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Accidental: Chapter 3

 “I don’t know, Connor, you walk into lunch first!”

“For god’s sake Evan, why can’t we just walk in together?”

“People will assume…”

“Are you even ok to go in? Sensory overload’s a bitch, and I know this from personal experience.”

“Don’t treat me like a child, Connor!” Evan snapped, then paused. “Ohmygod, I’m so sorry, that was so rude, I’m sorr-”

“Dude,” Connor smiled at him, grabbing his hand in the deserted hallway, “It’s fine. I was out of line. Now, are we going in together, or not?”

“Yeah. Let’s. Um, I mean, well, what do you want to do? I don’t really have that strong of a preference at this point, just-”

“Together. But if you don’t want anyone to assume…” Connor smirked, looking down at the space between them, “you might want to let go of my hand.”

Evan jumped, dropping Connor’s hand like it was burning and blushing furiously. For once at a loss for words, Evan pushed the door into the cafeteria and walked in, Connor rushing to catch up.

“So…” both of them said at the same time, before looking at each other and laughing.

Connor continued, “Do you have a table you’re normally at? I don’t really ever sit with anyone…” he paused, unsure how to continue - how do you tell someone you have no friends? - and opted to just smile instead.

“Oh, well, sometimes I sit with Jared, um, Jared Kleinman, if you wanted to find him? I don’t know too many people, just you really, now, I guess, I’ve never had too many friends…” Evan said, words blurring together as he stumbled to reach a tangible thought (and reach his table).

Connor was in awe of this kid. You generally do friendships the other way around- emotional intimacy is the last  thing, not the first. So, seeing Evan stumble over words and blush was a wake up call from seeing Evan slide down a wall and sob. Deep in thought, he didn’t notice Evan stop until he heard his name called from a few feet behind him.

“Connor? We’re here. That is, if you want to sit with us, I understand if you don’t-”

“Oh! Yeah,” Connor exclaimed, backpedaling and sitting down at the table with Evan. “I assume you’re Jared?” he asked, but was cut off by the kid in front of him - Jared, he presumed.

“So what were you guys doing all day?” he said, accompanying his words with the waggling of an eyebrow.

“Shut up, Jared,” Evan muttered, then looked to Connor and spoke up. “This is Jared, he thinks everything is gay and is a walking meme. Jared, this is Connor, and we’re not dating.”

Jared, however, wasn’t listening anymore. “Evan, you look really tired…” he spoke, looking worried and distant.

“Probably ‘cause you were ‘sleeping’ with this Connor kid, right?” Jared suddenly joked, all worry gone from his voice, replaced by unexpected humor.

Connor almost choked on his food. If only Jared knew how true it was.

Out of the corner of his eye, Connor saw Evan make a gesture as though he was tucking his hair behind his ear and smile apologetically at Jared.

“Oh!” Jared said softly, seeming to forget that Connor was there, “It was… You could’ve come and found me,”

“Look, it was spur of the moment,” Evan replied, “Conn- I handled it. I’m going to the bathroom.”

Evan shouldered his bag, wincing in pain, and left the room. Connor watched him go with the nagging feeling he’d managed to miss half of an important conversation.

There was a pause as both remaining boys stared after Evan’s retreating back before you could hear Jared muttering.

“What happened to his back…”

He then turned to Connor with an unexpectedly serious face and began to speak.

“Look, if you’re sitting here, I assume there was a painful ‘let’s be friends’ kindergarten-disney moment. Evan’s gonna want your number, and given how it seems you guys met, he doesn’t have it yet,” here he pulled out his phone and handed it to Connor, “Put it in. I’ll get it to him.”

Connor awkwardly added his number into Jared’s contacts. 

What did I miss?

The bell rang for class.

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“Listen, Brat!” Levi X Reader

Pairing: Levi X Reader

Words: 1847

Genre: Action, fluff(?)

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              He was the very first one to ever call me a brat! Can you believe his nerve? But I need to learn to ignore him. There is no way I’d quit or let him kick me out – not after what happened.

