hi baby seungri

taeyang coming down the aisle at his wedding like


Come To my

Come to My Japanese ver.

Love Box

Love Box Japanese ver.


GG BE Japanese ver.

GOTTA TALK TO U   !!!!!!!

GOTTA TALK TO U Japanese ver.


YOU HOOOO!!! Japanese ver.

Let’s Talk About Love - feat. G-Dragon & Taeyang  

Strong Baby  Okay why it doesn’t even have HD!? I am so done-,- So song was made in 2008, and got HD in 2010 -,- Seriously?? Strong Baby HD

Strong Baby Japanese ver.


V.V.I.P. Japanese ver.

I KNOW with IU   bonus I Know - Seungri ft. IU [Fan MV]  

I KNOW with May J.  Japanese ver.


MAGIC Japanese ver.


WHITE LOVE  Japanese ver.

The Feelings Painted In The Sky      MV

WHAT CAN I DO     I want to say that person who made make-up there…really..You could not do better??

WHAT CAN I DO  Japanese ver.

GOTTA TALK TO U (Hard Remix Ver.)  

GOTTA TALK TO U (Hard Remix Ver.) Japanese ver.


Open Window (feat.G-DRAGON)

Next Day  LIVE!!!!!        Next Day MV  

Seungri & Daesung - Big Bang Songs Medley  YES

Only one person

Seungri & Daesung Just Like Big Bang MV  

Gone (Justin Timberlake cover)

Like I Love You (Justin Timberlake cover)  

Why, When, How  

N'sync - Pop  

Sexy Back(Justin Timberlake cover)

lovestoned(Justin Timberlake cover)

“haru haru" 

Seungri singing EYES NOSE LIPS  

Seungri singing KWKKST on R00m $h@re     !!!!!!!!!

Seung-ri singing  omg

Seungri singing GD’s Who You

Big Bang’s SeungRi sings AKB48’s Heavy Rotation  !!!!!!!

Big Bang - Seung ri’s audition ( day by day )  

TOP, YB, & Seung Ri - Pop Ur Collar 

Seungri sing hwangholhan gobaek

seungri - love

Seungri sing 3 Bear   LOL

Snow Flakes [radio]