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can you rate the rider class? i love your other ratings and 100% agreed w them so i wanna know how much we agree on

her writing is ALL OVER THE PLACE it’s like they can’t decide whether to actually give her a personality or just keep her easy waifu bait. whenever they go into the more interesting parts of her like the whole, yknow, bloodthirsty monster thing, it’s like it’s about a completely different character and it has no bearing on her characterisation outside that one scene. I literally can’t remember if fha fucked her over or she never had that much characterisation to begin with (just kidding, it’s probably both). 6/10 it’s not like it’s her fault but maybe I would actually care about her if the writing stopped disrespecting her

you’re a cool and charismatic dude and I loved your arc and the waver thing and the whole aggressive hedonism shtick and how your noble phantasm is literally the power of friendship but my ex couldnt shut the fuck up about how cool and manly you are and you just can’t escape branding like that my guy

SHAPED LIKE A FRIEND SHAPED LIKE A FRIEND SHAPED LIKE A FRIEND a good and noble paladin who saves people with no real chance of survival just because he felt like it, naturally, because he’s lost his reason you see! very cute. very optimistic. a very wide range of absolutely bullshit powerful noble phantasms! 8/10

I WAS A WIMP BEFORE INVULNERABILITY, NOW I’M A JERK AND EVERYONE LOVES ME a lot of people rightfully want to punch him in the face and set penthesilea loose on him and all that but he’s the “become a hero because you want to live faster and harder than humanly possible and cement yourself in public consciousness for centuries to come” type and that’s my BRAND. super impulsive and immediately regrets a lot of things he does but he’s still gonna do em because to him being a hero means being More™ so that means he’s going to laugh harder and fight harder and cry harder too. 10/10 they even compared him to cu in some material book and you can’t just target me like that

ONE WHO CIRCUMVENTS THE WORLD JUST TO SEE IF ITS POSSIBLE, ONE WHO GATHERS HEAPS OF GOLD JUST TO SCATTER IT TO THE WIND, ONE WHO HUNTS TREASURE NOT FOR THE TREASURE BUT FOR THE THRILL OF THE HUNT. I think about her “if you’re going to be a villain you have to be prepared to die a villain” monologue in extra every day out of all the servants in extra she probably had the biggest impact on me and that when she’s effectively the tutorial boss. queen elizabeth who saw her chance to escape the stiffness of court life and grabbed it with both hands and then spent every remaining living second making sure it was worthwhile. im problematic and haven’t played okeanos on NA yet but I am absolutely certain she’s just as good there 18/10

PAT THE HEAD PAT THE HEAD PAT THE HEAD PAT TH her bond ce goes hard as fucking hell “I want a sword that can decapitate a thousand people in one swing. why? well going one by one is a waste of time isn’t it?” god damn I love you 10/10

I’m sorry they made you like That

his bond ce tears me up every time hes a good dad 8/10

B E G O N E  T H O T

I rerolled for her on NA she’s a good girl I love her. one of her myroom lines is “do you have any bread?” and it’s such a small thing but i’m UPSET she genuinely loved france and its people with all her heart even as they executed her but she was just too sheltered to be able to do anything for them and she’s not about to let that happen again 10/10

I want to engage in heated fisticuffs with saint martha on a regular basis with our roughly equal win ratio only serving to fuel our intense but friendly rivalry and burning desire to determine once and for all which one of us is truly the stronger one, yet also making us dread the day we find the answer for it might put an end to these joyous days of endless battles with the best opponent both of us ever had

I’m sorry they made you like That too

BITCH!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! unapologeticly horrible. a woman who sees what she wants and then takes it. a ruthless conquerer. a certified petty ho. the political climate of ye olde ireland was vicious and she started out as nothing but a relationship gift and then worked her way up to the absolute top with a ‘it’s used or be used’ mentality, determined to be the one who shamelessly uses everyone else and does whatever the hell she wants at all times. only ever loved for her power or money or body and desperate to find someone to love her unconditionally but absolutely refuses to become even remotely deserving of someone like that. the one thing she hates the most is people having no particular opinion of her because you can’t manipulate someone who just doesn’t care and she’s obsessed with cu not out of anything close to genuine love but because she just fucking hates his guts in DARING to disrespect her by not either throwing himself at her feet or wanting her dead. 100/10


his hair down look gets me so fucking pissed. why would they do that? he looks so fucking baller with his hair up and then they make him look like a wet tulip in ¾ of his art? what does the world have against slicked hair? why does the anime industry still think hair down fanserivce is actually doing a service to slicked hair connoisseurs like me? its not like i’d be willing to put up with him otherwise. he sounds like he ate a bee. i’m not about to want to fuck a man who sounds like he ate a bee if he doesn’t even slick his hair back most of the time. he doesn’t ever shut up either. if you fuck this guy he’s not going to moan like a reasonable person he’s going to launch into a monologue with every thrust. this bee eating wet tulip is going to monologue about his dick during sex and they’re trying to sell me that as appealing. I don’t understand.