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some dumb headcanons


  • As a kid he used to have short spikey hair because his life goal was becoming Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • He sings only the most girly k-pop songs in the most high-pitched voice possible whenever he is out of his room. Alexy always tells him “Even I am not THAT gay”
  • He doesn’t use internet memes, he uses his own and tries to get people to use them too: most are dumb photos of Rocket or his friends’ derp faces photoshopped into viral memes.
  • He had this super crush on his primary teacher. When she announced that she had to leave because she was pregnant he felt so betrayed he stood up and screamed so hard in the middle of class he peed his pants. Still disappointed.
  • Watches hentai for the character development.
  • Loves shitty ass films
  • After shitting he will call poor Alexy to the bathroom to “come admire his art”


  • He went through the most cringey emo phase. He feels FEAR anytime someone mentions myspace. He has worked REALLY HARD to get out of it and will absolutely KILL anyone who dares to dig up his old past. 
  • He met Lys at one of those emo meet-ups.
  • The only thing he is afraid of is blood. He gets light-headed when girls get period stains  Will never admit tho
  • Has a gigantic film collection.
  • Personally offended MCR is still not back together.
  • Was the biggest mama boy till emo phase hit. He still kinda is, but only if the two of them are alone.
  • Loves watching clouds, more so if it’s about to rain.


  • Is really scared of butterflies. Not bugs, just butterflies. Don’t ask why. But he will run for his LIFE if one approaches him.
  • He is not good with animals, specially small ones. He is always scared of hurting them.
  • Messiest person ever. He is just too busy thinking to bother tidying up. His books will eat him while he sleeps one day.
  • Might or might not have kissed some boys during emo phase
  • High libido.
  • HATES kids. Hate is a strong word, but that’s why he uses it. They are stupid, you can’t reason with them, some can’t read, they don’t have existential crisis… they are not even people.
  • Likes jewels and botanical pictures.

sorry they are shit I wanted to contribute to the fandom lol

Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 5

Characters: Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Werewolf!Stiles, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Mason Hewitt, Jackson Whittemore, Malia Tate, Liam Dunbar, PackMom!Reader.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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In the note Brittany left she’d said she didn’t care what we did with the baby, but she really wanted you to keep him. She said he was full werewolf and she wanted him to be raised as one. It’s been about a week and the little boy remains nameless. Derek went out and bought a portable crib just until you figure things out. You hadn’t had time to focus on anything but this baby. The only weird thing about it was that the baby looked like he could be yours and Derek’s. The pack has pointed that out. Multiple times.

“Shh..shh. Come on, buddy.” You stand in the living room at 4 a.m rocking the baby.

Derek comes downstairs, rubbing his eyes. “Still? Here, can I see him?” You nod and hand him over.

You sit on the couch and let out a sigh. “He needs a name.”

“Are we really keeping this random baby?”

“Yes, Derek we’re keeping the random baby.”

“Then we can name him…Henry.”

You groan. “That’s awful. What about Dayton?”

“That’s about the whitest name I’ve ever heard.” Derek chuckles. He’s gotten the baby to be quiet. “What about Max?”

You smile. “I like Max.” You stand and walk over to him. “Hi, Max.” The baby coos and you look up at Derek. “He likes it.”

“You don’t think this will interfere with becoming Isaac’s guardians do you?” Derek asks.

“No..if anything it should help.” You shrug.

“I’m up for good now. There’s no use going back to sleep.” Derek groans as he sits on the couch.

“I’ll make a pot of coffee.”

Scott and Stiles decided to come over to hang out for awhile, so you were all sat in the living room.

Derek was laying across the couch and you were in a recliner, you both were having trouble keeping your eyes open.

“Derek are you asleep?” Stiles laughs.

“I have a right. I’ve been up with Max all day long. All. Day.

“Me too.” You yawn and get up, Max whining from his crib. You grab the bottle off the table and cradle Max. You sit back down and feed him, rocking in the recliner.

“How does it feel to be parents?” Scott asks.

