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Awake (Request)

More sleepy!harry. Maybe he’s having a really hard time and everyone’s concerned that he’s not sleeping and then when you’re all hanging out he suddenly crashes and everyone is so happy and they whisper nice things about him because he’s a fluffball that deserves it


Harry hadn’t slept with you in almost a week.

And by ‘slept with’, you didn’t mean sex. You had been having plenty of that. You literally meant that Harry hadn’t slept a full night in almost a week. He’d take an hour nap here or there in the afternoons, or you’d find him curled up next to you when you woke up in the morning but knew that he had only been there a few hours.

Harry always slept less when he was trying to write an album. Even moreso when the album was his and his alone.

You had tried so many times to get him to leave it for the night and come to bed with you, but he always answered the same.

“Just a bit longer, love. Then I’ll be in.”

And, just like every other time, the ‘just a bit longer’ turned into four or five hours in which you eventually decided you weren’t going to wait up for him. When Harry would finally come to bed in the early hours of the morning, he would typically find you sprawled out on your back with a book resting open on your chest. He would smile, take the book gently from your hands and place it on your nightstand, before curling up next to you and kissing your cheek.

You calculated that, on average, Harry was getting about four hours of sleep per night. He claimed that this wasn’t an issue, but you could see the toll it was starting to take on him. He had dark circles under his eyes, his entire posture was a lot less alert and upright and he got short with you on occasion, which was out of character.

One particular night you had found Harry once again sat at the table with pen and paper scattered everywhere and three half-empty cups of coffee next to him. He was leaning his elbows on the table, head in his hands. You could tell that he was working through a bit of writer’s block and staying awake longer was not going to help.

“Baby, please come to bed.” You pleaded, standing behind him and massaging his shoulders. “You’re exhausted and it’s just making you more frustrated. This stuff will still be here in the morning, and it’ll probably look a lot better when you’re rested up.”

“Can’t.” He mumbled. “If I leave it now, I’ll forget all of it. I just need to figure out this Bridge.”

“You won’t.” You insisted. “Harry, you haven’t slept a full night in almost a week. The human body can’t survive on that; you’re going to crash soon and it won’t be pretty.”

“Love, please.” He sighed. “Just give me a bit longer -”

“No, Harry!” You replied, voice raising slightly and your tone sharper.

Harry turned to look at you, somewhat surprised.

“I’m not just going to sit here and watch you burn yourself out.” You continued. “You can reassure me all you want that you’re fine, but I know that’s bullshit. I can’t force you to sleep okay? But I’m telling you that I’m scared. A night of not sleeping here or there is fine, but you’ve made a habit of it. And I know you; you’re not going to stop until you physically can’t go anymore, and I don’t want that to happen. So please? Please, Harry?”

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hi again paula! though it's a bit late but i'm done uploading all the episodes so if you could please kindly inform the anon who is need of it (...post/161384523355/roommate-season-2-eng-sub-google-drive) thank you and God bless! ^.^


Ah! Thank you!!! ❤️

A Good Day to…

“…a good day to die.”

Those were the words that echoed through Solomon’s head when he awoke before sunrise. The dream came back to him, in bits and pieces. Sarah, his late wife of 42 years was young again. Beau, their dog was still alive. They were walking on the beach where they’d met, and the sound of the ocean was the soundtrack to their newfound love.

Her eyes were impossibly green, as they’d been in life. In someone less pure of heart, they might have been the sign of envy. In her, they were the sign of life, of forests, of ferns.

He felt again the sand between his toes, and the sky was punctuated by small white clouds.

In the dream, though, they both already had their wedding rings, and she wore also the mother’s ring their four sons had given her, a gem for each of their birth months. He felt the rings as they held hands.

As they walked, they slowed, the winds of time pressing against them, and the changes came to their bodies. The flesh was not quite as firm, their fingers gnarled with age, his knees began to sing with pain. The ocean grew rough, the sky more gray.

