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can ya’ll please stop acting like jim doesn’t give a shit about studying the troll lore book because he clearly does



#yeah clarke definitely doesn’t care about roan #roan definitely doesn’t trust clarke #look at his fACE WHEN HE’S LOOKING AT HER IT’S EVERYONE ELSE HE DOESN’T TRUST #MY CRACK SHIP OF DREAMS

bonus image of Roan looking at Clarke like she’s gonna be his queen:

In an atla au, I’d believe namjoon would be from the earth kingdom. Like at first it’d make sense to put him with the air nomads, they are enlightened, gentle and seek to better themselves through their travels, just like namjoon. But then i think about what makes an earthbender; strength and stability. And then I think about what Namjoon is to bangtan: the Foundation. I think about bangtan relying on him, how often they say he’s a good leader, how starry-eyed jungkook gets when he talks about him. He is an immovable force, a pillar of strength, which is the opposite of an air nomad.

Gaining back your memories is not always nice, especially if everyone you remember is dead.

Guys I know I say this a lot but honestly lets be real. Daehyun would be the best boyfriend. 

I honestly believe that Daehyun would go out of his way to take care of you and would send you good night and good morning texts even while on tour, He’d make it a point to know the time zone of where you were at when he was across the world so he could text you at reasonable times to tell you he loved you, making sure it was the first thing you saw during the day and the last thing you saw before going to bed. 

Daehyun would be the man who would hold you in his arms for no reason other than because he missed you and would hold you so tight like it was the last time he was seeing you. He’d nuzzle his face into your hair and just enjoy the scent of you, or nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck and give you light kisses every now and then, like this would be a recurring thing that you’d actually start getting annoyed with how long he held on to you and how often he did. 

Daehyun would be the type to drop what he was doing if he found out you were in a bad mood or something were to happen to you and go straight to your place with cheese cake and movies so you two could just lay on the couch in a big fluffy blanket and eat. He’d probably pick you up into his lap and wrap his arms around you from behind and rest his head on your shoulder and ask for bites of cheese cake, and you’d feed him a spoon full every now and then or vice versa.

Daehyun would be the type that would come home late and see you sleeping on the couch, he’d take off your shoes for you and carry you to the bed. He’d make sure to either try to change you into your pj’s or at least take off your day wear so you could sleep comfortably. He’d tuck you in and leave you to rest while he made himself dinner or something, He’d crawl into bed with you and tho you’d be dead asleep he’d make sure to cuddle you so hard. 

Daehyun would be the type to show you off to all his friends, making sure that everyone knew you were his and that you were actually perfect and beautiful, His friends would rag on him sometimes over how much he praised you, but to you they’ed continually tell you how lucky you were to get such a charming sweetest man in your life. He’d constantly remind everyone of your good traits, how hard you worked, how much you did for him and how much he loved you. 

Daehyun would be the type to go on long car rides with you and sing along to your favorite songs so loud and so annoyingly it was actually adorable. He’d hold your hand or have his hand on your thigh while he drove, He’d bring you extra pillows so if you got sleepy you’d be able to sleep comfortable. He’d be the type to dodge pot holes in the road to make sure they didn’t disrupt you. Daehyun would be the type that on long car rides would stop at pretty scenic areas to take pictures with you and would keep them all in his phone so he could look back at them always to make himself smile. 

Daehyun would be the type to sing you to sleep. Really soft songs in your ear while he played with loose strands of your hair that sprawled themselves on his pillow. He’d lace his fingers into yours and beat his fingers along to the tune of the song while he sang. He’d give you soft kisses on your cheek in between really cute lines, and wouldn’t stop until he knew for sure you were asleep and happy. 

Daehyun is perfect boyfriend material and just wow. I love him.


The farthest Momnis and Daddio have let me go without them.

Those tiny shadows- yep, that’s them.

I jumped off a cliff to see if they followed but they did not, and Ignis stayed at the edge walking around in circles like Omg no Noct, why’d you do that, how do I reach you, askjdksf

And then Gladio appeared at his side to do the same.

- You let him go WHERE alone, Iggy!? 
- He JUMPED OFF, it’s not my fault, Gladiolus!
- Holyastrals, Noctis Lucis Caelum, you’re in big troubles, young man, just wait till I get to you.

i’ll be honest,
i’m weak for nice facial hair
or just nice hair in general
i think i’ve said this before but fuck it’s true

Sometimes I wonder if Bellamy spent his whole childhood thinking Aurora wished he didn’t exist so that Octavia could have lived her life in peace. 