“Not at all what I expected, because for one thing..I thought I’d be married and I’d be feeding my own baby now. Just know that life never works out as planned.” You shook your head.

“Trust me. He knows.” Stiles laughs.

“It feels kinda weird..I mean, Y/N and I went on one date and now we’re adopting one kid and becoming legal guardians of another.” Derek yawns.

“It’s different for you guys though.” Scott smiles. “You’re pack parents, that means you’re drawn together, it means your soulmates.”

“What do you know about soulmates, Scott?” Derek laughs and you smile.

Scott pouts and crosses his arms, “Enough.”

You smile wider. “Sure.”

“But really..I did a lot of reading on it…pack parents usually are an older couple, people who’ve been married a long time…not people who just met. That’s got to mean something.”

“Yeah, it means we make a good team.” You shrug. “Anyway..Stiles how are you? How are you handling everything?” You look at him.

“I’ve gotten way better at lacrosse, so…” He smirks. “Honestly, I never wanted to be a werewolf..I thought I’d never be able to handle it. I’m having a hard time controlling my changes but Derek’s been helping me.”

You look over at Derek and smile.

“He’s doing well..really well.” Derek nods.

"I’m glad you two have bonded.” You sit up, sitting Max’s bottle down so you can change his diaper. He peed, you can tell.

“You’re a natural.” Derek flicks his eyes over to you.

“You know..it’s kinda strange. I feel like this is my baby already. I’m not really sure how to describe it because I know I sound absolutely insane, but this is my little boy. He’s supposed to be with me.” You grab a diaper from beside his crib.

“I feel the same way. I get it.” Derek sits up.

“Aww. You guys have a baby together.” Stiles remarks.

Derek rolls his eyes. “Kind of..but don’t be annoying about it.”

Isaac slams the door as he walks in, making Max shriek. “Come on, Isaac!” Derek groans, getting up and walking over to you. He takes his from you, relieving you from your turn.

“Sorry.” He winces at the shrill sound. He walks over and looks over Derek’s shoulder. “He looks a lot like you. Are you sure he’s not yours?”

“Ha. Ha. Yeah, I got a fourteen year old pregnant.” He turns and gives Isaac a look, rocking with Max.

You watch adoringly as he talks to Isaac. He was your soulmate. Scott was right, neither of you wanted to agree with him though.

It’s been about a month since you got Max. Adoption paperwork has been started and you’ve gotten legal guardianship of Isaac. If you were being honest it was way easier than you expected.

“Quit fighting! You’re irritating the baby! You shouted into the dining room. Liam and Mason were having a heated argument about something they read at school. Everyone else voiced their opinions on whose side they were on…loudly.

Liam and Mason continuing shouting. You settled Max into the rocker you and Derek purchased a couple weeks ago. You storm into the dining room and slam your hand down on the table. "Stop. Now. If I have to tell you again you’re all getting kicked out of my house. Every single one of you.” You spot Isaac smirk. “Don’t think I won’t kick you out too, bud.” You give a once over of the silent room. “Thank you.”

“You’ve gotten a lot scarier since Max.” Mason said quietly.

You leaned over in front of him. “Good. Maybe you won’t yell in my house if you think I’m scary. If any of you want dinner I’m ordering Chinese.” You spin on your heel and walk back to the kitchen.

You spot Derek walking in, closing his umbrella and taking his jacket off. “I like this whole newfound aggression. It’s makes you even more attractive.” Derek smiles.

“Shut up.” You laugh. “Now that I have an actual baby, I’m not too keen on the teenagers acting like toddlers.”

“We heard that!” Jackson shouts.

“Good! You were meant to.” You smile at them over your shoulder.

You call and order the food before feeding Max. “How’s the loft?” You ask Derek. He goes back occasionally and checks up on things. Scott said he goes to see his uncle Peter. You’ve never met him and you’re unsure if you want to.

“Fine. The same.” He grabs a beer from the fridge and sits beside you on the couch.

You nudge him away when he sits. “Don’t drink beer by my baby.” You laugh.