And then a wave crashed up onto the beach, and he felt her hand slip from his, though he struggled mightily to hold on. He no longer had his youthful strength. He saw her wave to him, and oddly enough, he saw her smile as she slipped below the ocean’s surface. He walked on a bit, and then he sat down on the sand, and wept. His tears mingled with the ocean, and he thought he felt her hand on his cheek, but it was a fly.

He thought he heard her voice. He thought he heard her whisper.

“It’s all right, Sol, honey. It was a good day to die.”

And now, he sat on the side of his bed, his feet in slippers she’d given him one Christmas, on sheets she’d chosen, in a room painted green like her eyes. He stood, his knees making popping sounds, and he did not allow himself to hear the groan, his groan, of pain that accompanied his rising.

He showered, shivering in the water colder than the sea, and when he was done, he dressed in jeans she’d bought him, and a shirt older than their youngest son. Today, he would go to the beach. He would walk with the memory of her, and perhaps, perhaps, today would be a good day to die.

© 2017 Leland Dirks. I’d be ever so honored if you’d peruse the books I’ve written. They’re available here: www.amazon.com/author/lelanddirks

(Un)Tie The Knot - A.I.

Words: Like 1100?

Warnings: Ugh tbh it’s pretty shit but eh / i dropped the f-bomb i think once

Type: AU / Best Friend!Ashton / Angst

Description: Based off of the prompt: “I love you. I’m completely and utterly in love with you. Please don’t get married.”

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Alberto's Day Off

Heaving a gigantic sigh, Alberto frowned at his master.

“Your Highness, if I take the day off…how will I ever ensure you complete your tasks for today?”

“Well Al, I’ve got something to turn that frown of yours upside down!” Prince Roberto chirped in reply, grinning from ear-to-ear. He held out a stack of paperwork, which Alberto cautiously took. Flicking through it all, he was stunned to see that it was all completed. All of it.

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(Don't Get) Married // Luke Hemmings // REQUESTED

(Your POV)

You stared down at your phone, hoping no one noticed how you were desperately trying to find a way to leave. It wasn’t anything against Luke- of course not. Luke was your best friend, had been for a really long time, but this was the one thing you didn’t wan’t to help him with.

You would follow him to the gates of hell before you encouraged him to marry his girlfriend. But then again, it was a bit late to say that since they were already engaged and you were currently helping him pick out a suit.

The other boys were there too, Michael and Calum playing around with a few of the ties that hung on the wall, Ashton looking over your shoulder and noticing that you were repeatedly scrolling though your pictures in a desperate way to look busy. “Are you… alright?” Ashton asked. You jumped, dropping your phone. You didn’t bother picking it up, just looked back at Ashton with the fake-st smile you could muster. “Yeah, why?” You questioned brightly.

Ashton gave you a pointed look, a look that told he knew you were lying. Of course he could see through you, he was a pretty close friend. That didn’t mean you were going to tell him what was wrong. “Y/N, you dropped this.” A deep, familiar voice said. You turned back around, met with Luke’s blue gaze and bright smile as he held out your phone. You took it, taking in a sharp breath and hoping your cheeks weren’t a bright red. “Thanks.” You said, smiling back at him.

He stepped back, holding his arms out. “So, hows this one?” He asked. You looked him over, the fancy suit and nice shined shoes. His tie was knotted a bit crookedly but that just seemed to fit him. He looked so uncomfortable in it though, showing just how un-natural being well dressed was to him. He was continuously flicking his lip ring with his tongue and wetting his lips and- you really needed to focus.

“To be honest it looks like all the others.” Michael said, pulling you out of your thoughts. You looked sat back in your chair, looking to your hand and knotting your fingers together in a way to keep quite. “But all of ‘em look good.” Calum added. “What do you think Y/N?” Luke asked, giving a quick turn as if he were at a beauty pageant. Usually you would laugh, not this time though. “It’s great.” You said, not even looking at him as you spoke.