I want to engage in heated fisticuffs with quetzalcoatl on a regular basis with our roughly equal win ratio only serving to fuel our intense but friendly rivalry and burning desire to determine once and for all which one of us is truly the stronger one, yet also making us dread the day we find the answer for it might put an end to these joyous days of endless battles with the best opponent both of us ever had

fucking dumbass only has one sock

christmas is forever


Aww how sweet he is! Immediately including Chase in the chaining ceremony. He is truly a nice guy like you can tell he’s super conscious about not leaving ppl out & appreciating them.

Gravity Falls Forever (TG AP Caption) [Fan-Fiction]

Herman Turk was a fan of Gravity Falls, but he was a little more than just an avid fan. Some who knew Herman would go onto say he was obsessed with the show. Of course, despite these comments, Herman still loved the show regardless. It had such a vast universe of weird and unique characters that combined with the mystery of the series just riled up Herman. It was as if someone took Herman’s love of mystery and fantasy and blended into a delicious smoothie just for him to drink.

               As the series came to an end though, Herman found himself not knowing what to do now. Without that show he had nothing to live for. For months, he spent his days watching reruns of the episodes over and over until he could perfectly recite each line from every episode. In the end, it just didn’t do him justice though.

               With his 13th birthday just around the corner, Herman’s parents wanted to find a way to cheer him up. Researching the show a little they found that the show was based off a small town in Oregon. They figured that perhaps this would give him the closure he needed if he could visit the town where the show originated from. They packed their bags and were off in the next two days.

               Herman’s spirits had been risen. He couldn’t keep himself still as they made their way across the country. He was going to the town that Gravity Falls was based off! Now Herman knew that the town wasn’t too like Gravity Falls; he had already researched it a ton. Boring, Oregon was a small quaint town with everything you would expect from the sort; cozy cabins, friendly folks, and all that jazz. Of course, in the back of his head there was one article he came across one late night that told rumors that an exact look-a-like of Stanford’s journal was being passed around the town, although it said the journal at Boring was cursed, and that it shouldn’t be opened if it was found.

               They made it to Boring around five o’clock at night. It was already getting darker out due to it being later in the year, but this didn’t stop Herman from scouting out the town while his parents unpacked the van. He traversed the streets close to the cabin where they were staying to find an elderly couple making their way back home presumably. Herman made his way over to the elders, to see if they knew any information on the possible whereabouts of the journal.

               “Excuse but do you either of you know anything about a strange journal with a hand on the cover?” Herman asked, as politely as he could.

               The elder couple looked at each other and back at Herman twice before they spoke.

               “Young man, are you looking for trouble?” the elder man said.

               “No, I just really wanted to see if the rumors were true,” Herman said, once again trying to contain himself.

               “Whatever you do boy, beware of that cursed journal,” the elder woman spoke. “It could very well be the end of you.”

               The elder couple bid Herman farewell as they walked off down the road out of sight. Herman was frustrated, but he wouldn’t let anyone get to him. He made his way back to the cabin. The sun set, and the moon rose. Tonight, was a full moon, so it was still bright enough outside for Herman to see. His parents had already passed out for the night, the long drive had really done a number on them. Herman was still eager to find the journal though.

               Sneaking out of the cabin Herman made his way out into the night, with only a flashlight by his side he made his way back down the same road he had been down earlier where he met the elderly couple. A cool breeze ran across the forest which brought across the crisp sound of fall leaves dancing in the wind. Herman made his way further down the road until the road broke off into different trails. He had no clue which way he should go. He decided to fallen the direction of the north star so he could find his way back just in case he got lost.

Making his way the middle trail the forest around him grew thicker and thicker. Just when he thought he was about to hit a dead end he came into a little opening where there was a creek. He could see the reflection of the full moon in it which illuminated the area around him. That’s when he saw a glimmer out of the corner of his eye. Herman turned his head to see something shimmering on the ground near the creek. He approached it with caution. He picked it up, and dusted it off. This was it! He had found the journal. The six-fingered hand on the front already gave it away, but Herman knew he would need to check the inside.

He stopped for a moment though as he was about to open. He thought back to the elders’ warning. Should he really open it? Hesitating for a moment he finally brought himself out of his train of thought and clipped open the journal. Suddenly a strong wind picked up causing the creek’s water to ripple. Leaves began to blow around until they became a vortex that encircled Herman. The pages in the journal began to rapidly flip as the book began to light up. Herman began to scream as the wind picked up even faster.

As it became strong and stronger, the wind began to push Herman towards the creek. He tried to hold himself in place, but he was eventually shoved into the creek. The wind then abruptly cut off. Herman was frightened as to what may happen next. A strange feeling came across as his body began to feel almost like jelly as he struggled to stay afloat in the water. He eventually fell down into the water taking a huge gulp of it which caused him to gag.

