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Hi I’m tori! I’d love a blurb if you have be time!! So I’m 5’9, mixed, chest-length curly dark hair, I love writing/reading, music, omg musicALS, concerts, history, movies and pizza tbh I just love carbs 😂 I love to sing and dance and I’m a good listener and v supportive of people and really chill and go with the flow 😂😅 congrats a million times on 500!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!!!

Thank you, sweet Tori! I hope you like this! (Also I chose a prompt for you since you didn’t specify which one you wanted, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!)

“this is a terrible idea”

You had no idea how you got here. Seriously. One minute, you and Peter were joking about sneaking into another movie after the one you’d actually paid for ended, and the next, you found yourself plastered against the door to the women’s bathroom with Peter by your side, trying desperately not to make a sound.

This is a terrible idea,” you hissed, gripping Peter’s hand tightly. He shushed you and peeked out beyond the wall to see if anyone was coming. 

“It’s not, I swear! They’ll never catch us. And they don’t care, anyway!” he exclaimed quietly, tugging on your hand when he realized that the coast was clear.

He pulled you down the hall into one of the dark theaters that was showing a rated-R movie that you certainly wouldn’t have been let into in the first place if you’d tried to buy a ticket.

“Come on, let’s find some seats,” he whispered, nudging you up the stairs in the direction of a mostly-empty row. 

“I still don’t think we should be doing this…” you frowned, guilt making your insides churn as you sat gingerly on one of the smooth leather seats. 

“Don’t worry so much, Tori! Look, nobody’s even gonna realize that we shouldn’t be here,” he spoke softly, his warm breath tickling your ear. 

“Excuse me,” someone whispered loudly, standing over their hunched bodies. 

“Oh no,” Peter said under his breath, looking up slowly to find the frowning face of an employee. “How can we help you, sir?”

“We have reason to believe that you two sneaked into this movie. Can I see your tickets, please?” he asked, holding a hand out expectantly.

“Uh… um, you see the thing is… We, um, well….” Peter stuttered while you watched, wide-eyed and stiff.

“I’m going to have to ask the two of you to leave,” the employee pronounced, standing to the side so you could get up and move past him.

“What did I tell you!” you hissed, pulling Peter quickly out of the theater, attempting to hide your face in embarrassment. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” he apologized, following you to the door of the building.

When you reached it, you pushed it open, blinding yourself temporarily as the bright sun shone down on the two of you.

“We are never coming back here again,” you vowed, marching down the street in the direction of your apartment, not bothering to check if Peter was following.

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painting greys

i hope you’re all prepared, because i did tear up a few times while writing this. :-) don’t worry, the ending is very fluffy. apologies if there are any spelling/grammatical errors, i’ll fix them as i see them. please lemme know if you like it!!

rating: m (for graphic violence)
pairing: reddie (richie tozier x eddie kaspbrak)
warnings: homophobic slurs, strong language, graphic violence

“Eddie, don’t fall asleep… Eddie, please!”

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Prompt 10: Eric Coulter
Although they had never actually spoken, he knew who she was.


Y/N- your name

H/C- hair color

Tagging- @wynterrobin@buried-in-books

I feel like I’m on a roll and the idea’s just keep swirling in my head and I can’t get them written fast enough. It’s on the short side because I still have to get back to studying, so I hope you enjoy! Oh and I have no idea on what to do for tattoo’s I think I’m like way off, but it’s my perception of how they do this in Divergent. 

Eric frowned watching her walking around smirking at the guy on her table, while she held up the tattoo designs. She had never done any of his tattoo’s, but every time he went in she was always busy with another. Although they had never actually spoken, he knew who she was. He knew that it was going to change today.

“Eric? New tattoo today,” Tori smiled, gesturing for him to follow her. Tori raised at eyebrow at him, when he didn’t move from the wall.

“I’m gonna try something new today.” He gestured to the H/C girl in the back. “I know your not a fan of working on necks.” Eric smirked slightly, clenching his fists seeing the guy place his hand on her waist.

“Mhm,” Tori grinned, heading over to the girl Eric kept his eyes on. “Y/N, I’ll handle this. Eric over there want’s neck tattoo’s, your specialty.”

She glanced over at him, nodding slightly. She moved to a different station before beckoning him over. Once he was close to her she smiled at him. “What’s up, I’m Y/N.” She held her hand out to him, he took her hand squeezing it tighter than he should’ve. It was instinct for him to show dominance over others. “Quite the grip you have there. Now Tori said something about neck tattoo’s you have an idea on what you want?”

Eric glanced over her tattoo’s seeing all of the different designs. “Who did yours?”