“O…Kay.” Luke said slowly, turning his attention to Ashton. “You?” He asked. Ashton didn’t answer for a moment. “It’s great lad but I don’t think you should be buying it for a wedding.” Ashton said. Now the room was quite and you were looking to Ashton with a warning glance. “What does that mean?” Luke asked questionably.

“It means That I don’t think you should be marrying Kelcie when Y/N clearly in love with you and it’s clearly tearing her apart.” Ashton said, looking Luke straight in the eyes. “Wha- what are you even talking about?” Luke said. You started to stand up and were held back by Ashton, holding you down in your seat so you couldn’t run out. 

“I mean that Y/N in love with you and I hate seeing her sad, and I know you can tell she is too!” Ashton said. he wasn’t exactly yelling, just desperately trying to get Luke to understand. Your heart was beating heard in your chest and god, it felt like you were going to faint. You wanted to get out, needed to get out.

“That’s stupid.” Luke said, shaking his head. You opened your mouth, a small noise escaping. Now all eyes were on you. “It’s- it’s not that stupid.” You said, voice shaking. Luke’s eyes widened as he realized what you meant, what exactly you were saying. “Wow…” Calum said in the back ground, earning a slap from Michael,

You and Luke were staring into each others eyes now, his mouth open like he wanted to say something but couldn’t get it out. You took the chance, ripping away from Ashton and rushing out the doors, not even bothering to take your jacket and not asking for a ride as you ran all the way to your apartment and locked the door.


It had been a month since you’d last talked to any of the boys. They all texted, all of them except Luke. You’d get a few invitations to go out drinking with Michael, Calum would ask if you wanted to hand out and watch movies and Ashton would ask over and over if you were mad at him, the ask even more if you would please come see him and the boys.

They all said that Luke seemed pretty down and that he missed you, but you still didn’t answer any of them. But now it was time for Luke’s wedding and no matter how heart breaking and no matter the circumstances he was your friend and you had to be supportive.

You were leaned on the outside of the building, cold brick pressed to you back and the material of your dress being rumpled and most likely ruined. You didn’t care though. This was as far as you’d go to Luke’s wedding. 

“Are you… coming in?” Michael asked, sticking his head out of the door, You saw Ashton and Calum behind him, trying to sneakily look through the crack of the door. “No, I’m good here.” You said, giving them a shaky smile before looking back down to the ground. The door closed and you were alone again, the only people around the ones who were walking into the reception hall.

It was really painful now, knowing on the other side of the wall you were leaned on the love of your life was getting married to a girl who wasn’t you. And you knew it was selfish but that didn’t stop the envy in your stomach from swirling.

The door creaked open again ad you sighed, wiping away the few tears that had somehow fallen from your eyes. “I said I’m fine out here guys, and I meant it-” You stopped talking as you looked up, met with blue eyes and a metal lip ring. “Never mind.” You mumbled.

Luke was shifting awkwardly and you stood straight, fixing the ruffle don your dress in an effort to look semi-presentable. Not that it really mattered. “So you- you uh, left this when you ran out.” Luke said, holding out your jacket. You heart leaped as you grabbed it because even though you’d been a total wreck and somewhat of bitch to him, he still was looking out for you.

“Thanks, Luke.” You said, pulling the jacket on and sighing at the warmth. “Congrats by the way, on the whole marriage thing. Did the reception happen yet?” You asked. Now Luke looked even more awkward, fidgeting with his crooked tie and scuffing his new shoes on the ground. 

“No I- I uhm, I think I might skip that.” He said. Your eyes widened. “Luke you can’t skip a wedding-” You started. “unless I decided I didn’t want to get married.” He finished. You took a shaky breath, half knowing what he meant and half completely clueless and in denial. “You… what do you mean?” You asked. 

