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the new story quests are out tomorrow! it’s been a really, really long time for most of us, i think. i went back & compiled a rough timeline of things that have happened so far in the Keepers of Aideen storyline - excluding stuff like G.E.D. and Hidden Dino Valley, because as far as i can tell there’s no relation between them and this plot just yet. we’ll see. 

warning: spoilers!!!

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You belong with me / Neymar Jr. / Requested

“Yeah! I’ll be going.” I replied to Neymar’s text while I was reading my Literature book for my Finals essay. I immediately changed into my Barca shirt, with Neymar’s name on it, it’s been awhile since I’ve watched his games as I’m too busy with work and school.

I heard my phone ring, and it was Neymar. “Ola! I’m already here in front of your house.” He said, and I looked at the window and he was right, he’s already here. I grabbed my purse, and my phone, and a jacket. “What the! You’ve only invited me last minute?!” I’ve asked.

“No! I was supposed to invite you an hour ago, but I had a fight with Bru an hour ago.” He said, chuckling, I ended the call without saying goodbye, and closed the doors of my flat. I ran towards his car, and opened the door. “Shot gun!” I shouted, and immediately sat, wearing my glasses after sitting down.

He weirdly look at me, and pinched my cheek. “Ouch!” I exclaimed, rolling my eyes at him, and pinched him on his arm.

“Ouch! Do you want me to be injured, this is a precious arm.” He said, trying to be serious but fails because he’s not really good in controlling his laugh.

“I think those arms are not the ones who’ll play, right? Hala! Drive, you’re already late.” I said, and turned on his stereo, and connected my phone playing our favorite songs we always listen to whenever we play football in Brazil. “Oh, I remember. Won’t Bruna be watching?” I asked, putting my hair into a messy bun.

He slowed down, and turned to the alley entering FC Barcelona’s players parking area. “We’re here.” He blankly said, and took his bag with him. I looked at him, and immediately went down the car. “Oi! Neymar, what happened between you two?” I said, walking faster than I should be.

“Shh.” He said, briskly walking. We’ve entered the a hallway, and the guard didn’t allow me to go inside, but Neymar smirked. “Markie, she’s with me.” He said, and walked slowly to let me catch up. I weirdly looked at him, and followed him to the viewing room, and I can see a lot of people filling up the seats.

“Wow. There’s a lot of people in here.” I said, and Neymar just chuckled. I looked at him, and he was so serious. “What’s wrong with you, Juninho?” I asked, resting my arms on his shoulders tip toeing to reach his shoulders.

“Neymar! Change already, kick off is 15 minutes away.” The coaching staff said, he nodded and smiled. Neymar handed me my tickets, and a staff leading me the way to the front seats, I didn’t know he got me tickets for the front seats, I saw Rafa, and Bruna with an extra seat in the middle. “Hi, Y/N! Oh, I’m so glad to see you.” Rafa said, and sat beside her. “Hi, Bru.” I said, and smiled. But she just raised her eyebrows at me.

After a few minutes, the kick off started, and I’m so thrilled to watch it live. I know I don’t stand out between the two gorgeous girls beside me with what I am wearing right now, but I’m in the games, watching, and cheering for my bestfriend. “Come on, ref!” I said, as he didn’t call a foul.

The game ended, and Barca won. Neymar pulled me in the pitch, and I was confused pulling him back as I’m thinking he grabbed the wrong arm. “W-wait, Ney. I think you’ve got the wrong girl.” I told him, but he was just pulling me, without even paying attention at me.

I looked back at the bench where we were sitting and Bruna looks so shock about what’s happening, whilst Rafa was trying to control her giggle upon seeing me pulled by her brother. “Oi! Neymar! What’s you problem?!” I said, shouting, but he still didn’t look at me. “Ah! You don’t want to talk to me?” I said, and pinched his but cheek.

“Ouch, Y/N! What are you doing?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Well, you’re not talking to me you crazy ass!” I said, as we were already in the middle of the pitch, and the crowd stopped moving out the stadium. I looked weird trying to figure out what is going on, is this a prank Neymar has been planning since, or what.

He looked at me chuckling. “I know this is weird, I know some will think that I’m this douchebag, but come on. I can’t let go of the girl that I’ve secretly been loving ever since we were kids, and now I’ve realized that true love is right just in front of me.” Neymar said, as he was looking right into my eyes.

“NEYMAR! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Bruna said, looking pissed while shooting her phone in her bag. Neymar raised his index finger, to let her keep quiet, but she just walked out.

Neymar looked at me and sweetly smiled. “Ney, yeah. What do you think you’re doing?” I whispered. He walked closer to me and whispered. “I’m confessing my love to my best friend.” He said.

“Seeing you watch me, wearing my number on your shirt, following closely, and recklessly cheering for me on the side lines, it means a lot to me. I don’t know if I’m just stupid to not see you as the person who truly loves the game, and truly loves me. I’m so sick, and tired seeing a girl who doesn’t support me. But you, you were always there, you’ve always cheered me up whenever I had losing games, you’ve always cheered me up whenever we have winning games, and that’s the girl I would want to be with me, Y/N. And that was you. I love you, Y/N. Ever since, I love you, I’m so sorry I’m so stupid that I’ve confessed this long.” He said, and my tears just started to flow down my cheeks.

