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Since everyone seemed to like my Voltron/Guardians of the Galaxy cross over here’s some more! :D Because Keith sees Lance as a disgusting heathen and… well… Rocket Pidge was necessary. + rover! (sorry it’s pretty sketchy)

I post more frequently on my Insta so if you wanna come say hi I’d love that! :D Thank you so much for everyone who followed me over the last 24 hours!! It means so much to me I couldn’t believe it.

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Would you mind explaining /pol/ and the "he will not divide us" flag thing? Thanks :)

As best I can figure the people on that sub Reddit are hunting down where Shia and his minions are putting that flag and destroying it. But I really don’t know that much about it, perhaps one of my followers would care to enlighten us?

You Will Be Found

Connor crunched up the fucking letter and tossed it across his room. Of course Evan Hansen was just like everyone else, why wouldn’t he want to run and tell people Connor was freak. Connor thought that maybe Evan wasn’t like everyone else, maybe he was different. Connor was wrong.

All my hope is pinned on Zoe…

Of course the guy he was in love with loved Zoe, who didn’t love Zoe. Zoe was perfect, Connor wasn’t. Connor knew he was a fucking lost cause, everyone knew it. He just had to accept the fact, if he disappeared no one would miss him, not his family, no one. 

God fucking damn it, why was he relating to everything Evan wrote in that letter. That poor fucking kid felt they way he did, Jesus he should’ve stuck around and talked to him. Connor hated himself right.

If I just disappeared tomorrow would anyone even notice or care?

There was a light knock on Connor’s door followed by his mother’s voice. “Connor honey, a boy is here to see you,” Connor pulled himself off the floor, limbs heavy, he made his way over to the door and swung it open. “Who is-” Connor’s eyes drifted past his mother and saw Evan Hansen.

“I-I didn’t know you had a friend honey,” Cynthia smiled at her son and grasped his arm lightly. Connor cringed, god she made him sound lonely and sad.But she seemed happy at the prospect of Connor even talking to someone. “Yeah,” Connor muttered, not looking at Evan or his mother. Cynthia ushered the boy in the striped into the room and closed the door behind them.

“What the fuck are you doing here Hansen,” Connor snapped, he wasn’t in the mood to deal with Evan. He was being a dick to him though, and while it made Connor feel guilty, he was never good with feelings anyways. “I-I um wanted to apologize for the le-letter, I-I didn’t m-mean fo-for you to see it,” Evan whispered. Connor rolled his eyes.

“It doesn’t fucking matter anyways Hansen, you wanna write creepy shit about my sister, go ahead,” Connor glared. “But don’t fucking use it to make fun of me,” Connor said, nastily as he crossed his room to his bed. 

“I-I didn’t m-make it to-to anger y-you,” Evan answered. Connor snorted as he chewed on his thumb, why wouldn’t Evan want to make fun of him? Everyone else did, so why was Evan any different “It’s true,” Evan insisted. His eye caught the crumpled up piece of paper in the corner. “It-it’s just something I-I have to do okay…for th-this thing,” Evan tried to allude towards that he too had issues like Connor.

“Look Hansen I don’t fucking care what you meant in that letter can you just…leave,” Connor sighed, the anger fading from his voice. Evan glanced at the long haired teen. “I know what it’s like to feel alone Connor,” Evan said, eyes never straying from the other boy. Connor lifted his head up from his knees and tilted his head, what was Evan getting at. 

“And you’re not alone, no matter how hard it seems, someone will come running Connor, someone will find you, so stay safe okay?” Evan told him “And if you need me,” Evan grabbed a slip of paper from his pocket as well as a sharpie, he quickly jotted down his number. “Call me okay?” Connor couldn’t seem to form any words.

“You will be found Connor Murphy,” Evan smiled as he retrieved the crumpled up piece of paper from the floor. Evan exited the room and left Connor with his thoughts and the slip of paper with Evan Hansen’s number on it. If Connor did even try to call him would Evan answer? Was this just pity? Connor didn’t have the answers but what Evan told him struck a chord within Connor.