“He’s my baby too. Do you think he’ll get sick from secondhand alcohol?” He laughs along with you. “You’re a dork, Y/N.”

Stiles and Scott come running through the living room, jumping over the couch and going upstairs.

Derek looks at you, “Do I want to know?” You groan and shake your head.

“They’re having a werewolf race. I don’t know what it means but the boys are doing it so apparently I’m timing.” Lydia pokes her head between you and Derek.

“Wow. And you called me a dork.” You smirk at Derek.

“It runs in the pack.” He laughs.

You smack his arm and laugh.

“Just get married already.” Malia stretches out on the couch beside you.

“Yep. That makes logical sense.” You push her legs off of your lap.

“It does. Plus, if you get married we can be cousins.”

“I look forward to that then. Derek, please propose right now, I cannot possibly wait any longer to have Malia on my family tree.”

“Oh, of course.” He gets down on one knee, showing you his beer bottle cap. You both laugh, Malia giving you both a death glare.

Scott and Stiles jump down the stairs.

“Please be careful. I know you both heal, but I still don’t want any bones broken.”

“Scott won!” Lydia shouts.

“Alpha in the house!” Scott bangs on his chest and Stiles rolls his eyes.

“It’s not fair. You have two years experience on me.”

“Aww. Is the wittle baby sad?” Scott fakes pout and squeezes Stiles’ cheek. Stiles swats his hand away and rolls his eyes.

“You’re all equal in my eyes.” You tease.

The doorbell rings and Mason answers it. Everyone throws money in and he brings the food in, sitting it on the table. “You guys better share! Leave some for me!”

Derek gets up and follows them to the kitchen. “I’ll make you a plate.” You thank him and take Max upstairs. You put him in the crib and grab the baby monitor, bringing it with you.

“Hey, I forgot to tell you that I invited someone over. We were best friends in high school and he just moved back to town. I ran into him when I was out grabbing diapers.” Derek sits beside you with your plate.

“That’s fine.” You smile. “What time?”

Derek glances at the clock. “Anytime now.” Just then you heard a knock at the door. Derek got up and went to answer it.

You were conversing with the pack when he walked in. He was gorgeous, you couldn’t deny it. You had no idea what was in the water with these Beacon Hills guys but you didn’t mind.

“AJ, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is AJ Harding.”

You stand and shake his hand. “Nice to meet you.” You smile and he nods.

“You too.”

Derek goes around the table and introduces him before they both sit down.

Lydia leans over and whispers. “He’s cute. If it wasn’t for Derek..” She raises an eyebrow at you.

“Lydia!” You scold, you can’t help but laugh though.

“I’m just saying..if I were five years older I’d be all over it.” She shrugs.

“So, Derek..is she your girlfriend?” You hear him lean over and whisper. “She’s hot, so good for you.”

Derek chuckles. “No she’s not, we just have a baby together.”

“Oh so you hit that? Again, good for you.”

“No..we’re adopting. It’s a long story but we’ve neither dated or had sex.”

“So she’s available?” You feel his eyes on you.

“N-no..I mean, yeah she’s available. She’s not dating anyone.”

You thought that Derek for sure felt the same way about you that you did for him. You were wrong. You decided to milk this whole situation with AJ. That’ll show him. AJ must not know you’re a werewolf and you’ll definitely use that to your advantage.

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Head canons of fluffy tickling shenanigans with MC and the RFA? I hope mean people don't get to you today! Take care~

this was such a fun request!! I got really into it lol  ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७ -Green


-he was sitting in his desk, playing LOLOL, completely exposed, completely unaware

-and you ALMOST had him in your clutches before one of his friends from the cam called you out 

-he turned around and you smacked faces before you shoved him to the floor 

-all his friends could hear was his girlish screams and his begs for you to stop as you mercilessly tickled his stomach and arm pits 

-he was weak and you had to stop because if he didn’t he might have peed his pants 


-it was always a contest between you two, honestly 

-you could almost never surprise him because of the stupid cameras 

-it wasnt FAIR 

-but one day… one day 

-he was completely oblivious, making a sandwich in the kitchen under your good influence, thank you for helping him 

-you sneaked behind him and was about to tickle his sides until 

-”oh, ___…. you have so much to learn” 

-DOES A COMPLETE 180 TURN and now he’s tickling YOu

-you’re screaming how it’s UNFAIR !! how did he know???!!!!

