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list of all the deleted scenes on the shameless s5 dvd:

  • frank & fiona scene at the gallagher house (5x01)
  • lip/mandy scene at the construction site (5x01 i think)
  • carl stealing groceries at a store and the owner lets it go bc carl’s in a wheelchair (5x01 too)
  • ian/mickey sex scene + dream sequence (5x03)
  • frank at the bank finding out he blew all his money from the insurance (5x04)
  • fiona/gus talking about jimmysteve (5x07)
  • veronica/kev scene where vee finds out svetlana & yev are staying at the house (5x07 too i think)
  • debbie/derek scene where they do pushups (??) and talk about their families “we’re falling apart and there’s nothing i can do about it” (5x09)
  • fiona/sean scene the morning after she sleeps over at his place (5x09 or 5x11 not sure)
  • kev and vee waking up in their bed by svetlana … pleasuring them orally (yikes!) 
  • lip/helene scene at college (5x12 apparently)

jenna-sais-pas  asked:

Do you think (in the trailer for 510) Theo referring to Stiles as "void stiles" is significant? I mean, that pretty clearly states that it was something about Stiles that makes him special, not the nogitsune. And it seems to imply that Stiles' behaviour wasn't the result of the nogitsune or a void fly, but something about Stiles himself, since Theo wouldn't have "come" for just a regular human who used to be possessed, right?

combining this with an ask from anon

Anon: I am legit about to die. I’m hyperventilating. The new promo for the finale is killer. And theo talks about wanting void stiles and we get a shot of stiles looking voidish and do you think it’s possible for void to comeback like maybe it never left stiles. Idk but I hope it does.

and this from poppynk

In the next promo it shows Stiles punching Theo super hard. It looks as if Theo is very hurt. Theo also calls Stiles “void”. Do you think he’s something more than human?

I’ve been pretty sure Stiles was never just possessed by a nogitsune. And this seems to confirm this, it really does. athenadark has a theory about two possessing forces in Stiles and I do see how that is possible. It does seem to fit with what Noshiko said:

Noshiko: He’s nogitsune now. He’s void.

Our first assumption might be to think that she’s equating the two. Nogitsune = Void. But it could also be her listing what he is. Two things. Like most of the chimeras this season - a combination of two different supernatural beings…

I do think there’s something more to Stiles and if you’ve followed by blog you already know this and I won’t go into detail, but a scroll down my stiles is something tag should get you up to speed quickly. We can trace his somethingness back to before the events of 3b as well. If anything I think what happened to Stiles in 3b can be very much linked to what is going on now. 

I’ve already talked about the parallels between what happens to the chimeras and what happened to Stiles in 3b. Comparing Stiles and Tracy brings up alarmingly many parallels. I think that’s deliberate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stiles is a fetus experiment. If so that could explain why he’s grown up and in some stressful times accesses abilities he shouldn’t have as a human. It starts up subtle and builds over the seasons. But after 3b it has escalated. 

Personally I do think many in Beacon Hills might be part of the experiments. I’m not even sure if it’s just the dread doctors but also something going on at Eichen House. Many of the characters have over the seasons shown some of the signs we know categorizes a chimera in the making. 

So perhaps Stiles was both nogitsune and void. And when he cloned himself he shed the body with the fly. He got rid of part of whatever was in him. Remember what Noshiko said:

STILES: So, I’m actually me? 
Noshiko: More you than the Nogitsune.

She never confirms that he’s “just him”. She just states that at this time Stiles is more himself and less of what she calls the nogitsune. I think Noshiko knows more about what’s going on that she’s telling… 

Which will also tie into this

Liam: What are you? 
Stiles: Uh, for a little while, I was possessed by an evil spirit. It was very evil. 
Liam: What are you now? 
Stiles: Better. Um…

I believe Stiles knows or strongly suspects there something more to him. But he’s scared it will take him over and make him act like he did in 3b. What he tells Malia when he anchors her confirms this. 

Stiles: I’m not going to run. Because I don’t think you’re going to hurt me. And I think maybe you’re so afraid of hurting me because of what you did to your family. I know what that’s like. I remember everything I did. And the worst part is I remember liking it. Because I felt powerful. I felt fearless. And most of all, in control. But when I came through it, I learned something else… Control is overrated.

And we also have his vision in 5x09 of him as Donovan, a failure. Perhaps the bite from Donovan is pushing him to change faster. Corey was stung by Lucas and healed. Perhaps that was what took for him to be a chimera. We never knew if the doctors came for him before or after Lucas infected him… And with the reference to anthrax this episode, which most notably spreads through skin, I think it’s another hint. 

Theo knows this too. He’s clearly on team Stiles is something. He’s coming for a pack, and he coming for a pack of special creatures, and he doesn’t say Stiles. He says void Stiles. Indicating he’s coming for Stiles’ somethingness.

And remember his talk with Scott about what happened in the library. The whole story was total bull of course but he did screw up one thing. Something that should make Scott go “wait a minute”. 

Theo: And when I saw what Stiles was doing… I couldn’t stop him. I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t be telling you this. You should hear this from him… Tell me. I saw Donovan go down. Stiles hit him with the wrench, and then, he just, he just kept hitting him. Uh, maybe it was because he… He threatened to kill his dad. Or maybe Stiles thought he had to keep going to defend himself, but he just… He kept hitting him. That’s not possible. He crushed that kid’s skull. I heard it cracking and splintering. By the time I pulled Stiles off him, half of Donovan’s head was caved in.

Theo is a werewolf with incredible strength and speed. Stiles is presumably a human with normal strength. It shouldn’t be a problem for Theo to stop him at all. And he does admit to seeing Donovan go down, and watched him hit him repeatedly. He’s super fast and super strong - why not just pry him off? 

It’s like Theo knows what Stiles is capable of, and in this instance he’s forgetting that Scott doesn’t know. It’s minor, I know. But still. Theo is talking like he and Stiles are equal in powers. 

And the punch in the promo could certainly be an indication of Stiles’ somethingness. I’ve listed hints about his strength before, see this post. And he also pushed Theo around on the hospital roof. I think it’s deliberate and serves a point.

But that said, I do think it’s possible to knock down a werewolf even if you are human. They have a human side too, and if caught of guard why shouldn’t they fall down. But judging by Theo’s wolfed out reaction, he’s reacting like most wolves do when threatened by something. And why should Stiles be a threat at all if he’s just human? 

Shameless Season 5 Character Wrap Up:  Ian Gallagher

(He looks just as disheartened by this turn of events as we are.) 

Previous wrap ups.

I know you guys were probably expecting Debbie, but Surprise! I’m still talking about Ian Gallagher. I honestly hadn’t planned on it, but this ask just dragged up all the bitter and I figured I’d talk a little more about how they screwed over his character and the trashy upcoming season he’ll likely be having.

Be warned:  I’ve had a few glasses of wine before writing this and am being very critical because I just watched all of Sense8 this weekend…so my standards are quite high at the moment.

TW:  Mentions of rape.

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