Luke inched closer to you, looking hopeful when you didn’t jump back. “I mean I like you, a lot. I love you. And I don’t- well I thought I loved Kelcie but then Ashton told me how you felt and then you ran out and I just felt like I was losing something really important. And that thing was you, even though that sounds really fucking cheesy.” Luke finished with a smile. You let out a breathy laugh, letting your hands drift up and into his hair.

“So… you like me then?” You asked slowly, for some reason feeling like you might cry. Luke nodded, leaning his head down slowly, inching a bit closer with every breath. “And you like me.” He stated. You grinned, letting out a quick 'yep’ right as his lips hit yours in a slow kiss.

“Luke we- we need to get out of here.” You said, breaking the kiss and laughing at his small whimper of dismay. “Why?” He asked. “It’s your wedding Luke, if your going to do a cold feet, run away from the alter type act you need to get going.” You said. Luke grinned.

He grabbed your hand, dragging you down the sidewalk. “Wait.” You said, pulling you hand out of his. You made your way to the doors, pushing them open and walking in carefully. You snaked through the crowd, looking for a certain patch of colorful hair. You found Michael, and as thought the other boys were gathered with him. 

“You came in.” Calum observed. You nodded, a smile dancing on your lips. All of the boys look confused by you enthusiasm. “Listen, just- come with me, yeah?” You said. Ashton shrugged, grabbing the others and walking out the doors behind you. They all froze for a moment when they saw Luke.

Luke, who’s tie was ow undone and laying lazily around his thought, his nose red from the wind and his black suit-jacket discarded onto the ground. “Is this- are you guys leaving the wedding? Your own wedding?” Michael asked, looking to Luke accusingly. Luke gave a small grin, entwining his hand with yours. All of the boys seemed to get the point and high-fived each other, Ashton giving you a small side hug.

You all started walking down the pavement, smiling when you heard the yell of “Where’s the groom?” From the chapel. “You know, Kacie was kind of a bitch anyway.” Calum joked, making you all laugh.

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Is it strange that I find myself just staring at gifs of David Tennant sometimes? I mean, he's so beautiful. His eyes are amazing.

This is in no way strange.  I mean 

just look 

at those


Take all the time you need.


Richard Dean Anderson
- OzComicCon Sydney 26th Sydney 2015

Elevators Are Confined Spaces

So… here is a thing. Based off of this ask from @klance-klance-revolution‘s blog. also @germex look it is done yes. Follow for more, and like, send me little things like that ask, i might write some if i feel like it.

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The first time the mysterious hot Korean man entered the elevator, Lance didn’t even notice. It wasn’t like he was purposely trying not to notice. It was his second day on a very stressful job, and juggling his boss’s coffee and breakfast was more important to him than looking at a very, very, hot Korean man.

In fact, Lance didn’t even notice the man until his second week on the job. He was running a bit late, and again, juggling multiple items, when he caught the elevator door with his foot. The papers squished under his armpit fell and he shoved the coffee and breakfast bagel into the nearest set of hands. “Hold this please,” Lance spat out quickly as he dropped to the ground to gather the rather important papers.

It only took him a few seconds to stuff everything back into the folder, albeit it was a little messily done, and pick himself back up. Lance put the folder back under his armpit and grabbed the breakfast bagel and coffee from the person he had forced it on. He sighed and looked up to apologize to the victim of his tardiness but stopped short when he was faced with a beautiful, and he meant beautiful, man.

He had a mullet. In what backwards fantasy universe does a man that works in this building, have a mullet. Lance started to blubber and stutter around his words as he forced out his apology, trying his damn fucking hardest not to spit out that he could stare into the man’s eyes all day. The man raised his eyebrows at him and Lance just ducked his head and all but sulked in the corner of the elevator. He was just thankful that no one else was in the elevator to witness that failure.