- “I’m a dangerous man, I have to always be aware when someone might sneak up on me and tickle me!! and to think my own s/o would do so!!” now he’s on the floor acting betrayed

-you let your guard DOWN saeyoung!!! you don’t waste a second before you’re on top of him and tickling him like there’s no tomorrow 

-you only end when the both of you are out of breath and Seven has to go back to work :(

-the sandwich is completely ruined so you make him a new one while he works


-Jumin was doing paperwork at the dinner table and you couldn’t help but sigh 

-you two didn’t talk a lot today because of how much work he was getting, so you decided suddenly that you would change the serious mood a bit!! 

-you walk up to Jumin and wrap your arms around his shoulders, ask him how the work is going 

- “it could be better. I really don’t see why people think they can get away wi- hhehe

- w h a t 

-the two of you make eye contact and sit there for what seems like years

-you tickle him again and now his cheeks are turning red 


-he immediately BOLTS out of the chair

-no no not today he isn’t having that shit 

-you’re laughing hysterically and chasing him around the house trying to get him to giggle again because it was so cute??

-you two come to a truce, but in the middle of the night you best believe you attack him again 


-she came home from work late and you wanted to give her a massage 

-Jaehee was all for that, heck ye!! so she get’s comfortable in a tank top and you run your hands gently around her back 

-and unexpected giggle comes out and you have to take a step back because w a  i t . you didn’t know Jaehee was ticklish?

-you pin her by shoving her to your chest and wrapping your arms around her and tickle her relentlessly 

-she doesn’t even fight guys she’s just laughing her ass off and crying and enjoying it 

-a good laugh with her s/o is just as good as a massage with Jaehee 


-he was getting pretty heated with you 

-makeouts that lead to his shirt flying across the room and your hands running along his torso 

-before you gently pinched at his sides and he giggled 


-tickles are way better than sex you decided this right away and flipped the two of you over so you could continue your tickle attack!!! 

-he wanted to be upset with this turn of events but he couldnt when you wouldnt StoP TICKLIN G HIM 

-he had to literally beg for you to stop and then the two of you cuddled afterwards 

Wolfstar/Flonks Parenting: Dealing With Bullies

Sirius: Rolls up to the muggle playground at recess as Padfoot, steals the bully’s backpack and chews it to shreds. Lets all of the kids pet his tummy except the bully, who gets barked at.

Remus: Teaches Teddy how to do a wordless aguamenti so he can shoot it at the bully and make the other kids think he peed his pants. Denies all knowledge of this when questioned by the others.

Tonks: Goes over self defense moves to improve Teddy’s confidence. Comes up with some sick burns for him to use. Walks him to the playground every day that week in her punkest clothes and a few extra facial piercings.

Fleur: Brings a plate of brownies over to the bully’s house, stays for tea. Is able to both charm the parents and strike fear into their hearts. Bully is instructed fervently by parents to leave that Lupin kid the hell alone.

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Question perhaps related to the dogs rolling on dead things! My dog is 100% house trained, and has never peed in the house (since I adopted him at 10 months old) EXCEPT ONCE. I was in my bathroom and a roach crawled out of somewhere. I screamed and squished it, and my dog came running to see what was up. After sniffing it for a moment, he then lifted his leg and peed on the dead roach. Tbh I was laughing too hard to even respond. He just walked away after. Is there an explanation for this??

