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—Morning After, touken headcanon/fic  ƸӜƷ

Summary: the morning after, chapter 125. Mini fic/headcanon.

Again, another mini fic/headcanon! you can read the rest of my headcanons/mini fics here, I hope you guys enjoy this ♡ let’s cry together because this is real and canon :’)

His scars tell a story.

Touka reads it with her fingers, nails softly outlining the marks tracing the shape of his bare shoulder, fingertips floating just above his skin and her touch feels so tender, so ethereal… almost as if she wasn’t touching him at all. His wounds tell a story she has learned to memorize over the years, the story of a boy with a broken heart trying to find someone willing to mend it. She can find herself on his marks as well, fingers tracing the spot she had bitten many years ago, she can read their story on his skin just by touching him, she can remember, and feel, and love… it’s all there, right in front of her.

The morning sunlight feels like golden rain caressing his features, and her hand suddenly stops when it reaches his lips, softly parted and breathing life. Her fingertip caresses his lower lip, his chin, the rosy tone of his cheekbones… Touka can’t help but smile a little, heart fluttering furiously.

“Kaneki,” she whispers.

He stays the same, with his arm under her head and the other weekly wrapped around her waist, keeping her close to him. She smiles softly, head popping up on one hand as she leans closer to his face, lips brushing his cheeks.

“Kaneki,” she repeats, her breath tickling his skin.

His eyebrows frown a little, babbling.


“Wake up,” she mutters, spreading kisses across his face, ending at the corner of his lips.

He grimaces again, readjusting the grip of his arm around her waist, pulling her closer.


Touka sighs, going back to her old position and landing her gaze to the only window inside that building.

“Because,” she says, resting her head against his arm. “It’s already morning. We have to go back.”

He nods, lazily, but doesn’t make an attempt to get up or even open his eyes. He stays like that, breathing slowly, and Touka doesn’t think she has ever seen something as peaceful as this. Her hand reaches out to touch his hair, brushing it slightly, his lips drawing out a sluggish smile that makes her heart stop.


His eyes open drowsily, smiling at her, and Touka can’t help but smile back, her face burning and not because of the sun brightening the walls. Kaneki takes her hand, holding it against his cheek, letting out a deep sigh.

“Just one more minute.”

She lets him stay like this for a while until her back starts to sore and she has to sit on the floor, stretching her neck and arms, making a disgusted face. Damn floor. Her hands reach out for her shirt, undoing the buttons, and her eyes flicker when she feels Kaneki’s fingers touch her back, tracing a small pattern on her skin. So he is awake, after all. Touka takes a deep breath, trying to concentrate on what she’s doing, not being truly able to hold back the feelings that curse through her body whenever he touches her. Is it… always this way? Will it always be like this? Not that she complains, of course, but still—

“Don’t you feel uncomfortable?” she asks, putting her shirt on as she peers down at him, he has his eyes open. He’s staring at her back like she’s some kind of nude goddess. She tries to remain calm. “The floor isn’t particularly warm, you know.”

She adjusts her sleeves, leaving the shirt open, and suddenly Kaneki’s body raises from the ground. He settles by her side, yawning, and leans to rest his head against her legs in a fetal position.

“Now I’m fine,” he says, closing his eyes again. “But you are right. We should… uh, get a bed. N-Next time, I mean.”

“Next time?”

He bites back a mischevious smile, cheeks burning brighter than the sun.

Touka stares at him in silence, she can’t breathe properly yet, probably she never will, but she smiles at knowing that she’s the only one who gets to see him this way. Smiling, sleepy, drowsily resting his head against her thighs to find warmth, wrapping an arm around her leg, desperate for the slightest of her touches.

The only one.

She’s the only one.

Touka’s hands dance through his hair, trembling softly, and she can spot a tiny smile tugging at the corner of his lips. They’re so close, so close, and there’s nothing around them that can tear her away from him. Not anymore, not unless she allows it. And she won’t. Not now, not ever.



The fact that he isn’t looking at her makes the whole situation less embarrassing. It makes her brave, somehow, to ask.

“Was that—“ she begins, a bit unsure. “Was that your first kiss?”

He sighs in response, eyes still closed.

“No. I’ve been practicing on random strangers for a while now,” he grins, wild hair spread all across her legs, lips smiling at the stupid joke. “Yes. That was my first kiss.”

Her heart pounds, sending shivers down her spine.

“Mine too,” her voice comes lower than usual, almost as if she’s speaking to herself, but Kaneki is not deaf to her words anymore, and he listens, every single one of them.

He smiles softly. He’s been smiling since he woke up and she suspects he will keep doing it for a while. His hand takes hers, their fingers intertwine, he keeps pretending a fake sleep and Touka allows him to stay this way a bit more, Touka and Kaneki are silent for a long while, listening to the wind, feeling their throbbing hearts through the connection of their fingers, feeling each other even with their eyes closed.

It’s not that their bodies are naked or that he’s resting against her legs, but the moment is filled with an intimacy that Touka knows she has never shared with Kaneki before. She keeps stroking his hair, fingers humming a soft lullaby against his skin. He’s awake, he’s alive between her arms, he’s alive when she leans her lips against his and brushes them slightly, when her hands rest against his chest, burning his skin; he’s alive when he sits up, staring at her mesmerizing beauty, her shirt open and poorly covering her nudity, the fabric sliding off her shoulder, exposing her collarbone and everything else that he considers being more than perfect. He holds his breath, unable to breathe, his hand reaches out to her messy morning hair, making it look even crazier. She giggles, trying to stop him, but he leans against her lips and Touka feels like this kiss will last forever.

She lets him, even if they are in a hurry and they should probably be leaving this building by now… Touka lets him, closing her eyes, offering him all that she has, all that she is. Kaneki kisses her, not caring about time or anything else as his lips travel down her neck, hands getting rid of her shirt.

Touka sighs, arms enveloping his neck once more, her heart allowing him to do whatever the hell he wants with her.

They have this.

They have each other.

They have enough.