The man brought up his phone to his ear again and spoke into it. The second he did, Lance’s blush just got deeper. He wasn’t speaking English. Of course, that’s why he looked so confused and annoyed, he probably didn’t even know what Lance was saying. If Lance didn’t have food in his hand, he would have slammed his hand to his face. Sometimes, he was just a complete idiot.

Luckily, he had the perfect person to complain to whenever he was being an idiot, and that person was coming on the elevator in two floors.

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Do you know what made my heart stop in that last episode?

I’ve mentioned before that I get the vibe that Viktor was purposely keeping himself ignorant of Yuri’s feelings, or at least trying to keep a distance. I don’t think he’s used to being truly in love, and in a way, he almost wanted to keep some distance, at least in that sense, between himself and Yuri. However, he’s not winning that battle, and seems to sometimes act before he realizes what he’s doing. Gone are the days of over-the-top forwardness just to bring Yuri into a more mature, sexual mindset. 

Consider this:

Viktor tells Yuri that he doesn’t need to picture pork cutlet bowls and women anymore, because Yuri has become confident enough in himself and can charm the audience without those images. 

In this scene, Viktor seems a little hesitant, like he wants to take Yuri’s hand but isn’t going to let himself (i.e., catching himself just a bit too late again, after he’d already stroked his hand). It’s almost like Yuri picturing women or something more abstract like his favorite dish is something he’s trying to make himself believe.

That is, until this:

Originally posted by odazais

Yuri takes his hand with certainty and steps forward, telling him to never take his eyes off of him. It’s almost as if he’s telling him that “it never was women or pork cutlet bowls.” 

And this leads Viktor to touch his forehead as he watches Yuri skate away. His eyes never leave him. 

Of course, Yuri’s competition also has him fired up. We all knew that, and Viktor hoped it would be that way. However, Viktor also questions exactly what flipped the switch to get Yuri so fired up. At the root of it was Viktor. Yuri’s initial fear of being compared to Viktor as a copy, but knowing now that he has all of the weapons he needs to do this on his own. Wanting people to hate him for taking Viktor from him. 

But Viktor? He’s watched Yuri transform before his eyes, but Yuri may not be the only one who’s changing. 

Personally, I think there’s a lot more going on in Viktor’s mind here than what he lets on, and I think it has everything to do with his eros-evoking protege. 

Ashton Irwin is in his prime rn don’t talk to me about fetus glasses Ashton I’ll even forget about fedora Ashton let’s just enjoy soft-hair-side-part Ashton who drums shirtless and shows off his toned body and strong torso as we prepare (hopefully) for man bun Ashton

Ahh so apparently the OP misheard it (she has deleted her tweet) the audio version doesn’t mention about JI buying KS knives. Sorry folks~

After a long day of standing in front of a classroom trying to explain an assignment that was apparently too difficult for everybody to grasp, the only thing Charlie had wanted to do was go home and do nothing. That had been the plan anyway but he somehow got to overthinking and ended up pulling out all the stuff he and Brooke had gathered before regarding -A. Not that there had been a lot to go on but he’d made plenty of notes and had taken articles from the paper, that sort of thing, tried to put it all into some kind of order. He knew most of it was from Daisy’s reign but he’d thought maybe there could be a link somewhere so he’d kept hold of it. Brooke seemed busy and distracted so they hadn’t really talked about it much. He’d been flipping through one of Sophie’s diaries too, thinking that maybe since she’d figured out Sasha had killed Annie then perhaps she’d written something down that would be useful, though she hadn’t been a very thorough diary keeper. Some of these had mysteriously disappeared, too, during their short stay in a storage unit but he barely gave it a thought, thinking they’d been misplaced in another box. He was certain all this -A stuff (all these murders even) came back round to the girls and this is where his energy had been going lately, a bit of determination sparked again by the last -A message and his desire not to slip into old habits. Charlie was so engrossed in what he was doing that he barely registered the door opening until it was too late, not that he could have hidden any of it even if he had noticed earlier.