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i think that dan deep down knew that the banana thing was fake but he still did it and played along with it for the video. thoughts? (like cmon he may be gullible but he ain't stupid)

yaaaa i think he knew something was up with that, but he wanted to sort of see what phil had planned. i don’t think he expected it would end in getting the banana peel shoved down his shirt lmao!!! and it’s so cute that he kind of wanted phil to have his pranking moment regardless of the end result (in the same way that he def knew that the gummy bears phil was giving him with a camera in his face were def going to be a prank of some sort but ate them anyway to give his babe that Quality Content) 

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what did liam gallagher say??

Anonymous said:What did Liam G say? I was fully expecting him ( and Marty Healy) to have bitch fest the first chance they get

We talk about the (kind of) Oasis-y sounding Harry Styles single. ‘I wouldn’t buy it, but it’s interesting. Imagine what it’s like for him. He’s got a big f***ing weight on his shoulders, and he’s only f***ing young. He’s probably thinking this One Direction thing ain’t for me. People change, so if he wants to do a bit of that, good luck to him.’

Same, I expected him to be, as he would say, ‘a fucking cunt’ about it… but instead he said that “it’s interesting” which is like the biggest compliment coming from him… wow… Harry got the seal of approval from literally everyone!

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To all Ains, did you ever try doing an activity done by humans which is about writing down a person's personality/traits that you think they have to improve or lessen? I'm interested in how do you guys specifically think of each other so I brought it up. I hope it's not too much work q-q

Arme Thaumaturgy: A lone wolf perfectionist. Realist. Harsh on others but perhaps the most harsh on himself. Agonized by his sense of responsibility but hides his feelings well enough to be left alone about it. Tries not to think about things he has no control over, and only focus on things that he can control. Needs to relax a little.

Erbluhen Emotion: Optimist, with procrastinating tendencies. Can’t handle silence or awkward situations full of tension. Carpe Diem type. Seems to be fully aware of situations and others emotions, but pretends to be an idiot to lighten the mood. Needs to calm down.

Apostasia: Nihilist. Intentions are questionable. Needs to care more, especially for himself.

Base Ain: I wish he’d take my path.

Arme Thaumaturgy: The perfect tsukkomi to my boke.

Apostasia: Nice hair, but needs to brush it more often.

Base Ain: Spends way too much time with Erbluhen Emotion.

Erbluhen Emotion: Needs to care more about the mission at hand.

Apostasia: N/A

Base Ain: Idiot #1

Arme Thaumaturgy: Idiot #2

Erbluhen Emotion: Idiot #3

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Elgang+solace vs roach

Elsword shrieks and hits it with his sword.  It dies.  Unfortunately, there’s now a dent in the floor.

Aisha slams it with a fireball.  The roach is burning.  The floor is burning.  Everything is burning, and they are in hell.

Rena crouches down and coos at the roach.  She makes friends with it.  Everyone else screams when she walks into a room with this roach on her shoulder.

Raven calmly steps on it and goes on with his day.  There were some pretty big roaches in the Black Crows’ barracks, so he’s used to them.

Eve studies this life-form, realizes it’s been around since before the shattering of the Giant El, and marvels at its resiliency.

Chung screams.  The roach dies.  Helputt is rolling over in his possessed armor, that his son uses the Seiker family gift to kill bugs.

Ara hits it with her spear, misses, screams, and makes Eun take over.  Eun eats it.  Ara can be found puking.

Elesis, depending on her path, either hits it with her sword, burns it, or tortures it to death with a bunch of little roach-sized swords made out of blood. Ugh, creepy-crawlies.

Add is a wuss.  He ends up standing on the table and frantically zapping this roach’s corpse for hours after it’s dead.

Lu pokes it happily, torturing it slowly and giggling.  She thinks it’s disgusting, but there are more disgusting things in the demon world.

Ciel steps on the roach, scrapes it off the bottom of his shoe, and goes on with his day.  He lived in alleys once.  He’s used to roaches.

Rose shoots it, then lives in terror of finding another, larger one.  Hey, it happened with spiders in Hamel!

Ain can be found staring at this roach in disgusted fascination for quite a long time, wondering aloud why his Goddess allows such vile things to exist.