Songbird-Ch. 5

Mystic Messenger Mafia AU 


Word Count: 2,407


~A/N: I was going to add the smut in this chapter but I decided I would separate it into it’s own, that way people that don’t want to read the NSFW can just skip it! Sorry it’s been soooo long, guys! My life is just hectic so it’s hard for me rn but I hope you enjoy this chapter! 

     "I heard you the first time, Saeyoung,” V spoke softly, his hand gripping the head of his cane as he sat unmoving in the chair.

     “Y’know, a good way to indicate you’ve heard someone is to actually reply. Just a tip,” Saeyoung snapped. “You’re being alarmingly calm about this, considering the shit storm that’s decided to roll it’s way through us.”

     V sighed, though his vacant gaze was unwavering. “I’m anything but calm. However… acting out in hysterics isn’t going to solve our problem. Talking like adults…deciding our next course of action. That’s what gets things done. Point a finger at me again, Saeyoung, and I’ll pop you in the mouth myself.”

     Though they both knew he would never, but still Saeyoung slumped down in the nearest chair with a sour face. V could barely make it out, but he knew the expression well. It had been the same since he was a child. The corners of his mouth pulled down and his brow pinched together with fury, like it’s the last face he’ll ever make, and V tried to hold back a fond smile.

     “Do you have any inkling on who it might be?” Jumin finally spoke up.

     “If I did, I wouldn’t be here talking to you, now, would I?” Saeyoung huffed, not bothering to hide his annoyance.

     “Sorry to interrupt,” an unexpected voice found its way into the room.

     “Jaehee, what is it?” Jumin straightened up as she closed the door behind her.

     Her face held hesitancy and she cleared her throat before finally speaking.

     “It’s about the latest bootleg shipment. Apparently, it’s gone missing,” she reported.

     “What the fuck do you mean, missing?” Saeyoung sat up from his chair.

     “I don’t know how to make it any more clear…” she made a quick glance at Saeyoung before returning her eyes to V. “The truck never made it to the drop point. No one has seen it or heard from the driver.”

     “This is not good,” Jumin hinted.

     “No shit,” Saeyoung said, the look on his face making it clear that his gears were turning.

     The room was silent as a church, everyones eyes on each other as if thinking the same thoughts. They were in good standing with the neighboring families. Everyone knew their territories and happily stuck to them. Plenty of police force names lined their payroll…so why now?

     “It could be the coppers,” Saeyoung said with a serious face.

     “It could,” said V, “it could be a number of things.” Jumin nodded in agreement. “ First things first. Jaehee, bring me more info on this missing shipment. I don’t care if you have to knock down the drivers’ mothers’ door, I want info. Find Frank, see if he’s heard of any recent booze busts.”

     “Of course,” Jaehee nodded and left the room as quickly as she could.

     “Saeyoung,” V continued, “you know what to do. I have my hands full as it is with this wedding situation.”

     “Oh yeah,” Saeyoung peeked through the blinds onto the courtyard. A crew of men were still setting up tents and tables in preparation. “Is this really the best time for this?”

     “It’s Marcos daughter, of course it’s a good time. When things get rough…that’s when we need celebration. There’s no better time to boost morale. Besides, he’s one of our best, and I seem to remember him saving your ass from a pinch more than a few times,” V smiled.

     Jumin decided to chime in. “Like his first soup job?” Both V and Jumin gave a hearty laugh. “Driving around the whole damned city with the safe in the struggle buggy,” Jumin continued, “before Marco showed up to save your ass. And how much did you end up cracking for, again?”

     “You know damn well how much,” Saeyoung sneered.

     “Then there’s no reason you can’t say it. Go ahead, hot shot. Remind us how much you swiped.”

     Saeyoung’s face turned sour, like the words were bile in his throat. “…Ten dollars,” he finally barked.

     Both of the men roared with laughter for a moment at the memory, so much so that Jumin seemed to wipe a tear from his eye.

     “Okay, okay,” V breathed in deeply when he stood from his chair, “leave the poor kid alone. Come on, let’s get some dinner.”

     He began to trail behind Jumin but paused for a moment, placing his hand firmly on the shoulder of Saeyoung and squeezing just once. His body was stiff and serious.

     “I’m trusting in you, Saeyoung. Find that son of a bitch,” V’s voice was almost a whisper, and as quickly as he had faced him he was now turned around, satisfied with his message.

     Saeyoung watched as they left, taking note of the fact that V seemed to be favoring his cane a lot more in the last few days. The weight of what that could mean fixed heavily on his shoulders, but his body remained stiff and strong with his resolve.


     There were joyous smiles all around as the sound of Zen’s singing filled the tent. Suddenly everyone was a hoofer, even the tough burly men could be found rolling up their sleeves and dancing with their gals to the music. It was strange to see the cities most dangerous criminals laughing and jabber-jawing, seemingly carefree. You had to admit, even you couldn’t help but get out there, taking Yoosung for a time as your partner. Now you took a break, fondly overlooking the bride with her done-up chestnut hair, her and her groom with goofy smiles as he spun her around.

     “How about that food,” Jaehee walked up beside you.

     “Look at you, all dolled up!” you smiled as you grabbed at the lace of her dress, “is it because…” you gestured with your eyes to Zen.

     “It’s a wedding,” she huffed but a pink tint spread on her face, “last I heard, you were supposed to dress nice,” she said matter-of-factly. “Besides, you don’t look half bad yourself.”

     You gave her a shy thanks before she thrust a bottle into your hands.

     “Say, do me a favor and bring that bottle to my table? They’re dry but…I wanna sit and listen to the rest of this song,” she mused.

     “Whatever you say, boss.”

     The table was half empty, two women you didn’t recognize and a guy you’d seen before on various jobs. He was portly with a kind face, practically jumping for joy when you placed the bottle on the table.

     “Join us, have a drink!” he shouted and poured you a glass quickly, sliding it in front of you as you sat.

     “I’m Betty,” the blonde girl to your left produced a perfect smile. “Isn’t this party just swanky? I’d love to get a look inside that house,” she sighed, sloshing the liquid in her glass before taking a sip.

