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separate anons asked for mccree xephos and torbjörn honeydew- hope u guys don’t mind that i put them together

also this makes xeph a space cowboy which is my favourite thing i love u anon

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Spoiler warning: Resending in case internet betrayed me. Phantom Thieves boys reacting to S/O who turned into a mouse. like in sh***o's Palace. but the boys remained in their human forms? Love your writing by the way.

Oh my god the mouse forms are my favorite. *A* Thank you for liking my writing and for sending this!!


  • Oh no.
  • Joker’s definitely the most placid out of the trio, and he delicately cradles S/O in his crimson leather-cover hands.
  • After inspecting them for a moment, he was able to discern that the ailment would inevitably diminish with time.
  • Although he tried with all his might to quell the urge to tease them, the light in his eyes flickered with amusement as he smugly pounced upon the opportunity, regardless of his better judgment.
  • “S/O, you look a bit… cheesy right now.”
  • Joker didn’t require them to verbalize their irritation; he could virtually feel it radiating from S/O, which only resulted in his mischievous smirk expanding further.
  • “That’s not a very mice look you’re giving me… why don’t you squeak your mind?”
  • Any punishment that S/O could dole out on him later was completely worth it when their nose and ears twitched from anger.
  • Joker abruptly elevated S/O to his face, causing them to stagger slightly. They were only a mere inch away from his half-masked face as he taunted, “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”
  • His only reply was the sensation of minuscule feet plastered on his lips in a feeble attempt to silence him.
  • A hearty chuckle emitted from Joker prior to placing a kiss atop S/O’s fur-covered head.
  • “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I’ll stop our little game of cat-and-mouse, for now. Once you return to normal and I can kiss you properly… I’ll find the answer to my previous question.”


  • Skull is extremely conflicted as he frantically nests S/O’s ‘rattled’ body in his gloved hands; naturally, he wants to help S/O revert to their natural form, however… they’re just so cute.
  • He curiously poked and prodded at them, provoking S/O to resound an indignant squeak.
  • A faint rosy hue peppered Skull’s cheeks as he commented, “Oh my god, you’re so freakin’ cute. N-not like you weren’t before, but… ya get what I mean.”
  • S/O tilted their petite head to the side, and Skull scratched behind their ear with a leather fingertip as he chuckled, “Heh, don’t worry, spells like this only last a few minutes.”
  • The tiny mouse nodded, and Skull gently placed them on his broad shoulder so he could adjust his gloves.
  • He then playfully added, “Maybe Captain Kidd can use you to cannonball Shadows in the meantime. Whaddaya say?”
  • S/O answered him by nipping Skull’s exposed earlobe out of annoyance, provoking a carefree snicker to slip past his lips.
  • “Heh, didn’t think so. That would be pretty sweet though, huh?”
  • He pivoted his head slightly to witness S/O’s contemplative posture; they had uplifted a paw to their chin, and they seemed to be lost in thought.
  • Skull’s voice was panicked as he implored, “W-wait, you’re not actually thinkin’ of doin’ it, right?!”
  • It was S/O’s turn to giggle (or rather, squeak), and Skull exasperatedly sighed, “Even as a tiny lil’ mouse you’re still a huge brat… you’re lucky you’re so effin’ cute.”


