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With the episode “3 gems + a baby” I hope people do understand that the gems had no ill intentions (even though they were wrong to do what they did) and that Pearl did not try to kill Steven, she was trying to help Rose. I’m certain non of the gems really know/knew what was going on, and she assumed she could free Rose and it would just be like a fusion, and that Rose could re-fuse into Steven later. She probably didn’t imagine it would kill Steven, because it doesn’t kill a fusion to un-fuse.

I’m coming into view as the world is turning.


They are gorgeous like, please. Everybody is going to be talking about Pearl’s new girlfriend for a loooong time ❤❤👭

Nostalgia Cynic

Pearl learns her favorite cheesy soap opera from the early 1980s is being revived, but her mood quickly sours when she discovers it’s nothing but an uninspired retread that leans too heavily on nostalgia. She writes a scathing review of the new show that becomes popular on the Internet, inspiring her to begin a new career critiquing pop culture. But when Pearl’s newfound cynicism goes too far and she develops a snarky attitude toward Steven and the Gems, only Amethyst and a Li’l Butler marathon can bring her back to reality.

I hope that after that episode nobody thinks that Ice doesn’t love his bros. I mean, sure, he never talks to them throughout the episode, but you can be pissed at your bros and still love them to death. He’s just an introvert, and expresses his love differently than Grizz and Panda, with things like making them food and knitting them sweaters, and cleaning the house for them.

Ice Bear loves his brothers.