Solace is a wuss.  Heshrieks and summons a shitton of swords to impale the roach.  Once it’s dead, he downgrades to a fuckton.  (Sorry, did I say downgrade?  I meant upgrade.)

an oddly extensive list of aph bulgaria headcanons
  • his human name is Stephan Borisov. he was “born” around the seventh century.
  • he comes off as cool and aloof but he’s usually screaming on the inside
  • he’s a pretty heavy smoker. he tried to quit in the 30s but he started again in the 60s
  • we’ve all heard the yoghurt thing. but he’s so smug about it you can’t even imagine. do you think this is a game? think again, motherfucker
    • “wow, is that yoghurt? did you know that i invented that?”
    • the same thing goes for the cyrillic alphabet. them baby slavs ain’t got shit on him
  • he literally never wears shirts when he’s home alone. ask him why and you’ll get a halfhearted shrug
  • he is, objectively, the most fashionable nation in the balkans. are you wearing leather pants, romania?
  • he finds all of the nordics to be very attractive.
  • the younger nations tend to look up to him. meanwhile, he panics in a corner
    • what if they want to talk to me? what if i mentions something weird?
    • probably smiles awkwardly when small children stare at him. the fucker waves too. stop being so cute
  • he tries so hard to be a good person
    • his heart’s in the right place. his, morals, however…
  • he sleeps face down. it’s honestly a miracle that he hasn’t suffocated yet.
  • he looks to be in his mid to late twenties. yeah, he’s younger than england (23), but dude he had two empires. get on his level.
  • half the year he looks like vanilla ice cream, and the other half he’s tan af
  • his eyes are so green man they’re so fucking green
  • he’s not as well muscled as Actual Confirmed Bears™ Russia and Turkey but he’s still got the bod
  • he doesn’t really have all that many relationships outside of the balkans because this is europe. it’s hard to keep friends when everyone’s attacking someone else.
  • and relationships inside the balkans are…complicated
  • he and romania are “pals”, but they’re the type of “pals” who will fuck and then sleep on opposite sides of the bed
    • basically they’re dating but they’re both such dicks that they can’t be bothered to be nice to each other
  • he and hungary are like siblings. they hate each other, but in a friendly way
  • stephan would willingly throw serbia out a window, but will also defend him to the death.
    • it’s complicated
  • he’d rather not talk about turkey. they’ve got so many years of history. both good and bad (sorry, bad and bad), that’s it’s very hard to define whatever they’ve got. rn they nod at each other in a friendly way on smoke breaks and try very hard not to punch the other
    • it doesn’t work all that well
  • greece? who’s greece? i don’t know him?
  • all of the balkans band together to protect moldova. he’s so small and cute. u can’t touch him.
    • half the time they’re the ones scarring him with their weird fucking antics.
    • no, stephan, you can’t smoke when the kid’s in the room
  • outside of the balkans? he probably gets along with all of the former soviet bloc nations pretty well, though this is more out of a feeling of mutual sympathy than from actually liking them
  • his relationship with russia is just “stay the fuck away from me and i won’t kick your ass”
    • (he can’t kick russia’s ass)
  • honestly? he’s an awkward nerd who used to have an empire but just wants to eat yoghurt and watch anime nowadays
    • kids are too wild these days. back in my day we used to hit each other with sharp objects and fall asleep in trees
Exo as random things I've heard

Xiumin: Did I drink five cups of coffee? I don’t remember… * intensely sips even more coffee*

Suho: Hey I think you dropped something. Hopefully it was your standards. Hi, I’m suho.

Lay: Wait, I just realized that I’m not at home right now *is shocked*

Baekhyun: I don’t know what happened but when I woke up this morning I was eating my arm…

Chen: Mom, dad’s rubbing his nipples again!

Chanyeol: But what if she ain’t lovin the size?

Kyungsoo: I think I’m allergic to people *turns towards chanyeol* *sneezes*

Kai: I sometimes not only have the strength of a moldy chicken nugget but a spicy one.

Sehun: If vivi eats cat food will he turn into a cat?

