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Serial killer Edmund Kemper is photographed with police investigators at his body dump sites.

Kemper was a highly organised serial killers who chose his body dump sites carefully and well before the murders; because of his job with the Highway Department, Kemper had intimate knowledge of all the isolated roads and lonely tracks in the Bay Area. His body dumping sites were all isolated and far away from busy roads, though Kemper often marked the spots where he scattered his victims body parts so he could return to them later on.

Day 26 of @journaling-junkie’s July challenge. I love getting and sending snail mail, though I’m honestly a pretty terrible pen pal. However, whenever I go somewhere, I make it a point to send postcards to people who want them, and then also stock up on cards and stuff from that place so I can send letters on different stationery. This one is from when I went on vacation with my boyfriend to visit his family in the Bay Area. It’s going to an old high school friend who lives in Chicago!


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Hi I’m just your average bi teen™ who does colorguard, marching band, jazz band, and art. I love learning languages and I’ll be majoring in linguistics at sf state next fall !! 🐊

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June 22, 2017

To the Leadership of Korean Emmanuel Presbyterian Church of San Jose:

I hope this letter finds you well and persevering in the Lord.

In accordance with Senior Pastor Wonbae Son’s decision to terminate my position as pastor of Pneuma Fellowship and to restructure the English Ministry of Korean Emmanuel Presbyterian Church of San Jose, I submit this letter of resignation to the leadership of this church as requested.

I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me to serve the college students and young adults of this church; this has been a great privilege and honor, and I will cherish the memories of what God has done in and through Pneuma Fellowship for the rest of my life. I pray for God to continue to bless our church, and I look forward to seeing how God will use Korean Emmanuel Presbyterian Church of San Jose to shine His light in the Bay Area.


Eugene Kwon

California officials frequently cite possession of black literature, left-wing materials, and writing about prisoner rights as evidence of gang affiliation. In the dozens of cases I reviewed, gang investigators have used the term “[BGF] training material” to refer to publications by California Prison Focus, a group that advocates the abolition of the SHUs; Jackson’s once best-selling Soledad Brother; a pamphlet said to reference “Revolutionary Black Nationalism, The Black Internationalist Party, Marx, and Lenin”; and a pamphlet titled “The Black People’s Prison Survival Guide.” This last one advises inmates to read books, keep a dictionary handy, practice yoga, avoid watching too much television, and stay away from “leaders of gangs.”

The list goes on. Other materials considered evidence of gang involvement have included writings by Mumia Abu-Jamal; The Black Panther Party: Reconsidered, a collection of academic essays by University of Cincinnati professor Charles Jones; pictures of Assata Shakur, Malcolm X, George Jackson, and Nat Turner; and virtually anything using the term “New Afrikan.” At least one validation besides Pennington’s referenced handwritten pages of “Afro centric ideology.”

As warden of San Quentin Prison in the 1980s, Daniel Vasquez oversaw what was then the country’s largest SHU. He’s now a corrections consultant and has testified on behalf of inmates seeking to reverse their validations. As we sat in his suburban Bay Area home, he told me it is “very common” for African American prisoners who display leadership qualities or radical political views to end up in the SHU. Similarly, he recalls, “we were told that when an African American inmate identified as being Muslim, we were supposed to watch them carefully and get their names.”

Vasquez testified in federal court in the case of a former inmate, Ernesto Lira, who was gang validated in part based on a drawing that included an image of the huelga bird, the symbol of the United Farm Workers. While the image has been co-opted by the Nuestra Familia prison gang, Vasquez testified that it is “a popular symbol widely used in Hispanic culture and by California farmworkers.” Lira’s validation was one of a handful to ever be reversed in federal court—though not until after he was released on parole, having spent eight years in the SHU. And though the court ruled that the huelga bird is of “obscure and ambiguous meaning,” it continues to be used as validation evidence.

Evidence used to send inmates to solitary indefinitely includes possession of books like Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and Machiavelli’s The Prince.
Gang evidence comes in countless forms. Possession of Machiavelli’s The Prince, Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power, or Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has been invoked as evidence. One inmate’s validation includes a Christmas card with stars drawn on it—alleged gang symbols—among Hershey’s Kisses and a candy cane. Another included a poetry booklet the inmate had coauthored with a validated BGF member. One poem reflected on what it was like to feel human touch after 14 years and another warned against spreading HIV. The only reference to violence was the line, “this senseless dying gotta end.”