He might have been scent marking it? Either as a like ‘you are dead stop scaring my human’ thing or as a ‘hey look a stinky dead thing I should pee on it because it’s mine’. But honestly I can’t tell you xD

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my mom is a high school teacher and one time a student of hers just got up and started pissing into a hole in the wall? there was a hollow chipped piece the size of a fist in the wall and he just got up, whipped his dick out and peed in the wall in the middle of a lesson. teaching high school is a trip

Another TFLN Meme

[text]: Just please try not to piss _____ off, I really can’t afford to find a new drug dealer again
[text]: Well I’ve made a drinking game out of the Wiggles but I think I’ve got this babysitting thing down
[text]: Haha never eat brownies from a guy with batman pajamas
[text]: He puked in the middle of it and I still wasn’t disappointed.
[text]: alcohol and riverdancing are a dangerous mix. have a sprained ankle. i die now
[text]: Psycho is an understatement. U were running around the house screaming I’M UNDER THE IMPERIOUS CURSE
[text]: This ER has an aquarium in it!!!
[text]: I’m fucking a man old enough to be my father who is also dating my boss. What have you done with your life?
[text]: You should hear the lecture my mom just gave me about cooking pizzas when I’m drunk because “I could have died”.
[text]: He’s tying my arms above my head and all I can think is that I should’ve shaved my armpits
[text]: You guys bombarded us in the bathroom and that kid whipped his dick out and peed in the sink.
[text]: i have a feeling he has a nice dick. i can just sense it.
[text]: anyone who buys me chipotle gets an automatic hj
[text]: Someone said we’re out of ice. You collapsed on the spot and started sobbing, saying ‘but where will all the polar bears live”. That drunk.
[text]: I ordered a million chicken go wraps and they gave me five. Even when I’m drunk I can count to a million and know its not five. They fucked me.
[text]: He woke me up at 5am to recite nursery rhymes to our fictitious unborn child.
[text]: I need you to be best friend brutally honest about whether or not I can go into public like this.
[text]: At what point in my life was I not hugged enough to be on my fourth walk of shame in half as many weeks?
[text]: Quick question. What’s the protocol on going back to a bar after going home with one of their bartenders?
[text]: Go back and try to find another to go home with.
[text]: I will gladly accept you into my home with open legs.
[text]: Ah, but I don’t wear underwear. Every day is Commando Wednesday.
[text]: I found an industrial strength sharpie in the drawer so I started writing BONER JAM 2014 on everyone’s foreheads so they kicked me out
[text]: This love triangle bullshit is getting out of hand. It’s now a love polygon and I want out
[text]: You pretty much lost your mind. Your ego has gotten ten time the size of your balls.
[text]: There’s so much mac and cheese stuck to my foot right now
[text]: Just told myself the phrase “You’re not THAT single” while dressing myself
[text]: who are you and why are you in my phone as Dr. Seuss
[text]: so explain to me why i woke up in jail this morning
[text]: you tried to order a margarita mcflurry and when they said they didn’t make those you tried to call 911
[text]: all i remember is you climbed in a garbage can and said you were trashed
[text]: not sure how we got back down, broken rib says we didn’t use stairs
[text]: I wonder if wearing only a tiara counts as being clothed.
[text]: Some lady just walked up to me in the bar and proclaimed that I looked like a “shady motherfucker.” Can’t argue with that one.
[text]: thanks for bringing me home and putting me in my bed. the pillow fort your built around me is also appreciated.
[text]: I just sneezed alcohol in a candle and started a fire.

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Prompt: trini didnt think she was doing anything sweet, but Kim is totally over the moon about Trini's actions, or the one where Trini finally be the one who made Kim into a bumbling mess of a person i love? Btw, big fan of your works!


i dig this, thanks for the prompt and for keeping up with my writing :D

part 4 of 30 days of pride



Three little things made Kimberly realize that she was in love with Trini.

Sure, they were Power Rangers and they had saved each others lives on a number of occasions, but Kim wasn’t just enamored with Trini’s heroics or her physical strength. Kim usually took cold showers after practice, but she could handle watching Trini fight. She expected Trini to show up to training every day and kick ass while rocking a crop top. What undid her were the surprising little moments when Trini was a little impulsive, unwittingly sweet, and undoubtedly genuine.


