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Hi guys!!!! So I’ve hit my follower count target last week!!! And i just want to say, THANK YOU!!!! ♡♡

This blog is like only 3 weeks old and ive actually gained quite a handful of followers and i really really appreciate that because i didn’t do anything much or even interact omfg. So really, thanks for following me and tolerating my #stupidgiant wonwoo nonsense and just everything!! ♡

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Let me tell you a little something about this boy in these pictures. He hasn’t always been the boy he wanted to be most of his life. He hasn’t always been happy with himself. His family told him and drilled into his head that it was wrong and kept reminding him he was born a girl and it was wrong to be “gay”. Everyone always put him down for being who he is and beat him down. He stayed in this shell and didn’t know who he was anymore. Then, one day, he decided he was done hiding who he was. He found his name. His name is Victor Adriàn Shane Cisneros. He is pansexual. He is a transgender male/FTM. He is me. He has always been me. “Victoria” was never me. I haven’t always been this strong tbh. I’ve had to build myself this way. I am me. No one is gonna who I am. Ever. You can try and tear me down and beat me down for being who I am, but it’s not gonna work. I’m just gonna dust myself and get right back up. Imma just come back stronger than before. I love the person I’ve become and I’m gonna keep fighting for my rights cuz guess what. We’re not done fighting yet.
#ftmpride #TransPanPride #panpride #transpride #piercedftm #tattedftm #stillfightingfortransrights #itsnotoveryet

mindbodyspiritmommy asked:

Hi! My name is Adri and I'm currently pregnant with my second child and trying my hardest to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle since I didn't do that with my first. I'll have about 100 pounds to lose after and I'm excited that I'm giving myself a head start. I also just competed in my first race and I'm already hooked. I enjoy finding new people to talk to and connect with :) (ps you've been kicking butt lately in your workouts & it's super inspiring!)

Thank you :) 

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{ Now that I think about it more, Ermac’s ending is horrifying. Just imagine hundreds of wispy green hands reaching out to him as Shang Tsung absorbs the souls. Like sure being trapped in Ermac was bad but now getting stuck in Shang is worse. It would traumatize him and with Shao Kahn’s soul gone, the guilt hits even harder than it did in original timeline. 

The awful things he did PLUS failing the souls that were taken from him and the remaining he has, like he couldn’t keep them together. Even in death, Edenians can’t get a break.