hi babies hi

just so u all know i will never in my goddamn life be over this lads 

About the cutest comic I have ever seen*

This one*

I always knew Donald was great with children! I suspected that Fethry would be too.

But this:


And specially THIS:

melt my disney duck loving heart. 

Look at him! He is completely in love with the baby! He gets all happy when she gives him attention. It´s the cutest thing ever!

Can you imagine this guy with kids? His own actual kids? They would be the most pampered children in Duckburg and Italy (because you know who I ship him with). But can´t say if he is ever having kids of his own.

So far he only has Lucy. And I want him to stay on her life… I want them all to stay on the little girls life. I want them to take turns to look after her as she grows up. I want fethry to tell her fairy tales and get her into his least-dangerous hobbies. 

I want Donald to bake cakes for her every birthday, and the boys to adopt her as one of their own.

I want Gladstone to win all kind of stuff for her. I want him to use his luck to make her happy… I want him to get her little green suits that would match his because they would look fabulous.

I want little Lucy to be part of their lives because it would be the cutest thing ever!

Me @ Darkiplier in ADWM: wHO HURT YOU-?

Me @ Darkiplier after WKM: it’s okay my dark son I will help you hunt down that awful person till death you are okay, I love you-

I can’t believe people are romanticizing the man behind “free speech zones” and the “orange alert” like, I was a child during the Bush administration and I fully remember how horrible it was, like what’s your excuse?

So basically I did it yesterday (the sketch) and today I got to ink it. But I’m very lazy to make another one so I just “color” it.

Yesterday’s sketch (that I submited today, inked)


so i didn’t want to say anything until it was official, but today is my last day at my current job…bUT i start at a new preschool this upcoming monday!!