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Head cannons where Connors gf is an aspiring nature photographer and goes to extremes for pictures like staring in the middle of a fucking highway or going into abandoned buildings. Like dangerous kinda shit all for a picture. (but also secretly love taking photos of him when he isn't looking). Sorry if it's kinda vague.

a perfect request! no worries!

•He’s really scared for you at first, even if he denies he is. He tried to get you to stay home a lot so you don’t get hurt. He’ll go far to get you to stay, even cuddling. Most of the time, it doesn’t work and you still do anyway.

•Instead if trying to prevent you now, he goes with you. Yeah, perhaps he’s a bit of a rebel if that’s what you want to call him but about ten times he has almost peed his pants when he was going with you.

•He doesn’t understand how you do it without getting hurt. I mean, you stood in the middle of a fucking highway before. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

•He thinks you’re a secret super hero and photographing is a secret excuse to go save lives. He knows your secret. He knows

•You started talking picture of him secretly. There’s a series of photos of him in all of the places he went with you. Him in the abandoned mall looking up. Him staring down a cliff. Him looking down a bridge. He hasn’t discovered them yet but they’re kind of popular online. Too bad he broke his phone while dropping it when climbing a wall with you.

•You did an Evan. You climbed this huge tree to get a picture from the top and might’ve fell onto Connor. Oops? But both of you ended up to be okay, expect some bones cracked and bumping foreheads together.

•You haven’t been sent to the ER for a picture yet but that’s only because Connor stops you when you’re about to get hurt. He has stopped you from getting hit by a car. There are lengths he won’t let you take.

•Your favorite picture over all is one of Connor. It’s a side view of him, he has a slight smile on his face. He looks calm and content. The background is the sky. You think he looks so remarkable, but it was a moment that he didn’t know he was being captured. So, it’s so natural to you, a part of him that no one sees is shining through in that picture.

•He gets jealous if you bring any one else with you to take picture. He thinks it’s only a you and him thing, no one else but you and him should participate in the photo shoot.

•He starts to feel a thrill when he goes with you to do a dangerous photo shoot. He starts to understand why you like them so much. It’s kind of exciting.

•He’ll only let you go do a dangerous photo shoot if he gets to come too, period. Yeah, at first to protect you, but now because he likes it.

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This morning at maccas a kid maybe 3yo got stuck in the playground and was getting hysterical. His mum just stood there and laughed for about two minutes before she realised he was actually stuck. She then stormed over to me, cleaning the bathrooms, and demanded that I climb up to the top of the playground and rescue him. By this time this kid was screaming & had peed his pants he was so scared and I had to squeeze my way up to get him, was then yelled at that I took too long when I got him down

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I know you have a lot on your plate but I would love for more of maggie sugden. Maybe Robert doesn’t find her so cute when he discoverers she has chewed his fav shirt.

Robert didn’t mind dogs, he really didn’t. He’d never had anything against them, and since he’d bought Maggie for Aaron, he’d found a whole new appreciation for dogs, the excitable golden retriever doing wonders for Aaron’s mental health.

He’d even grown to love Maggie a lot himself, her temperament as good and as kind as every article he’d read about golden retrievers online had implied, the puppy happy to curl up on Robert’s lap in the evenings when they’d watch telly.

(Robert would let the three times she’d peed on his lap slide.)

But he couldn’t let this one slide.

“AARON!” Robert yelled at the top of his voice, the familiar sound of his husband taking the stairs two at a time filling the house.

“Whats wrong? Whats happened?” Aaron asked, panic evident in his voice.

“I thought we agreed we weren’t going to let Maggie upstairs,” Robert said, trying not to start a full blown argument with his husband. “And that you were going to keep our bedroom door closed in case she got up here without us knowing.”

Aaron had crouched down to scratch Maggie behind the ears now, a grin fixed in place on his face as he messed with her. “I must have forgot, sorry,” he said, not sounding the slightest bit sorry at all.