Book of the Atlantic Reactions
  • UNDERTAKER!!!!!! 
  • Ok so like they fucking went ham on Sebastian’s eye glowy thing that he does. Like hot fucking damn they do not let you forget that he’s a demon. And it’s just so fucking sexy?? With his eyes all sharp and red and hngggg
  • Lizzie being Lizzie. Fucking awesome omg. That scene did not disappoint they did SO GREAT. THE WIFE OF THE QUEEN’S GUARD DOG FUCK YEAH. She lost her shit ain’t no freaky zombies better touch her man or else *puts up fists*
  • Snake doing the voices for his snakes lmfao omg I love that boy
  • Baby Ciel happily drinking milk with honey is my new aesthetic
  • The fact that they actually incorporated Sebastian getting all misty black into his ‘demon-ish’ form which was AWESOME 
  • Seeing the Ciel/Lizzie dynamic was just amazing. I feel so pumped to write something for them. Because despite everything my god you really see how much they’re willing to fight for each other and that shit is my jam. 
  • Grey being a salty salty
  • Hearing Knox call Grell ‘senpai’ 
  • Waiting until the end of the credits to see WILL!!! *heart throbbing*
  • Ok the fact that like they took the key scenes from the manga and just like kept them there for an extra few seconds so we could all soak in the deliciousness. When undertaker reveals his eyes and says the whole ‘how sad should laughter disappear’ thing, the one where he’s holding the woman zombie doll thing, and the whole death scythe GAHH. 
  • the fact that I dragged the bf along so he could finally explain the hell of a butler phrase to me lmao.
If it ain’t Tomdaya, then Whatdaya?

If these two are not dating, then who is Tom’s girlfriend then? The one he said pretty much existed when asked if he found his own Liz? And the one he mentioned to the fan in NY? And how come this girl never appeared in one picture with him thruout the year and he did not send one tweet her way, and how tolerant is this mysterious girlfriend that in his very limited time he went to NY to visit her, somehow he spent most of that time with Z and even visited Z’s Cover Girl shoot? How patient this ghost, mystery girlfriend is. Show her to me and I will give her a pushover medal.

And let’s look at the other corner: Z’s bf. You know the one that is NOT Tom apparently. Well, it ain’t Val, because he has his own thing going with another woman. So, who is this mystery boyfriend that she is so comfortable with that she sent the most unflattering pic of her face from extreme closeup when she is sick and her face is swollen? Who has she gotten that close with? Where is this bf when Tom is visiting her family during Thanksgiving? Where is he in any pic or in any tweet she posts or likes???

COME ON, people!!! Show me ONE sign of those mystery girlfriend and mystery boyfriend and I will shut up.

Imagine telling Leonard that you want to meet him. “So why did you want to meet me kitten?” He says while crossing his arms. “Just wanted to show you something.” You say as you smirk. “Well, I ain’t footing it anywhere kitten.” You just smile. “Well it’s a good thing I bought this.” You say as you take the cover off of two navy blue motorcycles as Leonard is just wide eyed. “Where we going kitten?” Len says as he walks over to you as you get on your bike. “Keep up and I’ll show you.” He just smirks as you turn on the motorcycle.

bakugo ain’t a villan.

i’m still and might be forever salty about this, okay i made like an entire rant in my twitter by simply not underestimating her people call him a villan like what part of her was frail?? it was kinda sexist of them to underestimate urakara she’s an amazing girl who tries her best and bakugo is a respectable person who did the right thing urakara even thanked him for not letting his guard down

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*snorts* the entire week I just said "you should see the other guy". I hit him so hard his axel fell off! Also the first thing I said to him, in a mess of sobs was, "I hit my head really hard"! *starts laughing* god, I was such a baby!

Sam throws his head back and cackles. “Oh man, I can see it! You ain’t no baby, c’mon, that shit takes guts to face and you did it.”

He leans in close, so only you can hear him. “Between the two of us, I may have bawled my eyes out once, too. Not from a car wreck, obviously, but it was a Pretty Bad Thing. Ain’t even ashamed of it.”

He straightens. “Tell you what; maybe one day I’ll show you my scar.”

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That's very interesting from some one who ignored a cannon female muse to write with a male instead unless you think that's not what you did when you write Gisbourne as a gay

First of all, before you send someone rude anons you should make sure they don’t have a stat counter that tells them exactly where you’re from and lets them log your IP address. Handy little thing, isn’t it? 

Second, and this is important: NOWHERE in my muse’s story - canon or otherwise - is he in a relationship with ANY female muse. If you’re referring to Marian, I would like to point out that there was never anything even remotely resembling a relationship between them. Did he want to marry her like some sort of human merit badge who might give his otherwise arsed-up life meaning? Undoubtedly. But that ain’t love, honey, and it sure as hell isn’t a ship that I then proceeded to sink by daring to make my muse anything other than straight-as-an-arrow hetero. 

While we’re on the subject, I’m pretty sure that the OP wasn’t about ignoring canon female muses for the sake of writing gay male characters. Which leads me to assume that you’re either a Marian writer yourself or you’re just a homophobe. If it’s the former, there are other Guy writers out there, go find one to write with if all you’re after is a ship. And if it’s the latter, you suck as a human being and I pray to whatever gods may be listening that you never reproduce. Either way, fuck off and stay out of my ask box. 