“Direct links” that appear in inmates’ case files are often things they have no control over, like having their names found in the cells of validated gang members or associates or having a validated gang affiliate send them a letter, even if they never received it or knew of its existence. Appearing in a group picture with one validated gang associate counts as a direct link, even if that person wasn’t validated at the time.

In the course of my investigation, I obtained CDCR’s confidential validation manual. It teaches investigators that use of the words tío or hermano, Spanish for uncle and brother, can indicate gang activity, as can señor. Validation files on Latino inmates have included drawings of the ancient Aztec jaguar knight and Aztec war shields, and anything in the indigenous Nahuatl language, spoken by an estimated 1.4 million people in central Mexico.

Some SHU inmates, aside from the “bona fide gang members,” are those “the guards don’t like,” says Carbone, Pennington’s lawyer. “They get annihilated with gang validations in order to get them off the main lines…The rules are so flimsy that if the department wants somebody validated, he will get validated.”

Chowder’s Choice

bowtotheglowcloud: Pls write about Chowder and his constant disappointment in the dining options around samwell. “What do you mean there’s no Ethiopian restaurants i want to eat wat.” Bc his Bay Area ass isn’t used to being somewhere with SO MANY WHITE PEOPLE “holster. Listen. Help me find a good pho place and no one gets hurt” like “this is the whitest mexican food ive ever tasted. No bitty look even the cheese is white!” Like “I’m looking for naan bread not the holy grail” “Wait you have never had falafels?”

“CHOWDER’S CHOICE!” Holster shouted, jumping up and down on the ratty couch Chowder was just trying to take a nap on. Not happening in this Haus, apparently.

Chowder slowly blinked as he sat up. “Wait, what?”

Ransom suddenly appeared from behind Holster, the whole SMH team following behind.

“We have a very simple system,” Ransom said, pulling out a spreadsheet that looked anything but simple. “Through careful calculation, we allow each team member a chance to choose the restaurant when the whole team eats together. Tonight, Chowder, is your turn. So what’s it gonna be?”

Suddenly reinvigorated with his newfound power, Chowder jumped off the couch, flinging the blanket that Bitty must have draped over him to the side. This was the best day of his life! He was so, so tired of bad cafeteria food (excluding, of course, the chicken tenders). Back home in the Bay his whole family were foodies. Once they ordered food and took so long taking pictures of it that they had to send it back to be reheated. And now Chowder considered chicken tenders to be the height of fine cuisine? He’d really fallen far.

“I could really go for some Ethiopian,” he said, practically bouncing with anticipation as the rest of the team stared at him. Gosh, there was a great Ethiopian place only half an hour from his home, and he was longing to recreate that experience.

Holster gave him a blank look. “Uh…bro? Where are we going to get Ethiopian food?”

Chowder gave a careless shrug. “I mean, there’s gotta be a restaurant downtown. C'mon, let’s go!”

He rushed out the front door, ignoring the “Someone’s gotta tell him” and “No one tell him, I want to see the look on his face” whispered behind him as the rest of the team followed him out. Surely they were talking about Jack and Bitty dating?

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She ran away with her mixed African American 18 year old boyfriend, named Jonah Youngblood. He’s about 5'5 with shoulder length dark brown curly hair. He cut off his ankle bracelet and they ran away last night. We suspect they’ll be heading to his brothers in the bay area by LA. The area code is 559. Please reblog, help find Ashley. She’s only 14 her family is very worried.

Hi Santa Cruz/Bay Area/NorCal/Central valley/SoCal/California/USA!!!!!

I’m setting up a zine festival with the help of my great wonderful friends in Santa Cuz, CA!

if you would like to possibly table the event, play music, read a poem, story, essay, or bottom line a workshop at the festival please email me at lmwolcot@ucsc.edu
also, if you want to be apart of helping run the event/on the committee please email me!

please pass this around to all your friends! it’s gonna be dope!!!! : )

Broadway lights to dim to honor of Robin Williams

The Broadway community will honor Robin Williams by dimming marquee lights for one minute.

Williams, who took his life in his San Francisco Bay Area home this week, had been on Broadway several times, most recently as a restless tiger ghost in 2011 in “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.”

The marquees of the Great White Way will be dimmed for one minute Wednesday at 7:45 p.m. Eastern.

Williams has been on stage with Steve Martin in Mike Nichols’s 1988 off-Broadway version of “Waiting for Godot” and had a run of his own one-man show, “Robin Williams: Live on Broadway” in 2002.