“I did,” She grinned rubbing her tattoo’s. She turned picking up some designs, offering them to him. “I think these would look good, it’s up to you though.”

“These.” He held up the designed, tracing where he wanted them.

“That’s going to look badass,” She commented, tilting his chin up looking at the designs placing her fingers along where they would be. “Alright,” she set the designs down on his neck. “It’s going to hurt like a bitch, but you look like a tough guy.”

He grinned slightly, when he saw her smile. Usually when he got tattoo’s he would close his eyes, letting Tori do her work, but he didn’t want to now. He wanted to keep his attention on the women who had her sights trained on his neck. He tightened his fist’s feeling the burning and prickling sensation on his neck. “This shit hurts.”

“It hurts to be cool,” She murmured putting her hand on his arm. “It’s almost done, just a few more minutes. Need anything?”

“A drink,” Eric swallowed finding it hard with the pain radiating throughout his throat. She laughed, finishing up the tattoo.

“It looks nice,” She pressed something cold on his neck. “Alright, you have other tattoo’s so you have to know about keeping this clean. But you’re all done.” She grabbed a mirror holding it out to him. “What do you think?”

He glanced over her work, nodding in appreciation. “Looks good.” He glanced at her smirking slightly. He watched her clean up her work space. “Let me buy you a drink.”

She turned raising an eyebrow at him. “Are you asking me out?”

“Yeah,” He grinned at her. “So is that a yes or no?”

She smiled at him, before turning and glancing at the clock behind her. “My shifts over in ten? You willing to wait?”

“Of course.”

*Six months later*

“Eric c’mon now, I have to go to work.” She squirmed in his arms, but he tightened his hold.

“Call off…” He replied simply, trying to will her to go back to bed. It was a rare day that he had off and he wanted to just stay with Y/n lounging in bed. “C’mon babe, please.”

She sighed, finally relaxing in his arms. Y/N turned running her fingers over his tattoo, “You’re lucky that I love you.” She nuzzled herself further into his arms. “Do you ever wonder what would’ve happened if you never got a tattoo from me?”

“Well I’d still be asleep right now,” He mumbled out, moving his leg over her’s so she couldn’t kick him. “We’d still be right here.” Eric buried his face into her hair, breathing in her scent.

“Babe be serious please,” She ran her nails across his skin, exactly like he liked it.

“Y/N, when have you ever seen me not serious,” He asked skeptically moving back to look her in the eyes. “Like I said we’d still be here, because although we never talked I knew of you and I would have gotten to you eventually.” Eric moved again pinning her beneath him, holding himself up on one arm not crushing her with his weight.

She moved her arms, linking them around his neck pulling him down to her. “You’re always so careful around me.”

“If I break you then it means careful sex, which you know isn’t my specialty,” He grinned against her skin, kissing the spot that drove her crazy.

“I can handle your weight, I mean everyone knows how I handle your ego. Which is even heavier than you,” She laughed, while he bit down causing her to gasp out. “Eric…”

“Babe,” He mumbled against her skin. She hummed slightly linking her legs around him holding him to her. He glanced down at the barely noticeable red mark, before looking up at her. She was all his and she loved him. “I love you.” Eric watched her smile at his hardly spoken words. She leaned up, crashing her lips to his.  


Request: Hi Tori, I don’t really know how are you right now but I hope you’re good and I hope everything is okay. I really love your writing and your account and I just hope, if you still want to do this of course, that you’ll be back soon. Also I just thought of a cute idea. So maybe the whole team went on a camping trip somewhere and they all knew that Bucky and the reader have feelings for each other so they decided to put them in one tent? And just a lot of fluff? I hope everything’s okay. Love ya!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warning: f l u f f

A/N: There’s this guy that likes me but I don’t like him in that way and I told him that I only like him as a friend but he keeps sending me cute texts and shit and it makes me really uncomfortable bc I just wanna be his friend

You couldn’t believe it. Staring at Wanda and Natasha, you give them a hard look.

“Can I talk to you two alone?” you say.

Bucky licks his lips. “Yeah, I need to talk to you guys too.” he gestures over to the guys.

You guide Wanda and Nat away from the boys and once you were at a decent distance you spun around, glaring at your friends. “What the fuck were you guys thinking?”

“Calm down, Y/N.” Nat sighed dramatically.

“Yeah, it’s not that big of a deal.” Wanda shrugged.

You scoff. “Not that big of a deal? You’re joking right?”

“We were tired of you two constantly flirting with each other around the tower so we took matters into our own hands.” Nat explained and you roll your eyes.

“We did not flirt.”

