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Sketch of Cath and Levi from Fangirl by rainbowrowell, aka my heart book. Also one of my ALL TIME OTPs. Plus when fall comes around, I feel so very Cath-like. All I want to do is get tarred and sweatered, drink hot coffee, and write/read/draw.

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Name: Catherine
Age: 17
Country: Canada

Hi! I’m Cath, I’m from Québec, Canada and my first language is French but I fluently speak English. If you’re from Europe imu because I’d LOVE to travel there. I love learning new things and discovering new cultures! I like to watch Netflix, read books, music, learning new languages and walking in the forest!

Preferences: 16+

A True Trainwreck:

It’s been an exceptionally long time since I’ve shared one of my “vignettes” from the emergency department. Over the summer, I have had many exciting moments in the ED, but this is by far the most memorable.

One particularly busy night, we get a call from EMS that they’re bringing us a pt in his mid 50s with a probable inferior STEMI. His vitals were normal with the possible exception of borderline hypertension. ASA was given, but no NTG was given due to possible posterior involvement.

We start getting ready for the incoming patient, expecting a quick turnover to cath lab. I don’t think anyone anticipated what happened over the next several hours.

As soon as the pt rolls into the ED, I could tell something wasn’t right. He was pale, extremely diaphoretic, and less responsive than EMS made him sound. This wasn’t any fault of their own, apparently he had just started this as the ambulance pulled up to the hospital. His vitals somehow were still normal, but he still looked sick as can be. Our EKG also confirmed an inferior MI, with significant ST depression in V1/V2, which is suspicious for posterior involvement, and he also had some possible signs of RV involvement. So, we get the ball rolling. The cath lab was activated, the cardiologist was called, and paperwork was getting its due diligence. From what we could get from the patient he had a hx of well controlled HTN, but otherwise no significant medical hx except for a remote appendectomy. He did smoke, however.

So, everything seems to be progressing as expected. The cardiologist is on their way, the patient’s vitals are stable, and he was looking slightly improved. We didn’t have labs back, but at that point his CXR was normal as well. The physician needed to go check on another patient on the other side of the ER, so I stayed in the room with the nurses just to keep an eye on the patient.

Well…for all of you new followers out there, I have the privilege of being the owner of my very own black cloud which always chooses the most inopportune moments to make its appearance. About two minutes after the physician left the room, the patient suddenly becomes obtunded, slumps over in his bed, and then of course the monitor shows him going into a pretty impressive v-fib.

All hell breaks loose. We’re already busy and short staffed, and it always makes these situations harder to control. A code was called, compressions were started, and the doctor comes running in the room. The patient gets shocked with no ROSC and proceeds to get intubated. He get’s epi, get’s another shock, and then has a pulse just as the cardiologist walks into the room. We all take one giant sigh of relief, and start trying to stabilize him for transport to the cath lab. His BP dropped significantly, so he was placed on levophed as well. Right after the levophed starts to hang, he arrests again. At that point, a vicious cycle beings where we get a pulse and then lose it a minute later. He gets an amiodarone bolus/drip, dopamine, and a whole lot of epi. Nothing seems to be working, and 30 minutes into this the cardiologist and ER doc begin discussing calling it. Just as it’s about to be called, we get a pulse-stronger than any of the other times. We wait a minute or so to get everything settled, and then he is whisked off to the cath lab.

Unfortunately, following the general theme of the night, the fun didn’t end there.

About 20-30 minutes later, we get an update from the cardiologist. His cath came back surprisingly not as severe as expected, with diffuse moderate vessel disease but no obvious blockage that would cause his MI. He was going to be scheduled for a CABG in the AM, but his case was still perplexing. It was suggested that maybe the clot dissolved with all the CPR he received, but the cardiologist also thought maybe a pulmonary embolism might be the cause so he sent the pt to get a CTA of his chest.   

About 5 minutes later, the scout image (basically just a CXR) of his CT is available on the computer to view, so I open it just so I won’t forget to take a look at it later. I jumped out my seat as soon as I opened it BECAUSE OF THE MASSIVE TENSION PNEUMOTHORAX HE HAD. I immediately show the ER doc, and we start running to radiology (which isn’t that far away at all), nearly crashing into the cath lab nurse who was running to the ER to grab the doctor. We get into the CT suite and, in a style reminiscent of a Grey’s Anatomy episode, the ER doctor performs a needle decompression (However, unlike Grey’s anatomy he still manages to find the time to wipe down the area with an alcohol prep). After that, instead of dragging him all the way to the ICU, he got transported to the ER for a quick chest tube and then was sent on his way to the ICU. His tension pneumo was the result of several rib fractures secondary to how much CPR he went through. 

