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Sam accepts his role as Boy King, destinied to rule the forces of Hell.

This does not mean he accepts his role as Lucifer’s vessel.
He has no interest in wiping out humanity. And so Lucifer’s plan is still foiled because whatever happens, whichever universe they’re in, Sam always fights back.

Yes or No?

Note: I thought of this and I’m posting a little bit. If you guys like it, I’ll post the entire thing. So, please message me if you like :)

 "Dean, can we talk?“ You ask almost in a quiet voice as you stop next to Dean and glance over at Sam quickly, smiling at him. "Like a serious talk." 

Sam snaps his attention to you guys and chuckles. "That’s the break up.” He jokes, earning a glare from Dean and a quiet -bitch-. You give him a small smile and take Dean’s hand, leading him away from Sam. 

“Something wrong, babe?” Dean finally broke the silence between you two. He was starting to get worried. Lately, you’ve been kind of off. In your own little world and not paying attention to anybody. “Whats on your mind?" 

"Well, I know this wasn’t in our plans and I don’t know how it happened but it did.” You start. Dean furrows his eyebrows, biting down on his lip. His heart races a little faster. A million things go through his mind. “Point being, I’m pregnant and I could’ve just ran off and not tell you about it but I wanted you to know and make a decision.”

Dean freezes in place. Out of all the things that were running through his head, this was not one. You were damn right, this wasn’t in his plans or in yours. When he finally looks up, you don’t expect what comes out of his mouth next. “I don’t want it.” Dean states, looking very relaxed and like he knew what he just said. It seemed like he didn’t need to think about it. “And I know you won’t give it up, so it’s better to break up." 

Your eyes water but you nod. "Okay. I’ll be out by tomorrow.” As much as it broke your heart, obviously you couldn’t stay anymore. 

“Okay.” Dean walks away without another word.


thedasses asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you could recommend me some really fluffy fics? I just read Into That Goodnight and it was just a lot for me (it was really really good though!) xD so I need some happy, sappy stuff

It’s only fair that I give you guys a huge amount of happy tooth rotting fluff after reccing a soul destroying fic. Here’s a selection of some of my faves:

Asked and Answered

“You should marry me, Bucky.”


“You should marry me.” Steve said again. “Sister Eustace said that marriage is the purest form of love, and I love you more than anybody. So we should get married.”

Steve and Bucky. Five marriage proposals (and one time they didn’t have to ask)

Cake Walk

Steve Rogers runs a small bakery in Brooklyn with his friend Peggy. When his neighbours Natasha and Sam announce that they are getting married, Steve is immediately commissioned to make the wedding cake. He’s more than thrilled, but gets more than he bargained for when asked to co-ordinate with Bucky Barnes - Natasha’s highly attractive and charming wedding planner.

(this one is literally 65k of fluff)

If This isn’t a Kingdom I Don’t Know What Is

“Punk,” Bucky bites back fondly, putting a warm hand on his arm conciliatorily. He leaves his hand there a little too long for a casual gesture, and Steve’s breath seems to hitch in his throat. “Can’t leave. God, Steve. You know I’m with you. ‘Till the end of the line.”

And in that moment, on that day, Steve was amazed to discover that when Bucky said “I’m with you ‘till the end of the line,” every time he called him punk and knocked him on the shoulder… what he meant was, “I love you.”

And it nearly scared Steve out of his damn shirt. 


Kiss Me Hello

Bucky and Steve take to kissing each other hello, goodbye, goodnight. It’s all very platonic until it isn’t.

Only Good Things

All of their neighbors think that Steve and Bucky are dating.

Knock On Wood

Steve Rogers lives a quiet, steady life, until his next door neighbour moves in and starts having incredibly energetic sex every night.
All Steve wants is for him to move his bed away from the wall so the damn headboard doesn’t knock a hole through his wall.


The one where Steve and Bucky forget that if it’s dark and you have a light in your tent it’s shadow theater for everyone outside.

Everyone outside is way too embarrassed to interrupt them.

Up to you what setting this is and who’s outside, and whether or not Steve and Bucky work out they’ve accidentally given them shadow puppet porn.

Tell Her You Love Her

5 times Bucky gave Steve advice on keeping girls around, and one time he took it.

Why God Made Steel Toed Boots

Steve’s been waiting a long time.