Sometimes I wonder if Bellamy thought that, outside of taking care of his sister, his life was purposeless and unnecessary. 

Sometimes I wonder if Clarke was the first person to tell Bellamy that he was needed, he was trusted, he was special.

the same people who have said suho should choke and die on here are saying they’d beat up rion if they saw her rn lol you all can pretend you care about his well being and make posts about that freaky weirdo for shits and notes and then go see him live at a concert though you have said you hate his guts multiple times and would see rion’s ugly face there and not do anything cause u all dont fucking care! u all just make posts about it on here for notes lmfao! you all just joined the fun lol you all hate his sasaeng AND suho himself! so quit it lol and besides so many ppl on here have said suho should choke and are seeing him live today or tomorrow or whatever lol whatever!

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either of you two like to dress up?

Subaru: If I look swell, you look absolutely stunning.
Reinhard: I think you should have more confidence: you are really handsome.
Subaru: *slightly blushing* Confidence is for ikemen like you, not for trash like me!!
Reinhard: Can’t wait to take you out then.
Subaru: …did u just

some unwarranted thoughts for u


ive been seein a lot of yall askin how keith and lance can be hecking space explorers at like, 17.

so im bringing you a knowledge as a student pilot myself.

basically, in accordance with faa standards, anyone who is 16 and is fluent in english can be a student pilot. it then takes only 60 flight hours to get private pilot, 120 for IFR, 250 for commercial, and 1500 for air transport. this means that these boys have been pilots for at least a year and can already fly something without windows and (probably) not crash.

they also probably went through an intense ground school not only to become regular pilots, but to fly space planes too. this would take them about two years to get through if they went non stop for four semesters (probably starting at 15 or even 14 like Pidge) to learn anything and everything about airplanes and aerodynamics.

tldr its totally feasable for them to be doing this stuff 

zelly out yo

Okay OKAY I KNOW ITS PRETTY CHEESY but hear me out k. 

I didn’t really mention it but after the whole thing that happened Dark started having periods of time where he is very sleepy and lacking of energy, like Anemia, sort of way. 

So he tends to fall alseep or faint everywhere, he really is lacking energy and Anti just keeps on taking care of his sorry ass.
Still with me? Okay. 
I have mentioned before that Dark adores war and history involving war, so he does tend to watch very very boring documentaries about them and Anti just sits through them cause it is one of the only times where they are just chilling n stuff. 

Now, lately Dark keeps falling asleep mid documentary. 
So Anti just,,, takes this to his advantage,,,, and uses Dark as a big pillow???
Like hello i am annoying glitch boi and i see opportunity to be cliNGY so here lemme just lay on this tiny angr while he sleeps cause he won’t kick my butt that way.
So they just end up snoring on the couch while the tv talks about WWI or smth.

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Jack and Gabe are very competitive, while seeing who can lift the heaviest weights, Jack pulls a muscle and Gabe has reigned victory but must take care of his hurt husband vwv

aw poor Jack

yeah I love the idea of Gabriel being physically stronger but Jack being the faster one? like Gabriel could win in a scuffle but he’d have to catch Jack first and it frustrates him to no end when Jack outruns him

SPOILERS for Persona 5

Not going under a tag because I want those that have played and beaten the game to read this:

Akechi. Is. A. Murderer.

I do not care about his back story or why he did it. The reasons do not justify the very fact that he is a murderer. Shido may have been the asshole behind the orders, but guess what? Shido didn’t pull the trigger.

Akechi did.

Akechi is the reason why Futaba is in the mental state that she is in when you meet her. Shido may have engineered that false suicide letter that pushed Futaba over the mental and emotional edge, but who killed Wakaba’s shadow? Akechi.

Who caused the mental shutdowns? Akechi.

Who is the one that killed so many others and would’ve killed the MC too if not for the brilliant plan that the Phantom Thieves came up with? Akechi.

There’s a difference between nuance and just flat-out brushing aside that he’s a murderer. And I see way more of the latter than the former.

I give literally no fucks about him or his reasons about why he did what he did. There is no need for nuance for someone that has no remorse for his actions. If anything, I wish he was called out for it even more by the Phantom Thieves.