     “She means inside the bedroom, particularly,” the brunette piped up. She had quite a bit of rouge on, or perhaps she was just that drunk, you couldn’t quite tell. The waves of her hair pressed neatly against her oval face.

     “Will you quit razzing me, already,” the blonde stuck her tongue out.


     The source of the voice was none other than Saeyoung. He and two other men approached the table in earnest.

     “Boss,” Anthony stood from his seat at once.

     Saeyoung gave him a few enthusiastic taps on the cheek as a greeting.

     “You haven’t come to say hi! Now I see why,” he laughed and winked at the ladies sitting in their seats, their bodies leaning in interest at the exchange.

     Saeyoung snatched the glass from Anthony’s hand, draining the contents into his mouth with one solid gulp. He gave an immediate look of disgust, shaking his head as he placed the cup on the table.

     “How can you drink this foot juice,” he pat the man’s broad back, “come on. I got the good stuff inside. You don’t mind if I steal him away, do you, ladies?”

     “Rhatz! No…go ahead,” they both nodded despite their pouty expressions. They were clearly hoping to be invited.  

     “Excuse me, then,” Anthony remarked before being led off by the men.

     Saeyoung tipped his hat to you before joining the other three in a laugh about something you hadn’t quite heard, their voices trailing as they made their way to the house. Something about the way that went made you feel cold. You’d never seen them interact much before. So, while everyone got lined up, occupied with giving their gifts to the happy couple, you decided to sneak off and see what they were up to. You couldn’t miss and opportunity to hear important information, and if anyone caught you, you’d just say you were looking for the powder room.

     Sure you had seen them go around this exact corner, but the grounds among the house were vast and confusing. You’d been here less than a handful of times, and never were you allowed to just wander around V’s house. The sounds of the music and chatter faded more and more, until you found a door slightly ajar.

     Your chest tightened with adrenaline and you stilled your breathing before peeking in the crack. The first thing you saw was Anthony, bloody faced and curled over on the floor, followed by a low hum of voices. A swift kick landed on his chest, the foot belonging to none other than Saeyoung.

     “It’s just like I said,” Antony hacked between his words, “the c-cop is my neighbor…our…our daughters play together…that’s all,” his hand gripped at his chest and his large frame began to shiver with pain. “I don’t know n-nothin about-“

     Saeyoung cut him off, bending down and grabbing Anthony by the collar.

     “You know what I think? I think you’re a fucking liar. I think you know a lot of things, things you might have told that cop friend of yours. And I just can’t have that,” he puffed a heavy breath of air before bringing his fist down thrice on the side of the mans face. “You fucked with my money.”

     It was a pain like no other creeping inside of you. Watching another person get beat, knowing it could be…should be you, instead. The guilt of it all was too much to handle. This man had a wife…a daughter. Sickness threatened to rise up and spill from your mouth.

     Saeyoung pulled a gun, his fingers readying it with a harsh click. Piss soiled the front of Anthony’s pants, streams of pleading words jumbled together through tears. However, the gun pointed swiftly towards the door. Towards you. All you could manage was a gasp before the trigger was pulled.

     The bullet blast through the door just above your head, raining shards of wood into your hair. After taking a moment to remember how to breathe, you kicked the door open, letting your rage take over.

     “Did you seriously just fucking shoot at me?!” you let out an exasperated scream.

     “Depends,” he stood up, dropping a now passed out Anthony back onto the floor and facing you with a calm expression, “did you seriously just fucking eavesdrop.”

     “Are you out of your fucking mind?” you said shakily.

     “Relax,” he drew the word out in a joking manner, “it’s not like I hit you,” he said casually, shrugging his shoulders.

     “She’s right,” another man spoke up, “what if V heard…we’d be in a shit load of-“

     “Ugh,” Saeyoung groaned, “you guys are too serious. No one heard, the music is too loud and they’re all drunk anyway.”

     He nudged at Anthony with his foot, the body still limp and unmoving.

     “Get him out of here and finish him, he smells like piss,” Saeyoung said.

     The two men each carried an end, hastily removing him from the room. And then it was silent for a moment.

     “Are you gunna keep staring at me or you gunna say what you wanna say?” Saeyoung broke the silence.

     “You have blood on your sleeves,” you quietly pointed out.

     Saeyoung inspected his arms. “So I do,” he rolled them up to conceal the stains before grabbing a towel to wipe his knuckles.

     More silence hung heavy in the room.

     “What if you’re wrong?”

     “About?” Saeyoung replied curtly.

     “Anthony. What if you’re wrong…won’t you feel bad?”

     “Now why would I go and feel something like that?” he smiled quizzically.

     “You can’t possibly be that cruel.”

     “And how do you know what I’m like,” he threw the towel before turning to you. “One mans life means nothing in comparison to what we have built. I’ll do what I have to to keep us alive.”

     “Even if that means killing the innocent?”

     “Doll, none of us are innocent.”

     That may be true, but it didn’t mean someone deserved to die. Laws are in place for a reason. The way they operated was barbaric, but of course you couldn’t say that. Not unless you wanted to end up in the same body bag as Anthony.

     “You’re too trusting. That’s how you end up dead, don’t forget that. Why do you care so much how I feel, anyway?” Saeyoung asked, stepping a bit closer to you.

     “I…I don’t know,” you admitted.

     Why did you care? You had a desperate need to know he had some good in him. Something about his character drew you in. Sometimes, when you were together, you could even forget that you both were on opposing sides.

     “Why are you here?” his voice was bold, his feet carrying him even closer to you.

     “I don’t know,” you said once again.

     His hand brushed the soft skin of your cheek, wiping at the rouge. “Are you stuck on me?”

     His face softened and the corners of his mouth formed a small smile. He held still, waiting for you to say something, anything. As much as you wanted to deny it, you couldn’t ignore the rapid beating of your heart at his touch. The look on your face must have said it all.

     Ever so slowly he pressed his lips against yours into a surprisingly gentle kiss. When you didn’t pull away, each kiss became rougher, all the built up tension releasing into this single act. He pressed himself against you and you moaned softly, realizing you had wrapped your hands around his neck at some point and pulled him closer.