Imagine: Dean meeting you for the first time.

“I’d fix her pipes anytime.” Dean says as he sees you walk through the door of the diner. Sam shakes his head at his brothers obnoxious personality. Sam is even more embarassed when you sit down next to them at the counter and Dean turns to you.

“Hey, you need your pipes fixed anytime just call me.” You look over at the man and glare.

“Where do you get your porn from, your grandpa?” You ask as you turn back to the waiter. You can see the scratches down their arm and you know right away they’re the person you’re looking for. You stand up and whisper in their ear. They nod and make their way to the back of the diner and outside.

“It was nice to meet you but I have some business to take care of.” You nod at them before making your way out of the small resteraunt. As you walk out the door and make your way to the back of the diner you have a good feeling about this hunt. Maybe, this will be a success.

“I see your a better hunter than those Winchester boys.” The vampire says when you come into sight.

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100 Ways to say “I Love You” pt. 1/34

1. Destiel + “Pull over.  Let me drive for a while.” 

“Pull over. Let me drive for a while.” Cas says in the early evening. Dean glances at him with tired eyes. They’ve been on the road for four and a half hours heading towards California to see Sam and his family.

“You sure?” He asks, keeping his eyed fixed on the curving road.

“Yes, Dean, you look shattered. You sleep, I’ll drive.” Dean yawns suddenly and nods, pulling the Impala over at the next parking place. Dean steps out into the chilly evening air and swaps places with Cas.

They set off and it’s not long before Dean has his head leant against the window with his jacket stuffed under his head to ease the vibrations from his beloved car. His mouth is slightly ajar and his face has fallen into a relaxed expression. Cas smiles and drives on into the night.

2. Destiel + “It reminded me of you.” (Accountant!Cas)

Cas had been away for the past week on business so Dean was happy when he came back and embraced him in a close hug when he saw him at the airport.

“Hello, Dean.” He greeted, pressing his nose against Dean’s ear.

“Hey,” Dean replied, holding Cas closer.

“Oh, I got you something, I saw it in the market.” Cas opened up his satchel and took out an object that’s wrapped in white tissue paper. Dean unwrapped it carefully and held out the small leather bound notebook.

“Wow, Cas…”

“It reminded me of you.”

“Thanks, Cas, I love it” Dean smiled and wrapped his arms around him again.

3. Destiel + “No, no, it’s my treat.” (High School!AU)

“Cas!” Dean shouted across the school hallway. Cas turned around to see Dean waving his hands towards him. Cas walked over to him to see what he wanted.


“Want to head over to Benny’s after school?”

“Sure, Dean, sounds great.” Cas says smiling, there’s just one period left of the day. Dean squeezes Cas’ hand before they part.


They sit down in the booth in the far corner opposite each other. Their knees touch but neither of them mention it, there’s no need.

A stack of pancakes drizzled in maple syrup comes out along with two chocolate milkshakes.

Once they’d finished Dean fished out some money from his wallet and Cas followed suit.

“No, no, it’s my treat.” Dean says.

“You sure?”

“Course.” Dean smiles and watches Cas put his wallet back in his pocket.


     “I’m going on a grocery run.” you announced, coming out of the bathroom. Dean threw his keys in the air before you reached him with perfect timing as you caught them on your way past the boys. “There’s a twenty-”
     “In the ashtray. I know. Thanks.” you nodded.
     “Don’t forget the-”
     “Apple.” you said at the same time as Dean, earning a scoff from Sam.
     “What?” Dean looked up from the book he was looking through.
     “Why don’t you just get married already?” Sam asked sarcastically. 
     “I’m not that desperate, Sam.” you said, smiling at Dean.  
     Sam shook his head, looking at you. “Be careful.” he told me.
     “I’m always careful, Sammy.” you winked. “I’ll be back in a little while.”

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"We shouldn't be doing this," Dean panted as Sam wrapped his arms around his waist, and buried his face in the crook of Deans neck.

“Please, Dean”. Sam moved his hands up and down Dean’s lower back, slowly, touching all the right places. 

“Sammy, I can’t do this to you I–” Sam slid his hand under Dean’s shirt, touching his bare skin and making him shiver. 