Regaining posture, Herman began to feel his body stretch out like a rubber band. He grew at least one… no… two feet taller! This was mainly in his legs though, as his torso remained relatively shorter. He could feel his arms stretch as well as they thinned out.  Herman’s face and neck then began to reshape as well. His neck became much thinner as his head bubbled out becoming a smooth oval.

Herman could feel his face contort and expand. His eyes bulged from their sockets they became twice as large becoming as round as a tennis baller. His eyelashes grew out as well giving him two dreamy eyes. Herman’s nose shrunk down by a ton, leaving behind a little stub that sat right in between his two huge eyes. His mouth began to stretch out as well, he could feel his teeth straighten out in his mouth. His lips then went ahead to puff out as well just to make things even more awkward.

Looking down into the water, Herman watched as his hair grew down past his shoulders becoming a smooth shade of auburn, so smooth he couldn’t even see the outline of his hair’s strands. A few freckles then popped onto his cheeks. Looking down into the water now, Herman realized the awful truth. He was turning into Wendy Corduroy, a tom-boyish teenage lumberjack that just so happened to be the main love interest of Dipper Pines.

Herman didn’t know how to react. He had always thought Wendy was sexy, and wouldn’t mind getting to see her naked, but not like this. He blushed as he could already feel the rest of his body begin to turn as well.

His Adam’s apple quickly dissolved which could only mean one thing for Herman. He urged himself to give a little “yelp”, and what do you know he had the sassy cowgirl voice of Wendy. Hearing this he quickly covered his mouth discovering his hands had shrunk down. Why was this happening to him.

The water from the creek then began to squeeze on Herman’s body as he felt his shoulders curve out. He lost his posture again for a moment when the water pushed his back forward abruptly causing his spine to curve inwards. Herman could feel his feel shrink down now as well, rubbing them against the murky bottom of the creek. He braced himself as what was to come next.

He couldn’t see it, but he could feel it as his ass, hips, and thighs blew up giving him curves you would only see in the cartoons. He clenched his butt with his small hands to feel how smooth and bouncy it had become. It was Wendy’s alright.

As Herman thought about this more, he figured it couldn’t all be bad, right? He was turning into Wendy Corduroy. A sexy, strong, and independent woman, who did whatever she wanted to, whenever! He could only imagine what he could get away with in this new body. Suddenly a great pressure began to build upon Herman’s chest. He held his breath for the moment as two breasts sprung out of his chest, flopping down creating beautiful even cleavage. He blushed again at his own body. It was a strange culmination of pleasure and awkwardness at the same time.

               The pleasure part of all of this kicked in when his dick began to suck back in. He clenched his teeth as his last piece of his old self sank back into his body. With a satisfying slurp, Herman knew he wasn’t Herman anymore.

               Wendy let out a soft moan. Damn, she felt good. She hadn’t felt this free in her life for a long time. She got out of the water allowing herself to dry her naked body off in the wind. Around her she realized that the world had become all cartoon. Everything, including herself had black outlines. She was no longer living in the real world which only excited her more. She flipped her hair back. She was still not accustomed to her new body yet which she only attained a few minutes before, but damn did she feel great.

               Wendy made her way back through the woods. As her body finished drying off she realized she smelled just like the pine trees around her. Her butt jiggled up and down as she came back out into the town, but she was no longer in Boring, Oregon… she was in Gravity Falls. She stopped staring around her in awe. Never in a million years would she had thought she’d end up hear. The place of her dreams.

               This curse wasn’t so bad after all. The only issue now is that she was naked out in public, it was luckily night so no one who she her. She felt down her body. For a woman that was outside so much her body was still as smooth as a baby’s bottom. She cautiously made her way through town. As she did she began to think of all the other character’s she would be able to meet now. Mabel, Soos, Bill, Stanford, and… Dipper. She felt herself grow wet. That was weird, why when she though of… ohh…. Dipper. She felt her vagina… she was definitely wet.

               “Oh no,” Wendy though to herself, “Am I attracted to Dipper?”

               She stopped in her tracks. Wendy blushed thinking about Dipper, her mind began to wonder off. She began to daydream about her and Dipper… in bed… and….

               “No…no…no!” Wendy mumbled, “This can’t be happening?”

               She now realized what the true horror of this curse was as she began to become more aroused by the thought of Dipper. While he was younger he was still so… cute. She knew she wanted him, but she just couldn’t accept it. She should’ve listened to the elders!

“Ugh… if I don’t get a hold of myself…” She thought, “I’m going to end up having Dipper fucking me in the ass tonight!”

She struggled to get a hold of herself, she clenched her head trying to think straight. Wendy eventually found herself making her way to the Mystery Shack though. Unable to control her body anymore she found herself coming closer and closer to her worse fear. This was all so wrong… she still had the mind of a boy… Dipper was also too young for this… she never even had sex before!