Seriously. Why follow a gay male character if you’re so anti-everything he is

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Obvious In Game Text Spoiler Warning Obvious

Vergissmeinnicht für Ain

Along with the mission, the Goddess told me,
Do not disturb their order by being stained by the color of their world.

The last chance to fulfill my mission…!!

… Elsword, why do you want to restore the El?
The energy I felt just now from Elsword… It’s from that time…!
There’s no mistaking it. He is a being with the same root as I… Elsword will definitely try to find Lady of El and restore the El. No, he will never give up its restoration..

That’s no good. My strength hasn’t returned yet, but I must intervene.

…? I can't… intervene. What… What’s going on…?
Elsword is next to me and yet… I should try again.

How can this be… I definitely have enough strength to maintain my existence.
But why… can’t I intervene? Why…
Intervene… I must intervene…
If even the Holy Beast has changed… This is a serious situation.
I must intervene… and solve it. I must… do it.

If I… was there…

That human… he doesn’t belong in this time period. How is he here?
What is his purpose? He must be planning something.
Elsword… I must tell you about that human…
That’s something… I have to do.
I must annihilate the demons preying on the El, and restore the El and return its energy.
I don’t have time to be doing this… There must be a way to recover my strength… something… I have to try anything…
… I must intervene. If I was there, it would’ve been easier to take care of them.

I failed again this time. I don’t understand the reason…

My body… is splitting…
But I ended the intervention… How…?

… I can’t do anything in this state. I must… hurry and intervene…
Elsword, if I was there, you would’ve followed it much easier.

I can sense those demon’s aura, so I’m sure I can be of h…

No… Elsword, you can’t trust that human…
Only I can be your help…

I must help… Elsword…

I must… intervene to solve this.
I have to intervene…
No… My body can’t maintain my form and has started to split…

Elsword Are you okay without me?
Don’t you…
Don’t you need me?

Secret of the priestess of water…?
What is that? Priestesses have secrets?
How come I… didn’t know?
The mission I received… is to return the El’s energy.
To achieve that… I must know everything about priestesses of El and the El..

How can I… be so utterly powerless…
The mission the Goddess gave me..
Is absolutely vital in maintaining the existence and balance of this world…
And I, the one who will perform the deed, also am…. important…
I am… definitely… needed

Elsword… Can you not hear my voice anymore?
I thought…
I thought you are different from other humans…
Why can’t you hear me…

… No.. I will do it with my own strength. If I can gather up all the strength in me, it shouldn’t be hard to intervene. That’s right… if I gather all the strength…


My body… has disappeared… My form… Everything…

… O… Goddess…
… It’s no use. Elsword…You can’t remember when I have not intervened.

No one can remember me.
Without the intervention…
I’m just a helpless mass of light..

Elsword… In the end, you were just like other humans.
That energy I felt… The original power of El…
Was that just my mistake?



El… sword?
Yes? Ah, well, that… Yes…

He remembered me… and called my name… By Elsword calling for me… I have returned. Elsword… You are…

That Nasod’s mission have become solely our mission now. It was a very Nasod-like ending for him…

A life born with a mission, living to fulfill that mission, and disappearing after it’s become useless…

..Is there anything different from my own life?

I too will disappear when I’ve fulfilled my mission… I will be forgotten from everyone’s memories. Is that what I truly wanted? To disappear after I’ve fulfilled my mission?

… No, I don’t need to think about something like this. My mission is my sole reason to exist here. Useless thoughts… emotions… I must get rid of them.

But if I throw them away, then I’ll end up becoming like Nasods. I… I don’t want to be like that. I… don’t want to be a tool.

… They are grieving for someone they’ve known for such a short period of time. 

When I disappear after fulfilling my mission, would they remember me and grieve for me?

… There’s no way they can remember me.
I’ve been created this way… What was I expecting…

I see now… I didn’t want to be forgotten by them.

How stupid of me… to think such thoughts…

Lady of El… We’ve finally come this far. It won’t be too long. We will recover her, restore El and return its energy… then I will disappear.

… I don’t want to disappear like this… Not like this…

But… I cannot abandon my mission. I must fulfill it.

Nasods are disposed when they break down or malfunction. There’s always replacements to do the exact same thing.