Amazingly, and against all odds, several weeks later the patient walked out the hospital-alive. He was extremely lucky. Not many people survive cardiac arrests, even in the hospital, and especially with all of the other complicating factors. Not only that, but he walked out without a single neurological deficit.

In Emergency Medicine, we don’t get to celebrate many victories. Even though we provide the best care possible many of our most critical patients are too sick or too injured. Even for those we save, many suffer from complications and debilitating issues for the rest of their lives. To have that one patient, maybe one of the sickest I have seen in a long time, walk out of the hospital as if nothing happened is a victory that I’ll remember probably for the rest of my life. It’s the victories, no matter how small, that remind each of us how rewarding our profession is. 

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delightfulcath hehe hi kuya

Hi cath :) teka nakapag usap na ba us? Sorry hindi ko tanda maganda siya, mabait at hindi snob keep blogging and huwag magbabago ok? Take care, stay beautiful and godbless :)

it was nothing - a scorose oneshot

A/N; who doesn’t love a good fake-dating trope? this was written for my fabulous friend farah. she is fabulous. go follow her. hope you enjoy rose and scorpius pretending to date, because seriously best cliche ever~

“Oh, shit, shit shit shit! She cannot be here!” Rose wails, catching sight of a certain Hazel Finnegan-Thomas. They’d been going out for nearly two months until Hazel had decided she needed some ‘space.’ She found it the bed of some seventh-year Ravenclaw. Now it’s Valentine’s Day, and Rose is still depressingly single.

Okay, she thinks, ducking into the alleyway beside Madame Puddifoot’s. Okay, I need to make her jealousEasy breezy. I just need to find someone to… fake date? She sighs, but it’s the best she can do on short notice. Mum was never the greatest at teaching her about girl stuff.

Rose peeks out into the snowy street. There’s Hazel, holding the door for (that floozy) Cath, and yes! There’s Scorpius Malfoy coming out of the Hog’s Head. Rose waits until he’s passing and jerks him into her alley.

“Hey!” Scorpius scowls. “Rose, what the hell?”

She presses a finger to his lips. “Shut it. I need your help.” She looks back into the street. Cath and Hazel are gone. “Alright, so you know how I dated Hazel? And she cheated on me? Now she’s with Cath Weatherby, on Valentine’s Day, and I’m alone. And that doesn’t work for me. I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend.” She says this all very fast, finger still pressed to Scorpius’s lips.

A smirk forms on his face. “Really, Rose?” he asks, taking her hand and pulling it away from his mouth. He doesn’t let go. “You’re asking me to date you? I thought you’d never ask. Too busy with your nose in a book, I imagine. But, Rosie,” he continues. “What’s in it for me?”

Rose fights the urge to smack him. “Don’t call me Rosie. And I’ll take over half your prefect shifts for next week. Just come on.” She yanks his hand and they parade into Madame Puddifoot’s, making a show of how in love they are.

“There they are,” Rose hisses as they sit down near the fireplace. Cath and Hazel are curled up on a loveseat, occupied with each other’s tongues. Rose shakes her head in disgust. “I can’t believe this. We never were this tacky.”

Scorpius scoffs. “Er, yes, you were. You snogged so much in public that even Professor Binns noticed. We were going to stage an intervention, but Hazel took care of that. Here, eat this. It’ll be  romantic.” He stuffs a Chocolate Cauldron into her mouth and wipes the crumbs from her lips.

Rose swallows with some difficulty, eyes watering. “D’you think she noticed us?” she asks, trying to discreetly look over her shoulder.

Scorpius nudges her chin back and looks into her eyes. “Don’t look at her. Pretend you’re so in love with me you can’t see anyone else.” His hand lingers on her cheek, stroking it absentmindedly.

Rose flushes. “Scorpius… You’re really good at this fake-boyfriend thing.” Suddenly he doesn’t seem as irritating as he always has, ever since he showed her up in Transfiguration the first day of school.

Scorpius seems to realize what he’s doing and quickly drops his hand. “Um, yeah. Rose, I want to tell you—wait, wait, she’s coming!” Sure enough, Hazel is walking over hand in hand with Cath.

“Hi, Rose!” Hazel giggles.“I didn’t think I’d be seeing you here! I came with Cath, of course. It’s her last Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts, so we wanted it to be special.” She raises an eyebrow at Scorpius. “And who’s this?”

Rose rolls her eyes. Oh, like you don’t know. “Scorpius Malfoy, obviously. He’s only been our classmate for six years.” She forces a smile onto her face, but it comes out more like a grimace.