You will be found Connor Murphy…

Maybe Evan was right, maybe he would be found and maybe Evan was the one who was going to find him.


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Hi Gabo!! You've always been a huge inspiration to me and I was wondering if you could explain how you go about creating believable mechs and suits. How do you approach making plates of armor, cutlines, color accents, and all the works! Thanks so much, can't wait to see more of your work! - Chris

Hi Chris! I would recommend 2 things: a) reference b) scale. Grab any reference with surfaces and designs YOU like ( real or 3d). Example- Microscopic Photo of a bug. Use the plate designs on the bug for the top of a helmet. 

So you use a random shape from the photo and then draw it bigger or smaller.

Thank you for writing and for following my work. Have a great weekend- Gabo

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Hi there! Can we have the paladins + Allora and Coran (or just Shiro, Hunk and Coran if all of them is too many characters) reaction to accidentally seeing their s/o naked or half-naked, please? Like, they walked in on their s/o changing or getting in or out of the bath or something like that? Thanks!

I thought it’d be fun to try out these gif reactions because they can be pretty funny. If you want reactions answered like this feel free to let me know when you request. I just love the visual aspect.

~Mod Allura




Followed by his s/o asking him to leave in which this happens:





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Hi Dr. Ferox, it's the anon that asked you last week about vet school interview advice. Just wanted to let you know that I found out this week that I got accepted into vet school!!! I know I've only recently started on Tumblr and following your blogs but I just wanted to thank you for providing interesting stories that keep me going in this profession

Hello Scruffy! Nice to see you with a name. Congratulations on vet school, it will be challenging but you’ll find that out soon enough.

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Hello! I'm not super new, been here for about a week? That still count? Anyways, saw(seen?) one of your Supergirl posts and made it my personal mission to follow you! Just wanted to say, I absolutely adore your art style, it's beautiful! I'd love to learn how to draw more like that one day, but until then I'll settle for admiring each piece of art you post :P

@superkidgirl said:
Hi! new-ish follower here, just come to say your drawings are great! :)

@traveler-of-heart said:
Your art is beautiful

@fronethi said:
You are very talented.

Anonymous said:
I WANT TO SAY HI TOO. Hi!!! Your art is amazing and it inspires me so much

Thank you very much!

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Hello! Clarifying my ask. Because the ask box is closed I wasn't sure if you wanted me to wait for it to open or not. At first I thought of it to be what would have happened had Mipha survived (I like how you keep the timeline in mind), but I love the idea where it's a much more innocent outing between little Sidon and a small Hylian girl Mipha is fond of. The two learn about each others' races while Mipha follows a distance behind them. A scenario if possible. Thank you so much!

No problem! I enjoyed writing this, the concept of tiny Sidon is too much for my heart!

Mipha watching over her little brother and his hylian female new friend 

She was the daughter of a Hylian merchant who had moved to the Zora Domain a few months back, someone who wanted to start a new life in the watery kingdom. Small, bright, and very friendly. Within the first week, little (Name) had been attached to the princess’s side- asking questions, talking, listening, playing- and despite Muzu’s dislikes, Mipha found herself absolutely charmed by the new child.

Which is why her heart absolutely broke when she saw that she struggled to make friends her own age.

It was no fault of her own, nor of the young ones- rather, the adults surrounding them. Some of the elders strongly disliked the Hylians, even more so the idea of having to share their home with one. As elders, they controlled the young ones and what they observed which meant… well, a less than good situation. 

Mipha sighed as she watched (Name) sit on the side, watching longingly at the other children playing. This wasn’t right, being all alone, for no reason. But what could do, it’s not like she could force the other children to play with someone- Oh.

She couldn’t force the other children, true. But who’s to say that she can’t introduce one friendly child to another?


