made you shiver, and sent a hot, wet, wanting to directly to your throbbing mound.  

 “Dean!” You squeal as he yanks you through his locker room door, slamming you against the wall adjacent to the door, his hands finding your shirt ripping it over your head, tossing it to the floor behind him as his lips find your neck.

 “Dean please!” You beg as he pulls his shirt over his head discarding it as well, and reaching down to undo the buckle on his belt.

  “Mmmm, that’s what I want to hear Darlin’ Beg me” He snarls his jeans falling to the floor as he steps out of them, his erection springing free. He was big, bigger than anyone else you‘d ever slept with.

  You make quick work of your ring shorts, pushing them down quickly, your panties going down with them. “Damn Y/N” Dean stops for a second taking in your naked body, his eyes roaming all over your exposed flesh, landing on the apex of your thighs.

 “Please Dean I need you” you whimper as you step into him, his erection pressing into your hip hard, throbbing softly against you. “Please” you moan into his mouth as your tongues intertwine.

 “Lay down” he groans around your mouth, pointing at the bench in the centre of the room. You hurry ove to it, and lay flat on your back, spreading your legs so that there is one on either side of the bench, your soaked cunt exposed as he settles between your legs, his face inches from your core.

 “Looks like someone is ready” Dean murmurs, his breath breezing over you and making your back arch.

 “I’ve been ready since I first saw you” You breath as his tongue caresses your knob, swirling skillfully around you, making you moan loudly. “Fuuuck!” You hiss, gripping the bench with one hand and moving so the other is curled into his long hair.

 “Mmm You taste amazing Y/N” Dean purrs again, one of his finger tracing your entrance, driving you crazy. “Dean! Pleaseeee!” You whine pushing against his face and fingers, your body begging for some kind of release.

  He pushes one finger into you achingly slowly, his tongue still lapping at your heat. “Christ you’re tight” he growls as he pushes another finger into you, making a come-hither motion  over and over, making you whimper and throw your head back.

“Please fuck me Dean please!” You beg your voice cracking as you moan.

 “Since you asked so nicely” He coos, removing his fingers and crawls up your body, planting kisses up your torso, stopping momentarily at each of your hardened nipples, taking each into his mouth one at a time, his teeth and tongue tormenting them.

 “Dean!” You beg, grinding yourself into him, your body aching with want. He smiled down at you as he positions himself against your soaked mound. “Ready baby?” He Teases, his breath heady in your ear, his teeth grazing your earlobe.

 “Please” you whimper once again. “Ah!” You nearly scream as he buries himself into you in one hard thrust, “Shit, God you feel good.” He growls against your neck.

You wrap your legs around his waist, and your arms around his broad shoulders, Digging your nails into him. “Fuck, Dean, Fuck!” You moan as he stretches you, his cock pounding in and out of you repeatedly, his breathing becoming thicker in your ear. “Oh Fuck, Jesus you feel as good as you taste Darlin’!” Dean exclaims as he bottoms out in you once again.

“Dean! I’m going to Cum!” You nearly scream as he hammers into you for what seems like the hundredth time.

 “Good girl, Cum on my cock” He snarls into your ear sending you over the edge as a hard orgasm rocks through you, Making you wake and clench him.

 “Fuck, Mmm I’m going to cum to baby!” He moans into your neck his breath hot on your neck. “Agh!” He grunts as he pushes hard into you once more, his load filling you.

 “Shit” you whimper as he pulls out, and collapses on the bench next to you. “That was amazing” you pant, your eyes still closed as you try to steady your breathing.

 “Yes it was.” He grins, his breathing still erratic. “Round two?” You giggle, crawling on top of him, placing your hands on his chest and a kiss on his lips.

anonymous asked:

Hi. This may sound like an odd question but still ...:) What seasons of Spn are your favourite? Im currently finishing season 2 and its simultaneously good and bad to know that there are many more seasons ahead. So,please tell me which seasons you guys like the best and which not so much?

hi, darlin’ ❤ not an odd question at all, I love talking SPN seasons!

so, to put it in the simplest way, here’s a list ranking it from 1-12

  1. Season 2
  2. Season 3
  3. Season 1
  4. Season 5
  5. Season 4
  6. Season 11
  7. Season 8
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beliza121  asked:

Hey! If this gets to you before the end of the day then can I have a valentines day match up pretty please?? If not then no worries! I'm a shy little 5 foot 3 girl who could easily sleep in until 2pm. Lazy is my middle name and playing sims is basically what I do for a living. I do love a drive anywhere though, and a good hike (about once a week/month shh). If offered, I can be adventurous but I basically just don't take anything seriously. Hope this is enough! OHHH I'M A BIG FOODIE OMNOMNOM

Hi! Aw darlin I just wanna hug you! So much like me, food and sleep!

So you said either MM or KBTBB so I’d match you up with Jumin!

Hear me out, he loves and adores to watch you sleep for so long, making sure you had food when you woke up. Lots of food too, and good food! As for the driving, he helped you plan road trips, amazingly cars to drive. I think you’d make a gooooood match!

fae-rei  asked:

ey my love. i'm currently studying midwifery, and thinking about doing dissertation on the medical vs recreational use of cannabis in pregnancy. I was wondering if you smoked/ate anything cannabis related whilst pregnant or breastfeeding? have been intrigued by its use in alleviating morning sickness, and wondered if you had any thoughts? xx

Hi darlin! What a fantastic and interesting thing to study! I used cannabis during both my pregnancies to alleviate my debilitating morning sickness, which bordered on HG with my daughter. During the first couple months all herb made me too nauseous to be around, but by the beginning of my second trimester I was able to use oil to soothe my stomach in the mornings enough to be able to eat without puking. During my first trimester I was barely able to keep down water, and both times I lost a lot of weight. I tried to medicate that early on a couple times but I just couldn’t abide the taste and smell. Tincture was all I could do during that time, and it helped a minimal amount. During the second two trimesters I was still sick in the mornings, but less so. Without taking a dab first thing, I would be sick until 1 or 2 in the afternoon, at which point I could sometimes keep a little food down. Without having that morning dab I would have struggled immensely with getting enough nutrients and I believe I owe my healthy pregnancies to cannabis.
Good luck on your studies!!

anonymous asked:

Good morning my dear! 5 with my dearest, Alexander? 💙💙💙💙💙-Luna

5- Guilty pleasures

Alexander’s guilty pleasure is rocking out alone to 90s music. He lives for the soulful tunes and meaningful raps of that era. No one really pegs him as the “R&B type” or the “Rap type” but he definitely is. Y'all have no idea how many essays he’s written with Biggie spittin’ rhymes in his ears.

(Hey darlin’! 💛💜)