She found herself jogging through the woods with a determined smile on her face she couldn’t shake off. In Wendy’s head, she screamed at her body to stop, but these feelings for Dipper wouldn’t stop, as her heart began to pulse. As she grew closer to the Shack the more afraid, yet horny she became. And now she found herself standing right outside the shack.

Wendy climbed up onto the roof sneaking into the attic where there lying in his bed was Dipper Pines. She always wanted to meet Dipper, but she didn’t want to like this. Of course, there was no one to stop her, Mabel was nowhere to be seen… probably off at some sleepover of course. Just by Wendy’s luck. Wendy kneeled down beside Dipper’s sleeping body and tapped him on the head.

“Wha…What?!” Dipper yelled, throwing his arms in the air.

“Shh… it’s ok Dipper,” Wendy said, uncontrollably. “It’s me… Wendy”

“Ah… ok…k..k… WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!” Dipper yelled, Wendy quickly covered his mouth.

“Dipper, I know this is strange, and a little awkward, but I… I…” Wendy stuttered, as her mind tried to take back control, “I need you inside of me.”

Dipper just looked at her in disbelief, while inside Wendy’s head she was losing it, but on the outside, she still remained with that horny look on her face.

“Wendy… I don’t know what to say…” Dipper stuttered, as Wendy cut him off.

“Don’t say anything,” Wendy teased, as she wrapped her arms around Dipper.

They began to gently make out. Wendy climbed up onto the bed, as they began to make out more passionately. Wendy began to moan as she could feel Dipper’s boner digging through his pants. Her mind was screaming to stop, but she still went for it anyways. Wendy gently pulled down Dipper’s pants to reveal his boner which was surprisingly rather long for someone of his age. She gently smiled staring lovingly in his eyes, as so did he.

“You know how to do this, right?” She purred, as Dipper gave her a confident geeky smile.

“I’ll give it my all,” Dipper said, giggling a little.

This was the end for Wendy, she thought to herself. Herman’s mind not being able to even think properly anymore as Wendy positioned herself with her huge ass hanging in the air. Herman wished he could’ve taken it all back, he wished he could just go back home, but it was too late.

Dipper’s cock came shooting down Wendy’s thick ass. She tried to hold it back, but soon her sexual instincts kicked, and she found her panting like a dog. Wendy moaned extensively with tongue hanging out, while Dipper fucked her, pounding his dick in faster and faster. With each pound, Herman’s mind began to accept these new feelings, becoming weaker and weaker to her body’s horniness. As Dipper cummed down her ass, Herman’s mind could no longer think straight… all she wanted now was Dipper.

“This isn’t so bad,” She thought to herself, “Dipper is really a nice boy, and damn he does put a lot of effort into it. Give him another couple year, and I bet he could become a stud.”

Wendy fantasized about this, as cum dripped from her young, no-longer virgin, vagina. How was she this lucky to have such a man in her life?

“I can’t even remember what was so bad about that curse anymore,” Wendy thought to herself, as Dipper went in for round two.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Herman’s parents searched frantically for him, but when he couldn’t be found they made their made their way back home in tears. The curse slowly began to remove traces of Herman’s previous life, and soon even Herman’s parents had forgotten about him.

They wouldn’t have to worry about him though, as Herman was now living his dream, down in good ol’ Gravity Falls.

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💙 with Suga...☺️


“YOONGI! YOONGI COME EAT!” I yell as I pour noodles into a bowl and I walk into the front room to watch TV. I hear a groan and I get up going into my shared room. 

“Yoongi-ah get your ass up now!” I whine grabbing the little fur ball by his tail. 

Yoongi pokes his messy bed head up his black ears resting against his head as his black tail sways back and forth. 

“Are you going to sleep your life away?” I ask him as I brace my hands on my hips. He rubs his eyes as he stands up slowly his tank top falling down and his baller shorts unbunching. 

“Don’t be mad at me. You know how hard it is to control my body?” Suga asks me placing a kiss on my lips as he grabs my hand walking me to the front room with him. 

I found Yoongi a few months ago. He was sitting behind the trash can on a rainy night looking for food. I brought him home and kept him with me and he seemed strange. I thought his tail and ears were fake until I pulled on them. Scared the little thing half to death he wouldn’t come near me for a week. 

He has been a great help though. He cleans up when I’m at work and he is always a great cuddler. I love when his warm blooded body is pressed against me as I play in his ears or stroke his tail. His purrs ripping from his throat as he sits there in content. 

“—?” Yoongi asks me and I open my eyes wide realizing I had been dreaming. 

“H-huh?” I ask him as he stares at me. 

“What are you thinking about?” He asks me tickling my nose with his tail making me blush as he eats his food his ears flexing in delight. 

“About when we met. And how happy you’ve made me.” I say scratching the back of my head blushing softly. He smirks at me putting his bowl down as he climbs in my lap placing his hands on my chest as his wags his tail back and forth. 