  • Fox is at a complete loss as to what action he should take next.
  • He opts for seating himself cross-legged in front of S/O’s rodent form for the purpose of maintaining a watchful eye on them, ensuring that he doesn’t accidentally step on them or that they somehow wind up lost.
  • Fox sealed his eyelids and smiled to himself as he mused, “Well, I suppose we must paws this infiltration until you regain your human form.”
  • S/O shook their head, yet their tail betrayed their irked facade and flicked with reluctant amusement.
  • Fox uplifted a clenched cyan hand to his lips, a low chuckle escaping from them. “I apawlogize my dear, but it would be a crime to waste such an opportune moment.”
  • S/O crossed their small arms and mimicked a pout. A sudden jolt of inspiration flashed through Fox’s mind, causing him to procure a sketchpad from his thief garb.
  • “S/O, please hold that pose for me. This ailment will last temporarily, so I must capture this riveting and adorable sight before it dissipates.”
  • S/O could hardly distinguish the shape of the pencil; it had become a blur, and the mere astonishment of the spectacle was enough to freeze S/O on the spot.
  • The majority of the shock was due to the fact that Fox preferred to bide his time when he sketched; however, his sheer speed at that moment was enough to potentially ignite his sketchpad with fervent flames.
  • “How are you capable of being so beautiful in any given form? I am indeed a lucky man…” Fox muttered, more to himself than S/O.
  • S/O was so flustered by his praise that they failed to realize they had relapsed to their genuine form a while ago and admittedly, Fox was quite smug about seizing the chance to etch a bashful S/O on paper.
  • They never did find out.

i did. a bunch of pose studies today w this cute ^^ the rest were messy so i won’t post but you can see them over on my ig 💛


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I’m laughing because my sister’s father-in-law just bet me that within 5 years some guy would come and sweep me off my feet and I’d have kids of my own and I just look over at my mom - who knows I’m gay and have a girlfriend - and look back at him like “You’re on.” We shook on it. Bitch is going down.


I bought watercolours today and decided to try them out! Bill is my first victim ♥

170422 `ㅂ´ SHINee World 2017 in Hiroshima Day 1

Shinee also wanted Jjong’s head massager, Taemin said what’s Jonghyun’s is his, Minho said what’s Jonghyun’s belongs to the five of them. They did this because during the lightstick Q&A Jjong asked who in the audience has the head massager like his (he guessed 5)
O: because i want it too so (red)
T: because jonghyun-ssi’s stuff is mine so (red)
M: bc jonghyun-ssi’s stuff belongs to five people so (red)
J: are you guys pestering me again?
- key-ssi then?
K: me, i’ll buy it myself
J: as expected key-ssi is rich!!!
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Shidge AUs Masterpost

So I have a few Shidge pitches & plot bunnies & asks + ones from other dudes that I really like

I might add more lol. If you have some recs on what to add, please do tell :)

P.S. all the AUs that are mine are adoptable except the ones with (*) because they are either  (a.) I wrote something for this but lol I’m stuck somewhere fuck or (b.) I got the plot of this finished and would very much like to write it maybe 

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Castiel in every episode
↳ 4x18 | The Monster at the End of This Book

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UT and UF Grillby reacting to someone getting too touchy feely with their s/o, please.

(On It! I love my flame men ~Mod Awesome)


  • people don’t want to cross Grillby so the person probably doesn’t know you are his S/O
  • Because this most likely happened at work he will be professional.
  • However if that someone gets handsy or makes you uncomfortable
  • He WILL forcibly remove them from his bar
  • That someone will get the Look ™  and very quickly learn NOT to EVER cross Grillby or his S/O again.


  • They are either brave or stupid
  • Mostly stupid if you even think about touching Violet’s S/O
  • He will attack them
  • no questions asked
  • You touch what’s his or make his S/O uncomfortable
  • You might as well be asking him to attack you
  • If they are Handsy 
  • They will not leave without at least 5 burns
  • And his S/O will get some sexy times that give them A LOT of markings
  • No one touches his Sexy.
  • NO ONE
  • (Everyone knows how possessive he is over what he cares about)

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When the trail for master assassin Ronin goes cold, single father agent coulson takes his 5 y/o daughter to the circus where they both fall in love with the archer Hawkeye, all be it for different reasons. after one too many close calls with a suit, Clint decides to go back home and lay low. retiring Ronin, he redons the mantle of Hawkeye. he's immediately ensnared by a guy with the bluest eyes and cutest kid he's ever seen in the audience. esp once he realizes they've been to every show.

Watch for the Read More! 