It’s not so different from my fate. If I can’t fulfill my mission, or even disappear… A new being will descend here with the Goddess’s mission.

But I don’t want someone else to replace me… I want to stay in their memories. 

As someone who made the long journey with them…
I want to be acknowledged as their ’friend’.

But, that’s just my wishful thinking.
A wish that will never come true…

I was envying the Nasod boy without even realizing. He will forever remain… in their memories.

… I never thought I would find each moment so precious… I… have become sentimental.


Elsword, you want to find Lady of El and restore the El, right?

Will you ever… change your mind?
… Yes. I see. I… wanted that also.
… I must restore the El.

Because… there’s something I have to do. For that… I must.
I… want to restore it. I think I want to.

… Actually..
… Actually, no… I don’t want to. If that happens…!

I don’t want to disappear…
I don’t want to be forgotten.

Elsword… I don’t want that…

This is it… When Elsword walks into the light,
I will be able to fulfill my mission.

…If I stop Elsword here…
I might be able to stay next to these people.

I might not disappear. 
I might not be forgotten.

But… this moment can’t last forever.
Elsword has to make a decision.

… Elsword and the El Search Party.
I was happy I could be with you.
Thank you… for everything.

…Even if you forget me, I will not forget you…

Flower by Kim Chun-Soo

Before I spoke his name,
he had been nothing but a gesture.
When I spoke his name,
he came to me and became a flower.

Now who will speak my name,
A name fitting this color and fragrance of mine,
the way I spoke his
So that I may go to him and become his flower.

We all yearn to become something.
I yearn to become an unforgettable meaning to you,
And you to me.

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This the only time I’m going to address this bullshit trashcan wanted to blueprint 2009 hope the trashcan that he help give a new style and career is happy I hope this dusty rusty bitch doesn’t attend the bet awards trying to blow his flow this leech lying bitch was a torture to his soul a black cloud to his life. Wish he woke up when the Mrs did try to warn him and he thought otherwise people tried to warn him just for his safety and life she and her leech team knows she lying she wants to be in the high ranks so badly in Hollywood she getting her foot wet now but this all going to backfire on her this is the best thing the judge did he can watch her every move now she going to try and be everywhere he at wack bitch I know she heated he ain’t even give her that much life in his doc he spoke about a real one a real relationship with a real woman who always has his best interest at heart trashcan wants the world to see him as a crazy monster all the fans send him prayers and love send him positive energy embrace this day with love for Chris Brown Nobody no longer mention trashcan name the most high heavenly father is over everything no long will she be attach to him and his legacy he will claim victory this storm is over💞🌹❤

  • Ranmaru: *looses Ren and Masato in a crowd*
  • Ranmaru: good.
  • Ranmaru, after less than five minutes later: goddammit fine. HARUKA SUCKS AS A COMPOSER
  • All of STARISH, the rest of QN, Tomo, Ringo, Hyuga, HEAVENS, Raging, Shining, Shining from that weird time travel thing in his route, Kaoru, Aine, Aine's composer, Masato's little sister, Ren's brother, Ren's ex or whatever that girl was, Cecil's dad, Haruka's grandmother who suddenly stopped being mentioned: tHE FUCK DID YOU JUST--

biblionerd07 replied to you post “When will the tag “Mickey uses his words” die??…”

I think the tag started before season 5, when people were working with the rougher Mickey who really DID have trouble using his words. But you know, fandom ain’t great at not latching onto one trait and making it the character’s ONLY trait.

And I get that, I do. Mickey did have a problem with communication and speaking his mind (”not everyone can just blurt out how they fucking feel every minute”). And you’re right, people latch onto one thing and then that’s it and I hate that people ignore his development with this. He did learn that it’s okay to talk about things and express himself and he tried to communicate with Ian frequently. He’s grown so much in that aspect alone.

If you’re writing a canon compliant fic before season five, then sure, you can use that tag if you really fucking want too, but besides that I just find it demeaning, especially the “Mickey uses his words like a big boy” :\\\\

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I stand by this headcanon: Harleen had so many ECT therapy done to Joker because a large part of her wanted to have control over his consciousness and awareness. She wanted him to stay dependent on her, and for her to finally be the only thing on his mind. She's fucked up yo. That girl ain't innocent. She's the ultimate obsessive crazy controlling stalker. 🙃 And I dig that.

I’m sure she was aware of what she was doing, although with misguided intentions. Harleen was the one who started the whole cycle imo.. she really did want to conquer him from day one… x)