“Ney, um, oh my. I feel the same way, ever since I felt that same way. I love you too.” I said, and he kissed me on my lips carrying me while kissing me passionately, it feels like the butterflies multiplied in my stomach. I haven’t felt this way.

“You belong with me, Y/N.” Neymar whispered, and kissed me passionately




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41. “That totally did not turn out the way I expected it to”

“MY SISTER IS HERE!” Thaisa shouted excitedly when she saw Rafa and I in the front door; she was jumping up and down before giving me a warm hug.

“Hello? YOUR BROTHER is here” The boyfriend standing behind me waved his hand in front of his face, laughing at his little sister’s reaction.

“Yes, and of course you too!” Thaisa hugged Rafa after she let me go.

It’s Christmas time where our hearts grow tender with lovely memories, togetherness with family. Rafinha’s parent invited us all to celebrate Christmas together at their house. It’s actually my first time celebrating Christmas with Rafa’s family rather than my own.

“Hi sweetheart” Rafa’s mom, Valeria, came up to me, giving me a warm hug. She’s one of the women I really look up to beside my mom, her closeness with her children is so heartwarming. Rafinha was right behind me, he was hugging his mom when Thaisa took me by the hand.

“I really-really-really need to talk to you!” Her smile grew wider as she walked us to the big couch in the living room, where I saw Bruno sitting down in the floor.

“Hi Bru!” I happily greeted Bruno who was occupied with some games in the playstation. He putted down the controller to stand up and hugged me, “You’re taller now! Last time I remember you’re only about my hip, now you’re up to my waist!”

“Of course! My gym teacher taught me how to grow taller faster! He said I can be taller than Rafa and Thiago!” he answered happily, before sat back down to his previous spot.

“I bet you do!” Thaisa sat next to me in the couch, “So, what’s up?!”

She smiled sheepishly before started answering my question; “My boyfriend wants me to go with him in his family vacation!” She exclaimed excitedly.

“Whoa! That’s definitely something you need to tell me! Have you asked for permission?”

“Noo…” she hung her head down,  “I am too afraid to tell mom, or even Julia! Sometimes they think that we’re in the fast track, you know. Pai, Thiago and Rafa would probably be furious”

I pursed my lips, “Yeah, considering you’re the prettiest one, of course they would go all protective about you. If I were you, of course I want to go! But I think you need to talk with your mom first, if she said yes, I’ll help you with Rafa” I winked at her, and relief brought a smile to her lips.

‘Thank you” she said still with a smile and hugged me.  That’s when I heard Bruno walking closer to us and stopped to put his head in my lap.

“I want to play with youuuu!” His little lips pouted cutely, he then got up and started to pull my hand, “OH! You should see my new remote control helicopters I bought for Christmas!”

“What? You bought that?!”

“Yes! I asked mom to buy, but she insisted that it was for Christmas but I don’t want to wait until Christmas!” he tugged my shirt repeatedly.

“Bru! Stop that! Can’t you see that we’re talking?” Thaisa took his little hand away from me, “Just ask Rafa to play with you.”

“I don’t want to! I want to play with her!” The little one started shouting at Thaisa, I was about to arbitrate them when Rafa poked his head behind the door

“Hey guys, what are you two fighting about? Leave her alone” He sauntered into the living room, sassing them.

“Bruno was pulling and tugging her when she’s still talking with me, he wants to show her his new remote control helicopter” Thaisa explained, she leaned her head back to the couch.

“Well, Tata was talking to her since she came. It’s my turn now” Bruno innocently answered before Rafa picked him up.

“Turn what? Spending time with her?” He tickled Bruno and threw him in the air, making little Bruno laughed endlessly, “You know she’s mine! Are you trying to steal her away from me?” He tickled him again.

“Rafa, stop. His face is getting red.” I chided him, making him stop. Thaisa just shook her head in amusement. He put Bruno back down, and walked closer just to pull Thaisa to standing position. “Go help mom in the kitchen,” he pushed Thaisa to the door, “and you go find Pai” he point at Bruno before pushing him too.

“Why did you do that?” I giggled. He sat himself next to me, pulling my head down to his shoulder.

“That totally did not turn out the way I expected it to” He murmured, “They usually willing to share anything to each other, but you. So you must be something.” He placed a small kiss to the back of my right hand. “Besides, it’s my turn to be with you.”

“Well, you had me almost for like 24 hours a day”

“Yeah, and that’s not enough” Leaning forward, he lifted my chin with his other hand and kissed my lips tenderly.

Broken (Sam x Reader)

Character: Sam x Reader (Neutral) 

Word Count: 2,180

Warnings: Arguing. Swearing. Blood. Angst. 

Request: I was wondering if I could do a one shot of Sam and the reader getting into a fight and she storms off on her motorcycle only to get into an accident and Sam finds her. 

Inspiration: Lifehouse - “Broken”

AN: I’m back from vacation! I go back to school on Tuesday, but I’m hoping that I’ll still be able to post at least twice a week. If y’all could let me know what you think of this (or any of my writings), whether it be through a comment or message, I’d really appreciate it :) thanks for reading!