BTS: Reaction to their girlfriend being from YG Entertainment

From this request: It ended up being a YG girl thing, more than a Blackpink thing. We hope you don’t mind. Enjoy ^^

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would be soooo in love with his YG girlfriend. He’d love everything about her, her attitude, her rap/singing style, the way she speaks, her fashion sense, everything. She’d be the apple of his eyes. He’d sneak out to help her write songs and would love being creative with her. His YG match would be Blackpink’s Jennie, and if a song (or a baby) can come out of this union, it’d be awesome.

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He doesn’t really care if his girl is from YG or not, he’d just be really happy and excited to date someone that is so classy and with so much presence, like YG girls. He’d want to act manly in front of her, but he’d fanboy so hard for her though. He’s really a perfect match for Blackpink’s Jisoo. They’d make ahjussi jokes together. She’s so adorable, he could die from her cuteness (and vice-versa). They’d be such a cute couple. (I can even see them getting married omg)

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Suga would really enjoy dating a YG girl since YG is known for their music and the talent and dedication of their artists and he would bond with a girl who’s so passionate about her music. He’s also the type to date a girl with impressive charisma and sensuality when she’s performing. That’s why I ship him with Lee Hi, because I feel like they have similar personalities, style, presence, and interests. And it would be a very beautiful visual couple.

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Hobi would be a very cute boyfriend, he’d be super excited that his girl is from YG, he’d playfully show off a bit. He’d be very adorable, caring and supportive of her. He’d be there to comfort her when she is exhausted from practices, he’d always make her smile in every situation. I ship him with Blackpink’s Rosé or Lisa, because I think they complement each other, and since both of them grew up in foreign countries, their openness to the world would match with J-Hope’s ultra sociable personality.

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He’d like to date a bubbly and cute girl, someone he can be himself with but also someone who has a big artistic side, like YG girls do. He’s definitely want to grow as an artist and as a person with his girl. I ship him with Blackpink’s Rosé, because I think she’s very open on the world and Jimin could learn a lot from her, while she could learn a lot from him too, in different aspects. She’s also very adorable and he would melt under her aegyo attacks or just her everyday personality. They’d be a fun and outgoing couple.

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Tae would like the experience YG girls have. I see him dating a sunbae, because he’d like knowing he can talk about everything with someone who knows what he’s going through and can relate. He’d also like feeling “manly” and taking care of an older woman but would love that things wouldn’t be too serious most of the time. I ship him with 2NE1’s Dara. I think they’d be comfortable together.

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He’d be super proud to date a girl from YG. He’d definitely like the “YG swag” vibe she has. He’d often come practice or chill with her. He’d also tease her often by imitating her and making fun of her attitude when she’s in public, which is quite different from how she is with him. His ideal YG girl would be Blackpink’s Lisa. I can see them joking around and dancing their hearts out to their bf/gf’s songs.

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The Cursed Child?
  • JK Rowling: Draco Malfoy is not redeemable, he's not a good chracter and you should feel bad for liking him.
  • Also JK Rowling: Alright, for my newest book it focus around Harry's son Albus and his best friend Scorpius Malfoy. Albus is an angsty piece of shit for no apparent reason. Scorpius Malfoy is a kind person who just wants everyone to be like him. Harry potter is now an even bigger ass hole than before and tells his son he doesn't want him and forces him to switch houses and stop talking to his only friend. Draco Malfoy is a single father trying his fucking best with his socially awkward son. He doesn't even care that his so is bffs with Harry's son because he's just happy his geeky ass kid found a friend.
  • And JK Rowling: But Draco Malfoy is unredeemable, he bullied harry in school and people can't learn from their past and better themselves and you should all feel bad :)

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I've been thinking, and while I love the idea of Rey being an adopted Skywalker, I want her to be Luke's biological daughter. From a narrative point of view, I don't want Kylo to be the last of the bloodline and cause the legacy to be dark. The idea of two biological cousins fighting over the legacy of their family just seems more moving to me. I'm not worried, because I know she and Luke will have a close relationship regardless, but that seems better to me, idk. What's your opinion?

My opinion is that I do prefer the blood-related aspect, simply because it’s much more poetic with the rest of the series, and it has deeper implications for Rey and Kylo’s dynamic than any other theory out there, imo. But, if Rey is a random whom Luke takes under his wing like the caring sweetheart he is, then I definitely won’t complain.