Think of Me

@lostqueen1613 , @the-shadow-of-atlantis, @jxsontxdds, @miss-nerdalots, @welcometothecity

A/N: This has not been beta’d so I apologize if it isn’t the best. This is a sequel to Forget Me Not. There will probably be a part three to this lol

Dick stood there, frozen in shock at what had just happened. He watched as Y/N quietly rushed from the room before turning to Jason.

“What the actual fuck did you just do?” Dick asked quietly, trying to push back the anger he felt at his brother.

Jason lifted a brow in question before wincing. “What can I say? She was freaking me out.”

“Jason, she is your girlfriend.” Dick said, “Well, probably ‘was your girlfriend’ as I doubt you can come back from this, especially considering how awful you have treated her lately.”

Jason shook his head. “I don’t remember her at all.”

Dick studied the man lying propped up in bed for a moment. “What year is it?”

“Pfft, what kind of a question is that?” Jason scoffed.

“Just answer it.” Dick said as he sat on the bed.

“2015.” Jason said confidently.

Dick’s face paled as his fears were confirmed. “Jason… It is 2017.”

Jason was quiet for several seconds before letting out a quiet chuckle. “Nice try, Dick.”

“This isn’t a joke. This is very real and the woman that you just pushed away-” Dick’s voice rose as he gestured to the route Y/N had taken. “Is also very real and really loved you. Why she does is beyond me.”

Jason rubbed his eyes tiredly as he tried to process what Dick had just said. He didn’t want to believe it because it would mean he not only lost a year of his memory, but that he had managed to ruin another relationship. He sat like that, with his hands pressed against his eyes and taking deep breaths, for several moments. He heard Dick walk up to him and felt something being held out to him. He removed his hands and opened his eyes to find a phone in front of him.

“It’s yours.” Dick said as Jason took it. “Maybe it’ll help jog your memories.” With that, Dick turned and left the room. Leaving Jason with his thoughts.

He smoothed a thumb over the screen of the turned off phone. He steeled himself as he pressed the power button. He was met with a picture of Y/N. She looked as though she had been laughing as she turned to say something to someone. He felt his heart jump as he took in her bright eyes and wide grin. Even if he didn’t remember her, he had to admit that he wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with someone as gorgeous as her.

He wasn’t sure how he knew the password, maybe his fingers remembered what his brain could not, but he had soon unlocked the phone and was pouring over his texts. He had some to Roy and Kori, some others to his family, but his conversation history with Y/N was appeared to be almost nonstop. From flirting to grocery lists to “Good Morning/Night”s and “Stay Safes”. He shook his head as he looked at his pictures.

Again, he found a lot of Y/N. Pictures of them together, candid shots of her doing household tasks, and pictures she had left on his phone for him to find later of her face contorted in a bunch of different positions. He laughed when he saw a picture of his surprised face as Y/N gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled as he remembered the day that had been taken. They had just started dating and they were just hanging out. Y/N had suggested they take selfies as they were both incredibly bored. It had started with normal smiling pictures, when Y/N, being the mischievous imp she was, had decided to surprise him with that kiss. It had led to them forgetting all about taking selfies.

Wait, he remembered that? Jason stilled as scenes and feelings slowly flowed through his head. He didn’t have a full picture of the two years missing from his mind, but he definitely remembered more than he had before. He concentrated as he tried to build up a timeline using the memories he now had.

His side of their relationship was hesitant at first, then very soft and sweet, growing stronger and stronger, but then he got distracted. Distracted by what? Jason tried with all his might to remember. The mission. Human trafficking. Street kids. His young friends. He needed to save them. That must have been how he got hurt, but how did that affect his relationship with Y/N?

Then, he remembered. He had been finalizing all the details. Bringing everything together. She had brought him lunch and he had snapped at her. Why had he done that? He wasn’t mad with her, he just was afraid of failing those kids. And he had taken out his fear on the one person who deserved it the least. After all, she was just looking out for him. Even after he had pushed her to the side.

He could feel the tears gathering in the corners of his eyes as he thought about how shitty he had been to her. How could he even hope to fix this mess he had made for himself?

“You need to talk to her.” Dick said quietly.

“Anyone ever tell you it is rude to lurk in doorways.” Jason ground out at as he wiped his face.

Dick ignored him in favor of drawing nearer. “You have been a huge fucking jerk to Y/N. I don’t care if you regained your memories or not, in the very least you are going to apologize to her.”

“And what am I going to say? ‘Sorry I pushed our relationship to the backburner because I got too focused on a task and didn’t trust anyone to help me then got hurt as a result and developed amnesia and proceeded to be a dick to you.’? Yeah, that’ll fly over real well and she’ll have to forgive me.” Jason scoffed as he focused his eyes on the ceiling.

“This isn’t about her forgiving you.” Dick cried out in frustration. “This is about you admitting that you wronged her and trying to make amends. You can’t just refuse to apologize because you think she won’t forgive you. That isn’t how this works.”

Jason hated to admit it, but Dick had a point. “How soon can I get out of this bed? I’ve got some things to make right.” Jason murmured as he stared up at the ceiling.

Dick smiled at his brother’s words. “I’ll ask doc.” He said as he ran up the stairs to the kitchen where he knew Dr. Thompkins was talking with Alfred. He shot up a prayer to any higher power that would listen that it wasn’t too late for Jason to fix his mistakes.