“You love me?” He asks softly licking my cheek. 

“Of course I do. If I didn’t you wouldn’t be living here. I would’ve given you away.” I say pecking his lips softly. 

“Your the best owner I’ve ever had.” He says as I stroke his cheek. 

“But I’m more then that Yoongi. I’m your girlfriend.” I say with a pout and he kisses my lips. 

“I know and hopefully one day you will be my wife.” He says smiling at me as he gets off my lap finishing his noodles. 

“Do you think you would be able to face those people looking the way you do?” I ask him with a hint of worry in my voice. 

“I don’t care what the other think as long as I am with you.” He says making my heart flutter as I stare at him in awe. 

“I’m so lucky to have you.” I say softly and he giggles. 

“Your stealing my lines.” He says laughing at me. 

When he finishes his noodles he cleans up the dishes before he comes and snuggles beside me as we turn on a romantic film and I let him lay on my chest as both of us look at the screen his legs between mine as the cover drape across our body.

I start to play with his ears scratching behind them softly and I feel his tail starting to move the covers as he gets excited. I start to hear purrs fall from his chest rumbling against mine. I kiss the top of his head softly as he falls into a soft snore. 

“I’ll never find no one as good as you.” He says twisting his face to kiss my lips and I laugh kissing him back. 

“Now whose stealing my lines?” I ask him and he giggles with a hum before he drifts off to sleep on my chest.


Give me your hand. Don’t be afraid, Nasir. It feels good, right? Like silk.

So I was showing my super straight dude-bro of a brother a picture of Cas that I drew and he asked me to show him the reference I used so I googled ‘Misha Collins face’ to show him and this is literally what happened:

My Brother: …*stares*

My Brother:  *squints and leans closer to screen*

My Brother:….what’s his name again?

Me: Misha Collins…

My Brother: Huh…”keeps staring*

My Brother: *takes mouse* *clicks on another picture of Misha’s face*

My Brother: ….His eyes are fuckin’ baller, hey?

Me: *stares at my brother* …yeah.

My Brother: Whoa….*clicks on another picture*

My Brother: …he’s…I mean, if I was…he’s kinda, like…pretty, you know?  Like really…

My Brother: *awkwardly clears throat and stands up* Ok, I’ll see you later.

My Brother: *leaves*

I think my brother had a mild sexuality crisis because of Misha’s face.

Season 4 Drabble #4-Santa Ana

Surprise! I’m back with another drabble for you all. Plus, I have another surprise for you this weekend. So, stay tuned. Enjoy!

For the past few months, Club Rome had been a popular attraction in LA. Parties, celebrity appearances, fundraisers and events had the club hopping. Ever since their return, Derek and Ahsha had become quite the power couple. They were now both owners of the club and with their name being on the building, they made sure everything stayed on point. Ahsha never thought she would be co-owner of one of the most popular spots in California. People traveled from across the states to visit. With many renovations, Club Rome had become a chic and sophisticated place to party. They had added on a lounge, a cigar bar, and a stage for small, intimate concerts. The Romans were proud of their recent investment and were reaping the benefits.

Gearing up for another big event, Derek and Ahsha were spending a lot of time in the club. “We need a DJ, someone that keeps people on their feet,” Ahsha expressed, standing behind her husband and looking at his computer. “You think that promoter you met can find a good one?”

“Baby, he’s the best promoter in LA, right now. Your man is on it, don’t worry,” Derek replied, turning his chair and pulling Ahsha down to his lap. “But you in business mode is sexy as hell. I must admit.”

The dancer grinned. “Hey, I’m only trying to help. Having Wale here is a big deal. Want to make sure he feels right at home.” Right after Ahsha finished her sentence, a strong wind made a tree branch loudly tap the office window.

“Whoa, we better finish up and head home,” Derek suggested. The Santa Ana winds had hit LA once again, bringing in strong winds that could possibly leave them without power. The last time this happened, Derek and Ahsha had gotten stuck in an elevator. At least this time, Derek wasn’t a super cocky baller only trying to get in her pants. Not that she minded him in her pants now.

“Right, I’ll go lock up my office,” Ahsha replied, jumping up from Derek’s lap. She didn’t even get far before another strong wind hit and knocked out the power. “Shit!”

“Oh great,” Derek groaned. Winds were way too strong to drive in, let alone walk. “Maybe we should wait this out. It’s looking crazy out there,” he peeked through the blinds and could see the winds picking up strength. “Maybe I can find something for us to eat in the kitchen.”

“Did we still have those candles in the back,” Ahsha asked, her stomach growling at the mention of food.

“Yeah, there’s a couple of flashlights in my drawer.”

The couple went their separate ways. Ahsha used the flashlight to navigate the supply closet. Suddenly, she felt a pair of strong hands grip her hips, causing her to shriek. “Shh, it’s just me,” her husband chuckled. “Are there any towels in here?”