Wanda lets out a laugh. “Yeah you guys did. So much to the point where I wanted to bang my head against the wall.”

“Stop being so dramatic.” you huff, crossing your arms over your chest.

“It’s only for like, three days Y/N, it’s not like you’re gonna move in with the guy.” Nat rolled her eyes and you glare at her.

“Are you guys insane!?” Bucky shouted once you were far enough.

“We didn’t do anything wrong.” Sam smirked and Bucky was so close to punching the smug son of a bitch.

“Oh yeah? How ‘bout putting me in a tent with Y/N!” he fumed.

“Oh, did we - did we do that?” Tony placed his hand over his chest and pouted. “We had no idea.”

Bucky glared at him.

“Bucky listen,” Steve started. “Natasha and Wanda are sharing a tent and me and Tony are.”

“Well what about Sam? He gets a whole tent to himself?” the super soldier huffed.

“I got this sleeping disorder called ‘I don’t want to share a tent with Bucky Barnes’. It’s hard to sleep sometimes.” Sam shrugged and Bucky rolled his eyes.

“Well why doesn’t Tony share a tent with Sam and I can bunk with you, Steve? Hell, I’ll even take Tony!”

Sam put on a fake frown. “Mmm, nope. I have this other disorder called ‘I’m a lone wolf and I don’t share a tent with anyone’. It’s pretty tragic.”

Bucky groaned.

“Sorry Buck, looks like you’re just gonna have to share a tent with Y/N.” Steve says, a smirk playing on his lips.

Tony perked up. “Oh my god, you like her! I almost forgot that! Remember guys, Bucky likes Y/N.”

Bucky knew damn well what these idiots were up to.

“Oh yeah!” Sam exclaimed.

“How could I forget such a thing.” Steve shook his head.

“What a coincidence that you two will be sleeping next to each other for three days.” Tony smiled.

Bucky glared. “You guys are assholes, you know that?”

Tony shrugged with a smile on his lips. “It’s in my genes.”

Sam, Tony and Steve look over Bucky’s shoulder, seeing that you and the girls were walking back. Sam pats the brunette on the back. “Have fun dude.” and with that, they left.

“Hey, the three of us are gonna go out and get some wood for the fire tonight.” Steve spoke towards you and the girls.

“I’ll come!” Bucky volunteered.

“No need, we’ve got this under control.” Steve smiled at his friend.

Natasha and Wanda looked at you then at Bucky before rushing over to the guys. “We’ll come with you.”

“For uh.. Moral support.” Wanda added.

“Sounds good to me.” Steve smiled. “Buck, you and Y/N stay here and watch over our camp. We’ll be back soon.”

There was no point in arguing with Steve so the two of you watched them walk off up until you couldn’t see them anymore. They had planned this all along.

There was no doubt that you and Bucky had feelings for each other and the whole team could see that. You both made it quite obvious. But over time they got tired of the flirting back and forth and since neither of you were going to tell the other how you feel, they decided that they’d take matters into their own hands and help you guys. Hence why you two are sharing a tent.

“So..” Bucky dragged the word out as he turned to you. “How’ve you been?”

He mentally slapped himself for asking such a stupid question.

“Good, good.” you nod. “You?”

“Good.” he says. There was a brief moment of silence before he turned to you. “They set this up, didn’t they?”

“No doubt.”

It had become dark quick and all of you were gathered around the campfire, laughing, talking, telling stories - it was great. But, soon that all came to an end when everyone decided to go to sleep.

“We’re going to the lake tomorrow so everyone needs to get their beauty sleep.” Tony announced then gave both you and Bucky a look. “And no fooling around. We can hear everything.”

You and Bucky blush while the others laugh. Bucky picks up a stick and throws it at Tony, muttering something under his breath about him being a dick. After watching the fire go out, everyone went to their tents and upon entering yours, you spot an air mattress blown up in the middle of it.

“Did you do this?” you ask, turning to face Bucky.

“Yeah, thought I’d put it in here so that our backs won’t hurt tomorrow from sleeping on the hard ground.” he shrugged, zipping up the tent.

“Oh thank god.” you breathe. “You’re a life saver.”

Bucky laughed and plopped down on the air mattress.

“Do the others have one too?” you inquired.

“No - Well Sam does. We only brought two and we all had to rock, paper, scissor it to see who would get them. Sam and I won.”  he explained. You nod and dig through your bag, searching for some comfortable yet warm pajamas. Even though it was midway through summer, it was pretty cold during the night. After finding some sweats and scolding yourself for not bringing a long sleeve, you turn to Bucky.