Prom -Zach Dempsey

A/n: omg y'all idk if this is accurate, I never went to my prom Hahaha, enjoy babies! ❤

I put whip cream on a cappuccino and handed is over to Alex Standall, “enjoy your coffee.”
He smiled at me and took the drink of the table and left to sit with Jessica and Hannah.
The front door opened and I’m came Zach looking around Monet’s before spotting me. He smiled widely at me and started to walk over. I looked at my best friend Skye helplessly. I’ve had the biggest crush on him forever.
She shrugged and continued making someone’s drink.
“Y/l/n! What are you doing here?” He asked laughing slightly. He was pretending to be shocked to see me.
“Hey Dempsey! Yeah, I work here. I have for the past, oh, I don’t know, year and a half.” I said annoyed, “and you’ve seen me here since school started this fall, yet, you’re still pretending like you don’t know I work here?”
His smile dropped but he just reached for his wallet, “one Hot Chocolate please.” And handed me a 5 dollar bill with it.
I was about to start to count up his change, “keep it.” He shrugged.
I smiled and put the money back down before scratching hot chocolate on a paper in front of Skye.
“I’ll have that done in a second for you.” I nodded toward Skye who slid a coffee across the table to a middle school age girl.
“Y/n,” Zach said once I went to put the remaining change in the tip jar.
“Yes, Zachary?” I turned around to look at him.
“Um… I actually came here because I was just wondering if you had a date to prom yet?” He asked nervously.
“No,” I said walking over to the other side of the counter and changing out the filter, “i don’t know. I really have never wanted to go.”
Zach’s smile dropped, “oh…” he muttered.
I walked over to his finished drink and put while cream on it just like I did to Alex’s, “why? Do you need advice for asking someone to prom. Those promposals are getting so serious.” I laughed at how much effort people have been putting in for one night that doesn’t even matter. Skye handed me his drink which I put a thick, baby blue, striped, straw into. I slid his drink across the table.
“Um no. I just thought, maybe, you’d wanna go with me…” he looked down at his shoes.
The corners of my mouth tugged upward, “sure.”
He sighed, “I understand.” And grabbed his hot chocolate.
I laughed pushing a stand of hair behind my ear, “I said yes dumb head.”
“Wait really?!” He asked shocked.
“Sure why not,” I said well another person came towards the counter, “you should probably get out of here though, you have practice in,” I glanced at the clock, “about… 3 minutes and I have to take this order.”
Zach realized what time it was and he scrabbled to his feet and he just took his drink, smiled at me, and jogged for the door.
I looked at myself in the mirror once again, “i think I’m ready.”
My mom nodded and her eyes welled up with tears and she quickly wiped them.
I covered my face with my hands ever so gently to not smudge my makeup, “mom don’t cry. I’m just going to prom, not disappearing.”
“Oh don’t do that.” She took my hands away from my face and smiled fanning her eyes, “you’re just so grown.”
My friends and I all decided we wanted to all come to my house, with our families, to get ready for prom.
“Okay! Ladies, I think we’re all finished here?” My mom announced. Everyone nodded in agreement.
I linked arms with my best friend, Jaylyn, and she and I walked together outside. I stepped down the steps of my porch to see Zachary and all my friend’s dates outside too.
I smiled at in Zach’s direction to see him in depth of a conversation with Jaylyn’s boyfriend.
“Cameron!” Jaylyn said happily walking over to hug him.
“Hey.” That pulled him out of his conversation and put all of his concentration on Jaylyn. I looked at my best friend and her boyfriend admiringly.
Zach stared at me with wife eyes before I made my way over to him.
“Staring is rude, you know?” I joked and he laughed putting his head down.
“Hey baby.” He said happily dragging out the ‘y’ hugging me.
‘I am not the only traveler
Who has not repaid his debt’
My heartbeat quickened at the sudden slow song. I brushed my hands over my dress, smoothing out the sequins of my royal blue dress.
Zach walked back from talking with Justin and Jess.
“So… it’s a slow song.” He pointed out obviously before grabbing my hips lightly and pulling my body closer to him, “and I’m pretty sure this is the part when we dance together.”
I laughed lightly looking down, I wrapped my arms around his neck, having to lean up on my heels a little bit, “I guess so.”
'Take me back to the night we met’
This was one of my favorites songs, and only one person In all of Liberty knew that. I glanced up at tony, who gave me a wink and pointed to his DJ table.
I shook my head, internally laughing.
So it is, I went to prom with Zach Dempsey, The star basketball player. It almost didn’t feel real, but In a good way. I relaxed and I felt like no one else was in the room besides us.
The only thing that mattered right then, was Zach.
“You’re so beautiful.” The boy in front of me said snapping me out of my thoughts.
My eyes met his and thanks to the dim lights, he didn’t notice the pink tint rise on my cheeks.
“You’re not so bad yourself.” I smiled taking a 'freshly-done-nails-hand" to run through his soft, black hair.
“I love you y/n.” He whispered seconds later.
My stomach did a flip and my knees got weak but Zachary’s gentle, but firm grip on my hips stopped me from slouching even a little bit.
“I love you too…”

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Hey hun! Are there any fics you know of evak in their new apartment just living life. xx

Hello, lovely! Sure there are, let me make you a list :) Little heads up though, this might get pretty long ;)


  • there with me by Salambo06
    Summary: One morning, Isak comes to realise that he can’t remember the last time he woke up to Even’s side of the bed being empty. 
  • Home by i_once_wrote_a_dream
    Summary: “Are we getting kicked out?” Or, Isak and Even move in together. 

  • Firsts by XioNin
    Summary: It’s the first of many, Isak hopes. 

  • heaven help a fool who falls in love by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: “I’m going to call Even,” Eskild says slowly, “and tell him that you need rescuing from a spider. And then I’m going to go back to sleep, does that sound okay with you?” “No!” Isak cuts in frantically, “no, no, no, don’t tell him, you can’t tell-” “Cool!” Eskild says, singsong and airy. “Okay, Isak, love you too, don’t die before Even gets there.” “Eskild-” Eskild hangs up.

  • Moving In by Skamzombie
    Summary: Isak and Even’s first moments at their new apartment.

  • I Guess I’m Floating by overestless
    Summary: Living with Isak causes Even to discover some of his habits.

  • all things soft and beautiful and bright by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: Isak should’ve known it was a bad idea from the second he saw the Pinterest recipe, but - Well. He’s never claimed to be any good at saying no to Even.

  • Curtains, Posters, and Cream by BraveKate
    Summary: Isak thinks their new place is cursed. There are curtains.

  • Good Grades by XioNin
    Summary: What might have happened after today’s clip (2:10:3). Isak tries to study, but even when they’re apart Even is a distraction.