Robert forced himself to count to ten in his head before he spoke. “She’s chewed through my tie, Aaron,” he said, waving the now ruined (and every expensive) tie at his husband. “I’ve got a meeting in Leeds in a half an hour! I’m going to have to change my whole outfit now!”

Aaron rolled his eyes, scooping Maggie into his arms. She was going on six months old now, so much bigger than she had been that first day Robert had brought her home, Aaron still more than able to carry her around like she was a baby, cradled in his arms.

“Don’t be so dramatic,” he snorted, rocking Maggie in his arms. “Just wear the navy tie.”

“The navy tie doesn’t go.”

“Yes it does,” Aaron reassured, waving one of Maggie’s paws at Robert. “Anyway, she’s sorry, aren’t you girl?”

Maggie barked in response.

“I think you love that dog more than you love me sometimes,” Robert grumbled, tossing the tie covered in dog saliva onto Aaron’s pillow, rooting out the navy one Aaron was talking about.

Aaron grinned, nuzzling his face against Maggie’s fur. “You’re right, I do love her more. She’s a better cuddler than you are!”

summer drive

request: Can you write one where shawn and you driving in his jeep. Both of you singing along with the music. Making fun of each other. Laughing.


request please send some more! my inbox is dead :(

a/n: pretend you guys live near the beach

“Babe, are you ready to go?” Shawn calls down the hallway.

You throw a small speaker and a bottle of sunscreen in your beach bag. “Yeah, I’m coming,” you yell back. You walk down the hallway and meet Shawn by the door, where he insists on carrying your bag.

He leans in and pecks your lips before placing his hand on the small of your back and guiding you outside and into his jeep.

It was summer, so the doors and windows were off, which of course meant Shawn was a pain in the ass about you wearing your seat belt. It’s not that you wouldn’t do it anyway, you would just appreciate him not riding you the second you sat in your seat.

“Put on your seatbelt,” he says, as though it was reflexive at this point.

“Ok, Dad,” you say jokingly.

“Hmm, I’ve never heard you call me that outside the house,” he says, smirking over at you.

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daddy - simon minter imagine

Originally posted by miniminters

idk why i thought of this tbh, hope you enjoy. send in some requests guys. just felt the need to clarify that when i call him lanky i mean it as a compliment, lanky guys are the best. this could turn into a father series idk x bel <3

requested?; nope

warnings; sickness

pairing; simon x reader

word count; 507 words

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anonymous asked:

34 & 40 any ship (that incident no ship) about Anxiety pls

34. “I made a mistake”
40. “I’m running away”

I’m gonna do moxiety if you’re letting me pick. All of this is platonic, remember.

Little Anxiety yelled and stomped his feet.

“You made a mistake Thomas!” The little seven year old dressed in jeans and an offensive t-shirt said, stomping his foot.

“I made a mistake,” Thomas mumbled again.

Morality popped up next to Thomas too, wearing a little polo shirt that was too big for him and glasses that kept falling off his nose.

“No! No, buddy! Don’t cry!” He wined.

Little Thomas started crying anyways. Anxiety started crying too.

“He messed up, Morality! He peed his pants in front of the whole class!” Anxiety said through his angry tears.

“No! No! It’s okay, Anxiety! It’s okay!” Morality said quickly.

Morality tried to pull the other little boy into a hug, but Anxiety violently pushed him off.

“I’m, I"m, I’m running away!” Anxiety cried out.

Morality held onto Anxiety’s shoulders and looked him in the eyes. He tried to sound as grown up as he could.

“Anxiety, you can’t run away. You’re a part of Thomas! You can’t leave! We’re all Thomas!”

“I mean Thomas is running away, stupid head!” Anxiety yelled.

“No, Anxiety! No! That would make everybody sad! Other kids have done worse things. We have to stay, okay?’

Thomas kept crying, and Anxiety did too. Morality pulled the other little personality trait into a hug and this time Anxiety let him.

“Do you wanna go watch some T.V.?” Morality asked.

Anxiety nodded. Little Thomas went to go watch cartoons to forget about his embarrassment.