Also, warning for some canon typical violence

“Daddy, please!” Daisy bounced on the sofa, Paw Patrol on behind her while Phil sat at his desk, tapping on his laptop. Daisy had been full of questions this morning and Phil had managed to answer most of them, but he’d tuned out a bit after the most recent round.

“Pretty please?” When she still didn’t get an answer, she hopped off the couch and crawled onto her dad’s lap. “Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy.”

Phil looked down at his daughter in his lap and smiled. “How can I help you, Daisy?”

Daisy studied her father, brow furrowing as the wheels turned in her head. Phil was very familiar with this and knew Daisy was gearing up to plead and beg. When she asked again, she made sure to bat her eyelashes and pout just a little. “Can we go back to the circus, daddy? Please?”

Phil knew he should say no, they’d gone to the circus every day this week. It had originally been a special treat because Daisy had been good about going to the doctor, but after the first time they’d sat in the big top and watched the “Amazing Hawkeye” shoot, both Phil and Daisy had been entranced and had come back again and again specifically to watch his show.

They’d both loved watching Hawkeye effortlessly hit each and every target. Daisy was enamored with his “pretty, sparkly, purple costume” and the horse Hawkeye rode during the end of his act, and had made sure to ask her dad to dress her in purple for every show. Phil, on the other hand, had found his eyes straying to beautifully muscled arms and broad shoulders that led to a trim waist. Phil’s eyes also had a tendency to stray to Hawkeye’s other considerable assets when the archer’s back was turned.

“We’ve already gone every day this week, are you sure you want to go again?”

Daisy’s lip jutted out even further. “I do, daddy! I want to see him again! He’s the best!”

Checking the time, Phil stood and shifted Daisy to his hip and walked to the kitchen. “I’ll make you a deal, little girl. We’re going to eat some lunch, then you’re going to take a nap-”

Daisy hid her face in Phil’s shoulder, small fingers tangling in his t-shirt, and grumbled: “Don’t wanna take a nap.”

Rubbing her back, Phil kissed the side of her head before setting her down in her booster seat. “I know you don’t, munchkin, but if you’re a good girl and eat your lunch and take a nap, then we can go to the circus and see Hawkeye’s show.”

With a put upon sigh, Daisy agreed and Phil took out some crayons and paper for her to draw on while he got lunch ready. He was going to miss spending all day with his daughter when he went back to work. After being injured in the field, Phil had been given a month’s leave to rest and recuperate. It had worked out well because Daisy had recently finished pre-school and when she found out that her daddy was going to be home with her for awhile she’d been ecstatic and babbled all about the plans she had for them.

Being out of the field, though, did not mean Phil stopped working. Phil had been chasing after the assassin, Ronin, for almost a year and after coming as close as he had, he wasn’t going to give up now. For awhile Phil had felt as though he was always two steps behind the assassin, only ever finding the bodies of his marks. But then, they’d gotten a tip about Ronin’s next job and Phil had been determined to get there first.

Unfortunately, things started to go wrong almost from the beginning. The mark caught wind he was being watched and bolted. Phil was the one who caught up with him, but the mark thought Phil was Ronin and had shot Phil in the leg in order to get away. The last thing Phil remembered before sliding into unconsciousness were a pair of determined grayish blue eyes and a rough voice telling him help was on the way and to just hold on.

After that, Phil had spent a week in the hospital followed by a few weeks in physical therapy learning to put weight on his injured leg again. Once he’d finally finished, he’d been handed a cane for bad days and told he was on leave and to go spend some quality time with this daughter.

Scooping some mac and cheese in a bowl and grabbing some grapes, Phil brought Daisy her lunch and then grabbed some for himself. They ate together, Daisy describing her picture of Hawkeye and sweetly asking if she could bring it to give to him. Unable to resist, Phil said yes. An enthusiastic Daisy finished her lunch and after a quick trip to the bathroom agreed to go down for her nap. Phil cleaned up, making sure to keep her picture out of any mess. He didn’t know how they were going to give Hawkeye this picture, but Phil was sure he could figure something out.