  • isak x even | a place of our own by WritenStuff
    Summary: “It’s ours,” Even repeated, the corners of his lips drawing into a wide smile. “Our own place.”

  • Silence Your Phone by faerieswing
    Summary: Short fluffy scene that takes place the evening after the “Onsdag 19.04.17 12:06” clip from the biology classroom, once Isak gets home from studying. Kissing and cuteness ensues.

  • wasted on this feeling by bbyfruit
    Summary: He’s got a good grade in biology, he’s got his own place that’s full of light, and he’s got a boy with a pencil threaded between his long fingers and graphite smudged across his face.

  • take me back, to the night we met by EvenbechNeiheim
    Summary: It’s 2 am, they saw 13 reasons why and they dance in their own kitchen while forgetting about the world.

  • so you play it wild by birthmarks
    Summary: Isak is dirty. Isak is shameless. Isak is possessive. Or: before, during, and after Isak and Even made out at school on Wednesday.

  • living life gets hard to do by colazitron
    Summary: Isak and Even have been living together for two and a half months now, and things aren’t as rosy anymore. But still good. Always good. (They’re getting better at talking about things.)

  • Puppy Love by skambition
    Summary: “Babe”, Isak put his hand on Even’s cheek, stroking it softly, “we can’t get a dog. Be realistic. You may have time now, but when you’re working on another movie, you’re basically not home at all. I can’t take care of a dog. You know me, I can barely feed myself!” Somewhere in the future, Even convinces Isak to adopt a puppy.

  • Good morning Snowflake by E_Box
    Summary: Their first morning in their new apartment. Isak is just really happy so he goes buy themselves breakfast.

  • The Sleepless Night by bri_ness
    Summary: It’s their first night in their first apartment, but Isak and Even can’t sleep.

  • home has always been with you by withoutwords
    Summary: Isak finally caught on, spluttering around his coffee, “Wait, you want to move in with me?” Even had laughed about it for a long time.

  • As long as we’re together by boxesofflowers & Eeyoreneedsahug
    Summary: Isak and Even move in together. Good thing they like each other because their apartment is shit. Also, Isak doesn’t know how to use a payphone (that might just be because it’s broken).

  • All Those Little Things by Evakoorhelm
    Summary: Isak comes home to the apartment that he’s shared with Even for two years. To a suprise. 

  • wish i could live in your heart by cynical_optimist
    Summary: Some mornings, Even will untangle himself from Isak completely, rolling out of bed to make breakfast. More often, he will try, and Isak will hold tight, and Even will stay, chuckling to himself and murmuring about octopi. These are the mornings Isak prefers, the ones where he can stare at Even’s face until he slips back into sleep or curl into him, every part of himself warm and safe.- Or, domestic mornings and being in love.

  • take you to where the sun shines, cast shadows on your face (crawl into their deepest recess,‘til i freeze or dehydrate) by vesperthine
    Summary: They drag themselves up the stairs, and Even closes the door behind them; enveloping them both in the shadows ( – the familiar smell, dust, home – ) of the hallway. At the far end, that grey light is spilling in from the kitchen, and it’s just enough to make out the silhouette of Isak’s throat as he swallows.This is the aftermath, then; adrenaline sublimated and only the pieces and shivers left in its wake.

  • you bring me home by hippopotamus
    Summary: Even comes home to find Isak listening to Harry Styles’ album.

  • in the place of you and me by DarkBeauty_890
    Summary: “Can I tell you a secret?” Even murmurs, tracing mindless patterns- zig zags and hearts and stars and infinity signs- up and down Isak’s bare back. He circles freckles and counts them, adding them to his never ending tally of things to know about Isak. Isak snuffles sleepily, “Mmhmm.” “You have made me happier in less than a year, than I think I have been in my entire life.” Eyes flicker open, hazy green; beautiful and open, “Ditto.”

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if you're still doing the prompt requests, could you do "I'm not even sorry." for nalu?? thanks if you do!!

He stole her last slice of pie. Natsu stole her last slice of pie.

“I’m not even sorry,” he tells her, shrugging, a hint of the cherry filling stuck to the corner of his lips. 

Lucy snarls at him. She’ll make him sorry. Natsu’s eyes widen when she stomps towards him, grabbing him by the collar and jerking him down, lips smashing against his in a messy kiss. He gasps against her, the sound slipping into a moan when Lucy immediately opens her mouth, tongue swiping across his lips until she tastes cherry.

Natsu’s arms come up to cage her, one hand fisting in her hair as he yanks her tighter against him, chests pressed flush together. Lucy nips at him, catching his bottom lips between her teeth and nibbling until he’s sighing into her mouth.

She pulls back just as suddenly, blinking up at him in shock, mostly at herself.

He stares back, wide-eyed. “Yeah,” he breathes. “I’m definitely not sorry.”

Pidge's Garden: Shiro's Hand VS Hunk
  • Hunk: *sees something out of the corner of his eye, nothing is there*
  • Hunk: *sees something move in the bathroom mirror*
  • Hunk: *hears something following him at night*
  • Hunk: *hears tapping at Shiro's door at 3AM*
  • The Next Morning:
  • Hunk: Guys... is your house haunted?
  • Pidge: Pfft no.
  • Matt: You still afraid of ghosts, Hunk?
  • Shiro: Is everything okay?
  • Hunk: *PARANOID*

Gif source:  Chris

Imagine making out with Chris Argent under the mistletoe.

——— Request for anon ———

You dangle the mistletoe over your head with a grin, getting his attention from where he was decorating the tree in the corner of his apartment, “Look what I just found!”

Chris looks up from the box of ornaments in his hands, face lighting up with amusement as he teases, “If only there were someone here to kiss you.” At your accusatory stare, Chris laughs motioning for you to come closer as he sets the ornament box off to the side, “Come here.”

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I've reread Steve Rogers' Halfway House for Notorious Supervillains three times within these two days. So, can I summon a little more by giving you a big huge red ❤️?