Scorpius clears his throat and comes to her rescue. “We’re having a great time. Best date of my life.” He raises an eyebrow right back at Hazel. “Though, to be honest, it would be a lot better if you weren’t here. Bye now.” He ignores Hazel’s small gasp and goes back to staring into Rose’s eyes.

Rose stifles a laugh. “You heard him,” she says to Hazel and Cath. “Leave us. Go back to snogging.” She pulls her chair over to Scorpius’s side and leans into him as Hazel slouches away with a glare.

“Oh my god, that was amazing!” Rose laughs. “Thank you!” She gives Scorpius a quick peck on the cheek and he blushes scarlet.

“They’re still watching,” he objects when she pulls away. “Shall we give them a taste of their own medicine?”

Rose falters. “Like…snog?” She turns pink to the tips of her ears. But when she turns around, Hazel is watching them while Cath plays with her hair. “Yes,” she says determinedly. “Snog me good, Scorpius Malfoy.” And she closes her eyes.

He’s still bright red, but leans in all the same. Their lips touch, gentle at first, exploring this new sensation. Then harder, rougher, and Rose shudders, because who knew Malfoy was this good at kissing? One hand is in her hair, the other on her waist, touching the sliver of skin between her skirt and sweater.

She’s about to reach for his top button when she remembers where they are. Reluctantly Rose breaks the kiss.

“Do you think she’s jealous yet?” she whispers, leaning her forehead against his. Somehow she’s ended up straddling his lap.

“I think the entire shop is jealous of me right now, including her,” Scorpius replies. “And I also think Madame Puddifoot is about to throw us out.” He points behind her. Madame Puddifoot is giving them a death stare.

“Oh, shit,” Rose curses. “Okay, let’s go.” She grabs his hand and hurries them out of the shop, careful to let Hazel see their intertwined fingers.

They walk into the swirling snow. Rose extracts her hand from his and pulls on her mittens. “Thanks for being my fake boyfriend, Scorpius,” she says with a smile. “And sorry for making you kiss me. I owe you one.” She playfully punches his arm and leaves him there.

“Yeah,” he says quietly. “Fake boyfriend. No problem.” He turns to leave.

“Wait!” she calls out. “What were you going to tell me?”

He halts mid-turn. “Um…nothing. It was nothing.” He smiles. “See you in Potions tomorrow?”

Rose grins. “Yeah, sure. Bye!” She walks back up Main Street.

Bye, Scorpius thinks. It was nothing.

honestly nothing about this series feels resolved like. mark just fucking off into the sunset, his family not caring that he’s gone? trish just letting her creepy husband back into her life, as if not being a rapist absolves him of all his weird horribleness? cath and jim presumably still together, hating each other and staying in town to wallow in their misery together? 

like honestly I don’t even mind the ‘wanna go to the pub?’ ‘….no’ so much, even though you’d think after all this time we’d be past this point. I don’t mind them walking off in different directions, because it’s clear that their lives go on, intertwined or w/e. and maybe that’s what chibnall is going for with all the other stuff - maggie and her vlog, paul leaving, etc. life goes on, even when life sucks. not every ending is happy. but if this is the last episode ever, presumably, the characters and the viewers deserved more. 

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BTW, I’m can speak English and Portuguese (my native language) and a great lot of Spanish, so if you need help on any of those languages you can come and talk to me! I love meeting new people.

What if… Steve finally worked up the courage to learn a song and played it on the guitar in front of Danny, and it’s I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) (the Sleeping at Last version) and Danny just sits there and stares as Steve plays and sings this song quietly. At first he worries that it’s about Cath and his heart breaks, but it doesn’t take Danny too long to figure out that Steve is saying “I love you” to Danny in the simplest and most honest way he can.

Alcor is for ‘crazy cat person’

I wrote this after inspiration hit me like a sledgehammer with this prompt, and now I have two new OCs??? 

Anyways, meet Cath and Miaury.


The number of kittens in their household had increased again.

Cath looked blankly at the black and grey little bundle currently fighting the ginger little kitten they’d been contemplating on calling ‘Hank’, all skin and bones in a way the rest of the litter was definitively not, and looked up at Miaury.

“Do you have something to say for yourself?” they asked drily, but Miaury just blinked, purring ever constant as the now litter of eight sucked her dry.

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watching Tyler’s videos I find myself smiling, it just genuinely makes me so happy. like just watching his videos, rather it be a Q&slay, a Friday video or a vlog. it doesn’t matter if im having the worst day possible, his videos just make me smile uncontrollably and make me 110% better. no matter what, so thank you tyler for that.