“Hi there! I’m Sidon! What’s your name?” (Name) perked up and turned to look at a boy right her age, holding up a friendly hand. Small, baby-cheeked and chubby armed, he radiated smiles and joy like a warm light at night. 

She smiled and took his hand, standing up. “(Name). It’s nice to meet you! Want to play?”

“Sure! C’mon, I know this cool spot near the palace, it’ll be fun!”


Good. It looked like everything was going well. At least from behind this column. Mipha smiled as she saw the two hold hands with Sidon leading the way, grinning and laughing all the way. She slid from column to column, doing her best to not be spotted by the little ones (though the elders seemed to spot her pretty quickly). 

Soon the children were playing on the plaza looking over the domain, apparently not knowing that there was a very happy princess watching them from around the corner.


“-You don’t know how to swim?”
“Not yet! But daddy said he and mommy would teach me tomorrow when we went to the lake. But when I do learn, we have to go swimming together, okay?”
“Yea! I’ll show you my favorite spot, it’s super cool! And we can play tag with everyone else! And- ey, what’s wrong? Why are you all sad?”

(Name) sniffled a bit, doing her best not to cry. “All the kids ignores me. They say because I’m not a Zora, I can’t play with them-”
“That’s not true! That’s stupid, you can play with us, you just need to learn to swim! And if they don’t like it, they can deal with it ‘cause I’m the prince and what I say goes, okay?”

OOoooh she didn’t know where he had learned to be so kind but Mipha was glad her little brother had as he wiped away the little girl’s tears and continued to talk. They didn’t her to watch over them, they had everything sorted out. She slipped away behind the shadows of the building, smiling to herself.

She had a good feeling about this, she just knew it.

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Hi!!! I was wondering if you knew of any good blogs that write Kyungsoo fics? I've read so many of the ones in the explore, but I can't find anymore!!! Thank you 🙂😋

Hiiiiii… I don’t read as much as people think. I’m aside from telling you to explore the master list of some of my favorite Tumblr authors ( @floralseokjin , @3kpop2jagi1 , @brokeandjetlagged, @thesammtimes , @pxnexo , @noonatrash , @chanyeolspout ) they have a pretty big selection to explore and you can also follow my fanfiction recommendation blog @thatswritemytype where I reblog whatever I read.

I don’t read fics when I’m actively writing a story because it muddles my creativity. I’m currently 5.5k into IGU 27 😁😁😁.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could promo my blog, @jewish-stims? It's mostly Jewish-holiday-related stuff. I've just started scheduling Passover posts! Thanks :)

as another jewish person, i love this idea! go follow !

More Than You Think

Beastsilver is real in these here parts of town~ \(-_-)/
Basically- Hank starts noticing Peter a lot more when the speedster begins showing up around him.


Hank knew that Peter was still unable to forgive himself for what had happened to Alex- he could clearly see the deep dread that was buried deep in his dark eyes, no matter how much Peter easily covered it up. He inwardly frowned when he thought about it too long- how whenever the ghostly mentioning of Alex’s name came up every now and then, Peter’s smile would all too easily slip a bit. How his eyes flickered a certain way. How his head hung low sometimes, and how Hank would surface from the lab at two in the morning to find the boy walking mindlessly through the halls- slow and drenched a melancholy that he miserably lied about.
Hank wanted to talk about it; wanted to just ask if his worries were true, and if Peter needed help that he just wasn’t used to. But the words always stuck and hesitated a second too long- you had to be quick with Peter- and before the doctor could ever just stop him a moment and lay a hand on his shoulder, Peter smirked and took off; gone for the day with a sure smile not quite as wide as it usually was.
Hank easily saw how upset Peter still was; even if no one else did. He was a doctor- that sort of thing was his job, in a way.