[ahhhh! I’m so glad you’re enjoying that fic. it’s proving a total delight to write.

and, well, I’ve only just started writing the next chapter, but here you go:]

“Let me get this straight,” Sharon said. “You were looking for Barnes, who’s the same as HYDRA’s Winter Soldier.” Steve saw Bucky twitch out of the corner of his eye and stiffened.

“I was,” he said. “They brainwashed him. He needed my help.” He didn’t love talking about Bucky like he wasn’t in the room, but Bucky hadn’t said a word in the last ten minutes. Sharon’s expression didn’t change.

“And while you were doing that, you found an abandoned HYDRA base with Loki, the alien of New York invasion fame. And you decided the thing to do was to take him home with you.”

Steve set his jaw. “There weren’t a whole lot of options. HYDRA buried him alive down there, and what they were doing…it’s not like I could give him back to SHIELD.” Even if, Steve thought privately, he would’ve been willing to.

Well, he realized with a pang, he might have, then. But now he was less sure that would’ve really been much better.

“And then Barnes came and found you and moved in, and following him some other people, probably HYDRA but who knows since they’re all dead and not exactly wearing name tags. And you’ve had Wilson collaborating this whole time.”

“Don’t say ‘collaborating’ like that,” Sam said. “I’d just say ‘helping.’” Sharon crossed her arms and Steve gave Sam a plaintive look. He shrugged. “She’s not wrong. That’s exactly what happened.”

Steve inhaled and looked at Bucky, who was still staring at the floor like it might bite him. Loki still hadn’t moved, either, though Steve had, with only a little embarrassment, put a pillow under his head, not exactly sure what else he was supposed to do when he didn’t know why Loki had passed out in the first place.

“Yeah,” he said finally, “that’s what happened. Put briefly.” He only just kept himself from asking so what are you going to do about it?

Random RSH
The local hawks are fascinated with Cooter. Both the Cooper’s and the Red Shouldered hawks will perch on the barn corner nearest his mew. This curious juvenile RSH sunbathed and then hopped on the wooden fence behind the mew to see if Cooter was on his window perch. They regularly have screaming matches when they spot each other! (He’s currently inside while I cut the grass around the mew, sorry little guy!)

Hi yes hello please don’t imagine John and Emori, hand in hand, wandering through the ship one night and turning down a very familiar corridor. Don’t imagine John slowing for a moment, confused then realizing, not wanting to go any further but not wanting to worry Emori. Don’t imagine Emori coming across a door with the words “Murphy Family” written clumsily in black ink along it, like a child’s handwriting. Don’t imagine Emori opening the door and cautiously stepping inside, like she’s treading on unhallowed ground, scanning the walls and beds and empty drawers and realizing that this was his home. This was his family. This was his happy. Don’t imagine John looking around the room he hasn’t seen in years and remembering. Remembering his parents dancing to music when they thought he was sleeping. His mother reading him stories. His father teaching him to tie his shoes. The empty spot on the bed where his father used to sleep. The corner his mother would collapse in after a night of liquor. The blood stain on the carpet from when his mother lost control. His mother choking on the floor, death in her eyes. Don’t imagine him hearing the sounds he thought he’d finally escaped from. His parents laughter, rolling marbles on metal, his mothers lullabies, the whispers, the sobs, the moans, the screams that echoed through the vents, the machine hum, the silence. Don’t imagine Emori turning back to him and seeing the sorrow written across his face, the pain buried deep behind his eyes that he never lets show. Don’t imagine him letting go, letting the quiet tears fall, letting his guilt wash over, and Emori embracing him. Don’t imagine them just standing there, holding tight to each other, desperate to hug away the past. Don’t imagine John, whilst stroking Emori’s hair, looking around the room and realizing that that life is over now. But I’m holding a new one in my arms. Don’t imagine John cupping her face in his hand, staring at the person he loved more than anything in the world, at the person who saved his life and made living worth it, and it hitting all him at once. This could be ours. We could have a home. We could build a life here. We could be together. I want a life with you. Don’t imagine him taking her badass hand- the thing that denied her of her own home- and kissing it. Imagine John Murphy, smiling at the love of his life, forgetting every terrible thing his past has shown him, remembering all the good he’s ever had, and looking without fear into the future, and saying “Welcome home”

mino; on the run (p.3)

Originally posted by cyphermaniac

“The blood on my hands, I can see them.”

WARNINGS: Violence and strong language, please don’t read further if you’re not okay with that.

Hitman! Mino AU, 3.1k words

Others: Part 1 | Part 2

“You okay?’’ Minho looks back over his shoulders. She’s a couple of steps behind, the both of them confined within the narrow stairway that he lead them through.

Her ragged laugh echoes through the dingy space, “You know you’re seriously living up to that serial killer persona.”

A smile pulls the corner of his lips, partly sorry for the rash decision of bringing her here. Minho noticed, the way her face faltered warily the second they pulled up by the rundown building that loomed amongst others in the outskirt of the city. 

Her reluctance was evident, pondering a little too long by the open entrance as her eyes roamed slowly across the vicinity of the place that seemed inhabitable at first glance. 

‘’It’s not as bad as it looks, just a little further up here.’’ Minho tips his head to the side, motioning the way with a small smile. She stares back at him in a moment of hesitation, but looks down and resumes her way up. Minho breathes out a silent sigh of relief.

Undoubtedly dark, Minho was careful to steal a glance back to her every once in a while. When she called out to him, fingers outstretched, Minho took her hand in his without missing a beat. In a midst of uncertainty, Minho knew that whatever it was that she feared for before, it wasn’t him.

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It was true that Augustus hadn’t dated all that much; true that his first kiss had been a mindless nothing in a dark corner of his junior prom with a guy who’d caught him by surprise and who he’d awkwardly had to turn down; true even that he felt a certain reluctance and hesitance to pursue relationships, but to conclude he had never recovered still felt like an exaggeration. After all, he was with Patrick now, wasn’t he? Although admittedly, in the beginning, Augustus had shrugged off his advances too.

How many times had the purple-haired young man run up to him to say, “Hi, Augustus!” with a hopeful smile? How many times had he attempted to engage Augustus in conversation, even as he stammered and tripped over his words (and sometimes even his own feet)? How many times had Patrick, quite frankly, made an utter fool of himself and yet still come back, pink-cheeked and saying, “Hi, Augustus!” again, only to be continuously held at arm’s length?

