hi cath

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Hi! I’m Cath and I’m a brazilian law student. I’ve just started this studyblr and I want to follow more people so if you are:

  • a lawblr
  • a langblr (I’m currently studying French and Korean so those mainly)
  • a studyblr in general
  • bullet journal 

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BTW, I’m can speak English and Portuguese (my native language) and a great lot of Spanish, so if you need help on any of those languages you can come and talk to me! I love meeting new people.

I sometimes feel bad about not reading a bunch of books a month.

Then I realize I have school, shows and movies to watch, music to listen to and time to spend with people I love. I also want to go online, message friends or watch youtube videos. Life, y’know? It all takes away from reading time, but I don’t regret it. I can’t really imagine just doing nothing but reading aaaall the time. Too many forms of stories to experience etc. Plus, I usually read about one book a week and I’m really comfortable with that. I know some of you like to read like a book a day or something, but that sounds wild! Do you have time to enjoy it? I’m hope you do. Anyway this is a post reminding myself that, while I’m still striving and actively trying to read more, its cool to read at whatever pace and that I should just bask in each book and not worry.

What if… Steve finally worked up the courage to learn a song and played it on the guitar in front of Danny, and it’s I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) (the Sleeping at Last version) and Danny just sits there and stares as Steve plays and sings this song quietly. At first he worries that it’s about Cath and his heart breaks, but it doesn’t take Danny too long to figure out that Steve is saying “I love you” to Danny in the simplest and most honest way he can.