“Could you..” you trail off and he nods, covering his eyes. Once you were done changing you tell him it’s okay to look before laying down next to him, quickly covering yourself to get warm.

You watch Bucky stand up and remove his shirt all while looking at him like he’s gone crazy. “What are you doing?”

He looks up at you. “Getting undressed to go to sleep?” he answers as a question.

“Aren’t you freezing?” you curl up in a ball, bringing the blankets closer to you.

Bucky laughs. “I never get cold, doll. I was injected with the serum, remember? They didn’t call me The Winter Soldier for nothin’.”

He chuckled at his own lame joke and you playfully roll your eyes. His hands then go down to the button of his jeans and he looks at you. “Are you okay with me sleeping in my boxers? Cause if not I can find some sweats to wear.”

You wave your hand. “Nah, it’s cool.”

Bucky smiles before pulling his pants down and tossing them towards his bag. He crawls into the blankets and gets comfortable before sighing.

“You know,” he starts off. “I hope this isn’t weird or anything - Us sharing a tent.”

You turn your head to him. “It’s not.”

“Good, cause for a second I thought-”

“I’m trying to sleep here.” Sam’s voice interrupted him and you almost forgot that everyone could hear you guys talking.

“Don’t try just do, lone wolf.” Bucky replied, Causing Tony and Steve to laugh.

After the laughter died down, it went silent and not long after soft snores could be heard from the others. You turn on your side, facing away from Bucky and trying to sleep but it was so damn cold. You hadn’t realized you were shivering until Bucky tapped you on the shoulder, causing you to turn around.

“Hey..” he whispered. “Did I wake you?”

“No.” you respond, your head almost all the way under the blankets. “I was still awake.”

“You were shivering - Are you cold?” he asked, his face illuminated by the light of the full moon outside.

“Yeah. Sorry if I woke you up.” you apologize.

“You didn’t.” he says. “Do you want to.. Um.. Do you want to - I have a lot of body heat so if you want to-”

You scoot closer to Bucky, laying your head on his chest and entwining your legs with his. He wasn’t kidding, he’s so warm. Bucky let out a sigh of relief and wrapped his arm around you, loving how close the two of you were before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning Bucky woke up to giggles. Opening his eyes, the first thing he sees was you laying on top of him, his arm lazily wrapped around your body. You must have shifted on top of him while sleeping. Smiling at how gorgeous you looked while sleeping, he almost forgot about the giggles until he heard it again. His eyes shot up at the entrance of the tent, noticing it was now open and everyone was standing there, gawking at the two of you.

A flash of a camera took Bucky by surprise and Tony smiled. “These are getting printed out and going on the fridge.”

“What the hell?” Bucky groaned, glaring at everyone.

“This is so cute.” Wanda comments, Nat nodding her head in agreement.

“Shut up, you guys are gonna wake up-”

Bucky didn’t have time to finish because you had started to wake up.

“Good morning Sleeping Beauty.”  Sam chuckled. “Sleep well?”

You look at where you were laying and close your eyes. “Oh god I’m sorry Bucky, you were just so warm and I was so cold and-”

“It’s fine, doll.” he smiled, hand rubbing your back. While continuing his actions he shot everyone a glare. “Get out.”

They obliged and leave, closing up the tent and announcing that they’ll start on breakfast. You plop back down on Bucky, pulling the covers up and closing your eyes.

“Come on, doll. We have to get up.” Bucky laughed.

“Five more minutes.” you murmur.

Bucky smiled at you and hums. He was okay with five more minutes of you on him.

A/N: Didn’t know how to end this lol oops. Anyways I just had some bomb ass tacos. I love tacos. o k a y y y y y tell me what ya think! :)


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Yashiro's like a ninja

…Injured and all yet he was able to wear clothes sooo quietly it did not wake Doumeki up. Either that or Doumeki was sooo tired from all the action of the previous chapters he slept like a log.

After all Doumeki is a deep sleeper. He is the bodyguard who wakes up much later than his boss.

And he misses out on things because of that. He was kissed but he did not know because he is sleeping.

And now Boss is gone while he is sleeping.

We should let Doumeki have his share of sleep but hopefully he preserve his fingers. 

You Cause Me Pain Part 1

Eric x reader

Fandom: Divergent

Summary: You feel the pain of your soulmate

AN: So I actually wrote this is a notebook first, and it ended up being kinda long, so I’ve decided to make it into two parts. OKay, I hope you guys enjoy this and I’m sorry if it sucks.


It had been a rough day for you. Initiation was piece of cake, and neither was having a soulmate. You felt bad for whoever they were, especially cause Peter got you pretty good. For the record, you did beat him, and he looked almost as bad as you did.

