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        Young Sam Winchester and his Guardian Angel  

My head!canon firmly established. Lucifer was always reaching out to Sam, visiting him in dreams, or just sending out thoughts of comfort and love to the young boy. He regretted that he was never able to spare him all of his pain and suffering, too trapped within his own agony and damnation as he was, but his heart was always with his other half. Sam gave him a reason to keep fighting, and he did what he could to return the favor. 

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@charlie-bradcherry and @devil-in-a-winchester because we all need some fluffy, sweet samifer to heal our wounds. 

So I’ve never been good at introducing myself, it’s always the most awkward shit in the world and people just kinda stare, it’s uncomfortable for everyone. You’ve now been warned! My name is Andy and if anyone that is out and about and you comes across a small yorkie, can you please return him to me. My back door was left open while I was attempting to unpack and in his blindful curiosity he decided to wonder a bit too far from the house and now I can’t find him. So, if you find him.. Please call me, text me, drop him off, have me pick him up I don’t care, just protect the little creature and remember that he’s blind.

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Bucky and Steve just marveling at how amazing Sam is. Like "it's definitely his skin, it's flawless" "no no I think it's his smile, cute little gap teeth, it's perfect" and Sam is just like "please quit staring at me."

“It’s those cheekbones. You could cut yourself on them.”

Sam says, “I’m going to my room. You guys are creeps.”

(But he loves it)

At last (2016)

Third and last artwork of the evening devoted to Civil War (sorry about the CW spam), after this one devoted to the first post-credit scene (Steve and Bucky) and this one showing Tony at the end of the movie.

This is totally how the parking scene went. *cough* Yup, I’m 100% positive. (Photoshop CS6)

Bless Steve Rogers, who, in the midst of everyone throwing down over the very idea of the Accords, actually tries to read through them. Keep reading, buddy! You’re almost to the section on the secret supermax prison hidden underneath the ocean!


Who is in  c o n t r o l?