“I want this, Dean” he insisted. still working with his hands up and down Dean’s body. it was like magic to him, seeing how Dean’s body is responsive to his touch. 

“You don’t know what you want, Sam. You’re sixteen, and your hormones are all up and ab–” Sam slid his hand under the waistband of Dean’s boxers, exploring, eager. 

“I know what I want, Dean. I have known it for years now, and you know this too. why not?” hands still exploring Dean’s body, he brought his lips to the corner of Dean’s mouth and planted a soft kiss. then a second one, he took Dean’s lower lip in and bite softly. Dean couldn’t hold the moan back this time. 

“dammit Sammy” he said right before kissing him back hard and painful and so, so sweet. 

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next five.

Sam is miserable. The house they’re staying in in eastern Washington has no air conditioning and it’s close to 100 degrees outside. Dad has been gone for three days, god knows where hunting god knows what, leaving Sam and Dean to roast in the heat and humidity. Sam sits on a wooden chair in front of the fan, shirt clinging to his ribs and sweat dripping down his face. 

And Dean? Dean is infuriating. Ever since Dad left, Dean has been wearing nothing but boxers around the house. And for Sam, that is very, very distracting. The freckles on Dean’s shoulders, the expanse of his back, the tan lines on his thighs where his shorts stop, the line of dark, curly hair starting at Dean’s navel and disappearing into his waistband; Sam has to remind himself not to stare. It’s kind of hard not to when your brother looks like a Greek god. 

“Morning, Sammy,” Dean calls, coming down the stairs. 

“Hey.” Sam’s voice is distorted by the fan blades turning. It sounds kinda cool. 

“Why are you sitting in front of the fan?” 

“Cuz it’s hot,” Sam replies. “Duh.” 

Dean busies himself getting a bowl of cereal from the kitchen. “Dude, just take your shirt off. It’s so much nicer, trust me.” 

Sam wraps his arms around himself and hunches over. “This house can only handle one mostly naked Winchester at a time,” he jokes. 

Dean wanders over and plunks himself down on the couch a few feet from where Sam is sitting. “What’s wrong? You shy?” He asks around a big mouthful of Corn Flakes. 

Sam glares at him. “What? No.” 

“Then take your shirt off.” 


“Why not?” 

“Cuz I don’t want to.” 

“C’mon, Sam. I dare you.” Dean wiggles his eyebrows and shoves another spoonful of cereal in his mouth. 

Sam is never one to back down from a dare. “Fine.” Gripping the hem of his t-shirt, he quickly pulls it over his head. “You happy?” He crosses his skinny, overgrown, thirteen-year-old arms over his equally skinny chest and tries not to compare his body to Dean’s. 

“Yeah, Sammy. Yeah I am.” Dean sets his bowl on the coffee table and closes the space between them. He sinks down to the floor, and suddenly Sam has his beautiful brother between his knees, something that he’s only ever dreamed about. 

“Dean, what-” 

“You’re gorgeous,” Dean murmurs, his hands drifting up Sam’s thighs to rest on his waist. Their faces are just about level, and Sam feels frozen in place as his brother’s hands ghost across his skin. 

“No, I’m not,” Sam manages to choke out as Dean traces the lines of his collarbones. 

Dean leans in, forcing Sam to uncross his arms and let them fall down by his sides. Carefully, Dean presses his lips to the hollow of Sam’s throat. 

“Gonna convince you,” Dean promises. 

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To see you happy (Supernatural One Shot)

Request: wrennotren said: Will you please do a Castiel imagine where TFW and the reader go to a pet store to investigate and reader sees cute animals and later in the day Cass brings her all the animals she thought were cute? Please and thank you for running your page :D

Warnings: none

Word Count: 760

A/N: Thank you so much for sending in such awesome request, I hope I lived up to your expectations. :)


“The guy worked in pet shop which is not so far away from here. We can go there first.” Sam closed his laptop and gave it to you.

You took it and placed it on a seat between you and Cas. Dean soon parked in front of the shop and you immediately smiled.

You remembered the pet store that your family owned when you were little. You always liked all the animals and you could never get enough of them. In fact, before all this happened, you were training to become a veterinarian.

“You two can stay in the car.” Dean stepped out of the car and closed door behind him.

“No, I wanna go, too.” You said and stepped out of the car. Castiel followed.

