hi 5x09

list of all the deleted scenes on the shameless s5 dvd:

  • frank & fiona scene at the gallagher house (5x01)
  • lip/mandy scene at the construction site (5x01 i think)
  • carl stealing groceries at a store and the owner lets it go bc carl’s in a wheelchair (5x01 too)
  • ian/mickey sex scene + dream sequence (5x03)
  • frank at the bank finding out he blew all his money from the insurance (5x04)
  • fiona/gus talking about jimmysteve (5x07)
  • veronica/kev scene where vee finds out svetlana & yev are staying at the house (5x07 too i think)
  • debbie/derek scene where they do pushups (??) and talk about their families “we’re falling apart and there’s nothing i can do about it” (5x09)
  • fiona/sean scene the morning after she sleeps over at his place (5x09 or 5x11 not sure)
  • kev and vee waking up in their bed by svetlana … pleasuring them orally (yikes!) 
  • lip/helene scene at college (5x12 apparently)