“You scared the hell out of me,” Ahsha panted, holding her chest. “Yeah, towels are right over here.” Reaching over to grab a towel, Ahsha’s backside rubbed against the tented fabric of Derek’s slacks. Damn, he was hard as a rock, she thought to herself. Shaking off the horny thoughts, Ahsha handed the towels to her husband, but he didn’t take them.

Knowing Ahsha had felt all of him, Derek decided to put food hunting off for a minute. “You know what they say, Santa Anas are baby makers.” The sensual tone of Derek’s voice made him hard to resist. Just get those candles, girl. But Derek had other plans. “We’re in a dark supply closet and I’m starving,” she laughed as Derek took the candles out of her hands and placed them back on a shelf.

“I can feed you,” he muttered, his lips grazing her ear.

“You’re so nasty,” Ahsha giggled, leaning back into Derek’s chest. When Derek began sucking the sensitive skin of her neck, the candles, towels, and food became afterthoughts.

“Mmmmm,” Ahsha hummed, grabbing the back of Derek’s head. His hardness continued digging into her ass and the loose fabric of her pants didn’t hide an inch of it. She turned her body to face Derek, grabbing his face between her hands before attacking his lips. The kiss was vicious, not dainty in any shape or form. Their tongues smacked loudly as the couple quickly became breathless. They began ripping off their clothes desperately trying to relieve themselves of the barriers. Touch became their primary sense with only the flashlight providing little light.

Ahsha’s hands fumbled with Derek’s belt buckle, pushing his pants to the floor. Her fingers tightly wrapped around his hardened length, massaging him through the fabric. Derek cursed under his breath when the dancer sunk down to the floor. Pulling down his boxer briefs, Ahsha held him in her hand. The thickness barely fit in her small hand as she wrapped her mouth around the player’s tip. Teasing him with her wicked tongue, Ahsha slowly moved her hand up and down his shaft. He could barely see her under the very dim light, but the feeling of her tongue and lips massaging him was hypnotizing. It almost took him by surprise. The player’s hand disappeared into her hair, providing wordless encouragement. His abs tightened as his wife continued to tease him. It wouldn’t be long under her care.

“Damn,” he grunted, his body tensing up. Mrs. Roman was showing him no mercy. When Derek knew he was close to busting, he quickly reached down and pulled his wife to her feet. “Didn’t want to make a mess,” he admitted with a smirk. Their lips were at it again before Ahsha could say a word. Her back collided with the wall and her legs were quickly wrapped around Derek’s waist. Winds could still be heard beating against the back windows of the club.

The dancer wiggled her hips, helping Derek rid her of her panties. Their breathing ragged, the baller lifted her hips, lowering them on his length. The feeling of him inside her never got old. They didn’t have much room in the closet but they would make it work. Derek began to move his hips, gently colliding with Ahsha’s. One of the shelves became a prop as Ahsha rested her elbows on it. Her head fell back, soft moans leaving her lips.

Using her strong core, the dancer tightened her legs around Derek’s waist and began riding him. “Thank God, I married a dancer,” he murmured against her warm skin. Tingles moved over her skin as Derek turned his attention to her exposed breasts. The tip of his tongue grazed the hardened bud, teasing it before sucking it between his lips. A combination of gentle tugs with his teeth and sucks drove his wife wild. Though soft whimpers escaped her throat, her body was screaming.  Derek gripped Ahsha’s hips bracing her for his increased force.

The baller fell deeper, pleasing his wife with harder, longer strokes. His buttocks tightened with each harsh move. They found each other’s lips, hungrily kissing before their lips broke apart when Ahsha felt a bout of intense satisfaction rush through her body. She cursed under her breath, the sex feeling so good she could shout. Derek rested his forehead against Ahsha’s. Even in the dark, such a simple moment was so intimate. Ahsha bit her lip as she followed Derek’s increased rhythm. She could feel his eyes boring into her own as their breathing became sharper.

Reaching between Ahsha’s wrapped thighs with one hand, Derek’s thumb began to graze her sensitive bud. She swiftly gripped her husband’s broad shoulders, unable to hold herself up anymore. As her body responded, Derek rubbed a little harder, making her that much wetter. Almost in no time did Ahsha climax, collapsing into Derek’s shoulder, her limbs falling weak. Derek’s body stiffened as he came hard inside his wife.

For a few long seconds, they stayed connected, the thumping feeling still strong. They both chuckled when they came off their high.

“A lot different from the last Santa Ana fiasco, huh,” Derek purred, planting one last kiss on Ahsha’s lips before releasing her legs from his grip.

“Thankfully,” Ahsha chuckled, collecting the candles she initially came for in the first place. “Wish that would have happened the last time.”

Derek smirked, “Oh really?” But Ahsha didn’t respond to his remark. She simply winked, picked up the towels and handed them to Derek.