When Clint stepped out of his trailer that morning, the watched the sun had just started its ascent over the trees. The morning was still cool and Clint shivered. His sleep had been restless and no matter what he’d done, he had not been able to shake the nightmares that plagued him.

He hadn’t exactly planned on coming back to the circus, but after his last job had gone so completely wrong, Clint had known it was time to leave his identity as Ronin behind.

Coming across Carson’s had been completely by chance. Clint had been grabbing supplies from one of his boltholes when he’d heard the calliope music and the rumble of trucks. After everything with Trickshot, Clint had never thought he’d see Carson’s again. When he’d walked back to the trailers and knocked on the door of Carson’s trailer, he’d expected the man himself but had gotten his daughter instead.

Laura had taken one look at Clint and smiled. “Well. Never would have guessed we’d see the Amazing Hawkeye here again. Last we saw, you were running off with Trick. Thought for sure you were going to end up in a cell with him and your brother.”

Clint had run a hand through his hair and shrugged. “Almost did. Ended up doing other stuff instead.”

“Other stuff?”

“Any chance I could tell you about it later? Perhaps after you tell me if you maybe want an archer for the circus?”

Laura studied Clint. It was clear he needed a place to lay low for a while. “We’ve got a free trailer. It’s yours if you want it. You’d better come up with a great show. Don’t make me regret this, Barton.”

Shoulders sagging in relief, Clint could have hugged Laura. “I won’t. Promise.”

Now it was a month later and Clint had more than come through on his promise. His act usually filled the main tent and kept people coming back again and again. Many of the repeat visitors, usually lonely mothers and wives, would stay after the show and offer to give Clint some company. Clint offered them a warm smile and politely turned them down, before leaving the tent and going back to his trailer.

Today, though, things were different. He found he couldn’t help but hope that he’d get to see the same hot dad and his adorable daughter today. They’d been at a show every day this week and even in the shadows of the tent, Clint always knew when they were there. After the second time he’d seen them sitting right up front, Clint had begun showing off a little, wanting to hear the little girl laugh and see the piercing blue of her dad’s eyes light up as Clint hit the bullseye.

Those blue eyes haunted Clint’s dreams and tugged at a thread of memory he wasn’t sure he was ready to pull yet. Clint preferred the way they appeared while he slept. Soft and caring, staring into Clint’s own eyes while strong, warm hands moved over his chest and arms, up to cup his cheek for a teasing sweet kiss before laying claim to Clint.

Clint liked those dreams, but what he liked even better was when they shifted and he was showing a little girl how to shoot or reading a story while she dozed in his lap, blue eyes were watching them fondly from the door. Those dreams made Clint long for something he knew he didn’t deserve.

Last night, though, Clint’s dreams had started out happily domestic but had quickly shifted from happily domestic to a cold, stark warehouse.

As the rest of the circus began to wake for the day, Clint made his way to the cook tent and offered his services. Laura entered the tent soon after and grabbed a plate. “You’re up bright and early today, Barton.”

Clint tried to stop the shudder that rolled through him as he remembered the blood on his hands and the quiet whispers to the man on the ground telling him to, “just hold on.”


“Sorry. Guess I’m finally getting back into the swing of circus life.” Clint could tell his humor was falling flat, but Laura thankfully let it go and moved off to take a seat.

As the bustle died down, Clint grabbed a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee for himself and took a seat with the ticket taker, Tracy. They chatted for a bit as they ate and as Tracy gathered her dishes, she bumped Clint with her hip. “Want me to let you know if your guy and his kid show up again?”

Clint could feel the blush creeping up the back of his neck. “What? No! I mean…”

Tracy laughed. “I don’t blame you, Clint. They’re a cute pair and there’s definitely something about the dad. I’ll send a runner back if they show up.”

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