hi bieber

BTS at the BBMAS
  • (Sitting next to Justin Bieber)
  • Jin: hi, I'm jin. You know anneyonghassayo?
  • Justin: yeah hi..no
  • Suga: dis..(points at Justin's necklace) dis 3 dollar chain?
  • Justin: what! No it's expensive
  • J-hope: (goes a bit too close and whispers) I hate snakeu
  • Justin: ...okay
  • Jungkook: (mouths I love you @ JB)
  • Justin: ....
  • Justin: (looking at Jimin)
  • Justin: you seem like the normal one here lol, what's your name man?
  • Jimin, with the cutest smile on his face: hi ^^
  • Justin: ...(triggered bc Jimin is really cute)
  • Rap monster: I apologize for all this, we're really nervous that's why
  • Justin, not paying attention to RM, still looking at Jimin: ..I'm gay
  • Justin: ...I MEANT IT's okay...

Okay but real talk it’s going to be pretty surreal to see BTS at the BBMAs right next to other artists like Lorde and Bruno Mars. That’s like bringing your muggle friends to Hogwarts.

  • Harry: Did you eat the last biscuit?
  • Draco: What do you mean?
  • Harry: I mean there's an empty box of biscuits in the cupboard. Why would you put the box back when it's empty? That's just mean!
  • Draco: We both know it's a cruel world.
  • Harry: Ugh, Draco! You know these are my favourite!
  • Draco: Is it too late now to say I'm kinda sorry?
  • Harry:
  • Harry: Are you quoting Justin Bieber to me? Incorrectly?

“Be careful!” I yelled over the loud music Justin was playing. He was currently standing on a chair painting the walls of our new bedroom. We just moved into a new home, and we were making a few changes to the house. Painting walls was one of them. “How on earth did we manage to get paint all over ourselves?” I said looking down at my paint covered overalls. Justin was lost in the music, painting to the beat of his own song.
The song stopped and Justin hopped off of the chair. “You know,” he started. “You have a little paint riiiiight there.” He said coming close, wiping a streak of paint across my cheek. “I know you didn’t just do that!” I said in shock. “And what if I did?” He teased. “Well…"I said walking over to the paint bucket, picking up a paint brush. “I guess I would just have to get you back.” I said brushing a coat of paint across his forehead.
“You didn’t!” He said as equally shocked as I had been. “Oh but I did.” I said with a huge smile. “Oh it’s war.” He said running toward his roller. I took off out of the room and down the hallway. “Ohhhh Y/N. where are you?” I heard him taunt. I stayed quiet hidden behind the sofa. I didn’t hear him come up behind me. “Boo!” He said causing me to jump. “Oh my god!” I yelled. He crouched down attacking me with kisses. “Payback sucks!” He said still kissing me. “I like this payback.” I said laughing. “I bet you’ll like this even more.” He smirked removing his shirt.


don’t look at me like that please have mercy