When you entered shop, it was like a dream come true. Shop was full of all kinds of animals. You soon found yourself running from one side to another. Poor Castiel didn’t know what to do, so he was just running after you.

“Look how cute these puppies are!” You started jumping in front of box full of puppies. You couldn’t resist them, so you took one and cuddled it.

“Excuse me, you can’t take animals out from their box.” Saleswoman warned you.

After putting it back, you spotted hamsters. They were running in their wheel. You just stared at them with a huge grin.

“Look how happy he is.” You commented and moved on to the next animal.

Next were the parrots. They didn’t talk, but it was still awesome to see them fly around the cage and do tricks. After parrots, you went to see fishes. You mimicked them with your lips and started laughing.

Castiel just watched you, but he cracked a little smile when he saw a new animal. He liked seeing you this happy.

“C'mon you two, we are finished. We have a new lead.” Sam laughed when he saw you.

“Can’t we stay just a little bit longer? I still haven’t seen turtles or rabbits.” You begged.

“I think Dean wouldn’t like that.” Castiel said.

You didn’t have any choice, but to agree with them. As you were leaving, you waved at the animals. You weren’t happy that you had to go, but at least you enjoyed a little bit. And you still had to help them finish the case.

After all day of working and chasing every lead you got, you were nowhere. You were late everywhere. Either people left or they didn’t know anything. It was a dead end. So you decided to call it a night. There wasn’t anything that you could do to help.

“Good night.” You greeted Sam and Dean wondering where did Cas go.

“Night.” You heard them say behind you.

You opened door to your room and saw Castiel. But he wasn’t alone. He was surrounded by all those animals you saw in the pet store today. Puppy was in his hands and parrot sat on his shoulder.

“Castiel, what did you do?” You tried to be mad, but you just laughed.

“You looked so happy with all those animals today, so I brought them here for you.” He offered you puppy, which you took from him.

“Now you don’t have to leave them ever again.” He smiled.

“But I can’t keep them all in here. Dean is gonna freak when he sees this. How did you even get them all in here?” You gave puppy back and picked up fluffy little rabbit.

“I took them all through back door. Some of them tried to bite me. That bird succeeded.” He showed you his finger where a small scratch was visible.

“Oh, but you two are friends now.” You pointed at it sleeping on his shoulder.

He blushed lighty and smiled. You continued playing with all the animals. It felt like you were in heaven. Castiel followed your lead and played with few animals too.

You didn’t feel sleepy anymore. Each time one of you picked up a new animal, you would laugh. It was so loud that Dean and Sam probably heard you, but you didn’t care.

Until you heard a knock on your door which was followed by them opening. You jumped from the floor, trying to hide animals, but it was useless. Dean already saw them, and he didn’t look happy.

“What the…?”

“I can explain.” You interrupted before he could get mad.

“It was Castiel’s idea and I promise they will all be gone in the morning.”

Without saying aything, Dean closed door. You looked at Cas and burst out laughing again.

anonymous asked:

You can see its Scottish Pride. Look on Sam's IG pic of the mugs. Absolutely, of course could be a coincidence, but there seem to be sommany with A and S to disregard.

Even if it’s the same mug, so what? I’m sure a lot of people have those mugs and we know she’s more than likely in Scotland so why is anyone having a meltdown over this? I’m honestly confused. Sam made his feelings pretty damn clear this week and I don’t think there’s anything else he could really do to convince us. Is this just going to be a regular thing now? Maybe if people stopped paying attention to a certain someone and her attention seeking IG posts, they’d feel better. Like I said before, pay attention to SAM and HIS actions. Not hers.    

Between Darkness and Light
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

By exaggeratedspecificity aka brotherslovershunters

Sam and Dean finally found happiness, a tiny scrap of peace in the otherwise violent cacophony of their lives. They moved back to their hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, letting domestic life fold in easily around them as they built a life together away from the darkness of their past. For a while it was good, better than maybe either of them deserved. Sam finally let himself believe they had escaped the bloody, violent death he always feared was in store for them. Sadly, suddenly, the greed, violence and jealousy of mortal men swooped in and took it all away.Twisted by grief and consumed by revenge, Sam paints his face with a Glasgow smile of white and black and tracks down the men who split his soul in two, making them pay for what they did.