Keep reading

So I can’t believe I have to justify myself on here. But I’m tired of people sending hate into my ask box because of my opinion on Pisces.
I’ve been asked about my EXPERIENCE WITH PISCES, by one of my followers, I replied to it honestly & told my story. After that, people started telling theirs & I shared those asks. I SHARE ALL THE ASKS. If you scroll down my blog, you’ll see that it’s been days, since last time I said anything negative about Pisces & I even asked my followers to stop bringing up this topic.
So let’s close his once & for all, it’s up to you now.
Though if you can’t stand the fact that I’m actually replying to my asks honestly, you can just unfollow instead of sending insults to my inbox. I’ve got enough positive followers that I love, thanks & bye.
That’s the very last time I justify myself on here.
Have a nice day, everyone! And imagine what? INCLUDING PISCES, though a bunch of offended Pisces out of nowhere in my messages box didn’t increase my love for them. This blog if for every single sign & I probably won’t mention anything personal on here anymore since people can’t take it calmly.

P.S. However I apologize if any of my posts made Pisces think that I HATE all of them. It’s not true of course, I don’t know where this came from, I never mentioned the word HATE. People can’t be defined by a Sun sign, you’re absolutely right.

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Hi Taylor. I'm the Friendly Anon Fairy. I'm here because I see you've been down lately and would like to remind you that you are amazing, beautiful, and so talented. Don't let life get you down. Smile :)

Well hello, Friendly Anon Fairy. You’re amazing. Thank you so much.

Originally posted by dennsokagi


No more anon hate for any of the lovely people I follow, or for those who follow me, please.

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hi, so i have this headcanon where Jensen sings to misha, and i was wondering if you know a fic where that happens? thanks

Oh lord … I know there are bunches, actually. Titles and authors however, are a different story.

I wrote a couple that feature Jensen singing to Misha: “After the Plot: Motoring” and “Plus One” (maybe more .. but I can’t remember off the top of my head.)

But I’ll need to ask my followers to suggest some more for you …

So, does anyone want to help this Nonny out?

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Weather keeping you up? - Yurio's cat and Makkachin meeting when Yurio is forced to stay over due to Yakov/Lilia being away

(Yeah. Loud winds and thunderstorms always get to me).

“Now Makkachin, you need to be a good boy with Yurio’s cat,” Victor instructed the poodle. Makkachin barked.

There was a knock at the door and Victor went to open it, Makkachin following behind.

“Yurio! Good to see you again!” Victor hugged the angsty teen, who immediately pushed him off.

“Ugh, we just saw each other 20 minutes ago at the rink! But thanks for letting me stay over anyway, I can’t imagine staying at Mila or Georgi’s place,” Yurio grumbled as he set his bags down. He opened his cat carrier to let his cat out. Now it was the moment of truth.

Makkachin immediate sniffed at the newcomer pet in his home, but the cat didn’t seem to mind nor did she scratch his nose. She purred and Makkachin gave a soft woof in return.

“Looks like they’ll be just fine,” Victor observed happily.

“Of course they’ll be fine. Pets are much smarter than humans, especially you.”

Later that evening before bed, Makkachin and Yurio’s cat were seen cuddling with each other on Makkachin’s bed. Victor and Yurio took tons of pictures.


So you think it’s my fault that when I was 16 I was hurt by a man in his 20s whom I didn’t know, you think I should say thank you to the guys who followed me home when I was 14, yelling profanities at me that I didn’t understand until I was much older.
And you honestly think I should take it as a compliment that I’m LITERALLY targeted every single morning and afternoon by the same man when I come and leave my home ??? You think I should say thank you bc that same man who I talked to once in high school when I was a child still remembers me and asks me to hug him, who lies and tells his friends that we had sexual relations. IM NOT GOING TO FUCKING SAY THANK YOU.
I’m literally repulsed by you.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could promo my blog, @jewish-stims? It's mostly Jewish-holiday-related stuff. I've just started scheduling Passover posts! Thanks :)

Follow this blog!! ^^