Always the same greeting, the same sweet smile, the same awkwardness…until somehow Patrick had managed to find a way into his heart.

Augustus smiled now thinking about it—about Patrick’s persistence and the bumbling start to their relationship, but also how it had flourished over the past year, and how he was now fairly sure that Patrick was all that he could ever want or need. All because of those simple, repeated words—


“Y’know…” I voice says from behind me making me jolt. I turn to find Nico, the corners of his mouth tugging upwards.

“You’ve been staring at the same books for at least 8 minutes, has your brain melted from that bio quiz earlier?” He teased.

I laughed nervously and pushed loose strands of my hair back, “Nei, nei, nei. Just thinking, and uh, long week I guess.”

☆  From the Beginning  ☆

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Did Mulder iron his clothes every day?

I can’t see Mulder ironing, honestly. I always pictured his closet as just a riot of carefully pressed, dry-clean only Armani that he drops off at a place around the corner from his apartment a couple times a month.

His dry-cleaner stopped asking questions in 1993, around the same time Mulder used the words “bile”, “blood”, and “possible extraterrestrial contaminant” when trying to identify the stains.

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5th year Tom being obsessive over upperclassman Harry

 It took everything in Tom’s body to not lurch forward and wrap his hands around that filthy Weasley girls neck. 

Why couldn’t anyone understand? The frustratingly perfect, reckless, 6th year Gryffindor was Tom’s?  Harry Potter was everything Tom ever wanted. His tan hands made for Tom’s, lips made to fit perfectly with his, everything. 

Plus, Tom knew everything about Harry. He knew his favorite treat was treacle tart, he hated bitter-sweet candy and that he had a birth mark shaped as a crown on his left shoulder blade. Harry’s lucky socks he wore to Quidditch matches were red with a fox cartoon on the bottom, and that Harry only used cinnamon scented shampoo because it was the only thing that he remembered from his parents, it even said so in his journal that he keeps under the far right corner of his mattress. Tom also knew that Harry owned this magnificent deep green, silk dress shirt that would bring out his eyes.

Nobody knew Harry like Tom does, and nobody love’s Harry like he does. Tom always made sure to watch Harry every time he got the chance, like at dinner, breakfast and lunch, to make sure he was eating. Tom knew how forgetful his Harry could be at times. He also made sure to watch Harry to make sure no one was hurting him, or posed even the slightest threat, because Merlin be dammed if anyone hurt a single hair on his precious Harry’s head.

Tom’s favorite days were when Harry would look at him sometimes in the halls and give him a smile that could surly end the world. Or when Harry would say a short ‘Hello!’ to Tom on his way to class. Tom truly lived for those moments. 

Tom often dream’t that Harry and himself would be in an empty classroom together, all the desks conveniently placed, for when it got to the point in his dreams where he would pin Harry down to a desk and make him tremble and beg beg beg, for Tom to fuck him, to make him scream Tom’s name like the most beautiful prayer. 

The thought of having his most beautiful Harry laying beneath him, his back arching off the desk and the most beautiful sounds coming from his sinful mouth. Tom was excited for the day that it would become reality, although, one night in his dreams the rolls were switched. It was Tom who was withering and begging for Harry to just take him already, it was Tom screaming his name with Harry’s green eyes looking down on him lovingly. 

In all honesty, Tom would bend over for Harry anytime without any hesitation. The thought, that someone else may be laying beneath his Harry made Tom angry. It made him want to kill kill kill , it made him want to put the fear of God into people’s hearts. 

Tom continued to watch the bitch shamelessly flirt with Harry. Twirling her dull hair around her sausage fingers, and displaying her crooked, yellow teeth with a god awful smile. To Tom’s amusement, Harry seemed to be as grossed out as Tom is, making a little spark of victory go warm Tom’s chest, because he knew Harry never looked at him like that when he smiled. Tom knew he was handsome, above average and was perfect for Harry. Harry only deserved the best, and Tom was just that. He was tall, handsome, intelligent and powerful. Nobody could protect Harry like Tom could. Despite all this, the ugly feeling of jealously still boiled furiously in Tom’s gut, because even though Harry wasn’t impressed, he wasn’t making her leave either. 

Thoughts of ways Tom could get rid of the girl swirled through his head, until his train of thought was broken by the abrupt departure of Harry leaving the Great Hall in a hurry. When Tom saw that nobody made a move to follow him, he saw this as a chance to get Harry alone and make his move. Tom stood up gracefully and announced to his… friends, that he would be retiring to the dormitory early, bid them goodnight and told them not to follow. 

Tonight, Harry Potter, you will finally be mine. Tom hissed to himself with a predatory smirk on his face as he caught sight of the lovely Harry Potter sitting on his own in the dark corridor. 

“Hello, Tom.” Harry said softly, though, much to Tom’s dismay, not looking in his direction. 

Tom smirked anyway, “Hello, Harry.”

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Prompt 22 with whoever you ship Jason with pls <3

• Things you said after it was over.

An eerie silence settled in with the cold grey morning, fog dancing with the wind. Debris was dangerously scattered all around them and Jason never felt so tired in all his life.

Pulling his mask off his head, he took in a fresh breath of clouded air and scanned the area for any form of life. Taking a few steps forward it didn’t take him long to see the crumpled heap of Red Robin. Panic blossoming in his chest, he broke out in a sprint.


He dropped to his knees and grabbed Tim by the shoulders, carefully turning him over. It was worse than he thought. His mask was blown off his face, and deep cuts and broken glass lay embedded across his skin. Blood bubbled at the corners of his mouth.

“Aw Jesus Christ,” Jason pulled him close, “Red, Tim can you hear me? Wake up buddy.”

With a hitched breath Tim weakly opened his bruised eyes and managed a smile.

“God…” he breathed, blood spattering up Jason’s face, “You look so handsome…”

His eyes stayed open, but his smile faded and his body went limp in Jason’s arms.