Those damn Santa Ana winds.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! I think you all will like the next surprise.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a part 2 of the jungkooko/girl/hobi where jungkook wants hobi to teach his girlfriend the proper way to ride him. xD

;Since I went to the concert and saw these two devils… I feel my soul is being tested right now XD but here you go~

Ride Me: 


“No – your not doing it right!” Jungkook groaned as he pushed your hips harder down against his erection trying to get you to roll your hips. 

“Then h-how the fuck am I suppose to do it!” You panted heavily bracing hands on his chest as you rolled your hips hard against his bulge for what seemed the thirteenth hundred time today and he still wasn’t satisfied. 

“How the fuck should I know? Your my first and it’s different then porn!” Jungkook whined stilling your hips. You looked down at him pouting softly feeling bad that you couldn’t do what he wanted. He was tired of being on top and you had no objections to trying something different. 

“Don’t be sad jagi.. I know we are both trying.” Jungkook leaned up kissing your lips before he rolled you over grinding his hips down into yours at just the right angle to press against your clit. He moaned into your mouth getting harder from the whimpers you released under him. 

The front door to the apartment opened and Jungkook pulled back smirking down at you. “Stay here jagi..” He got up from the bed going into the front room grinning widely when he saw Jhope standing there taking his shoes off white tank top and black baller shorts looking sweaty from probably dance practice. 

“Hello hyung!” Jungkook coed as he approached him a bit more.

“Oh hey kookie what’s up?” Hoseok asked ruffling his hair with a bright smile. 

“Oh nothing… – is here..” Jungkook said not missing the way Hoseok quickly bit his bottom lip before raising an eyebrow. 

“She is?” Hoseok asked leaning against the wall. 

“Y-yeah.. And I actually need a favor again..” Jungkook said looking up at him blushing a bit and Hoseok chuckled to himself happy deep down inside. 

“What is it? Hyung will do anything for you.” Hope said trying to keep himself from getting to excited at just the mere thought of your body. 

“Well.. We wanted to do something different. She was gonna ride me.. But we can’t even get passed the part of dry humping..” Jungkook said scratching the back of his head with a thick blush on his face. 

“Oh really?.. I’m sure I can help with that.” Hoseok said smiling brightly as he grabbed Jungkook’s hand leading him back to his room where you was. 

You lay on the bed looking up at the ceiling panting softly wanting Jungkook to come back. You were so wet and him leaving you just made you not even want to move. You heard voices and looked over to the left blushing when you saw Hoseok and Jungkook enter the room. 

“I hear you need me..” Hoseok teased with a smirk. You felt your insides heat up more just looking over his nice body. Those taught sexy biceps and the sweat dropping down his shirt showing off his nice body. You looked back in his eyes nodding your head as you tugged your bottom lip between your teeth. 

Hoseok quickly took off his tank top before coming on the bed crawling over you. He looked down at you licking his lips letting his right hand trail up and down from your neck to your shorts button slowly. 

“Do you want it?” He asked in a husky voice and you moaned out wrapping arms around his neck forgetting a second about Jungkook. You leaned up kissing his lips and he responded quickly shoving his thick pink tongue in your mouth swirling it around yours as he wrapped his left arm around your waist lifting you up. He flipped you both over letting you rest on top of him. 

He pulled away from the kiss looking up at you letting you breathe. He gripped your hips looking up at you with fire in his eyes as he moved you to rest over his erection groaning softly. 

“Show me what you can do.” Hoseok challenged you as he loosened his grip on your hips.

You braced your hands on his chest as you slowly moved your hips back and forth like Jungkook told you to do. Hoseok felt himself groan softly as he watched you grind against him but when you tried to go faster he noticed you sort of lost rhythm. He grabbed your hips stopping you as he smiled at you. 

“You got to stop concentrating so hard.. It’s sex. It’s meant to feel good jagi.. Maybe I need to be inside you to show you..” Hoseok leaned up kissing you again as he took off your shirt and bra squeezing your breast hard pinching the nipples.

He swiped his tongue around your teeth and tongue kissing you as hard and deep as he could before unsnapping the button on your shorts and unzipping them. He smirked against you as he felt you lift up and pull your shorts down along with your panties. 

He moaned breaking the kiss as you palmed his erection through his baller shorts spreading his legs wide. You kissed his jaw before kissing down his chest slowly letting your tongue sweep across his abs tracing each bump and ridge slowly. You stuck your ass in the air as you kissed his v-line slowly taking off his shorts and boxers gripping his length stroking his hardness. 

“Your gonna fucking r-ride this dick.” Hoseok said with a growl grabbing your hair pulling you up his body crashing his lips against yours as he gripped your hips again. 

He lined you up with his erection letting his dick slide up and down your slit getting his dick wet with your juices. He bit hard on your bottom lip. 