This was inspired by The Crow graphic novel by James O’Barr. This is a horror story. Read the warnings and please heed them. There is beauty, love, and light woven in between but you will need to wade through darkness to reach it.

Soundtrack on Spotify

Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Violence, Revenge, Domestic Winchesters, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Animal Death, Hurt Sam Winchester, Hurt Dean Winchester, Sam Kills Everyone, Crimes & Criminals, Drug Addiction, Overdosing, Homophobic Language, Sexual Violence, Murder

Art by the incredibly talented chomaisky  

My deepest thanks to my best friend and beta dollylux for her constant love and support and the talented homo-pink for inspiring me to push myself as an author  

anonymous asked:

Just watched the video where Sam shaves his beard. This was I believe early this year. Well, you can see the kitchen in the back ground and it looks NOTHING like the one in Abbie's IG pic. Can someone enlightened me why people are believing the kitchen to be Sam's without any proof? I don't get it.

That kitchen was Cait’s in LA.

unsentpromises asked:

Carnival Date - Bucky and Nat end up in a slowly escalating competition to win Sam the most stuffed toys prizes from the games. Sam ends up with a mountain of them and grumbling about their antics but totally keeps all the little fuzz balls.

“Um,” Sam said, his voice caught somewhere between amused and a little confused. “I really don’t think I can carry any more…”

“We’ll get you a bag to carry them,” Natasha said dismissively, waving a hand at the mountain of stuffed animals that were piled high in Sam’s arms, not even bothering to spare a glance in his direction. She was scoping out the various booths as they walked through the crowds, looking for the next carny who would take a ridiculous amount of their money. Bucky strolled along beside her, their fingers woven together, while he also craned his neck. 

As always, their competitiveness was exasperating and endearing all at the same time.

“You know, if you’re gonna keep winning all of this ridiculous stuff, the least you could do is carry it,” Sam pointed out. 

“They’re presents for you,” Bucky told him over his shoulder, turning just long enough to grin at him. “We told you that.”

“No way,” Sam disagreed, shaking his head. “This is just the two of you being competitive as hell and conveniently using me as an excuse.”

“Shh, of course not,” Natasha told him. That was her distracted voice; she was only half listening to him. 

“What she said,” Bucky agreed. “Hey, let’s go win that,” he continued, lifting the hand that wasn’t holding Natasha’s, jabbing a finger at a massive stuffed bear sitting overhead in one of the booths. Whatever game was going on there looked just as ridiculous as the bear. 

“Good choice, James,” Natasha said and began tugging him in that direction. Bucky went willingly, but Sam stopped still. 

“Oh hell no, I can’t carry that one too!” Sam protested. He was already on the verge of dropping one of the various plush toys in his arms. One stuffed duck in particular looked like it was soon going to be going overboard. 

The two of them turned around at that, both of them assessing him with their eyes as they made their way back to his side. 

Bucky surprised Sam a little bit when he reached out a hand to cup the back of his neck and press a soft kiss onto his lips; warm and firm just like it always was. At the same time, Natasha sidled close to his side, and hooked one finger into one of Sam’s belt loops. With both of them so close to him at the same time, even with the innocence of the situation, Sam felt his insides flutter a little bit. 

When Bucky drew back, he left his hand against Sam’s neck, thumb stroking gently across his skin as he smiled impishly at him. 

“We’re competitive, yes,” he admitted, “but it’s fun winning stupid stuff for you.”

“Your fault for being so adorable,” Natasha interjected. Sam rolled his eyes and tried unsuccessfully to hold back a grin. Natasha always had that effect on him. 

“I’ll carry the bear,” Bucky insisted, leaned in to kiss Sam once more, lingering for a brief moment before backing away, eyes twinkling. “Since I’m the one who’s gonna win it.”

With that he took off towards the booth, cackling like a five year old the whole way. Sam was certain he shouldn’t find that as adorable as he did. 

“Asshole,” Natasha grumbled under her breath, lips pursed in an exaggerated frown. She leaned in and pressed a kiss to Sam’s chin, then one brief one to his lips. “Come on,” she murmured, “come watch me kick our boyfriend’s ass.”

Just like that she was hurrying after Bucky, and Sam followed behind them, shaking his head and yet grinning so fondly that no one could ever mistake how much he adored these two idiots.