- Megan


*Disclaimer* I have no affiliation with Lifehouse


Someone once said that there is no such thing as an accident. Rather, there is a purpose that has not yet been understood.

Apparently that person had never taken a step in your shoes.

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kuroosu  asked:


  • Favourite Female:  Paimon,  I like her and her nipples piercings
  • Favourite Male: Judal, even if I didnt see him in a while, Im a little bit worried
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters:  Ja’far (hes my super fav waifu), Sinbad our savior and only king, Alibaba
  • 3 OTPs:  Ju’far, SinJa (platonic) SphintusxTitus
  • Notp: JudalxHakuryuu ‘cause I think that there’s nothing between them and Judal is only trying to fuck him not even litteraly
  • Funniest character: Alibaba and his bad luck
  • Prettiest character: Ren Kouha
  • Most Annoying Character: I think no one..
  • Most badass character: EN
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: Juju of course
  • Female Character I’d Marry: Kougyoku eheh
  • Male Character I’d Marry: JA’FAR AND NO ONE CAN COMPLAIN
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: Sheherazade, she was too mean to a lot of characters for too much time

roshytsunami  asked:

Headcanon that Clint has flirted with Bruce but Bruce just doesn't seem to get it so he goes hardcore and says to him "you're ass is grass and I'm going to mow it."

Bruce blinked and actually physically twisted around to look at his backside. “Grass? Because it’s usually green?”

Clint rested his forehead against the palm of his hand in despair. Clearly he needed to rethink his strategy.

He tried doing things associated with stereotypical romance. He brought Bruce a box of assorted chocolates in a heart shaped box and a bouquet of roses, also heart shaped.

“Oh, thanks,” Bruce said. “But I shouldn’t handle roses. I might cut myself on their thorns. Chocolates are good though.” He popped one into his mouth and offered Clint the box. “Want one?”

Clint picked out one with caramel. At least he got chocolate out of the deal.

Next, Clint tried increasing the amount of flirtatious touch. The next time he saw Bruce he went to work.

Bruce was wearing his purple button down shirt, but hadn’t rolled up his sleeves. Clint smirked and went in for the kill. “Oh, Brucie.”

“Hm?” Bruce glanced up from the pancakes he was making as Clint shimmied up to him. “What is it?”

“You’re hiding your arms.” Clint slowly reached out and tugged at the ends of Bruce’s sleeves. “You shouldn’t hide them.” Slowly, he unbuttoned one sleeve an began rolling it up, gradually exposing more and more of Bruce’s tan forearm. When he’d done it, he ran his fingertips over Bruce’s skin, tracing the goosebumps that arose.

“Thanks,” Bruce said, so out of touch with Clint’s flirting that it instantly shattered the moment. Bruce rolled up his other sleeve and turned back to breakfast, effectively (if unknowingly) giving Clint the cold shoulder. “Want a pancake?”

Clint slumped against the bar. “Yes,” he said, pouting.

After that, he tried compliments. “Bruce,” he began. “Your eyes are like warm coffee.”

Bruce touched his face. “Bitter?”

“What? No. Like, comforting. I need them in the morning.”

“Well, I wake up at seven to do yoga if that’s early enough in the morning.”

“That’s not really…” Clint sighed. “Are you saying you want me to do yoga with you tomorrow?” When Bruce smiled, Clint knew he wouldn’t be able to say no.

Finally, Clint just gave in an explicitly asked Bruce out. “Do you want to get dinner and see a movie?”

“We do that every Thursday,” Bruce said, looking adorably confused.

Clint winced. “Yeah, with the rest of the team. I was thinking just the two of us could go?”

Bruce considered for a half second, then said, “Sure.”

Clint was elated.

Clint chose the classiest Italian restaurant he could find. The tables were candlelit and draped with white cloth. He wore his suit jacket and even stitched closed the bullet hole in the sleeve. He brought more flowers. Lilies this time.

“Thanks,” Bruce said, accepting the flowers with a blank look. He ran his fingers over them and plucked out one with a long stem. “For you?” he asked.

Clint stared at the flower. He gave up. “Bruce,” he said. “I’m trying to flirt with you.”

Bruce waggled the flower enticingly. “I’m trying to flirt back. I think this would look good in your lapel.”

Clint broke into a smile and accepted the flower. “Really?” he asked.

“Yes. I admit I’m a little out off practice, but…”

“No, no no. You’re perfect, Bruce.” Clint felt giddy. “I, I thought you didn’t realize.”

“I did.” Bruce smiled softly. “I also like messing with you. You’ve put up with a lot, Clint. You deserve a reward.”

“A kiss?” Clint asked hopefully.

Bruce’s smile widened. “I don’t know,” he said, teasing. “Kissing on the first date?”

Clint started to roll his eyes. “Bru–”

Bruce leaned in and kissed him. Clint practically melted into a puddle of joy. When Bruce pulled back Clint nearly fell over trying to fall over him.

“Dinner?” Bruce asked softly, offering Clint his arm.

Clint accepted with a grin. “I can’t wait.”