“F-fucking tease.” You whined as he stopped you before he leaned against the headboard. He smirked before he slowly slide up into you moaning as his dick entered your tight pussy. 

“S-shit how are you so tight?!” He grunted as he gripped your hips looking up at you. 

“M-move baby.” He said pleadingly looking up at you.

You nodded your head bracing hands on his shoulders as you started to slowly ride his dick. Bouncing yourself up and down at a slow pace as he held your hips letting you control everything. You kept the pace up dropping and picking yourself up off of Hoseok’s length whimpering at his size. He was much thicker and bigger then Jungkook and he stretched you out too good.

You looked off moaning loudly when you saw Jungkook leaning against the wall naked and stroking his dick as he watched you panting, with his bottom lip tucked between his teeth. 

Hoseok leaned up sucking on your breast as he started to slowly roll his hips up against yours helping you out a bit. You threw your head back feeling every inch of him stretch you out as he started to roll his hips up harder into you. 

You met him thrust for thrust switching between rolling your hips and grinding down on him both of you moaning against each others lips as he made you go faster fucking you hard on his dick. He felt himself about to cum so he stopped you stilling your hips as he buried his face in your neck panting heavily. 

“S-she’s ready..” He mumbled to Jungkook and you both watched as the male walked to the bed leaning against the headboard waiting for you. You climbed off of Hoseok’s dick before you straddling Jungkook’s waist kissing his lips deeply as you grinded your pussy up and down his dick getting it wet. 

Jungkook moaned into the kiss gripping your hips and lining you up with his dick already leaking with precum. He looked up at you and when you nodded your head he pulled you down onto his length slowly. He leaned his head back against the headboard mouth dropping open in pleasure as he felt your tight walls wrap around him.

Just like you did with Hoseok you started to bounce up and down slowly on Jungkook’s dick circling your hips hard as you could as you braced hands on his chest digging your nails into his skin. You felt hands tug your hair and when you looked up Hoseok had his dick at your mouth tapping it against your lips. 

“Finish me~ I was a good teacher after all.” Hoseok smirked rubbing his tip across your lips and you gladly opened your mouth taking as much of him in your wet cavern as you could.

You felt Jungkook starting to move his hips up thrusting into you as he gripped harder on your hips slamming you down on him reaching deeper inside of you. You wrapped your tongue around Hoseok’s dick bobbing your head up and down fast making slurping noises and he soon took over pounding his dick roughly in your throat. 

Jungkook moaned out watching you as he circled his hips up into you finding your spot. He smirked when you started to moan around Hoseok’s dick and he continued to press against your spot pounding you down on him making sure the sound of your skin colliding was heard in the room. He shut his eyes his body shaking as he felt his stomach coiling. 

Hoseok grunted out in pleasure as you moaned around his dick and he felt himself leaking as he continued to roughly fuck your throat. You moaned out in pleasure shutting your eyes as you felt your pussy starting to squeeze around Jungkook as he fucked you roughly. You grazed your teeth against Hoseok’s dick and that was all it took before he was spilling his cum into your mouth holding your head making you take it all. 

When he was done he pulled out flopping on the bed and Jungkook grabbed your chin shoving his tongue in your mouth tasting his hyung as his tongue played with yours as he reached one finger down to tap at your clit. 

“A-are you going to cum for oppa?” He asked huskily pressing his dick against your spot making it hard for you to even speak. You nodded your head letting your hands scratch down his body as you arched your back letting your orgasm over take you. 

“JUNGKOOK!” You cried out against him as he slammed you down on him and rutted his hips up hard into you, his dick throbbing inside of you. It took him a few more thrusts before he was spilling himself inside of you holding your body close to his. 

He rubbed his hands lazily up and down your back until you passed out to tired from the both of them before he high fived Hoseok happy that his plan worked once again.

The day I moved in with my big bro, I had no idea he was gonna be my bro, or that he was about to change my life. All I knew was he had a sweet pad off campus that I was gonna rent a room in. When I arrived with my stuff, I thought I was hot shit. Tailored jacket, chinos, all that fucking shit. Basically the prep uniform, because I was some fucking prep who thought I knew what’s up. I even brought a whole stack of books I had that I thought would impress people with my bullshit “lifestyle”. (Can you believe I used to read? Fuck, I can’t pay attention to the words on a page for any more than 10 seconds now.) Thank Brodin my big bro saved me and showed me the way. The next morning I woke up stripped down to my underwear, with all my crap gone. I was pretty mad at my roommate but there was nothing I could do about it without any clothes on. So when he offered his baller shorts and a pair of sneakers in my size, I had no other choice but to put them on. And when I realized how fucking sweet jock gear feels on you, I knew I would never wear that fucking preppy shit ever again. Cuz I’m a fucking bro, now. I dress like a bro. Lift like a bro. Play ball like a bro. Shoot the shit like a bro. Fuck like a bro. Join us, bro.