Initiation was over for the day, and boy, were you relieved. Once you returned to the initiate bedroom, you immediately plopped down on your bed and fell asleep.


He was in so much pain, not just from his soulmate, but because of who she actually was. (Y/N). He realized it once the fight between her and Peter had started.

Peter had been the first to attack. (Y/N) had dodged his attempted punch to her stomach and got him good in the jaw. He felt like his knuckles were splitting and realized that (Y/N)’s just did. They were red and raw and Eric grew sick to his stomach.

An initiate? His soulmate? Luckily for him, she had seemed to be one of the only ones who could actually stand him. Unluckily, if she found out, she may not stay that way. Eric then decided that that was what he was going to do. Not tell her and let her figure it out. (Y/N) was ex-Erudite, so it actually probably won’t take her too long, right?


Wrong. It took 3 weeks after Eric’s realization for you to finally get it.

Initiation was over and you and your friends were out celebrating. It was Christina’s idea of getting a Dauntless flame tattoo that led to the reveal. Eric was talking to Tori when you and Christina, the rest too wary to come inside the makeshift tattoo parlor, walked in. He was sitting on a table, his back towards you.

“Where did you want it?” Tori asked, holding a glass plate with what looked like little spiders on it.

“Right below the neck.” Eric replied pointing to the spot. Tori then told him to go to the back and that she would meet him when him when she ready.

Eric got up from the table, turning to face you, in the process, you met eyes with him and saw his face contort in concern before whispering something to Tori. She nodded as he left to go to the back.

“(Y/N).” Tori called, looking at you. Your eyes widened and you slowly stood as the tattoo artist beckoned you over. You looked at Christina who looked just as unsure as you did.

Alas, you walked towards Tori. She offered you a kind smile to which you hesitantly returned. She led you to the back where Eric was waiting patiently, an attribute that clearly didn’t seem to fit him. He sat there rigid and trying to keep his hands busy. Tori left after giving you one last small smile leaving you with the mysterious tattooed and pierced man. He looked up at you and smiled. It was kind and sincere, but it made you suspicious.

“Hi.” he said, calm and casual, causing an unwary knot to form in the pit of your stomach.

“Hi.” you replied. You had tried for it to come out confident, but standing alone in a room with a Dauntless leader left you scared. You more of choked on the world, rather than actually saying it.

“I’m sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable, but I have to show you something.”

“You’re not going to kill me?” your voice laced with skepticism.

Eric chuckled lightly, shaking his head. “Now why would I do that to my soulmate?”

“I don’t know, maybe you don’t like her or some–” you look at him wide eyed, everything clicking in your head. He gives you his classic smirk while you shake your head. “No. No. No. No.”

“Ah, but yes.” His smirk turns to a smile from watching you struggle with the idea of being his soulmate. He gets up from his seat and begins to walk in your direction. “I’m actually surprised that it took you so long to figure out. Aren’t you from Erudite?”

You give him a pointed glare. “There’s a reason I left. And how can you be so sure that I am your soulmate?”


I am so sad about HISTORY. Although I will forever be salty that more people started paying attention to them during Might Just Die/Queen rather than when they first debuted (Dreamer was a total bop and I can’t believe so many people slept on them until MJD/Queen), they seemed to be gaining popularity with MJD/Queen, but then LOEN/FAVE just had to pull the plug on them and announce that they’re disbanding.


Tori: HI YA

Tom: *takes out both ear buds and shoves them into his hoodie pocket* …

Tord: hey Thomas~

Tom: …

Tom: um… who is she?

Tord: !?

Tom: I didn’t think anyone else but you could come into the mind scape? (must have dozed of during reading that book)

Tord: I UH

Tom: and where did you put me this time? and WAIT- why do I have my book and stuff with me???

Tord: Tom

Tom: ?

Tord: heh… um this is-

Tori: RELATIVE !!!

Tom: OH…. um…. AH- were am I and who are you!?!?

Tori: you are in Tord‘s castle and I am Tori and friend of Tords’!

Tom: oh?

Tom: didn’t think he had any friends heh

Tord: HEY

Tori: *snickers* (wow, I thought he would be fearing for his life, not making fun of Tord)

Tord: wow, aren’t you clever~


Tord: what do you think of the place?

Tom: umm… could use more of a less a**hole look 

Tord: WOW

Tori: oh my gosh *giggling* 

Tom: heh, so Tori? you are his friend?

Tori: YEP, and you are his boy-

Tord: AH, OKAY so~

Tom: so?

Tord: what about that book about?

Tom: HEH *chills* UM

M!A 2/14